Would we like Twilight if it weren’t for Edward?

ednmmDear Team Edward,

Close your eyes and think about your love for the Twilight series books. And now let your heart go ‘pitter-patter’ as you think of and feel your connection with Edward Cullen. Now, with your eyes still closed, shift your focus to the sub-par movie version of the beloved book series we’ve been focusing our energy on. What are you feeling? Super annoyed that after your most recent viewing of the movie you thought, “Wow… it’s really 2nd-hand embarrassing that my teenage sister and her friends just walked away from this movie and I’m still sitting here.”

I love Twilight. Plus having Rob as the hottest freaking vampire ever doesn’t hurt. But there are those of you (and some are crazy, sure) who thought it was a brilliant movie (That’s Not Normal), and then some of you LOVE the movie, but not because it was brilliant and not necesarily because of Rob. WHY!?

Before we jump into this today’s Twilosophy, let me define my love for Twilight: I love the story; I love the world Stephenie built; I love the familiarity of the movie and the way it made me feel when I saw the amazing book brought to life on the big screen the first time. Even though, during my first viewing, I had this nagging feeling of “that movie wasn’t that well-done,” I still loved it because I remembered what losing my Twi-virginity was like. So when I say “I/you/we love the movie,” that’s what I ednmm3mean. I don’t mean I love it like I love “Whatever works,” my ‘best movie of 2009’ pick so far or like “500 Days of Summer,” or my love for “Waitress” or “Junebug.” No, no, no. I mean I love Twilight because it’s given me an amazing friendship with Moon- and with many of you- plus given me an opportunity to laugh, A LOT, and meet people in this amazing community we all built together.

So getting back to you closing your eyes feeling that love for Edward yet conflicted by the sub-par movie Edward starred in, I have to ask: Would we like Twilight the movie if it weren’t for Edward? And by “Edward,” I mean, Rob, playing our beloved Edward. Yes, we love the books & we love the story- so maybe we’d give it a second watch. But would we love the movie so much that we become interested with people baedcalnmmrely involved with the movie, (the 100 monkeys, Bobby Long or Sam Bradley) or would we just push it off as a teenage movie that’s supposed to be bad? How much did Rob’s hottness and Rob’s portrayal of Edward have to do with the success? Do we make excuses for Twilight because of our attraction to Rob?

I posed this question to a group of LTT readers and loved their responses. Join the convo after the jump!

Would you love Twilight even without Rob as Edward?

JBell: YES I WOULD LOVE IT! Robward = beautiful? Says who?? I went back to the theater 5 times just to catch a glimpse of Buttcrack Santa. “…didn’t know how to make a kitty meowwwww…” That’s my ringtone, text tone and email tone. I just CANNOT get enough. And Kristen with the blinking and the stuttering!? PSH! Fahgetaboutit! HAWT. Robwho?

ednmm2Too_Far_Gone: I think Twilight was a great movie. Except Kristen Stewart’s performance – she was no match for my Robbie- my favourite actor in the film, Robert Pattinson. I think he did a fine job and is just an overall lovely bloke.

EastFriend: Twilight was a bare display shelf. It was bare. Lonely. Boring. Uninteresting. Rob was the Sprinkles cupcake sitting in that shelf. And all was right with the world. The end.

Janetrigs: If Robward wasn’t as hot, I think we would all still find the actor endearing unless he was a total asshole, because he is portraying a beloved character. Twilight the movie sucks the balls of a f**king goat, because it’s based on a book that had some of the worst published writing I’ve ever read. Not to mention adding strange twists that involve googling about legends, then buying a book on legends and then re-googling about said legends. Effing Retarded. Also there are entirely too many scenes (by that I mean 2 different scenes), which involved mindless games of catch. Catty Hardwicke is mindless, so it makes sense. I wish someone could have taken the awesome idea for the story Stephanie Meyer wrote, but wrote it better, then created a shortened version of the movie. But bad writing is bad writing.

nmmedHeyyy brother: Let’s be honest: I would straight up despise the movie if I hadn’t read the books first. Even being the fangirl of Twilight that I can be, and lusting after Rob like a dog in heat, I prefer to watch the movie with a solid three glasses of wine in my system. More if possible. Rob was the only saving grace initially. At first I hated Cougar & Co (Hardwicke and Rosenburg) for butchering it all so terribly, but the repeated inebriated viewings have taught me to love such atrocities as Buttcrack Santa, the spider monkey line, and Mike Newton’s delusion that he’s not a white bread boy from what must arguably be one of the least diverse regions of the country. If I’m being honest, Rob is probably what kept me coming back for more viewings. He’s the reason I kept giving it another chance. I can’t picture another Edward, but that could be because I read the books after he was cast, so I never had anyone but Rob in my head. But hey, you don’t see me complaining…

So… do I love the movie? Heck yes. But do I love it the way that one might love a QUALITY movie like, say, The Princess Bride? No. I love it because I get to drool over Robward for 122 minutes. I love it because there is no better movie to simultaneously laugh and squee over with some girlfriends and a bottle (or three) of wine. I love it because it’s terrible and I have no shame.

Moon: The movie sucked, so of course Rob as the Edward-eye candy totally helped make it better, but in the end he’s just the actor who played Edward from the story we all love. Edward could have been anyone: Kellan, Jackson, whoeverit and I’d still like it cause it’s Twilight. The movie was a POS but ultimately, I love it because of the story. We love the saga and the movie is just one person’s artistic interpretation of that story. At the end of the day people fell in love with the story first and not Rob.

I’m sure Rob brought in a few looky-loo’s, but if the story was terrible to begin with, no one would be as obsessed as we all are now. For the story to ultimately overcome a lackluster film version and to pull in fans who had never even read the saga before seeing the movie, it points to how powerful Stephenie Meyer’s novels really are. Amen

ednmmcalSo where am I? I’m torn between HeyyyBrother and Moon. Before I wrote this post I thought I was going to admit that I really only like the movie because Rob plays Edward and Edward is the manvamp I would like to fall in love with me, do stuff like leg hitches, snuggle in my room at night and ultimately take me to Isle Esme & bite me. In a special place ifyouknowwhati’msaying. But Moon is right. If someone else played Edward, as long as he was great looking & did a great job, we’d probably have a “letterstotheotherguy” blog. So I do love Twilight, the sub-par movie, a TON because of Rob playing Edward, but I mostly love it because Rob plays Edward who was created in a book series that through bad writing, good writing, repetitive words and words no teenager says, you have to admit has captivated tens of millions people of all ages around the world and as a result, made a movie, that might otherwise be cast aside as a “badly done teenage romance,” really successful

Class dismissed,

What are YOUR thoughts!? Where do you stand? And I wanna hear from people who AREN’T crazy Rob fans but still love the movie. I know you’re out there! Explicame! Why do YOU love Twilight!?

