Cullen Boys action with a little Riley on the side…

Dear Boys,

It’s about time we devoted more of this blog to someone besides those two Robsten losers. A little too much plaid and sad and not enough HOT these days. So when I saw these pics of you lads today on Just Jared I about had a heart attack for a couple reasons cause well a. you’re all hot sauce in these and b. Jackson has a new doo and I gotta say it looks marvy. So marvy that I ran over to the forum to celebrate with the Jax lovers who congregate there. Don’t worry Jackson, UC may think you look like you have an addiciton to the bad stuff but I still love you. Maybe if you wrote an impromtu song for her about how you are a proud D.A.R.E graduate she might change her mind.

In any case I was perusing through these pics and noticed you were all carrying bags or food of some kind so let’s ponder what you guys ate today shall we? PSST This is really just a ploy for me to post these pics so we can all drool over them together. Let’s get started!

Eat your heart out Kristen Stewart, I could have been your Edward. Your lose!

Eat your heart out Kristen Stewart, I could have been your Edward. Your lose! Enjoy the plaid sandwich!

So clearly Jackson is the healthy eater of the bunch, probably got a 6in (that’s what she said) sub from the 7 under 7 grams of fat menu. Or maybe he’s giving the bird to production for making him wear that wig and went for the meatball sammy. Whatever it is, keep rocking that hot ass doo and maybe once this whole twi thing’s over Subway will dump that Jared guy and hire you as their new spokeswhore. Your commercial should be you riding a vintage motorcycle eating a Subway sammy saying “Eat at Subway and you can look like me! NOT!” and then you peel out and pop a wheely. Just a concept… we can iron out the details later.

No where to run to baby... no where to hiiiide!

No where to run to baby... no where to hiiiide!

Where ya running to Xavier? Got some leftover orange chicken from Panda Express you need to get in the mini fridge before it spoils? Yup, I feel ya… nothing like some shizzy fake chinese food to cure a hang over the next morning.

how YOU doin'?

how YOU doin'?

Is that a Zara bag I spy, Kellan? You just got 5 extra cool points from me, I love that store! So obviously you’re a manarexic since you have no food in your hands like the other boys and instead opted to shop. I know, ya gotta look good in that Emmett velor  track suit and can’t be worried about any unsightly orange chicken bulges. It’s hard to hide spanx under velor, I know.

So anyway I hope you’ll forgive our incessant coverage of Robsten 09 now that I’ve written to you and we’ll keep doing so as long as you keep bring the HOT. And the take out.

Love your faces!

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Celebrate your love of the Cullen boys at the forum!

109 Responses

  1. Mmmmm, nice eye candy to wake me up in the morning 🙂 I’ll admit, Jackson has always been last on my list of vampires but those pics of him just might be converting me…almost.

  2. And why exactly did they make Kellan so unpretty looking in the movie?

  3. I’m not team Jackson, but I’ve never seen him look so DASHING!

    He and Rob need some male bonding time asap…, you know, … watch some soccer, slam some guitars, talk about Ashley’s youknowwhat, shoot some darts at Chace’s VMAN cover and Jackson can casually throw in some styling tips now and then….a win for all.

    • done and done!

      poor jax and the ashley debacle… and seriously rob are you listening? he’ll throw you a leather jacket or something for these man bonding times

  4. *wipes drool from mouth* ahem
    “Eat your heart out Kristen Stewart, I could have been your Edward. Your lose! Enjoy the plaid sandwich!”

    HAHAHA but you do realise what this means.. he auditioned as Edward by doing the make out scene. Ugh did i need another reason to hate Kstew!

    And can someone PLEASE tell Kellan to burn that stupid hat!

  5. Ok, Jackson is sexy, but that hair just makes me sad. I’d be glad to give him some help with that…

    Why is Xavier power walkig in jeans. I thought he needed a full-body spandex suit for that?

    Kellan, you are the hottest grandpa I’ve ever seen…

    For real, what is up with the Cullen boys and their dumb hats?

  6. Ummmm, I’m pretty sure I almost DIED when I saw Jacksper’s new ‘do.
    I even TwitPic’d him.
    Um, HI. You are sooooo smokin’ right now.
    I mean, I loved ya before but now . . . PHWOAR!
    Uh, yes please!

    Love yas!


  7. too much plaid and sad? NEVA! bring it on 😉

  8. Dear Person Who Cast Xavier Samuel as Riley,

    Thank you.


    p.s. I think Jackson looks AMAZING. And Kellan always looks amazing. Even if his looks were rather unfortunate (which they’re not….duh!), I’d still deem him amazing. Because he once said that Battlestar Galactica was the best show on television. He had me at Battlestar Galactica. The end.

