Monday Funnies: Cuz nothing’s funnier than laughing at Twilight

Dear Twilight,

I’m so glad we can laugh at your expense. Cuz Lord knows that the list is growing of reasons why I need to laugh: Pics surfaced of Robsten having an intense argument at the Kings of Leon concert about who would have the most grease if they wrung their hair into a measuring cup; when writing about how I was scarred because I accidentally clicked on the snail & dragon penis‘ 3 times on Friday, I accidentally clicked on them another 3 times; I forgot Bella & Edward’s anniversary; I went to three cupcake places yesterday and all three were closed; Plus Cam Gigandet’s 27th birthday was yesterday, and I was really pissed cuz my “Important Twi dates” calendar had it wrong and listed his birthday as today, and then I realized instead of being pissed that I missed it I should just be embarrassed that I have an “Important Twi-dates” calendar. So, I need these laughs:


After the jump- a little bonus Monday Funny:

We posted a link to this back in January. I have no idea where I found it- and back then only MrsP, Vickyb & Christa read LTT, so most of you probably haven’t seen this: What if Twilight was a book of Facebook status?

MEYERBOOKThanks for the laughs!


Am I the only one who dreads Mondays? I promised myself in college I’d never ‘live for the weekend’- that I would never hate my job so much that I couldn’t wait to be out of it. Um. Oops. Anyone want to hire me? What’s getting YOU through this Monday?

Is the The Forum?

How about reading grown women writing letters to Rob?

(Source for first funny)

135 Responses

  1. I love that Meyerbook. Funny thing is I just started to read your archives today and found that. Totally love it!

  2. I was rolling on the floor when I read the facebook status’…I needed this after the crappy pics over at LTR…and he mon funnies were hilar!!! 🙂

  3. UC & Moon get me through my Mondays, thanks for the smiles!

  4. You are definitely not the only one that hates mondays!! We all make those promises to ourselves. Most of us lie. I did too.

    But the funny helps!! Even on a Monday! =)

  5. Facebook status Twilight = epic win. I persuaded my boyfriend to finally read Twilight, he’s about halfway through (after like 3 months of reading…) He keeps saying he can’t get through it because all it is are the characters going “I’m happy”, “oh now I’m sad”, “no wait I’m happy again”.

    I’ll have to send this to him, it’ll be like cliffs notes for Twilight, that way he won’t need to read the whole book because that pretty much sums it up.

    Thanks for the Monday laughs, they’re always much needed!

  6. OMG ! The Meyerbook .. IS PERFECT .. LOVE it ❤

  7. HAHAHA! Cartoon Edward’s hair is a Monday funny in itself.

  8. Facebook Twilight is hilar! This definitely cures Monday-after-a-week-of-vacation-blues.

  9. Thanks for the laughs indeed UC!
    Needed these Monday funnies A LOT…

  10. Good! Now I don’t have to read the book. I just need to join Facebook!
    (Wait, I already read the book, and I swore I would NEVER join Facebook.) See, you almost made me fall out of character here with your fun and games!
    Thanks for making me laugh…again!

  11. I love how I’m a huge dork and notice the FaceBook status thing is based upon the movie and not the books. Just brand the L across my forehead.

    Blargh, Monday, Ugh.

    • twidork alert? no award… but def an alert today..

    • Yeah, I noticed too. Prom?

      • I too thought it was based on the movie, but hold on, I’m going to outnerdify you: Didn’t they leave that Lauren character out of the movie? I think this may actually be some kind of hybrid storyline of the book and movie…

        Aaaaand I’ve officially repulsed myself today. FML.

        • I think she’s there, but never clearly mentioned. In the movie, there’s a chick with long blond hair that is often seen with Taylor. Thinking that’s supposed to be Lauren.

          • I have to correct myself and not Taylor, but Tyler. Yup, nerd here.

          • Innnteresting. You’d think that after watching the movie approx 7 times I would remember this blond you speak of, but I can’t. Then again, I was a bit on the tipsy side for the majority of those viewings…

            Almost every time I get a little tipsy I have an urge to watch Twilight. True story… A truly embarrassing story.

            And @superhumanmoron: that actually totally makes sense to me. I wonder if that really is the case! Though Eric seems to be a creation of his own most of the time…

        • Touche. I read somewhere that Jessica in the movie was supposed to be a Jessica/Lauren hybrid, and Eric and Lee Stevens are hybrid as well?

  12. LMAO …I love the Meyerbook!

    Is it me, or does cartoon Edward look a lot like Luke Perry? Not that I am complainin 😉

  13. hahahahahahaha that Meyerbook this is HILARIOUS!!

    And also, I’ve been wondering this after seeing it everywhere but not understanding it… what does ‘FTW’ mean? I cannot for the life of me figure it out, and I can usually do it pretty easily. lol. Thanks.

