The New Moon Soundtrack, preview and speculation

NMsoundtrackcoverDear LTT-ers and music nerds alike,

Yesteryday’s the day I had been waiting for with baited breath… the Soundtrack track listing for New Moon was released. Would Alexandra Patsavas, Chris Weitz and team knock New Moon’s soundtrack out of the park this time? Would they avoid the pitfalls of the Twilight soundtrack? Mainly the inclusion of shiz like Collective Soul and Perry Ferrell? Well we still have a little bit longer to find out since the soundtrack itself isn’t released till October 20th and the ultimate test: the movie isn’t released till November 20th, but for now we have a track listing that looks SOLID. And like any good music nerd, I’m here to break it down for you, introduce some of these artists and also learn a bit about the ones I’m not familiar with.

Hold on tight you little creep!

Hold on tight you little creep!

As explained on Stephenie Meyer’s website as well as the super awesome New Moon Soundtrack site “…all of the music is original, and exclusive to the soundtrack.” Though I have to point out that Muse song was released on their latest album The Resistance, but according to them they were asked by Chris Weitz to cut a different version of the song. All that to say not only is it exciting that we’ll be hearing all (almost) new music but how telling is it that this saga can get TOP artists like Thom freaking York to cut all new music for it?! That’s called pull and this saga’s got it.

Anyway, on to the track listing…


I really love the line “Oh darling understand, that everything ends…” which works so well with the themes of New Moon. Bella learns that nothing is forever and that as much as she thought she’d be with Edward forever, it wasn’t meant to be. Little does she know! I can almost seeing this being a song from Jacob’s perspective, not only did we learn Chris Walla is SO Team Jacob the lyrics have so much longing, so much want. Wanting to be that person for her but needing her to meet him halfway. Hmmm love to ponder the lyrics, my friends!

Get your coffee and follow the cut as we jump into the rest of the tracklisting…


I Know What I Am – Probably their most recognizable single. It’s kinda fun not knowing whether it’s going to be upbeat like I Know… or if it’s going to be a slower ballad. But I do love the title, “Friends” this can go so many ways. I really hope there’s a Jacob/Bella theme song and maybe this is it?

Oh Thom… You’ll remember Thom from the Twilight Movie which featured his band Radiohead’s “15 Step,” which sadly, didn’t make it into the final Soundtrack that was sold but it is included in the movie. I’m not sure what you need to know about Thom other than he’s one of the most prolific, revered, critical and commercial darling of the last decade. To get him or anything from his band onto a soundtrack is a big licensing coup that I’m glad Alex and Chop Shop pulled off. His music can kinda go in any direction, I feel, so I’m going to post two sides of the Thom coin…

“The Hallow Earth” which will be on Thom Yorke’s new EP which coincidently is out today! Lots of loops, tech-ish sounds, and his unmistakable voice.

And on the flip side we’ve got the more melancholy side of Thom, this song is one of my most favorite’s called “All I Need” and it from Radiohead’s album “In Rainbows.” I have a feeling we’ll probably be getting more of the sad Thom since New Moon is all about the sads. Now enjoy this and let’s hug!

A UC favorite! This Swedish gal plays sparse, pretty electronic-y type music. Her debut album, “Youth Novels” came out almost 2 years ago, so this should be interesting which way she goes with her music now…

Enjoy “Little Bit” and for extra credit: “Dance, Dance, Dance

Well, I’m sure most of us know The Killers by now and if not, drop what you’re doing and get their first album “Hot Fuss” and then report back. As for the rest of their discography, meh. I don’t really care so much for their esoteric musings on whether we’re human or dancers… I just want to dance to their hot beats and don’t care so much for Mr. Flowers’ recent pontifications. Oh well, can’t have it all I suppose.

And just for KStew I’m picking this Killers song to embed: “Smile Like You Mean It”

I actually first learned about Anya through Greys Anatomy which coincidentally (not so much!) is a show Alexandra Patsavas is the music supervisor for, and as a matter of fact Anya is on her label Chop Shop, so we can see the connection here. I really like the title of this song and wanna see if it has any connections to the film or characters

My fave Anya song called “Move You”

Ms. Meyer’s favorite band forever and ever. Dude if you don’t have their new album The Resistance RUN to your local (I said LOCAL) record store and get it, like yesterday! Like the Muse dudes told MTV, Chris Weitz asked them to cut a different version but for your litening pleasure here is “I Belong to You” the original version…

Extra credit, have your face rocked the ef off by their song Uprising. The roomie and I just rocked to this while getting ready to go out on Saturday night, oh memories.