  9. Hmmm, these pics just made me realize that although I am totally smitten with Rob, I think that Kellan is my “go to” guy. I like a man with a little meat on his bones…he could tie me up and I’d be totally into it. If Rob tied me up, I’d be afraid he wouldn’t know how to get the knots right! LOL!

    The more I look at the pics, the more I like Kellan…even just writing it…imagine those big strong arms wrapped around you…no, wrapped around me….whatever as long as they’re on me! Plus, I think if age is a factor I’m a cougar-in-training, so Rob isn’t really into me anyway…might as well go for someone who I can fantasize about having a shot with. And, if I mistakenly say “Kellan” in the throws of passion, the hubby might not notice, as his name is Ken! LOL!

    Okay, off to find more pics of Kellan!

  10. p.p.s. Oh, and Moonie…you had me at “nowhere to run to, baby…”
    Do I love Martha and the Vandellas? I do. Did they sing backup on Marvin Gaye’s “Pride & Joy?” They did. Amen.

  11. Thanks for bringing the hotness today.

    Jackson does look good (for him) and the comment about him being the Subway spokesman, riding on a motorcycle while eating a sammy? So flippin funny!

    Also, Xavier is sooo yummy. He is def #2 hot twi boy right now. Thank god, b/c my #1 was only legal in GA.

  12. Thanks for bringing the hotness today.

    Jackson does look good (for him – it’s hard to get past the poodle wig). And the image of him eating a Subway Sammy while riding a motorcycle and then doing a wheely? Too funny!

    Also, Xavier is sooo yummy. He is def #2 hot twi boy now. Thank goodness bc my old #2 was only legal in GA!

  13. Love love love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOVEEEE Jackson’s hair. LOVE IT.

    In fact, I like the whole 50’s look he’s rocking, with the combed back hair and the leather jacket. Sexy as hell.

    That picture of him TOTALLY looks like it belongs iin a magazine and was taken during a photoshoot (minus the Subway). It has that feel and look to it. I don’t know how to describe it. He just looks so godamn cute.

    And also, I’m sorry but I have to say this: Kellan does NOTHING for me. I *haaaaate* beefy, muscular guys. Give me Rob/Xavier/Jackson types and I’ll take cares of things. Mmmm.

  14. and also

    re: Xavier


  15. Dearest Rob,
    While these boys are looking s-e-x-y, what is it that you’re doing? hmm?

    You uh, getting a little jealous of them? Trying out some new things to get back in our good graces? maybe starting with a shower? hmm? you getting all wet in the tub? maybe washing up with a loofa? you got a loofa rob? you uh, lathering up with some bath & body works, maybe some woodland pine scented shower gel? you scrubbing that hair? scrubby scrub scrub? oh you are aren’t you? you dirty boy.


  16. Things I like about each one:

    Jackson – this one is hard for me because I have never been a big fan…BUT…I do have to say the mouth is nice but not nearly as nice as that jacket. THAT is RAWR hot!!

    Xavier – I am totally digging that boys shoulders…they did a SEXI-lint job in that hiring.

    Kellan – he might be as cheesy as my Mamaw’s Mac & Cheese but that boy is FUCKHAWT!!!!

    *running to K-mart to buy a matching velour tracksuit*

  17. I did not recognize Jackson with the new hairdo. I had to read the caption to be sure that it was really him. I’m not sure anyone has ever improved their appearance with a haircut as much as him since, maybe, Tom Hanks in that movie where he is stranded on an island with a basketball. Or maybe Javier Bardem in No Country for Old Men –Possibly the worst haircut in screen history.

    Anyway – yay Cullen Boys and Victoria’s lackey. And yay no Robsten speculation today. Can only look at pictures of their plaidliness so often without feeling a little queasy.

    • dude some twi person needs to sport a javier bardem bowl cut. that’d rock

      booboo is WAY illegal for us. like we’re talking only legal in creepy back alleys. NO THANKS!

  18. Where is BooBoo?

  19. *SIGH* is this heaven.. cause I’m seeing angels….

    Kellan.. I just think you are so cute.. that little smirk of yours.. adorable.. but.. you are like that cool gorgeous guy friend I want to hang out with… I don’t know why.. lord knows your are HAWT!… but there is something that just… I just want to have you show up at my door and hang out with you all weekend… drinks and clubs and movies.. maybe a game…shopping is good, lots of laughs… you are that guy friend… how much do you hate that?…. And the hugs… I bet you give great hugs… oh ok if you ask nicey nice I’ll give you a lil’ sumfin sumfin… 🙂

    Thanks for the reminder moon… sometimes I girl needs to open her horizons… (that’s what he said) 🙂

    <<Singing in my head now…
    "Heaven… must be missing an angel…. missin one angel child, cause your here with me… right now…"

    (Did I just date myself? If you don't know that tune.. please don't tell me.. you'll kill my buzz!)

