The Morning After – The MTV Video Music Awards

mtvmovieawardsDear LTT-ers

By now all the Diet Coke has been drunk, all the cupcakes consumed and all the screams have died down and what are we left with? Yup 66 days and counting till we finally get to see what we’ve all been waiting for New Moon the movie. And I think it would be an understatement to say I’m excited. I’m kinda really can’t even process all the moments but let’s try…

Red carpet madness:
Um since Rob and Kristen were too “busy” to walk the red carpet we will defer to Ashley who rocked the fashion correspondence and Taylor who KILLED it in a Calvin Klein suit. Sweet baby Jesus.

Killing it in do me heels, black corseted top and “bump it.” Could have left grandma’s couch/gold lame skirt at home but hey you had me at “bump it.”

Oh hai just stopping by before the big board meeting to show you what impeccable tailoring is.

Follow the cut for even more VMA crap… and an extra special gift…

The Show:

  • Russell Brand? AGAIN, MTV?! Why? Was NO ONE available? I’m really at a lose. Cause clearly both Andy Samberg and Jimmy Fallon were in the house. So were you just wanting to provide some total suckage to counter act the amaziness of the rest of the night? FAIL
  • Now, I can’t even acknowledge what happened during Taylor Swift’s award other than to repeat my tweet: “um doesn’t kayne west know that you “do not get Taylor Lautner upset” #trust“????? Clearly, no. Our viewing party would like to thank Kanye West for being a team player and disregard how lameass he was by showing you pics from our awesometimes party…

The infamous Robsten vs. Nonsten brownies created by Chelsea. Read the descriptions and draw your own conclusions.

Ashley couldn’t decide between the Robsten or Nonsten brownies and went for the Don’t Give a Crapsten Cupcakes

Looks like these two made a choice. Darn those toys

Then finally IT. WAS. TIME!!!!!!! We prepared by utilizing all the 2nd hand embarrassing Twilight merchandise in my house. Ok, maybe not all of it, I wouldn’t let anyone hold a RobQ, you never know what biotches are gonna do in the heat of the moment (aka the trailer) and I can’t be having a ripped piece of art

FINALLY! It was as if Jesus and his Angels came down to hand wash both Rob and KStew and slip them into sparkling garments for the event. I have to give it up to KStew for BRINGING IT HARD in Valentino and her Karen O hair. And oh the eye make up… and the shoe… You just might be back in my good graces for a day or three. As for Rob, well at least it looks the the shirt was washed THIS week and not immediately identifiable as one of his pals. And well Taylor just continues to defy all logic with his looks and made SEVERAL girls (non twi hard freaks) ask how old he was. REPEATEDLY.

So without further adieu this is what I was saving myself for… several of us did not watch the trailer until it was shown during the VMA’s and well we just happened to record it for your pleasure and our embarrassment.

Um yea…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And the real trailer. Oh, why not watch it for the 94359435th time? I know I am… trying to make up for the 48hr lead you all have on me

Oh hello Kozy Shack… poor Taytay trying to get in on the group shot. DENIED.

So that’s pretty much all that happened that matters. If you weren’t tweeting during the show you should go back and catch the entire run down on our Twitter.


  • ADAM BRODY introducing Green Day with Toe Thumbs. I squealed and wished I was with UC for the billionth time of the night
  • Pink giving the best Barnum & Bailey’s performance of the evening. That was some intense shiz, talk about working those core muscles. DAYUM.
  • Beyonce being a freaking CLASSY LADY and letting Taylor Swift have her moment. She earned SO many fan points for that
  • HOV and Alicia Keys closing the night out with a killer performance of “Empire State of Mind.” God, he kills me. Oh and Lil Mama, stay in your damn seat, we’ve had enough stage crashers for one night.

So uh, what’d you all think? Win? Fail? Could have used way more Rob? Best moment of the night?

Bump it!

PS Someday Lady Gaga’s gonna look back at all these “fashions” and wonder what the BEEEEEEEP she was thinking. I would love to be around for that. Maybe not.
PPS MTV – if you choose Russell Brand to host again, I’m giving up, once and for all. Oh and station a security gaurd by the stage steps. Just a thought!

Special Thanks To: My “Sponsor” Kristin for getting me through those 48 hours, all the lovely ladies who partied with me and agreed to share their reaction with you all! Oh and UC next time it’s you and me baby!

