Unicorns: Where’ve ya been?



Dear Unicorns,

Oh where oh where have you been? Are you in unicorn land poking all the hottest female unicorns with your horn? It’s been so long since we’ve come across one of you reading Twilight to your son on a plane or wearing an Edward Cullen T-shirt to the gym. We miss you. Come back & visit us. Be like these guys:

Not Proper Twitiquette (but possibly okay during a Unicorn Drought)

A few weeks ago, I was at the local grocery chain, doing my weekly shopping. On my way out the door, I crossed paths with what I could only describe as a walking cry for help. A middle-aged, nerdy, rather-greasy man walked into the store, displaying his Twi-love for all to see. He wore a black Edward t-shirt, complete with quote, “What if I’m the bad guy?” His wife, walking in beside him, strangely had no Twi-gear on (unless she also keeps her Edward pin affixed to her bra). As you discussed, THIS is not proper Twitiquette. -Ldawg

Jacob’s into cars n’ stuff

Onto my Unicorn-in-Training story. After many months of plotting, I was finally able to convince my hub to just give the first book a try. Oh, it took many discussions on the merits of a teen, vampire romance as a metaphor for first love, forbidden fruit, all the rest. And a promise of some…erm…reward at the end if he finished it.

So, it was slow-going at first, but to my surprise, he actually seemed to be enjoying it; to the point when at night if I tried to talk to him in bed he told me, “honey, I need to read a bit.” Wow! Occasionally I’d get questions like, “What is Bella’s problem? One day she’s mooning over Edward, the next she’s pissed at him!” I even got, “Are they going to do more with Jacob in the others books? I really like how he’s into cars and stuff.”

When he finished the book, we had a truly meaningful discussion on it, and although he told me not to get my hopes up, he said he’s actually interested to see what happens next! Am I a lucky gal or what?! –Ldawg

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They can fly!

Me – Wanna watch a movie?
Irish – yeah Oceans 13 is on tv – I haven’t seen that yet
Me – hmmmm
– I know what your going to say….
– Do you want to watch Twilight
– No i don’t want to watch that pile of dung
– It’s not a pile of dung, I want you to watch it so you know what I’m talking about
– you only watch it to perve – I find that disgusting!
– no i don’t grinning – I just want you to watch it so u know what I’m talking about
– I know what it’s about, Edward falls in love with some chick, then he says “what am I” and she says “Vampire” and then they fly through trees and go blah blah blah and then a pack of vampires tries to get them, but they don’t so Edward wins… and then in the next movie that fella turns into a wolf and I guess they fly through more trees. -Irish’s gal

Figure of speech

He had listened to me ramble on about the story line of the books while I was reading them, so he somewhat understood what I was reading about.  After watching the MTV movie awards with my friend, and screaming like a 13 year old the whole time – because let’s be real, that was like a 3 hour Twilight fest – I told my hubby I wanted him to watch the trailer with me. He obviously did not want to, but I swayed him with “Well you’re seeing this movie at least once with me in November, so you may as well know what it’s about!” So, he gave up and sat down on the couch to watch it with me. He was quiet for the whole thing until he sees Jacob running and morph into a werewolf. He then goes,

Holy shit! He actually turns INTO a wolf?! I thought that was like a figure of speech or something.


Bob the Macho Man

My friend, we’ll call him Bob, is a macho I-don’t-read-books-ever-especially-not-Twilight kind of guy, and he surprised me with a text the other day saying how he was really bored and saw his sister’s copy of Twilight laying around and decided to pick it up. Mind you, I had to pretty much drag him to see Twilight in November, although he did come out of it saying it was a good story.

A week after the first text saying he started the series, he texted me:

Well I finished the Twilight saga. Such a good book series.

I asked him if he was grossed out by the last book?

It was interesting to say the least. Jacob was pissing me off though until he imprinted on Nessie. It ended awesome tho. Makes me sad that I’m not immortal

He also said:

I do believe she should write more books. However I won’t read them right now. I read too much lately and another love story might do me in.

