Our top ten favorite moments in Twilight, the movie

Dear LTT/LTR-ers and Twihards, lovers and haters of this site,

Today is another big day in the life of us here at LTT. Yes, you might have guessed it but today marks our TEN MONTH anniversary. Now not to get all high school relationship on you but we think blogging solid for ten months is a big deal. Countless hours, love, conversations, text messages, good ideas, really bad ideas (trust me, there are tons), blood sweat and tears have gone into these ten months so UC and I want to celebrate this week. In honor of our ten month anniversary we are going to be bringing you a new top ten list every day this week to celebrate and look towards the next ten!

So to kick off our top tens I’m gonna start us off with Top Ten Favorite Twilight Movie Moments! All the little things, the good and the sometimes cheesy things that we loved and couldn’t imagine living without. All the moments that we wanted to see make it in, the ones we didn’t know and the ones that made us fall in love with the story all over again… here they are

10. The Cullen’s enter the Cafeteria

The set up for the whole movie: who are those kids and why are they different and most importantly WHO IS THAT BOY? Why yes, it’s only the hottest boy to ever grace the United States public school system, that’s who. And he just happens to be a Vampire. Ok wait, she’ll learn that later… let’s not get ahead of ourselves now!

09. Animal Attack

Oh Carlisle you kill us with the delivery of that line coupled with the totally obvious stare down you give Edward. Yup, it was totally an animal that killed Buttcrack Santa and not some crazy psycho nomadic vampire that’s going to develop some weirdo fascination with Bella and stop at nothing to kill her. Yup, totes an animal.

Wanna find out what else made our top ten list of favorite Twilight Movie Moments? Follow the cut…

08. Edward Introduces Himself

Cause who else would barge into Biology class to lay it on the line with their new lab partner only to be greeted by a guy who sounds like he’s the weirdo foreign exchange student. Yea, Bella don’t worry about why he’s avoiding class, he’s just hoping the INS doesn’t deport him for his expired visa, not because you smell or are the crazy new girl.

07. Carlisle’s Entrance
In he walks, all confidence and smiles and bad white pancake makeup. Doesn’t matter though cause everytime that door swings open and Carlisle walks in, I inevitably hear: “Doctor Doctor, gimme the news, I gotta bad case of lovin’ you!” playing in my head. Oh Dr. Cullen, if lovin’ you is wrong we don’t want to be right.

06. “I have a date with Edward Cullen” / Charlie and the gun

Who wouldn’t want to utter those magic words: “I have a date with Edward Cullen?” Yea, we know he’s fictional but still. This moment is also classic Charlie and classic Dad! Isn’t it every Dad’s wildest dream to be cleaning a rifle, drinking beer (Vitamin R, holla!) when his daughter’s hot piece shows up to take her out on a date? Yup, pretty much! And Billy Burke nails it!

05. Bella Meets the Family

Another one of those scenes that is so spot-on from start to finish. From Emmett greeting Bella by waving the knife to Carlisle looking so excited to have a human in their house and performing something as normal as cooking for her. I’d have to say my favorite part is Edward’s reactions and total embarrassment in front of his family, I think we’ve all been there when introducing a significant other to our family and being totally and utterly embarrassed by them. The only thing that’s missing from this scene is when Carlisle says “Oh Rosalie, always busting my bowls” which apparently was left on the cutting room floor. What a shame!

04. Buttcrack Santa
Buttcrack Santa should probably be number one on our list based on just how much we talk about him, but at 5 he will stay.  What else can be said about this non-canon character that we haven’t already talked about in length? He’s the character upon which we learn how to make a kitty meow, upon which we learn that they love those little bottles and upon which this blog is built. We’re only sad he had to die because who else will we talk about in all the other movies? Hopefully Tequila Tomas makes it into the final cut.

03. Jasper and the bat / “Oh I think we can handle that”

Really, do we even need to say anything about this scene that hasn’t already been talked about in my post about Jackson and the bat and his delivery of that line in the sexy southern drawl? Nope, other than HOT DAAAYYYUUMM can they give Jasper a bat to uh, play with, in the background of New Moon?

02. The Kiss

He just wants to try one thing… hold very still. And with those words I don’t think any woman, in movie theaters around the world, moved a muscle.

