Twilosophy of the fandom – REAL Twilight fan?

REAL fan?!

REAL fan?!

Dear LTTers/Twilosophy Majors,

For quite some time now we’ve been reading emails, viewing other sites posts, receiving comments, and talking between us about what it is to be a “REAL fan.” We’ve been told by countless people that because of what we post we are not “Real fans”  and we’ve read on many other fansites and blogs and been on email chains toting the tenants of a “REAL fan” And apparently we (and many of you) are not “Real fans” because  being a ‘REAL fan” means something quite different to us than them. To certain folks, being a fan, means always agreeing with the powers that be, always saying something nice or non-divisive, loving everything about the saga or movies, opposing any sort of speculation or the posting of any possible rumors and god forbid: posting a picture taken by a paparazzo! The horror! But we beg to differ (of course!) because we definitely do all the above so-called no-no’s but we also love this saga like McAdams loved Gosling (RIP). And who’s to decide the level of someone else’s fandom? Can we really base our love for something on these outward displays of devotion?

  • does kissing butt and blindly accepting everything make you a “real fan”
  • does bringing up objections and differing opinions make you any less of a fan?
  • Does it make us less of a fan of the actors or books by posting a paparazzi picture?
  • When we write something in jest about an actor or character does that make us mean spirited?

I still read every little dumb post, read every article and buy every magazine (well the ones with the good pics!), own TWO full sets of the saga, own a Pocket Edward, co-write two blogs about Twilight and Rob, talk incessantly about the stories, have recommended the books to countless people and yet I’m not a “REAL fan?”

Because I’m a word nerd I looked up the word “fan” and here’s what we get…

Fan –noun
an enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer of a sport, pastime, celebrity, etc.
1885–90, Americanism; short for fanatic

supporter, enthusiast, ardent admirer, booster, addict

Not a fan!

Not a fan!

Ok, so I’m pretty sure we could be called enthusiastic devotees and ardent admirers and most definitely ADDICTS! So what does it all mean? UC and I have sat around dwelling on this topic for months now and we hope that it comes across in the right way. Not as a pat on the back for ourselves but as validation to the other countless fans, YOU GUYS, who are just like us, think it’s alright to do all those things listed above and still be a fan! That’s why we started a blog- not just for the hell of starting a blog- but to be different. To say something interesting about the Saga we love. To BE those true fans who say “I love this so much I’m not afraid to admit that you suck in that moment” To say – no- you did it wrong. Because by doing that makes our happiness and excitement that much more genuine.

You know those friends or boyfriends when you ask “does this make me look fat?” or “What do you think of this dress?” automatically answer “YES?” While it’s nice to hear a compliment, in the end I’m going to trust the person who told me I looked like “a stuffed sausage in spanx” for advice over the “You look like Heidi Klum” person any day, because I know they’re being honest and want the best for me. And I only look like Heidi Klum on weekends after all.

Yes, frequently

Yes, frequently

On the same tip, when someone writes a review in the New York Times- they’re honest (and yes, I’m comparing us to the New York Times, go with it for the sake of the lecture!) They don’t say what they think the publishing house wants them to say. They don’t take the authors feelings into consideration. They are truly honest- and I think it’s important for people to have their own opinions. And equally as important: we need to leave room for other people’s opinions who differ from our own! it’s like “they” say: variety is the spice of life, differences make the world go round, never turn down a free filet-o-fish or whatever it is “they” say.  So that’s what we will do and continue to do. Write honest, while humorous, looks at saga and movies we love so much while being open for differing opinions, LOVING the good and calling out the bad.

a REAL fan,

So what say you? Do you feel like there are signs for true fandom? Have you been judged as a fan either way?

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  1. This is very Carrie Bradshaw of you Moonie.

  2. I compare you girls to the NY Times on a daily basis.

    I’m totally with you on this. I suppose I’m not a “real” fan because I derive pleasure from busting the series’ chops. But I also make fun of myself on the regular for acting like a 12 year old fangirl sometimes (okay often!). And so does my family.

    Do the “real” fans not know that their craziness makes the rest of us look bad? We never hear about nice, not nucking futz, fans…noooooooooo. Crazy people make the news.

