Jackson got hurt. Did he try the leg hitch?

Dear Jackson,

Rumor has it that this week on the Eclipse set, you fell down and went ‘boom.‘ You poor baby! What happened? Tell me, it didn’t happen to involve a ‘leg hitch’ between Edward & Bella did it? I have no idea why you’d be on set for that scene, but I’m just double checking. Uh, if not, you don’t happen to know if there IS a leg hitch scene do you? Could you ask David Slade? Yes. Now. Get off the couch, stop icing whatever body part is ailing you (or remove the female currently helping you to “feel better”) and go check for me. And relay this message: “Dear David Slade, if there’s not a leg hitch you’re gonna wish you never took this job as director (well, you’ll wish it again). Trust me- you’d rather be shot by Charlie’s bb gun, attacked by wolves while a vampire sucks your neck and Cathy the Cougar offers to pleasure you orally then experience my wrath if Eclipse doesn’t include a leg hitch.”

To help you feel better, Jackson, I’ve provided, with the help of the gals at Rob’s flat in The Forum, Zephyersky & JodieO (okay they did ALL the work),  a little “Jackson porn” as well as some caption action. Okay, most of that is for us- we’ve been so worried about you- but I’ve included a little somethin’ somethin’ I think you’ll enjoy.

Feel better,


Celebrating Jashley!

I’m starting to feel better! Are you? More after the jump!

Even better…

And for you, Jackson:
(or for me- I won’t object…)


In case you are not familiar: Lunchbox


I feel a LOT better!


And to cap it all off- to make our sad feelings about Jackson getting hurt go completely away, Jazzled has made a vid where she promises 575 pictures of Jackson in 3 minutes. I wasn’t aware that there were 575 pictures of Jackson available out there, so I’m wondering if Aunts & Grandmas houses were raided, but nonetheless, if you’re not cheered up yet…..you will be now!

Leave Jackson some love in the comments!
and on The Forum
and, heck, how about on LTR too!

Thanks, as always, to the gals over at Rob’s flat chat! And specifically Zephyersky, JodieO & Jazzled!

Make sure you check out Zeph’s one shot Jackson Fan Fic

and another fic co-written by Zephyersky & Pange The Enemy Within

117 Responses

  1. Loved the video; my faves were the mohawk and what appeared to be a teddy bear on his head????? It amazes me how may different looks this kid has. The other thing I love is how really adorable he is when he’s smiling; it’s a million watts, at least.

    Ashley had alluded to him being hurt this week on Twitter, but nobody else has addressed this but LTT, of course. Does anyone know what actually happened?

    • From what I read …Jackson hurt his hand in a fighing scene and then it swelled so they decided to have it checked out at the hospital…nothing broken..so they iced it up and sent him home…he then felt well enough to return to work the next day… stronger than he looks!!! Go Jackson!

  2. I think Jackson is so sexy when he’s not wearing frames circa 1983. That mmmm picture definitely just made my day.

    And I 100% volunteer to “make him feel better.”


    • Jackson in someways looks like ‘Johnny Depp’. Seems to have the same sort of dressin style, hair and tht smirk on his face. Hope he could bring the wit out on the screen lik Depp does.

  3. Yeah, not so much on Jacksper. He just doesn’t do it for me.

    But that come hither picture of Ashley? HAWT!

    • But, even if I’m not hot for him, I do hope he feels better. Jeez, just cause I don’t want to do him behind a dumpster doesn’t mean that I don’t have a heart.

    • Am not a big Jacksper fan either. Sure, I’m sad he got hurt and hope he’s okay (and am dying to know what actually happened), but he just doesn’t do it for me. His face is kinda weird. And his hair is even weirder. Not to mention when he starts wearing glasses… Bi-zarrrrre.

      *ducking out of the way of all the Jacksper fans*

    • The ladies in the Flat turned me into a Jacson lover. Though he does take some odd photos.. like the Chief Swan one? He kinda looks like a 12-year-old Oregano.

    • I love Jacksper! He’s the new purple. Thanks for shortening the queue by 0.00001%!

