A tear jerker Twilight Thursday

Dear LTTers,

We’ve shared this week about the crazy letters we get from special Twilighters who provide us with countless laughs.  But for every 10 25 crazy emails we get, we read one that brings us to tears.  Today we’re going to set-aside the normal funny jokes & banter (I know you don’t believe me- you think I’m gonna post a picture of Buttcrack Santa singing “Friends are Friends forever” with Tequila Tomas, but I’m being serious) because we received a letter that touched us so deeply that it can’t not be shared:

To me the Twilight Saga has more meaning than most.
It has actually changed my life!

twibooksI know that sounds crazy but please let me explain:

Almost 3 years ago I had an accident that resulted in a head injury. I have been trying to re-learn everything, but without short term memory, it is a huge, frustrating, challenge. The best way to describe my life is like living the movie “Fifty First Dates” without the humor! I feel “lost in space” most of the time. My brain now reacts like pieces of a puzzle that have been thrown up in the air, and I am constantly trying to grab them to put them back in place! Reading had always been my escape- my passion- until the accident. Since then, no matter how hard I tried, I either couldn’t understand the most simplest of words, or couldn’t hold on to the information long enough so that I could follow the story. I had all but given up hope. Then came Twilight!

My daughter knew I’d love the movie, but because I can’t ever go out (It’s very hard with a head injury, you look “normal”, so people don’t understand if you’re dizzy or say the wrong word, and it became too embarrassing (especially when people assumed I was drunk!) I stopped going anywhere). So she waited for the DVD to be released and didn’t tell me she also bought the book. Using the movie as a guideline, I tried to read the book. What I couldn’t follow or understand while reading, I would use the movie I had loaded onto my computer, to refer to. It took many months and lots of notes, but I DID IT! I read my 1st book! I can never find the words to express how I felt the day I came to the last page! A precious gift had been given back to me!

How do I thank everyone for creating a movie with characters that were interesting enough for me to WANT to read the book. A story, so well written that I REFUSED to give up until I finished reading it. Although I lose pretty much all of it after I sleep, it’s a worthwhile challenge to watch the movie and read the book every day, to keep practicing! (Although I have to admit on a couple of occasions, I made myself stay awake all night because I was at such a great part in the book, I didn’t want to lose it!!) I must hold the record for having watched and read Twilight the most times!! A friend of mine was even keeping count for awhile, I think she stopped after 122 or something! I wish I could personally thank Stephenie Meyer, Melissa Rosenberg, Catherine Hardwicke & the entire cast for giving back to me the gifts of courage, strength and determination. Who knows what is next, maybe I WILL find the courage to go OUT to see New Moon! The thought alone terrifies me, but I know that I have to keep trying, that I can NEVER give up because dreams do come true! My most sincere thanks to all!


How many tissues did you go through during that story? To quote Jessica Stanley, “I know, right?

Cyndi shared with us that LTT/LTR have made it onto one of her infamous post-its, to remind her to read it everyday! And even though it sometimes takes her hours to read what we write, when she finishes and ‘gets’ the joke, she is laughing along with all of us!

Cyndi- you joked that you were going to have to write a post-it note to remind yourself that your letter is going to be posted. Hope the reminder worked & we didn’t scare you! Thank you again for sharing your beautiful story and not only touching me & Moon, but I’m guessing everyone who reads this post today!

Kellan bear hugs from both of us,
UC & Moon

PS: Decided to throw you a little “Cullen Smile” after the jump


Let’s keep the tears coming and share how Twilight has changed our lives (Tears would also be appropriate since we’re still mourning the death of Buttcrack Santa, life-long friend of Tequila Tomas)

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  1. I hope Stephenie is reading today.

    • Ditto.

      And I hope that Cyndi reads the comments section today to know how inspiring, moving, and humbling her story is.

    • I am usually just an excited reader like millions of others, but Cyndi’s letter hit close to home. Five years ago my mother suddenly lost her vision due to diabetes. It changed our lives completely. She was a voracious reader, and my sisters and I inherited that love from her. When my sisters and I discovered the Twilight Saga we literally read all four books within two weeks between the three of us (sharing the same four books it became tricky), and we couldn’t stop talking about it. Suddenly we realized how bad it made my mom feel about not being able to share in that. It dimmed our joy and saddened us. We got the “Twilight” DVD that first day (@8 am but who’s asking) and explained everything that happened and how it differed from the book. It helped, but it wasn’t the same. Then we found an audio version and got it for my mom. SHE LOVED IT! She was so excited to jump into our discussions that we would be twice as excited when we argued the many layers of Bella and Edward’s relationship. When people tease me about my love of Twilight-info I mention that it brought my mom’s joy back. That shuts them up quick! Thanks for shining a light on that letter and keep bringing the many odes to Buttcrack Santa that makes that pill a little easier to swallow. You girls are hilarious!