  3. Dear Moon and UC

    You both “dazzle me”….true story!


  4. Admitting to being a Twilight fan in public is rather embarassing. I guess the “real” fans must be doing something wrong or else they wouldn’t get that reputation of being complete nutter. I enjoy not being a “real” fan. May LTT/LTR live forever!

    • Yes! The “real” fans are why we can only come to LTT and LTR to profess our love for Twilight and Rob. If you say it out loud in RL, you end up looking like one of those crazy biotches that tried to strangle Rob in NY or the one that jumped on the van in Mexico. I swear to God, if I ever saw Rob (or anyone else in the cast, except Mike Welch, cause he acts like he loves the attention) in person, I would probably bite my own tounge off before I asked for a picture or an autograph. I wouldn’t want any of them to think I’m one of those “real” fans. Dear God, the shame.

      There is nothing wrong with those who do so in a calm manner though (that had to be said just in case any of the “real” fans are reading b/c we all saw yesterday that they are not to be angered).

      • dont rattle their cages people!

        oh and add kellan to that “likes attention” list

        • Oh, is that why he walks around Vancity in those wifebeaters just shinin’ those pearly whites and dimples?

      • I completely agree with you Holly. If I ever saw any of the cast, I don’t think I would scream or ask for an autograph either. I wouldn’t want to come off as a freak…er…I mean fan. I’d want to hang out and make out with Rob for a bit. And I don’t think the best way to go about that is to scream and ask for someone to scribble on a napkin. But I guess that option is better than getting nothing…..just to have Rob look you in the eyes would be enough to make your heart stop.

  5. The ‘real’ fans are mostly recycled Sweet Valley High, Harry Potter and High School Musical fanatics.
    Only the true fandom will continue to shine when all else fades. Just wait and see…(said the blind man)

  6. So I totally think that if you have a blog about someting (2 in fact!) where you religously post daily, um, yeah, I think that puts you in the REAL fan category.

    And thanks for not kissing Summit/the actors/SMs arses bc your take on it all is what makes this fan site so flipping perfect.

    ❤ you both!

  7. A real fan is being able to take the good with the bad, then being able to make fun of the bad in a completely constructive way, which obviously you do 🙂 We all enjoy it, which is why we’re here.

    Keep up the good work!

    ♥ a “REAL” fan

  8. Well I think you guys f*cking rock.
    You are the bees knees.
    For reals.
    I love that you make fun of it all.
    I make fun of it all.
    It doesn’t make us any less of a “real fan”.
    I still have *mayjah* fangirly moments where I crack a joke/make a reference to even the tiniest TwiRelated.
    Example: my cousins scared other cousin and I the other night by banging on the window.
    I got and she’s all “don’t stress, it could’ve been Edward Cullen.”
    So I was like “ACTUALLY, lady, Ed would be much quieter and besides he would be bangin’ something else . . . ”

    Anyways, long, off-track comment.

    Love yas!
    Thanks for doing what you do 🙂

  9. Next time one of those other bloggies try to tell you that you aren’t a real repeat this in an appropriately mature voice and with accompanying hand gestures:

    “Oh yeah? Well nah nah nah boo boo! Stephanie reads my blog not yours!”

  10. It’s silly to try and define a “true fan”. We’re all here because we love Twilight and Rob, neither of which is perfect. I’m not interested in the sycophantic, kiss-ass sites out there-I guess they appeal to some, but I prefer the snark ( and the camaraderie) of LTR/LTT.

    I like being able to poke fun at the cringe-worthy scenes in Twilight, admit that I really didn’t like BD and laugh/cry at Rob’s,fashion sense? here. I’m no less a fan for it.

    Let’s all just get along,people.No need to be so serious about who is/isn’t a fan-this isn’t world hunger we’re talking about here.

