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Do your Twitpics look THIS GOOD? David Slade's do

Do your Twitpics look THIS GOOD? David Slade's do

Dear LTT-ers and Twihards,

It’s about that time again, yup we need to do a news dump, since we can’t write letters regarding EVERY little news piece nor do you want to hear us TRY to wax poetic about Sarah Clarke’s suitcase. I tried. It doesn’t work. So let’s get to it…


  • If you’re not following David Slade on Twitter you are missing out on some awesome shiz, like pictures of Taylor doing backflips and THIS DUDE! This is the guy you see in the mirror after you chant “Red Rum” into your bathroom mirror with the lights off at your 6th grade sleepover. Eclipse crew are SEXYtimes.
  • Are you ready to simultaneously pee your pants, puke into the DVD storage unit near your tv, scream like a 14 yr old girl and hyperventilate? Yea, we are too! The holy trinity (Rob, KStew and Taycob) will be premiering a new (read: legit) trailer at the MTV Music Video Awards. And yes, Russell Brand is hosting again, get your pitch forks ready.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

OMG, Eclipse is filming right now? Let's go work out some more!

OMG, Eclipse is filming right now? Let's go work out some more!

  • I’m beginning to think these biotches aren’t even in Eclipse, they’re just hanging out, walking through Vancouver with their hoods up, drinking smoothies and working out 23 hours a day. Seriously, who owns THAT MUCH workout gear?

MORE News after the cut!

  • Ever wanted to dress up a virtual version of the Cullens, build a house for them all decorated in leopard print furniture, give them a fireworks set to play with, then remove the door and watch it all burn down?! Yup, you can do that now just like we used to do with the Sims. Habbo and Summit are coming out with a Twilight virtual world game. I wonder where I can find the cheat codes for unlimited money so I can build the swimming pool without a ladder. Not that I would ever do that. Yeah.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

  • If the soulless have no souls according to Jackson how can their eyes be the window to their soul? And moreover if a werewolf phases in the forest and there’s no one around to hear it, does it make a sound? Crap, my brain hurts. Read more of Jackson’s interview about Jasper’s special abilities while I try to overcome how much he looks like a catfish
Really? This right here is what we call a Lady Killer

Really? This right here is what we call a Lady Killer

  • Omg, my hippie granola auntie totally has this suitcase too… and those shoes… and those capris… wait…
  • SERIOUSLY?! Seriously?! He’s only 17 but that’s legal in Georgia and I will write it on my cell at the ladies detention center.

So do you feel informed? What did I miss, any news not fit to print??

Thank you: google reader, Twitter,,, and trusty spies for all the news

108 Responses

  1. If I read one more Twit about “omg, the wig is TERRIBLE,” I’ll shoot myself.

    Yes, we know they reused Taylor’s “Jakepiece” from Twilight. Yes, we know it’s terrible. But people need to settle down. After all, we have to have SOMETHING to make fun of in Eclipse. And it might as well be her piece. Of crap.

    p.s. My fave? The workout gals. And their power smoothies. Walking through Vancouver, oblivious to the world (and movie) around them.

    • Ahhh I so agree about the horrible wig tweeting. I personally don’t think the wig is bad. But I read at least 8.9997×10^8 tweets per day asking David Slade to change the wig.

      • i can’t wait for the day when people realize that there is an option under “settings” in twitter to NOT see the @ replies from people you aren’t following. So people realize that the majority of the celebrities they think they are communicating with can’t actually read their messages.

        • YEAH…. UC is here…ok lady time to fess up…come clean about your romp w/Rob, leaving me with nothing more than a bottle of wine and a wrinkled plaid shirt!!!!

  2. He totes does look like a catfish. Enough said.

  3. Can I even tell you how excited I am that the holy trinity will be at the VMA’s (I love the holy trinity term btw… so true!)

    It’s like I have a date with Rob… my couch, some ice cream and a whole lotta hotness.

