Dear Friends,

I have a Cullen Frown for you today:

AmanDUH has removed her videos off YouTube.

Give yourself a minute. Yes. It’s true. We will no longer have her versions of Decode or her own vampire-themed creations or her reenactment of Twilight to bring us daily Cullen Smiles. My dissapointment is beyond words….

People all around the globe twitter are in an uproar over the news with laments, words of encouragement and expressions of their dissapointment

AmanDUH…thank you for being the queen of 2nd hand embarrassing!! That.Is.All

“it’s a sad day for the youtube world”

Maybe she’ll move on to do really disturbing fan fiction?

I’m just here lamenting over the fact that AmanDUH doesn’t want to share her “gift” with us any longer

why? WHY would she delete what the world was MEANT to see?! Who will I turn to when I am seeking out a girl in a 1993 striped shirt from kmart to sing to me about twilight?

Um… the world is safe once again?

I am guessing AmanDUH stopped publishing her great works because the response was overwhelming. She was starting to get as much attention as the actors themselves….yeah, thats probably it. I mean, I am suprised at the number of fan letters I myself sent her.

I don’t think I’ve ever watched AmanDUH’s videos before. But I can tell from the still of the video that once was that I’d rather walk in on them having sex then see them reenact Twilight (and that’s saying a lot because it looks like that dude has never had sex, and if there’s one thing I hate to watch, it’s awkward first times. )

Why AmanDUH? WHY!?

Thankfully, AmanDUH left us a (kinda long) video explaining why, where she discusses the haters (we are not included. Because we don’t hate. We love) & shows the mean comments & a message she received from someone saying they would kill her for making such bad music. WHO WOULD WANT TO KILL AMANDUH?

Elektra said:

I just thought she was in on the joke, making herself look goofy. I didn’t know she was taking it so seriously And there’s no real reason for anybody to say they’d like to kill her or her family or anything like that- that was uncalled for. We loved her!

Uncalled for. I’m MAD. So I call for RESPECT. RESPECT for AmanDUH, RESPECT for her art, RESPECT her for her ability to provide us with countless hours of laughter. No one brings us a Cullen Smile like AmanDUH


Moon: AmanDUH I will miss your drawn-on tear drop tattoo, your belly dancing & bathroom sets. You are a rising star that shined too brightly for us to realize until you were gone.

UC: AmanDUH- I’m so sad to see you go. There is no one else who brings tears to my eyes because of laughter like you do. You are a STAR to me. A star of 2nd-hand embarrassing sure, but a star none the less. I will miss you and remember you fondly, always.

Love & respect,

UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown

PS: AmanDUH has a private site here so if someone wants to pose as a real fan & get ‘inside’ so we can still have access to her videos, that’d be great

What will YOU miss about AmanDUH?

Try to cheer up on LTR
or maybe you’ll find your smile on The Forum

*MTV Movie Awards – Moon will be live tweeting/blogging/whatevering the MTV Movie Awards tomorrow night from her very own viewing party at the Moon McMansion in Los Angeles with a bunch of crazy Twi Hards (ok friends who might read LTT and love Twi)! We hope you’ll join us from wherever you are as we SQUEE our way through the New Moon Trailer and video for Meet Me on the Equinox. Follow us! See ya there!*

32 Responses

  1. I am devastated.
    The fact that we will not get to see such audiovisual masterpieces has left me feeling empty and alone.
    Thank you AmanDUH for touching us with your gift.
    Damn you haters!


  2. “PS: AmanDUH has a private site here so if someone wants to pose as a real fan & get ‘inside’ so we can still have access to her videos, that’d be great”

    uuuhhh, now that would be the definition of taking one for the team, right there.

  3. She wouldnt get so many “haters” (id rather think of them as realists) if she didnt take herself so seriously. I laughed at her goodbye video when it said shes had her taste of what its like to be a star on TV and she doesnt like it!! She is literally deluded…
    I will miss her though- her vids were SO funny and made me feel soooo normal 🙂

  4. It probably wasn’t so much the haters as it was DHS interveneing on behalf of her husbnd.

    • That would be Adult Protective Services (APS).

      I work in a law office and deal with them daily.

      This seems like a case of spousal abuse.

