Happy Labor Day from the hot Twilight cast

Dear LTTers in countries other than the US,

Today is Labor Day in the United States. That means instead of working we’ll be stuffing ourselves with hot dogs and throwing up on volleyball courts. (Yes, just like Memorial Day and July 4th– we’re not very creative). For LTT and Moon & I, this means we let other people do the work for us (you may have noticed a trend all weekend long…… we started the celebration early!)

Again, the gals in Rob’s Flat daily chat in The Forum have given us the goods with a whole other slew of Twi-cast Porn:

robert pattinson film set 4 150609

daddy copy



icanbeinnocent copy


dontask copy


dirty deeds copy

notmom copy

Daaaanngggg ladies!

Happy Labor Day from your lazy friends UC & Moon! We’ll be back in full force tomorrow! Promise!


Talk about your volleyball score on The Forum
See who did our work for us over on LTR

26 Responses

  1. Love the PACK!!!!!!! mmmmmmmmmmm

  2. Labor Day. Right. Totally forgot about that. Jealousy happening over here in the old world.
    Totally love the nipples btw.

  3. WOW….love Kellen’s nipple remark…

    Have a great day folks

  4. Bahahahaahah!!!!!!!!!
    The ‘free willy’ one is my fave.
    Effing hilarious!!!!
    I think we have a Labour Day here in Oz but I don’t know when it is.
    Most likely it’s been and gone.
    We don’t really give a toss, we just thank God we get a public holiday for it!!
    Have a good one, chicas!


    • Isn’t it in like June or something? Or is that the Queen’s Birthday? I don’t know. Land of the Long Weekend my foot – there’s never enough of them!

      Well, next one for me is Melbourne Cup Day- oops, I mean “Family and Community Day”. Where I will put on a cocktail dress and a big hat and go get smashed at the races. How family is that?!

      • I’m never heard of the Melbourne Cup being referred to as “Family and Community Day”. That’s funny.
        Haha, getting smashed at the races in a cocktail dress and big hat is definitely family orientated. lol (note sarcasm)

        Think Labour Day is in June or something. I didn’t get the holiday so I don’t really know.

  5. “Wanna see where the happy trail ends?”


    Some freak guy asked me that once. I gave them the the “go to effin hell” look and walked away.

  6. “Wanna see where the happy trail ends?”

    YES. YES I DO.

    Have a good day off America. I’d like to take this opportunity to hollar to the international LTT readers, especially those of us in London, or as I like to call it “The Birth Place of The Most Beautiful Man Ever To Grace The Earth.”

  7. That is what I will have to refer to London as from now on…..
    “Birth Place of the Most Beautiful Man Ever To Grace The Earth.” HA!!

  8. At least those gargantuan nipples were covered, for once. You should see him in Generation Kill…bald, saying, “brah” every 5 minutes, and reveling in his huge nipple glory.

    p.s. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap? More like dirty deeds done at rock bottom prices. That’s what she said.

  9. Ah, there’s my Kellan and his nipples… I’ve missed them

  10. Don’t forget the unicorns, I know at least one of them helped 🙂

    So much fun, this is why I love everyone here 😀

  11. I don’t know about hot dogs and throwing up on volleyball courts. That one picture looks a little like Tom Selleck. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  12. That first one with Jackson is hilarious. I had to read it twice just to be sure I saw what I read.

  13. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. Well done everyone.

    Ashley is criminally beautiful. Seriously. That is all.

  14. Hey girls , it´s holiday here too … Brazil´s independence and I can´t think of something sexy with it , really .

    But , I´ll be stuffing myself with a lot of junk food and reading stuff about twilight/rob all day, anyway

    Ashley looks sooo good in that pic , gotta love her …

  15. Happy Labor Day to all especially UC & Moon…miss you guys but hope your having some fun!!! Love the pics…especially ” I know, you just wanna kiss me don’t ya” Oh yes!
    Hey! THAT is the plaid shirt that Rob tossed when he took off with UC….I’ve got it on right now!!!

    Confession: Have to admit the “coordinate with a single thought” …gave me chills…

  16. haha the first one’s funny, they’re all funny. I like the wolf pack one too.

  17. Haha, these are all really funny. Great job everyone.

  18. Some great caps but Papa Vamp looks like he has no feet. Disconcerting!

    Love the Rob bed hair in the “Don’t ask, don’t tell”.

  19. AWESOME. But you need one of Kellan saying “want to play find-the-nipple? I’ll go easy on you…”

  20. Ummm… PFach will be my daddy… in a weelchair? Bi-zarrrrr!

    Billy Burke ‘Don’t worry about the mustache burn, it’ll fade’ = epic win, bahahaha!

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