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  1. I won’t lie. I ONLY saw Twilight because Rob was in it. Cedric Diggory is a WILF. I was down to watch him some more. I hadn’t read the books and, prior to seeing the movie, had no desire whatsoever to read the books. My brother’s best friend (unicorn y’all!) had been trying to get me to read them for months. I was like no silly boy! I love Harry Potter!

    After watching the movie I was hooked. I read the whole series in a weekend and proceeded to read it again immediately to see what I missed the first time around. I don’t think the movie is super great. It’s actually kinda lame. But it works. And Rob is hot. And New Moon looks infinitely better. And I’m done now.


  2. For me, at the end of the day, Twilight isn’t one of those films I would be analysing with a fine tooth comb. I watch it because I love the escapism and getting caught up in the romatic fantasy, that in itself is me, for 122 minutes, suspending all reality. By doing that, I can also suspend and ignore any problems with the film, the questionable acting and special effects don’t both me for a second, because it’s the story that has me coming back for more. I literally don’t care, because it’s part of the film and I’m happy to pretend all is well with the world when it’s on. I’m sure if it was someone else playing Edward (Shiloh Fernandez was up for the role and I already love him a hella lot!) I’d still watch it just as much.

    Having said that, my unhealthy obsession with Rob has more to do with him in reality than it does with him as Edward, so I doubt I’d be as obsessed with the actor who played Edward (perhaps unless it was Shiloh!).

  3. I loved the movie because some movies are SO badly made they become funny, and Twilight is one of them. But mostly, like everyone else, I love that Edward’s in it, regardless of who would have played him. Ok, maybe not regardless of who would have played him, but depending on what he looks like.
    *cricket chirps*
    And depending on how old he was.
    *more cricket chirps*
    And depending on lots of other things.
    *tumbleweed rolls by*

    If you’re wondering where that ramble came from: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HNQJwfchVg&feature=related

  4. Quite honestly I’m not sure…the books were so captivating and the movie was kind of crappy *ducks head* but Rob actually made that movie work! 😀

  5. After reading the books I watched the movie and thought it sucked. I always liked the cast though, mainly Rob obv. So I warned my friend Bella before she watched it, that although it is crappy and they cut the most precious *cough* dialogues, it is actually enjoyable, because of the cast…and the baseball scene. However, I found my self watching that movie 3 times that week. Was it Rob? Probably. But I also enjoyed hearing the lame lines time and time again, just because they were lame, yet catchy, and I am lame like that.

    • *shakes head* Alice… bella is just a character in a book and a movie. so even though i get that because the book is written and the movie is told from the first person, it might SEEM like you know her in real life, that she could be your best friend in real life, but she’s not… welll… real. *shakes head* try and remember that, ‘mkay?

      haha… sorry i couldn’t resist when you said Bella. hearts and hugs!

  6. Honestly, the movie didn’t really make sense if you haven’t read the book beforehand.. I didn’t really like Rob in it either. They could have made him look so much hotter. It took a while until I fell for him. Kristen was a very convincing Bella for me. Right from the beginning. I can definitely see why the Cougar cast her. I totally and absolutely loved the books despite bad writing and everything.

    And then… I saw the very first episode of Roswell last night. Never seen the show before. Pretty much exactly the same story, I had the feeling it even had the same lines, just with aliens instead of vampires. Weird, I’m telling you. Do we know if Stephenie has seen that show? At least the very first episode bc I swear that is twilight right there and then.

  7. i think i come from a different place on this. I had heard the hype about the books but actually saw the film first… and loved it! LOL that said with each further viewing I see more and more bad continuity issues that used to grate… but now they are kind of endearing.

    I have now read the books so many times and love them. I think Rob plays an excellent version of Edward and I love Kristen’s lip biting, eye fluttering version of Bella. I was really shocked to see so many people were against Rob portraying Edward… they sure are eating their words now though :oP

    Having read the books some of the silly quotes from the movie make more sense. The screenwriter seemed to make the assumption that everyone who saw the film already knew the books.

    I heard a rumour that there is a campaign to get CH to direct BD… EEEEK no way… the film gets away with it’s glaring mistakes and crappy special effects because it was a smallish budget indie movie…. now the money is in the bag… we expect more… alot more from the next installments!

    • we should do a campaign to make sure she is NOT the director.. hmmmm thinking on that…!

      • as soon as people see New Moon that campaign will be thrown into the ravenous fire built by the twihards to pay homage to the greatness of Chris Weitz. FACT.

    • Kinda the same with me… Had hear of the movie, didn’t know there were books to go with it, so when my friend literally begged me to watch the movie, I did it for her. I did love the movie, I think mostly because I was shocked at how Edward looked at Bella and desired that for myself. When Barb told me later there were books, that’s when I became an addict. I was so caught up in the story I ached. It may not be Pullitzer prize kinda literature, but Stephanie’s story slammed me with a longing for romance I hadn’t felt in years.

      As for the movie, I now have copy of my very own, and still like it, just in a different way.

      As a side note: the rifftrax you posted last week was HI-LARIOUS

    • I watched the film in March with my husband – before I heard there were books… We thought it was a comedy! We soon realised it was a re-enactment of Romeo & Juliet but it still came through as a comedy. We cracked up every five minutes…

      I bought the books a couple of months later and browsed through them. Bloody pimped Mills&Boon for teens. But some phrases entered my brain and festered there until I watched Twilight again – and got hooked. Now I can’t wait for New Moon.

      What I love most? Charlie Swan and Buttcrack Santa. Plus now that I finally got around to buying the DVD I watched the film again with commentary and found even more things to laugh at.

  8. Umm I was a TwiVirgin before I saw the film.
    And I only saw it cos Rob was in it.
    Cos, y’know, he’s kinda a’ight lookin’ and stuff.
    (Okay, wow! A lotta letters skipped and apostrophised – I think I totally just made that word up – in the sentence!)
    I do love the movie but there were definitely parts (okay, a lot of parts) that were kinda bad . . .
    Lets hope Chris Weitz answers our prayers.


  9. The day after I saw the movie for the first time I went on and on and on to my friend about how awful it was, how badly cast it was, and how they had just RUINED Cedric Diggory. Then I paused and said ‘I”m going to see it again tonight. Want to come?’ I have no idea what drew me back to it, I truly don’t. It wasn’t even until after I’d owned the DVD for a month or so that I became Robsessed. So, did I like it because of Rob? Nope. Did I like it because of Edward? Not really.. I think Edward can be a big jerkface at times. Can I explain my addiction? No, not really, but I can’t explain why people become crackheads, either.