  2. That’s such a beautiful letter.
    Good on you, Cyndi 🙂


  3. Awww! 🙂 *tear drop* That’s amazing!!

  4. Talk about a book changing your life- amazing. And inspiring.

    Congratulations, Cyndi!

  5. Beautiful story, hope indeed that Stephenie is reading this. I hope Cyndi can go see the New Moon without fear.

  6. Wow, that is amazing, however I think it needs the tag “not safe for work” because as I’m sitting at my desk crying my coworkers a looking at me like I’ve got two heads.

    Cyndi, you’re story is inspiring and your determination astounding!!

    • ditto…..that letter brought me out of my comment lurking! Cyndi, I hope you read these and know that we all support you and wish you the very best!

  7. Stephenie’s stubborness is no match for this beautiful story! So don’t be a selfish b**** Steph and finish Midnight Sun. If not for us, at least do it for Cyndi!

    …And Buttcrack Santa…for that man has really earned a place in your twilight saga. Who are we fragile little humans to deny him that.

    P.S LOVING the “Cullen smile” and the fact that you’re now using it as part of the LTT/LTR terminology.

  8. Dear Cyndi,

    How wonderful to be able to share Twilight with your daughter..I think this is one of the best things about the whole Twilight Saga is being able to share it with my own daughter.

    If you need company to go see New Moon I am sure there are plenty of LTT ladies who would go along and trust me..no one would dare say one thing to you..they would be too busy looking at our Pattinson Pants 😉


  9. Now that I’ve boohooed here and made eyebrow comments over at LTR, I’ll share my little story, though it pales in pitiful comparison to our new favorite LTTer Cyndi. I’m in the throes of a divorce, and no matter who you are, it’s a lonely place, especially with two kids, a house, a dog, a guinea pig and a goldfish WHO WILL NOT DIE. “Twilight” is something I can do with my daughters, who, though not as obsessed as me, don’t mind watching the movie every couple of weeks or so and goobing over the gorgeousness contained therein. Add the books and the peripheral community of blogs like this, Twitter, and ohmygod fan fiction, and I’m loaded down with people to see and things to do, all without needing a sitter. Also, divorce sucks any belief in the existence of lasting romantic love from your soul, and Edward and Bella have restored a little bit of that in me, though I loathe to admit it and will deny I ever said so.

    • thanks for sharing and damn girl. glad that the community here at LTR and LTT have been able to provide some distraction for you while you are going through such a difficult time. for what it is worth i think you are freaking hilarious and i am glad that you are a part of this. 🙂

    • Wow, that’s amazing. Everyone goes through tough times, and I think what I enjoy about Twilight is that it makes them seem a little better. Stay strong =)

      P.S Totally cracked up during “the goldfish WHO WILL NOT DIE” Hahahhh.

    • My story is very similar. Divorce does indeed suck. I knew the moment that I crept into that dark little theater (feeling nervous and ashamed like Paul Reubens in a soiled trench coat because I was a grown-ass woman going to see a teen flick alone on a weekday) and saw Edward Cullen come through that caf. door (cheesy music and all) that I was a goner. I was reminded of all the hope and anticipation of my youth and my belief that one day I would find my own Jake Ryan, Lloyd Dobbler or Keanu Reeves from the ‘Rush,Rush’ video 🙂

    • Wow. So sorry for what you are going thru but so glad that you can still share your hilariousness w/ us. Defs one thing I love about Twi, even thoug it started out as an obsession over the book…then Edward…then Rpattz…It has now grown into a circle of friends I look forward to talking to everyday…and looking at pics of Rpattz 🙂

    • i’m sorry you are going through this but am (selfishly) glad you comment in here because you are funny as hell

    • ❤ you and your goldfish!

  10. Congratulations Cyndi!!

    You get to be a Twi-virgin EVERY DAY!! Oh the joy…

  11. this is the most incredile story I’ve ever heard of/read…oh God! I am still shocked, thanks UC & Moon for sharing it with us! and lots of congratulations to Cyndi because if she accomplished this… she surely is going to get everything back & more!

  12. It is amazing what Twilight has done for each of us in a different way. THe story and this community has been an amazing crutch for me.