    And as far as the new trailer goes… I’m a little unsure of what it will actually be because I’ve read that it will be an exclusive “expanded” trailer, so I’m not getting my hopes up too high… but let’s face it, anything New Moon movie related makes me jump up and down like a four year old!!

    • I want to go to the VMA’s…..what is the VMA’s??? I don’t really care…if the “holy trinity” is going so am I … 🙂

  4. I don’t think Bella’s wig is THAT bad. It sure is better than ANY of the wigs in New Moon. Those were just criminal.

    • What are you talking about?!? I love poodles… especially when they’re on peoples heads.

    • And don’t forget ANYTHING is better than that Femullet she’s been rocking…just sayin’ LMAO

      • that is true. and i guess a mullet-lover gave you the thumbs down

        • Yea you know how them mullet lovers can be ‘touchy’ about there mullets LOL 🙂

          • the “mull-itia” is gonna send some operatives over here to off us! we better be careful bashing the mullet

          • I used to have a coworker (female) that was totally rocking the mullet…..ok, “rocking” doesn’t exactly capture it……it sucked. We booked her an appointment at the stylist that a lot of the ladies at work went to. It took like six months to convince her just to book the damn appointment. Then, when “The Big Day” finally came she bailed on her appointment and went to her “stylist” (yeah, I use the term VERY loosly) and got another friggin mullet. She got fired two months later. It had nothing to do with the mullet (yeah right).

  5. Of course Cougar Cathy has a thing for hobos. She picks up some young, aspiring artist from the street, whispering sweet suggestions of future movie careers in his ear, feeds him, takes him back to her hotel, gives him a couple beers, maybe a xanax and a shower.
    Then she shows him her smooth cougar strip tease, has her dirty, dirty way with him, then has her assistant dump him back in the gutter.

  6. Yes Mr. LAutner is only 17…and I too have to keep reminding myself of such tragedy…when’s his bday again??? LOL 😉 Sidenote: Thanks to JBell for my ‘its legal here’ button she made for me while seeing BLong in ATL!!! 🙂

    • I’m not a TayTay fan but he is also legal here in England. So if anyone wants to hit on him at the London premiere (if there is one this time around), he’s free game.

    • I think Taylor looks hot, but he also looks like a gay man’s wet dream in that photoshoot. Just sayin’.

      • HAHAHAHA i thought my gaydar was going off but thought it was just because of tranny edward

      • The pic with his arms behind his head screams Out magazine. He needs to protest doing these sexy poses and just look manly.

        • Leave him alone……
          Why shouldn’t my son have something nice to drool over too……
          Keep up the good work Tay-Tay,
          Gay Pride Rules!!!!

    • Taylor’s legal in Canada too. So twi-stalkers in Vancouver can go for it with no legal repercussions 🙂

    • Tay Tay is legal in GA? Huh. So is marrying your first cousin.

  7. I see it, truely I do, Taylor is a hot young man BUT since I’m a cougar of the real cougar age he just makes me want to look out for him.
    You know the whole….. have a bacon sandwich,
    is that a clean shirt to go out in?
    do you have enough money for drinks and a taxi?
    and you have got condoms in your wallet haven’t you?
    Yep that’s my check list for my boys and their mates before they go out on the pull……I’m a great Mum !!!!
    Love the post and the pretty pics really liked the Jackson interview, getting to love that young man…

    • i heart that catfish too!

      and WOW youre a fantabulous mom! will you make us a bacon sandwich and ask us if we have condoms?!

      • I sure will, since God choose to make me the mother of sons {well Mr. Ruby helped…a bit} and not daughter’s I can afford to take in any young woman and nurture as a daughter……..but in view of my Rob-lust {that you’ve convinced me is ‘That’s Normal’} can I be elder sister?
        I have to think of my no. 5 place in the dumpster queue remember? I’m a COUGAR hear me RAWR…….

  8. “Read more of Jackson’s interview about Jasper’s special abilities while I try to overcome how much he looks like a catfish.”

    HAHAHAHAHAAAA! That is SO true.