    • ‘but I can’t explain why people become crackheads, either’


      This is what I equate Twilight and Rob to: being a crackhead. I can’t explain it any other way. I don’t know what draws me to a cheesy movie with cheesy dialogue that stars a guy who may or may not bathe frequenly (who is still fuckhawt). But I’m hooked and I keep going back for my fix just like a junkie.

  10. I’m a Twilight retard. Only saw it last March. Totally ignored the hoopla that surrounds it. The movie didn’t help either, it really sucked big time. But I still gave the saga a chance (my flatmate wouldn’t stop talking about it and practically shoved the books in my mouth). The saga had a nostalgic feel, I dare say, since it’s been eons since I read any romantic novels. Brought me straight back to my teens and fell gaga over it for some odd familiar reason.

    Like PinkDolphin, I gave Twilight a shot because of Rob. Because of my prior jailbait crush on him as Cedric Diggory. My friends never believed me that that boy will make it big someday. I just feel bad now that everyone wants a piece of him, like he’s being dissected alive…

    So the point of my rant is, it’s easier to love something than to like it. Think about it. Like loving a person but not actually liking what he does all the time. I didn’t like Twilight the movie, but what brought about the whole thing is the labor of love behind it – from Stephenie Meyer’s dream, to the whole production and even the actor’s take on their characters. All behind the scenes and interviews made me appreciate the movie even more. And New Moon looks promising. *crossing fingers*

  11. I saw the movie before reading the book. I fell in love with the story, not just the lovestory, but also the story about a small town (Forks is actually bigger than the town i live in), the twilight universe, the soundtrack, the characters – all of them.

    I didn’t fall in love whith Rob, but he portrayed Edward interesting enough for me to want to find out more..

    So i bought the first 3 books in english, not “my” language, so i was prepared for the extra time it would take me to read the books – it didn’t take much longer – because i just couldn’t stop!!

    I liked twilight-the-book much more than the movie (and fell absolutely in love with Jacob Black in New Moon ❤ (sigh))

    So i liked the movie enough to want to read the books – and i loved the actors (not having read the books when i saw the movie i loved them ALL – time has changes that a bit..)

    If it hadn't been for that day i was looking for "som silly movie to watch" – i wouldn't have known anything about the twilight universe (gasp!) – i have "that silly movie" to thank for all of this!!

    That's why i love the Twilight movie:-)

  12. i’ve only seen the movie three times because honestly i can hardly bear it. The first time i was sort of in denial but had a sinking feeling of how truly bad it was…i watched it again with my friends recently and couldn’t get through 30 seconds without breaking out RIfftrax MST style on every single thing they said or did – all i kept thinking was “that face…that face will get me through it” and it did…

    for me Rob is really the reason it works…and i was late to the books (that came after the movie for me) and Rob is the reason i got through those as well because let’s face it…the books aren’t winning the pulitzer… proof=Renesmee

    the idea was great though! thank you Stephenie for the idea that lead us to really good writing (fanfic) and most importantly to Robward!

  13. I agree with Moon. I love Twilight b/c of the story. Edward could have been played by anyone and people would write letters to him instead. (That being said, I’m so glad Rob was cast cause he’s hawt! And he seems to be like a fine wine and gets better with age.)

    I don’t know why I went back 3 times to the theater – – I have a hard time sitting and watching my DVD now – – but there must have been *something*. My total Twi-virgin friend who I took with me to the movie enjoyed it. And I seem to remember she liked it for the story. She appreciated Rob’s hottness but wasn’t drooling. So maybe that’s what the *something* is. Just the story being on screen. …Unless it’s Billy Burke. Cause he totally rocked it. 🙂

    • Ditto.

      Billy Burke was definitely the highlight for me as well! Never thought I’d drool over a copstache… but then, Twilight makes me do strange things.

  14. I have to be honest and say I can only watch the film alone…….whenever I’ve watched it with anyone else {once as I can’t bring myself to repeat} I’m highly uncomfortable and embarassed……
    It’s a bit like my personal porn and I can’t even let hubby share this one as he’d laugh and soooo not get it that it wouldn’t lead to anything worth sharing, {you know he’d not wear that peacoat or climb any trees} hahahaha…..
    Sorry I’ve gone off the question so…..I love the saga ’cause of Edward but for me Rob is not Edward…
    I fell madly in lust for Rob due 98% to his interviews and the other 2% to Edward, so I thank Cougar Cathy for casting Rob {and bringing him to my attention} but I wouldn’t have minded who ever played Edward, I’d still loved the books and been disappointed in the film……and not have this life changing obsession with a boy I can never and should never have…sigh…good job I love my fantasy life,,,,,

    • Hey… Never say never. It could happen for us just like it did in “Notting Hill” Do I seem delusional? Hey, Its Normal!

      • I ❤ Notting Hill sooooo much I was watching it last night……." just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her"….sigh….

    • My hubby call it “girl porn”. He usually gets lucky after I watch…which isn’t often, so he lets me watch whenver he wants! LOL!

      I enjoyed the movie much more after I allowed myself to fill in all the gaps with book info. First time I watched it I wasn’t impressed, and actually thought that it left out so many things, it was confusing. But, now that I’m at me 10th viewing or so, it all makes sense. Rob keeps me coming back. Perhaps I need to start drinking wine to truly enjoy it.

    • I’m whining now ….but why did I get a thumbs now?
      I’ve no problem with anyone not agreeing with me over anything, but I can’t see what I said here that caused a thumbs down as it was all about my experience of Twilight. Please elucidate…..

      • It had to be a mistake RT…you didn’t say anything worth a thumbs down…(maybe it was that Bobbygee person just striking out at anyone for all the thumbs down on his/her comments….don’t take it personally….you know how everyone feels about you here!!! Plus it could have just been an accident…yah know..hit the wrong thumb…. ❤

        BTW…cool word "elucidate" what the hell does it mean tho..lol… (I used to know these things…LMAO….

        • Hi Cyn,
          elucidate just means explain, not like me to be posh but I’d been reading…….by the way I’ve searched for you on twitter using the name stareide and not found you have I miss spelled it?
          thanks for the friendly reply ❤ you….

          • LMAO…the funny thing…before the accident and in my previous life I used to be an English major…now I am lucky if I understand 2nd grade level….BTW you said you’d been reading..and I know my memory is like a minute long but NO WHERE in TWILIGHT was the word elucidate…and I did check my post-its..Just to be sure.. maybe NM, Eclipse,Breaking Dawn???? I mean WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU BE READING???

            My twitter name is Stareide…just the way you spelled it….JodieO found me…so I don’t know… heart you right back…

  15. So I was late to the Twi game, I didn’t see the movie until it came out on DVD. I’ve since watched it about 12 times… 11 of those with the commentary on… does that answer the question??