    You are an inspiration. Truly.

  13. Heartbreaking, but so beautiful. First, I want to thank Cyndi for having enough drive to never give up, you are truly inspiring! And you have a great daughter too! Second, Moon, UC, thank you for giving us laughs but also tears. Twilight and the books that follow are great tools and can create many new friends. It is amazing how they can bring people together. Thank you ladies!

  14. What a great story!
    Cyndi – I hope you read this. My college roommate suffered from a similar brain injury in high school, but like you was determined to be the best she could. Many times she was asked by people if she was drunk as well.
    Well, like I mentioned, she was my college roommate and graduated!
    Hoping for the best for you!

  15. That’s a great letter. I think anyone from the LTT/LTR community around Cindy’s area should all get together and see New Moon with her. Maybe if everyone in the theater is a friend of this site she wouldn’t be so anxious about going. I’m willing to drive if she’s around Maryland.
    I can’t say my story compares at all. I was forced to read Twilight by all the teenagers at the gym I work at. I instantly became addicted. As soon as I’d finish one book, I’d beg until someone brought the next one. I finished all 4 books in about 3 weeks. Then passed them on to my oldest daughter. They have brought me closer to my teenage daughter (anything to talk about is great!) and have also given me great friends with all the girls at the gym. Who cares if I’m one of the oldest out of the group? We all find different things to love about the characters.

  16. Thank you so much for sharing, Cyndi. I pray that you will be in that theater on November 20th, panting and sighing with the rest of us.

    I love the Twilight-effect when it’s positive and uplifting, just as much as I love the snark.

  17. I don’t have a story that is even remotely inspirational. Remotely life changing. Remotely interesting. But I feel completely uplifted, touched and humbled when I find fans of the series that do. I’m honored that Cyndi is brave enough to share her story with LTT and then allow them to share her story with us.

    Thank you Cyndi.

    And if you need a friend to go watch New Moon with you…I’m here. Just let me know where you are and I’ll be on a plane!


    • I will be on the same plane as Sassysmart to watch that movie with you. Since I already know how badass she is in person, I know you will be protected from ignorant asswipes in our presence.

      You are such an inspiration that I’m using my REAL name in this post. I’m so very proud of you for your refusal to give up. You make me proud to be a Twilight fan. You, my dear, are the consumate definition of a REAL Twilight fan!
      God bless!

      • Aww! Thanks!

      • Again how can I possibly thank you all for the day you have given me! It has been like no other! I have been t reading and rereading all your comments and I cannot believe the friendship, generosity and kindness you have shown me, a complete stranger! I feel trully blessed.

  18. That’s so awesome and I hope you continue to improve Cyndi! I hope Stephenie’s reading this too!

    Twilight is a really great book and it’s helped me too, though my case is not as serious as yours. I liked the Twilight saga books so much so that after I finished Breaking Dawn, I was like, “so now what do I do with my life?” :-). I guess that’s why I come here and to LTR.

  19. I love you, Cyndi! And I’ll bet the entire Twilight cast and creators love you too. You are a REAL fan! xoxoxox

  20. To Cyndi (and your daughter) – your story is so touching. It helps me to pick myself up and dust myself off and take a fresh stride in life for tomorrow. Not directly in relation to myself, but with regards to my own daughter and how I help her with her life challenges. Sometimes these challenges and worry about them pull me down (today has been difficult – major exam results published in the UK for 16 year olders – hers not quite as desired), but when I look at what you have had to do it gives me a little more strength to push on to the next phase in life with her, even if we are not going in quite the direction I thought we would be going in when she arrived in my arms 16/17 years ago.

    Secondly, whilst I would never say that the Twilight books are literary masterpieces they do tell a cracking good story. And that in itself is a masterpiece. I would have loved to have shared my enjoyment of the story with my daughter but she has no interest in fictional characters, stories or films. But I think the laughs I have had on LTR/LTT have meant that I haven’t missed out too much – so thank you ladies here and on the forum for the amusing company!

    • GCSE’s, SAT’s, A Levels. Pieces of paper that don’t say anything about the child / person. My GCSE’s weren’t brilliant but in the end it helped me grow up.

      Get a tub of ice cream and put the DVD on again. That’s what I did when the SAT’s came out and my whole class didn’t do that well (I blame the markers) x

  21. Cyndi’s story is truely inspirational and reminds us how much we take for granted and how small our problems can be…Thank you for sharing….
    We had a thread a couple of months ago on the forum that humbled me with how much our Twilight community has inspired and comforted each other..truely a great place to be…<3 you all….