216 Responses

  1. KStew looked fierce. Much impressed!

  2. I tuned out after the lack of red carpet action and the Kanye outburst. Thanks for catching me up!

    ❤ the reaction video guys. Your party looked like good times, despite the lack of Rob camera time.

  3. Maybe in that pocket is where he keeps his smokes and lighter? She saying “wheres your lighter?” during the picture.
    Kstew – cleanup up well, the hair surprised me.
    Taylor – Hes 17? ( I know – I know) He doesn’t dress like he’s 17 and does not have the poise of a 17 yr old guy. Rob – you should get some style tips from Taycob.
    Rob, Not enough kof him last night. Live Drunk Rob cute.

  4. This is second best – since I can’t see the actual thing I can at least live vicariously through you lot and your wonderful reactions…Thanks for walking me through the evening!

    I love that KStew is looking better than she has in a long time, even though I didn’t catch her posture, moves and slurring which you comment on…( Isn’t it strange that she can’t come up with something else, being an actress and all? Couldn’t she make an inner visualization of being a lady, or being Beyoncé or the queen of England, or ANYONE with a straight back, some poise and anunciation? Show them, girlfriend!! The Oscar is yours!)

    Would have loved to see drunken Rob. *sigh* Had a strange dream about him last night, he was in a drug store in London waiting for his prescription when I walked in, then people started filing in, and I protected him from the crowd so he could make a run for it. Silly me – should have followed him instead! Interpretation, someone with a degree? Hand me a cupcake, I’m on the rebound!

  5. aw, so cute! You gals are fabulous! Moonie you did slide off the couch, clutching your pillow. LMAO

    I must say Kstew looked HAWT.

  6. All I can say is that we had a flipping BLAST last night!
    *The Thai food was delivered just in time for the show to Start.
    *Ashley brought Sparkling wine that Lil’ E had to open for us using his super human strength
    *Our side commentary was probably more entertaining than the actual show, aside from the Preview
    * There were Brownies (thinking I’ll have one for breakfast)
    * AND cupcakes
    *We knew when Lady Gaga was shown because whoever was watching would shriek in alarm (Blood, Red lace mask/crown thing, ESKIMO???)
    *And I think we may have scared off one of Moon’s roommates….

    • HAHAHAHA the cats fully outta the bag now. and i warned everyone! hahaha

      dude i wish our comments were on video. HILAR!

  7. I have played the taped version of the trailer so many times since last night that my parrot just said “DON”T EDWARD”…Bella’s voice…… TRUE STORY!!! LMAO….wonders if I can teach her to say in Robward voice….”Your my life now!” Ohhh the possibilities…..

    • That’s so funny! Yes pls try and teach your parrot to sound like Edward! 🙂

      • Oh I will try…but she definately has a mind of her own….she has a huge vocabulary…and has gotten me in trouble so many times….(the stories I could tell you) but if I want her to learn something, she won’t! No matter how many times I repeat it….then out of no where she will just come out with something that SHE decides to say….I almost fell off the couch…seriously…when she said “Don’t Edward”! Now that I am thinking about it …makes sense..the bird is female after all….ROBWARD’S APPEAL IS ALL ENCOMPASSING!!!

  8. omg…… you OUTED herself for the blog… such committment. i soo sweated my 2nd hand embarrassment for you. seriously. and also i love that the first comment on that video was “what are you, like 12?” (or something like that) that was from me, btw*

    ADAM BRODY! why why WHY did my cell have to break on the day when i’m away in the mountains and desperately needing to text you. so sad..

    you and me babe, next time


  9. Haha, for the record your reaction video was total WIN. As I watched you guys watching the trailer I was imagining it in my head. End result: I now have to go watch it again. LOL

    p.s. Did anyone save me a Dont Give a Crapsten cupcake?? 😀

  10. I can’t believe that I am actually going to say this. *takes deep, cleansing breath* I thought Stewie looked great last night. I was actually impressed. There, I said it and it only hurt a little.

    Drunk Rob = Win
    I really thought he was going to fall down the stairs. Kudos for the semi-clean looking outfit. At least all his buttons were buttoned properly.

    Pink freaking rocks. Seriously. You know how hard that shit is and she did it while singing, live? I would like to see anyone else try that. Pink stole the stole.