    Yes the movie is horrible and I make a point of telling everyone that when they look at me like I have two heads when I tell them I’m a Twi fan… I tell them they must read the books because it really is a fantastic story (even if it’s horribly written). I’m always shocked when I talk to people who never read the books but think the movie is amazing… I kind of stare blankly at them and usher them off to the nearest barnes and noble…

    As far as Rob goes, as much as I ♥ him and am 110% Robsessed, I honestly think that no matter who played Edward I would be head over heels. Hell just SMeyer’s mention of picturing Henry Cavil in the roll of Edward has me in love with him…

    • yeah, it’s the story, not the writing..imagine if they were a little better written (and without the “abstinence message”).

    • “I’m always shocked when I talk to people who never read the books but think the movie is amazing… I kind of stare blankly at them and usher them off to the nearest barnes and noble…”

      Haha. This reminds me of my sister-in-law. She really seems to like Twilight the movie, but whenever I try to encourage her to actually READ the series, she balks. Her excuse is that she would rather watch the movies first and not know what’s going to happen. I’ve told her numerous times that (while I do enjoy the movie) Twilight the book was WAAAAY better, and does a better job of explaining things that were left out of the movie.


      I was late to the Twi party as well. I bought Twilight after it had already come out in paperback, thinking that it sounded interesting on the surface. I had a feeling that I would probably enjoy the whole series, so I managed to receive the rest of the books for birthday and Christmas gifts. By the time I actually started reading, it was about 6 months later, for whatever reason (and now I ask myself, WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG!?! lol). I’m so glad that I had all 4 books when I started–I would have DIED to have had to wait for BD to be released! That was the beginning of my obsession. 🙂 When I was about halfway through Twilight, I realized that I had somehow completely forgotten there was a movie as well, so I watched that before I was even done with the book. I felt that it was a close representation of the book, but there were definitely some awkward moments to it. Lack of a decent budget didn’t help either. I really was not familiar at all with Robert Pattinson before Twilight, but I can say that I am now! I’m so excited for New Moon, and I have high hopes that Chris Weitz will BRING IT.

      Gotta say I’ve totally enjoyed reading everyone’s comments here. I’ve been “lurking” for awhile without posting anything, so this is my first time!

    • Ohh Henry Cavil, that’s a hot Edward. Unfortunately he was older to play Ed.

  16. Those pics still look like he’s a vampire. Cool. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  17. Ok. So I attempted to watch the movie back in December because my little bro is somewhat of a “pirate” and he had it.

    I was like “WTF? This chick just falls in love with a volvo driving, emo, sparkly vampire?” and I said the four fatal words for a movie “This lowers my intelligience”.

    I only got to the scene where he sparkles. So not cool. Seriously.

    Then, in July, my brother’s seventeen year old girlfriend began talking about Twilight (the books) constantly.

    She couldn’t believe I hadn’t read them bc I read everything!

    I told her there was “No way some glittery vamp was going to take my heart away from Harry.”

    So I borrowed the books from her and read all four of them in three days. Three days while I worked 9-5, took care of my four year old and attempted to act human.

    But I wasn’t human, the books had made me fall in love with a sparkling, freaking vampire.

    So the only reason I like the movie is because of Edward. Period.

  18. I saw the movie before I read the books, and wasn’t very impressed. I was intrigued by the premise and by Rob (though I had no idea it would develop into a full blown acute fondness) and so I read Twilight. Which also had me rolling my eyes at the not-so-great writing, but I was hooked, and read the rest of the books, and fell in love with Edward. All this happened about two months after the movie, so I was dying to see it again.
    After having read the books, my feelings about the movie changed-even though it comes off pretty camp in some (many) scenes, I love the movie because it brings the books to life. And Rob is a perfect Edward, in my opinion.

  19. For me…I don’t think it is Rob or really the ‘love’ story that was written. It was more of the humanity and protection of life from the other characters that make me love it.

    My favorite character is Seth…”out of the mouth of babes”…always comes to mind because he is just such an honest voice. No judgement but fierce protection of those he loves. (sort of the same with Emmett, my second favorite character)

    Maybe I didn’t read it right, but for me Edward really didn’t have anything to do with it which in turn means that Rob has nothing to do with it. (also because the Edward in my head looks NOTHING like the Edward on screen, but none of the characters really do)

  20. I cringed during atleast 90% of the movie the first time i watched it (now i just laugh) but my Aunty who hadnt read the book thought it was great.
    I don’t think the fact the movie was “indie” should be an excuse for why it was so horrible too. I blame the script – it didnt even capture the point of the book. Really Rob should get an Oscar for even being capable for delivering the line “hold on spider monkey” with straight face!

    I only semi like the movie because i love the books. I dont even think its Rob that makes me like the movies because honestly i find Rob as Rob way hotter than Rob as Edward- though this could possibly only be because Edward has way to much makeup on…

  21. I Netflixed the movie… Laughed at it.
    Saw Edward….was intrigued and 2nd-hand embarrassed for the actor’s many, many, so very many inexplicable facial expressions.
    Googled Rob… Fell. So. Damn. Hard. That I am still visiting blogs about him first thing in the morning months after falling so hard for his nether-bathe, say-anything, devastatingly charming Brittish ass (and hands, and hair, and tongue and…*snaps out of it*)

    With Rob fully stocked in my mind as Edward (and Bella replaced as anyone who is NOT Kstew) I bought and read all the books and the mega tease that is “Midnight Sun” in four days. I watched the movie again and suddendly I could see what it was suppose to be. Did Cougar Cathy get it right? Hell no! But watching it with the full story in my head I could continue and replace the dialogues that should have been. More importantly, the OTHER Cullens came to life. Suddendly, Jasper was not just a creepier version of carrot top and Rosalie was not just an acid-washed wanna-be Barbie– wait, yeah, she was still that. But the others were ok. To this day I watch this movie and still manage to find WTF continity issues. Like, have you noticed that when Bella and Edward are talking by the lake after the meadow scene during a conversation that is obviosly very brief the two manage to be dry, then drenching wet in the rain with different clothes then dry again with different hair. ( it’s when she asks “do you have to be dying to become like you?”). Why I only noticed that after watching it a million times is a testament to how much Cougar Cathy was able to get away with by just keeping Rob’s manscaped face on the screen. I mean, Wet Rob for no apparent reason trumps Dry Rob for film integrity sake.

    So, um yeah…. It’s about Wet Rob, Drunk Rob, Awkward Rob, Crooning Rob for me. I think I am too much of a feminist to carry a torch for Edward beyond the pages of the book.

