The Morning After – The MTV Video Music Awards

mtvmovieawardsDear LTT-ers

By now all the Diet Coke has been drunk, all the cupcakes consumed and all the screams have died down and what are we left with? Yup 66 days and counting till we finally get to see what we’ve all been waiting for New Moon the movie. And I think it would be an understatement to say I’m excited. I’m kinda really can’t even process all the moments but let’s try…

Red carpet madness:
Um since Rob and Kristen were too “busy” to walk the red carpet we will defer to Ashley who rocked the fashion correspondence and Taylor who KILLED it in a Calvin Klein suit. Sweet baby Jesus.

Killing it in do me heels, black corseted top and “bump it.” Could have left grandma’s couch/gold lame skirt at home but hey you had me at “bump it.”

Oh hai just stopping by before the big board meeting to show you what impeccable tailoring is.

Follow the cut for even more VMA crap… and an extra special gift…

The Show:

  • Russell Brand? AGAIN, MTV?! Why? Was NO ONE available? I’m really at a lose. Cause clearly both Andy Samberg and Jimmy Fallon were in the house. So were you just wanting to provide some total suckage to counter act the amaziness of the rest of the night? FAIL
  • Now, I can’t even acknowledge what happened during Taylor Swift’s award other than to repeat my tweet: “um doesn’t kayne west know that you “do not get Taylor Lautner upset” #trust“????? Clearly, no. Our viewing party would like to thank Kanye West for being a team player and disregard how lameass he was by showing you pics from our awesometimes party…

The infamous Robsten vs. Nonsten brownies created by Chelsea. Read the descriptions and draw your own conclusions.

Ashley couldn’t decide between the Robsten or Nonsten brownies and went for the Don’t Give a Crapsten Cupcakes

Looks like these two made a choice. Darn those toys

Then finally IT. WAS. TIME!!!!!!! We prepared by utilizing all the 2nd hand embarrassing Twilight merchandise in my house. Ok, maybe not all of it, I wouldn’t let anyone hold a RobQ, you never know what biotches are gonna do in the heat of the moment (aka the trailer) and I can’t be having a ripped piece of art

FINALLY! It was as if Jesus and his Angels came down to hand wash both Rob and KStew and slip them into sparkling garments for the event. I have to give it up to KStew for BRINGING IT HARD in Valentino and her Karen O hair. And oh the eye make up… and the shoe… You just might be back in my good graces for a day or three. As for Rob, well at least it looks the the shirt was washed THIS week and not immediately identifiable as one of his pals. And well Taylor just continues to defy all logic with his looks and made SEVERAL girls (non twi hard freaks) ask how old he was. REPEATEDLY.

So without further adieu this is what I was saving myself for… several of us did not watch the trailer until it was shown during the VMA’s and well we just happened to record it for your pleasure and our embarrassment.

Um yea…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And the real trailer. Oh, why not watch it for the 94359435th time? I know I am… trying to make up for the 48hr lead you all have on me

Oh hello Kozy Shack… poor Taytay trying to get in on the group shot. DENIED.

So that’s pretty much all that happened that matters. If you weren’t tweeting during the show you should go back and catch the entire run down on our Twitter.


  • ADAM BRODY introducing Green Day with Toe Thumbs. I squealed and wished I was with UC for the billionth time of the night
  • Pink giving the best Barnum & Bailey’s performance of the evening. That was some intense shiz, talk about working those core muscles. DAYUM.
  • Beyonce being a freaking CLASSY LADY and letting Taylor Swift have her moment. She earned SO many fan points for that
  • HOV and Alicia Keys closing the night out with a killer performance of “Empire State of Mind.” God, he kills me. Oh and Lil Mama, stay in your damn seat, we’ve had enough stage crashers for one night.

So uh, what’d you all think? Win? Fail? Could have used way more Rob? Best moment of the night?

Bump it!

PS Someday Lady Gaga’s gonna look back at all these “fashions” and wonder what the BEEEEEEEP she was thinking. I would love to be around for that. Maybe not.
PPS MTV – if you choose Russell Brand to host again, I’m giving up, once and for all. Oh and station a security gaurd by the stage steps. Just a thought!

Special Thanks To: My “Sponsor” Kristin for getting me through those 48 hours, all the lovely ladies who partied with me and agreed to share their reaction with you all! Oh and UC next time it’s you and me baby!

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  1. Oh. My. Gaaaawd. A billion fake points to the stylist that managed to make KStew look pretty! Even her hair! And that dress! I’d never though I’d live to see the day I’d actually covet something she was wearing! (Okay, okay, so I totally bought All Stars after seeing Twilight… and I started to wear my one and only flannel shirt again… let’s just ignore my little Bella-complex for a moment there, mmmkay?)

    • K Stew is beautiful…I think its actually more remarkable that she can make herself look hideous than make herself look good.
      she looked great tho but then again I thought she was stinkin adorable at the mtv movie awards even with those chuck taylors on.

      • seriously she must TRY to look shitty on a daily basis when she can look so pretty normally. oh kstew you enigma

        • True, she really is pretty. A pity she tries so hard not to be pretty. Maybe she’s trying to challenge the hollywood establishment or something? I mean, I support the cause that it should be a little more about the contents and a little less about the looks, but… most of the times she just goes about it a little too thoroughly.

