MTV Music Video Awards! New Moon Trailer, Music Video, Cast Galore! Oh MY!

mtvmovieawardsHey LTT-ers!

Today’s the day for the MTV Music Video awards aka the day we get to see the trailer (a higher quality version at least), see some Twilight star action and of course the music video for Meet Me on the Equinox by Death Cab for Cutie! It’s an action packed day to say the least. Though some/most of you might after already seen the trailer by now that was leaked online, I am taking one for the team because I have agreed to record myself and my viewing parties reaction to the trailer ON VIDEO. Yea, I might totes embarrass myself but hey, that’s normal right? So I’m prepping my vocal chords for my best fangirl sqee’s, microwaving some carrots for hor’dourves and ironing my Pattinson Pants to prepare for tonight’s festivities.

Don't trip yall! I mean Kristen!

Don't trip yall! I mean Kristen!

Since I’ve vowed to remain a pure virgin (that’s what Rob likes) until the big moment to preserve my honest reaction I’ve stayed away from the interwebs since Friday except to write this blog post and created my purity my own personal purity campaign: “Worth the Way 09.” And since the temptation is so strong I’ve even had a sponsor to help me stay on track since UC is away on a mini weekend vacay. Kristin (rockin’ forum mod) has talked me down from several ledges in my quest to stay pure. Everytime I’d get the itch or I just happen to be getting on my computer to “check my email” she’d text out of the blue to ask me what I was up to or to tell me Rob didn’t like it when I lied. It’s like SHE KNEW! I was just a junky looking to hide my attempts at getting my hit. It was like my other personal episode of Intervention. Only I’m addicted to Vampires and a boy named Rob and a book written for teens and not the bad stuff. Buuutttt here we are, we’re finally to Sunday and it’s t-minus a few hours until I can finally see what we’ve all be waiting for: shirtless Rob The New Moon Trailer!!!!!

What I’m looking forward to:

  • Death Cab music video
  • Ashley as the fashion correspondent on the red carpet. Can we just imagine for 2 seconds how she’s going to lie when she asks Rob/KStew who they’re wearing and then tells them they look great
  • Seeing whether Rob steals his shirt from David Slade or the hotel bel hop
  • Double checking that the front doors and windows are locked for when Taylor presents. I don’t need Chris Hansen sneeking in
  • Will Kstew, trip, fall or otherwise make out entire evenings?
  • The trailer (uh, duh)

(yup, this is it if you haven’t seen it yet)

So what are you looking forward to? And won’t you join us as I live Tweet the awards from the West Coast starting at 830ishPST. Will I pass out? Will Rob revive me with only his gaze through the TV screen? How many cupcakes will I shove in my mouth? Only time will tell!

Quickly leaving the interwebs to call my sponsor!


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UC write to Rob at LTR
Prepare yoself for the awards and chat it up while the awards air in the Forum!

45 Responses

  1. Yeh I watched the trailer.
    I literally have no self-control.
    The only time I have ever exerted any was when Deaty Hallows was being released and it got leaked.
    I’m soooooooooooo excited cos we’re actually getting the awards live down here for a change! Squeeeee!

    Well done on staying pure!

  2. Can’t wait to see the reaction video! I expect it to be high-quality reaction vid complete with screaming, gasping, cursing, hitting those near you, and running about the room.

  3. On video reaction? Sweeeet! I should have thought of that…

    Keep oxygen nearby…I’m just sayin. x

  4. Kudos for remaining pure.. I can’t imagine what that must feel like. You’re such a twi-tantrist.

    My only hopes for tonight are that Rob doesn’t wear the Nikes, that he thinks before he speaks (I can’t take another “popcorn coming out of my pants”, it will seriously shatter my Rob obsession), that KStew drops something again and makes a fool out of herself on TV, and that she doesn’t pull a stunt like trying to kiss him again. That’s all.

    Happy VMA night, everyone!

    • “that he thinks before he speaks (I can’t take another “popcorn coming out of my pants”,”

      Oh, but isn’t that the Robway? Diarrhea of the mouth? And isn’t that part of his charm? Don’t be too hard on our poor Rob (that’s what she said). He knows not what he says.