01. Bella Italia – Port Angeles

From start to finish this sequence is pretty much everything it should be: swoon worthy/magnificent/delectable and heart breaking all at the same time. Right off the bat Anna and Christian nail the giggly high school girliness of Jessica and Angela being dazzled by Edward. Then we move to Bella and Edward’s revealing, funny, frustrating and somewhat sad conversation. Kristen and Rob kill this so hardcore, you can see pain and 2nd guessing going on in Edward as he finally decides to let go and let Bella in. And then these lines: “I don’t have the strength to stay away from you anymore… Then don’t” AH! I die. Everytime. And all to Rob singing “Never Think.” Perfection.

So there we have it, our first top ten for our ten month anniversary outta the way. What do you think? What were your favorite moments in the movie version of Twilight?

Still holding still,

PS Stay tuned all this week to see what other top ten’s we create!
PPS UC- today’s the day, ten months ago we had this crazy idea and here we are still doing it. Sometimes I really can’t believe it. But I can’t imagine doing it with anyone else. And that’s what she said! XO!

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Source: Youtube, and the lovely Lion and Lamb galleries

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  1. Ahhhhhh love it!
    The cafeteria scene? Yeh I can say it line-for-line.
    Clever girl, huh?? (I’m sticking to that! Clever not pathetic!)
    Anywho! I effing LOVE when B meets the Cullens. Hilar!
    And the baseball scene?! Helloooooo!
    Supermassive Black Hole is pure perfection in that scene.
    That plus Robward’s finger gesture (tehe) AND Jacksper’s mad bat skills.
    Oh yeh Jacksper TOTALLY does a lil arse wiggle! Srsly.


  2. I holding firm (that’s what she said) to my fave part in the movie. When he backs her up against that mountain. And my subsequent screaming, “THAT’s HOT!” in the movie theater.

    Oh…and…uh…yeah…I also yelled out, “HOT!” when Carlisle turned Edward. I love the man-on-man action. Ahem.

    Happy Anniversary!
    p.s. Just a random aside–today is my in-laws’ 37th anniversary. We’re just celebrating all over the place.

    • You’re like the Queen of LA with your love of the man-on-man action. LOVE IT!

      PS I too enjoy the backing her up against the cave scene in the movie. It would make my top ten. What’s wrong with Moon? Doesn’t she see it? Ugghh!!
      🙂 🙂 🙂

      • i really wanted a top 50 list so i could include everything but then i’d just post a video of the whole movie and say here’s my favorite part: THE WHOLE THING!

    • Did you really yell out, “THAT’S HOT!” in the theater? Cause, I love you even more now. I am always the loudest (laughing, etc.) in movies up here…Canadians, what the heck??? I kid my Husband that ppl need cue cards up here for the funny. Ok folks…that part was funny, laugh, nnnnnnnnnnnow!

  3. Oh loooooooord! I laughed my face off reading this post at 14.05 european time. I am at work ladies….be gentle people are going to think I am crazy laughing by myself alone in my office LOL.

    “In he walks, all confidence and smiles and bad white pancake makeup

    he’s just hoping the INS doesn’t deport him for his expired visa” hahahahaahahahahahahaa

    My top 10 is at the flat in the forum

    • ‘people are going to think I am crazy laughing by myself alone in my office LOL.’

      Don’t worry. That’s NORMAL.

    • seriously the weirdo accent/intro

      Hulllooo i’m edward cullen.


      • That’s dead on how says it! I can kind of see the dudes who didn’t get this role thinking “WTF I could have done that better” when they saw this scene. Ahh… but they don’t have those eyebrow… or eyes… lips… or musty smell, or that greasy hair… or voice… or weirdness… or plaid shirt. I could go on, but I am preaching to the choir here.

  4. omg i love that you guys put the jasper baseball scene in there! i felt like i was the only one who noticed how he flipped the bat and hot that was! i love all the other ones too, and you only left out one of my favorites…the one where edward and bella kiss in the gazebo (not the neck kiss)….he gets this look of total emotion on his face and has that furrowed brow…swoon!