  11. Your blog is as real as it gets. Keep writing!

  12. This post makes me smile big time – not only do you post original and geniune pieces which are well written and considered, but you do it with such integrity and honesty – you are the fricking Times!
    Blogs like this will long out-Twi the “real” ones 😉

    • i thought about you and TCA when i read the “addict” part of the definition!

      and thanks for the awwwwww worthy comment

  13. I think the saying is never look a big daddy lautner in the mouth of a gift filet-o-fish…but you were close.

    In all honesty I am still not convinced that I am a fan of Twilight or Rob…but I am 100% positive that I am a fan of this blog(s) and the amazing women and unicorns that come to share their snark.

    Denial, table for one.

  14. I ❤ you both.

    LTR & LTT were the first two fan blogs that I started reading after I became addicted to Twilight and Rob specifically. I have a snarky, sarcastic sense of humor and you guys 'get' me. (I wish you'd get me some special hug time with Rob, but that's a letter for another day.) I don't know what I'd do without you two and the others I've met both here and on the forum.

    Anyway, that's a really long way of saying, please don't change what you do or how you do it. Screw the other blogs. I'd rather be this kind of fan than a crazy ass stalker girl 'real' fan anyday.

    Again, I ❤ you both! =)

  15. Of course y’all are real fans. ‘Cause you’re not the Lezzy-Con. Nor do you wear superhero capes from Party City. (LOVE YOU, Lauren!)

    Yeah, I said that. I went there. Y’all know how I feel about them. And y’all.

    Is all I’m sayin’.

    NEVER KISS ASS. Unless it’s Rob’s…Kellan’s…or, lawsy…Xavier Samuel. Amen. Continue being as awesome as you are. As that’s why I love each of you.

  16. If I could, I would shake your hand! I love all things Twilight, but don’t always think that the sunshines out of SM’s or Summit’s butt. After reading most of the “popular” sites for a few years, I decided this summer that I was tired of being condescended to and wanted to enjoy my Twi-fanhood geekdom and all sides of the Twilight phenomena. I want all the gossip, all the photos and anything Twi-related.

    L2T is freaking hysterical! I nearly pee my pants reading the posts (and lets face it, that’s really not attractive at any age) and I’m willing to do it at work!

    Thanks for being open and honest and commenting on what I believe a lot of us are feeling.

  17. Dear LTT/LTR girls and ‘corns, esp Moon and UC

    I love you long time.

    What you wrote? True story 🙂 Srsly!

    That is all.

    summergirl xo


  18. Ahem.

    ::cue soft music, preferably an instrumental version of Battle Hymn of the Republic::

    “To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.” – Theodore Roosevelt, 1918

    In this case the president is Stephenie Meyer/Rob/Kristen/the books themselves – who- or whatever you’re focusing on that day. The American public is, obviously, the Twi-hard/Twi-tard community.

    ::music crescendos::

    It is not wrong to criticize or poke fun at something which one loves; nay, in fact it is that same honesty and humor which proves to the masses that one is in fact a True Fan. To love a thing in spite of its shortcomings is to love truly indeed.

    ::music reaches a climax:: (hey-ooooo)

    Do we put BD down at the scary Cesarian? Would we refuse Rob dumpster-action because he likes to wear holey, stained shirts in public? Hell to the No. Our ability to see the Twi-Universe for exactly what it is – entertainment and escape – should be admired, nay, venerated.

    Also – Stephenie Meyer hearts this blog. So poo on the haters.

    • AMEN Sistah-Friend!

      I also think your music inclusion gave your post quite a kick. Bravo, bravo. 🙂

      P.S. Jax here is a RL friend so can you guess what we do when we’re together? U-HUH. Like at the wedding we just went to and saw Twi references EVERYWHERE. It’s a lovely sickness. 🙂

      • Halelujah!

        Like Jasper’s Restaurant, mushroom ravioli on the menu, the Eclipse Gallery, and a little store called “Claire de Loon”

        “A lovely sickness” – excellent.

    • This was so f*cking awesome (and funny with the music).

      Especially this part: “Stephenie Meyer hearts this blog. So poo on the haters.”

      That says it all right there, people who don’t get the snarkiness and sarcastic awesomeness that is LTT and LTR. Stephenie Meyer gets it. Nuf said.

  19. The only reason I come here is because I get opinionated, intelligent and sarky remarks about something that I love very much – Twilight. I tried the “real fans'” fan sites, but was mostly bored to death at the level of the posts and the conversation, to be honest. (So glad if they work for other people, no offense!)

