The Internet Has Spoken: Twilight is Lame

Dear people who don’t live in a Twilight bubble (aka normal people, most people in the universe & people I should spend more time with),

Sometimes when I see/hear/think of things in the Twilight world that you are also seeing/hearing/experiencing without being in the Twilight bubble yourself, I get really 2nd-hand embarrassed. Like, it’s one thing for ME to go to see a band play who’s lead singer is the baby mama of the 2nd-cousin of the father of the dude who plays Jacob’s sister Rebecca’s husband and see a crazed fan with a Twilight-themed tattoo and her fake lesbian life partner holding all 4 books plus a print-out of Midnight Sun for the the lead singer to sign, but for “normal” people to see that? Or even KNOW it exists? I apologize on behalf of the fandom.

I recently came across this website that has a ‘guide’ for all things Twilight called, “The Internet has spoken: Twilight is lame.” I read what they posted; I laughed along with them, and then I covered my face in 2nd-hand embarrassment because THEY think WE ALL are crazy for liking Twilight and are ALL crazy fans. And now I’m sure ALL FOUR of their readers probably agree with them. So I’m gonna do what any respectable 2nd-hand embarrassed person would do- share the embarrassment with all of MY readers so that we can, once again, thank the Twilight god (Buttcrack Santa, of course, turned into a god after his ascension into heaven) that we can proudly exclaim about all our Twilight actions: “That’s Normal.” (All our actions except attending that 100Monkey’s show. That was not normal! )

Enjoy today’s Monday Funnies after the jump!

The following commentaries are from the twilight guide, the comments on the images, are mine:

Site introduction:

It’s no secret that I think Twilight is a travesty to not only traditional vampire lore, but also to Mormon soft core fantasy porn writers everywhere. Thankfully, the internet has my back on this one.

Per Google, Edward Cullen is:


My favorite is when you search for "Kristen Stewart is." Try it!

Forks, WA T-shirt:


The new 90210

I’m going to pretend that the blood drop is actually a very painful tear, a point of view you’ll understand if you’ve ever had the mind-numbing misfortune of setting foot into Forks, WA.

theocI like how most of them are wearing coats. You know, because vampires need to keep warm and all.

I don’t get it…

I don't get it either...

I don't get it either...

but I already love it way more.

Normal Fangirls

normalGiven their age, I’d say that the story of a douchey heartthrob vampire counts as a healthy obsession.

Not-so-Normal Fangirls


They're late? Don't tell the writer about Pattinson-pants

These ladies, on the other hand, are about a decade too late.

Per Google Twilight fans are:


I promise I’m nothing like any of those crazy fans. Don’t judge me because I once made a video with two action-figure Edwards laying together in the grass and sang Bella’s Lullaby or that I created that Forks, WA t-shirt*

Proud to be a normal fan,
and also really proud I’ve never outted myself with my real name

So after the realization of “oh Sh*t, this is what normal people think of Twilight and all her fans” passes, have a Monday laugh and go visit The Twilight guidespot to see what else they posted and make their day with 104 visitors instead of the usual 4**

Talk about normality on The Forum
then read a letter written to Rob Pattinson by my normal friend Moon on LTR

**This could be the most popular site on the internet and have billions of hits daily. I have no idea. I’m a Twilight fan. All I read is The Twilight Lexicon, the Robsten lovers blogspot and Esme & Carlisle fanfic. Don’t judge.

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  1. You know you are an obsessed fangirl, when you create an online alias, in case you one day actually meet Robert Pattinson and become his permanent sqeeze. ‘Cause it would be so embarassing to have a lot of “OMG I LOOOOVE ROB” comments out on the web, in that situation!!!!

    I know – VERY far fetched, but true!

    • And what are you going to do with your Edward Cullen lunch box and the box of uneaten conversation hearts (because you know you only bought it for the cover)when Robert moves in?

