Holy jacked up New Moon poster, Batman

Dear New Moon movie poster designer,

I just saw the Edward/Bella version of the New Moon poster and I gotta say it’s kinda janky. So I gotta ask, was this a rush job? Gotta get something to print so Hot Topic and Walmart have shiz to sell to the tweens? That can really only be the answer because as you’ll see below I’ve broken down the poster from a designers perspective since I used to be one myself. Seriously, what’s with the size of Edward’s head, it’s like twice the size of Bella’s. I mean sure actors have big noggins but this looks either blown up way out of proportion to his body or you jacked this head from another picture and inserted it into this one because it worked better. Which is all fine and dandy but use the transform command a little more wisely next time and the rulers. You didn’t need to use a movie poster as your way of saying Rob/Edward has a huge ego! You could have left his fly down or something. Duh.


So since you may have copy and pasted a different head onto this body, why didn’t you just do the same with his hand? Cause as it stands he looks like he’s got “The Claw” happening, like Jim Carrey in Liar Liar. That was a comedy, this is not. Well at least I hope I’m not laughing for all the wrong reasons on November 20th.

And then lastly can we talk about doing a little research? Cause by definition “New Moon” is actually the absence of a moon or rather the inability to see one and yet there it is. In the background like some cheesy clip art you pulled from Microsoft Publisher 1995 and threw a drop shadow on.

Wasn’t Taylor lockjaw and Bella’s slutty shirt and Eddie’s van enough the first time around? I’m looking forward to what you have up your sleeve for Eclipse. Maybe a 10 foot Werewolf dismembering a newborn?

Ok so did I nerd out enough on this one? Did I lose you with all the design nerdery and most importantly am I the only one who noticed that?

Happy Sunday!

43 Responses

  1. No, you are not the only one. I thought it it looked kinda off too. But couldn’t really put my finger on it.

  2. I agree-I won’t be buying this. I’m waiting for the one with his fly down.

  3. Why does Edward look like Robert Smith on his period? Perhaps to register with tweens expecting their very first monthly visitor? Odd marketing ploy, but who am I to judge.

  4. Ok I want the name of the person(s) responsible for creating this poster!!! How could he/she ruin every fantasy I have ever had of Rob’s hands wrapped tightly around me!!…”the claw”…holy crap (its Sunday after all) ! Please Moon, for all that is sacred (Sunday reference again) please take it down so I won’t see it when I make my daily visit to LTT…let me please FORGET that I ever saw it……….. 😦

    • Cyndi…refer to the Twilight News post on Sept. 4. if you want to see the screen name I drummed up for you in the dim recesses of my brain. I’m sorry if you think it’s crappy! But I love ya anyway.

      • You so rock….I love it!!! Do you mind if I tweek it alittle?? Might make it sound corny tho…let me know what you think…..MidnightSin….????

        • I think whatever you do is great! Glad you like it! xo

          • Thank you for being so awesome and clever too!!!
            I heart u! Hopefully your having a great weekend….(mine so far has sucked) oops…(still Sunday…it is Sunday right? LOL) I meant to say mine has not be great… 🙂

          • LMAO ….I JUST now “got” why you wrote it the way you did…I was reading as Cyn (sign)…I think you meant it the way I ended up putting it….duh…I get the dunce award once again….!!!

          • Ha ha, you’re right…that’s what I was shooting for with the name…but either way, I’m glad you’re happy! You don’t get the dunce award. I’m glad you like your screen name, however it’s spelled. 🙂 I will be flying all day tomorrow, so if I don’t say “hello”, that’s why. Hope your weekend wasn’t too awful! Have a super Monday!

          • @Oedipal Art…have a safe trip!!! I will definately miss you!!! What will I do without you here to make me laugh?? I forget the name but one of our other Twi friends is gone for a couple of weeks 😦 !!! I am going to be so lonely!!! Oh I hope you check back tonight…have to tell you funny story….was outside today and got stung by some kind of bee..(I am allergic to wasps) so hubs came running over to make sure I was alright…long story short…he is panicking and I just blurt out…”Just let the venom spread” ??? What the heck…he looked at me like I was nuts…he says “It was a bug not a snake” (not Twi bright) Honestly I had no idea where it came from…What I meant to say was wait and see and if I swell up etc., then panic….but see I remembered something from the movie without even realizing it!! And they said it couldn’t happen!!! LMAO..(I guess you had to be there) ❤

  5. woweeee
    you got it!
    he looks like edward scissorhands :I

  6. Ermmmm . . . Why does Kristen’s arse look all freaky and disproportioned????
    And Rob’s hands look scary!! Why the eff would they do that to such beautiful hands?!?!?


  7. yeaaaaaaaah. his face is really huge. and that hand is scary. im a designer, they should just hire me for the job!

    • Yup – totally noticed Edward’s head looked unneccesarily huge! But I was so excited to see an Edward/Bella only poster, I tried to ignore it. I was also turned off by the scary claw! 😦 In the age of Photoshop, how did this photo make it as the final image?

  8. That is one “jacked” up poster…. The gigantic distorted head, the hand/claw (reminding me of Evil Dead 2), the excessive “smokey eye”…
    They just effed Eddie all up….