    • OMG- THANK YOU! You nailed it! That look he has on his face when they dance and he kisses her. BY FAR my favorite.

    • The whole prom scene is gorg.

      The way that Edward/Rob looks at Bella/Kristen makes me realize that true love is all we need.

      Sappy but true.

    • oh jacksper. we could NEVER overlook the bat scene. EVER.



  5. These scenes are great . The comments are cool too. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  6. OMG. I totally inappropriately laughed my ass off the first time I saw Carlisle burst through that door in the hospital. He just looked SO goofy to me that I couldn’t handle it. Now I just call him ‘Camoflage Carlisle’ since he blends perfectly into the background. I’m glad you put the PA dinner as #1. Even as I was meanly snickering away at this god awful movie I could see that this scene was absolute perfection.

    Happy Anniversary!

  7. RobWard playing the piano.


    And the kiss. Obviously!


    • Totally. The playing the piano. And Bella sleeping next to Edward and rolling over onto him. Gives me butterflies in my stomach. Every time.

  8. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY LTT/LTR!!! I ❤ U GUYS hardcore!!! UC and Moon you guys are amazing!!! My fave Twi moments…Jasper Hale and the baseball bat and Robward playing the piano!!! *SWOOON* 😀

  9. You missed Mike Newton walking into the classroom and asking Bella “How you likin’ da rain giirrrlll?” pure gold.
    All of the Cullens and Bella are so much prettier/hot in real life without the crappy white makeup, red lipstick and bad wigs (Jackson and Rosalie).

  10. Jasper and the bat is TOTALLY hot.

    All of Rob’s reactions to ‘meeting the family’ are priceless!

    My faves: When he jumps on the roof of the van (although that is totally stupid) and invites her to his house, and my fave bit in the whole film is when he gets out of the car in the Ray Bans! Angela’s brillaint “Oh. My. God.” I think it’s because I imagined Edward is slightly more cheeky/arrogant/sure of himself than how was protrayed in the film and these are the only times it matched with my imagination!

    • “When he jumps on the roof of the van”
      Ohh that’s not stupid! I love that one too! Especially seeing him with that smug grin on his face, knowing he is totally rocking that Forkish jacket. Also, he just looks happy and relaxed for once.

      • Definitely more relaxed. Essentially I imaginged Edward as a total bad boy who ‘walks with the swagger of a man who does well with the ladies’ (someone once described Rob like that *swoon*) and these scenes, especially Ray Ban Edward are the closest to that. Come break the rules with me Edward, we’re both going to hell anyway!

      • it’s true Every man in Washington state owns a coat simliar to that blue one in that scene. It is also true that no man ever looked that good wearing one until rob.

      • OME! That’s definitely my favorite Edward look. BLUE just makes him more Edwardlicious. Mmmmm
        One of my favorite scenes is when Edward and Bella are talking in the Hospital hallway and the by the lockers after the Biology class. *THUD*

    • I’m so with you. I love, love, love this scene when Edward gets out of his car. Definitely that’s my favourite. It totally rocks.

  11. Just totally love the scene, were he jumps on Bella’s truck and pulls the dent out. I just love the jacket he’s wearing in that scene.

    And of course when he plays the piano, who can’t love Robward playing the piano!!!


  12. If anything could make my first day back in rural Georgia bearable, it’s this post. Great job as always! I agree wholeheartedly with your top ten! I had lots of fun watching my favorite scenes. xoxo

    • Glad your back safe and sound!!! Seems like everyone was gone for weeks…lol…(no sense of time) and to open this page and see the top 10!!! Well I am just beaming….I don’t know how to thank you Oedipal, UC, Moon and all my ‘new friends” for making me feel at home here and giving me some place “to go” each day! I so heart you all!!!

    • Yikes! Like Bangor wasn’t bad enough!?!? Kidding. (not really) Hope everything’s working out for you!

  13. I agree. I adore the scene where he jumps on Bella’s truck and pulls out the dent and invites her to dinner. I wish that would have made your top 10.

    I do love your #1 and couldn’t agree more that the scene was perfection. Bella manages not to stutter too much, Edward saying “I don’t have the strength…” (like you, I still DIE everytime), and Rob singing in the background. Le sigh.