    • uh….. the KSpew hair was not bril, so sayeth me. In fact it was so unfortunate that I had to associate it with the most visually disturbing thing I’ve ever seen and have named it after said ugliness. Therefore I dub her hair “The Tuck 2.0”

  2. Why oh why did I sit through so much crap waiting for Rob when he wasn’t even in the audience? At least he was drunk when they presented the clip. 🙂 He couldn’t fool me; I heard the slur on some ess sounds.

    Rant time: I’ve never hated Kanye West so much before. Pink is my hero for tweeting what everyone was thinking. (And because I enjoyed the hell out of her performance.) Beyonce sealed her place as a classy lady in my book.

    And if Russell Brand is back next year again, I swear to Christ I won’t watch it. I don’t know who told him he was funny, but they lied.


    • haha yes Rob was drunk. It didn’t occur to me right away but when he said “months” it came out “muntsss”.

      Kanye is an a-hole-I felt so sorry for Taylor Swift-she was so clearly in shock. And I’m not into Beyonce’s music but she scored big points for being so classy.

      • DRUNK ROB SHOWED UP!- we cheered.
        I KNEW IT!!.. Glad I wasnt the only one to catch that slur or those eyes rolling around in his little head for a bit.

        *Kanye= douch bag the size of Texas. Someone needs to reel him in for good.
        *Beyonce = classy lady.
        *Taylor Swift = Although an embarrassing moment, will get more publicity and good will out of this then she could possible hope for.
        *Taylor Lautner (standing in background)= Looked like he was catchin flys with his mouth open.

    • seriously. saved them seats for nothing… no reaction shots. FAIL.

  3. Lol!
    Bless, you guys are too cute!
    And I have to say, even though I saw the bootleg Sorority Row vers, I still got goosebumps and kinda maybe stopped breathing for a few secs.
    And Kanye is a wanker.
    And there definitely should’ve been more Rob!


  4. You guys are cuter than anyone has a right to be. I’m proud of you for keeping yourself pure. I myself was a total slut all weekend, hooking up with the trailer in all kinds of sketchy places on YouTube.

    I like to think of myself as a Don’t-Give-A-Crapsten, but that is a bonafide boyfriend armhold Rob has around Kristen in that picture there. [This confession is only 20% due to the fact that the Robsten brownies had toffee in them.]

    • Naaawww, that’s a ‘I’ve had six beers on an empty stomach you’re my bess friend I love you, man *drool, pass out*’ armhold if I ever saw one. ;P

      • I ❤ you JodieO for keeping it in denile I am soooo trying to live there….

      • Thank you JodieO-I love you for saying that, even if you meant it sarcastically.

        • Heh. Anytime. And really, I have photos of me with my guy friends that look a lot more amourous than that, so I’m still not convinced.

      • ❤ Agrees with JodiO. –
        But make that 6 beers and 4 tequlia shooters. . -We've seen him with that same arm hold on guys too. So what does that make Robbie?

        Anyway, TomStu got rave reviews in London on the play he's starring in called PUnk Rock!

        viva la bromance.

    • “I myself was a total slut all weekend, hooking up with the trailer in all kinds of sketchy places on YouTube”

      such a whore i love it.

      also jodieO love the classic best guy friends defense! the works every time. HA. especially to the robstens. they love that shiz

  5. Well, if last night taught me anything it’s that I am old old old. I didn’t know who most of the people were and spent much of the night muttering ‘who the hell are these freaks?’ And is it my imagination or were there precious few awards for it being an awards show?

    And yeah, more Rob would have made the night worthwhile. Or one of those cupcakes you’re always talking about….

    • That is the point of the VMA’s. Very few awards, with great celebrity freakouts.

      : )

    • Every time they showed Lady Gaga, I turned to hubs and said, “I don’t get it, am I old?”

      And I HAVE a great sense of humor, so is she TRYING to be funny? Could one of you young-uns explain it to me?

      • I don’t know! I mean, I’m weird. I’ll admit it. I’m all for other people being weird, but I don’t get it, either. The feathered neck brace, the red lace gimp mask… I don’t get it. And rolling around on the stage in your underwear hasn’t been cool since Madonna did it. Because at least we didn’t have to look at Madonna’s camletoe (thanks Natasha for pointing THAT out).

      • I think she’s attempting to be avante garde or edgy, the way Madonna appeared to be in the early 80s. I don’t know, it seems kind of tired. Fake blood? It’s been done. And this is coming from someone who enjoys her music…that poker face song is hella catchy.

      • I can’t hate on her…she got Alex Skarsgard to be in her Pap video.

        And made out with him. He’s totally hawthouse….

        She’s just quirky and artistic…she was on the radio here and she seemed to be the most humble artist I had ever heard. She see genuinely touched that people liked her music and embraced her.

        Even if it looks a little on the Rocky Horror Picture Show side.

        • Oh I’m not hating on her, I have a soft spot for catchy pop songs that my hipster music snobs love to tease me for…… I just don’t get the ‘fashion’ part, I couldn’t tell if she was trying to be funny, or dead serious, Honestly, this is the first time I’ve really seen her that much. (I’m old).

      • No – you’re not old. I don’t think anyone gets it. I like her tunes but she is a complete freakshow. She’s like the lovechild of Marilyn Manson and Courtney Love. My bf saw her bloody performance and was like WTF?!? I really doubt the youngins in high school are going to ride Gaga’s trends literally. Are they going to show up to school with blood all over their clothes with a kermit puppet? That’s the quickest way to get yourself committed. Btw – Gaga is reminding me of Bruno lately with the ‘over-the-top’ theatrics. Anyone else?

      • Lady Gaga is really a dude.