    • “Like, have you noticed that when Bella and Edward are talking by the lake after the meadow scene during a conversation that is obviosly very brief the two manage to be dry, then drenching wet in the rain with different clothes then dry again with different hair. ( it’s when she asks “do you have to be dying to become like you?”).”

      It’s a compilation of several discussions – they are talking over several days/weeks/whatever… That was one of the scenes that completely cracked us up the first time! Edward’s expression while he gets drenched is priceless! So is the I-wonder-how-tasty-you’d-be comment! And his expressing when he comments on Alice’s ability to see the future!

      Ah, so many fine moments…

  22. I didn’t read the books until I saw Twilight. To be honest I actually said I would never want to see that movie! Then March 2009 came and my hubby rented it. So I was “forced” to watch it. Well when Edward walked in the cafeteria I felt I wasn’t being “forced” anymore. I was like WOW! So I was hooked after that. I bought all the books and read them all in one week, often staying up til 3 or 4 in the morning.

    I’m just glad I saw the movie because if not, I would have never read the Twilight saga. I can’t believe I’ve missed it after all these years. I’m a bookworm and I missed it! This was exactly what I needed at this point in my life. I don’t know if the movie would have drawn me if Rob wasn’t in it. I’m not for sure. But I’m sure glad he played Edward, I couldn’t imagine anyone else more perfect for this.

    Oh and yeah I also think the movie was not so great but who cares….Robert Pattinson’s in it. 🙂 He’s so wonderful.

  23. I totally make excuses for Twilight the movie because of my obsession with Rob and Edward! Yes, I know they are different people. HA!

    I saw the movie before reading the books and wasn’t too impressed. I typically like vampire stories and teen angst drama is one of my guilty tv pleasures – so I should have loved it! But the movie really didn’t do it for me. I had a friend who was already obsessed with the saga and her interest intrigued me. Once I read the books and got immersed in the Twilight world, my love of Edward colored my opinion of the movie. Despite the not great script, bad directing, sometimes not great acting, etc., my appreciation for who Edward is as a character makes the movie for me. But that’s a hard sell to make when someone sees the movie who has no knowledge of the books!

    No wonder they think we’re not normal.

  24. I read the books for the first time in February, after the movie was at the theater. I didn’t want to read them at all since I thought they were more teen oriented, but my niece read through them and told me that I HAD to read them. I read them all in 4 days and then read them 2x more to see if I had missed anything.
    Anyway, the movie had already come and gone at the theater and so I had to wait for the DVD. I got a pirated copy and proceeded to watch it 2 times in a row on a Saturday night (while my husband was groaning because I was actually going to watch a vampire movie!) because I thought it was going to just be the greatest thing since sliced bread. It wasn’t. But, it had some moments that I thought were awesome and they mostly had to do with…..Charlie!!! He was so flipping funny that I had to watch the movie again just to see him! He had the best lines of the whole entire thing! Love the gun cleaning scene!!!
    So, I guess my answer is: yes, I would still like Twilight even if Rob weren’t in it as Edward. Although I can’t imagine anyone else playing Edward now. I so wish they would have dressed him better in the first movie and subsequent movies….What’s up with that?…ok, off subject – sorry! 🙂

    • “But, it had some moments that I thought were awesome and they mostly had to do with…..Charlie!!! He was so flipping funny that I had to watch the movie again just to see him! He had the best lines of the whole entire thing! Love the gun cleaning scene!!!”

      That’s one of my favourites as well! Billy Burke owned every scene he was in!

    • But, it had some moments that I thought were awesome and they mostly had to do with…..Charlie!!! He was so flipping funny that I had to watch the movie again just to see him! He had the best lines of the whole entire thing! Love the gun cleaning scene!!!

      Yeah! And the scene in the hospital when he shut the curtain to Tyler, awesome.

  25. I’m beginning to think that Heyyyy Brother might have been separated from me at birth, because this:

    “So… do I love the movie? Heck yes. But do I love it the way that one might love a QUALITY movie like, say, The Princess Bride? No. I love it because I get to drool over Robward for 122 minutes. I love it because there is no better movie to simultaneously laugh and squee over with some girlfriends and a bottle (or three) of wine. I love it because it’s terrible and I have no shame.”

    is EXACTLY how I feel.

    oh and Cedric IS a WILF, oh yeah…..rowr….

    • I love Twilight like I love a Freddie Prinze Jr. teen angst movie.

      My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die:)

  26. Twilight wouldn’t be Twilight without Edward. And Edward wouldn’t be Edward without Rob. True story. Trust!

  27. I love you UC…but I’m not sure if I feel deep enough to answer this question today….I’ll try.

    *squinting eyes* *wheels obviously turning*

    In a word, no.

    I kid…srsly…I needed an escape, I needed a change, I needed to be inspired, I needed to have s/t to look forward to, I needed to be woken up…

    Twi oddly, and very unexpectantly accomplished this for me. Weird. Even weirder…Rob turns my crank like no other before or since (love you Hubs!)
    Yes, the movie was bad, so is junk food…I eat it. Yes, the writing of the books was subpar compared to what I was used to…but some of my fav. books, poems, songs, movies, etc…are also my children’s. It was published for a youth based demo.. I’m accommodating. Yes, I think in RL Rob and I would murder each other (after having angry, blissful, mind-blowing sex in various states of undress, in misc. locale of course first.) 😉 However, I will continue to follow his career for as long as he has one, and possibly stalk him in RL after that with the help of private detectives, and my children’s nest egg…..wait. What?

  28. I’m with myself (duh) and Moon on this one, just like you are UC. I would probably swoon over any guy that played Edward… Truth be told, I didn’t even notice Rob before I read Twilight. But that doesn’t mean I only like Rob BECAUSE he’s Edward… I don’t actually think he’s all that hot as Edward. Too much make-up and not enough scruff. But whatever.

    Also, Dear Janet Rigs: I love you. You’re hilarious. You already know that I feel this way, though. That is all.

  29. i loved the books so if another actor played edward i would have still loved it…i only started dilfing rob after i saw the movie.That said cougar cat kinda slaughtered it abit wit the cheese…but i liked the whole visual aspect xcept the scene with the tree climbing..wtf??and the scene where edward is moving real fast near the volvo when he takes Bella home to “meet the folk”…cringeworthy…smallville has better effects…

  30. I’m totally with Moon on this one. The reason why I fell in love with Twilight (the books) because I read them at a point in my life where I needed a love story. The only movie I’ve ever seen that came close to being as good as the book was Fight Club, (and even then the movie botched the ending). Twilight (the movie) is awful. It was filmed like a bad music video. The acting overall wasn’t spectacular by any means. It omitted some important parts of the book. Yes, Rob is gorgeous, but he still doesn’t hold a candle to the Edward I had in my mind when I read the books.