    Kayne can go hide in a hole somewhere. He better watch out for a big, grey werewolf.

    After the 9th time of me rewinding the presentation and the clip, hubby stole the remote and put it down his pants. He said I could rewind and rewatch but had to get the remote first (pathetically tying to distract me and get me to touch him). So, I went to the internet to get my fix. Hehe Hubby was not amused.

  11. I was so disgusted when I heard what happened to Taylor Swift. None of us were able to watch the show while we were waiting on cue for her performance, but someone in my group got a call from a friend then the news spread rampantly among all of Taylor fans. We gave her a standing ovation and everyone was chanting her name at the end of her performance and she nearly started crying standing on that taxi. When I got home and watched the show on DVR, they cut to commercial right after her performance, so no one got to see that part of her fan appreciation.

  12. I have to say thank you guys for video taping your reaction to the trailer…
    I fwas feeling really lonely last night, because I have no Twifriends here where I live, so I didn’t get to squeal with anyone; and my husband just looks at me like I’m a freak. So when I watched your reactions, I actually got a little teary eyed, cuz I didn’t feel so lonely! I was giddy all over again!

    I just freaking heart you guys!!!!
    Thanks again!

  13. This is how I broke down last nights VMA’s.

    The host: Sucked
    Kanye: Sucked Big Time
    Lady Gaga: Sucked
    Rob not in the audience: Sucked
    KStew’s outfit and hair: Didn’t totally suck
    Possibly drunk Rob: Win, win, win
    Taylor out in the cold during the Rob/KStew PDA hug: Sucked
    New Moon trailer: High pitched fangirl *Squee* complete with panting, and thumb cramp from hitting rewind on the DVR like, a thousand times. Win, win, win!!!!!!!!

  14. Don’t feel as guilty now…Sharon Osborne just said on Ellen when shown a pic of the Robster….”I think I could arrested for what I could do with him” as she tucked his picture under her jacket……YEAH for her standing up for all us older cougars….!!!

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  16. hey moon and uc……

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE “break it down vanity fair style” of the new trailer!!!!!

    Id love you forever and ever…. :)))))

  17. Rob: definitely on valium and drunk. and yet… i sitll love him. he is an anomoly. le sigh. i think he was also cracking himself up on stage and right before he walked out. did anyone catch his “thanks you, thanks” while k whispered to taytay? totally bombed. also, love that it doesn’t matter one iota wtf the man wears… bc his face is always best dressed.

    TayTay: sigh. what’s up with his neck? sometimes, when he poses for pictures, he looks like a jack in the box but in reverse…. his head is just to small for what it’s sittin on. or something. he’s cute and all… but his squeaky clean persona makes me wanna roll around in dirt.

    Ash: sigh. girl? who you paying to lie to you? pretty bad when the fashion corespondant is a total fail in the fashion department. also, where was she for the entire middle section of the red carpet show? my guess… mackin with Chase.

    and last, the winner of the TwiCrowd last night,

    reasons why sherocked last night:
    1. she looked phenom… in a sea of hollywood slutted out starlets who thought glue and glitter a dress did make, she stood out as someone who looked classy, edgy, mature and ‘now’ all in one. she didn’t go for the simple choice of “skin to win” and she ended up wowing. imo.

    2. she walked like a lady and was enthused when she presented… yes i know it was nothing to write home about… but compared to the MTVMAs clip presentation?!? she was 100x more confident and poised. probably had to do with the fact that not all eyes were on her and that she wasn’t workin a gimp ankle and smelly chucks and that she wasn’t trying to keep hardi from molesting rob when she wasn’t looking

    and the most important reason why stewie rocked …

    3. she managed to keep Rob from tumbling down / pulling her down while wearing THOSE heels. seriously. did you see those heels? at least 4″ spikes. and did you see rob? of course you did. i’m pretty sure that the rob we saw was the “Pull yourself together you’ve got to present in 30 seconds” version of rob…. which, clearly, is scary. Imagine what he was like when he WASN’T concentrating? props to girly for handling him so he didn’t act a fool. hope he didn’t repay you by vomming on you during the redeye back to VC.

    p.s. i’m pretty sure that pic of him hugging her with the awkward side of TayTay occured when kris sat him in a corner and said “sit. i’ve got to photo-op with taylor. i’ll be back in 30 seconds” to which of course he started counting but reached 10 and couldn’t remember what came next then looked up and decided HE wanted to be in the pics… so of course he went galloping over (i’m 100% sure he galloped over) and grabbed her shoulder and said “i wanna be in the picture” until he saw something shiny on the floor and got distracted. that’s when K knew it was time to go.

