AmandDUH’s at it again – Decode!!

Dear LTT-ers, train wreck lovers and video enthusiasts,

Our dear dear Twimom video vixen AmanDUh is at it again! And yes she’s gone back to covering songs and wouldn’t you know this time it’s Decode by Paramore. I about jumped out of my chair when I got the notification she had updated and she doesn’t let us down!

Looks like AmanDUH’s invested in a make up artist for this video. Yup she got eyeliner and what I can only assume is a  tear drop “tattoo” on her cheek. Now where I’m from that means something quite different that being sad. Thats just straight gangsta! Did she get in a prison gang fight at the ladies penitentury and kill one of her homies? DAAAYUM Amanduh’s hardcore! I better watch my back, she’s libel to cuttabitch. But really, I’m just glad she brought back “special” Edward for this video, I was beginning to miss him and his hairline.

Enjoy! And uh don’t turn up the volume too loud she hits a few notes that only dogs will be able to hear.

How did we get herAH?

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83 Responses

  1. I could only watch 22 sec. She has a twitter too you know. Hahahaha

    • Seriously, I pushed stiop halfway through the first verse. It’s like trying to dry swallow a horse pil… I just couldn’t do it and my up-chuck reflex was on edge.

      What is with the teardrop tattoo??? Why is she trying to o all Cry Baby on us?? Maybe it’s part of that gang thing but I think Johnny would have a few things to say about that.

      • I think it looks like she has a watermelon seed on her face, lol.

        • Oh dear God…

          “dancing, acting and singing to another shakira song”

          I ran for the brain bleach starting around the 2:30 point.

          • I know I shouldn’t have watched.

            What’s worse though: the video itself or the comments saying it’s great?

          • I didn’t think anything could be worse than her Twilight videos. Yet you, my dear, have proved me wrong. I am dumbfounded by this Shakira video. Absolutely speechless.

            But one thing about her Twilight videos. It never fails, after the first two to three seconds, I am always pausing the video, covering my face in second hand embarrassment, saying “Why, God? Why?” It never fails. Hahaha…

  2. i watched about 2.5 seconds…it hurts too much

  3. she just CANT be serious…right? xD

    • I’m also still trying to figure that out…I’m inclined to say she is not…however…if she is not serious, she could do a lot better (or should I say worse).

    • Oh I think she is ABSOLUTELY serious! And entirely convinced of her awesomeness too 😆

    • i think it was our last post where we featured her… she commented… yes.. she’s serious

      • She did comment…and yes, I went and found it. In part:

        “I never claimed to be perfect or good looking. I never claimed to be trying to look like bella, hell I aint that pretty like her I have crooked teeth and i have blueish eyes and cant act as well as she can. etc.

        I’m just an adverage person having fun creatively and many enjoy my work. I dont expect everyone to like my work… not at all.

        its just really sad how haters are so deturmind to waste their times on someone they believe to be a nightmare to watch.”

        What more could I possibly add?

        • I hope you copied and pasted this, because the spelling explains alot.

          • Holy Lord, yes…this was copied and pasted. Please don’t say any different.

            Unnles your deturmind to embirazws me. 😦


  4. Ouch! Ouch ouch ouch ouch OUCH!!!

  5. Wow. She is special. From the fantastic singing, the insane hair whipping, even to the rug that doesn’t fit the room……wow.

  6. Almost perfect-needed a a little more “special” Edward. Can’t get enough of him. And really, he deserves points for getting caught up in this mess.

    I also love the Sharpie teardrop, the faded black sheet backdrop(clearly visible between the hideous blue walls) and the head twirling-wow. She must’ve needed a chiropractor after all that gyrating.

    Apparently Amanda is completely immune to humiliation and embarrassment. Or actually gets off on it. Whatever.

  7. just watched her other videos…that woman is insane xD

  8. Oh f*ck.
    That is hideousness to the max.
    Decode is like, one of my faaaaave songs (and not because of Twilight! I liked before :P) and she just killed it. And not in the good way.
    And what was with the whole touch-my-boobs-and-slide-down-the-wall thing?
    And the mating-ritual-of -the-peacock dance?
    That is just . . . . God.