    • OH YEAH to the old folks JodieO…I so felt the same way….we should have had our own party…complete w/prune juice/pepto/no-doze….I’m just thinkin…
      The fact that we hung in there long enough thru all that crap to see the trailer…we should be proud!!! It was sooo worth it!

    • Ok, so I’m old, too, fact already established…

      But I am confused… I thought DCFC was going to perform last night??? I don’t know who they are (GASP!) so was really looking forward to their performance… Were they the band with the guy in the glitter dickie? Is THAT normal??????

      • girls she is trying to be “artistic” and though she a great songwriter and live performer most times it just comes off as out there. and thats probably what she wants.

        DCFC DUDE we thought the same thing! thought there would be a video or performance. NOPE all they have is the song in full on with a still photo. i want the whole thing!

        • I don’t think I need to tell you how devastated I was that DCFC was nowhere to be found. It was one of the reasons I was able to justify watching it… My ALL CAPS angry tweet to you last night was proof enough of my despair. VMA’s fail!

      • “Glitter dickie” reminds me of Sparklepeen.

        But no, that was All American Rejects. I thought he looked very glam and Bowie-like.

  6. Hm.

    Mullettstew killed the mullett!

    When Russell slammed the US for the lack of healthcare, I so wanted to hug him! I just love him but maybe I am totally weird.

    Breakdown of love’s reaction to Twilight:

    “Who is that hott chick?”

    “Is your bf drunk?”

    “You didn’t tell me your BF fights the evil dudes!?!?!”

    I think that may make him actually want to go!

    • Why the thumbs down?

      Is it because you are one of those who want people to die in the streets?

      How very un-Cullen of you!

    • i think her hair was just pinned back to reduce the mullet quotient.

      and i love a good healthcare jab!

  7. tracking back – The Morning After – The MTV Video Music Awards… tracking back – The Morning After – The MTV Video Music Awards…

  8. I wonder if MTV was P-I-double-S-ed that the Twicrew left a few VERY obvs empty seats in the front row? It wasn’t obvious? Just me pausing the TV every time there was an audience pan praying HE would finally be sitting there? mkaythanks.

    Kristen looked good, but her posture and overall awkwardness totes ruined the look.

    Rob, Tay? Two toethumbs way up!

    • I embarrassingly (is that a word?) did the same thing….more than I am even willing to admit even here…Oh the shame of it all…I am not normal!!

    • kstew will forever be awkwardsten so i just had to give it to her for showing up looking awesome. we can build from here people. posture and less awkward NEXT awards show!!

  9. I haven’t seen the awards show yet (it’s not on here in the UK until tonight) but I’m sending out big Essex love to Russel regardless. His humour never translates in this type of events so he’ll need it. I’m sure I’ll cringe my way through the ceremony tonight but I’ll love him none the less for being a cad and a bounder.

    • I love Russell too. I read My Booky Wook, and he may be one of the most intelligent, honest, hilarious people on the planet. VMAs are not his milieu, maybe even beneath him.

      • I think he’s hilarious. Very rude humor but hilarious. I thought he didn’t really get a chance to say much, other than to introduce people.

    • he doesnt translate at all and they should know that from last time around. leave it to someone who can host a show, not someone who’s funny in other situations.

      oh and i love cad and bounder! now i gotta work that into my vocab!

    • I heart Russell Brand too, I thought he was really funny at the awards.

  10. AND — Muse killed it! I have never seen a performance of theirs. Well done, lads. I recently described them to my friend as a mix between Depeche Mode, Queen, U2, and a li’l old school Duran Duran thrown in, with a modern twist. They did not disappoint.

  11. HOLY crap! I may have rewatched the trailer 4 times last night.
    And Moonie, so surprised you put yourself on video!


    SO psyched for the midnight showing in November. WOOT.

    • ME TOO!! Can’t wait!!

      PS Moonie pie is kewl, even tough I hate her…and by that I mean the opposite again.

    • i know! there i am in the flesh acting the fool! glad you enjoyed!

      • Moon – I absolutely LOVED your reaction video!!!!!!! You girls had me smiling and laughing so hard it produced tears. There’s nothing like your first time…’ll remember it always…..and you girls have captured it on video. haha 😉 Thanks for sharing!!!

  12. I might only say this once, so I better make it good:


    Rob, can you make it official already? It might just have been the perfect moment, your girl looking all stunning and stuff. Well, not just stunning. Her best look ever. Best look of the whole VMA…ever. Best look of the entire hollywood teen scene…ever. If I had black hair I’d be ordering a styled mullet at the salon. No kiddin’.

    P.S. You all looked cute! Best look of the twi-fandom ever.

    • I don’t know if I’d go as far as to say she looked hotter than Ashley, but Kristen did look adorable last night. I love her haircut. She was looking very pretty.

      • I love how she cut her hair and it was the absolute same thing I did when I suffered an involuntary mullet so I also find that amusing. Waited for it to grow out enough to give myself a short bob that I could pass off as even remotely feminine.

    • Im sorry to say this and I may get totally slammed for it, but I think Ashley’s style is horrible. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… Yes her body is rockin’ but 90% of the time (on award shows) I think its an epic fail. She tries WAY too hard to be stylish… Her everyday style is adorable… but seriously, but the bump it away and give Mango/ Kris Kattan his skirt back .
      KStew looked amazing, but I don’t think there has been a premiere or an award show where I thought she looked bad… I even liked her teen choice awards rockin’ republic dress… Her makeup always looks amazing and she can rock heels or sneakers anytime
      okay enough of my fashion commentary…
      I heart ashley long time still.