  22. Just goes to show you, you never know whose life you could touch on any given day. 🙂

  23. Wonderful story and letter. Thanks so much for sharing it with us UC and Moonie!

  24. Your story is absolutely inspiring, Cindy, thanks for sharing it with all the readers of LTR / LTT, really, when one reads stories like yours is that you realize that there is much else in life, that there are still good people, positive, willing to fight for happiness.
    You are truly an inspiration and I really hope you can go see New Moon. Don’t worry, many of us will be there supporting you, even in the distance.
    Thanks for inspiring us in just one letter to continue to grow and be better.


  25. You girls are amazing (and you lurking Unicorns- come on now! give Cyndi some love) the things you’re saying- the offering to FLY and take her to see New Moon… giving me chills….


    • “(and you lurking Unicorns- come on now! give Cyndi some love)”

      Request granted! It’s about time I emerged from my commenting slumber, anyway. lol


      I don’t have much to say that hasn’t already been said by all the wonderful ladies who hang out here, so I’ll just say this:

      You are amazing. Absolutely amazing. The strength, courage, and dignity in your letter (and in your life, I think we can safely infer) is fantastic. I very much hope that you can make it to see New Moon on November 20th! I’m in West Texas – if you’re around here, or if there’s anything I can do to help out, let me know.

      frozenfireexpert (at) gmail (dot) com

      Jordan (LTT’s resident Unicorn)

  26. Cyndi, you are amazing! A true inspiration. I wish you nothing but the very best and thank you for sharing your story. You’ve touched a lot of hearts around here today… ❤

  27. I’m so glad you shared your story, Cyndi! I hope that you can make it to New Moon in November. You derserve that for yourself. And it would be awesome if when New Moon comes out on DVD, you can make it through the book too! You’ve go the rest of the Saga ahead of you, girl! Woot woot!

    Seriously, I’m so proud of you and your accomplishment. You rock, chica!

    p.s. Moon and UC, I would have commented sooner, but after reading LTR today, I felt a strong urge to go and tame my eyebrows. Thanks for the reminder.

  28. I’m kind of speechless. Not sure what to say. That was truly beautiful and inspiring. Makes me feel like I haven’t been trying hard enough in life, that I need to push more and I can achieve amazing things as well!

    Thank you for sharing Cyndi! And Thanks UC and Moon for posting! Beautiful. x.

  29. To Cyndi,

    Thankyou so much for your inspirational story. You are working so hard on your recovery, and It just goes to show that with a lot of guts and sheer determination, great things can be achieved. Reach for the moon sweetheart, you may just get the stars.

    If you live in the UK, please PM me, I would be proud to spend time with you!

    Thank you UC and Moon for posting this.

  30. Dear Cyndi

    Thank you for giving me another reason to love Twilight. It might be the best reason yet.

    Keep being strong,

  31. Awesome Cyndi! What a wonderful story and sounds like you are a wonderful lady!

    Keep on keeping on!

  32. Awesome story and I agree with Tiffany, I hope SMeyer is reading today!

    Thank you for the Cullen Smile. Otherwise, I would have had to down my chocolate.

    PS If you get to read the comments today Cyndi, know you are an inspiration and I ❤ you.

  33. Cyndi… it’s truly amazing what love and support i feel from this group and hope you do too! The hurdles you have overcome are impressive and inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing your story.


  34. Cyndi –

    You are an amazing and courageous woman for letting us all in on the struggles and ultimate triumphs of your life. Thank you so much for sharing your story.


  35. Cyndi –

    Wow! Thank for sharing your amazing story. I too suffered a head injury, mine from a mountain bike accident 6 years ago. While not as severe as yours, it was READING that helped me recover from the memory loss. While I still have issues with it on occassion (my husband thinks it is now selective memory loss, as it most frequently occurs when I forget something I don’t want to remember), I did recover fully in time. I hope that this happens for you, too.

    Let’s all thank Stephenie again for the miracle that is Twilight!

  36. Cyndi – Thank you for sharing your inspirational story.

    It made me go out and buy the book for a friend in need. I may have ‘outed’ myself in the process but your story proves it is well worth it. x

  37. Hi Cyndi,

    You are awesome! See all the love and positive energy radiating on the site today? You did this. And that is just amazeballs. I heart you hardcore.

  38. Actually, I want to give UC and Moon some love too. By sharing Cyndi’s letter with us you have shown what truly big hearts you have. I heart you both hardcore too!

