David Slade turns 40 and STILL can’t believe he’s directing a teenage love story

Dear David Slade,

Happy 40th birthday!  Do you feel any different today? Any taller? What a great way to be celebrating your 40th birthday- directing a movie you said you’d rather be shot at gun point than SEE, let alone direct.


One day I'll be "this tall"

We hope that you have the bestest of 40th birthdays. We hope Cathy the Cougar leaves you alone today and stops calling to tell you she just wants to “pinch your widdle cheeks & give you a widdle hug.” We hope Jackson & the 100 monkeys write an impromptu song just for you about birthdays, vampires & a little angry British man. We hope you’re showered today with LOTS of twilight-themed gifts as the cast & crew poke fun of how you once said you hated Twilight and now how you’re getting paid by directing it. We hope Tom Cruise calls you with his secret tips on looking taller, and we really really hope there’s a leg hitch in Eclipse (or else).

I have to be honest. Moon & I completely forgot your birthday. It’s to be expected since I never think about you and up until this week was still calling you “David Spade.” But thankfully we have readers who keep “David Slade” calenders and stuff and remind us of such important dates. That blessed reader, today, was TeamSeth (who would like to add this: “I wanted to clear up that while I go by TeamSeth, I’m not a pedophile and do not find BooBoo attractive. I mean he’s cute for like my ten year old brother (what is he 14? 15?), but um, he’s also you know, a decade younger than me.  Does he not scream Jonas Brothers and Bop Magazine?  Yick.”)

Since we don’t talk about you much, I wanted to share some tidbits about you for our readers.
Fun Facts about David Spade:

  • Suffers from hypoglycemia.
  • Has been commercial spokesman for Sierra Mist soda and Capital One credit cards.
  • He was so smart in 3rd grade he got moved up to the 4th grade for some of his classes.
  • Was one of the guests at Lindsay Lohan’s 19th birthday party. (don’t tell Cathy the Cougar)

Since I’m an idiot, TeamSeth did some light google research for us about David Slade to help celebrate your birthday:
Fun Facts about David Slade:

  • David is known for his non-stop camera movement and shooting in dim lit settings.
  • He has a dachshund named Django (that is almost as big as he is)
  • 95%* of the David Slade pictures on Google’s Image Search are him giving off the “two-fingered salute”, the British version of the infamous middle finger.
  • He, on Sept 21, 2009, tweeted this enlightening quote on filmmaking, “When the vampires sparkle we need to use a special camera filter to expose it on film. Otherwise the film over exposes.”

Yeah… there’s not much. Remind me to write your biography. It’s sure to be a bestseller and I could use an extra 30-40 bucks.

Learn much more about David Slade on his birthday thanks to TeamSeth’s brilliant comments after the jump!

David's favorite store is The Gap

David's favorite store is The Gap

This is David after stealing KStew's panties

David after stealing KStew's panties

None of the David Slade bios list his height0- this is why.

None of the David Slade bios list his height- this is why.

David Slade and the painful "unicorn"

David Slade and the painful "unicorn"

Turns out David stole Chris Weitz beanie

Turns out David stole Chris Weitz' beanie

David after having stolen the Coug's panties at the ComicCon

David after having stolen the Coug's panties at the ComicCon

David after being called out for bashing Twilight back in the day before they asked him to direct Eclipse

David after being called out for bashing Twilight back in the day before they asked him to direct Eclipse

So happy birthday David Slade not Spade, from all of us here at LTT. Today you’re king- you can do whatever you want! Even if it includes a lot of “Two-fingered Salutes”

Happy Birthday,
UnintendedChoice, TeamSeth & friends

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53 Responses

  1. Wow, he is a wee little man, isn’t he??

    Hahaha! David Spade! That would’ve been a classic directing choice!

  2. So the two fingered salute is the equivalent to flippin the bird?

    Weird. I had no idea.

    Today I have learned something very valuable from LTT.

    Happy Birthday, Little Man! (thatswhatshesaid).

    • Funny, I thought Winston Churchill was real careful to always shove his V for Victory two fingers with the backside of his hand towards the camera, because if he flipped the hand around it became the “up yours” variety of greeting?