    • i gave you a thumbs down just because ashley is my BFF but i might agree… a teeeeeny bit. AHHH!!

      • Shhhh… Ashley won’t be your girlfriend if you criticize!

      • honesty is the best policy moon. I’m just trying to be a good friend to ash by telling her that her outfit was a bad choice I would totally want her tell me if my butt looked big in my skinny jeans wouldn’t you? That’s what friends do! It normal!

  13. I just have to say KStew looked good, but when she opens her mouth, she is so Twi-tarded. She is an actress, can she not act normal? Im so tired of the awkward shiftiness, like she has to pee!!

    Taylor makes me want to commit a felony.

    Rob was cute as ever!!

    Beyonce had me fake lesbian, she was smoking hott!

    Regardless of the lack of awards given, the lack of twi appropriate celeb footage, I am still marking the calendar until November!!

    • Gal, I hear you. “Please…stay here for me”. Oh sweet baby Jesus, I just about passed out.

    • Taylor is entirely beautiful in person, I saw him last night and there wasn’t a flaw–and I’m not even into Taylor. I was with my best friend, and hoped for her sake her fantasy would be true and she got to hug him, and she told me that it took sheer willpower to let go and not give into the temptation to cradle that baby face into her hands.

      • Can’t even imagine being at an event like that…secretly..(not so much now I guess) am adding to TOP of my Bucket List:
        Go to any award show that “THEY” might be at, dressed in an incredible dress/makeup/heels etc. after all who would really notice “the drunk person” in the crowd…holding up big THANK YOU sign and on the reverse side LOVE YOU ROB…LET ME BE YOUR MAMA…..

        • Please do add it to the top of your list!! because honestly it was seriously the most exhilarating night of my life and I didn’t even expect it. I went with my bestie to see our beloved Taylor Swift perform, and we were later two of 20 people randomly chosen to do a red carpet assignment and so everyone came by us. I’m not starstruck by people I don’t really have much interest in, but when I met Ashley I could have left right there because she was so sweet and it made my year.

          • Ok moving it up for sure…but there is not a chance in hale I will ever get to anything like that…not living where I live and not with the way I am now..but I can dream right!!! It isn’t even about wanting to see the “stars”. (ok maybe Rob)….met plenty of them in a previous job…its just I have always watched these award shows (except the VMA’s) and thought….I wonder what it FEELS like to BE THERE….

          • WHA!? How did I miss this news?? You were THERE? On the red carpet! Meeting Ashley and Taylor? WHAT!? You ARE writing a letter about this experience, aren’t you?

          • @bellasnemisis lol letter? I wrote about it on my blog and posted up some pictures I took of Ashley. Everyone was all over Taylor when he finally arrived but they left her alone for the most part.

  14. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your fan girl reactions vid……

    Totally got the “trying desperately to hold it in and look cool when inside I’m burning like the fires of hades” thing !!! That was soooo me when I was watching it with my Son and Mum…..<3 you'll for sharing

    Is it wrong? {no ,not to gasp and drool at shirtless Rob, we all know That's Normal!!} but to get soooo hot watching Rob be thrown around in the fight sequance?
    I was burning girls, burning…so is That's Normal too?

  15. Hahahah! Love you girls to pieces.

    That was pretty similiar to my reaction. Major difference being, I was with my boyfriend. And, no longer able to hide my fan girl squees, my true level of fan girl was revealed. I’ve been ousted! He was a little weirded out… I almost punched him.

    I should have watched it with girl friends!

    • yea we didnt invite dudes for a reason! sorry boys, not this time. i cant clutch an edward pillow in your presence.

      • I love that you had an Edward pillow to cuddle.

        I may or may not have walked around Hot Topic with that in my hands… Only to put it back with the thought of having to go up to the spikey-haired girl at the counter and actually buy it. Online shopping wins.

      • Yeah you were easy to spot! I knew right away you’re the one w/ the Edward pillow! LOL

        • Definately need one of those pillows… go with Blanket Rob….at first when I saw the pic this a.m. I quickly checked to make sure Moon hadn’t stole it right off my couch…cause it looks exactly like the blanket…imagine my relief when he gazed up at me lovingly….but so have to have the pillow to rest my lips…I mean my face….I mean my head on….sweet ….

          • Midnight sin – Hahah! How ru? See this morning I stole my daughter’s Rob pillow. She was not so happy with me but I was feeling sick today and I had to cuddle with Rob.

            You can make one. Just get a pillowcase and chose a photo of babycakes that you like. Print it on one of those iron-on transfers and then iron it on to the pillowcase. The one got is so great! He’s touching his hair! Sigh.

  16. I was so happy they unearthed Adam Brody, too! I miss him, but not enough to subject myself to Jennifer’s body. Maybe I’ll watch him and KStew’s lack of chemistry in “in the land of women.”

    speaking of KStew, she was hot. Like i now have a crush on her and her R&R shoes hot. She defied all odds and managed to make the mullet sexy; she looked like she wanted it. Hard. And this was probably the most eloquent I’ve ever seen her, even though I know she was just reading the teleprompter.

    All in all KStew was total win. Ill need to assess more pics of Rob, but he looked good, and Taylor, Taylor, Taylor. I’ll save my comments for February. I think he made shakira giggle nervously from the hotness.

