All the Twilight news that’s fit to print – Unicorns and lots of BooBoo’s

Xavier: I thought I was supposed to be deaf? Ash: Trust me, that excuse only works once!

Xavier: I thought I was supposed to be deaf? Ash: Trust me, that excuse only works once!

Dear LTT-ers,

There comes a time every few weeks or so that we have to do a news dump because there’s simply too much news and not enough letters in the day. So here’s all the news we think you should know about but couldn’t cover.

Extra, Extra, Read all about it!

  • Our BFF Ashley Greene gets a Twitter and proceeds to lull us to sleep with tweets of her sleeping habits and stories of buying dog food. There’s something to be said about keeping the mystery, isn’t there? Love you BFF!
  • Dude, Xavier did you forget what I told you to say if Jackson invited you to a 100 Monkeys show!? Did he not think you were deaf or sick with food poisoning? In other news, HIGH FIVE for going with Ashley, maybe you’ll be the lucky SOB to finally figure out she’s a hot piece, while the rest of that numbnuts cast wonders why they don’t have a girlfriend, or why theirs smells of grease.
  • Both Melissa Rosenberg and Justin Chon dish that Eclipse will be a much “darker” film. No really? This is the book in that saga that contains the story of Jasper’s shady past, killing innumerable people, the turning and training of a newborn vampire army, the rape of Rosalie at the hands of her fiance, and fight training all culminating in arguably the saga’s most satisfying moment of conflict: the battle. So “dark,” you say? NO DUH!
Jacob hungry! Me want filet-o-fish!

Jacob hungry! Me want filet-o-fish!

  • New Moon Action figures go on sale at Hot Topic. Is it just us or does Jacob look a little “special” in the face?
  • Little Jacky is photographed with a boo-boo (not the kid playing Seth) Tuesday. No one knows whether it was his hand, his head or that terrible wig that was injured. I’m hoping he broke his hand after punching out the wig department after he saw his reflection in the mirror. Jackson Rathbone-r: kicking ass and NOT taking names!
  • Little BooBoo Stewart gets his first tattoo! Awww, they grow up so fast, don’t they? How friggin cute is this kid?!

Follow the cut for more news, shirtless Kellan and Jackson the Unicorn!

  • Some dude with a unpronounceable name and arguably a mental disorder interviews Jackson and those other guys. He makes Jackson’s day by getting some dude Daniel Johnston (don’t worry I had to google too) to record a message for him. Listen for Jackson saying “I was born a Unicorn.” It’s a magical moment! He also talks wigs. Action packed!
Ya like whatcha see?

Ya like whatcha see?

  • Micheal K at Dlisted explains these HOT Kellan pics better than I ever could! If it’s ain’t broke don’t fix it yall!
  • Edward Cullen meet your new BFF: Seth Clearwater… you might wanna get Mr. Jenks on that fake ID thing he does so well ASAP!
  • Carlisle Cullen’s KILLER Day Spa. Get the deep tissue massage at your own risk
  • And just as quickly as it appeared news of a Harpers Bazaar Robsten REVEAL quickly fizzles out. I love Robsten rumor shooting stars.

So that’s it for this news round up, did we miss anything? What should we have written a letter about?

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93 Responses

  1. CATFISH!!

  2. Loves it 🙂


  3. Didn’t we already discuss Ashley’s Twitter, which tacky Perez Hilton rudely displayed on his site, for all the world to see? Bless her heart, I felt so badly for her.

    Oh…right…TWITTER…social networking! GOTCHA!

    So glad y’all are keepig things classy…and by classy, I mean thanks for the hot muscle pic of Kellan.

  4. The fact that Jackson looks like the descendant of a catfish is precisely one of the reason why I don’t think he’s hot. Funny, maybe, but hot? Not.

    Conversely, that Killers t-shirt is precisely why I think Carlisle rocks. Too bad that’s not his actual wardrobe. Say, Eclipse is darker, hmmm?

  5. Dear Jackson,

    You are not Billy Burke. Please don’t ever grow a mustache again.



    PS. I’ll kiss your boo-boo if you heed my advice.

  6. mmmm Kellan

    That is all

  7. i sincerely hoped that Xavier tapped that if not ummm why?!
    Kellan’s body creeps me out so badly, his shoulders are so massive that it makes his head look tiny.

  8. Xavier is possibly the hottest thing since… well Rob.

    Rob is still hotter, that’s a given. But Xavier is SMOKIN!

  9. the action figure looks like combination of arnold and sly stallone. Bulked to the max. Maybe he should cut back on the fish filet.

    • WHOA! Bobbygee is paying attention!

      Except for I think Taycob’s daddy is the one eating the Fillet o’ Fish. . .

      Is that right?

      I can barely remember my own eating habits let alone people that I only stalk online. : )

    • I was thinking Lou Ferrigno circa 1978 (only with a greenish hue).

  10. You know how Stephenie glosses over the Rosalie part with Royce? Was she actually gang raped and beaten? Left for dead? Wonder what they’ll show there..

    Ashley needs to take tweeting lessons from Billy Burke. She needs to learn the art of a drunk tweet!