  39. Cyndi,

    Thank you for reminding me life is a precious gift one has to take advantage off and live through it with intensity and passion every day…Maybe I’ll never meet you, but you have a space in my heart that is dedicated to people I admire and look up too. On November 20th, many of us will be thinking of you and our spirits and hearts will be with you…thank you, again.

    P.S.: Thank God I came back home from school, otherwise I will be crying my ass off in the library…mmm…not cool!

  40. Dear Cyndi,

    I don’t know where you live but here is an offer to you from me. If you want to go see New Moon on the big screen, cause let’s face it, it’s the ONLY way to experience Rob, (if you can’t see him live that is), anyway.. if you want to go… you make yourself a post-it and call me.. I’ll go with you.. heck we can rent a theater and just sit with popcorn, twizzlers, and Rob… and the rest of the cast of course.. I’m just partial to Rob 🙂 LTT/LTR readers… all are welcome!

    Your inspiration is contageous… because you now inspire me!

    • Thank you so much Kellie,
      I honestly can’t imagine what it must be like to see Twilight on the big screen (I have an older small laptop that I watch it on everyday) never mind New Moon! Being honest though, after being in the house for 3 yrs…It terrifies me to think of trying again. I did attempt a few times to go out in public but they were horrible experiences. So even though the events themselves are forgotten, the fear isn’t.
      I miss those everyday things so much!
      I promise to keep trying <3!

      • wouldn’t that be something if a certain someone could arrange for a private screening for Cyndi?? one can hope… gosh i really really REALLY hope Stephenie reads this…

        • My sister and I were weighing the cost of renting out a theater (because That’s Normal).

          I would love it if you could make it, Cyndi! I’m terrified of flying, but I’d meet you half way! 😉

  41. This is truly a beautiful, touching letter. I seriously got teary-eyed.

    My 2 best friends and I talk about Twilight over and over again on the phone……

    I moved from IL to FL ‘cuz my dad got transferred. I’ve known my 2 best firends since 4th grade. And one of them suggested (no wait demanded) that I read Twilight. I insisted I probably wouldn’t like it but humored her and marched down to Barnes and Noble. She warned me that I should just buy all 4 books but of course I didn’t listen to her and ended buying the next 3 right after I finished Twilight. We sometimes talk 3 way chat and my other friend ended up reading Twilight as well ‘cuz she said we ‘wouldn’t shut up’ ’bout it. We all three are obsessed (maybe I’m the most obsessed heehee) but its relaxing after the daily grind is over to talk to your best friends about something that you love.

    And my ‘lil bro and I have kinda bonded over Twilight. He loves the movie and asks me about the books. He still has yet to read it but I think its cute that he likes it so much. And he has a crush on Alice…..so cute!

  42. Cyndi-
    Your story is truly amazing. I am so glad that Twilight was able to give you something, if even for a little while, that you could enjoy. The feelings this story evokes is different for everyone and it serves a different purpose for us all. What I love the most is that has brought us all here…to the same place where we share tears of joy, tears of sadness and tears of laughter.Thank you for sharing with us and I hope you do go see New Moon on Nov 20 I just know the LTR/LTT girls around you will reach out!!! Because that’s how we roll!!

  43. Cyndi – I am very humbled right now. Reading is something I take for granted at times and you have reminded me that it is indeed a gift. I don’t know if you would be comfortable with this, but I bet there is someone or even a LOT of someones that live close to you. If you give us your location I bet you would be able to go to the movie with a FABULOUS group of girls who would be excited and honored to have you join them. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your story, and thank you Moon and UC for telling us about it!

    (((Hugs all around!!!)))

  44. Cyndi,
    I am one of many who has shed tears for you today. Thank you for having the courage to share with us something so private. I agree with those who have said that they would gladly go with you to see New Moon when it comes out.
    My oldest son who is 17 is the one who got me into everything Twilight. It is something we are able to share in and it has helped us get back to where we were before I lost him to his father. We have even reserved the New Moon DVD at FYE for when it comes out.
    We have a date set to go see New Moon when it comes out on Nov. 20. I have watched the movie and read the books more times then I can count.
    You will be in my prayers that things get more normal for you. Again thank you so much for sharing with us.

  45. Now for my “story” of how twilight has changed my life.

    Well, I read the books, fell in love with Edward, started researching more, more, more…as I could not get enough (duh). Went and saw the movie and started googling Rob Pattinson. Found myself falling in love with him and my secret life was born. haha.