    • OHHH so it’s jennifer’s body that he’s in!! i couldnt figure it out for the life of me why he was there other than to make us squeal with delight.

      and yes i think shakira had a bit of a fangirl moment. cause you KNOW she wrote shewolf about her and taylor! HA

  17. I salute you guys for holding out on watching the trailer. I am a big whore and could not abstain like that. I’m no Edward. So, what’s the level of embarrassment at watching your video of you watching the trailer while holding your Edward pillowcase!?!? 3rd-hand? 😉 Y’all were super cute.

    My thoughts on the debacle:

    Russell Brand is a new kind of anti-sexy-unfunny-fatgirl-manlegs-hybrid-of-douchebaggery. Srsly, MTV … ANYone else. Dana Carvey. Chevy Chase. Someone from another decade would have sufficed.

    Taylor in his Calvin Klein … I’d like some “tailoring” myself, please.

    Rob was so sweetly drunk that it made me slur my squeals. ” … bring YOoooOOUuu an esssskloossive look …” Yes, Rob. I’ll take an exclusive look with a side of free-ball. Thankyouverymuch.

    Kristen looked fabulous. Her hair. Make-up. Skin. Shoes. Just all awesome. I just want her to stand up straight and not touch her face.

    On the Robsten front, they were couple-y cute. KStew was all up on looking at his fly. I don’t blame her, but for someone who didn’t even sit in the audience for fear of too much attention, she sure was all up in his business while they were onstage.

    • Yes, Rob. I’ll take an exclusive look with a side of free-ball. Thankyouverymuch.

      done. you shut it down. thank you! amazing.

  18. I forgot to watch it. Once I realized it was on I was already in bed and drifting off to slumberland. I figured you would cover all the good stuff…and I was right.

    You didn’t yada, yada over any of the important stuff…like brownies and cupcakes.

    And yes, Taytor-Tot is seriously KILLING me (in Georgia so it’s ok) and KStew…WORK.IT.GIRL!!!!

  19. Gtreta pics. It looks you guys had some great fun.

  20. Great reaction vid ladies!! I had a similar reaction, goosebumps, gasping, squeeing, well, maybe some major squeeing…

    Question, will the Quad be breaking down the new trailer VFS?? Cause I’m wondering if anyone else thought KStew’s “sleep-screaming” sounded a lot like her “there’s-a-shard-of-glass-in-my-leg-and-a-vampire-bit-me” screaming.

    But I LOVED KStew’s new hair at the VMAs. Death to the mullet!!

  21. Ok, it was a pretty entertaining two hours, but I was sooo disappointed that Rob wasn’t in his seat. Why Rob? Watching him slur through one line that was obviously written for him- it just wasn’t the usual charming, witty Rob. He didn’t seem thrilled to be there either.

    Oh,well let’s hope there are some great NM interviews to drool over.

    He did look hot, though-as always.

    • Rob wasn’t in his seat because
      a) he was at the bar
      b) him and kstew were gettin’ it on in the bathrooms
      c) he took Kanye’s bottle of Hennesey when Kanye was thrown out and went and got drunk in the bathrooms with kstew while they were gettin’ it on.

      • Please be a), please be a), please be a)…..
        remember our motto…….if he’s not ‘doing me’ he’s pounding spam……..

        • Well if he was going to do her at all I would of hoped the VMA’s would be the time because she looked so pretty and her hair actually looked like it had been washed in the past 5 days. I’m still a I don’t give a Crapsten but I like kstew, and all her awkwardness.

      • d, all of the above?!

  22. Great pic sounds like you guys had lots of fun. And ate well too

  23. well i missed this last night. i thought it was on tonight. at you guys bring me the news so i don’t have to sit through its stupidness. anyway WOW kstew looks good. what happened. at least the mull-ette is gone.

  24. How much do I love you girls! Wish you had been there too UC! Kudos for the reaction video, srsly…

    Rob + Several Beers + Nerves = Absolutely the BEST possibly version of Rob…ever! ” We bbrrrraaangggg you! Unnnnn, exxxxcluuuuuuusswwif….

    OMG. Still head over heels. Kristen look amazing. Tay looked…um, uncomfortable. And the vma’s suck….HARD!

  25. I can’t tell you how much I wish I was at your party!! Around here, It was me, and hubs, who showed up to watch with me AFTER the trailer, thank god, so I could squee in peace, and a bottle of Vitamin R.

    As for your ’embarassing’ video, YOU ARE ALL SO CUTE AND ADORABLE I CAN HARDLY STAND IT.

    I knew it!! LTT/LTR babes are some high quality gals, and as for keeping yourself pure and watching it last night, I salute you. Well done.

    Aaaaand, Kanye, wtf? Gaga, wtf? Pink, give your trainer a raise! More Rob? Yes, please.


    • awww we needed you and some vitamin r at our party! for realz! i wish we could have every ltt/ltr girl togetjer for the big moment.

  26. p.s. – How on earth am I supposed to get work done today with all the morning after excitment?? Another work day down the drain because of Twidom….

  27. Stupid work, blocking youtube 😦 I’ll have to watch the fangirl explosion tonight at home.

    I literally hate myself for watching those awards. But the trailer was worth it. SO AMAZING.

    Speaking of the Kanye/Taylor Swift mess… Where WAS Taycob during all of that?! After TaySwift was swept off the stage, Taycob was nowhere on screen. He should’ve been comforting her at the very least, but really he should’ve served Kanye up with a Chuck Norris style roundhouse. Taycob, she’s your lady of the same name – your Taydy – STAND UP FOR HER.

    Also, stupid Russell Brand. I can think of another Brit I’d like to see host… can you imagine Rob hosting the VMAs? hahaha awkward central.