This is one UC and I called way back in the day, ever since we became addicted to the aptle titled song and EP called Blood Bank that UC suggested for inclusion but since New Moon is hot sauce we will most defs take a new song from Mr. Vernon and like it very much, I’m sure.

Bloodbank! For you UC! and if you want to die (in the most awesome sense) listen to this a capella version of For Emma found by UC herself. Seriously it kills.

Now for St. Vincent – the fact that she plays in Sujan Stevens touring band makes me want to french kiss her or punch her cause I’m so jealous but we’ll save that for a different blog. So she was pretty much all anyone talked about on the music blogs/music magazines like a year ago… I can’t wait to hear her and Justin sing whatever this song may be…

BRMC holds a lot of memories for UC and I. See one of our music teachers loved them long time and so we heard about them quite frequently, so this is like seeing an old friend show up at that party where you know 1 person. I liken them to Kings of Leon in the fact that they’re an American band that is way more popular everywhere but here. All they need is their own “Sex on Fire” and they’ll break through.

I hope “Done All Wrong” is a song for Jacob after he’s wronged by Bella one too many times and he’s out riding his motorcycle. Hot. At least this is my imagined idea… imagine that and this song…

Spread Your Love

Ok now we’re into one of the artists/bands I know the least about and had to do some major digging as they have no videos on youtube or info from wiki, so good ol MySpace is where I found Hurricane Bells. And from the looks of things, if their MySpace is up to date, they are an unsigned band, though I’m sure that won’t be for long now that they’re on this soundtrack. Which just tickles me pink that an unsigned band ended up on a major soundtrack besides bringing us new music from artists we already like we are treated to a new artist that from the sounds of things is pretty interesting…

Since I can’t find anything to embed for you here, go to their MySpace and listen to their music… I liked “The Winters in New York,” “This Year” and “Tenterhooks” for it’s Explosions in the Sky quality…

I heart Sea Wolf and not just because he’s from LA and not because he rocked Sunset Junction a few years ago… ok maybe that’s why. So “The Violet Hour” maybe a reference to Twilight Hour?? Hmmm… And just because here’s my fave Sea Wolf Song: “You’re A Wolf” I know, good choice right! HA

No don’t shoot me Ok Go! Just make another video of you guys doing that treadmill dance and we’ll call it even. I’ll always know them more for their “Get Over It” days and less for that treadmill song so here we go…

Indie darlings and cute boys from Brooklyn Grizzly Bear, so it wasn’t a complete shock to see them included on this soundtrack that is heavy with the sads (and probably plaids).

Their song “Shift” as recorded for the super cool LaBlogtheque which is where that stellar Bon Iver extra credit video also came from. Who doesn’t like a clarinet in a bathroom?

Love these folks they’re so Joy Division meets Interpol meets rad! So this title “No Sound But The Wind” maybe a motorcycle riding scene… or maybe cliff diving? I know I’m being super literal but this is all we’ve got so far folks…

Vodpod videos no longer available.
The Editors – Munich

And now we reach the other name I didn’t know on th tracklisting and with good reason he is the composer for the movie! But here’s good news he’s composed over 100 movie scores and has been nominated for an Oscar twice. He’s done stuff for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Girl with the Pearl Earring and Golden Compass (you see how Hwood works now, dontcha?) among others so looks like we’re in good hands.

Why not end this with some Benjamin Buttons shiz?! “Growing Younger”

Well if you’ve made it this far, I personally want to give you a high five! And also ask you what the heck do you think? Anything stand out, anything you’re looking forward to especially? I gotta say I’m most looking forward to this Bon Iver/St. Vincent collabo… we shall see next month!

Off to the record shop!