  2. Glad you guys are out there defending the normal fandom! But nevertheless glad to remain anonymous in the meantime…

  3. I was loving this.

    Sidenote: Except for the Banana book cover–DO NOT MESS WITH MIDNIGHT SUN, people! Mrs. Meyer–since we know you read LTT, and I pray you read the comments–PLEASE finish Midnight Sun for us. It’s beautiful, it’s brilliant, and it’s the earliest I’ve ever cried in a book. No lie.. “Can a cold, dead heart beat again…?” Yep. BAWLED. I must have the hardcover, completed, first edition of Midnight Sun. Preferably signed. The end.

    as I was saying. I WAS loving this. Then you had to go and mention The Twilight Lame-O-Con and I lost all respect in you, UC. I know, I know, I know…you were totally kidding. But don’t do that to a girl…it almost made me stop eating my breakfast of pumpkin crisp. Yeesh…

    p.s. Twilight fans scare me. Thank God I’m normal. Like you.

  4. The only thing I noticed on the tee shirt was the zip code. A: why is it necessary? and 2: OMG!!!! When I lived in WA my zip code was 98311!


    PS. Twilight is awesome BECAUSE it is lame!

    • Hee! I saw the t-shirt and was like ‘I (drip) Forks? I don’t get it.’ Then UC pointed out that it was a drop of blood and I went “OH! I get… no, that still doesn’t really make sense… “

  5. Hilar.
    I’m totally going to Google ‘Kristen Stewart is . . . ”
    I think these people are just jealous that we’re awesome . . . ??
    Maybeh . . . ?
    You know, even people love the books think I’m weird!
    I can relate ANYTHING to Rob or Twilight and the other week at work my Robdar was on high alert when I heard 3 30-something business women discussing his hotness.
    That’s normal.

    Love yas!

  6. Me gusta banana cover!

    I cannot tell anyone that I really like Twilight bc of the lame freaks like in the notnormal photo.

    Also, (sorry bc I know some of you are on here) the “older ladies” that want to f*** Taylor & Rob scare me. Seriously.

    • All I can say to you hon is one day you too will be older and I sincerely hope you as much RAWR as us Rob cougars here do. Side note Rob wants us {thatswhatIsaid} to “feel like it’s wrong,” so I’ll continue to try and please Rob……

      • PS. It wasn’t me that down thumbed you girl I hate getting down thumbed so I only do the haters, and I didn’t read you like that.

    • I am quite aware of my pending age. I feel it coming like a thunderstorm.

      I wasn’t referring to people that fantasize (That’s Normal!) but those who try to disrobe them as they are walking down the street.

    • 5 thumbs down makes this fangbanger extremely sad… : (

      Sorry cougars. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.

    • Oh, sweet innocent child, we don’t want to f*** them, we want to teach them things they cannot possibly learn from girls. We want to show them what women have to offer!

    • Seriously.. speaking as an older lady…I do not want to do anything such as you suggest to Taylor or Rob..(ok not really) .I just want to have fun, laugh and enjoy everything Twilight because we may be old…but we are not dead…and seriously…you should be happy to tell people that you really like Twilight…cause your way too young to worry about what other people think…just some advise from an old lady.. 🙂 BTW I did not thumb down you…wouldn’t do that to a fellow Twi…

      • Nearly22 speaking. Changed my name bc I am actually 22 now and don’t want to be a skeazy liar. : )

        You are exactly the type of person that I am glad enjoys Twilight.

        I have issues w/ talking to people my own age and most of my time is spent with the forty(ish) set.

        They do not enjoy Twilight bc of being wrapped up in things that do not involve sparkly, hot, vampire sex gods.

        So I come here to be “normal” with the rest of you.

        Thank you and sorry that my original comment came out the wrong way.

  7. I KNOW I’m not an “internet normal” twilight fan because I’m a “LTT/LTR That’s Normal” twilight fan …U.C. and Moon told me sooooo….

  8. It’s funny you posted this today. I was watching “Interview with the Vampire” last night (it was on SciFi channel-nothing else was on!) and I had an epiphany. The vampires in other movies are actually scary and sadistic. Am I really obsessed with a series of books where the vampires sparkle?

    Saying it out loud really makes it sound lame and embarassing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still obsessed, I’m just more aware of how ridiculous it sounds.

  9. You know, I am just not desperate enough to give that site hits… or brain cells. But I *did* have to go see your pocket Edward video, and I think not enough people commend you for your brilliance in doing that. Thank you, UC! 😀

  10. Fans that are SOOOOO into something that it alters their entire life, sorta scare me. I mean alter in the way that they actually BELIEVE that they are a intricate part of whatever it is…scare me. Like they learn elfin so that they can communicate with Orlando Bloom if he ever comes across their path. (he was an elf right?)