      • Usually I love his verbal diarrhea, but that was too much for me. What consoles me though, is that I’m sure the second he walked off that stage he thought “I’m such an idiot!”

  5. Oh, and can we please get a close-up of Pattinson Pants? Please?

  6. OMG the video reaction is going to be the sh!t…YAY!

  7. I am sorry I have to ask…but..I REALLY want to “follow” tonight on twitter….can someone please tell me how? (See this is why I wasn’t going to comment anymore) I hate being the resident Twi-dumbass… 😦

    • go to and create an account for yourself. Once you have created an account across the top of the screen you should seen ‘home, profile, find people, etc’ Click on find people. This will bring up a screen with a search box. Type in ‘letter2twilight’ and their name should pop up below and to the right of it should be a button that says ‘follow’. Click it. Then click ‘home’ at the top of the screen where you’ll be able to see the ‘tweets’ of the people you are following. You will need to keep refreshing your screen to see any new updates. Let me know if you need any help! =)

      • I SO HEART YOU…….IT WORKED!!! You explained it perfectly!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! XOXO

        • You’re welcome! I’m JodieO on twitter, too, if you want to follow me, though I can guarantee I’m not nearly as interesting as LTT. Or Peter Fachinelli or Billy Burke who are also on Twitter. =)

          • 🙂 no one is as boring as… mine would read”on the couch today” “looking for chicken” “on the couch today” So YOU will seem really exciting!!! It would be cool to “follow” PF and BB too.. wow…my friends on LTT are really opeing up my very limited world!! THANKS! BTW my twitter name is stareide….

          • @MidSin: I see you! =) I’ve put in a request to follow you, too, but you will need to approve it. And if you don’t wat me following you that’s perfectly fine, too. =)

          • @JodieO….Of course I will approve…but I promise you will be bored lol….I just checked and it said your name but from Iran?? Is that you or did I do something wrong?

          • @MidSin: Nope, it really does say Iran. A few months back when the conflict in Iran was going on Twitter was the only way Iranian people were getting news in and out of the country. Those of us on the outside were asked to change our locations to Iran so it would be harder for their government to track down the people on the inside who were using Twitter, I have no idea whether or not it worked, I just got sick of people telling me 90 times a day that I *needed* to do it. I hope it helped!

    • Hi Sin,
      If you click on the twitter link from here, then click top right hand corner ‘join twitter’, you then fill in the details and click create my account and you are sorted with your account. you might want help reading the security letters as they are a bit obscure. If you need anything else I’ll do my best but I’m a bit twittertarded myself…..

  8. wasn’t aware that Twivirginity was required, so have seen it at least a dozen times in at least a dozen different qualities on every site i could find—will be keeping company tonight with Wynken & Blynken while trying to avoid NOD since i also am cheering for Lady Gaga & her chances against Beyonce´—<3

  9. omg! i love bein mia all week and BOOYAH! come here and have such great news. but hey, not happy about amanDUH. i’ll miss her terribly.

    when is the deadline for the “we are the rob” vids?

  10. What happened to the video?

  11. I am counting down the hours Twi-hards! So cannot wait! I just hope they don’t drag it out, you know how they do, those big time execs, making us all swoon and drool and pant heavily waiting for the Robward and Taycob fixes…The Bastards! Don’t they know that over age fans and teenage girls have work/school tomorrow. Thank all that is holy for TiVo!

    Can’t wait for the reaction video, it promises I’m sure to be as good, if not better *wink* than the VMA’s themselves!

  12. I CANT WAIT.


    ok. i’m better. until later.

    • Ha ha ha Ashley! You gotta let your inner fangirl out every now and then.

      I hope this video turns out better than when we snuck into Bandslam to watch the preview.

  13. There was once a time where I was above watching the VMA’s. But now, I’ve sold my soul and am not thinking twice about parking my ass in front of the TV to suffer through Miley, JoBros, etc, all for a few glimpses of our beloved Twi cast. And even the fact that I’ve already seen the trailer (countless times), isn’t enough to sway me from watching. What happened to me???