PS (begin rant) Dear record labels such as Universal, Sony/EMI and others, you DON’T GET IT! Every time I would search for an OFFICIAL video from one of your artists and was greeted by “embedding disabled by request” I could feel my blood pressure rising. Way to not sell your artists and way to suck royally. Instead of embracing a medium that has already eclipsed you you try to remain in the dark ages. Instead we’re forced to use shitty, non official versions of the videos/songs. Good job. No Love, Moon (/end rant)

Join UC and me as we break down those recently released pics from the LA Times at LTR
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Source for that awesome Thom/Bella image: Rollingstone! Thanks for having a sense of humor!

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  1. I’m very interested to get my hands on the soundtrack.
    Out of all these I’ve only ever heard of Muse, The Killers (duh and duh) and OKgo.
    Oh and Death Cab.
    Whose song I am really loving now.
    Also: weren’t The Used supposed to have written a song for the album???

  2. I was so excited when I saw that track listing yesterday! And then I got even more excited when I realized you’d probably break this down today Moon! I’m at work so I can’t watch all the videos but I definitely will at some point … I’m so pumped for the new Thom Yorke. I don’t like his solo stuff as well as Radiohead but even so, The Eraser was top notch. Do you think any of these songs will be released before Oct. 20th individually?

    • if theyre for this soundtrack then i highly doubt theyll release another one unless they’re releasing more singles that just the death cab song.

  3. I’ve never heard of any of these people (I graduated from high school in 1986; I know groups like Talking Heads and Tears for Fears…)

    Even though, I am going to pre-purchase it from Amazon. SM’s site has a link to directly pre-puchase (Thanks, Stephanie). The Twilight soundtrack has the most recent music I’ve purchased in years. Now I can drive around my little town with the windows down, rocking out, and people will think I’m young and hip! 🙂

    Or, maybe they will call the cops because of that stupid sound ordinance we live under…

    • talking heads!! you are cool! 🙂

      isnt that the great thing about soundtracks? you learn about new music you might not have heard before

      • I asked the guy at the video game store if Guitar Hero was going to come out with a disk of Pop Hits of the 70’s and 80’s and he just laughed at me.


  4. I have to say I’m most excited for The Killers new song (sheerly cause they’re my favourite band and I’ve been itching for some new music from them!)

    Love I belong To You (though Undisclosed Desires rocked my socks from here to eternity)

    And there are my two cents. Off to LTR ❤

  5. ahh super stoked for this collection of songs
    im sort of hoping the thom yorke song is leaning more towards radioheads “nude” from in rainbows
    “dont get any big ideas, they’re not gonna happen..” NAWW imagine robward saying that to you – tears.

    hopin’ its one big angst fest xx

  6. Morning! Great post Moon….still reading/listening…will comment later!!!

  7. I heart BRMC, The Editors, Muse, Thom Yorke, Bon Iver and Death Cab for Cutie (ofcourse) the rest of them meh but im still interested to hear their songs.
    “Oh darling understand, that everything ends…” I love the line TOO!! It makes me think that even though vampires are immortal they still wont live forever.
    Though it probably has more to do with Bella tyring to save Edward from ending his life.

  8. Yup… still just feel old and lame.. They couldn’t put ONE old timey band in there for us fogeys? I hear Public Image Ltd reformed, even, if they need angst. Old dudes can angst, too!

    • i usually like throwing in a few older songs with new, but it wasnt me. sad 😉

    • Yeah, like maybe they could have thrown Save a Prayer by Duran Duran in there.

      I’m loving the new music I’m discovering thanks to Twilight, though. Another reason the series helps me feel young again!

  9. Don’t know about the rest but I am really starting to like Muse. You can hardly go wrong with a British rock band.

    I particularly like the new music video w/ the giant teddy bear.

    Don’t have the patience this morning to listen to all the songs but sure they are terrific.

    Off to chi my hair!

    Oh and Nearly22 here. Changed my name bc I am now 22. Can’t stand hanging onto the past. : )

  10. Thanks for the list ladies! I am so excited to see some really great artists on here, especially Muse (which their new album is especially awesome!) The Killers, and DCfC. The list of bands is already waaayyy better than the last soundtrack, so it gives me much hope for the movie itself! Thanks for putting that together!

  11. This kind of music ain’t really my bag baby. I know of about 4 people on there. I only bought the last soundtrack because Rob was on it. True story. And I got the special edition on iTunes so I could have La Traviata. If Rob hadn’t had any songs on the last one, I would’ve googled “song from baseball scene in Twilight” and called it a day.