I asked him which book was his fav:

I would have to say Breaking Dawn. New Moon was my least but Breaking Dawn’s got everything in it. Love, suspense, all questions answered, fairy tale ending that makes your own life feel like shit. I mean, really, it’s not even a contest.

He went on to say:

I don’t know what I’m going to do with my time now. The book made me feel like life is so short though and fragile and that we have so little time. That’s reading into it- haha- but it does.


Oh My Stars

EastFriend’s Man: Anything exciting happen today?
: Um…oh my stars, Stephenie Meyer mentioned UC & Moon’s site on her own site today.
Her man
: Stephenie Meyer? The Twilight lady?
: Yes. Isn’t that amazing?
Her man
: Why hasn’t she mentioned them before now? They’ve been around for a while…she’s late to the party. Didn’t we know they were cool a long time ago?

Obviously EastFriend’s man is our new fav. #1 because he knew who “The Twilight Lady” was and #2 because he’s right. Steph was late to the party.

Searching for a Rob-icorn of my own,

Wednesday Goal: Go find the guy my dear friend, Jen, told me about- It was the lightening round on “Who wants to be a millionaire” (you know where you have to answer the fastest?) Question: Put the Twilight books in order. Only THREE out of TEN got it right. The winner? A dude. Yep. A real live Unicorn with a chance at willing a million dollars. Do you think he was wearing his lucky Alice Cullen wife beater? Get us a picture of him, preferably modeling his Rosalie whitey-tighteys. GO!

Read all about Unicorns here (are you new? Prob a ‘lil confused? Read our first Unicorn sighting here)

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Rob-icorn image by the brilliant Will at NewMoonMovie.org & EclipseMovie.org

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  1. LOL!
    These are hilarious!
    I don’t have any unicorn stories though.
    Brother has expressed that he wants to read it to see what it’s all about but mostly he just whines “Edward f*cking Cullen is gay. He likes boys” blah blah blah shit like that.
    I’ll get him one day. *Evil laugh*


  2. I work with a unicorn. True story. He emailed me one morning and asked to borrow the last 2 books in the series. I didn’t let him. But he did end up finishing all 4 books in a week and said that they were “awesome.”

  3. IDK if this a unicorn story but my bro totes used quoting twilight to get ass from his wife LOL!
    All text messages btw…
    Bro: Dude I totally just told B(his wife) that she was my ‘brand of heroine’ 😉
    Me: You’re a moron…what did she say?
    Bro: She giggled…then I told her she ‘she was my life’
    Me: OMG did she buy it?
    Bro: Let’s just say I got the ‘happy ending’!
    Me: EWWWWWW GROSSSSSS!!!! STOP TEXTING ME THIS SH*T!!! 😦 I don’t wanna know!!!!
    Bro: LMAO Just thought I should share and let you know that the twi shiz works!! 😉
    So now you guys know what i’ve been subjected to!! LOL

  4. “OH MY STARS!” I wonder who that was.
    I have no UNICORN so you can all suck it!
    But I do ❤ your faces!

  5. My favorite Unicorns are the ones who try to pretend they’re not. I have a friend who read the books but acted like he only did it because someone gave them to him and he was bored. Since I bring up Twilight/Rob every twelve seconds or so, I sucked him into deep convos about why Bella’s shield only worked against some vamps, or how Edward got it up since his veins were sealed shut. He’d reveal some piece of info that made it clear he read the books more than once, and that he thought about it more often that he was admitting to.

    Quote from my Unicorn: “Bella was such a whiner.”