    • He should have morphed into a cgi wolf (or at the very least ripped his shirt off) and mauled Kanye.

    • ‘your Taydy’


      • haha thanks for getting what I was going for with the “Taydy” business… I thought it was a hilarious concept, but sometimes my “brilliance” doesn’t translate (aka people don’t think I’m funny). ❤

    • OMG….Rob hosting the VMA’s…..LTR ladies would have material for 10 years! I think I would just implode on the spot. poof.

    • so i totally sat there too and was like “WTF taytay… do something?!?!” in hindsight… i’ve got no effing clue what i wanted him to do. but if he had stepped forward and perhaps done a backflip from a stagnat, standing position, he might just have eased the tension for the moment. and i don’t want to hear that he was wearing a calvin klein suit and didn’t want to rip it. Ninja’s don’t worry about their clothes ripping … they are that good. werewolf’s always have a backup pair of shorts tied to their ankle… so i ask, again, what was his problem? He’s a ninja werewolf… he shoulda been all over that.

      p.s. how cute was it that he wanted to see her and she wanted to see him. way to blow it Tay.

      • I think I love you.

        It’s true, though. I’m not sure what I was expecting. He’s just a kid after all… But it was right after all the adorableness on the red carpet of them saying they wanted to see each other so I figured at LEAST he’d put his arm around her. He has much to learn…

  28. I’m so happy I can share my Twilight freak outs with y’all! I have watched the trailer many times since Friday, and tried my best to explain my excitement to friends, but no one seems to get it. I’m going to have to pay someone to hit the midnight showing with me. Movie looks awesome.

    The Twilight trio brought it. Taylor looked good, but he seems to have some sort of Chippendales persona going on to me. Kristin was gorgeous, I loved her eye makeup too and may have paused the DVR to dissect how it was applied. Rob, hot – end of story.

    Counting the days!

  29. I still can’t stop watching the trailer …loves it!!

    Ashley totally rocked the red carpet. Her red skirt was definitely better than the gold! I couldn’t get over how good Kristen looked …and I love that she cut the mullett! Obviously the trailer was super exciting and yes, it had like 10 seconds of extra footage, but if I had of known that would have been the highlight of the night, I woulda skipped the whole thing and waited for your update today 😉

    and finally, DrunkRob …there are no words ::le sigh::

  30. I’ve always been a KStew fan, and I respected her for the choice to don the mullet for the Runaways, but now that it’s gone, I love her even more. I have a question, though. Is the mullet gone or did she do one of those ‘tuck’ hairstyles. I’m not sure if she cut it or not. Doesen’t matter, the girl is fierce. Loved me some DrunkRob. Loved me some tailored Taylor.

    Oh yeah, and…

    “FUCK U KANYE. IT’S LIKE U STEPPED 0N A KITTEN.” I’m quoting Katy Perry’s twitter (I think she said it best).

    • i think it’s just pinned back. she wouldnt cut the mullet. thats where her power lies.

      oh and katy perry’s tweet rocked. as did pinks!

      • Ya, I found it later on eonline that her reps said it was just pinned back. Maybe she’ll get so many compliments on the ‘do, that it will encourage her to cut it…but I really don’t think that’s how KStew rolls.

  31. Oh, and I LOVED the reaction video. Ya’ll were soooo cute!

  32. I heart you guys for filming yourselves watching that premiere! So great to know how many Twigirls are my age and still feel/act like tweens about this movie/book series! Solidarity! Robsten 4life!

  33. I LOVE that the two Pocket Edward’s are shaking hands in the group pic. Or are they giving daps? Who cares. It’s a WIN!!!


    • They were holding hands. All the sparkling wine and excitement was getting to them.

      • i think i saw them do some OTHER things that wont be mentioned… but they might occur on what some of the kids call SLASH fanfiction


  34. “You can go to hell.”

    and Takechargeward makes another phenomenal appearance! I’m so stoked now.

    The Volturi look so BA.

    And so does your hair-bow, Moon 😀

  35. Depressing enough to realize I am WAYYY older than ALL of you combined….but here is my take on the VMA’s for all its worth..

    I MUCH prefer the VMR’s (Video of “Moonies”Reaction) to the VMA’s!
    If you invite Ashley to do interviews…let her do them!
    Brand.. is ….is…..can’t find the words…how bout SHUT UP!
    Lady GaGa..Getout…Please! So glad I never let my kids watch MTV when they were young! (They left the room on their own while she was on.)…nuf said..
    Kanye…your Mom would have slapped your face! I would have liked too…whilst hugging poor TSwift!
    Pink was awesome if not crazy for that stunt…
    How CUTE was T.L….. 🙂 CLASS ACT ALL THE WAY!
    Hands down KStew looked great..was I the only one to assume the dress was a ref to like dress torn by claw marks???
    Rob…come on plzzz..wear something or pref nothing if you can’t change it up once in a while! (Admit to still hugging Blanket Rob oh so tightly!)
    Kstew deliberately playing it up to TL NOT Rob (0n stage).does she think we are that naive?? That stupid…NO WAY not even me!!!
    The trailer……..OMG…..HIGHLIGHT….I HAVE TO FIND A WAY TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!! Nuf said on that…..
    Question tho..(yes I admit to slow mo) who is Bella riding on the motorcycle w/ that wears a black earring??
    The screaming bed scene…give her a break…is Edward not leaving equal if not worse than a broken bone/bite and thus deserving of such a reaction…it got me ok?
    Best part of the video (aside from almost naked Rob & TL) the water shot of her grasping the fade off of Edward) excellent and sooo much better than the effects/lack -there-of in Twilight!
    (This from my daughter:)They seem to be sticking closer to the book this time?? I will trust her on this…
    In closing…Post-It made for future use… Will be MIA for VMA’s but not VMR’s!!!….thanks ladies….
    P.S. Checking out brochures for the old folks home!