    • I’m the same for the most part, but every once in a while a picture will come along that makes me swoon. That happened in this post with the “mmm” picture. Good gravy.

  4. Bahahaha!!
    Ahhh. I love Jackson.
    He can be hot. And weird looking.
    But his accent melts me.
    That slight Southern twang? Hello!
    It is second only to the English accent. (*dead*)
    Jackspy’s accident was mentioned on Aussie radio today at work and boooooy did my ears prick up at the word “Jasper”! hahaha


  5. How is it that Rob gets bumped by a cab and there was all kinds of hoopla (I believe i was known as Cabgate), but Jackson gets an injury actually requiring medical attention and no one is marching on the set carrying pitchforks and torches? WTF?

  6. After watching that video I have one thing to say… “Rob who??”

    Kidding!! But seriously… yum.

  7. In the first photo, Jackson totes looks like the Mad Hatter.

    Is it weird that I find that sexy?

  8. Yay Jackson appreciation day!

  9. Lunchbox? Argh! I can’t keep up with the slang. Does that mean I’m old?

    • It’s British for penis…roughly.

      At least that’s the translation I’m going with.

      • Once again TMI…I just know I will get that word stuck in my head….for all the wrong reasons….you all are killing me…slowly…with laughter..but killing me none the less….

        Picture this: I am headed to the doctor soon…he hands me the vocab test cause that is what they do..to see how many words I recognise and the word lunchbox comes up and I write penis next to it….NOW I am not only braindamaged but a pervert….thanks guys!!
        PS Will expect ALL of you to show up at the hearing in my defense!!!

        • I would think the doctor will be pleased that you are expanding your vocab!

          • Oh my god…. “the word lunchbox comes up and I write penis next to it….NOW I am not only braindamaged but a pervert….”

            That’s amazing. I feel like a proud Mommy. Please report back to us.

          • LMAO…I don’t think so…like I said….I expect all of you to show up in my defense and EXPLAIN…..especially you JODIEO… 🙂 after all…can you picture me trying to tell him that its because I spend my whole day on LTT reading about all things Twilight….I can see the white coats coming towards me……….like thats NOT normal???

          • @Katie S…LMAO…..you are soooo bad….I will try and report back…if where they send me allows you to have pencils that is….

        • MidSin, just bring a post-it with a list of this website and all our email addresses. We’ll make sure the doctor knows you are completely normal!

          Or as normal as the rest of us, anyway..

          • OH THANK YOU….making note now…course you do realize she will probably email you all to schedule an appt. with one of her associates….. 🙂

      • a lunchbox probably also has room for a couple of eggs—LOL

  10. BIG WIN!!!!! I totally heart Jackson. His dimples and his quirky down to earth attitude make me smile! Good Job ladies!!!!!

  11. *fanning self*

    Seriously Ashley…you have GOT to stop. I have never questioned my sexuality as much as I do when I see pics of you like that. DAMN GIRL!!!

    She is without fail the sexiest girl next door that Hollywood has turned out in a LONG time.

    PS…sorry you got hurt Jacks

  12. These are great pics. Great captions. I love em. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  13. “Dear David Slade, if there’s not a leg hitch you’re gonna wish you never took this job as director (well, you’ll wish it again). Trust me- you’d rather be shot by Charlie’s bb gun, attacked by wolves while a vampire sucks your neck and Cathy the Cougar offers to pleasure you orally then experience my wrath if Eclipse doesn’t include a leg hitch.”


    I didn’t even read the whole letter yet. I just read that and had to stop to tell you I love you. …I love you.

    Ok, reading on…

  14. He is a sweetheart and his smile and his eyes are incredible! Too bad is hiding them behind those ugly frames.
    Each times he changes his hair, he is so different.

    MMMMMMM just like that….
    feel better Jackson!

  15. Fristly, I’m glad you girls acknowledge the importance of the Leg Hitch!

    Secondly, Jackson is so temperamental! Sometimes he looks hot, sometimes he looks like a catfish.* Whatever though, because when I saw him do the thing with the baseball bat I knew I’d love him.