    Yes, it’s true, I sometimes think that you can be a little harsh on our loved ones here (some days I REALLY hope that Stephenie, Kristen and Rob do not read the posts on this site!), but overall I think it is clear that what you say and do is based on love and committment. (Quit bashing Kristen’s boobs, though!You’ ll give the poor girl an eating disorder!)

    Love and hugs from one of your “real” fans!

  20. First and foremost, I think it’s sad that you even HAD to write something like this.

    What I love about coming here every day is you two young women. I love that you laugh, not only at the books, movies and actors, but at yourselves… hey not many women are strong enough to put a picture of themselves eating a cupcake in the car on line for all the world to see. (That was one of you right? cause if it wasn’t I’m gonna feel pretty dumb! 🙂 )

    I have been really disappointed in some of the commentary here lately. And we all know who we’re talking about. They are the reason you wrote this post in the first place. I am appalled that people would come here, to a fun place, and sling garbage back at its creators, not to mention others who comment. It is an unfortunate fact of life that there are people out there who are just miserable, and aren’t even remotely happy unless they are spewing their venom at others. (Not a very Cullen thing to do, by the way)

    You girls keep doing just what you are doing. And know that there are more here who stand by you in what you chose to present, then those who would call you out for it.

    I commend you for the high road you always travel, and when you need it.. we’ll be here, … well you might find some of us waiting for you at the bar, beverages in hand.. but we’ll buy the first round 🙂

    And now it’s Nana-ism time… one of my favorite things my Nana used to say was:

    “If you jump up and down like an idiot to get someone to notice you, chances are they will only notice the idiot jumping up and down”

    Keep being you!


    a fan

    • naw I can only thumbs up once lol but this comment deserves multiple thumps up-ing 😀

    • yes! that was me with a cupcake. i have no shame in hiding my cupcake eating self-portraits while driving down a major interstate in Philadelphia. no shame. 🙂

      and actually we had this post started/drafted for awhile now.. it just seemed appropriate to post today!!! we would’ve posted it no matter what happened or what was going on!


    • I like your Nana!

    • I ❤ cuppycakes!

    • Too right!

      And, let me add, since we are YOUR real fans, UC and Moon – and not brainless sycophants – like the real fans we are we may also reserve the right to disagree with you and make fun of you right back, as long as it is all done with love and laughs. That’s the beauty of a commited relationship…

  21. A supportive fan is someone who goes to a Green Day concert and sees that verizon is sponsoring text messaging before the show and during intermission where you can send a text message to a small number and it will pop up on the score board in the arena and instead of texting something about the band this person texts “I’m Team Edward!” for all 17,000 people to see…..that person may or may not have been me. 😉

  22. But in all seriousness, a real fan are those that are honest, being able to critique respectfully whether you like something about it or not while continuing to support it and be passionate about it. And we all do that here. So you both, we all, rock imo! 🙂

  23. I heart this post so much! Especially after some of the bitchy comments made on yesterdays post.
    You guys are definition of real fans.. HELLO Stephanie is a fan of your blog!!! Take that “fans” who dont understand humour or wit or not taking things (like books about vampires) too seriously.

  24. Completely agree. As usual 🙂

    A fan is someone who is able to enjoy ALL aspects. The funny, the snark, the critical thinking, the badly drawn comics, the hookup rumors, the photoshopped pictures…and I do, enjoy it all. I don’t love everything about the books or the movie (thus far). However sadly there really isnt’ a think I don’t love about Rob, but um..I think that is obvious. Having an opinion that differs from someone else is what makes this all so interesting!

    You came across perfectly Moon (thats what she said)!

  25. There are a ton of websites on the Interwebs dedicated to Twilight, but LTT/LTR is 1 of 4 blogs that I visit regularly. Because I enjoy reading your views even if I don’t necessarily agree with all of them. Wasn’t able to comment yesterday, but UC’s letter to Kristen was hilarious — and I happen to like Kristen! That’s what free speech and what have you is all about.