    The only other scene I would have added is when Bella is bleeding in the dance studio and Edward’s all “CARLIIIIIIISLE” and then when he says “I’m going to make it go away, Bella.” The pain/ecstasy on his face when he first tastes her is also perfection, in my book. Add Rob singing “Let Me Sign” in the background and it’s just pure WIN. Well played, Mr. Pattinson, well played.

    • I can only ever say the word ‘Carlisle’ like how Edward says it in that scene!!

    • CARRRLLIIISSSLLLEEE what’s my other option?!!!

      yea anytime rob is on screening AND his music is playing is like sensory overload. AWESOME overload

  14. LOVE them all! You guys are awesome! The prom kiss on the neck was kinda hot also…even though i knew it was coming, i still melted

  15. Well, you’ve all covered most of mine but one that’s not yet been mentioned and I liked cause it went more or less according to the book was “You’ve brought a snack?”
    Off for lunch now ……
    Happy 10 month Anniversary ❤ to all


    Fave moments!
    1) When Edward walks into the cafeteria and smirks
    2) “I’m sure I can keep up”
    3) “Huhllo”
    4) When he stays over in her room and touches her cheek as she sleeps
    5) Um….hi, THE KISS!
    6) “what exactly was that?”
    7) When he looks down at his mitosis paper and smiles (biology)
    8) “You are my life now”
    9) The tender ending kiss
    10) “I feel very protective of you”

    I could go on and on but those are my faves!

    • We have the same faves! Only, I think I might replace #6 with “I could always make you”. Best part of the movie not in the book, only not the tree climbing part, because that is still all kinds of embarrassing to watch.

      I’ve been doing so good since I came back from vacation. I even read/obsessed about a non Twilight book for a whole week! (The Time Traveler’s Wife, so good, really.) But, this post is sucking me back in. Again. I think I might just have to bust out the dvd.

    • Yeah I loved the end moment at prom! I have an ongoing thing with gazebos because I’m convinced my life won’t be complete until I get that magical moment. You ever realize that it’s always gazebos + nighttime + twinkly lights = only in the movies. Like in A Cinderella Story.

    • i love that you just used a smiley instead of an 8 jena! hahaa

  17. From now on every time I watch Carlizzle bust through that door, I’m gonna hear “Doctor, doctor, gimme the news…”

    You totes nailed that! =D

  18. Yeeeey to LTR and LTT for delighting my days with a healthy dose of TwiRobSarcasm for the past 10 months! I’d write you girls a song or a poem, but it would definitely end up on the 2nd hand embarrassment pile. I’m not ready to take that road just yet…maybe after the screening of Breaking Dawn.

    Apart from all the obvious Robward moments, I also love Carlisle’s entrance. I’m not a Pfach fan at all, but that man can draw all eyes on that powdery face of his. Actually when introducing the movie to my friends, I had them fully prepared to be dazzled by the E-man. I was quite shocked how they remained completely silent the entire time, especially considering the embarrassing one hour twilight and Edward lecture I gave them prior to the movie. Meanwhile I was dying on the inside, watching them from the corner of my eye during all the Edward scenes, desperately trying to stop my mouth from yelling “what the ef is wrong with you?!”, for they were acting completely indifferent. I was about to give up when Carlisle entered. One of them carefully spoke: “Oh, mmm who’s he? He is quite handsome actually.” and the other one immediately replied “Yeah, argh, why didn’t you mention him?”.
    And so it’s good to know that whenever Robward fails on you, Carlisle will be right there, saving the day.

  19. Rob always that first look on screen effect to me since Cedric Diggory day. I yelped when i saw Cedric jumped off the tree and smile. Then When Edward crooked smiling as he heard Jessica’s mind saying ” apparently no one here is good enough for him “

  20. Ahhhh…Twilight. So bad, yet so good. I think y’all covered most of the highlights, but a few more that I really enjoy. When Edward spins Bella around in his room, dancing to Claire de Lune, and he gets that little smirk on his face when he asks her “what?”. Also when they are in the rain and he is telling her how difficult it is to change humans w/o killing them. Uh, hi – Rob, wet = YUM.