    However, they only scare me because those are the folks that end up like Bill Gates. They create these THINGS that help them in their quest…and end up being the wealthiest people in the world.

    Scares me cause I am just not that passionate about anything. Except vodka.

    PS. the lead singer of Hinder looks like Crispin Glover in Willard.

  11. In the past few days I’ve seen not 1 but 2 women of an advanced age wearing Twilight Gear. Since I’ll be celebrating my 1st annual 39th birthday next month, I feel that referring to anyone who is my mother’s age or better as “advanced” is pretty accurate (Not like my kids calling my friend, who is 33, “old”)
    I was so 2nd Hand Embarrassed for these 60+ year old ladies, and their children/grandchildren, that the first thing I did was go find someone to share my embarassment with me 🙂 we laughed and laughed…but after the laughter died down, it did kind of make me take stock in myself and how I may appear to others.
    What is normal ya’ll?? What is Lame?? Where is that line? I like to think that it’s normal for me to wear MY Edward t-shirt (I wouldn’t dare wear it out in public….I just sleep in it, turned inside out of course) and I think it’s normal that I just bought tickets to check out 100 Monkeys in Nov. I know Moon and UC say this is normal (well, not the 100 Monkeys part, and I know I’ve been warned, I just can’t pass up the opportunity to see a grown man in a banana suit) But am I really just a lame old lady like the woman in the Twilight shirt at JoAnn’s shopping for what I assume would be the makings of her very own PattinsonPancho??

  12. I I know I am oh-so-normal because:
    1. I can laugh at Twilight in all its lameness and still love it.
    2. I don’t think the books are high literature.
    3. I know Rob is not Edward.
    4.I do not own any Twi-clothing. Not even a pair of Eclipse Keds.

    I do own a pocket Edward, who stands right next to my Captain Jack Sparrow Pez dispenser. Really. My husband bought Capt. Jack so Eddie would have company. I also own Twilight sweethearts, New Moon candies and numerous magazines and books. I guess normal for me is not flaunting my Twi-love to the world at large-I keep it between LTR/LTT, my husband and myself. Although I did come out to my mother, after making her watch Twilight (she loved it).

    • I love you! I’m the same way. I listen to Twilight Rifftrax and LMAO! But I still like the movie. I cringe at some of the dialogue in the books, but I still read and love them. Rob is Rob. He’s not still a virgin waiting to meet his perfect Bella. I own no Twi-clothing, and I don’t even own a Pocket Edward. (Hmmm, maybe I’m not really a fan) 🙂

      • I love the Twilight Sweethearts. I love the little sayings. Bite me, I heart EC. LOL.

        Thats just good times.

        I don’t own any Twi clothing, altho I want to wear some to New Moon just to embarrass my 30 something cohorts that are going with me. I love the Rifftrax.

        It’s fun to love it, and we know our love is the real deal, cuz how else can you justify analyzing to the point of ripping it apart? Non-normals just watched it, made a so-so opinion and moved on. No, not us!!

        Just the way I like it, too. I tell people I am a fan, and then I giggle. Who cares!

        • I stand alone in my household for my twi-love. My hubby and two boys (11 and 7) don’t love twilight, but we ALL love the rifftrax! We were big fans of MST3K years ago (my personal fav is the one with the Canada song; no offense to my new friends up north), so I put up with a lot of kidding. The only things I have of Twilight are the Score, the Soundtrack the movie and LTT/LTR. Although, every time my kids see the Twi posters at WalMart they laugh and say “maybe Santa will bring you one this year”. 🙂

          PS Vodka may be the nectar of the Gods, but Jack Daniels is my personal redneck friend!

    • Anyone who hates on Pocket Eddie clearly doesn’t get his comic genius. Another PE video inspired by UC and Moon….

    • Thanks for articulating what I’ve been thinking and trying to say. Still haven’t shared the movie with my mom, but she owes me for my birthday, so maybe she’ll watch.

  13. I’m the first to admit Twilight ain’t gonna win the Pulitzer or an Oscar, but I still lurve it and watching all the crazy that goes along with it.

    Come tell us how embarassed you are of your Twilove on the TwiMilf forum!