    • The Rob was definately NOT looking at something shiny on the floor….looks to me like he is checking out KStew’s umah…chest….like he’s thinking….”I may be drunk..but I can’t wait to see those…….later…..!!” I’m just saying…

  18. p.p.s

    i effing love your party. i saw it last night and was to jealous to comment. wish i could been a part of that. meh. and the reaction video. props to you gals for posting and for staying pure (::cough::masochists::cough::) . unlike me, the whore who sat next to the computer and refreshed the Youtube search i had set up every 30 seconds on friday until someone out there in the twi-loving world of internet and pirating came to my rescue. gettin our kicks different ways but gettin them nontheless… that’s what coutns right?

    my internet friends are hot.

    that sounds soooo dirty.

  19. Moon, I just realized that you gasp, “Oh! Charlie!” when he appears on screen.

    I did as well. High five? Lookin’ good, Police Man!

  20. Your reaction video was amazingballs. You win at life, Moon.

    And hi…the brownies? Best things of my life. I want to kiss your mouth right now. Yes. I said that.

    The picture of the three? Yes. awkward.come. amazing.

  21. My take on the awards: Kstew looked great with shoes and hair, dress wasn’t fitted well. I thought Ashley looked LA in NY, sort of like how ppl look Sydney in Melbourne, not bad but just not really fitting the place. I didn’t think Rob was drunk although he slurred. I think I’m the only twi-fan who hates the band Muse. I don’t get it. Lady Gaga – everyone is likening her to Madonna but to me it looks like she’s trying to do a female take of Ziggy Stardust concept stuff. And way to popularise Taylor Swift crazy Kanye. Seriously, they say don’t drink when you’re on antidepressants for a reason.

  22. Realize this is for Twi fans but please allow me just a moment to say that I am heartbroken that Patrick Swayze has passed away…he was my first crush….and paved the way for all the Tom’s, Brads, and Robs….thoughts and prayers to Lisa his wife. May he rest in peace. 😦

  23. LOVED seeing your reaction! LOVED it!

  24. Okay, so I know that I am late larry on reading and commenting on this but I HAD TO…someone out there FINALLY noticed Toe Thumbs!!

    I just noticed those hideous so called thumbs with their tiny sliver of a nail bed (cringe) the other day. I about flipped off my couch and gasped while pointing frantically at my husband to check out her crazy ass thumbs.

    Thank you for making me feel normal that Toe Thumbs grosses me out.

    PS– “poor Taytay trying to get in on the group shot. DENIED.” made me spit my nighttime chocolate milk out. Worth it.

  25. I LOVED the trailer! This movie needs to get here now. I thought KStew looked gorgeous. Aaand Rob looked DELISH. I Kanye West is a douche bag to the max.

  26. Wow I thought the trailer was amazing New Moon is truly going to be a milllion times better than twilight. Also that is a cute shot of KStew and RPattz poor Taylor getting squished out of that. But he’ll be okay anyone notice when they came down the stairs she held his hand, then proceeded to whisper in his ear on stage, and then when she said “whether your on team jacob or team edward” when she said team jacob she leaned in to Taylor. Sorry if I am the only freak who notices this stuff lol just thought i might point that out. Btw Team Jacob but RPattz looked extremely good last night and actually put together!

  27. Oh btw was I the only one who was thinking when Kanye cut off Taylor that Taylor Lautner who was on stage should have totally decked him or something. That would have been hilarious. Although inappropriate. But I don’t think anyone would have minded that in the moment Kanye is a total douche.

  28. […] Remember when Kanye embarrassed himself (and 2nd hand embarrassed everyone else) at the VMA’s a few weeks ago by Bogart-ing Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech time and solidifying himself as a grade A arse? Yea, who could forget?! I kinda wish he would have inturupted a dude who would clock him in the face for being such an idiot, but instead he chose a teen girl, but I digress. I mean what if he had interupted YOU or another Twilighter?! So we’ve decided to put a spin on the Kanye/Taylor Swift incident and imagine what it would be like LTR/LTT style… click to enlarge click to enlarge […]

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