    If being a true fan means always being agreeable, then it must mean all fans are brainless. And since I do consider myself a fan-girl somedays (LoL), I’d like to believe this isn’t true.

    Push on ladies, you are both fabulous. 🙂

  26. All I can say is: WORD.

    The “real fans” are the ones that made me question wtf I was doing with myself… Was I that crazy? Nope. I was Normal. But thanks to them, I found you guys. Huzzah!

  27. I’ve seen the self-proclaimed “real” fans, strutting around dressed as Honeymoon Bella and wearing Team Jacob Burger King crowns without a hint of irony. I’m not sure this is a group any of us want to be lumped in with. Yes, I will pull out my Pocket Edward at Pearl Harbor to take his picture. Yes, I will tell the old lady on the airplane that the young man in the pea coat on my cell phone wallpaper is my boyfriend. I may or may not be planning to have New Moon tableware at my birthday party next month. We all have our own boundaries, and I think mine is just before the point where I start shopping patterns for my custom gown for the Volturi Masque Ball.

  28. ok. Whoever is saying Moon and UC aren’t fans can suck it. Was that too blunt?

    Look. They are just having fun. And those of us with maturity and a sense of humor can make fun of the things and people we love, which in turn is really poking fun at ourselves just as much!

    I HATE the paps. They make their money by violating the privacy of others. BUT, I’m not bothered by UC and Moon using those pics, b/c A.) they aren’t the ones TAKING the pics, B.) they aren’t making money off said pics, and C.) they are using them for JOKES. Like it or not, those pictures are already out there. They aren’t showing you anything you don’t already see on every other Twi blog or at every single checkout stand in every single store everywhere.

    Their brand of humor may not be for you – fine. Then maybe just… I don’t know…. perhaps you SHOULD JUST STOP READING THEIR BLOG?? Hmm… what an idea.

    Btw Moon, that last picture – I was at that very game!

  29. I swear I literally breathed a sigh of relief when I found LTT. For months I lingered and commented on various sites trying to find my niche. Sarcasm is my first language and snark is my second, so I was totally caught off guard when I came under attack for not being a “real fan” because I think Kristen Stewart looks like a dude.

    Thanks for giving me a place to be the type of fan that I am comfortable being. A fan that can love Twilight and everything it stands for, while recognizing that some of its sh*t does indeed stink.

  30. I hereby bestow upon you 50 fan points and a reduced fare on Air Rob on Tuesdays and Thursdays during off-peak hours! It’s the TRUE FAN discount.

    Love you and your Carrie Bradshaw-ness, Moon! Also much love to UC! *hugs*

  31. I consider myself a real fan and as such I love the fact that I don’t take twilight or my love of twilight so seriously that I can’t have a little fun with it. I love that you girls are creative, funny and aren’t afraid to poke fun at the saga, it’s characters, the actors, us, as well as yourselves! Most of the time you point out stuff I have already thought (but you say it much funnier, of course) so obviously, others think it too! I personally don’t care if that makes me “less of a fan” in the eyes of others.

    I know you poke fun in jest and for the most part your comments are dripping with sarcasm and I love it! That’s why of all the freakin blogs out there I hit these two every. single. day! …well, lately I’ve added a little Want to the blog action, but that’s besides the point 😉 I don’t think I would enjoy the fandom as much as I do if I/we had to act within set guidelines. And I know you girls have never considered changing your approach but just so you know, the haters have never once said anything to make me question my views or made me feel remotely guilty of my “fan status” and I’ll bet the same is true for most others.

    Oh and Moon, I am so happy you pointed out that you own TWO sets of the books! I have been DYING to buy a 2nd twi book but couldn’t convince myself to do it. I will be stopping by Chapters today 😉

    • i have a my “loaner set” which is what i call the first set of books i read from and then i have my “keeper set” which is the collectors addition box set! i loan the books out to so many people i have to have the loaner set!

      NOT A FAN!

      • That’s a really good idea… I gave a friend Twilight and New Moon to take on her cruise. I’m sorta anal about keeping books in good condition, so I’m a little terrified that they might come back mangled. Collector’s edition here I come!