    • FTW? Do you my FML?

    • For The Win =P

    • I thought Fuck The World, but I’m not sure

      • I think originally it was Fuck The World, but in the context above it’s definitely “For The Win” — which is usually online/gamer speak. It’s usually just a nerdy sentence enhancer. So cool.

        From Urban Dictionary:
        An enthusiastic emphasis to the end of a comment, message, or post. Sometimes genuine, but often sarcastic.

        Originated from the game show Hollywood Squares where the result of the player’s response is expected to win the game.

        • I’m a day late but THANKS to everyone for the answer! Like I said, I usually can figure them out pretty easily but this one I’ve been racking my brain on for a while, but no joy.

          UC: Nah, I know what “FML” means. lol. It regularly comes out of my mouth – or, err, out of my fingers? lol.

  14. I just went over to Stephenies homepage and found this: “(I recently added LTT to my stalk list; thanks for the laugh lines, ladies)” How does it feel to know she’s reading you guys? I’m giggeling like a twelve year old school girl. And this isn’t even my blog!

  15. Sassysmart is effing Mondays sux.

    Total win in making me laugh!!

  16. Monday, Monday, La, La, La, La, La!
    (this is me singing)

    Thanks for the laughs to start the week!

  17. 😀 LOL The Meyerbook is Da Bomb 😀

    Thanks for the laugh and congratulations for the mention in Stephenie’s website 😉

  18. I just almost spit out my Creme Brulee French toast, I guess I should know better than to be eating or drinking anything while reading LTT/LTR.

    I haven’t commented in a while, I mean a long while, hopefully I’m back. Summer is just crazy with the kids home and now we are getting ready for school to start I’m back at the comp 1st thing in the morn!

    I started reading in Jan, I vaguely remember this. Don’t think I had started commenting yet!

  19. Awesome. That’s all. 🙂

  20. FIrstly…
    OF COURSE Stephenie Meyer reads LTT. I’m not surprised at all. Hello…I don’t hang out at ANY other Twilight website. Just this one. Because I’m cool. End of story.

    BEST picture of Laurent/Edi ever. Oh my stars, that was the funniest part of that cartoon.

    I only beg everyone I ever meet to read Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games. Best. Book. Ever. Now that Stephenie has once again sung its praises, maybe y’all will wise up and read it, too. (Love you, UC!) Go read The Hunger Games. Thank me later.

    Fourthly…I forgot what I was going to say. Oh well…maybe I’ll go listen to Kings of Leon again. As I have for the past 4 years.

    • Oh hello, I went out and bought it soon after it came out! You know I love that book. Can’t wait for Sept 1st!

      I can vouch for LA, everything she recommends is worth the listen/read!

    • dude. you need to pay us for that “Hunger Games” plug. we don’t DO plugs for free


      fine. but only for you

      • Listen…
        a LTT/Stephenie Meyer/Hunger Games mention is THE trifecta of cool. And the fact that Mrs. Meyer mentioned both that book and LTT in the same post has seriously made my entire month. Stephenie is a down girl. She’s knows the deal. And she’s not afraid to go public, clearly.

        Yes, I said that. Yes, I’m proud of it.

    • I’m dying for Catching Fire! I heard Hunger Games is in development for a movie. Wonder how that’ll work…

  21. I love the Meyerbook. Hilarious!
    “Rosalie Hale is making dinner….I know, right??”

  22. @Robsten4life Facebook status Twilight = epic win

    Agreed. Fucking hilarious!

  23. I am laughing because I posted that same anal comic yesterday on my twi message board! lol

    You guys never let me down when i visit this site! keep the lols comming, I need them today since Rob & I are not speaking today.

  24. Congrats on the SMeyer shoutout! You guys deserve it!

  25. Bwahahahahahaha

    Meyerbook = EPIC WIN!

  26. Hilarious. We love your site on ours.


  27. Thanks for the Monday laughs… cuz today is seriously going to be a sucky Monday… xo

  28. OK.. the comic at the top… friggen hill-air-y-ous! (yes I know it’s spelled wrong).. UC between you and MOON… my life is complete! You make Monday’s tolerable… in a good way 🙂

    Congrats on the Shout out! Guess we aren’t the only one’s who need a laugh!

  29. I think the Meyerbook post was the first one I read. You had me from there on–Pretty impressive considering it’s August now. Maybe Stephenie can get you that spot on red carpet for the premier now that she’s your fan and all. I would love to hear UC and Moon interviews of the cast in November.

  30. Hilarious cartoon…love the Facebook thing. Just read the books for the first time in the past few weeks, finished all 4 in less than 4 days. Needless to say hubby and the kids are being neglected…but can’t a mom have a fantasy world too?! Found your site through Steph’s post today…will be checking in daily to see what laugh’s you have for me…a mom stuck in reality, waiting for the fantasy to kick in.

