Twilosophy of the fandom – REAL Twilight fan?

REAL fan?!

REAL fan?!

Dear LTTers/Twilosophy Majors,

For quite some time now we’ve been reading emails, viewing other sites posts, receiving comments, and talking between us about what it is to be a “REAL fan.” We’ve been told by countless people that because of what we post we are not “Real fans”  and we’ve read on many other fansites and blogs and been on email chains toting the tenants of a “REAL fan” And apparently we (and many of you) are not “Real fans” because  being a ‘REAL fan” means something quite different to us than them. To certain folks, being a fan, means always agreeing with the powers that be, always saying something nice or non-divisive, loving everything about the saga or movies, opposing any sort of speculation or the posting of any possible rumors and god forbid: posting a picture taken by a paparazzo! The horror! But we beg to differ (of course!) because we definitely do all the above so-called no-no’s but we also love this saga like McAdams loved Gosling (RIP). And who’s to decide the level of someone else’s fandom? Can we really base our love for something on these outward displays of devotion?

  • does kissing butt and blindly accepting everything make you a “real fan”
  • does bringing up objections and differing opinions make you any less of a fan?
  • Does it make us less of a fan of the actors or books by posting a paparazzi picture?
  • When we write something in jest about an actor or character does that make us mean spirited?

I still read every little dumb post, read every article and buy every magazine (well the ones with the good pics!), own TWO full sets of the saga, own a Pocket Edward, co-write two blogs about Twilight and Rob, talk incessantly about the stories, have recommended the books to countless people and yet I’m not a “REAL fan?”

Because I’m a word nerd I looked up the word “fan” and here’s what we get…

Fan –noun
an enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer of a sport, pastime, celebrity, etc.
1885–90, Americanism; short for fanatic

supporter, enthusiast, ardent admirer, booster, addict

Not a fan!

Not a fan!

Ok, so I’m pretty sure we could be called enthusiastic devotees and ardent admirers and most definitely ADDICTS! So what does it all mean? UC and I have sat around dwelling on this topic for months now and we hope that it comes across in the right way. Not as a pat on the back for ourselves but as validation to the other countless fans, YOU GUYS, who are just like us, think it’s alright to do all those things listed above and still be a fan! That’s why we started a blog- not just for the hell of starting a blog- but to be different. To say something interesting about the Saga we love. To BE those true fans who say “I love this so much I’m not afraid to admit that you suck in that moment” To say – no- you did it wrong. Because by doing that makes our happiness and excitement that much more genuine.

You know those friends or boyfriends when you ask “does this make me look fat?” or “What do you think of this dress?” automatically answer “YES?” While it’s nice to hear a compliment, in the end I’m going to trust the person who told me I looked like “a stuffed sausage in spanx” for advice over the “You look like Heidi Klum” person any day, because I know they’re being honest and want the best for me. And I only look like Heidi Klum on weekends after all.

Yes, frequently

Yes, frequently

On the same tip, when someone writes a review in the New York Times- they’re honest (and yes, I’m comparing us to the New York Times, go with it for the sake of the lecture!) They don’t say what they think the publishing house wants them to say. They don’t take the authors feelings into consideration. They are truly honest- and I think it’s important for people to have their own opinions. And equally as important: we need to leave room for other people’s opinions who differ from our own! it’s like “they” say: variety is the spice of life, differences make the world go round, never turn down a free filet-o-fish or whatever it is “they” say.  So that’s what we will do and continue to do. Write honest, while humorous, looks at saga and movies we love so much while being open for differing opinions, LOVING the good and calling out the bad.

a REAL fan,

So what say you? Do you feel like there are signs for true fandom? Have you been judged as a fan either way?

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Real fans love the forum!

200 Responses

  1. Didn’t our forefathers establish this great land so that we could put rpatz’s head on a variety of images and post it for the world to see?
    I have been reading this site obsessively since I found it. I felt like I finally found my corner of the Twilight universe. My sister-in-law would daily comment on the His Golden Eyes site and whenever I heard that cheezy phrase I died a little inside. When we watched the New Moon trailer and I laughed at the CGI effect of Jacob-the-toon-wolf, you would have thought that I had just betrayed some hallowed institution. I love me some rpatz, but when he wears a black beret and the same flannel shirt every day-he is only asking for trouble. Nobody puts baby in a corner-or Edward in a beret……..
    Amen to UC and Moon for finally saying what we all think inside!

    • Your name is hilarious. Mr. Holly says “crack is whack” all the time to me when I do something clutzy or goofy (often).

  2. Y’all simply rock. A found these two blogs back in April…at first I was a little hesitant. Letters to Twilight? Letters to Rob? Would I find a bunch of crazies here, sitting at their home computers writing letters that they think actually get to Rob and Co? Well, it seems like that does sometimes happen here, but back to y’all specifically…I want to take each and every ounce of sass and snark and bottle it! That’s what I love about your sites – two chicks just dishing it out like it should be – with reckless abandon. Never a doubt in my mind y’all are real fans. Maybe it’s just that y’all are normal and that’s what is throwing off the haters…heck, if I wouldn’t question what happens every football season regarding my team, it would make for one boring season. That is what makes it fun. Now everyone just chillax!

  3. I am so glad that I found LTT and LTR because that other horde of Twi blogs (who don’t take a stand on ANYTHING!) were just too goody-goody for me. It takes a long time for most blogs to form any sort of following and, judging by how quickly you have built a community of like-minded folks here, you are obviously doing something right. Anyone who says you guys aren’t fans, well, I fart in their general direction.

    Gonna get serious for a second but I am very sincere about this. If not for you guys and a few other choice web destinations that bring all sorts of hilarity every day, I wouldn’t just be unemployed right now but probably also clinically depressed. For reals.