  21. Perfect list! Thanks for all the funny Moonie Pie.

    I hate suggesting things for people to do on their own blogs, but I would still enjoy a quad break down of Twi movie commentary, even though it’s long as fuck! Oh and if you have a top 10 ten list of the bestest parts of Twilight, you must of course have the worst. My #1 worst scene in Twi, the deliverance of the lion and lamb crap, as well as the laying in the meadow scene staring at one another. Make me cringe everytime and want to slap Catty Hardwicke. You and UC’s rendition with the pocket E’s was totes better.

    Alright, no more suggestions! Peace Love Harmony.

    • I’m sorta hoping for a “worsts” list, too… :X

      #1 on my list is DEFINITELY the sad attempt at the meadow scene. The way that Edward and Bella are awkwardly lying in the grass? Looks like his legs are broken. I was so disappointed!

      • I almost vomited in my mouth…..ok I didn’t, but I got real uncomfortable.

      • lmao “his legs are broken”!

        I’ve actually been really guilty of watching, or rather listening, to the commentary almost as often as I’ve seen the movie, and at least both Rob and Kristen also acknowledge that their positions are awkward on the grass!

      • I bust out laughing every time I hear Robward say “I’m on a special diet.” Where did he get that goofy Chicago accent? I reminds me of Elwood and Jake from the Blues Brothers. Totes

      • Another scene that should have been left on the cutting room floor:

        Bella chugging water and hmphing through her nose at Charlie. Then Charlie says “Alright.”
        WTF is the purpose of that scene??

        I wish they would have substituted the dream sequence when Bella crawls across her bed to grab Edward from the corner of her room= way better use of film.

    • JT….I so agree….the lion and the lamb crap….it makes me want to shoot myself in the mother effing face EVERYTIME!!!! ugh. I think a worst scene in Twi would be an awesomely rad list….there are a few…..*running and ducking from the lightening strikes*. Catty Hardwicke….I died.

      My all time fav –

      When Eddy walks into the cafeteria for the first time….le sigh. It was over for me after that point! 🙂

    • That’s true… the only single part of the movie that makes me shrivel a little inside is that one pesky lion and lamb line. Somehow I think that would’ve been best reserved for the book only. Every time I watch with my mom I dread her asking me what “masochistic” means but thankfully she hasn’t caught it yet.

    • My vote for worst line: “Whoa. What. Is. Going. On.” when Buttcrack Santa buys it via animal attack. KStew’s delivery makes cardboard seem lively.

    • them laying is the grass makes me think “crime scene” every time.

      dude. commentary of the dvd will take us 8 yrs. maybe we should break it into sections.

    • the worst = “hold on tight spidermonkey”. seriously Mel!!? What was she smoking when she came up with that little gem and tsk tsk Rob for choosing it too. Totes should have been left on the cutting room floor.

    • I was thinking the same thing!

  22. Congratulations on ten months.
    Happy Anniversary UC and Moon!!!

    Think you’ve covered all my favourite moments; except for Edward fixing the dent in Bella’s truck (which others have mentioned) and the dance at prom.

  23. Oh welcome back ladies and Congratulations on your anniversary!!! I cannot tell you how many times I have watched the top 10 already ( I really can’t tell you as I can’t count that high anymore) but its been a FANTASTIC morning to have them right here on my fav page to watch over and over!!! Could we have a 101/2?? I soooo love that scene when he says “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you and gently touches her chest” OMG….catch my breath….Guess what I will be doing ALL day?? I am in Twilight heaven! SO GLAD YOUR BACK and my twi-friends too! I was sooo lonely over the weekend! 😦

  24. […] Our top ten favorite moments in Twilight, the movie « Letters to Twilight letterstotwilight.wordpress.com/2009/09/08/our-top-ten-favorite-moments-in-twilight-the-movie – view page – cached #Letters to Twilight RSS Feed Letters to Twilight » Our top ten favorite moments in Twilight, the movie Comments Feed Letters to Twilight The Purpose Driven Vampire… Happy Labor Day from the hot Twilight cast — From the page […]

    • Huh?…I know I am LTT’s resident dumbass…what does this mean?? Is this what twitter is??? Can someone explain?