  31. I HATE MONDAYS, like Garfield…loved the cartoon. Gone to get more coffee to increase my funny.

    Coffee or Beer increase your funny, in case you didn’t know.

  32. Oh my God, the FB status update retelling of Twilight is fricking hilarious. Thanks for the laugh!!! 😀

  33. Just found you ladies last week. Thanks for making Monday morning more tolerable! Now I need to catch up on all of the archives … there goes work!

  34. What’s getting me through this Monday? Your brilliance. This post is fantastic – so much hilarity. Just like all other posts.

  35. I am sooooooooooo happy 4 you guys! I can’t wait to read your letter to Stephenie!!!!
    Congrats! I love teh facebook thing

  36. Yay! I just went to Stephenie’s site (I haven’t been in forever, b/c she doesn’t update often). I’m so proud of you guys! She now knows the awesomeness that the rest of us have known for months! Keep it up, girls! ❤ you!

  37. This is a hoot. I love it

  38. Stephenie Meyer just wrote about LTT on her site! This is what she wrote: “I stalk your websites all the time—you guys are hilarious (I recently added LTT to my stalk list; thanks for the laugh lines, ladies).”

  39. What’s getting me through Monday is the knowledge that I have Tuesday off. And this blog! Oh, and my solemn yet fervent prayers for a happy Eclipse set.

  40. Awesome Ladies! And the fact that Stephenie Meyer HERSELF added LTT as one of her fave places to visit is so awesome…who knows, she may be reading this now! Love you guys, keep up the laughs. You make my Mondays so much better!

  41. Always ready for a laugh! Always. ‘Cuz, I’m like, sooo over the drama!’


  42. Meyerbook, hilarious!

    Thanx for making Mondays a little more tolerable.

  43. The Edward Cullen is WAY PISSED brought the lolz. For reals. And Quileute Power FTW! LMAO Classic.

    And SMeyer is totes stalking you. How freaking nifty is that?!

  44. LMAO …I love LTT Mondays.

    Why does AntiAnalWard look like Conan?

    TwiBook is hilarious. “Edward is WAY PISSED” … is the best.
    Only needs more Charlie:

    Charlie Swan is shopping for linens. God.Help.Me.
    Charlie Swan is sharing an uncomfortable cruiser ride.
    Charlie Swan is not in Phoenix anymore.
    Charlie Swan became a fan of Vitamin R.
    Charlie Swan is cocking his shotgun. Watch out!
    Charlie Swan is attending Harry Clearwater’s Homemade FishFry.
    Charlie Swan just took out stock in pepper spray.

    Carlisle Cullen is …. ANIMAL ATTACK, my ass.

  45. Now that you’re all “big time” and “Stephenie Meyer APPROVED”, I hope you remember the little people. That you don’t get all full of yourself and be like “oh, we’re ABOVE posting pictures of people’s modified and tattooed genitals.” ‘Cause that’s just NOT COOL.

    (Is anybody else afraid that she just read a random sweet Twilosophy one day, and will come back and go “What? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! HECK!” when she sees what REALLY happens here?)

    Congratulations! Love you guys! You deserve the nod for being the funniest, most down-to-earth and snarky Twilight bloggers out there.

  46. Hahaha! Those are both amazing. “Edward Cullen is WAY PISSED!” Yep, that about explains it. Ah, I was in need of a laugh after all the Twi-drama this weekend and me being WAY PISSED at myself for even knowing what Twi-drama is! *Sigh* Oh well… 🙂

  47. what a way to start the week—laughs on LTT & music i love elsewhere: Etta James, Duran Duran, Aha & the cherry on top of the whipped cream Woodstock on TV till the wee hours of the a.m. (for the zillionth time)—all terribly uncool, but great to hear again—like meeting old friends you haven’t seen in ages—

    great that S.Meyer has discovered LTT & approves—she clearly recognizes class when she sees it—& that is cool—luvya much—<3

  48. Officially out of lurkdom.

    Facebook status update:
    Edward Cullen totally rocked out at KOL concert last night. Sweaty chick next to me tried to chat me up all night. Not cool.

  49. Someone may have alerted you to this already (I’m not too observant), but have you seen this?

    “I recently added LTT to my stalk list; thanks for the laugh lines, ladies”

    Ummmm… the Queen Bee loves you. WIN!!!!!

  50. so I’m 100 % over all the drama that is the cast of twilight. I think the media over saterated me with robsten you guys are the only site I still check everyday because like stephenie meyer I have good taste (well at least in websites her music list is a little uhh… )Anyways back to the point for some reason Im over rob and kristen but just like jake and heath I just can’t quit you!!

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