  20. I would like a Rob and Xavier sandwich please!

    btw, I think Xavier is going to start a new belt trend.

  21. “A little too much plaid and sad and not enough HOT these days.” <– This totally made my day. Amen, Moon. Amen.

    • i can only take so many days of no showers.

      come on get happpyyyy! hello world here’s a song that we’re singing… we’ll make you happpyyy!!

  22. Spelled my name properly, excellent!

    Moon, I walk away from this thinking a few things….

    1. Jaxsper…the haircut is awesometown, for real. Actually, it is a crying shame about the wig in NM. Really. This look works for you. No more, ‘I slept in rag curls bobs’ ever again.

    2. Xavier….you’re my plan B if things with Rob don’t work out. Me likey….are you gay? Just asking.

    3. Kellan…Brother, I’m just not feeling the big muscles thang. And velour track suits…*shudder*…But if you ever need me to come over there to Van City and read you some excepts from my latest read scored at the leadership conferences I’m forced to attend…I’m your girl. Or if you need a prayer partner. S/T along these lines. 😉

  23. I saw those pics of Jackson yesterday too… I’d never really given him a second look before, but he has this little sly smirk in them that makes me feel ten different kinds of dirty.

    New hair + sly steamy smirk + leather jacket = new object to lust over.

    But it’s probably only temporary… lord knows I don’t have the willpower to give up on Rob just yet (even with all that plaid and sad…).

    And OH HAI there, Kellan! Aren’t you a little dreamboat. And I like the hat, so go ahead and gramp-it-up as much as you’d like.

    You know, the Twi Convention is going to be in town here next weekend and Jackson and Kellan are both scheduled to appear… Maybe I should brave the crazies and force myself to attend just to drool in person?

  24. Jackson is usually too effeminate for me, but he does look very handsom here!

    And Kellan. God, he’s such a flirt. I want to do things to him for being so naughty.

    …what? Sorry. Daydream.

  25. I didn’t recognize Jackson at first :-). Wow, wow!

    And Kellan’s always been hot but I’m just so into Rob that I kind of bypassed him.

    Xavier is so cute….so glad he’s Riley! I just realized I’ve never even heard him speak before. Can’t wait to hear his accent.

  26. Can I get a tiny bit off topic for a second? I have to make a confession to the LTT girls.

    I’ve developed a big crush on Billy Burke. Anyone else agree? Think I’m crazy? I’m hoping for a chorus of “That’s Normal” because I feel weird about it. He’s um.. Bella’s dad!

    But he’s also this guy –

  27. Love you, Mean it!

  28. Yummy nummy!! Thanks, Moon!!


  29. *THUD*

    wha…what just happened?

    One minute I’m clicking on LTT, and the next, I’m waking up on the floor with fuzzy images in my head of three f*ckhawt guys that look like they actually shower and don’t smell of three day old b/o, ciggie smoke and hair grease. It’s been so long since I’ve looked away from Rob, that I forgot what a sexy looking clean man looked like. Thanks for reminding me, Moon. Now I’m scrolling back up to investigate more thoroughly and…


    • They all look like they smell like friggin flowers. I bet they even wash between their toes and have nice clean undies to wear. Give me a moment….yes….Jax folding his socks neatly…Kellan ironing creases in his jeans…Eavier with a Tide spot-removal stick…what delightful imagery. Scroungy Robsten angst is so last week.

      • *Xavier*

        sorry, my eyes were a bit glassed over.

      • “Jax folding his socks neatly…Kellan ironing creases in his jeans…Eavier with a Tide spot-removal stick”

        That just made my life.

      • Amen! Jax’s pic made me pledge allegiance to team Jasper yesterday, and I don’t think I’m lookin back.
        Mullet wearing sourpuss ruined it for me.

        Dear Jackson’s leather jacket,
        <3, me.

      • Also:

        Dear Jackson’s shoes,

        Its so nice to see you after too long a time of looking at shiteous nikes. Your sexy.


      • “Scroungy Robsten angst is so last week.”


  30. Dear Jackson
    I was used to being in the minority in spouting my love for you while everyone else loves Rob. But you keep looking this good and sheesh… I might have to fight for you! Thanks for making yesterday’s bad day soo much better by having your photo taken.


    ps: moon, so glad you came to swoon w/ us in the forum! between him & bobby…

  31. Sheesh, great Moon, now I have to start reading fanfic about Jackson/Jasper, Kellan/Emmett, and Xavier/Riley! I just was limiting my fanfic to Robward!! I draw the line at legal in Georgia and baby Boo Boo!