    • hahaha “song from baseball scene” you have stellar search skills friend. that’s like what i do and surprisingly it works!

  12. I didn’t think it was possible to love you more, Moon but you did it again! This was 10x better than the MTV article about the artists I think you need to add one of those little mp3 player icons to the site and make mixes to educate the masses!

    With all my love,

    • I would LOVE that!!! I need some good music education. I love anything that moves your soul and just speaks to you. Or simply makes you want to move your body, shake your ass and watch yourself.

      I have a 3 year old…Disney currently rules my life.

      Don’t hold back on us Moonie!!!!

      • we cant currently embed a music played in the sidebar but maybe once we move to our own server!

        ps im glad you enjoyed it!!

  13. Loved your post Moon, including rant! Thanks for making it through the youtube hustle for us (not that I won’t be doing it again by myself this evening and won’t enjoy every minute of it).
    Yeeej Editors!!! So that means we will probably be getting Bloc Party or Sonic Youth on Eclipse, right? Or Editors again, why not. *fingers crossed*.

    I’m definitely gonna buy this soundtrack. It will be my tenth one or so, next to ‘the bodyguard’, most of Ennio Morricone’s work, ‘Kill Bil’, ‘Barry Lyndon’ and ‘Le …. d’ Amélie Poulain’. It just made me realize I don’t buy enough soundtracks! And I should probably be spending way more time watching movies other than twilight as well.

  14. Still reading/listening….

  15. Like Von I don’t know any of these artists except Muse Thom and the Killers…..still the good news is like the Twilight soundtrack New Moon will introduce me to this new music so all is good……
    I have to admit that the whole Twi-obsession has brought me more in touch with ‘youth culture’ {sorry for using this expression but I couldn’t think of a different phrase} at 45 I had gotten stuck in my groove and I’m soo glad to have woken up to what I was missing out on.
    Thanks for the post Moon have enjoyed listening and hope for the soundtrack is great… ❤ all….

  16. ‘the fact that she plays in Sujan Stevens touring band makes me want to french kiss her or punch her cause I’m so jealous..’
    – ditto.

    i do love annie clark though and i’m totes excited about this bon iver/st. vincent collaboration too.

  17. Wow, I don’t know any of the bands except for Muse, Bon Iver and Radiohead. Stuff that’s big in the States isn’t always that well known in Europe. Or I may or may not be musically retarded (I expect Alice to leave a reply here confirming my retardedness any minute now). So anyways, it’s nice that you make all this effort for our musical education – thanks, Moon!

  18. Since the two leaders of this lovely blog are wonderful music folks…I wonder if YOU were to create a soundtrack (since you know the books) what would you put on?

    • I’ve been asking Moon to write that post for MONTHS.


      I haven’t actually thought too hard about that sassysmart… except for bon iver- I’ve wanted him (ahem) on it for forever. I mean.. this line up is killer…Except for the few I’m unfamiliar with (the same ones Moon is unfamiliar with) they’re all on rotation in my car, on our record player, on the ipod all the time!

      • my PICKS, perhaps?! or you really want my to post pictures?! 🙂


        yes maybe ill do that since im now reading through eclipse again. just started so i can do it!

  19. i know some of the bands like grizzly bear,st.vincent,okgo,THOM FUCKIN YORK….i do hope its good…

  20. AH Moon, we are the same person because that is exactly what I would have written. so YES YES YES, I am excited about Thom, and the Bon Iver/St. Vincent collaboration. I’m also excited because this soundtrack is going to put these bands/people in our top 40, which is highly more favorable than the crap I keep hearing on the radio, Miley Cyrus and the like. Oh and I HEART grizzly bear!

    • for serious! if this helps the kids these days hear this stuff and make it more popular than the crap thats usually on top 40 than SO BE IT!! PLEASE!

  21. Moon- I want to fake lesbian french kiss you.
    And Also Alexandra
    And Chris Weitz
    And hell, Rob too.

    But seriously… you’re my music hero- Save this post. You know why. X

    BON IVER w/ St. Vincent? I just had an orgasm thinking about it. Seriously

    And oh-my-gosh.. I missed that Thom/Bella pic in the beginning… I looked so quickly I didn’t realize. HILARIOUSSSS

    • dude do you think we could hook up a quintuple kiss?! with us and those folks?! you know, just to show our appreciation!

      and trust me, it’s saved! hahaha

      bella/thom was the funny picture i was tlaking about. i lol-ed when i saw it and wished i have thought of it first.