    Yet, somehow I have seen this movie probably a dozen times. I have absolutely no idea why, and when it comes down to it, I don’t think I really want to know why Twilight has the power it does. It just does.

  31. You all know MY story, why I watched/read this book/movie…but WHY this one?? My daughter chose THIS ONE in particular for a reason!! WHY? Well first, I find it interesting that the question was asked today, in light of Patrick Swayze’s passing.. .perhaps because of all the similarilties??. Most of you are probably too young to remember…but Dirty Dancing was much like Twilight. “back in the day” ..a poorly made movie that became a phenomenon which continues to this day! Not because of the great writing/acting/directing etc., but because of what it represented. Yes I was one of those crazy people that waited in line to be the first to see Dirty Dancing when it opened..hell I won’t even go into what I did to get a life-sized cardboard of Patrick… (back then they were only in the movie theaters and NOT for sale)…but I stray from the point…How easy it was/is to overlook so many BAD lines for that ONE good line…All the bad acting and there was/is alot…for those HEART-STOPPING moments. For each of us they may be different/same but they are in there and they reach out and touch/hold us and never let go. It is IN THAT LOOK/ THAT FEELING…that we are briefly permitted to let our go of our hectic/stressful lives and not so perfect (who is) better halves and lose ourselves in the ohhh so perfect world of make believe. Aren’t we all in this for the same reason? To feel the kind of love that Edward/Johnny offer us for just once/twice in our lifetimes! Of course its unreal…of course its unatainable…but that is why we love movies like Twilight/DirtyDancing so much. That is why my daughter chose Twilight! She knew that it had THAT magic! All the key ingredients that grab you regardless of age. She was right…I was 20 years old once again and “in love”…with Edward! Just as I was with Johnny so many years ago…back then I shared “my love” with my sister/bestfriend (she too taken way too young) and my closest friends…we talked constantly on the phone….(no internet..OMG) and we did just what we do here. We all share “the love of Edward” and not to forget Bella (who as “Baby”did ) represents for all of us our inperfections /insecurities. SOooo in answer to the original question…NO we would not love Twilight without Edward….he is everything and more that we could want in a man…but sadly, I must admit if another actor had played the part, I might have loved it anyway…(please don’t hurt me..I am already broken..) Rob does a great job…but like Patrick…it was the first real time out of the gate playing this type of role….but if history repeats and I am sure it will…Rob like Patrick (remember Ghost) gets better with age…

    Personally as you know, I am eternally greatful for what Twilight has done/continues to do for me..there is no way I will ever be able to show my appreciation for pulling me out of “my Twilight and allowing me to reach towards my New Dawn” corny but true….and it brought me here…I am no longer alone…(need tissues now…excuse me…)

    • Dirty Dancing! What a great comparison (Johnny/Baby to Edward/Bella). I guess I’m “old” too.

    • Sin,
      I feel you on the whole Swayze thing. I remember when he was voted the sexiest man alive. I live close to where that movie was filmed, and people still go there to stay where Johnny and Baby stayed. So I agree very much with that!

      I actually watched the Twilight movie on DVD, much because my friend has family from Portland, etc. So we were checking out the settings more than anything. The story was OKAY…. I decided to begin lying, and went to the bookstore and got twilight for my “neice”. I read just Twilight and was hooked. I owned the box set (again for said neice) by the end of the week. Since then, I have choked these books down numerous people’s throats and quoted the movie, bought the rifftrax (love them) and shared many laughs about this low budget film.

      However, I dont know what it is about this story, movie, phenomenon, or what ever, but I love Twilight!

      Rob definately has so much to do with it, I don’t know that it would be the same without him. I think he matched very well Stephenie’s version of Edward. Cheezy lines, yes, but the visual for me was there.

      So, I say, why do we question our love? A love this pure cannot be defined. A love this pure will stand the test of time (and bad directors), and a love this pure… well, we are just lucky to know a love like this.

      Peace, love and Rob,

      • It is all about Rob. I was “late to the party,” not even interested in the book or movie until I saw them on the MTV movie awards in 2008.

    • Well written, MS! But I have to disagree with you juuust a little. Aside from a few corny lines I think Dirty Dancing is actually a pretty good movie. Nothing can be too bad when Jerry Orbach is involved. =)

      • I carried a watermelon.

        • That’s one of my favorite lines ever. For real. Because you know as soon as she says it how out of place and self-concious she feels. I was really cheezed when that was voted one of the worst movie lines ever. People voting must not have understood the movie.

          • Every time I bring a watermelon home from the grocery store I say it because I’m just that cool.

          • I also recite that line whenever I carry a watermelon. Sometimes people don’t get it and just look at me like, “Yes. I know. I saw you.” And then I hit them over the head with the watermelon for not getting it. Geez.

          • Hee! I say it whenever I publicly do something that makes me fell dumb and self-concious. No actual watermelon required.

        • That is so Bella-eske adorkable. Baby would have made a great Bella. Um… Not to freak anybody out, but do you realize this movie came out in 1986… The year of birth of our beloved?

          • Oh Gawd..I am soooo old..

          • Dear god.. someone hand me my cane! EH? WHADJA SAY, SONNY??

          • @JodieO….Bitch..I have been searching all over for that damn cane for days now….xox….

          • @MS: NAH NAH NAH BOO BOO! Actually, I suppose I should give your cane back since it sounds like I’m not nearly as ancient as you!

            (I was only 11 in 1986)

            (Yes, I realize that still makes me OLD)

          • Yes, we are trying not to remember his birthyear but since you mentioned it, yes! 🙂

          • @JodieO…..I didn’t say it was MY cane….just looking for a cane in general…have no idea why…just looking…you got a problem with that ole lady???

      • JO..I understand where your coming from…but what I was saying was that back when DD first came out…all the SAME things were said…low budget/bad lines/poor acting/directing etc..The jokes about the name “BABY” alone!! The coconut costumes etc.. LMAO .It wasn’t until YEARS later that it was recognised for the movie that it is now…and I feel that Twilight is following the same path….

    • You put words to my feelings. Thanks!

  32. I read Twilight before there was even talk of a movie and I fell in love with “my” version of Edward in my mind. Although I thought the writing was kind of lame sometimes I still think that Stephanie captured the emotions you feel when you fall in love for the first time. The fact that it was with a hot vampire with special powers was a bonus.

    I was first skeptical of Rob cast as Edward, especially when I saw him on the cover of EW in July of 2008, but once I saw the movie, I thought he did a great job of portraying his internal struggle with what Edward was and his attraction and love for Bella. I love the movie because of the book and although I thought they screwed up a bunch of scenes and added some weird stuff I still think it captured the Edward/Bella relationship well.