    I hope you told UC yesterday that you would DO the Cullen boys, cause you DO it good!!!

    “probably got a 6 inch (that’s what she said)” I love you.

    • Jeesh, I know, right?! Last night I picked a ff to read solely coz it was Jacksper. True story. All coz if those pics.

      Edward who?

    • booboo FF?! NOOOOOOOOO say it ain’t so…

      and hopefully at least 6 in…. uh huh.

  32. Delicious! That is all.

    P.S. Didn’t notice the grampy hat on Kellan till I read the other comments. My eyes never made it up that far.

  33. Well HELLO there Jackson. Where have you been all my life? lol Now I can’t get that dang Johnny Cash song out of my head. “I’m going to Jackson…”

  34. Jackson,
    Those of us who are total Jashely fans know what your new look is about. You’re pissed to no end that your guitar playing and sex God cowboy boots lost out to that GQ-wannabe Armani Exchange wearin’ Chase Assford.
    You are in it to win it. Everybody may have seen her ta’tas by now, but you have been denied the mother load and you are not going to take it anymore.
    Work that 50s southern hotness, Jackson. We all know Chace is Gayward anyway. Ash will figure it out sooner now that you’ve donned this new look. Get ready. She’ll be calling you up soon to see if you two can play Frankie and Annette if she promises to wear the bobby socks.
    Remember not to call her back. Make her come find you. That’s how the cool guys do it.

  35. Ooh, Jackson has been on my shortlist for quite some time.. He’s the real shit of the bunch.. Finally some recognition 🙂

  36. Jackson – so hot I didn’t recognise him. Xavier – cute girlie-boy. Kellan – give the hat to Rob since naff headgear is his schtick. Your hair is always clean enough to put on show whereas Rob freely admits to a preference for hiding his under a beanie rather than treating it to a good shampoo every other day. And I bet you smell wonderful like fresh citrus, not all smoke, booze & hotpocket grease. Can’t wait to see New Moon.

  37. xavier

  38. I am all about Jackson and srsly squeed with excitement to see that we were finally getting more pics of him …I am diggin the new do and die for his dimples all day, every day 🙂 ::swoon::

  39. Moon – “melty face Ken doll.” YES! The guy is a creep-O. Jackson’s problem is he’s too nice. He needs to rock this look and have some chick answer his phone, ala Dharma, “Jackson’s pants? He’s not in them right now.”
    Ash will be on his door step lickety split.

  40. Are we off Roberto now that he’s mentioned he doesnt like cougars? or.. Panthers, or whatever we’re called.. (women basically).

    I always had a feeling that robbie was more the bromancer type…especially if he’s hooked up with litle stewie who could pass for a young boy..
    oye veh!
    (maybe I shouldnt have said that).


  41. “It’s hard to hide spanx under velor, I know.”

    Do we really want to know how you know? 😉

    Xavier is so shmexy. To the person who wants to hear his accent:

    He sounds like the rest of us (as in Australians, not LTT-ers. Although we probably sound a lot alike as well, truth be told…)

    Rob’s accent is still cuter, but that could be partly because of his whacked-out way of almost but not quite forming whole sentences. Adorkable!

  42. […] Cullen Boys action with a little Riley on the side… « Letters to Twilight – view page – cached #Letters to Twilight RSS Feed Letters to Twilight » Cullen Boys action with a little Riley on the side… Comments Feed Letters to Twilight The Purpose Driven Vampire… Unicorns: Where’ve ya been? — From the page […]

  43. Wow – I wouldn’t have believed that was a picture of Jackson…if I wasn’t inclined to believe all that I see on LTT! HA! Seriously, I didn’t know who it was when I first saw that pic and had to go back and read the caption to know. What a difference a haircut makes.

  44. If Jackson had been flashing the cam his super hott smile in those pics, I may have keeled over and DIED.. just dropped dead.. hes stunning in those pics. Sexy.

  45. thank god.. no more Robsten. i am so sick of everyone talking about it. if they are if they arent i really dont care at this point. show me a picture of them holding hands or something in public and ill believe it – until then there just doing things to mess with people. ITS CALLED PUBLICITY.

    p.s. Jackson should be allowed to be tan – even as a vampire, that pasty look makes him look like he’s coming down from a 3 day meth binge, justsayin’.

  46. I’m thinking more and more that Xavier is going to put a wedge between me and Rob… dayum that boy is hot! wait, he’s legal right???

  47. jackson cut his hair. noooooo! i love a boy with long hair. more to pull. um….. yeah….

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