    • I am right there with you…I didn’t even know what the VMA’s were! Had to google…I don’t want admit to anyone that I am taping it to watch after everyone goes to bed….lmao!!!! For me I guess it has to do with being able to accomplish something/anything since the accident…reading/watching Twilight everyday gives me a sense of purpose…to reclaim some part of the old me….and then it led me to this site and I found such great people and I started laughing again…so I say “The hell with it, I am proud to be a Twinut!!”

  14. Is it normal that I cannot stop watching the NM trailer? That I have saved all three and keep trying to put the peices together?? That I had set the DVR the day you all said the “holy trinity” were going to be there? (After googling VMA’s…duh..) That I cannot no matter how hard I try, stay away from LTT/LTR and everyone here, that I have come to adore? That the BEST part of my day, everyday, is being here???? IS IT NORMAL???

  15. Hey, no one has mentioned it…
    Isnt today bella’s birthday?

    Join me:

    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday Dear virginal queen of teen vampire lovers,
    Happy birthday to you!!

    wonder what Edward will get her that she will moan and groan and act pissy about this year?

  16. Oh, hey! It is Bella’s b-day… her 2nd birthday since she was turned into a vamp, so that means that her “vamp” b-day was… on the 11th? (when she was bit).

    And yeah… I didn’t have any sort of restraint either, but I guess everyone who has seen it agrees that it is amazing (I even got 2 ppl to promise to go and see the movie w/ me just based on that trailer!)

    Can’t wait to see the reaction video!

  17. Oh Lawdee this is going to be fun.

    Moonie & Co + cocktails + VMA’s + Kstew Mullet + ROOOOBBBBB + video camera = Laughing so hard you might possibly turn your innie bellybutton into an outie.

    That aside, is this “How many cupcakes will I shove in my mouth? ” a request that I make cupcakes again Moon? I was thinking about brownies this time instead, you know, change it up a bit.

    I’m getting fangirly!

  18. I havent watched it either!
    it was completely my choice too.
    I was a little angry when it leaked, so that partly had to do with me waiting.
    I just didnt want to ruin the moment when RobTayKris presents it.

  19. I haven’t watched it either. I wanted Rob to be the one to show it to me 🙂

  20. Please trend #BadKStewFashionSense!!!

  21. OMG!! The trailer was AWESOME! Thanks MTV for giving us more to talk about!! We recorded it and have watched it 5 times already [because its normal] ! I loved it and I love you!!

    Waiting for 11.20.09…

  22. Awesome trailer–it looked like it had a bit more content than what was leaked online.

    So was it just me or did Rob sound a little drunk during the trailer presentation…or maybe he had a stroke backstage and we should be happy he was able to read the teleprompter? Cute Drunk Rob…

    Sorry Mistresselektra, but I liked Kristen’s hair and outfit. I think she looked great.

  23. Shit.. No more mullet..

  24. Been away for two weeks – and missed you ladies a lot! Good to be back in the real world. (or the equivalent thereof)

    I found the vid on the Forum after endless disappointments elsewhere, and I was SO THRILLED!! (What’s the use of being a virgin, when the other alternative is so much more enjoyable??)

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to catch the Awards anytime soon, since I don’t have the appropriate channel over here, and it doesn’t seem to be scheduled anywhere I can watch it anytime soon after this weekend…Booohooo!

    So tell me all about it!!
    Being generally a repeller of technology this may be the one thing that would make me join Twitter…

  25. AAAAAHHHH, MUSE!!!! I didn’t know they would be there. I can hardly breathe they were… just, (tear) so (sob) beautiful (snif). Oh yeah and Rob was lovely too.

  26. […] about, with bonus shirtless werewolf action. MTV Music Video Awards! New Moon Trailer, Music Video, Cast Galore … Sep 13, 2009 MTV Music Video Awards! New Moon Trailer, Music Video, Cast Galore! Oh MY! Posted on […]

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