    • “The screaming bed scene…give her a break…is Edward not leaving equal if not worse than a broken bone/bite and thus deserving of such a reaction…it got me ok?”

      Agreed! She’s always a little melodramatic, but I have a feeling that scene (when finally seeing it in full) will break my heart, just like in the book. Yes, I have high hopes… And I know I shouldn’t. I can’t help it!

      • So true…It already broke my heart watching the snipit…who HASN’T felt that way at least one time in there life?? I HAVE TO FIND A WAY TO SEE THIS MOVIE AND READ THE BOOK…….I AM DETERMINED ONCE AGAIN….(yes I am over my major depression from the other day) I apologize to all…hope I am forgiven…. heart you all!

        • Did you sort out your twitter? I’ll follow if you can let me know who to search for if that’s Ok?
          You’re great girl and make the forum a brighter place and we’re all here for the ‘down days’ and no I’m not being dirty for once…..{I did think down and Rob and well…….}

        • You know we offered to kidnapp you and take you to the movie! The offer still stands, bb!

          • YOU ARE ALL SO GREAT! I AM sorry for the other day.. didn’t get good news from the doc…so was really like WTF…
            You are all free to kidnap me anytime!!! Couldn’t ask for better company to hang with…and I AM going to prove them all wrong…watch me…I WILL FIND A WAY TO SEE THIS MOVIE on the BIG SCREEN (chills)!!!
            Twitter: still not sure how to “talk” to people…but my screen name is stareide….fraid I’ll be kinda boring to follow unless I “lose” another I am not on the Forum?…can’t figure that out yet.. gonna work on it tho… 🙂

        • Well….I for one always love your comments here…..and I am glad you are feeling better! 🙂 Your story is amazing….I know you will find a way to read the book and see the movie!!! You can do it!! 🙂

      • It’s been a while since I read the book, but didn’t she have such bad nightmares that she would scream in her sleep and Charlie would have to rush in and wake her up? That’s what I thought that was all about. And I’m not ashamed to admit that it gave me chills. =)

        • JO…tried to twitter you last night…not sure it worked…lol…
          My daughter talked me through the trailer (as we watched over & over & over ) she is so patient and she has read all the books several times..I AM SO PROUD OF HER…lol….she said that…wait..checking notes..that Bella screamed in her sleep for mons. after Edward left? Who could blame her!!!

          • What a great daughter! Yes, I believe that may have been the scene. I need to get my ass re-reading before the 20th.

          • I got it and sent you a reply this morning. =) Hooray for your daughter! You’ll have to make her bootleg the movie for you so you can see it at home. ;P

          • @Katie S…yes she is…two of my daughters are really huge fans…one not so much…love her anyway…son is not..of…but love him too..especially since the fiancee is huge fan…..none of them could figure out who the guy is on the motorcycle scene with Bella buzzing through the street…black round earring??? ANYONE???

          • Cyndi, I think he’s supposed to be a biker dude from the scene when Bella gets her first hallucination. In the book she thinks she spots the guys who harrassed her in Twilight and runs over to them for a little adrenaline rush.

            I think they took some liberties and had her jump on one of their bikes.

          • @Katie S
            Oh this sounds more and more interesting….thanks for the info…I had no idea who this person could be..xo

  36. boyfriend’s reaction:
    “It doesnt look that bad… maybe ill go with you to see it”

    Unicorn in the Making maybe??
    If i read to him instaed, does that count?

    i most def loved your reaction video!
    although i might add, a little nervous to be seen w/out ribbon?
    No need…

    Moon, come with us to see it !

  37. I thought KStew looked very good but didn’t that dress look like the one from the skating costume episode of Project Runway Season 2 (or 3)? The winning garment looked just like that. Wierd flashback.

    I loved drunk Rob but I’m getting a little worried – we always knew he liked to knock a few back with his friends but doing it when you know you’re going to be speaking at internationally-televised event is distrubing … and funny, of course. I thought he was going to fall down the stairs and take KStew and BabyWolf with him.

    I didn’t stay up after the trailer (East Coaster). Did they show the Death Cab for Cutie video?

  38. Am I the only one who thinks Kristin didn’t really do Valentino justice? Like… at all?

    Anna and Ash totally rocked it out. Kristin looked like she borrowed a friend’s dress, it totally didn’t hang right on her. But props to her for leaving the joan jett attire at home.

    • you’re not the only one. great dress, wrong complexion. that girl is wayyyy too pale (“porcelain”, as my BFF likes to say about her own paleness) to wear a flesh-colored dress. i decided to forgive, though, because her new haircut is AMAZING and i’m so proud of her for rocking such a true hipster style. and i am so NOT a kstew fan and i defs live in denile.

      • i do agree the color was a tad off, but again anything thats not a greasy mullet and a 2 week old tshirt is a step up. my expectations for her are exponentially lower so i automatically praise her in anything remotely nice. SAD

  39. Moon I love you personal home video! That was so funny!!!! I wish I had girlfriends that I can gather like that and act silly and do a lot of eating and screaming!

    I was bummed, not enough Rob candy last night…..:-( He looked clean, what a surprise and as usual…dreamy!!! Kristen was hot and so was Taylor! He looks older! Hahah! Are you sure he’s only 17?