  32. Love me some shirtless old man who loves twilight in the morning!!

    This “Real Fan” loves ya!!

  33. I think doing this:
    • does kissing butt and blindly accepting everything make you a “real fan”
    and not doing this:
    • does bringing up objections and differing opinions make you any less of a fan?

    makes you kinda lame. like you cannot have an opinion of your own.

  34. You are my The Twilight Times.. Muah!

    All my love to the Twi-fandom outcasts!! Go Goonies!

  35. thank god you guys arent afraid to actually write your true opinions id go crazy reading people say of this was so great and perfect when it wasnt!

    plus – who wants a yes man? its better to talk about what he liked and didnt like so it can get better instead of continueing the sucky stuff over and over again!!

    p.s. is the “they” for the fish filet Daddy Launter? He counts as multiple persons now? Nice.

  36. The New York Times wishes it was as funny, smart, relevant, and entertaining as this blog.

  37. Because you had to mention the cutest couple in history:

    • I loved loved loved that movie… it makes me cry just to think of it!.. and I love that they did that kiss then! Hey give em what they want right? 🙂

    • Kristen and Robert, take note: this is what we want to see when you take best kiss for the Italy reunion scene in New Moon. I’m assuming we’ll have better proof of Robsten than those blurry-bigfoot-style videos by next May, so you won’t even have to hide your enthusiasm. I’ll clear my schedule now in case you need a buttcatcher for Rob.

      • HEY!! I applied for butt catcher back when they were filming in Italy! I got ‘Second butt catcher”, in charge of bracing the back of the “First Butt Catcher”.. and if “first butt catcher” isn’t showing up at the MTV movie awards next year I’m so in!! You can be second butt catcher 🙂

    • Is it so lame that I still hold out hope they’ll get back together? So sad. So perfect!

    • I never saw that!!! Holy geez, that just made my whole day……(sigh)
      Bless your little heart ‘J’……

    • Christ, that shit is hot. Never gets old.

  38. *steps on soapbox*

    I no longer visit the other sites that do not give full and accurate accountings of what is going on. I cannot handle their skewed and warped toting-the-company-line on everything. I am addicted to Rob but I can still see that he is human and flawed. Does that make my love for him any less valid? I love the Twilight books but can also argue several story flaws and things that I think should have been written differently. Am I any less of a fan just because I have a (usually) functioning brain and my own opinions? Am I less of a Twihard because I think the movie absolutely butchered SM’s beautiful book? Is it wrong to expect more? If you are going to take the time and money to adapt a book to a movie, is it wrong to expect the movie to follow the book and to stay true to the characters? I think not.

    There is plenty of room in the Twi-community for those who can write complete sentences (see yesterdays post) and for those who can’t, for those who go with the company message, no matter how skewed it is, and for those rebels who view this as a fun adventure, a lovely escape from the real world, who take this for what it is – fun. (how’s that for a run-on sentence?) Twilight and Rob will not solve world hunger or fix health care. What they can go is help us all be a bit more happy and relaxed. And keep the battery companies in business.

    Thank you and God Bless America.

    *Steps off soapbox*

  39. Moon you are a real fan. And anyone else with the intellect, wit and sass to appreciate these two blogs. You know, I’ve been around here for a LONG time! I read for months before I decided to ‘come out’ back In April I think it was. And I too, had spent hours on other sites, and blogs to feed my Twi/Rob addiction. Not that some of them weren’t informative or well done. They were also frequented by other fans of the series, and I was relieved to find others like myself. HOWEVER, when I stumbled onto LTR/LTT, read the humor, snark, irreverent fangirlness, I knew I had found a regular fix. And I have allowed myself to make friends, and be open with regard to my obsession with a series of young adult vampire novels and a certain twenty-three yr old actor whose career I look forward to following for yrs to come.

    I never saw myself as the type (whatever that means anyway) to be devoted to a book series, a blog, or spending time online with girls and guys with common interests. To be honest, I thought that was kinda sad and I assumed those individuals were odd, lonely and out of touch with reality. Now I get it.
    It’s not what I assumed it to be at all. It’s an outlet, a vehicle for smart, funny and interesting ppl to congregate. It’s a place where I am part of a community of like minded (read obsessed) folks who don’t take it all so seriously. I mean why would you??? S. Meyer herself, I suspect ,has a sense of humor if she enjoys this blog. And if it weren’t for that chick, none of us would be chatting up this biz nonstop everyday…duh!