      • means someone linked to us

        • Thanks moon…I am still going to try and figure out this whole Twitter thing….I do have an account….but you never did say what it means when someone follows you???

          • Just realized no clue…”linked to us” I am hopeless!!! BTW how ya like the new name Oedipal came up for me??? Pretty cool huh?? She is so smart!!!

  25. Gah, I still get the same feeling when I watch it that I did the first time in the theatre. I remember the audible groaning I did, the biting of my knuckles and the tears in my eyes when they are dancing at the end. Then I got all pissed because after I stopped swooning over the hotness that is Rob/Edward..I realized how much the movie sucked. lol…doesn’t mean I haven’t watched it 5 or 6 times already since owning it 🙂

  26. Yeah, have to agree with your list… I don’t even know how you could choose. Any time I’ve ever tried to do anything like this, I just end up giving up and going with “the whole thing” as my favorite part.

    Love that it’s a mix of good things we love, and terrible things we love (Buttcrack Santa makes a kitty meow – holla!). And that we love them all shamelessly.

    The only thing I would consider adding is the slow dance in the gazebo at the end. That’s a pretty steamy, but totally tender, moment. But I also might love it because of the song in the background – love me a little Iron & Wine. Put Edward dancing and necking in front of it and I’m a huge fan.

    And yes, I just said “necking.” My Grandma would be proud.

    ❤ you guys!

  27. Happy Anniversary.

    All the Charlie parts are my favorite. Billy Burke is so dry and just perfection in each one…

    Going to Prom:

    Edward – “I’ll take care of her.”
    Charlie – “Uh-huh, I’ve heard that before.”

    Total deadpan. GAWD…how I love Chief ‘Stache!!

    And when B meets the fam…how cute and bubbly Esme is and how pained Jasper looks.

  28. Confession…I’ve only seen the movie two times in the theater, and once at home. I bought it SEVERAL days after it came out on dvd to avoid embarrassment , and to ensure proper aloofness. I own the most, non cool version of the movie available. I don’t own ANY Twi merchandise. And I hide my copies of the books from my family. However, I’d do Robward behind a dumpster every day of the week, and twice on Sundays. Truth…..NORMAL.

    • “To ensure proper aloofness” You rock!

      If I ever read any of the books in public, I was always sure to remove the dust cover so no one could tell what I was reading. One day, I was at the dentist office. While in the waiting, I noticed a woman reading Eclipse from across the room. The thing is, she had taken off the cover as well, and I realised, I knew what book it was by it’s thickness! I wasn’t sure if I should feel bad about that or strangely triumphant. I went with the latter.

      I didn’t own any merch either. Until my husband bought me a key chain, and then got all bent when I didn’t use it right away. I never loose my keys now, since they are always safely hidden, I mean stored, in my purse.

    • well i guess we’ll let you slide. this time…


  29. Great choices, Moon! It almost made me forget that one of my favorite scenes in the book (blood typing during Biology lab & Edward carrying Bella to the clinic) was cut. Sorry Melissa & Catherine, I am still furious about that.

    Isn’t it also sad that the Meadow scene also didn’t make it to this list? Can’t blame you, I was disappointed in that scene too, and it was largely because of the script.

    I did like Prom scene — from when Edward picks up Bella at home (Billy Burke absolutely nails it as Charlie Swan, I agree), Robward looking absolutely dashing in a suit (made my heart stop) to the final dance in the pretty gazebo with fog & twinkling lights.

    • BTW Happy Anniversary to LTT as well – already greeted you & UC on LTR. And also hoping you will have a Top 10 favorite moments of the Twilight DVD commentary – I remember looking back thru archives if you guys had “broken it down” but I don’t recall reading this.

  30. resteraunt scene hands down my number one. “It’s very frustrating” ahh I love the way Rob, errrr I mean Edward looks by candlelight

  31. Gah, so this is what it feels like, to be on west coast time and everyone has already commented on all the good stuff.

    Just have to say I ❤ u girls. And u are the sunshine in my life. That is all…

    Oh yes, I am writing this from my motel room in forks!!!

