And the “Twi Dork of the Day” Award goes to…

Dear Twilight lovers,

I have to apologize. I really goofed up. I’m really nervous to admit this and I hope you forgive me.  Go easy on me okay? It’s been a long week and I accidentally clicked on the snail & dragon penis Moon posted Friday 3 times, so I’m a bit fragile. And plus with the news of Hughbert– Rob possibly being in love with a handsome Australian man- this is just the icing on the cake.  I was bound to mess up. You can’t be perfect for forever. And you have to admit I’ve been pretty damn near perfect since we met. Okay, I’m stalling…

I forgot about Bella & Edward’s anniversary. (cowering in fear) I KNOW- what kind of Twilight blogger am I? I should be ashamed of myself. I missed a perfectly good oportunity to give a “Twi Dork of the Day” award out to whoever remembered that fact.

Thanks to TwiCrack Addict for reminding me and being the winner of our VERY FIRST Twi-dork award! This means nothing except you have bragging rights. You can make people respect you more by saying “I was a Twi-Dork on Letters to Twilight- listen to me dammit!” (To be fair, Moon gets Twi-Dork of the day awards quite often from me when she pulls names like “Kiowa” (the wolf) outta thin air & the date when Rob signed on to Twilight)

Am I forgiven? Perhaps you’ll forgive me after I leave you with some anniversary images.  And my opinion on them, of course.

  • They are very well done
  • They are also very 2nd-hand embarrassing. Cuz it’s really Rob & Kristen. Not Bella & Edward. And they’re just kids, fooling around in a hotel room while Rob learns where the “little man in the boat” is.
  • But they should also hang on to the images. In case he learns where the little man is… and they one day tie the knot…




There’s a debate going on about which anniversary this is. Is it 5 years? Just 1? Or 3? I’m really worked up about it. I really need to know. Just kidding. I don’t give a crap. Happy Anniversary Edward & Bella- I hope you feast on a big ass giraffe or elephant or something on an anniversary safari trip to Africa….I’m sorry I missed the actual day of your anniversary- I could’ve had Moon photoshop something brilliant in your honor- like you taking a elephant ride through Kenya and then after you’re done, chowing down on the very same elephant.

Forgive me friends…. I have… sinned,

Celebrate on The Forum
Tell Rob Congrats on the wedding annivesary for the character he plays over on LTR

Annversary Banner by Everglow– who could technically get a Twi-Dork award of the day from Twicrack since they were the ones that reminded them of the anniversary! Pass on the Twi-Dork love!

3rd image: ivabella via FanPop

30 Responses

  1. “I hope you feast on a big ass giraffe or elephant or something on an anniversary safari trip to Africa” hahahahahahaahahahahahaahaha Priceless!

  2. ROFL at the Safari feast.
    Okay I freakin’ love Twilight,
    I mean, I’m 19 (almost 20) and I have a 1.5m RPattz poster hanging on the back of my door along with a few other Twi-inspired ones. . . so as you see, I really love it.
    But remembering the anniversary? That’s dedication.
    Or simply in the Get-A-Life category. Take your pick!

    Jayde xox

  3. You know that Stephenie Meyer’s first draft of “Breaking Dawn” had a whole chapter devoted to Bella teaching Edward about the little man in the boat, right?

  4. LMAO “I was a Twi-Dork on Letters to Twilight- listen to me dammit!” – Now, that is something that will DEF. earn you some respect in RL!!!

    I forgive you for forgetting their anniversary UC, having read your post I still don’t remember what day it is other than its sometime in August. Guess that means I should re-read the books, eh?? perfect, I was looking for another excuse!!

  5. The shame that you all forgot. I personally made a cake. And pulled my own wedding dress out of storage and made DH rent a tux so that we could pretend to be the happy couple ourselves, AND made my own Aman-DUH style video coming soon to YouTube. What? That’s normal!