    This blog is for ppl who LOVE Twi, don’t want to be led, who have their own opinions, who like to laugh, and who enjoy the company of snark. If that’s not your bag, then why are you still here? It’s simple, clickedy the x.

    Peace Out…
    A REAL Fan

  40. Moon/UC –

    Like I twittered you yesterday, I would soooo go gay for you! Seriously, I would. Of course, when hubby heard about that, he had a few questions, but think we got everything resolved. 😉

    You all do freaking rock! Keep it up! (that’s what she said)

    Kristen (aka Kneedshelp)

  41. I love that this is a huge slap in the face at all the hating that went on in yesterdays post.

    “They” say aggression is a sign of envy. Obviously all the haters are pissed cause they wish they had come up with your hilarious, snark-filled posts themselves.. but they didn’t, cause they suck.

    Keep ’em coming ladies! I look forward to your posts every morning! Bring on the snark! And the sarcasm.. I love me some haters who don’t get it.

  42. I thought being a REAL fan was getting on these blogs and writing, over and over, “ROBSTEN LIVES! Get over it little girls!” And in the next breath, “you all are a bunch of jealous green cougars with long boobs and wrinkly vaginas!” I thought being a REAL fan meant eloquating about all the wild sex Kris and Spunk are having–weeping in ecstacy, smoking, and braiding shoelaces into filthy engagement rings. NOW you tell me that loving the books and movies, appreciating the actors while recognizing they are probably funny, awesome and flawed (just like we are) is the definition of a REAL fan?!
    Well, screw it then. I’m off to re-evaluate my life and disassemble my mullet shrine.

  43. REAL fans care enough to ‘study up’ on everything Twilight and THEN voice their opinion. Knowing enough to HAVE an opinion makes you a true fan.

  44. You girls rock!…thanks for all the laughs.

  45. Whoah. I open up yesterday’s mail to find that the one “fan” actually came back and commented again after I went to bed for good. Now I understand that expression “You can’t argue with a brick wall.”
    We love UC and Moon! I think if you’re calling someone else out for not being a real fan b/c they have a sense of humor or a brain, you probably have bigger issues than whether or not your posts are showing up on LTT. *Shivers* So glad I don’t have to mean any of those “fans* that were here yesterday in person.
    Poor Rob and Kristin!

  46. Dudes, you rock my world. I just get back from vacation, I get the epic funny on LTR and Carrie Bradshaw Twilosophy on LTT. Best day ever! You are the bestest realest fans out there. When i fell down the TwiRabbit Hole last January, I spent some late nights perusing the interwebs, looking for my ‘kind’ of fan. I tried those ‘other’ websites, like Twi-mom-ish stuff, thinking that was me, by definitiion….but NO, they have all kinds of rules about the type of fan you can be, and that’s how I ended up here….no rules. The folks here are the types of folks I hang with in RL (well, except for the Twi loving thing, no one in RL does that). Spanning ages, cultures, countries, etc, I love LTR/LTT, we take all comers! (thatswhatshesaid) I love that you are even nice to the haters, and politely point out how ridiculous they are and move on. You are the very best kind of fans, and I swear Moon, and UC, I WILL buy you a drink someday! If it is here in my town though, be warned, it may be Vitamin R…..

    Who cares about being the Best Fan Ever Award anyway? You all are high quality peeps, that is why I come here and read every comment every day.


    • “Twi-mom-ish stuff” – not to be confused with “Who’s your mommy Rob?” 😉

      Whoops sorry… couldn’t resist!

    • YEA!! lapushbaby! youre back!!!!!

      and can we please drink some vitamin r!

      • Oh yeah, we are so on! Two six packs of tall-boys coming up!