  11. “maybe you’ll be the lucky SOB to finally figure out she’s a hot piece, while the rest of that numbnuts cast wonders why they don’t have a girlfriend, or why theirs smells of grease. ”

    You know you are sooo wrong for this, right? LOL.

    Maybe it smells of bacon grease, no man can resist bacon 🙂

  12. That Taycob action figure is scary looking.

    Rather have Taylor in person…… in the UK


  13. Ladies, I have a feeling this is going to be right up your/our alley!!

    • I went to the link…”About the Author (Harvard Lampoon)…United States President Ulysses S. Grant was advised not to read the magazine, as he would be too much “in stitches” to run the government.” Amazing.

  14. Another Jackson post! I just joined the forum out of sheer delight. Jackson Rathbone is THE HOTNESS…and I like Catfish : ) Kellan is pretty to look at but his head does seem kind of small for his body.

    • You are right about Kellan, but I think Jackson has the opposite problem. His head is too big for his body. RPatz is JUST right.

  15. Is it just me or does Jackson look like a Drag King in those Elvis/Catfish pictures??? What kind of spirit gum F***ery does he have going on his lip?

  16. IS IT ME….I KNOW IT IS….BUT…..

    What the hell are you talking about this morning????
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. great friday post you guys are making me not do the work i need to get done. ahh must get work done so i can leave work early!

  18. The only things that I DID get is: Jacob’s toy thing is scary as hell and Kellan is one gorgeous guy….how did I do??

    • @ MidnightSin: you did pretty well!
      Just that and Ashley got a Twitter account and her and Xavier (who plays Riley in Eclipse) went to see Jacksons band 100 Monkey’s play.

      • I actually like Ashley’s twitters? (is that what they are called)? They make mine seem not so bad…

        • twitter, tweets its all the same 🙂

        • “I actually like Ashley’s twitters” (that’s what she said)

          • what did I say??? what am I missing here??? Someone help the twi-less one plz…..

          • @MidSin: People say ‘that’s what she said’ after an innocent enough statement to make it sound dirty. I think it came from a tv show (The Office, maybe?), but it’s become an LTT favorite.

            You say: I ate a cheeseburger yesterday. It was so big I could barely get my mouth around it.

            LTT says: That’s what she said!

          • JODIE O…..OMG..ok….got it…Ashleys twitters…taken completely differently………lmao….

  19. Uh… Jacob’s “action figure” looks like Lou Ferrigno. If that’s not a hosedown for all the “Legal in Georgia” ladies around these parts, I’m not sure what would be…

  20. I think I would like to make an appointment at Carlisle’s Day Spa.

  21. As much as I want to lick Kellan from head to toe…those pictures freak me out. It’s like that episode of Seinfeld when his girl walked around naked all the time…it was really hot until she tried to open a jar of pickles, naked.

  22. Poor Jackson looks like Carrot Top wearing that stupid wig. It’s just not right.

    • with the hat & longish hair Jackson reminds me more of the bandleader whose name i can’t think of (Tom/Dick/Harry Petty & the Heartbreakers/burners/bummers?) who also sang with the Traveling Wilburys—it was a nice interview, all 10 min. of it in 20 sec. bites—

      Kellan simply turns me off, whether clothed or half-naked—

      will definitely order Nightlight as soon as it’s available on this side of the big pond—<3

      • Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

        And he really reminds you of him? I would’ve never ever come up with that comparison. Interesting.

  23. I think I may love JRath even more now with those pics! He cracks me up that he’s not scared to just make fun of himself. Perfect.


    • I saw some interview he did where he talked about meeting the crew of NM while wearing a mohawk. He said he never takes himself seriously : ) Gotta love that. He seems very well bred and humble.

  24. jacob’s action figure? scary, yes.

    but what’s more disheartening for future pocket-play is that edward’s doll appears to be suffering from Drag-face. i love me a good drag show, but he looks like he’s mentally preparing to step out with Cats’ “Memories.” no, edward, NO. overplucked/painted on lady-eyebrows and Revlon Super Lustrous Dune Rose lipstick? NO.

  25. I seriously must have a problem. Y’all are all talking about the hotness of Taylor, Jackson and Kellan and I just don’t see it, they are all “eh” to me. I guess I just like scrawny and pale.

    • LMAO

      “I guess I just like scrawny and pale.”

      I’m the biggest I-wanna-tap-that Jackson fan out there, but srsly, have you ever actually looked at him?? He defines scrawny and pale. Ok, maybe not next to Rob. But I think most ppl would agree that he’s no Taylor or Kellan : D

  26. Moon “If Elvis and a Catfish had a child his name would be Jackson Rathbone”

    I love you

    Also.. are you freaking kidding me? You don’t know Daniel Johnston? what kind of LA hipster are you? Moon Music Fail

    • UC how do send a msg to LTT on Twitter?

      • reply to @letter2twilight

        i’ll try to see it! sometimes we miss some b/c i’m not on all day and we get a lot sometimes

        • thanks..still learning how to use the Twitter thing…and I getting the following thing but I didn’t know If I had to send a request or something for you to recieve them from me…hope I am saying that right….