  6. I now have a new goal in life: win the prestigious Twi-Dork award from Letters to Twilight.

    I will have to step up my game and by step up my game, I will cheat and look at lame ass things others have already done (time lines and such) on the Lex.

  7. Don’t worry UC we go LTT covered, we toasted to Edward and Bella’s anniversay Thursday on the forum 🙂

  8. LTT/LTR really is a learning experience—snails, dragons, little men in boats—& today is sunday—

    was happy, though, that TCA won your dork award—lots of twiformation & their moving pictures are tops for getting into a robward mood—:)

  9. After those brilliant safari images you put in my mind, are you kidding – yea, yea, sure you’ re forgiven!

    Actually I started re-reading Breaking Dawn the other day and was like “August 13? Funny coincidence, that is today…” But I never thought this would be occasion to celebrate or anything…guess I still have to work on my Twi-dorkiness a bit? 🙂

    I will try to remember to mark all appropriate Twi-anniversaries in my calendar now, up there along the birthdays of my grandmother, mother and work mates. There ought to be room. After all, I no longer mark down the birth and death days of every Beatle, or the day of my first kiss and break up with my first boyfriend or any of those other memorable events I used to want to remember so much…. OK so I am a dork by birth, I just switch subjects sometime!

    Post-celebration champagne, anyone?

  10. I totally had the anniversary and Twi-dorkiness covered.

    Glad to know I wasn’t alone in my dorkiness. 😀

  11. is moon around?

    um, when did rob sign for twilight please?


  12. “little man in a boat”
    Thanks for the link I clicked it as I had no idea what it meant……despite being 45…….sad but true!!!
    Isn’t it amazing what our Twi-Rob obsession leads us to learn?
    I was also in happy ignorance about snail-dragon things until this week…..please god do not let me meet one of those…….even Rob’s……

  13. When it was brought up in the forum i must admit i snickered… like a lot. The only fictional date I know is Harry Potter’s birthday sorry….

    I really must not be that big of a fan – that or i need to re read the books (wait i only own two of them…)

    I might be kicked out of the sorority if i keep admitting things like this right?

  14. Is it weird that it never even occurred to me that we should “celebrate” their anniversary? I guess on the spectrum of Twi-fan-nerdiness, I fall on the “not so rabid” side…

    Love the images… some truly dedicated fans. Though, if we’re going for realistic, maybe find another bride for that 3rd picture — we all know Kristen doesn’t have the uh… “assets”… to fill the top of that dress. Juuust sayin’.

    P.S. Rob – I do have those assets. Also just sayin’.

  15. So would the Twilight merchandising people have done a thorough job and marked all important Twilight dates on the New Moon calendar? Or are they just waiting for me to become CEO of the Twilight merchandising company to introduce such a brilliant idea?

  16. “It’s been a long week and I accidentally clicked on the snail & dragon penis Moon posted Friday 3 times, so I’m a bit fragile.” – Loved this – I was feeling a bit fragile myself after looking at that Friday!

  17. Well, if you have sinned, we’re going to hell together cause I don’t have a clue when is their anniversary!

    And, this is not just about Twilight! We learn important things here, like what “little man in the boat” is. That is going to be very useful during our lifetimes!

  18. hahah thats crazy that she knows of Kiowa. I live in AZ and my nieghbors actually know him like he comes over to there house all the time, and i met his little brother. lol I still trying to find a way to introduce myself then force him to bring me on set..
    any ideas?

  19. […] concert about who would have the most grease if they wrung their hair into a measuring cup; when writing about how I was scarred because I accidentally clicked on the snail & dragon penis‘ 3 […]

  20. What is the 3 year anniversary gift?
    Cotton.. Paper… hmmm Wood? 😉

  21. Nice photos! I can’t believe I missed the anniversary too. I remembered Harry Potter’s and Neville Longbottom’s birthdays this year at least.

  22. On the New Moon Movie website it says that Bella was born in 1987. So since we all know that she was 18 when they got married that makes their wedding date in 2006. so they just had their 3rd anniversery.

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