      When I read “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” Thomas Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia, you know, the guy who rode around in the desert dressed in sheets?) described the “up yours” greeting of the RAF as a thumb-and-indexfinger gesture.
      Please clarify – anyone British around? Rob?

  3. Wow, two-finger salute? Had no idea Also had no idea about how short he either..this must make Jackson feel tall.

  4. Oh and that jellyfish that I was so amused by a few days ago will be coming to get Chris Weitz’ beanie hat back.

    Watch your back David!

  5. (clapping excitedly)I have a long-haired dachshund too!! But she’s a lot shorter than me.

  6. Mother effin’ J!
    he sure is ‘small’
    wonder how he deals with the heights of those he directs ?
    There is a theory about small people’s characteristics but …… go – Slade – its – you – birthday
    I won’t spoil it for you.
    Thanks UC for today’s education I thought his last name was Skate.

  7. Hmm….is it bad that I immediately thought, “Wow, at that height he must have a very unique and ‘special’ view of Rob…” I think I’m a perv…..

  8. Little people can do big things too, ya know.

  9. No comment on his size {will reserve until after we see what he does to Eclipse!!!}, I bet he gets on with Kirsten though they seem like such happy smiley people……..
    By the way he will have no place to hide if he bugg*** it up I may live in Ireland but I have friends in England …all over England..Oh and if anyone’s interested two fingers means fu** off in the UK, I thought the middle finger meant “sit on this” you know up your as*……if I’m wrong please enlighten, there’s nowhere like LTT to learn new things and bring continents together……world peace…..

    • Middle finger = f*ck off in the US.

    • um, ps- I love that you ***ed out “buggers” That’s AMAZING. (it’s not really a word over in the States, so me using it really has no offense, so sorry if that offended you just then).

      This David Slade trivia is just for you (and for ExPat if she ever reads this comment…um, and all the other British/Irish) Hopefully you’re old enough for the ’94 reference:

    • Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby ……. (I’m singing ….. you know the song)

      “happy smiley people” (ooh another song …. )

      Oh yes! So so TRUE (ooh another one – oldie by Spandau Ballet – sure you remember them like I do!)

      Anyway, after that romp through musical history I must agree and say you have hit it on the head!!!

  10. Aw, he’s such a sweet little fella! I wanna wear him as a backpack and make him carry around my Twilight books. “Who’s a sweet widdy baby? DAVID IS!”

  11. Little people wobble but they don’t fall down. He has to be a certified LP (little person) I would like to meet him purely so I could taunt him with all my 5 foot 10 glory. This dude annoys the hell out of me I’m stoaked for new moon but I’m not getting my hopes up for eclipse. The cast doesn’t even sound as excited about this one as they did for nm. If he screws it up there will be mutiny! Everyone together now…. leg hitch… Leg Hitch…. LEG HITCH!!!!

  12. Happy Birthday Mini-Slade!! This post finally pushed me to break out of my daily stalking of this kick ass blog and speak. I had to comment on this, as just this past week I watched ’30 Days of Night’. Of course, the sole reason that I wanted to see it was to get an idea of what kind of director Mini is, and what kind of vision I could expect for Eclipse. Ummmm…. let me just say that after I watched it, I slept with the lights on for the next 3 nights!!! Holy frickin scare fest!! I don’t know how many of you have watched this or if this has been discussed on here a while back, but I am honestly a little worried that Eclipse might be a tad bit too…. frightening (???) for the average Twi fan (and I’m not just talking about the party that seems to be going on with Jackspers hair!) I am VERY curious to see how his interpretation of Eclipse turns out.

    • WOW! David Spade/Slade/Skate whatever gets your comment cherry! Thanks for asking the hard questions- how the freak is he gonna make Eclipse work? I KNOW.. WITH A LEG HITCH

    • I saw that movie too and am glad that Eclipse isn’t my favorite of the four. Did you see the pics of the newborns coming out of the water? They look like the 30 Days vamps. Hello? Twilight vampires are beautiful and sparkly (even the mean ones who want to chow down on Bella. Cam=yummy), not gray and zombie-like. Hmm, now that I see just how fricking short he is, it explains a lot of the anger.