    So, Moon, UC and all you hilarious bitches, thank you x infinity for helping to keep my spirits up. ❤ your faces. F the naysayers and don't let the trolltards bring you down.

    • Double True, Sister.

      …and I will never question you….


    • Oh, HOLLA, for the Monty Python reference!

      “I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries”

      Don’tQuestionMe: I am now your bitch.

      • I’m your bitch too. There is a street in my neighborhood called elderberry and I find myself saying this quote quite often.

  4. I may or may not be a fan of Twilight and Rob BUT am forever indebted to LTT/LTR for my daily laughs . Keep up the brilliance ladies. Am proud of you for spewing wit, creativity and intelligence –
    I only lurk in here, your forum , calli’s twi-theatre and have added one more that – KSWI just saying….

  5. Re:
    “Write honest, while humorous, looks at saga and movies we love so much while being open for differing opinions, LOVING the good and calling out the bad”

    We would not expect anything less from you guys. That’s why you have such a loyal following.
    I’ve always said that I thought if Pattinson or his “people” ever had a chance to read LTR/LTT that he/they would love it, and the women that participate in it, because we are intelligent, funny, witty, down to earth folk. Ok, we’re a little nutty sometimes, but that’s ok, (and normal).

    Salute, Cheers,

  6. I love LTR and LTT! I love the sarcasm!

  7. I AM A REAL TWILIGHT SAGA FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Thought for t-shirt:
    “We likin’ LTT/LTR” on the front.
    “Chilax, bitches. That’s normal!” on the back.
    Just sayin.’

  9. Im a fan of LTT and LTR

  10. Of course we are REAL fans – and by “we” I mean Moon, UC and ALL of who visit LLT daily! Being a fan doesn’t mean that you turn a blind eye to items/topics you don’t like. It’s funny that this topic was discussed today. Just yesterday I had an e-mail discussion with a friend of mine about re-reading Twilight recently and how I was struck again by how disappointing the movie version of the post-ballet studio hospital scene is in comparison to the book. We talked about how we think both the script and direction made that scene suffer. And never once while talking about that with her did I question our extreme level of fandom! We discuss the flaws along with the good stuff BECAUSE we are fans.

  11. Wow..I missed all the drama last night-I just went back and was reading all the crazy haters’ posts. Two things I don’t get:

    1. Why do people waste their time reading blogs they HATE??

    2. Does KStew have her entire family doing a posting blitz here and anywhere else that says anything remotely negative about her, kiddding or not? I do. not. get. the people who feel they have to rabidly defend her and Rob’s supposed “love”. Why are you so invested? I know there are plenty of people who don’t care much for Rob, his looks acting ability, etc-and I don’t care. I don’t go leaving crazy-ass comments all over the place defending him.

    To sum it up-GET A LIFE, TammyO et al. Real fans don’t feel the need to flame anyone who doesn’t agree with your brand of crazy.

  12. Interesting very interesting…but the only question i have is where can I get a pocket Edward 🙂

    • They have it on I haven’t purchased one, but because of all the other twilight book/cd purchases I have made there, the Edward action figure is almost always one of the “we think you might interested in this” items shown when I go there.

  13. So, I never wear my Twilight t-shirt in public. I have my Edward Cullen poster hanging IN my closet. I’m well over the age of 13 but I watched the Teen Choice Awards just to get a glimpse. I have spent an embarassing number of hours reading the books over and over and…. I agree they seriously F’d up some stuff in the movie and it still makes me cringe on my 1,000th viewing of the movie. Not a typical fan….but definitely a TRUE fan.

  14. Not sure if this is a repeat or not.. whew there were a lot of comments..

    But to me, there are all sorts of fans… I for one, relate to most of you here we are a witty snarky group and I LOVE that.
    Each and every one of us are here for the same reason. We are fans of the wonderful saga called Twilight. We may be Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team Nonsten, Robsten, Don’t give a Crapsten or Team Buttcrack Santa. But we respect each other’s differences UNLESS someone comes in and lays the smack down and calls us loons or dried up undersexed women/housewives.. or whatever, then we bound together and have each “other’s back” so to speak. THAT is what I call true fans right there.

  15. Oh you guys are definitely one of the BIGGEST fans out there. Your lives are basically revolving around the whole Twilight world… what else can classify you as the biggest fans? I don’t see how you have time for anything else! And I, as one of LTT’s fans, love it! You two are nothing short of brilliant. I ❤ LTT

  16. […] Twilosophy of the fandom – REAL Twilight fan? « Letters to Twilight – view page – cached #Letters to Twilight RSS Feed Letters to Twilight » Twilosophy of the fandom – REAL Twilight fan? Comments Feed Letters to Twilight The Purpose Driven Vampire… Twilight fans in an uproar over news of Kristen Stewart nudity — From the page […]

  17. This post inspired me to come out of lurkdom because it is just that brilliant. You are right; real fans love the good and the bad all while showing respect and support to whatever it is they’re fans of. Well said, ladies. Continue to do what you do proudly – I *heart* this blog!

  18. Fan is actually is from the word fantic. Actually allthe cats that get half naked in mid-december are real fans. It’s what? minus 1o or so. I would say nuts. Love the wit. Great stuff.

  19. You guys are the REALEST fans.
    Like we really need another boring, one-sided blog extolling the virtues of EVERY FREAKING ASPECT of EVERY FREAKING DETAIL of EVERYTHING TWILIGHT RELATED.

    We’re just thinking people. Since you don’t want to give yourselves a pat on the back, I’ll do it for you.


  20. I used to be recommended this blog by way of my cousin. I am no longer positive whether or not this publish is written via him as nobody else realize such precise about my problem. You’re amazing! Thank you!

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