  9. Good Morning ladies…and I use that word loosely LOL…oops wait have to pick my cheek up off the floor…ok….thats better..hard to type so crooked…..just need to clear something up… .the pic of the so-called-biotches….well…hmmm….that was really me and a ‘friend” that found me wandering VanCity, saw what sad shape I was in and quickly offered me a drink and a hoodie to cover the plaid shirt I sort of had on….look closely and you will see the stack of post-its sticking out of my shoulder bag….(don’t worry Moon its an easy mistake to make)……can someone please explain this Twitter thing??? I keep getting “so & so wants to tweet with you??? WTH….I can’t tell you what I first thought when I started getting these…I am not be evasive…I REALLY can’t remember what the thought was…..enlighten me almighty all knowing LTTers!!!

    • Cyndi! I’ve just realised who you are! I’m so glad you started commenting because you’re always so funny!! x

    • hey cyndi- go to and sign up for an account. they come back here and let us know your twitter name and people will start following you!

      • I have had one for along time….but don’t know how to use it…lol…

        • BTW how do I know what my “twitter name” is??? And is it good to have people following me??? WTH I don’t have a freakin idea what the hell I am even talking about….warned ya’ll pain meds big time today!!!

        • I hear ya Cyndi! I got on twitter to see what all the craziness was about and can’t seem to figure the darn thing out. I even had a follower for 1 day, but then she stopped following and I was depressed! I am all kinds of nervous to write about what I am doing! Is that sad or what!

          • I gave you a thumbs up cuz I’m in the exact same boat. I signed up so I could follow LTT. And now I still can’t figure it out. How lame. I have one follower. It’s my cousin. Yeah, I’m a loser.

          • Losers unite! Let’s follow eachother!!

            I am 3Hboyshouse (stupid name but all my names are pretty stupid, thanks mom) 😉


            I get you have to have a screen name..after that nothing….How do you follow someone??? Why do you follow someone?? How do you talk to another twittererereer….oh hell…just plz give us the basics.

  10. P.S. Should have posted a warning……. pain meds + brain damage = NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY AND ALL COMMENTS!!!

  11. Ugh, this is so embarassing…

    “New pictures from the New Moon set were released of Slutty Bella gazing longingly into tranny-licious Edwards eyes. Is her gaydar going off yet?”

    If they don’t stop putting MAC’s lipshine on Rob I will stage a protest. It’s just ridiculous. Can we blame Summit for hiring possible the worst make up crew in the industry? I’m going to blame TammyO.

    • tammyO is also the wig wrangler. oh and she did the whole rachelle lefreve scheduling conflict press release. UGH! what a biotch

  12. Good morning, Cyndi…don’t feel bad…I cannot understand Twitter, either. Although I did sign up for an account during Comic Con; I just can’t get my password to work!

    • Good Morning Oedipal!!! Well I signed up….but I don’t know how to talk to people…. Alot of my neices and friends are on it and they keep trying to get me to “talk” to them…( I rarely talk on the phone, screw up too much, easier to type where I can check it etc., ) but have no idea how to….or what the hell to say anyway….besides that would take time away from here…my new home away from home….

      You have such a cool screen name….I want one…any idea’s….be nice now!!!

      • I will think about it! I’ll try to come up with a good one. But if it sucks, I apologize in advance!

        • I have complete faith in you!!! If it helps, the only thing I could come up with is BellaCib…NOTHING could be worse than that!!!

          • @Oedipal Art……..where’s my new screen name???? I know you can come up with something good… did you choose yours???? I feel so plain and ordinary without a cool Twi name… 😦

          • Hey, sweetie…was busy all day today! I did think of something but you’ll probably hate it…I’m almost embarassed to tell you, but I did really TRY to come up with something good. You have said you stay up late most nights, hence the midnight part…and, in homage to S. Meyer’s yet unfinished book, “Midnight Sun”…I thought “Midnight Cyn” might be kind of cute. Or at least acceptable. Or perhaps just a means of innuendo to make people think of sinful midnight liasons with Edward Cullen. Whatever works! If you think that name totally blows I WILL NOT be one bit offended. Trust me, this one is the best name ever in comparison to some of the other drivel I concocted. xo

      • Eh don’t worry. I don’t do Twitter either. If I do I think I won’t ever get anything done. I already have Facebook, I’m a moderator in a few mommy forums, I go to LTT/LTR, I have my own blog and I’ve got a toddler to take care of…eh if I Twitter, my DH will divorce me. I did to follow Comic Con and hubby and I had a huge fight about it.