  6. I too work with a real live unicorn…he’s one of the only people who truly know my twi-session. he’ll stop in my office to gossip about the trailer for NM, or laugh when he sees my pocket Edward sitting on my desk…it’s fun to see the guys perspective

  7. A couple weeks ago I was hanging around the house with no plans to go anywhere, so I was wearing my Twilight (just the logo) T-shirt. Being lazy I ordered in a pizza. The delivery guy shows up, spots my shirt and heartily exclaims “That movie is AWESOME!”
    Me: (flustered) Huh? Wha? Oh… uhh.. yeah, it’s ok..
    Him: Who’s your favorite?
    Me: Uhmm.. well..
    Him: DON’T say that guy!
    Me: Ohh.. uhh.. Charlie.. I liked Charlie a lot.
    Him: Really? That’s AWESOME! No one says Charlie! Now, I’m not gay or anything, but I like that big beefy guy.
    Me: Emmet?
    Him: YEAH! That guy is AWESOME! I didn’t like that other guy, though… the blonde guy.
    Me: Jasper?
    Him: Yeah.. that guy was *weird*.

    It was so discombobulating. I’d felt like I’d been dropped in the middle of crazy town. Gave him a good tip, though.

  8. I was one of the people who was like “I’m never reading Twilight” but it was actually two very different unicorns that convinced me to give it a shot.

    The first one is one of my best friends and we have very similar tastes, he told me the books were amazing but I was still reluctant until my co-worker (married father of two) said that he loved Twilight and recommended it.

    Tried to get the bf to read it, he’s been half way through it for like three months he says of Edward:
    “All Edward says is ‘Oh I’m so happy’, ‘Now I’m sad’, ‘Oh wait now I’m happy again’ ” I gave up on him ever being a unicorn 😦

    I did get my nephew to read it and like it though

  9. I’m gonna see if my husband can put the books in order…dude, that could be our million dollar meal ticket. And I SO wanna see that. Someone needs to get it on You Tube.

    OR…we can always ask Jena to suss it out. Jena is the sussing queen, of course.

    Even though she was late to the party, I’m glad Stephenie has joined the fun here. HEY, STEPHENIE! We’re your normal fans! We love you!!!!!!


  10. Oh Unicorns are REAL! I just saw one the other day in the office whilst waiting to see the surgeon. Although, as we all gathered to discuss said Unicorn..(with a very fancy bookmark chain type thingy and yes that is what those types of bookmarks are really called) we were a bit saddened as he was reading Twilight a week later during his follow up..I mean a week to read Twilight??? Is that possible..a day yes but a week Noooo.. although in all fairness perhaps it was his 2nd or 3rd time through..we tend to savor it a bit on those follow up reads…and of course I took a pic….because how do you not?

  11. Probably stealing Amber’s thunder, but TheShagDaddy (Amber’s hub), just finished Breaking Dawn and had the same reaction we all did: WANTING MORE BELLA AND EDWARD. And he was quite frustrated over the fade to black and asked us all for Fan Fic recos over twitter. It was glorious. He may just be #1 Unicorn now.

    Lets just hope that Janet and her purity ring ways don’t get to him.

    @Eastfriend – your hubs is amazing! Love it!

  12. I’ve never commented here, but felt i had to after seeing today’s letter was about unicorns! I think my bf has unicorn tendencies – he saw and loved the film, (i think he’d quite like to be edward! – he definitely liked him more than Bella!) will listen to me ramble on about the books for ages, is team Edward all the way and is nearly as excited about New Moon as me…….but he won’t read the books. Should I be worried, or really grateful that he doesn’t mind my obsession?!

  13. Oh my god, Bob the Macho Man is AWESOME.

    “I would have to say Breaking Dawn. New Moon was my least but Breaking Dawn’s got everything in it. Love, suspense, all questions answered, fairy tale ending that makes your own life feel like shit. I mean, really, it’s not even a contest.”

    “I don’t know what I’m going to do with my time now. The book made me feel like life is so short though and fragile and that we have so little time. That’s reading into it- haha- but it does.”