    Rob became more of an obsession for me when I saw him in interviews and realized this guy was not only extremely good looking (with that stare that melts your heart), but was interesting. I love to listen to the commentary on the dvd – he is hilarious!

  33. This is a great post! I’ve thought alot about “why” I love the Twilight movie now when, upon first viewing it, I thought it was pretty awful. What made me watch a bad movie a second time (and then a third and so on)?? I’ve concluded that it’s because I love it for what it is (or accept it for what it is) and ignore what it is not. It is *not* well written, or well directed, and half of the musical score is plain terrible. The actors were not at the top of their games (but I blame the directing and writing on that). However, the movie still brings the characters to life. I look at it as an “interpretation” of the story, a glimpse at the characters, and nothing more. All the actors (not just Rob) have alot to do with my loving the movie despite its flaws — because they are just so likable in person. And to me, they truly *are* the characters now.

  34. I would just like to point out that my heart goes “pitter-Pattison”, not pitter-patter. That is all.

  35. Thanks LTT. Your blog has made me feel less shamed about my edward-obsession! I agree that the movie was atrocious, especially when I saw it for the second time with my husband in tow and he LAUGHED when Edward put Bella on his back and ran/floated. However, I could care less about Rob. He is not and will never be the ideal image I had in my mind when I first picked up the book in ’05!

  36. P.S. who else is not shocked that my contribution was the longest, most rambling of them all? It’s like I have a disease and I don’t know when to shut it.

  37. Rob’s hotness had everything to do with the success of movie, imo. The only reason why I read the Saga was because of Rob. I was a fan in the Cedric Diggory days and then when I saw the MTV Twilight Tuesday interviews, I was hooked. By the time the movie came out, I had become obsessed. I don’t like Rob b/c he’s Edward, though. I like Edward b/c he’s Rob. Normal?

  38. ok number one, i love the twilight movie because i love the twilight books. if i hadn’t read the books, yes i would have still enjoyed the storyline i’m sure (and obviously drooled over roberts amazing jawbone), but i wouldnt hold the love i have for it now. do i think twilight was an awesomely made movie? no. do i think the acting was insanely good? no. just looking at it from a strictly movie standpoint, it’s an ok movie overall. but like i said, i read the books, fell completely madly in love with the books, and hence enjoy the movie as well because i really love all things twilight. my favorite thing about the movie is when they got something right! example: in the resturaunt in port angeles bella says “you gotta give me some answers” edward reponds cheekily with “yes, no, to get to the other side, 1.7blahblah”….i love this scene because it really portrays edwards personality…he has that teasing light side to him in tough situations…and the look on robs face, how he delivered the words, how he marveled at bellas intelligence for a second knowing the square root of pie, and how he delivers the perfect look of anguish and self loathing when bella stands up to go. even though the scene doesnt go like that in the book, that little moment to me was completely edward-esque in my view of him in the story. so yeah, twilight isn’t up for any oscars, but when i see little glimpses of the actors bringing the characters to life like that, it makes me happy and makes me love the movie a little bit more.

  39. I only read the books after I saw the movie……I know gasp…..I was bored one night (ok a little drunk) and there were no other movies ondemand that I wanted to see and I was curious…..I didn’t understand what the hype was. I don’t know if it was the wine or what , but I actually liked the movie…..I bought the first book the next day….the rest, history. When I read the post today I was trying to think of why initially I liked the movie…..there were parts that were bad…..really bad…..ok, so I laughed in places I shouldn’t have….I mean Rob’s pronunciation of Debussy is enough to make you turn the damn movie off….don’t judge me I am a music nerd….I have degrees. Anyway, I remember that it wasn’t so much the movie, but the feeling that the whole movie gave off that I really liked. When I read the books…..I felt the same way. Yes, the writing is bad, yes she uses vocabulary that not just teenagers but people in general don’t use day to day….if ever. But who reads young adult fiction to enlighten their minds…..ummmm not me…..I just need something to keep me from killing the good people of NYC on my subway ride in the am. If you want the type of book to challenge your brain go read Malcom Gladwell. As for Rob in the movie…..he will always be Edward in my mind…..even when humping Spanish dudes in other films……the two are one in the same! Yep, he’s Robward. Now that my Rob lovin’ has cooked real good…..I keep watching the film only to see the candy…..and I might have a small crush on Charlie……don’t ask. Great post!!!

    Thanks UC for shooling us today!!

    Did I get an A on my daily essay response??? hehehee.

  40. The movie (sad sigh) was terrible. It was laughable. Unintentionally. I had such high hopes after reading the book.

    The book, while not being very well written, is a beautiful story. I wanted SM to come to my house and read it to me at bedtime.

    Ok, now dare I admit this? Yes, I will… I didn’t think Rob acted that well in the movie. Do I blame him? Not at all. (“As if you could outrun me?” scene? Anyone?)

    It was painful. And yet it wasn’t so painful that couldn’t watch it a million times over. Especially with the commentary. Because you know he knows we know it sucked. You know? 🙂

    Oh and, ” Even being the fangirl of Twilight that I can be, and lusting after Rob like a dog in heat, I prefer to watch the movie with a solid three glasses of wine in my system. More if possible.”


    • “Because you know he knows we know it sucked. You know?”

      I hear you. Now, ask us if we care it sucked….

      And I think the fact that the Cougar did this for us, well, it helps us hold Twilight that much closer in our hearts. We laugh when we defend it, and we laugh when we make fun of it. Cougar Cathy, you may have shed more light and love on us than we are giving you credit for.

      SM- great story.
      Cougar Cathy-poor directing

      Together? Well, just look at us all.

      ‘Nuff said

      • The movie has become more of a resource for a giggle or swoon on a bad day than an exercise in watching film magic. And I have absolutely no problem with my little sercurity blankey named Twilight. And it definitely wouldn’t be as cozy without Rob.

    • (”As if you could outrun me?” scene? Anyone?)

      All I can say: It sucks.

  41. Hmm. I needed to think long & hard about this one and here goes: I really enjoyed reading the 1st 2.9 books (sorry but when Bella kissed Jacob I got mad & it just ruined Eclipse for me; don’t even get me started on Breaking Dawn). The movie was disappointing not because of the stars but the script & CH’s haphazard directing. But I still bought the DVD & you know which parts I watch repeatedly? The commentary & “Becoming Edward” extra. I think it’s because I’ve really grown to love Rob – his wit, his charm, his self-deprecating humor, etc. So to answer your question, yes Team Edward all the way but Rob made the difference – at least as far as the movie was concerned.