    Thumbs down NM poster dept!

  9. They were like…

    “OK Rob, now, look REALLY moody…no…moodier…like you’re so happy to have her back…you want to EAT her and KILL her and MAKE OUT with her all at the same time…OK good…work it…work it…Kristen—look as emotionless as possible…great.”

    and that SHIRT he’s wearing!!! Did he steal that from Eric Yorkie? Blech!


    I can’t wait to see the Burger King toys….grief for another day…:)

  10. The claw freaks me the hell out.

  11. I noticed it too. I pointed it out to my 14-year old sister, and she said Robert is an actor. I looked at her, not amused and then agreed. But yeah, Robert’s head is twice the size it normally is. And I have seen Twilight’s poster, and I doubt your head actually grows exponentially in a year physically.

  12. As a girl from the 80’s, I know big hair when I see it. If you subtract the good 1 inch of height from his do, his head is about the same size as Kristen’s. I find it a little frightening that I had a similar hairstyle to Rob’s in 1987.

  13. I think the moon thing is to this is before or after the whole jacob thing/edward gone …

  14. I did a blog (in Swedish, though) about pretty much the same things. It’s a effin’ terrible job the person-in-charge-of-graphic down at Summit has done!
    And you may not have noticed, but Edward’s hand i cloned in. He has 1 ½ hands on the poster (look at the outline of the “claw”). It’s freaking me out…!

  15. The “Claw” REALLY creeped me out when I first say the poster .. and I said to myself ” There’s something WRONG with the posture of his hand ” but I keep my silence , since I didn’t want to sound crazy .. but after you sent this post .. Phew .. thanx moon .. 😉

  16. lol ” you could have just left his fly down” so funny.

    While the “claw” is strange and doesn’t seem to fit, I still think it’s hot. It seems so tense and angsty. 🙂 Though, I would have preferred just a strong hand, wrapped around Bella, looking to protect her instead.
    I have thought long and hard ( 😀 ) about the crescent moon in the promo shots and I think they think that if they didn’t put any moon, like a new moon is suppose to be, then there wouldn’t be that association with the title New Moon. So while it is inaccurate, I try to think of it as Edward hasn’t left yet, but is thinking about it. Like there is an absence of light on the way, but it’s not here yet. At least that makes it so that it doesn’t annoy me as much. 🙂

  17. Well i sort of agree with you guys. Though, your counting the hair… I mean his hair adds quite a bit of length.

  18. yeah I saw this elsewhere and thought the claw looks like FW Murnau’s original 1922 vampire Nosferatu – nice touch if it was intentional, but I think it’s just a cock-up. There’s another pic of them tht I use for my twitter avi, where his hands look enormous with fingers like banana bunches – very odd.

    They always manage to make Rob look like an anorexic with his head too big for his body & fugly expression, red lipstick etc. Bella looks like the undead one.

    BTW Metropire is the word of the week, in my view. Thanks to Xylem for that one.

  19. I take issue with The Claw. Serious issue.

    The word ‘Metropire’ made me do a Cullen Smile.

  20. Yep, You totally nerded out. And I loved it.

    Remember, ‘The higher the hair, the closer to God’


    • I remember that quote as “The higher the hair, the smaller the hips look”

      Though if he gets any skinnier, when he turns side on you won’t be able to see him at all! (A la Kate Moss on Family Guy – “Woops, crack in the floor!”

  21. Seriously?

    The claw doesn’t even look like it’s attached to an arm. Like it’s actually Riley’s dismembered hand that is trying to tear Bella away from Edward.

    Strange, indeed. I hope the movie wasn’t put together this hastily.

  22. The claw is kind of odd. But I think his head is pretty normal – for Rob. He has a large head, even when he’s not Edward. And the hair does add quite a bit to the height.

  23. Thank you for mentioning the definition of a new moon. That’s bugged me about most of the posters I’ve seen. Not that I’m OCD or anything.

  24. I thought it was just me! Your eye gets drawn right to the CLAW! Seriously, who let this poster get printed??? And btw when did Rob’s head become the size of Sputnik? Just sayin’…

  25. Hey, there’s no dog so it can’t be that bad.

    OK, the claw’s a bit much.

    And Robert Smith… rock on!

  26. Worst his hands have ever looked.
    Why can’t Summit seem to get a poster right? I mean, come on…DUDE…

  27. HAHA “… clip art you pulled from Microsoft Publisher 1995 and threw a drop shadow on.”

  28. Rob has a big head in real life. Just sayin. Have you checked the VF Italy shoot where he and Kristen are side by side. His head is huge. So what?

    By the way, a study was done. You ladies were less snarky about Rob and just in an overall better mood period when Rob was..ahem..perceived as single. The bitch quotient and attacks have elevated 1000% since well, Kristen made his dreams come true.

    Why so resentful of Rob now? Let him be happy. dang. Oh and the word ‘mullet,’ has to be stricken from your vocabulary. Billy Ray Cyrus was not described as much – and this girls Joan Jett movie hasn’t even released yet. You might want to ease up on the obsessive hate and jealousy.

    Just sayin’.

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