    My dad read the first two. When I got my wisdom teeth taken out I made him watch the movie with me because I was high and in pain, and he actually liked it (he’s known to like some very, ahem, girly stuff – I remember him telling me that he enjoyed the Princess Diaries and the Prince and Me when I made him watch them – that was a few years ago and I went through a ‘royalty’ phase lol). Anyways. So the movie made him want to read the books. I don’t know if he wants to read Eclipse or not (I’m not telling him BD exists). He did think some of the high school drama was stupid and said he skipped some of the teenage conversations, but I think he enjoyed NM quite a bit. He LOVED the Italy stuff – because he’s been to the places mentionned in the books. He spent like 10 minutes telling me about the cobbled streets and the hills and the food. haha

    • Awesome! I tried to get my dad to read them b/c he like vampires. He only made it through half of Twilight. He said they weren’t “real” vampires and that he didn’t feel comfortable reading about a teenage girl from her perspective. I guess I can sorta see how it would be weird for a 57 year old man to read about Edward’s “bewildering perfection” from a 17 year old girl.

    • Haha I’m glad you liked Bob!

  14. You missed our Unicorn in the forum!

    D4…Pixie’s husband. I’ll let them tell their story.

  15. Ok, I’m a ‘tard.

    I have a unicorn in my family…he is my 14 year old cousin (maybe he’s 15 now) anyway…they came down for the GA Tech graduation and he wanted to rent Twilight. I asked if he had read it, he responded with the typical teenager, “Duh”

    I asked him why? He said, “If you want to get girls, you get Twilight.”

    End of story.

    • Smart kid.

    • “If you want to get girls, you get Twilight.”

      Coming to a cafepress t-shirt near you.

      • That’s HAWT! Here’s hoping some guys in their early 30s also realize that “getting Twilight” is the way into my pants.

    • So, de-lurking here at LTT to say:
      1. LOVE your cousin! Duh! Why don’t all men understand this?!? My cousin is a unicorn too, I think perhaps for the same reason, but I don’t know if he’s started Eclipse yet . . . Must ask.
      2. Love hearing about all the unicorns! Gives a girl hope! 😉 I will definitely be on the look-out now – esp. at airports – and will ask my good friend and fellow Twi-addict from work to be on the look-out as well. Eeeeee!

  16. Dear Bob The Macho Man,
    Are you single? If yes, I can help you with finding something to do with your time now. Juuuust sayin’.

  17. I want a unicorn of my own. I’m thinking about buying one. If I have to. 😉

  18. My brother is definitely a covert unicorn in the making – he refused to watch the DVD with me until I told him that his favourite HP character was in it (the line about mulling it over in the bath with your egg gets him every time).

    Days later I find out that he’s watched the film and is arranging a Twilight night at his place with his friends “because they liked Cedric too”

  19. Sadly I have no exciting unicorn encounters. The closest I came to a unicorn was a guy reading the books on our commuter train. I don’t think he was enjoying it too much …so I am pretty sure he was only reading them for a similar *promise of reward* from his wife!! LOL

  20. Question…. Can I have a Unicorn if the Audio books are involved.. I’ve read the series over and over, but I also have the audio books on CD and on long trips I like to listen to them in my car… my husband has listen to the first three with me.. but this past week we were on vacation, drove to the beach, and we started listening to “Breaking Dawn”… the entire week, every time we got in the car we would listen to the story… and my Husband.. bless his heart.. got so into the book when read from Jacob’s POV that when we would arrive at whatever destination we were headed for.. he would sit in the parked car until he got to “A good enough place to stop it” and … we didn’t get it finished while on vacation and I am not allowed to listen to it without him in the car because he wants to hear the rest.

    My husband is not much of a reader, he can’t sit still long enough,… but I did notice my audio copy of Twilight missing from the shelf I keep them on and when I passed his truck I saw it sitting on his front seat… 🙂

    OH and my 18 year old step-son.. He has read all of the books and has downloaded my audio books to his Ipod and he listens to them when he works out… that’s a total unicorn I think… The Twilight Saga at Gold’s Gym!