  5. Oh that’s too bad. I’ve only seen one of her videos and I really liked it. I laughed so much! There another one that’s funny, it’s a bunch of high school girls reenacting scenes from the movie. It’s also on youtube.

  6. When I go to LTR I see yesterday’s post-what’s up??

    Amanda, you are cruel to withhold your talent from us.

  7. It’s the end of an era. *sigh* Please tell me someone somewhere saved her videos??

  8. Wow, I’m sorry I missed her farewell video.

    That cat had potential. He is the one whose career will suffer the most.

  9. Vampire movies come and go. The best was Bela Lagose. He was great. This is cool.

    • Whether or not he’s the best is a matter of opinion. I prefer Christopher Lee, myself. However, you aren’t doing dear old Bela any favors until you learn how to spell Lugosi.

  10. Before it’s too late…Summit, grab her up! She would be brill to adapt BD to the big screen or at the very least help creatively. Too much talent for the Twi world not to see.

  11. I am sorry. I probably am the only person to post an honest response to her “goodbye” video. Seriously, this chick NEEDS to grow a backbone. Talented or not, you don’t put yourself out there and then get all pissy when people don’t like your stuff. Either you do what you do because it is what you love, or you don’t do it. For her to even think that haters will care that she says they “won” is just arrogance on her part. I liked her better when she was posting, simply because she was tenacious enough to do it. Boo to her for leaving!

  12. AmanDUH withdrawing her videos is nearly on a par as Stephanie {<3 you} not finishing Midnight Sun ….
    Why do these people deprive us of sooo much pleasure?
    Admitedly the pleasures are vastly different but it's like sex variety is everything and varing your enjoyments only leads to a richer more fulfilled life…sigh….
    AmanDUH thanks for the variety you provided so briefly…..
    Stephanie please, please, please finish Midnight Sun there are a great number of us vastly unfulfilled until you do……..

  13. The Twi fandom needs people like AmanDUH because it makes me feel ok about myself. No matter how much I question my sanity and secretly hate myself while I squee over a tween vampire romance (and a one Mr. Robert Pattinson), I will never ever get to the point where I make videos poorly reenacting the love story. And for that very reason, I am thankful to have AmanDUH there to remind me of my sanity.

    Not to be mean. Or whatever. I seriously love me some AmanDUH. She will be greatly missed.

  14. SO I was trying to stay away from posting….but I can’t stop myself today after seeing the leaked VMA video of New Moon…..It’s incredible….that is all I have to say….

  15. Dear AmanDUH,
    you were ahead of your time and misunderstood, but time will tell and the world will acknowledge your talent and beauty. You will be remembered as one of the greatest artists of all times and mentioned with the likes of Sofokles, Dante Alighieri, Shakespeare, Moliere, Goethe …. and Elvis Presley.
    Never give up.
    Love, Me

  16. My heart is broken.

  17. So I guess Amanduh is now Officially Pronounced Dead?
    I propose a minute of silence as a mark of respect to her sad demise
    GRumblebrrlbleblgrgrurbe…sorry, the cookie tasted to damn good. Respect though!

    60! R.I.P.
    Should we consult Jasper to discuss the flower arrangements?

  18. It’s like a little light when out in the world. A black light, and eyes everywhere are much relieved, but a light nonetheless.

  19. hahahahaha so I just went to her website….

    ” I have left most pages on other sites so this will become my mother ship pretty much where you can view everything of mine. I do not wish to share with those of unpure thoughts. Thanks again for joining me here and I hope you enjoy it here.”

    I guess nobody who’s ever seen Rob or Taylor or Kellan or… any of the Twilight guys, really… or Ashley… is allowed on the site. Anyway, her site looks….interesting… so I recommend it to anyone looking for uplifting music or spiritual enlightenment 😀

  20. Veddersgirl should do it! She owes me.

  21. this is an experiment

  22. saints be, she said—it worked!—:-)))

  23. fuck! her site is a mess. bookmarked it anyway.

  24. Noooo! AmanDUH, how could you? You would MAKE our day with your videos! After seeing your performances, I totally gave up all my plans of ever recording a song myself for youtube, because I could never glitter and shine like you do! (Okay… that, and some other reasons, like, say, total embarrasment.)

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