  14. This made me laugh ridiculously hard. I love the Google things. “Kristen Stewart is…” had some pretty awesome suggestions.

    I always always always get 2nd hand embarrassed by crazy Twi fans. As it is, my own “obsession” results in a ton of self-loathing. These sites make it better because I get to laugh at it. But I’ve sort of made it my personal mission to prove to the world that NOT ALL TWI FANS ARE CRAZY. Some of us are actually intelligent and – aside from this absurd series – have really good taste in all things pop culture.

    I love you for all of this. Big time. I nearly cried from the laughter.

  15. Wait, being above the age of 15 and making Team Edward posters and wearing merchandise isn’t normal?! Seriously, what is it about this fandom that makes people not think clearly? Don’t these people know that following Rob and the cast’s every move, reading and dissecting all Twi news and events every day/every hour, having a Twilight-themed desktop, etc. is cuckoo bananas? Unless of course, you do it in the privacy of your own home and under wraps…then of course, it’s normal.

  16. UC,
    We are both totally normal. Like how yesterday, you pointed to your friend’s husband’s sunglasses and I immediately recognized said sunglasses and commented as to how your friend could be a certain fictional vampire for Halloween, cause he had half the costume. Yup, Normal.

    Also Normal how I’m reading Eclipse for the 3rd time and I’m still just as sucked in and kept waking up last night thinking about it cause I stopped reading right before the proposal (with the ring) and knew the tent scene was just a chapter or two away… Totally normal.


    • Um totally.

      I drive down the street and see something that says “Carlisle’s curtains” and almost pass out.

      There are Twilight references everywhere…

      Eclipse is a great book!
      It’s totally normal.

  17. O.K. I went to the link, Twilight Guide Spot. Very stupid funny!!

    The picture with Wesley Snipes in the background, made me scream with laughter. I’ve seen the Buffy/Edward video before, and loved it. Huge Buffy/Angel fan!

    The bedroom picture with a “shadow figure” applied to the wall that is suppose to be Edward, with the caption “Be Safe” . Truely. Creepy. Is that a hotel room somewhere or in someone’s actual home?

    Who ever this person is, who created this website, gave him/herself away, when he/she said that she read all four books and saw the movie. Most people who don’t get or like Twilight, don’t usually get past the first book or to Chapter 13.

    I think that he/she is trying to be LTT/LTR, which there is no comparsion…

    Love to UC and Moon

  18. OK, I went and checked out the site. It was pretty funny, the stuff he found, though I didn’t find his comments all that hilarious….Harrumph!

    I have been SPOILED by the AWESOMENESS and HILARITY that is LTR/LTT, therefore anyone who tries to make fun of it and be funny just PALES in comparison!! THAT’S RIGHT! No one can come close to out-funnying you all.

    Guess I’m feeling all yelly this AM. Excuse me.


    • “I have been SPOILED by the AWESOMENESS and HILARITY that is LTR/LTT, therefore anyone who tries to make fun of it and be funny just PALES in comparison!! THAT’S RIGHT! No one can come close to out-funnying you all.”


  19. That is the worst….uh…vampir–uh…no…Halloween makeup I’ve ever seen before in my life! LOL!

  20. The shit from that site HIALRIOUS! Thanks for finding the good stuff.

    PS I’m glad I’m “NORMAL” with you. 🙂

  21. Buying advance tickets to a movie that comes out two months from now… that’s normal too, right?

  22. Earlier I was 2nd hand embarrassed for a guy walking down the street towards me in a grey wool coat, dark jeans, black Nike trainers, Ray Bans and messy hair. I kid you not. How could I NOT instantly think of one fictional vampire? Did this man know he was channeling Edward’s EXACT look (circa Twilight of course, he’ll be much more ‘Grandpa chic’ in New Moon)? What’s worse, if he did it by accident or if he did it on purpose? He wasn’t even that young, he must have been mid twenties like me, it was like he escaped from a Twilight themed fancy dress party.

    Shame he didn’t have a face/body (questionable) as nice as Rob’s!!

  23. Thank you! I never did get the coats thing either! I think they were just effing with us, wanting to see if we noticed that they did a photoshoot with coats.

    Also, LOL’d at the “twilight fans are retarded” google search.