  32. Loved this post ❤ Really cheered me up!! I've only seen the film twice (on my pc so not perfect viewing) and lately i've been fighting the urge to watch it again and not wanting to get desensitised a little bit each time and these videos helped with that so thanks! 🙂

    samrosey xo

  33. What, no spider monkey?

    Love you girls!

    I love that you are celebrating a 10 month anniversary! I married my high school sweetie pie, so we have all kinds of anniversaries!

  34. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I start work tomorrow and will not be able to be OCD about checking LTR/LTT first thing in the morning! I really don’t know how you or UC do it, not one but two posts a day, every day. Thank you!

    I know a lot of people, even some fans, make fun of this movie, but I seriously love it, even more for the ridiculous bits that are just cheesy and go against what Stephenie Meyer originally intended. Love it. Maybe even just a hair more than the books (shh…)

    You know how there’s always that one person you want to get to read Twilight but they just won’t and it kills you? Because this said person is like your BFF for life and she won’t grant you this simple request? After the first hundred denials, I got down to it and wrote her that I basically needed her to read the book because I just want her to watch this movie–because this movie has a scene that has the sexiest kiss I’ve ever seen and that’s what I was getting at. Then I added not to google “twilight kiss” or she’d ruin it for herself and that she had to promise me on something sacred she wouldnt. Guess what? I finally got her, all thanks to this movie.

  35. I’m channeling my inner Rob today when I say–“Brilliant!”

    There isn’t a bad scene in the movie. Except when Edward flies back against Bella’s wall and says “STOP”…still sounds demonic and disembodied to me!

    My favorite scenes that I’d like to share…
    –The entrance of ERIC YORKIE. “Lunch date, shoulder to cry on, NEW *gay* best friend” too bad that made the cutting room floor as well. hehe.

    –“Complication” when Edward runs into Billy…

    –“WHY DON’T YOU PUT YOUR SEATBELT ON?” and Edward’s CRAZY gaze combined with an immortal sense of humor. Brills.

    –Jessica and Angela giggling about Edward…”So thoughtful..yeah, really thoughtful” because you know we were all giggling at this point.



  36. Great post. It reminds me of the warm and fuzzies of Twilight because as of late I’ve been using it as a sleep aide. I fall asleep right after we “Meet the Cullens” and wake up to the ‘Kitty Meow’ song.

    My two favorite scenes are:

    The whole scene in his bedroom. Edward is all nervous showing her around and the dancing scene when he slides his hand around her waist, concentrating very hard and puckers his lips a little. Hot!

    Second favorite is when they enter school together as a couple and everyone’s gaping. Sigh.

    Congratulations on your 10 month anniversary!

    • I wish that the scene right after the kiss wasn’t just a montage. I would have loved to hear what the heck they were talking about before Bella falls asleep!

    • I use Twilight as a sleep aid too! I always fall asleep right after seeing Edward into the cafeteria.

      My love thinks its because I want to drive him nuts and am in love w/ Robward.

      That definetly is not the truth though. ; )

      The love doesn’t know that I stalk Rob’s beautiful mug or comment on a site like this when I am supposed to be doing mounds of homework.

      Don’t tell him!

  37. Wow.. we have pretty much the same list.. I would have switched the kissing scene and then dinner scene though. (yes, I am 16 like that..(no, I am not really 16))

    Congrats on an awesome 10 months. I look forward to seeing what else you guys have in store!!!


    You pretty much nailed the top ten. One of my faves, though, is when Edward shows Bella his room. His smile right before he says “you shouldn’t have said that” melts me everytime. I’m totally watching the movie again tonight.


  39. congratulations guys!!
    you have put a lot of amazing work into a hilarious site!

  40. Not even realizing it was so close to the 10 month anniversary I decided to watch Twilight yesterday. Of course my faves moments are your fave moments from above (b/c you just ‘get me’) and I had my own running commentary on Twitter which If I may say…was brillz! Anyhoo it made me think about the time at ComiCon where we annoyed people w/ our commentary during the movie and how I can’t wait to do that during the New Moon Premiere(totes don’t mean the midnight one on Thursday I mean the 10 am one on Friday bc that would just be rude!). Will.Be.Epic. Anyways thanks for the last 10 mos! I look forward to the next 10 😉

  41. PS. Happy 10 month Anniversairy! ❤

    I am in love with the clip when Edward takes Bella to meet the rest of the Cullens.
    So many little smiles and smirks coming from … Robward? is that what we call him?
    *i'm new, be nice* haha

  42. Happy Anniversary, everyone!! I’m raising a glass to another happy and healthy 10 months and more.

    UC and Moon – I thank you thank you thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Your sites truly make my world a happier place. Truly, they do.