          • Also…if anyone from here is asking to “follow me”

            (personally I don’t see why you want to…a blade of grass under Rob’s sneaker is more interesting than me)

            but if you have or are going to request…can you plz let me know that your from LTT…cause I am getting requests from ppl that I have no idea who they are so I don’t respond and I heart you all here…and don’t want to seem rude. Thanks

  27. Love. It. (The post for today, not the trash-stache) 😀

    ❤ you guys so much.

  28. I love that interview with 100 monkeys. Love JRath even more now. I love the little wink he gives the camera right at the very end. Good stuff.

    • Oh man, that whole interview was Hi-Lar. Even if that Nerdwack guy was trying to channel Weird Al. Love the Monkeys- they’re all so fun. Although Jackson the Unicorn was definitely pretty epic 😉

    • That interview was amazing. Highlight of the entire post for sure. I don’t really think anyone in the cast is especially hot (okay, maybe Ashley), but Jackson is great. The monkeys reminded me of all the guys who didn’t like me in college though 😦

      How come they didn’t interview the two guys on the far left? They were so shunned! And the #1 hands thing? Who the hell is Willow Rain? And the dude from the Islands who was like, “Oh damn, I owe Nardwar one. Guess I’ll make this video for 100 Monkeys but not bother to go any further than my bed in order to do it.”

      And to Moon: uh yeah, arguably has a mental disorder. 😉 Though that Daniel Johnston sundance film looked sad. I emailed my friend to ask him is he knew who Daniel Johnston was and he replied, “Ew.” ::falls over:: awesome.

  29. Ok I have to ask, although I think I get it, but I probably don’t, so I better confirm.

    Can someone puhlease explain the reference to Unicorns????

    Thank you!

    • There are two…

      1) Unicorns are mythical creatures. Here, men who are into Twilight are considered unicorns…they are mythical and don’t exist.

      2) FanFiction “Wide Awake” orgasms are called Unicorns. (again for the considered mythical idea)

      • In addition to definition 1 (and sort of 2):
        The horn of unicorn could be considered representative of what the females who are into Twilight don’t have.

    • So glad I am not the ONLY one that has to ask these things!!! 🙂

  30. LOLZ.

    poor jax and his broken hand.

    ❤ love u!

  31. Oh, and yea, Xavier is smoking hot. So, I guess we can add one of the cast/crew members to my “hot people from Twilight saga” list. Though that David Slade…he really gets me going 😉 (God, his photos remind me of Bilbo Baggins haha)

  32. I think the Jacob doll don’t look like anything like him! It’s freaky looking and something’s not right about it! 🙂

    • Yeah its creepy as hell..hey maybe they are trying to prepare us for some kind of “take off” of Twilight…a scary weird movie called Twifright…..ok..still have a fever and I have NO idea where that even came from….sorry..

      • Hey girl, sorry you’re sick! Hope u feel better. Have a nice weekend. I haven’t been on here a lot because I’ve been under the weather too.

        For the record, I won’t be buying the Jacob doll! Now my mother called last night to talk to my 24 month old asking her if she wants the Bella doll….I whispered to her “no, ask for the Rob doll!” Haha. So that settled it!

        • So sorry your sick too! Your lucky tho that you have “a way to get a Rob doll” I cannot imagine how I could pull that off…unless I try while I am sick and feverish…I think maybe they would just assume I am delerious or that whats left of my brain has totally been destroyed with all the Twilight reading/watching I do! LOL…
          GET WELL SOON! 🙂

  33. LMAO I lurve you Moon!!! I had to use your “looks special in the face” comment today. I gave you the credit though lol

    That interview was so strange it was hysterical. The fact that you tagged “catfish” just confirms to me that youre made of fucking awesomeness. *smooch*

  34. You guys are fun! I am an LTT virgin, having lurked about LTT for a few weeks or so, and I always laugh when I come here. I finally have a place where I can talk/make fun of all things Twilight and not get the “eh?” look. Thanks : )

    • 🙂 I like that you used the verb “lurk” So true! 🙂
      But about this virgin status…just write a letter already.

  35. About that Nardwuar guy with 100 Monkeys… He interviewed Joan Jett a couple of years ago, and he had a pee question for her too. (FUNNY) I haven’t listened to all of his interviews, but I wonder if that is a favorite topic of his. REALLY. OK, I am going to try to embed the youtube video of it, but I’ve never tried to do that in a comment before, so we’ll see how it turns out.

  36. “Some dude with a unpronounceable name and arguably a mental disorder interviews Jackson and those other guys.”

    LMAO… i loveee Nardwuar, he’s so funny. I watched this video several times back to back, I supremely enjoyed it for these reasons:
    1- Jackson’s voice
    2- Jackson’s smile
    3- Jackson’s getting uber excited and his super cute freak out about the Daniel Johnston video
    4- Jackson’s voice
    5- Jackson’s smile
    6- Oh, and, when Nardwuar seems happy to basically scream “Rob Pattinson pissed in a cup” from the rooftops.. and no one knew what to say for a second, lol

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