  22. You had me at Death Cab… but throw in some BRMC, Editors and Bon Iver and I’m so there. I might actually be able to listen to this one without having to skip over half the tracks. (I mean, Linkin Park? Seriously?)

    • Linkin Park sucks it. My least fave song on the Twilight Soundtrack.

    • TRUTH. ugh. now when that song from linkin park randomly plays on my itunes i know why! it’s still a susprise that i even uploaded it

    • Indeed. When I read Stephenie’s acknowledgments in her books, it’s all “Thanks to these bands: ” and Linkin Park was on there. I thought, “Ew. Why?”

  23. Thanks for the awesome post, Moon. When I heard about the track listing and didn’t know a lot of the artists, I wanted to see what they sounded like–so thanks for this!! It really does give a good idea of what the bands sound like and the awesome potential for the soundtrack.
    I think it’s awesome they’re including a band who has like 455 Myspace fans and is unsigned. And all the other artists sound amazing too.

    • that got me the most excited! thats like cosmic justice or good karma or something!

      • On Hurricane Bells myspace comments, only one person has congratulated “Steve” on making the New Moon soundtrack (is he a one man band?). He sounded a little bitter too, like “You guys have been a band for, uh, 2 seconds, and you got the deal of a lifetime. Gee, let me get back to my overpriced Williamsburg loft and try to write more songs for my own band while I try not to think about Eliot Smith.”

  24. This soundtrack is going to be incredible. I cannot wait. There are a couple of groups I’m not familiar with, but as soon as I get home I’ll give them a good listen. Thanks for pulling this post together, so that I wouldn’t get sucked into the blackhole that is YouTube 🙂

    I didn’t know I could love you ladies more. ‘All I Need’ is one of my favorite songs and I love love love that live version, mainly because Colin is totally into it.

  25. Here’s some extra, extra Bon Iver credit. Best. Video. Ever. Oh to be on of the people in that room!!!

    • i love lablogoteque, they rule it with bringing this kind of intimacy to music and the interwebs.

      speaking of… i get to see bon iver myself this weekend at a sunrise show at the hollywood forever cemetary. im kinda beyond pumped about it!!

      • OMG I love you and hate you all at the same time! When I first saw that Skinny Love video from lablogoteque, I think I searched for every other video I could find. He/They (insert proper pronoun here) will FINALLY be in Texas but it’s at the freakin’ Austin City Limits music fest and the only tickets left were $850/piece. Not that I won’t be searching stub hub for some poor bastard who has to cancel for some reason… 🙂

  26. im sooooo freaking excited for this soundtrack! when i saw it yesterday i straight up squealed at my desk. i have internal squees about lots of twilight stuff at work, but this one couldnt stay in and was actually outloud. lykke li is a current musical obsesh and i was not expecting her to be in on this. besides a few of these artists, i kinda feel like they picked music right off my ipod. LOVES IT. besides loving this just from who is included, i really think these artists are all just the right style for this particular movie. i qanna kiss whoever put this together.


  28. This great. I love it. Hopefully this will be a very good movie.

  29. I must say, this is the reason why I LOVE LTT/LTR. You and UC are just amazing!!!
    I loved reading every thought that you had about each artist. Music is such a huge part of my life, and I love finding new artists. The fact you took the time to find music from each artist, is so great.

    I think that I am looking forward to Thom Yorke the most. Love him, and your description of him and his band was spot on. Love you right now!!

    Music for a movie can make or break it for me, so I was looking forward to this more than anything else.

    I am at work right now, so I can’t listen or watch the videos. So bummed…

    xxoo the best girls ever…

    • music can do that for me too!

      glad the thom/radiohead descriptors fit, i was worried it wouldnt, generalizing someones sound is always tricky!

  30. Someone needs to put this on an internet player so that I can have it be my soundtrack for the day. Seriously – it would fit – the weather outside in Denver is cloudy and gray and freaking FREEZING so I feel like the wolves are going to step out from behind my garage any second.