    Thanks for the smile today!

    • That totally counts. I tried the audio books on my husband when we drove up to Ohio last month, but it didn’t work. He listened to the Italy part in NM, but once they got back to Forks, I lost him. I think he wants to be a unicorn (does any guy really want to be called a “unicorn?”), but now he’s made fun of Twilight so much that his inner man-ness won’t let him. He admits that the movie “wasn’t that bad,” which is like a glowing commendation from him. I WILL get him to the theater in Nov, though…but I may have to promise him “special favors.”

  21. My hubby would sooner have oral surgery without pain killers than read the Twilight series, but . . . he has wisely memorized a few of the key lines to whisper to me at appropriate moments. And he does ask questions about the vampire mythology to clarify certain points of the story (since I told him the story when he wouldn’t read it).

    I do know one guy my age who read Twilight (he’s married, father of 2 girls) and I was pretty shocked. When I asked him “Why???” he said that he just wanted to know what the big deal was. Of course, he didn’t get it. Does that disqualify him from unicorn status?

  22. Definitely drop by the Flat and meet my own personal unicorn.

    My DH read Twilight before I did, and is nearly as into the whole thing as I am. Of course, his fictional crush is Alice, and
    Ashleyporn has nearly the same effect on him as Robporn does on me, but it works. 🙂

    Plus, he’s totally adorable.

  23. I don’t see why so many people want their significant other to read Twilight. I don’t want my boyfriend to even come near the books! Him laughing at them would totally kill the buzz for me.

  24. We definitely need more unicorns. It would make twifandom so much more fun!

    My BF still calls Rob Patrickson…he’s just not unicorn-material.
    Still love the man though, for offering me a freepass on Rob in exchange for a drive in Rob’s car and a freepass on Heidi Klum (and I just realized he is into older women yikes!).
    Little does he know that Rob has a clown car…god bless ignorant men.

  25. So I am pretty convinced my guy friend is a Closet Unicorn.
    Everyday I get an IM from him asking me about something Twilight related, or him telling me something on twilight. He informed me on more the one occasion that his friend landed a job with a comic book company that covers twilight, and that she may get to meet the cast. He is interested in what Wide Awake is, and has made me explain it to him and what FF was. All of that made me think WTF….
    but here was the moment i started to get alarmed (as if asking about FF wasn’t alarming enough) I get an IM from him the other day saying i quote: ” I think The hottest hotties are twilight fans.” er um my guy friend just fucking quoted rob at the TCA’s I was like omg did you watch that shit? he recovered quickly and said oh um no way! I had to do “research” for work and i saw it somewhere. ummm He does not have a job that would require such research! So my conclusion is my friend is a closet unicorn who says he tried to read twilight but couldn’t get through it… yet somehow knows all aout breaking dawn.

  26. my hub read twilight before i did. his 16 year old sis was really psyched about the books and told him to read them, so in the spirit of sibling-bonding he picked up the 1st book “just to see what all the hype was about” I made so much fun of him, but he really liked twilight. He didn’t want to put it down. So much so that he took the dust jacket off a machoman book and put twilight inside so he could take it with him to get his hair cut! imagine a beefy military guy covered in macho tattoos reading twilight undercover in the barber shop!

  27. Just had this conversation with my husband.
    From Twilight

  28. I like so many others convinced my hubby to read the saga…..he totally did NOT want to……AND it totally pissed him off when he actually liked them. Now, we live in NYC and he totally read them in the subway (balls of steel) and at work at lunch. The funny part is my husband works at the NFL!!!! Hahahahaha!!!! He pulled New Moon out of his bag one day at lunch and was reading it in the NFL cafeteria and one of his good friends sat down beside him and took in the scene looked at his backpack on the floor and said…..and I quote…..”dude, you got your training bra in there too?” PS….my unicorn is 6’2″, shaved head, and built like a line backer…..and he simply responded…..”maybe”. Hahahahaha!!! I LOST MY SHIZ when he told me the story. He also refers to Edward as my “boyfriend”…..gotta love it. Unicorns rule!