  43. This weekend I introduced two twi-virgins to our wonderful little world. I got to re-live my favorite scenes through fresh eyes. They are as follows:
    -The rock clutch. (those fingers. AHHHH)
    -The Emmett & Edward “bump”. More specifically, Rob’s hand gesture and accompanying smirk.
    -The “Jackson sure can handle his bat” scene.
    -The neck kiss. Rob has the most adorable freckle on his neck. Totally lickable!!
    -The bedroom dream scene. Was he there or wasn’t he. (He was)
    -The KISS. In the theater I stopped breathing. My friend had to smack me to re-start my heart. To this day I still hold my breath everytime that scene comes on.
    -Edwards’s bedroom. “Yeah, this is my room” Awkward!
    -The restaurant scene. “Money, sex, money, sex, cat” Rob looks especially yummy in that light.

    Happy Anniversary UC & JAG!! You guys are awesome!

    • That kissing scene had to have been one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen AND they both had a ridonkulous amount of clothing on! It’s what you don’t see but have to imagine that gets the old heart (and various other parts of the anatomy) pumping.

      I remember my daughter and I walking out of the theater that night and that’s all we could talk about! The last thing my daughter said to me as she got in her car, “Mom, I can see why you love him and I think I’m in love with him, too.” What??!!!?! Y’all weren’t already in love with Rob *before* the premiere?!?!?

      Mazel tov on a brill 10 months! UC and Moon rock and rule the RobWorld!

      I am normal. I am normal. I am normal. I am normal.

  44. Happy 10 months, ladies! Thank you for cranking out serious hilarity every day. 🙂

    ❤ your list. The other top moments for me: "You can Google it" etc on the field trip and the dancing under the gazebo (love that suit on Rob!).

  45. Also wanted to add that my heart flip/flops every time I see Edward looking so distraught after kissing Bella, leaning against the wall and she says “Don’t leave” ! Kudo’s to the lighting peps…he looks gorgeous in that shot!!! Ok..confession, just finished watching the movie AGAIN..couldn’t stop myself after the clips!!!

    Can’t wait to see what you have planned for the rest of the week!!! What a great start!!!

  46. All of you lovely ladies ten but I would add in the “Sex…Money…Sex…Cat” line also. It’s kind of amazing.
    Oh yeah and can we add the commentary top ten?
    There’s def. some great moments in there.

  47. Love the Jacksper bat scene – new meaning to the phrase vampire bat!

    Thanks for not putting the meadow scene in the top 10 – Rob’s legs look like he was struck by a car.

    • It looks like the meadow scene is almost universally reviled BUT that profile shot of Rob is surely (and don’t call me that) one of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen in my life. Sweet Jesus, take me now ‘cuz I have seen Heaven on Earth!

      Gah, just Gah! :-P~~~~ <==== lvk1978 drooling

  48. Love the list!!! It makes me want to watch it again.

    I totally have to agree with Holly with Edward & Bella in his bedroom and his smile right before he says “you shouldn’t have said that”. I think I hit pause, rewind and play 10 times during that scene.

  49. Happy Anniversary!!!

    As you know, I LOVE ‘Animal Attack’. That is one brilliantly delivered line. I love all these scenes, too, you nailed it.

    There is one other tiny line I enjoy, by Gasian Eric Yorkie.

    ‘It’s La Push, baby. Laaaaaaaaaaaaa Puuuuuuuuuuuuush.”

    Just brill.

    Love you all, left you kisses over on LTR, here are some more:


  50. Congrats on 10 months guys, you are awesome!!!
    Umm, your list is pretty much win, but what about the scene where Edward backs Bella against the boulder things and has his hands on either side of her. That part is equal in hotness to the kiss scene for me, brief as it is.

    Can’t forget, “How you likin da rain girl!”

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