    *I still remember that from an older post, SO funny.

  16. Why must you send me to dirty places so early in the morning? It’s 7:45 am and I’m stuck on the “Mmmmm Just like that” picture.

    I do love that man and his giant, wooden bat.

  17. THANK YOU ALMIGHTY ONES…( Moon & UC. as if anyone didn’t know who I was talking about)…..for MORE pics with LESS reading…..I am SO greatful….bowing now…can you see me???
    I have to admit Jackson is kinda scary looking….I vote for one whole page of gorgeous pics of Rob…no words needed (and a day off for you too.. nah would miss you….but I would just love a day to sit here and oogle (is that a word?) all that is Rob…especially since Blacket Rob…is ummm not available at the moment….just a thought…( I do have them occ.) xoxo

  18. Uh, all I saw was, ‘leg hitch’ and ‘no’. I may or may not have have hired a hit man to take out the Slade. Unnnnnntil, I finished reading the rest of the letter, and realized my mistake. Will wait for Nov., and then deploy if deemed necessary.

    Heal quickly Jackson. UC, Moon, and I can come up there and pray for you. Laying on of hands? Anointing oil? Yes?

  19. No, they didn’t raid Aunts and Grandma’s houses, they raided mine, and dammit, I want my pics back! I can’t get pregnant if I have nothing to swoon over then go attack my husband….oh TMI? My bad!

  20. The sparkle peen one absolutely made my day. And the Ashley one sure didn’t hurt.

    But seriously… I need the “UC does that??” one in my name. Because I am sick and it would make me feel better. I might have Spanish Influenza. I’m not sure.

  21. Personally my fav is the one with Ashley & Jackson…first thought…hide their baby bump…and then I got to The Lunchbox………heart stopped….is it me….or was Rob staring right at me….ok I am still running a fever but I swear he is looking straight into my eyes….ok let me live the fantasy for just a minute will ya!!!

  22. “Dear David Slade, if there’s not a leg hitch you’re gonna wish you never took this job as director (well, you’ll wish it again). Trust me- you’d rather be shot by Charlie’s bb gun, attacked by wolves while a vampire sucks your neck and Cathy the Cougar offers to pleasure you orally then experience my wrath if Eclipse doesn’t include a leg hitch.”


    But I feel that way about the entire movie, not just the leg hitch. You could even edit that to “Dear David Slade, if you SCREW UP THIS MOVIE IN ANY WAY, you’re gonna wish you never took this job as director…”

    But that’s more my rant, I guess lol. Anyway, point is… I agree with you! And will join you in making his life miserable, if necessary. 😀

  23. Plz excuse if I have asked this before… What is the the Leg hitch?? I HAVE TO KNOW SEEING AS HOW YOU ARE ALL SOOO PASSIONATE ABOUT IT …..(am I going to be sorry I asked this??)

    • It’s in Eclipse. Edward goes hunting and leaves Bella home at his house for a slumber party with Alice. He gets home early and they make out on a bed that he bought for her to sleep on and he FINALLY gets more agressive and hitches her leg up onto his hip.

      And ask all you want!

      • And runs his hands along her body and kisses her more passionately. Of course. lol


        • And she thinks, “OME! Is this happening?? Will I finally get my sparkle peen??” And then Edward cockblocks her. Again.

          • It’s normal that I read ‘OME’ and instantly knew what it meant and didn’t even flinch. Also, cockblock, what a great word.

            Oh, and also, reading these comments and thinking about the leg hitch again makes me have a huge Cullen Smile!

          • OK HOLD ON HERE….I AM ON OVERLOAD…. What the hell is OME and (I am blushing as I write this…cockblocks???? I just now figured out that Sparkle peen..is NOT what I thought….don’t ask…..

            SO….UC & MOON ….it is TIME……We (I) need for you to do a Twi-related defination blog….PLZ!