    Oh my wolfpack! As AshleyFrag would say…

  31. Oh and Justin Vernon pwns me. For serious.

  32. Wow, thanks for doing all this work for us Moon! Now I don’t have to! Super excited for Lykke Li, had no idea she’d be on the soundtrack. She was a favorite of mine this year. Well done mentioning LaBlogotheque! I love that place! Lykke Li has got a great video on there herself, and Johnny Flynn has three that are all beautiful.

    As always, great post! Thanks again!

    • oh johnny flynn!! he rocks! i saw a great video of him and laura marling doing a duet… what a small small world! 😉

  33. I couldn’t even get halfway thorugh the Muse song. I’m SO not a fan of them. I love Supermassive Black Hole, but everything else I’ve heard I just can’t get into them. That’s very strange for me. I’m usually a lover of ALL music, but I just CAN’T get into them. I’ve tried. I FAILED.

    I did just buy Lykke Li on iTunes though. Thinking of buying Bon Iver too. I’m really digging them both. I have all of The Killers and I love them so much. Have loved them forever.

    Okay, yeah…. just bought Bon Iver too. lol!!

    Thanks for this post today, ladies! Loved it!


    • Love Bon Iver. The song “Woods” is totally what I pictured playing during the scene in New Moon where Sam carries Bella back to Charlie’s house, all slow-motion-and-ethereal-y. So good.

    • youre gonna LOVE it!!! yeaaa we’re helping out the music industry here! that warms my heart.

  34. for s.o. totally non-scene & plugged into a different vibe most of these groups were terra incognita—reacted most favorably to BRMC with that rockin blues beat & full sound—also liked LykkaLi’s fascinating sound—Grizzly Bear (what a name) also appealed to me—for the rest there were the known quantities llike Radiohead—am sure the soundtrack is in very professional hands this time with Desplat—thanks, Moon, for the knowledgeable intro—would never have made it on my own—xox

  35. […] the new moon soundtrack, preview and speculation Leave a Comment Leave Your Comment Name* […]

  36. I LOVE that Lykke Li is on the soundtrack! Awesome! I’m Good I’m Gone is one of my faves. I can’t wait to hear all the songs in context on Nov. 20.

    Smidge bummed there was no Sia “Breathe Me”. I’ve loved it for the break up scene since it first hit the interwebs as a suggestion for NM. But it looks like Alex P has it all under control. 🙂

  37. Two things:

    1) The photoshopped pic of Thom Yorke as Edward is flawless. Seriously. I’m in awe. Which of you ladies has them mad photoshopping skills??
    2) Moon, you have flawless taste in music ❤ Oh, and this soundtrack would've been just a teensy bit better with some Rob tracks. Because, let's face it: Rob's emo and New Moon is all about the emo! le sigh.

    • i wish i had thought to do th thom/bella pic first but it was from! its so awesome!

      and i too would have loved a new rob track but im sure he put his foot down.

      • *pouts in corner* But, but… ROB!

        Ah well. Guess he’s saving his musical genius as a back-up in case the whole acting gig doesn’t work out, eh?


  38. Can’t wait for this soundtrack. Another reason I love LTT/LTR, I get schooled in music. Who says you can’t learn anything from the interwebs??

  39. Im pretty stoaked for this lineup. Maybe i will actually purchase the cd instead of burning it from a friend… (which is what I did, just to get the Rob Songs on the Twilight soundtrack). I really hope the thom yorke song makes me want to cut myself. (not really) Im hopeful because I have a feeling Chris is just a bit more music savy than the coug. she be jammin’ (reference to her golden globe hair).

    • shes defs be jammin’ and loving some braids and not mopey music. chris seems way more mopey to me!

      and i hope the thom song is a cutter one too! in all the best ways!

  40. I can’t WAIT for the soundtrack. I have already ordered it and await it with baited breath (yes, I still want the CD format – old school).

    Moon – re: your rant. AMEN to that! The record companies need to get with the program or continue to die their slow, money bleeding, painful death.

  41. I love your rants! Thanks for your introduction. I feel schooled, but in the awesome way that only Moonie Pie could do. 🙂

  42. Fantastic breakdown. Much more comprehensive and helpful than MTV’s article yesterday, as another commenter pointed out. All these tunes have inspired me to start sorting out my Team Edward beer helmet (gonna fill it with Vampire Cab Sav wine from Cost Plus…hello, nerd!) to wear to the theater on 11/20.