    I am also proud to be a normal fan…a fan that quotes twi/rob/cast interviews at inopportune moments. :/

  24. We’re all crazy.

    I mean, whenever someone makes fun of Twilight in my presence, I always come back at them with “DO YOU LIKE STAR WARS? OH, YOU’RE A STAR TREK FAN? NO better buddy! We’re all nerds.”

    Anyone who’s passionate about a certain subject is considered a nerd. Period.

    We just happen to like fictional sparkly vampires and bad acting. What?


  25. You can find Carlisle and Esme fanfic? I can’t anywhere! And I’m not outing myself either.

  26. OK JUST NOW…
    I’m at work.

    (reading this..ssshhh)

    and my text alert goes off:
    (I have Jacob’s quote from New Moon as my ringtone)

    My coworkers think it’s totally “normal” for me to have that now…totally used to coming over and seeing my 6′ cardboard Edward standing at my bedside, and totally used to me having Bella’s Lulaby as my ringtone. They’re also used to my New Moon desktop wallpaper.

    If you get people USED to thinking that liking Twilight is normal, we can convert more people. 🙂 hahaha.

    Normal, right?


  27. You know, if it wasn’t lame then we wouldn’t have to be all furtive about it.

    Just imagine Twilight as some high brow literature/Oscar worthy film, we could be all superior about it

    “Yah so Edward coruscating in the meadow was exquisitely written and one could almost hear the tremulous timbre in Bella’s voice as she descried his true nature”

    But where’s the fun in that? Give me lame everyday.

    And you know what, when the simple phrase “hitched my leg over his” causes such excitement and anticipation how can it be that lame?

    Cathy Cougar has a lot of lameness responsibility to shoulder – spider monkey, likin’ the rain, aliiiiiiiiiive, any cold….wet…..thing”

    • Why does Edward laugh at the ‘Any cold…wet… thing’ line (apart from that it’s a bit lame)? It’s always been a mystery to me why he spontaniously laughs in that scene!

      • I know! I figured it was because of the “cold” thing.

        In reality I think Rob was probably having a little snigger at the “wet” part 🙂

  28. Oh UC , once again you had me at “Dear people who don’t live in a Twilight bubble (aka normal people, most people in the universe & people I should spend more time with),”

  29. UC & Moon – you girls are both married, right? I know your signifcant others obviously have to know you’re into Twilight but do they know about LTT/LTR? Have they ever read it or do they read it daily??

    My bf knows I’m way into Twilight but he doesn’t want to know any details – probably how I don’t want to know about Call of Duty.

    • Look, here’s the thing for me….

      Mr LPB knows I’ve read the books and knows that RP is my boyfriend on the side, Anything that ‘spices it up’ after 15+ years is OKAY in his eyes….

      He watched the movie, ’cause I bought the DVD and frankly he was curious, and he liked it alright, but had a lot of questions, about the backstory b/c he is a reader-type, and he loved Buffy, so, ya know…..

      My point, and I do have one, is…whatever works!!!

      However, he is totally over his curiosity, it held his interest about a month…you know, golf, work, other things took over his thought process…whatEVER.

  30. Is it weird that part of the reason I love being a twilight fan is because I get kicks out of reading what non-twilight fans say about us? I suppose sometimes their points are valid but it makes me laugh.

    Also I have yet to encounter someone who has nothing to say when I mention Twilight. Whether good or bad people have opinions on it (except the one girl I met recently who didn’t know who Taylor was and never watched Twilight.)

  31. Jenifer Love Hewitt just declared her love for all things Twilight on Ellen…”if you gotta go isn’t that the way to go…a hot guy sucking on your neck?” With a huge pic of the Robster on the screen!!!

  32. Ok she is just as obsessed as we are here..and we should send her a personal invite to join LTT as she also admitted her dream is to “just carry Rob Pattison’s luggage in an airport or get him a sandwich”….ok…so we ARE normal!! YEAH!

  33. The other day when I was driving home through my small town, I saw a girl who looked to be about 17 walking down the street with a Team Jacob t-shirt on. Her boyfriend was wearing a shirt with a wolf picture on it.

    I had to control my urge to pull over and challenge them to a Team Edward/Team Jacob duel.

    That’s normal, right?