          • OME = Oh My Edward (Instead of OMG = Oh My God)

            Cockblock is meant when you’re about to get some or you have someone that you’re wanting and a friend swoops in and does something to embarass you or make the guy that you’re wanting think that you’re a douche (yeah, I said it) and then he’s not interested anymore. So the cock is right there, friend makes you look foolish, guy doesn’t want to give you the cock, hence you are now blocked from the cock = cockblock.

            Hope that made some sort of sense. lol!!

          • @myria101 I think that mayhaps TMI….LOL…would have been good with just the first sentence….BTW why would you call a person a “friend” if they did that?? I am just wondering?? Anyway, thanks for the explantion..I think…lol

      • Thanks Sassy…you had made my day once again..as I was reading what you wrote….OMG…can’t even imagine that scene!!! No wonder EVERYONE (including me now) is insisting on this being in the movie…
        I can’t stand the fact that I haven’t read these books..thinking of maybe getting the audio version to see if that makes it easier ? I don’t know…. but I am getting desperate….

        • Couldn’t hurt could it? (audio books)

          • The only problem..well not really..they are numerous..lol..but I seem to be able to understand more and make better notes when I am reading….I definately lose more of what I hear…it just doesn’t stay for like more than a second or two…so that is why I haven’t tried the audio books before…I am not sure my brain could process it as I am listening….but so frustrated trying to put peices together of NM and now Eclipse from pics/clips all your comments etc….

          • @MidSin – Instead of watching Twilight while you read Twilight, what if you listened to New Moon while you read New Moon?

          • JodieO……..huh………I am confused already and I haven’t even tried to do what you suggested….LMAO

      • @@myria101

        OK TRUE story…So today I increased my vocab…way more than needed..so I thought!! Now here I am sitting with the fam…and watching some show called Two and a half Men and they say the word Cockblock and stupid me yells out, ” I KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!!” You could have heard a pin drop…not one sound…and all faces toward me….BRIGHT RED FACE..left the room……….I am not going back there either!!! THANKS ALL!!!!

  24. Jacksper is a lovely quirky little guy—now if he were perhaps 6″ taller—sorry he hurt his hand, though—

    AND now follows a (sort of) non sequitur:
    Jacksper: Wait, UC does that?? Dude!
    Robward: I know, right? She totes does!

    UC, do you also tote bucks, bunnies—perhaps even badgers?

    can’t we deepsix ‘totes’ along with ‘jizz’—puhleeze—<3

  25. Bless your little hearts for posting that video!
    I can’t explain why, but for me, this guy’s look is tops. If I was a serial dater, all of my boyfriends would look like him.
    I find that when looking at him, I suddenly find myself thinking a lot more religiously. Thoughts like “good sweet lord” and “holy expletive” and their ilk keep repeating. I don’t think I’m capable of more coherent thought.
    I know a lot of women do not find him attractive, or “meh” at the least. Don’t know why this one guy is utterly, stupendously, beautiful in my mind.
    ::shrugs:: To each their own.
    Thanks for the eye candy LTT.

  26. I so get the whole Jackson-is-cute-and-also-weird-looking thing…like that Seinfeld episode where the girl he’s dating looks hot one day and fugly the next. Not that I would ever call Jackson himself fugly (although I’ll gladly reserve that term for the New Moon Confederate poodle wig). His looks are a total enigma to me…I’m drooling one moment and crossing my eyes and squinting the next.

  27. I have to say that I did not know of Jackson BT (before Twilight) and when I saw the movie I felt like –meh…..although I do remember being impressed with his skills with his bat. (thatswhatshesaid).

    However, in the last 9 months, I have revised that opinion of -meh- to ‘how you doin’?’ What an adorable smile, gets me every time.

    Great video!!

    • Totally agree. I first saw Jackson in ABCFam’s “Beautiful People” and was like, WTF ABCFam?? You can’t find a HOT actor to play Nicky?? Oh how my opinion has changed…

  28. You are cute. ❤ your face. Love the Jackson love.

  29. UC and Moon,

    I was so excited when I woke up this morning and gave it a look-see and saw a whole post dedicated to Jackson…it was like, Christmas in September. And then when I got to the bottom and saw that you had posted my vid…well, I kinda felt famous for almost 3 seconds there. LOL

    Thanks so much for doing that, you girls are the rockinest.
    And I’m glad people seem to be enjoying it…couldn’t put it on YouSuck because of the song being copyrighted or some crap, so it never got that many views, which I think is just some kind of blasphemous, because really, its Jackson. And he’s hawt.