        • simple answer…get rid of the hubs and spend more time here w/us!!! Or y ou could do what I do…here are just some of the excuses I give mine..
          “I found some great memory games online”
          “I am looking at sites that sell post-its in bulk for less”
          ” Checking on some software for your business”
          “The girls asked me to look up something for them”
          “STILL trying to find all the files in the puter since my accident”
          “DON’T LOOK…I am buying you something!!!”
          “I am really trying so hard to find a bed I can sleep in cause I sooooo miss sleeping with you”
          *THAT one is good for hours****

          Get my drift??

          • Don’t look…I’m buying you something. I think that’s the perfect excuse for you. I’d use it too, but I could hardly explain why a few weeks later there’s no “gift”. You can just say you don’t remember. 😀

          • Ha! Thanks for the suggestions! :-). Believe me, he’ll remember, my hubby is very perceptive and he is also a sensitive guy. That day when I was glued to Twitter following Comic Con, he was so pissed he came over and slammed my laptop and won’t give it to me. He said I was neglecting him, poor baby.

            Oh and today I was using his desktop and he said “hey no Robert on my desktop please!”

          • @absolutelyvlc…happens all the time (true story) I THINK I HAVE ordered something and I didn’t OR I don’t remember ordering something and then it comes in the mail and I haven’t a clue what it is or why it came…worse yet…I either pay one bill twice or not at all..etc….don’t you feel bad for my family….lol…although they do say that I keep them laughing…(ok they could be lying)….

  13. This is great. Smoothies all day would be fun. Then the hard part workout

  14. My son turned 5 today. That makes him closer to Tay Tay’s age than me. God help me.

  15. I don’t think David Slade has heard of the camera phone. It’s twitter, not an art gallery.

    What am I saying? I just really want his lens!!!!!

    He needs to take a pic of Kellan though.

  16. GAAHHHHHHHHHHHH TAYLOR IS SO FREAKING HOTTTT. And i’ll be legal with him in 44 days, once i’m 16 (what me? counting?). So, anybody want to introduce me? I have several plans to meet him, but they’re all a bit far-fetched and include me running into him randomly and coming up with a witty remark on the spot (i’ve been trying to think of what this witty remark will be for the past 2 weeks…). I love the holy trinity thing… can’t wait.

    PS i’m rather upset…i wanted to join the forum. but i’m not 18… maybe i’ll just have to be all sneaky (MWHAHAHAHAH)

  17. I love catfish Jakspar!
    Power smoothies are delicious and apparently these bitches will kick some newborn vampire army’s ass when they get to the fight scene. New Victoria and her Edward like boyfriend Riley, better back the eff up!

    PS for Lula, I hate Bella’s wig!

    The end

    • I hate her wig, too–but all the hating on it is not going to make the Eclipse people get her a new one, and reshoot all the previously filmed footage of the Jakepiece.

    • seriously, theyre not even going to use stunt doubles, they’ll just kick ass now and take names later.

      ps i hope taylor got a good laugh at kstews expense since she had to wear his old sweaty wig. HA

  18. oh my word – in case I wasn’t already in love with you and UC, now you go and admit a passionate and eternal love for Death Cab? They’re without a doubt one of my all time favorites.

    Will both of you please marry me? We can spend our days laughing at Twilight, watching Arrested Dev, listening to DCFC… it’ll be epic! xoxo

    Oh yeah, and thanks for the news update. I literally only read your blogs, so I never hear about all these things happening unless you post them. So thanks for keeping this lady informed!