  34. Just saw the full soundtrack for New Moon…I don’t know any of these artists or songs…I am old … 😦

    1. Death Cab For Cutie – Meet Me On The Equinox

    2. Band Of Skulls – Friends

    3. Thom Yorke- Hearing Damage

    4. Lykke Li – Possibility

    5. The Killers – A White Demon Love Song

    6. Anya Marina – Satellite Heart

    7. Muse – I Belong To You (New Moon Remix)

    8. Bon Iver and St. Vincent – Rosyln

    9. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Done All Wrong

    10. Hurricane Bells – Monsters

    11. Sea Wolf – The Violet Hour

    12. Ok Go- Shooting The Moon

    13. Grizzly Bear – Slow Life

    14. Editors – No Sound But The Wind

    15. Alexandre Desplat – New Moon (The Meadow)

    Anyone know any of these.???

    • well I haven’t heard of most of them…and I’m a teen so I don’t think it has much to do with age. But the one’s I’ve heard of are pretty good.

    • Sin, it is so funny to me that you mentioned this. I have no idea who these people are, altho I do like some of the songs.

      I saw this list the other day and the first thing I wondered was : which one is the title of the song, and which one is the band…?

      So I am old and lame. Oh well

      • It took me a while to figure out the same thing…which is the name, which is the song…then I decided it didn’t matter…its part of NM and that’s all I care about…

    • i am 22 and i have heard two they are death cab for cutie and muse which personally i am not a bag fan of.

    • I like Black Rebel Motorcycle Clue and the Killers…big fan of Death Cab, have all their stuff. Just recently heard Muse and Bon Iver, just thru the Twi world. Everybody else is new to me though.

    • Nah, it’s not you. I only know three of them myself and that’s only because I listen to college radio in the car (when I’m not listening to Bobby Long…)

    • check out “little bit (in love with you)” by lykke li
      super cute slightly suggestive song

  35. Oh well people may think its all crazy but hey they’re just missing out right? And also I love Twilight but I am proud to say I don’t own a single piece of clothing or item with it on it. Sometimes I think you need to draw the line and not be obsessive insane crazy but reading a blog or whatever that really isn’t that bad. And you know owning one shirt isn’t that bad either its when you can count at least 15 you’ve gone overboard.

  36. Just watched the action figure video and is laughing my ass of 😀 You made me wake up from my constant jet lag and I guess I know what to do the next time it strikes…

  37. You know you are a Twilight nerd when you watch all of “True Blood” Season One and realize that Stephanie Meyer was just a Sookie Stackhouse fan and all of Twilight is TB fan fiction. Seriously, guys…the parallels are unf’ing believable. A mind reading waitress that falls for the one vampire whose mind she can’t read. A best guy friend who is in love with her and is a shapeshifter, who’s fave shape is a dog????? Who also makes a move on her when Bill has to leave her to deal with the vampire tribunal? Can two vampire stories *be* more alike?

    Despite all of it, I still lovins me some Edward best, Bill sleeps in the dirt, ugh.

    • *gasps*
      *holds head in shame*

      Really? I have never watched True Blood. I am shocked at the similarities if what you speak is true!

      How could you, Steph?

      Is this for real?

      • I seriously hope that Season two changes my mind, but yes, there are a lot of similarities. But TB has more supporting characters, the vamps are scarier, and there’s no one NOT having sex on that show!

        • I realize this might make me seem like a hater, I’m so not! I love Twilight and Steph Meyer…you certainly don’t see me hanging out on TB websites. SM definitely added something that has gotten all of us addicted to her characters and her story, so forgive me if I offend anyone.

          • Totally not offended, but I am wondering, if season one was just out recently, does this mean Steph beat them to the punch? Didnt she write Twilight in 2005 or something?

          • True Blood is based on a series of novels, which according to Wikipedia (and the internet never lies, right?), were published starting in 2001.

  38. Confession: I own 2 tee shirts
    I own “Blanket Edward”
    I have played my Twilight movie every day since it came out on DVD (except for one once)
    I wish I had a pocket Edward
    I want to borrow the outfit UC put together, including the purse..
    I would love to sneak onto the set of Eclipse and pretend I was really cool and not a crazed fan.

    Truth: I am braindamaged!
    I never go outside of the house and so I wear my tee shirts proudly!
    I am old!
    I do know the diff btw Ed/Rob! One I can love and one I cannot!
    I am a true and proud Twilight Fan!
    I love LTT/LTR and all that it stands for!