    And here’s a challenge for everyone- try not to see all that Jackson in your head when you hear the song on the radio now, LOL. Everyone tells me now that they’ve seen this vid, thats all they can think of, and I totally commiserate. Well, maybe commiserate is the wrong word, since who wouldn’t want a mental reel of Jackson playing in their head, LOL.

    It sux that Jax got hurt, but knowing him, he took it like a man and laughed about it afterward…just one of the things I love about him. Yes, I’m one of those scary ppl who thinks he looks cute in his dork glasses. I draw the line at poodle-hair though. Thats just a demmed shame, making such a hot guy look not good.

    Anyway, great post for today- good start to the day!

    ❤ you,

  30. I’m going to get some hardcore thumbs down for this, but I’m so IN LOVE with Jackson it’s ridiculous. I’ve met him and he’s adorable and his hands are soft and I got the smirk and the eyebrow and omg I think I just came thinking about it all over again.

    ::le sigh::


    • I think I just fell in love more and came just thinking about your post…. Maybe there was a reason he couldn’t make it to the Monkeys show I went to, and it was all engineered by fate…trying to keep me faithful.

      I”m giving you a thumbs up just because I’m jealous.

      • It was one of the most amazing moments ever. I think he called me sweetheart too. I was in a daze as soon as I saw the dimple I looked down and I swear to God I giggled and he laughed a little and gave me the eyebrow and signed my picture. When he looked back up I asked to shake his hand and he raised his brow, smirked, then full on grinned while shaking my hand. Annnnnnddd… I just came again.

        • Srsly, I think my eyes just lolled back in my head. I’m going to cry if I never get to touch Jackson’s soft hands. Yes. That’s what she said.

          • Make every effort to have the experience. He’s so nice. And I know that I talked crap about 100 Monkeys in an earlier post, but seeing them live changed my mind about them. (I’m sure I’ll get a thumbs down for that, but I don’t care) They’re so energetic and Jackson is AWESOME live. I have pics of their show and from the moment I met him too. I personally like them way better live than I do their CDs because you get the full effect of them all in their element. I think they’re amazing. I’m babbling. My twitter is myria101 if you want to message me and I’ll DM you my email if you want the pics from the show and/or if you want to send me some of the Jackson pics you had in the vid because I’d love to have them. I don’t have many.

    • Myria101– I thumbs-upped all your posts ’cause you kept saying you were going to get thumbs-downed!


      …and because you met him. Jealous!

    • OMG how cool….I often wonder (way too often) what I would do if I ever got to meet any of them..I really wanted to meet Step. Meyers for the longest time to of course thank her for throwing me a lifeline just when I needed it so badly….but I would probably have a heart attack if I met any of the cast…that of course would be my luck…picture it….I get one chance to meet them all and thank them and as I approach…thump…dead….
      Many years ago I met and got to talk to Celine Dion and what did I do..cry! She just kept talking to me and they are trying to take pics and all I did was cry (long story why I was crying) anyway..they sent me the “best” pic and there she is looking all gorgeous and I am there with mascara running down my face and eyes closed….I am such a loser!!!

  31. UC – LOVE the Slade threat if there is no leg hitch in the movie! I’m re-reading Eclipse now and just read that scene last night, so I’m extra passionate about needing that to be included at the moment!

    And Jacksper is growing on me. I definitely like Jasper, the character. It’s amazing to me how Jackson can look so hot sometimes and in other pics be so not.

  32. Ok, since this is such a MUSIC loving place…the leg hitch needs a theme song.

    My vote:

    “Ain’t nothing wrong with a little bump n grind”

  33. Love the pictures….Love the rant!! David Slade, don’t f**k this up mister!!

    I am personally excited about Jackson being on “Criminal Minds” !! Yay!