    • I love Death Cab too! And Radiohead. Both two of my all time favs.

    • “We can spend our days laughing at Twilight, watching Arrested Dev, listening to DCFC…”

      Can I join in?

      I have all three AD seasons DVDs, Target version of Twilight, and every possible DCFC download, thanks to my son’s love for them and computer savvy. We can party at my house.

    • dude our love is deep and wide and enough to share! wheres the compound for us to live in?! oh and lapushbaby you have to bring the vitamin R

  19. I just really hope Taycob does not break his neck doing one of those back flips. He is such a boy! A hot smexy, lovely, sweaty, dirty boy, but a boy nonetheless!

    Go Legal in Georgia!

  20. Well, it’ s probably not like Nikki or Elizabeth have any other movie projects to attend to… might as well hang around in Vancouver after shooting the two scenes they are in to benefit from the paps that Rob brings along! There’s no such thing as bad publicity…

  21. -I think Nikki and Elizabeth just don workout gear then hike it to the smoothie shop. Because that’s what I do and then 530 calories on a large Razzmatazz at Jamba Juice is justified.

    -Whenever someone uses the word ‘hobo’ I always laugh out loud, so thank you

    -I’m going to the VMA preshow/red carpet thingy! And I am hoping on all the hope in the world that the “holy trinity” come by me.

    -Whenever I see Bella’s mom, I still have the urge to yell, “Nina! You traitor!” (Just so no one thinks I’m insane, she was on 24).

    • Nina is Bella’s Mom? OMG!! All my worlds have officially collided. My husband is making me watch every season of 24 on DVD, so now everything can be twilight related! Yeah! So Billy Burke and Sarah Clarke, is Rob going to show up as some hot new CTU agent? Oh, I hope so! just kidding, I know Rob is not on 24 too, but a girl can dream!

      • 24 is such an awesome show, because it is so outrageous. Season 2 hits the crazy-meter with Kim’s character alone! Being almost eaten by a cougar, trapped with a potential rapist/crazy/unabomber, and then her boyfriend “Meee-gell” and his legs. LMAO!

        • Ah “Meee-gell” and his poor legs! He should have told Kim to leave him the HALE alone!

          The cougar, ha, now all I can think about is “ANIMAL ATTACK!” See I can relate everything to Twilight!

          We are working on season 3 right now, wish me luck! I love my husband, I love my husband, I love my husband….

          • Wow you’re only on season 3, I’m just going to tell you now that 24 might take over your life for the next few days. I think that one is actually my favorite season of all!

    • hobo is one of my fave words! ever.

      and razzmatazz! you win!

      • I have just been made aware of how deep my Mooney/UC-worship is…….I just got ticked off at a coworker, and in a fit of ire I stumbled for a name to call him……”you’re such a….such a…..such a HOBO”. It was the only word my brain could come up with.

        I will not drink the Kool-Aid, I will not drink the Kool-Aid….

        • Hobo is really such a fun word!

          Once on Gilmore Girls, Emily was mad she couldn’t get a manicure, and she said she didn’t want to have “hobo hands” and years later, my mom still says “hobo hands” when she’s late for an appointment.

  22. OMG! I’m so damn excited about the VMA’s! hmmm, wondering what Rob will be wearing…the boy has no clean clothes! He can wear one of his dirty shirts and claim that he borrowed it from Taycob *scrolls up to see Taylor’s hawt picture again* Yup! That’s pretty much how I imagine his T-shirts are looking by now. No biggie though, He would still look as sexy as ever.

  23. How the hell could only half a tooth hurt so damn much…arghhh…gonna be a long day…somebody plz make me laugh…

    • A duck walks into a bar and asks: “Do you have any Bread?”
      Barman says: “No.”
      Duck says: “Do you have any bread?”
      Barman says: “No.”
      Duck says: “Do you have any bread?”
      Barman says: “No, we don’t have any bread.”
      Duck says: “Do you have any bread?”
      Barman says: “No, we haven’t got any bread! WTF”
      Duck says: “Do you have any bread?”
      Barman says: “No! WTH, are you deaf?! We haven’t got any bread, and if you ask me again and I’m gonna nail your godamn beak to the bar you faking irritating duck!”
      Duck says: “Do you have any nails?”
      Barman says: “No”
      Duck says: “Do you have any bread?