  40. the VMA’s were about at pleasant as shoving a pencil directly in your eye. MTV….nice try….now please try again. Mr. Brand go back to where you came from….they obviously think you are funny. We obviously do not. Ok, so Kstew worked it out…..major props to her hair and makeup peeps….they get the gold star of the year award….how you made that mullet classy I will never know. Oh, Robby….I so ❤ you more than usual when you are drunk….drunk Rob = amazeballs. Kanye….shut your piehole no one cares.

    Ps…..the pic of Rob and Ktew embracing… should be a National Day of Mourning today. I am glad I am wearing mostly black.

    • No please please. Do keep him. Why do you think we sent him over in the first place. We’ll swap the one of him for 10 of your crappy comedians how’s that for a deal?

      I really have no idea why they give Russell Brand this gig – I mean in the right situation he is good (gone off the boil a bit recently I think, maybe I’ve just seen too much of him), but his humour is not best suited to the American market.

      • Nice try…..we are sending him back across the pond! 🙂 I have no idea why then keep giving him that gig…..although, I do know lot’s of people who think is stuff is really funny…..maybe in another form it is not as bad! BUT, you guys did give us the lovely Robbie, so I will forgive! hehehee.

      • HAHAH what about a trade that include gallagher, carrot top, dane cook and that “here’s you sign” guy?! are you so sure now??!!

        • Throw in Ralphie May too! It’s a little love bonus for the Brits. I could maybe handle Russell in small doses, but he just doesn’t have enough material to keep up the funny so he resorts to insulting people. He was kind of cute on Jimmy Fallon the other night, but as a host, he sucks. Bring on someone that actually knows music. I’m always down for some JT. He’s dumpster worthy, very witty and I could happily stare at him for 3 hours. Russell on the other hand, should just be tossed into the dumpster.

          • See I don’t even know who these US comedians are! .

            I think half the problem with Russell is that he is only good if he is being absoslutely filthily disgustingly rude (if you like that sort of thing). And a few years back when that was considered quite risque it was amusing in short bursts on things like the Big Brother side show he presented. Now everyone is being coarse in their humour ..

            Tell you one thing – the guy is getting fat again ….

  41. i love how you censored your faces in the photo and than went right on and placed a video 😀

  42. Three Words = LIVE DRUNK ROB

  43. In the last pic not only is poor TayTay on the edge but hello?? Her hand has edged INSIDE his jacket.

  44. I LOVE the way Jacob/Taylor says “He left you Bella, he didn’t want you any more” he sounds completely heartbroken.

    Also, my heart literaly skips a beat with “You can go to Hell” – Oh Edward! You tell them!!

  45. “FINALLY! It was as if Jesus and his Angels came down to hand wash both Rob and KStew and slip them into sparkling garments for the event”

    Ah Moon (or is it UC …. can’t remember) you have such a nice turn of phrase.

    Kristen looked lovely – congrats to whoever sorted out the hair, vast improvement. I am just so glad she looked feminine for a change – it makes looking at the Rob’s arm protectively around her pics (aw sweet I concede) much easier to take than when she’s in tomboy gear and bitchface mode.

    Haven’t seen the show yet …

  46. So I totally watched the show twice at 6 pm live (west coaster) and then a half hour later just to watch it through your tweets… THANK GOD for DVR. I watched it the first time with my sister who is a hater, so I had to hold back the squees and pretend it wasnt a HUGE deal. =(
    The benefit of watching it on DVR is that we just paused it for about a half hour and made cookies, allowing us to fast foward through any part where Russell Brand was speaking/shouting/not being funny.
    I was so expecting Kristen to be a sour puss but she was totally not. good for her! it was obvious that Taylor was going to have to be the designated driver… look at his face compared to their faces while they are presenting…looks like some of that sour puss has rubbed off on Taylor…
    Rob’s pants are hiked SO high Im wondering if her borrowed them from his grandpa.
    I hate to admit it, but I totally squeed when I saw that pic of Rob and KStew… and Im totally a nonsten/ dont give a crapsten… They may make me a believer after all..

  47. Awe, you ladies look like you had so much fun! And the snacks looked like they were to die for.. personally I woulda went with the Robsten brownies over the Nonsten brownies.. just sayin..

    The reaction vid was awesome! It was so hilarious, thanks for the laughs! The ‘clutching of the pillow’ had me laughing my face off, lol.

    Favorite line:
    “The girl comes with us”
    “You can go to hell”
    Dammnnn, Edward.. just lovee that line, plus hes shirtless so that helps

  48. What in the hell *is* Lady Gaga and why does anyone listen to her?? Of course we could used more (much more) Rob and less of KStew’s odd dress. It would have looked better in red or black, IMO. I didn’t watch it – counting on you for coverage! Had to work. Thanks for all the info! BTW, that Taylor is an awesome dresser!! Will not declare him hottspice until he gets older, though.

  49. “FINALLY! It was as if Jesus and his Angels came down to hand wash both Rob and KStew and slip them into sparkling garments for the event.” HAHAHA Oh Moon, I always love your twi-religion references. Perfect.

  50. I so ♥ your party!

    Loved Pink, loved Beyonce, loved Rob, Tay and KStew, missed them in the audience. Is looking up a psychiatrist for Lady Gaga. Kanye deserves to be booed for the rest of his life. Loved Green Day, always love Green Day, always will love Green Day. Russell kept it subtle this time around which was good! Most said “wtfs” by me ever!

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