    • Hey Sin,

      Loud and proud is the only way to go… b/c at our ‘advanced age’ what do we have to lose? You all have inspired me to go ahead and get something… anything that will demonstrate my love of twilight to the world… or maybe just to my co-workers… or possibly just to the people who can see into my bedroom window… But HEY! Loud and Proud, right?

      PS, Put in a request to follow you on Twitter last week, but didn’t get a response. Would it be ok for me to try again?

      • “Loud & Proud”…our new Twi logo for the “older crowd”.. I stand tall as I work on my own Tee shirt …”Never too old to be bitten” with a pic of the Robster…slightly aged to perfection! I know that’s normal…one of a kind tee for a one of a kind me…lol..

        I did not know that was you requesting to follow me..that is why I didn’t respond…I will approve now that I know…but I warn you…I am pretty boring!

    • Sin,
      I too wish I had a pocket Edward. You are NOT alone!!!!

      I would make sure if I were you to wear those tee shirts especially on days that UPS or Schwann’s or anyone like that may stop by. You know, conversation starter. That’s what I do!


      • LOL…I wear them all the time..but I don’t ever really talk to anyone or go to the door….the hubs handles that…he works at home now since my accident…don’t want to start rumors that I am drunk & TwiCrazy…but my kids tease the heck out of me…lovingly tho…who do you think bought the stuff in the first place…they did!! It started out as kind of a “reward” each time I reached a goal with the whole learning to re-read thing…gotta remember to drop a hint that I would love a pocket Edward…is there really such a thing???

  39. Don’t own any merchandise (but pocket Edward has a nice ring to it!).
    I do have some Twilight/New Moon pics on my phone and my equally “crazed” coworker and I have some pics from magazines on a little nook in our office. Today, we sent an e-mail out to some friends about going to see New Moon in November. (Informed them that if they hadn’t seen or read Twilight, they needed to do so because we will not tolerate any questions during the movie!). All that doesn’t make me crazy, or does it???
    I personally don’t care what other people think about what I like or don’t like…….even if my 18 y/o son asks me several times a week: “How old are you Mom?”

  40. Yay! They released the songs and artists on the New Moon soundtrack!

  41. Wow I’m surprised at that website! I guess the owner’s intent is to make us all look stupid. Yeah I maybe acting stupid, I feel like not normal sometimes but so what? Is it so bad to be in love with a person who you really don’t know? Is it so bad to be so invested in a book series that somewhat helped you with life’s struggles? I don’t think so….there are worse things….I could think of some. Like maybe getting a mullet (Ok I’m kidding)!

    Anyway, while I’m not shouting my obsession off rooftops I’m also not covering it up. If I see someone who is obviously interested in it, I talk to them. Sure I don’t go around wearing a pair of Pattinson pants or an shirt with a huge face of Edward on it but I’m still a fan and someday I may just have the nerve to do those things. I mean c’mon I see girls wearing Hannah Montana shirts, there’s not really much of a difference is it? 🙂

    BTW I love the banana book cover. LMAO

  42. Forgive me for my typos, I’m not feeling well today!

    • I heart you Southernbelle! I am totally in agreement w/you…I am proof positive that a somewhat lame/silly/fantastic/unbelievable/intoxicating/addicting book/movie can be more than entertainment. My love of twilight runs deep for reasons you all are aware of so I have no problem be loud and proud. I owe so much to this whole phenomenon that is Twilight that I don’t really care what people think of me for loving it…it was my lifeline for a whole year and it continues to inspire and remind me to never give up…
      Sorry your under the weather…same here…maybe we ‘caught the fever” here at LTT…(pun intentional)

  43. Hi everybody,

    I don’t normally post comments here, but this post was so funny I had to. “edward cullen is so beautiful I creamed myself” has got to be the one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Thanks for posting this!

    Oh, and I’ve been a weirdo fan of one thing or another my whole life, so I totally get the need for normalcy. We ARE normal, dammit! Thanks again.

  44. I dont get it .. the normal fans and the crazy fans ??
    Okaii i understand if u hate it or love it . but WOW!.. Theres llike freak’n teams watched the whole thing on Tyra banks show .. Edward and Jacob weren’t there were more like .. wth . Freaks ..

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