    Here’s to all ladies finding hot unicorns!!!



    • Beansward is my favorite unicorn of all, but Mr. M is right on his heels. He also refers to Rob as Edward, which makes me laugh. OK – I’m working on my email, I promise.

      UC, Moon, I may have a scoop for you on a unicorn you know and love from back in the day.

      • I’m confused. Do you know us? OMG. is Pettit a Unicorn? (Moon you better see this) Send us an email!

        • UC the email has been sent. It may not be as exciting to you as it is to me, but it has me a little giddy.

      • Lili!! Beansward and I are always on the lookout for you a hot unicorn!!! It makes it a little hard since we are not in Nashy anymore 😦 BUT, I did meet the ULTIMATE UNICORN in Brooklyn when he was here filming, so maybe there is hope! 🙂 I loves you mucho and Beansward loves you too…..even when he is wearing his training bra! 😉 xo obird

    • AMAZEBALLS! Love this story 🙂

  29. my DH is undoubtedly showing extreme unicorn tendencies! He has watched Twilight with me at least 4 times and once was even his suggestion which he txted on the way home from work one night “do you wanna have pizza tonight and watch twilight” (mostly cos he thinks he will get laid afterwards) and he is now telling me how much he is like Edward – complete with trying to show me how fast he can run!!!! Tis getting a little bit weird!
    He is now starting to pass comments that he thinks Robert Pattinson is quite good looking in this pic or that pic – hmmmm is he a unicorn or maybe gay and doesn’t know how to tell me!

    • “complete with trying to show me how fast he can run!!!! ”

      This is cracking me up!!!!


    • that’s normal. there are very few people who can resist the charm of Rob. unfortunately, my husband seems to be one of those people.

  30. Just had this conversation with my husband.

    Hubby: alright you crazy brat lady… the new trailer doesn’t look that horrible…
    ME: 😀 your silly
    Hubby: yeah yeah
    ME: :-*

    He has read all the books with me, watched the movie with me twice and makes references to the books.

    One day at lunch I spilled my drink and he goes “Ok Bella!”

    When the movie came out he went and sweet talked the video store and borrowed a copy of the movie a day early. I had to do a (ahem) Favor… before I could watch it.

    To maintain his “I don’t care” attitude he harasses me about my obsession but I know he likes it.

  31. no unicorns in the immediate vicinity—think they’ve all fled to the New World—since i still do love a tuba, i think we need a HIT IT button for all those [semi-]successful unicorn tales above—awesome—<3

  32. I have a few guys in my grade that have read the saga. A couple guys came out of the movie and though it was “SUCH A GOOOD MOVIE”.

  33. My hubby is a half Unicorn. If there is such a thing!? He listens to books on tape on his way to work, so he likes the books, but does not feel the acute fondness. He is a little jealous of my Robsession. The hubs started growing a beard and I made the mistake of saying “I like me some Beardward” and the next day the beard was gone!
    My kids are another story. I need a word for a little kid unicorn. My five year old has obviously not read the books, but knows all about them from living with me I guess. He has seen the movie (not the kissy parts) and really liked it. He even was extremely excited to go on “The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror” ride at Disneyland because he thought it was about Twilight. He was terrified and disappointed all at once!

    • I was debating whether or not to watch the movie with my 7 year old – hubby has watched it 4 times in 2 weeks (I’m a late comer -just read all 4 books a few weeks ago, but I read a book a day, does that make up for lost time?) Anyway, I wondered if it might scare her…but now I’m re-thinking it…if other people are doing it?!?