      • on you’re lucky- Eclipse is MY fav! and you’re right… i didn’t connect the ugly vamps in the water with crazy, short british man…… Vamps, even evil vamps, should be BEAUTIFUL. uggh. worried
        happy birthday david slade. you may not live till your 41st, so enjoy it

      • what pics of the newborn coming out of the water?

      • Oh, but you know, they are newborns, so maybe they are not up to par just yet? (Just hoping…I don’t like zombies, I don’t like fright fests and I don’t like ugly vampires.)

        Everybody: “Short people got no reason to, short people got no reason to, short people got no reason to…”
        (Thanks for everything Julie Newmar, no, I mean Randy Newman!)

        • According to an interview with David, he said he would prefer to be faced with 1 vampire than 20 zombies. That he liked vampires much better because they are clever creatures, where as zombies are mindless (literally). So…I think he’s going to do fine. And maybe they’re just gray because the water’s friggin’ freezin’ in Vancouver, BC? 😉

    • I feel so honored that my letter/post inspired you to comment!

      I watched an interview with him and the writer of 30 Days of Night (which I can’t refind…argh), and they really seemed to be trying to make it extremely scary by creating vampires that only followed 2 of the “standard” superstitions (no sunlight; nothing lives w/out a head). I don’t do scary stuff, so I’ll never see it (even the 2 sec. kid scratching at the window clip from the interview scared me). But there’s a quote about him which is funny to yesterday’s post on Eclipse being dark that goes something like, “David Slade knows how to do dark.”

      Keep commenting, Irreversibly!

  13. Weeeeeelllllllllllllllllll, now that I’ve seen him, I will say that if he screws up the Leg Hitch, that Moon and UC can totally take him. No. Problem. I’m counting on you gals, and feel free to call on me for back up.

    David Spade….ha!

  14. When you make fun of someone about something they are born with – such as their height, or the color of their skin – that’s low and a cheap, easy shot. Can you at least have the decency to remove the Little People tag? I’m not asking for Mr Slade but for those who have friends or family who have to suffer the jokes of those who obviously think pointing fingers and laughing at small people is so cool, as opposed to cruel.

    • He’s not actually a little person, btw.

    • You must be new here??? I have to say that no one on this site has ever been intentionally mean or cruel. I especially know this as one who was welcomed with open arms despite very limited mental abilities. I have been encouraged, inspired and have laughed harder than I have in a very long time. The patience and understanding all have shown me only reinforces my belief in the caliber of the people that come here to share their love for all things Twilight. The sarcasm is always just in fun and if you hang around here long enough you will see what I am talking about. I hope you visit often and share a laugh or two with all of us……BTW I am only 5′ ,

      • I know David Slade is not a ‘little person. ‘ Would it make it better if he was? My post addressed two issues – the cheap shot at Slade and secondly, the tag that can read as totally condescending. It certainly did to a friend of mine. I am glad for you if you have found acceptance and inspiration but I have to say that I don’t find unintentional cruelty any more acceptable. Like I said when you put someone down for something that’s intrinsic – their physical appearance, their ethnicity, their gender – and not their behavior or what they say – then it can be offensive. If I started to take shots at Moon because she’s tall, would that be the same thing as her good friend doing it? No, that’s a whole different category. Partially why I’m making this point. I did enjoy some of the letters, but I won’t be back. No loss to anyone, and obviously my opinion won’t affect anything that happens here . Regular programming will resume without interruption. I thank you for your considerate reply, Midnight.

    • i actually didn’t mean David Slade was a ‘little person’ at all… I just liked how ‘Ltt loves little people’ rolled off my tongue (or my fingers) more than “ltt loves the guy who holds the guiness book of world records record for shortest guy ever” i agree.. making fun of little people intentionally would be cruel & mean. i’m not actually cruel or mean.
      except to .. well, david slade today, kinda… kristen stewart most days.. occasionally to justin chon and most recently to Moon in a text when I called her a giraffe cuz she’s like 100 feet tall. But I make up for it with my complete and total adoration of Buttcrack Santa…. it all evens out

  15. He is kinda short. John Huges made his name doing teenage high school dramas. He was a visionary for his time. The unicorn shot is cool. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  16. Some more clear ups on David:
    The lead in Hard Candy is Patrick Wilson, who is 6’1″ (2ish metres), which would completely dwarf me at 5’4″.