    • Oh, but the Vampire wine is such disastrously bad. I tried to coax my friend into a bottle while introducing him to Twilight, and he just outright refused. I’m glad he did though, it’s really just not good. Great sentiment! Awful wine. I’ll try to come up with something that’s still relevant to the movie…I mean, for New Moon we could do some great Italians, or if you want to keep it consistent throughout the saga, then we’ll have to come up with a nice grape from the Northwest… Too bad there’s no Port Angeles port wine. (nerdier)

      • Thanks for the heads up on the Vampire wine. What a bummer!

        I have also been thinking of some kind of small gift for the original enabler who introduced me to the books – Port Angeles port might work. Just a little Photoshopping and printing trickery is all that is required.

        • Well, in my unemployed boredom up in the Pacific NW, I’ll journey up to Port Angeles and take some photos…then we can photoshop the Port Angeles port (and porter for us beer drinkers…and seeing that port wine is sort of a one-and-done) label with real life photos. I mean, or I can go to St Helens to get the “on location” Port Angeles (can you believe how great this is!). You let me know and I will provide. Free fake label downloads for everyone [over 21]!

        • Um, just found this special Twilight wine for your visit to Port Angeles. It’s from the working girls winery. Does that sound legal? Anyway, I think the fake label might be the winner since it allows everyone to enjoy whatever wine they want to! Oh em gee, DontQuestionMe, you’ve got me so excited about this. That’s normal, right?

        • Okay, I’ve started on the labels. So far, so good…so awesome I should say. Prepare to be dazzled!

      • What type of Vampire Wine did you have my dear? I’m sorry to hear you did not find it enjoyable. Most mortals crave our blood of the vine. Perhaps it was one of our older bottles. Allow us to replace it with another bottle, on us. Find us at

        Eternally Yours,


        The Vampire at Vampire.Com

  43. Great breakdown! I am so excited for this soundtrack! I am in love with the new Muse album!!! Can’t wait to hear how they change up I belong to You.

    I also find it very interesting that the New Moon theme is named “The Meadow” considering the only meadow scene is where Laurent attacks Bella. For Twilight we had “Bella’s Lullaby” which was a more obvious tie in with the feel of the movie. I’m interested to hear the new compositions.

    • Ditto on “I Belong to You”! It’s definitely my favourite track from The Resistance. Also… Being the nerd I am, I thought of Twilight when I first heard it…. I’m so ashamed! haha

  44. Wow, can’t wait to get this soundtrack. I am so excited that BRMC is included. Ever since reading New Moon, I thought their song ‘Took out a Loan’ from the Baby 81 album would be awesome on the soundtrack. Didn’t realize they were all going to be orignal songs.

    58 days and counting until New Moon!

  45. Almost done…..

  46. Thanks for this Moon!
    What an incredible improvement to the Twilight soundtrack…and thank god.
    I loved the music in Benjamin Button, so I’m really looking forward to Alexandre Desplat’s work on New Moon.
    I think that Grizzly Bear’s song is going to be for when Bella’s all depressed in the beginning.
    Hurricane Bells is great! I had never heard of Sea Wolf, but I’m off to my local record shop (that’s all they have here in Portland) to buy me some.
    I’m really excited for New Moon from a cinematic perspective. Just its trailer is better than the entire Twilight movie. The soundtrack’s talent is giving me a lot of hope for the movie. Two more months! I may even go down to La Push, er, Cannon Beach, today to get even more into it. Throw some Sea Wolf on for the drive… that’s normal.

  47. Random self-plug:
    I went hiking to Multnomah Falls yesterday and posted some pics on me and my sister’s blog, Go check out that set 🙂


  49. Colour me impressed Moon with the effort you put into this post. I confess to not having heard of most of the artists (OK, so I could potentially be put into the “too old for this shiz” category, but who cares!).

    I know I’ll love the soundtrack and movie alike. What’s not to love?

    And thanks for my daily education! 😉

  50. I love Sea Wolf. I love Grizzly Bear. Hooray for soundtrack exposure so more people can love them and then hopefully Grizzly Bear will do side-shows in Australia so I don’t have to get sunburnt and bitten by ants during their show.

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