        I got a new computer over vacation, and I no longer have thumbs up or down (which was torture on yesterday’s comments, lol) Has anyone else had that? Is it Firefox? (Can’t ask my live-in computer expert, he will laugh at me…)

  47. Moon and UC, I consider you to be the EPITOME (my big girl word for the day) of a fan. We don’t bother to knock what we don’t love in the first place! You are and continue to be my Twidols 🙂

  48. I have a confession, I don’t even own one set of the Twilight series and no pocket Edward. I do have a FF purity ring though and the Twilight DVD, plus the RobQ. But you know what? I’ll go head to head with all you real fan bitches about anything Twi/Eric related you want. I may just have to drink some alcohol first cause Fangirling freaks me out a bit.

    UC & Moon I hate you both and by that I mean I ❤ you almost as much as Kristen Stewart Wants IT. Thanks for laughing at my drunk ass commentary and for ocassionally posting a DRUNK ROB photo, although more photos and videas of DRUNK ROB wouldn't be a bad thing, just sayin.

    Love all your faces! LTT/LTR makes me laugh my ass off and has caused me to meet cool people to love and share with. Nothing could be better than that. TRUTH

    PS "like McAdams loved Gosling (RIP)." HAHAHAHA

    • um.. excuse me? you don’t own the books?

      that’s where i draw the line

      • smooches. Me and my book club bitches (YES, make jokes now, I’m in a book club with law school bitches where we read about mythical creatures) share our books and shizz. Never had to buy them. Maybe someone will buy them for me on my birthday (hint hint).

        • As much as I would lurve to tease you for not owning the books, I have a confession, I borrowed Breaking Dawn to read it (mostly because I was too embarrassed to go back to my bookstore for the 3rd day in a row to buy a Twilight book–the checker had already recognized me when I bought Eclipse) so now I have waited so long, I’m not getting it until it is in paperback! Soooo, I will have only Eclipse in hardback! OMG my books won’t match!!! I’m the worst fan ever!!! AhhhhK!

          • You can order them on the Internet! Hint, hint!
            I did!

            Fast…and *blinks nervously*

      • PS I gave you the thumbs down.

    • And the whispers begin

      “She doesn’t own the books?” “She doesn’t own the books” TSK TSK “She doesn’t own the book”

      Look what you started!

    • um hello! did you not see the drunk rob video/pics dedicated to you on saturday at ltr?!

    • Yessssss truth be told!
      I read Twilight
      Skimmed over New Moon
      Read Eclipse
      am UNABLE to finish Breaking Dawn
      And wish Midnight Sun was complete

  49. All of you ladies.. ALL OF YOU… are the funniest bunch of biatches I have ever met .. in my life… bar none!

    I proudly call you friends,(even if you hide when you see me walking down the street in my pattinson pants*) and I would defend anyone of you… as my brothers & sisters and cousins and I say… “if one of us gets our ass kicked we all get our ass kicked” it’s just how I roll..

    I ❤ all of you!

    This really is the place to be, when you need a place, even when you don't 🙂

    *PS – I'm not the pattinson pants lady and I would NEVER create, buy, own, hold onto such a thing…, but I commend her bold fashion choice and the set of brass ones she has to wear them in public!)

  50. If I could get a t-shirt printed with today’s blog entry on it I would be wearing it now with pride.

    You are proof that intellegent, creative and beautiful people (inside and out) can have obsessive tendencies and that makes me feel more human.

    I wish I had read a blog like this when I was growing up, I wouldn’t have felt like a freak. But then I was kinda freaky…

    If you take the twi into your heart then you are a true fan. You don’t need to have a crazy pair of pants printed to prove it. x

    • The entry today was kinda long for a tee shirt.. could it just say:

      “I went to LTT and all I got was this lousy tee shirt.. oh and I laughed so hard I pee’d my pants”

      Or maybe

      “LTT… just do it. Stephanie does and she wrote the book”

      Just a bit shorter.. I don’t know.. maybe your original idea is better!

      • How about

        LTT: That’s normal!


        • I have “That’s Normal” for my IM status at work.

          Still waiting for the day that someone recognises it and we bond through chat windows – because I too am far too 1st hand embarrassed to admit to my co-workers that I’m in love with a fictional supernatural disco-ball man 😉

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