  34. OMG! Jackson porn! I am officially DIED. Myria101, so jealous you’ve met him. I can’t wait for November when the 100 Monkeys come to Nash. Jodes & Zeph, you just made my crappy day so much better. And Jazzled, you know I ❤ you so much for that vid.

  35. I’m so sad my #1 was injured and I wasn’t around to take care of him. Poor thing.

    Jazzled – you made my week!!

  36. Excellent captions ladies! Love the protein shake! And the title of this post alone is bril! He totally tried the leg hitch!

  37. I have to throw this in for veddersgirl and because this is a post about Jackson:



  38. I’ve learned so much today. “OME” “Lunchbox” (which is really going to affect each morning as I pack school lunches) and that the Leg Hitch scene is JUST as important to me as it is to you. You have my pledge of allegiance to help you take out David Slade if he does not give this scene the extra special attention it deserves.

  39. Dear Ashley,
    Girl, you and I have got to talk. For reals. Cause Moon and UC put up this great post today all about my fellow southerner and hottie Jacksper, and they threw in a couple pics of you to be nice to his wholesome Texas soul. And you know what? I can’t friggin’ think straight again.
    Straight being the key word here, hun, because sweetheart, you are messing with my head. I turned that sofa pic into my desktop wallpaper lickety split even though I know I have to take it off in a few hours for my all day mtgs tomorrow. Because there’s only so many times I can have pics of you in various stages of undress on my computers and blame it on my husband before ppl start to get suspicious.
    I mean, I am straight, darling. Raised in the South to love me some hot, tall, drawling men with big ol’ brown eyes and rough hands kind of S-t-r-a-i-g-h-t. But then I see another pic of you. Or one of those fuckha*t vids where you’re smiling and laughing and being not only the most well spoken but the best dressed member of the cast again and I am undone.
    I mean, ok, so I’ve kissed one girl. But it was college. Everybody does that under the influence of a gallon of OJ and CVS brand vodka, right?
    I used to laugh, laugh, laugh when my dh would whisper naughty things, as all males do, asking for details about that one time in college. Now I’m wondering how you like CVS vodka? Shit, I’ll even splurge for Stoli Orange, just b/c you seem like you like the finer things. How about older women? I’m only 29. You know what they say: Better an older woman’s darling than Chase Assford’s slave. (Well, maybe they don’t say that, but I do!)
    Srsly, girl. You have got to tone down the hotness a little. I don’t think that I or Jacksper can take much more. And unlike me, he may not take well to be teased like this. Those Southern men have a habit of coming after what they want after a while.
    If he does, can you do a straight girl a favor? Can you “accidentally” let Perez Hilton post the vid? B/c the fanfic on you is sparse and subpar and if I don’t get some relief soon, I might have to move to Macon and start coaching softball.


    • Yes, what she said.

      And this? ” Now I’m wondering how you like CVS vodka? Shit, I’ll even splurge for Stoli Orange”


  40. What is that boy wearing around his neck?
    looks like some sort of specs left over from Elton John’s 70’s wardrobe.. oh wait I get it.. Jackson’s trying to be “sparkly”…. he needs to hang it around his peen then.

  41. Lunchbox, Sparkle Peen, Jackson, and Leg Hitch in the same post! I am totes on overload here! Thanks for the laughs! I am just getting hipper and hipper reading this blog. I had no idea what lunchbox was, now I am down with the kids!!

  42. oh god… he’s so……..

    it sucks that his band sucks.

  43. omg. I think Ashley Greene is my new favourite thing ever. She’s so pretty!

  44. […] Jackson got hurt. Did he try the leg hitch? Dear Jackson, Rumor has it that this week on the Eclipse set, you fell down and went ‘boom.‘ You poor baby! […] […]

  45. Jackson Rathbone…has my phone number…

    I’ll make your hand better…*sigh* Oh Jacksper.

  46. Oh, poor Jackson. It’s okay baby, a million females would gladly nurse you back to health. But seriously. Kill me, before I choke on my own drool. Must keep clicking play…

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