    It wasn’t long after that, I started looking for somewhere to post, or belong to. I just couldn’t sit by and never say ANYTHING to ANYONE. I needed to let the passion out. I found and read many wonderful sites, but none of them felt like home, none of them felt like some place I would fit in and have fun. The somehow I stumbled across LTR and LTT. I just knew this was the place for me. I started commenting, replying to comments and before I knew it, I sit here today a LTR/LTT “OG”, an active twitterer, and moderator for the forum! It was whirlwind…like..uh..a romance. hahahaha.

    Anyway, that is just the technical part. Somewhere along the way in all of my LTR/LTT adventures I have met some incredible women. Women who have normal lives, but enjoy a little lust and snark on the side like myself. I say everything happens for a reason and I firmly believe that. I became especially close to Carter (too_far_gone) and soon we were joking that we totally needed to get together. Well it happened, we spent a week together in her hometown seeing concerts, eating and causing all sorts of trouble. Now I couldn’t imagine my life without her friendship.

    There are about 10-15 women that I talk to regularly now because of LTR/LTT and again, cherish their friendships more than they will know. Because of Moon and UC, who I should mention are high up on that list for so many reasons, I have had the opportunity to open my heart and laugh until I cry.

    So that is how twilight has changed my life. It has enriched it beyond belief by starting out with a bond over the willingness to be molested by Rob and finding out there was so much more we had in common. *sniff *sniff…

    From the heart of my bottom, I love you girls. For serious. XOXO

  46. Cyndi – thank you for telling your story and for being so inspiring – i hope so much you go with your daughter to New Moon and then write about it! xoxo

  47. (((Cyndi)))

    What an amazing story, thank you so much for sharing it. I also take many things, like reading, for granted, and feel humbled by your story. I think if you want friends to go to see New Moon in the theater with, you don’t have to look much farther than here. Don’t know where you live, but here is my official offer from the Seattle area, just let me know!!

    (I also hope this is one of the days Smeyer is reading!!)

  48. Dear UC, Moon and everyone in the LTT family…How can I possibly EVER express my deepest THANKS to all of YOU?? I am truly overcome by all of your heartfelt and inspiring comments! As I read through them, the tears that are falling, are not in sorrow for all that has been lost, but in overwhelming gratitude for all that I have now gained! Today, for the first time since my accident I do not feel alone. Although I am always at a loss for the right words,(lol) I am finding it particularly hard at this moment to express to you my emotions. How easy it is to forget, in my case not hard at all, (sorry I couldn’t help myself) seriously, we all tend to think that the world is a cold and lonely place, that we suffer alone. This site, this community, this Twilight family, stands strong in reminding us that THIS IS NOT TRUE! So I apologize because I cannot find the perfect words to be able to explain the magnitude of the impact you have had on me today!

    UC, Moon, I admit I was hesitant when you asked me if you could print the letter. My intention in writing it was just to find a way to say thank you to those who had given so much in Twilight and unknowingly had changed my life. Now, having read all the words of kindness, encouragement, inspiration and even the incredible offers to help me find the strength to walk out that door to see New Moon, I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    To all my new friends at LTT, I ask that on Nov.20th you enjoy New Moon for me and that you feel blessed that you are able to be there with the friend(s)/loved one(s), whom ever, you go with.

    I am printing out this page, so that tomorrow when another day begins for me, I WILL NOT FORGET ANY OF YOU!
    My memory may never heal but my heart has been touched forever!

    Very sincerely,

    • I’m near Richmond, VA. You don’t have to tell us where you are, but you or your daughter can send an e-mail to me at midispiacenon (at) gmail (dot) com if you’re near here and need a date and/or a ride to see New Moon.

    • I’m in Atlanta Georgia (or anywhere within driving distance) if you want a date. I will also hold true to my statement above and will fly to where you are!

      you can contact me at shaniem (at) hotmail (dot) com if you want a friend.

    • I’m in MA. Only a short drive away! Contact me if you ever want to talk.

      asrai9 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

  49. Cyndi may not want to divulge her location. Maybe we could post a list of our locations for her to refer back to when she needs to. If she wants to see New Moon, she can just look back and find the nearest person. Make sense? Y’all may not want to post your location either and that’s cool.

    I’m in South Carolina.

  50. Cyndi, thank you so much for having the courage to share your amazing story! What determination and strength you have! Your story is truly inspriring. I hope you can make it to the theater in November. And if not, there is always June 2010 for Eclipse. 🙂

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