      • Peer Pressure! It will get you every time. My kiddos love it, but they don’t really get scared very easily. I have heard it is different for boys and girls though. Some of my other twifriends do not let their daughters watch because they scare too easily. My boys love all the fighting and testosterone stuff but hate the kissing part, so we fast forward through that when they are watching. We are normally very careful with what the kiddos watch, but with Twilight, all bets are off!!

        This sounds like we watch it everyday!
        (Only every other day) 🙂

        Reading a book per day totally counts, but how did your house look after you were done? You are totes my people!!

        • My house looked like SH*T, and lucky for me I’m the boss at work, so I read at work too! I got the first book on a Sunday night and read from 11pm to 5 am, slept for an hour and got up. Read the next book until 4 am and then went to work and read some more. Basically the week was a bust. I took my time reading them the second time….one book every 4 days! I’m preparing to start Twilight again…it’s so much nicer than my 10 loads of laundry, 10 hour work days, kids home all day for summer life.

          As for the kid, I think she’ll scare too easy, but I’m dying to get her into it…like I need to enable that kind of thing! LOL!

      • I don’t think it will scare her…my daughter (9) watched it and my son (5) and neither one of them were scared…my son truthfully was only interested in the baseball and fight scenes (such a boy *lol*). My daughter though loved it and wanted to watch it over and over again [I think it’s going to have to be a Christmas gift for either her (or maybe more so for me…it’s like a guily pleasure for me)] so she’s settling for the movie in her mind and reading the book now.

  34. Thank you. I’ m relieved now. I was under the impression that in the Twivocabulary “unicorn” was the equivalent of “orgasm” (I blame it all on Twi fanfic Wide Awake).

    I was too polite, and maybe too embarrassed, to question UC (I think it was UC?) when she told me I had got myself a unicorn, when I caused two teenage boys to go get themselves copies of Twilight after I let them watch the movie with me on DVD. (I knew she was wrong, but who am I to question someone with semi-goddess status?)

    Anyway, no harm done: the 15-year-old came around the other day to check if I thought Breaking Dawn would be too difficult for him to read in English, since he couldn’t find a copy in our mother tongue. I almost offered to read it aloud to him, translating as I went along. (my mother did that for me with Tintin comics in French when I was a kid, so I thought this was my chance to be like my super Mom).

    But then I thought it would probably ruin Breaking Dawn for the both of us (some of those things in there you don’t want to share with a person of the opposite sex that you’re not that close to,,,) So he’ s just gonna be patient. Ergo: Twilight builds character! And broadens your vocabulary in strange ways… 🙂

  35. Best part of the post: placement of the unicorn in the Rob pic.

  36. Do baby unicorns count?

    There were a group seven kids with two moms sitting the row in front of me at the Bandslam showing I went to. The kids were between 7-8 years old, and there were four boys. At the end of the NM preview, one of the boys shouted, “that looks..AWESOME!” in his cute little boy voice.

  37. I have a couple guy friends who are hardcore obsessed. I don’t talk to them about it often because I don’t want people to know how crazy iam. Also there is a guy at my work who is always reading breaking dawn. I refuse to talk to him about it for several reasons. My all important street cred (of course) the fact that he has been reading the same book for two months which means he is extremely slow or the book is just a prop to get girls to talk to him. Not a bad tactic but I’m so far ahead of that dude it’s not even funny.

  38. Forgot to share but the other day I was at the grocery store and lo and be hold in front of me a short, burly, hairy looking dude wearing a camo hat and his…wait for it…Team Jacob shirt! I wanted to take a pic but he got away. I also wanted to ask him why the hell he chose Team Jacob over Team Edward??? I’m super curious. Anyhoo, I am pretty sure this guy prob also had a Team Edward shirt b/c he looked like he needs all the help he can get. I am guessing somewhere in his dresser are also the Hale Yes! and something w/ a grizzly bear on it T’s

  39. My hubby is a sort-of unicorn. He hasn’t read the books, but he’s seen the movie more than once and has listened to me talk Twilight for 10 months now. He’s in sales and tells me that he uses his Twilight knowledge to get in good with gatekeepers. Anytime he sees a Twilight calendar or book on someone’s desk, he asks if she’s Team Jacob or Team Edward. From that point on, they love him.