    He just finished this amazing video with UNICEF and The Killers that attacks human trafficking, which I personally feel makes him upstanding:

  17. happy birthday, david slade, and all that, blah, blah, blah…

    Okay. I watched ’30 Days of Night’ after David was hired to direct ‘Eclipse’ and I have been extremely worried ever since. I generally like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but he seems unlikely the type to stick to the source material. I can’t imagine him directing love scenes at all. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see (and start a new fasting and prayer regimen after New Moon comes out).

  18. OME! My b-day is tomorrow and I am like the same height as David Slade/Spade/Skate/Whatever! We can be like b-day buddies! I am just a bit younger, but oh well!

    Love the post!

    • You a Libra? Yay! I have to say I have a soft spot for little David ’cause he’s a Libra too.. Yep, I’m an astro freak.. I feel very positive about Eclipse, he has my full confidence. I like his visual style way more than Chris Weitz’s.

  19. Happy Birthday!

    How tall is he exactly? You know there’s a lot of great men in history that were short too.

    • and Moon, who is as tall as a giraffe and lives in LA, told me today “all guys in Hollywood are short” which means she’ll forever be single OR she’ll end up on her knees (that’s what she said) in her wedding pictures

      why is that? lots of short actors/directors/business people? rob doesn’t fit the mold, clearly…

  20. I’m sorry… I do hope you have a happy birthday but I gotta say you give me the hibbie jeebies… I mean if a man is eye level with my belly button he’d better be on his knees… just sayin’

    But hey Happy 40th dude.. seriously.. party like the big boys… ok ok .. sorry that one was just mean…and I’m not giggling… honestly.. I’m clearing my throat… not hiding a giggle or snort not at all…..

    (*SIGH* I miss Chris Weitz)

  21. Happy Birthday Mr. Slade!
    Thanks for 30 Days of Night.
    And by thanks, I mean, ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?

    Dude, you put a child in front of the camera & filmed her eating. Eating a freakin’ PERSON! What was the direction that day? “OK, honey…now…you’re a new vamp and you’re hungry…so just mosey on over to that adult over there, and eat his face. You know, for sustenance. And…ACTION!”

    Seriously…this is why I fast & pray for Eclipse. Cause I fear he will not get the leg hitch. And I need leg hitching in my life. The end.

    p.s. All guys in Hollywood are not short. Alexander Skarsgard is 6’4″. Word to your mother. (OK, OK…so he’s not from Hollywood. But neither are half the people who live there!)

  22. Stealing panties, eh? Did we just call David Slade an Underpants Gnome? If so…WIN!

  23. 30 Days of Night was vampire awesomeness. And those pictures of the newborns – yeah, they look a bit ‘grey’, probably because Canada is a cool cool world, but they look *no where near* as fantastically frightening as the 30 Days vamps.

    Happy birthday David Slade! I for one hope you make a movie that looks as visceral as 30 Days, and keeps all the screaming under age fangirls away because for once their mums won’t want them to go to this movie.
    Bring on the head ripping. Oh, and the leg hitch of course!

  24. […] Summit promises to “treat” us with “title treatment” (wtf?) when @twilight receives 200,000 followers on twitter. However, since everyone knows that no one who starts a twitter a month before their SECOND movie releases is to be considered a valuable source for news, they can’t get to 200,000 followers. And someone gets mad. So they release the Eclipse logo. And underwhelm us all. BONUS TIDBIT OF NEWS: Today they just got their 132,763rd follower. They promise to give us something special again IF they reach 200,000. We’re guessing it’s David Slade’s actual height. […]

  25. Wow… so did not know he was that short!!!

    Wow… He looks… wow.. i thought he was normal sized… ahahahha
    Would love to know his height 😛

  26. […] something special again IF they reach 200,000. We’re guessing it’s David Slade’s actual height.Harper’s Bazaar tweet-hints that they will soon announce who is on their cover for December. […]

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