  42. Totally agree with Moon, it’s about the story. The first time I saw the movie, I thought Rob was a terrible Edward. Sure he was beautiful to look at, but in my mind he was not Edward. I had built my own Twilight world in my head and seeing it interpreted on the screen for the first time was difficult. It’s not a great movie, I would dare to say it’s not even good. But yet, I still love it. I love that when I read the books I get so swept up in B and E’s story that I forget about everything else going on – good or bad. The movie even does that for me now. I can actually sit through it and fill in the blanks from the books where necessary. For me, the movie evokes the emotions I have when reading the saga and I can just get that little rush for 120 minutes. For me, with or without Rob, I’d still heart the movie.

  43. I’da liked it regardless. I read Twilight and the books back in 2007 and liked Edward then. Rob and the movie are just icing on the cake.

  44. to me rob was not edaward. i had a different picture of edward in my head. not that rob is not good looking or anything. but not what i pictured as edward. rob seems a bit awkward to me as edward and he sometimes creeps me out.

    i hated the movie and liked it better when i was stoned and drunk. i am pretty sure that they used part of their budget on weed (i know it had to be good weed to because they shot in vancover) which made them think the sparkle effect was a good idea.

  45. Twilight is still my favorite book ever

    I read the book & fell in love
    Watched the movie and hated it
    the first couple times I saw it…
    Rob wasnt MY Edward but
    I lived through it
    & now i can tolerate watching it

    Cath Hard ruined Twilight for me
    with Buttcrack Santa, Animal attacks,
    or “You were gone…” LAME!!!

    I only watch it to see some things come to life
    and just pretend i was able to see the better
    things she missed or messed up

    “Let me restart my heart” … I die a little inside everytime I read that part in the book… Really Steph?

    But all in all… Rob and KStew couldnt have been picked better…

    I’m happy :]

  46. Robsessd just put this up. Watch if you need a laugh. The last question the chick asks is “so…why do people go nuts over Robert Pattinson…He’s not really Edward.”

    You crazy lady! That’s why we love him! This little webisode is brought to you by the people at “Common Sense.” They need a new name.

    • “Abstinance… (giggle) I guess parents all will want to advocate that”


    • “What is it about Robert Pattinson?…” UH .. Have you seen him? Helloooooooo!

    • Geez..I just have to say..this pic of Robward scares the crap out of me…don’t get me wrong…I LOVE IT…it’s just that I am in the middle of scrolling down and POP there he is in all his glory….!!!

  47. Great post!

    I was one of the late comers (that’s what she said) that saw the movie prior to reading the book. I saw a snippet on E! and thought Robert Pattinson was odd and geeky looking, but I was intrigued by the story line.

    Of course, I warmed to Rob, but the feeling of shame I had that day in the theater watching that shambles of a movie, haunts me to this day. The adult side of me cringed, but the preteen book nerd in me with the jheri curl, braces and hellacious hay fever, quivered at the thought of her own mysterious, bad boy finding her and loving her to the point of insanity. Rob’s great, but it could have been anyone. The story captured my heart.

  48. Good God I am a megaBITCH!
    I feel bad now. Oh well…. Hate me if you want, but I couldn’t stand all the “chagrin” “irrevocably” among other repeated words. However, like everyone else I became a Twi addict while reading them and couldn’t put them down. I also think Steph Meyer’s creativity is to be commended. In New Moon, the blank pages of the book that show Bella’s despair and lifelessness are astoundingly magnificent. Anyhow, for the most part my comments had to deal with Catty Hardwicke’s utter FAIL! She was more interested in the back ground scenery then in the dialog, blocking and acting in the movie. However, she did put Rpattz in his role. So I have to have some place for her in my heart….although, truth be told, it was Kstew that picked him, so eff Catty the Cougar.

  49. Nice post.

    However, it really bothers me when I hear people saying Kristen was awful in the film. I only seen the film because of her, I’d never heard of Twilight before, and while I even think its not her greatest performance I do think next to Rob’s performance she looks like an Oscar winner.
    Starting with the accent and the terrible facial expressions I hated him in the film.
    I hope they have both stepped it up a bit in New Moon.

    That was in reply to someone elses view I think and not yours.

  50. IF EFFRON WAS EDWARD THIS WOULDA BEEN A WHOLE DIFFERENT BALLGAME… and not the kind that ends with fans gaily rushing the field after a come from behind, unexpected win… no, no… this woulda been the kinda ballgame that ended with fans tossing stale cups of beer, ketchup packets and all sortsa ballpark nastiness on the pitcher, catcher AND first baseman for ruining the easiest of plays.

    le sigh. does that make sense? anyways, as UC, and most of you know, i have a long running battle in my head when it comes to most things twilight (the book and the movie) and i think it’s because most of us (i won’t pretend to believe ALL of you are sane… mostly bc i’ve met some of you) are logical, thinking people. And the book and movie, at times, go against all things logical for people like us…. loving the books to the extent i do… isn’t logical because there are many, many flaws. loving the movie to the extend that i do, doesn’t make sense, because there are MANY MANY MANY MANY flaws. But, nevertheless, i do. and when i think on it, which i’ve done more than i care to admit, i can only come to one conclusion:

    when we strip twiight down to its core, when we remove the base of all things twilight… there is a simple idea that exists; an idea that no one – no matter what happiness or pain they’ve seen in life, no matter what they’ve lived through, no matter how life has shaped them and what path it’s led them down, no matter what dreams they’ve achieved and what dreams they’ve let fly away, and no matter how many times they’ve loved and succeeded or how many times they’ve loved and collapsed – can deny they seek.

    and that idea is TRUST.

    we want to trust that tomorrow will be a better day. we want to trust that those we love, love in return. we want to trust that the dreams we dreams and the hopes we hope are somehow attainable. we want to trust that we are the person we know we are, or that we will be the person we know we can be, or that we still are the person we know we once were… we want to trust. Because TRUST…. trust is the idea that someday – perhaps not today, but someday – and somehow – though we have no freakin clue how – it will be okay.

    Trust is a hard thing to give, a hard thing to believe in, and a hard thing to accept. But when we do… when we TRUST… we find a peace and a happiness we never knew we were capable of. Trust is love and faith and pure. Trust is the antithesis of logic and reason and doubt. Trust should be simple. it should be easy. but life hardens us to it.

    Bella is the zion of trust. she trust without limit. and not just edward, but those around her and the world around her. she trusts when no one else would and eventually she finds happiness in that trust. she finds family in that trust. she finds love in that trust. she finds serenity in that trust. she finds everything we know we want, in trust. Bella can trust. simply. easily. effortlessly. completely. and i think we love twilight because we see what that trust could give us. and, be honest, who doesn’t want that.

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