    He’s also an LTT/LTR Unicorn. He actually used the phrase “secondhand embarrassed” the other day. And he was genuinely excited that Stephenie mentioned you guys.

  40. My dad is a sort of unicorn…maybe. He’s been complaining about my Twilight love for quite a long time, making sure to rib me in public about it and especially give me a hard time in front of the family. However, when the movie was released last year, I managed to convince him to tag along to the theater with myself, my older sister, and a gaggle of my fangirl friends. When the credits rolled, I leaned over and asked him how he liked it. Now, please keep in mind before I reveal his tame response that my father likes to see movies based on how many stars it has been awarded by Roger Ebert and only blockbusters like BATMAN or Oscar contenders like ATONEMENT ever get anything like “it was good”.

    He said, “Wow, this was a really unique take on vampires, I liked it.”

    I almost died in my seat. Recently this week I forwarded him a link to a 1080p HD version of the New Moon trailer, which didn’t mean much since one of his hobbies is collecting HD trailers, and he said he couldn’t wait to get home and download it.

    He’s never read the books, and I could never convince him because he’s too busy and probably wouldn’t be caught dead on an airplane reading it, but at least I know he’ll be going with me to the New Moon premiere this year.

  41. I know what it’s about, Edward falls in love with some chick, then he says “what am I” and she says “Vampire” and then they fly through trees and go blah blah blah

    No unicorns in my life, although my gay BFF/husband was into the movie when I made him watch it. He knows he is probably getting dragged to NM too but thanks to Taylor, I don’t think he will be protesting too much.

  42. I am officially in love with ‘Bob the macho man’.

  43. Goal Completed! XD

    I didn’t find a pic of the guy, but i found a video! Here it is:

    The question is at 7:00 ^^


  44. I know a gay unicorn at work who loves, and I mean loves Twilight!! Huge Twilight fan…..and he’s a got a big crush on edward/rob pattinson as well.

    He’s 28 yrs old, and he said he’s not the only one, a lot of his buddies are into rob pattinson too (figuritively speaking of course.. the only exception being TomStu more than likely). 😉

    My co worker even got his little eddy doll before I did !
    He takes him to work and has him perched on his computer.

  45. Yes, I twittered about the ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ unicorn yesterday.

    Here is the footage, starts at about 7:05:

  46. My husband is a 3/4 unicorn….He read the 3 first books and isn’t sure anymore about readind breaking down cause he totally hate Bella’s caracter.No matter what i say, he’s always”hummm….maybe in a couple of month…i wanna read something better!!”

  47. i conviced both my brother and our neighbor to watch twilight with me.

    they made fun of everything, found ashley greene super hot (aww) and said rob can’t act (specially in the biology class scene haha).

    BUT said they will def watch new moon, wich they (and i think we all) think it’s going to be better than twilight.

    as far as reading the books, they are not interesting.

  48. In order for me to have a unicorn story, I would have to actually out my undying love and affection for all things twilight/Rob…

    I did my my husband watch the movie. He tried to like it but in the end thought that Edward looked like at any moment he would slit his wrists. I told him that they books make it so much better…and I might have even stated “wait for the 4th one…feathers” and he looked at me funny so I shut up. lol.

  49. “Irish – I know what it’s about, Edward falls in love with some chick, then he says “what am I” and she says “Vampire” and then they fly through trees and go blah blah blah and then a pack of vampires tries to get them, but they don’t so Edward wins… and then in the next movie that fella turns into a wolf and I guess they fly through more trees. -Irish’s gal”

    This is the most accurate description of anything, ever. =D

  50. My boyf is no unicorn, but he was quite proud of himself when he told me I have “Newmoonia.”

    (said like pneumonia).

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