      Ok, it was totally lame. I used to manage a bar though, and all the jokes I know are a little too offensive to post them here. It was all I could come up with.

      • Ok I am not sure if its the meds or the brain but I have NO FREAKIN idea what I just read….but I laughed so hard AT TRYING TO GET it….so it worked !!! LMAO…THANK YOU !!! I heart you!!!

        • :@

          • huh???

          • it was supposed to be a kiss emoticon. But I effed it up. I’m tired. It’s past midnight here. I’ve been packing and getting ready for my vacation all night and I just had to read through today’s comments before going to bed. I”m off first thing tomorrow morning…..which you might not remember after YOU go to bed, but whatever.
            So if you don’t see me online for a few weeks don’t be surprised. I”m still here, just not gonna be “connected”. Ciao and Yia Sou (I’m going to Italy and Greece, hence the multi-lingual adieus) 🙂

          • @absolutelyvlc…OH Have a WONDERFUL TIME…I am soooo jealous!!! I have always wanted to go to greece!!! Take it all in for me!! I will miss you!!! I don’t think I will be sleeping much….my face is so swollen and pretty sore even with the meds..

            Putting you on a special post it so I can remember your gone but will look for you to come back….again will miss you!!! Heart you big time!!!!

  24. I hate the wig on Bella but it sure looks a heck of a lot better than the mullet. So I’m down with the wig! 🙂

    Won’t that be funny if the wig fell off during one of Edward and Bella’s steamy makeout scenes? LOL

  25. my sister just told me she had a unicorn spotting. apparently he was walking somewhere with a new moon shirt on. thought i would share. bye 😀

  26. Hey just had a thought…(doesn’t happen often so don’t expect much)…Today’s topic was (shoot gotta go up top and look right back) sorry, had to go back twice…so today’s topic was Twilight’s hot cast….how about doing one on LTT/LTR awesome followers! I would love to know alittle about each of the best group of people I have ever met…plus I think its only fair…you all know way more about me than from my letter than I ever planned to share..soooo whatcha think??
    Also, confession time: My DVD wasn’t broken…I had put it back in upside down…I am so ashamed… 😦

    • Cyn, I’m late today getting on, but I belly-laughed at your confession about putting your DVD in upside -down. No sweat, girl, could happen to any of us… especially if we’re distracted by a Tiw-fantasy or… oh, there it goes again! Anyhoo, heading for Denver to visit family for the weekend, but am taking the laptop so that I can get my daily dose of LTT. My happiest moments of the day are spent right here with y’all. That’s normal, right? 🙂

  27. Ok so you can tell I really don’t have any memory cause I just realized when I refreshed the page and saw that Twilights Hot Cast was YESTERDAY… and todays was (damn gotta scroll up again) Twilight Dirt..sorry for the mess up…. 😦

    • You’re funny Cyndi :-). You have a nice holiday weekend! Any plans this weekend? Did you finally sign up on Twitter?

      • I hope you have a great weekend also…..I don’t have plans….I don’t EVER go out even on holidays…lol.. I have had an account on Twitter for awhile now…just don’t know how to use it…. 🙂

  28. “-Whenever I see Bella’s mom, I still have the urge to yell, “Nina! You traitor!” (Just so no one thinks I’m insane, she was on 24).”

    Ah, that’s it. I knew I recognised her from somewhere. Thank you. She looks happy to be in Vancity.

  29. […] KStew and Oregano’s one last failed attempt at faking their relationship and my favorite: Elizabeth Reaser and Nikki Reed’s chronic addiction to “accidentally” being photographed drinking smoothies and wearing work out clothes […]

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