    Thank you for alerting me to this right before bedtime . . . I’m pretty sure I’ll have nightmares! lol


  9. Oh.Dear.Lord…

    I hope this woman does not have relatives…or at least relatives who have never heard of youtube…

  10. No words. Only tears.

  11. **crickets**

  12. Oh, receding hair-line Edward – Grrrrr baby grrr.
    and wow, at 1:07 you can really see down her throat, mmmmmmm.
    Ima gonna go poke my eyes out now XX

  13. i love that in the description i read “check out my BOOBS” instead of “books”…. either way, no.

    i’m kind of happy to have watched it. now i can finally upload one of my many requests, my “i caught myself” redention.

    it turned out pretty cool actually, my poodle is my jacob.

  14. “Thats just straight gangsta!” –I bet she is. Really.

    I tried, but couldn’t get passed the initial hair whipping haha! Ending it was a reflex I think 😆

  15. I couldn’t even watch 2 seconds of this. It is actually worse than the Snail from LTR yesterday. I didn’t think anything could outworse the snail but I was wrong.

  16. Damn those mothers who tell their children Jesus-loves-you-for-being-so-unique-and-special when their children are like AmanDuh…

  17. Oh… wow. Can’t she tell how tone deaf she is?

    I couldn’t stand turning it louder than “just able to hear it” for fear of my whole family hearing it. Also, I think my ears started bleeding because they tried to commit suicide.

    And “dancing”. Oh God, the dancing.

  18. Why, Moon, why? What have we done to deserve this atrocity on a Saturday morning? If you promise to never do this sort of thing again, I’ll make you the most bitchin batch of cookies you’ve ever eaten. True story.

  19. Now that was a cinematographic masterpiece. When will MTV play this? Can’t wait.

  20. For those of you who only watched 2 seconds, I wanna say your were smarter than me, but then again you missed out on some serious laughs!

    I can forgive her dancing which was really like trying to shake a bee out of her hair, the pointlessness of using a “backdrop” when she just stands next to it, the second time she used cry-while-sliding-down-a-wall, and even when she runs her hand seductively along her collection of 101 Easy Crockpot Recipes and other spiral-bound cookbooks, but she did NOT just try to recreate the ballet studio scene with a tubby Edward.

    • besides the bookcase i actually burst out laughing at the ballet studio part. i was starting to get a little uncomfortable with all that seductive hip wiggling going on and then boom! bella faking an orgasm while edward sucks her arm. i didnt think that scene could get any worse than it was in the movie. i was so so wrong.

  21. ‘she runs her hand seductively along her collection of 101 Easy Crockpot Recipes and other spiral-bound cookbooks,’


  22. Ah…………………..

    Right, so it was a toss up for me this time….

    A. Where’s the cat?
    B. Haircut/Makeup…impressive, wasn’t a fan of the anemic bangs so things are looking up.
    C. Teardrop…um……urban?
    D. Hornet’s nest loose in the house?
    E. The bookcase fondle….gets me every time.
    F. But really this installment of Amanduh can best be visually summarized by viewing seconds 1.58 – 2.03…or I as like to refer to it:

    ‘The I- inserted- my tampon- incorrectly, along with the world’s -most- epic- wedgie, Snake in a Basket Hula of Anguish.’

    • YES to your point F!! Your name for it is phenomenal. While reading all of the “I just watched 2.5 seconds” comments, I couldn’t help but think “BUT YOU MISSED THE BEST PART!”

      Also, is this lady seriously a mom? It makes me nervous knowing that she’s responsible for raising some impressionable youth… Dear Children of Amanduh: this is NOT Normal.

    • i couldn’t stop staring that the teardrop…it looked like a bug ready to eat her eye out (and I wouldn’t blame it if it did!)

    • I think she was trying to HIPmotize us.

      Good lord. At this point, I think she is truly serious. I wanted to believe that she was just joking around, parodying fan vid makers. Having seen this, I can now only assume she really thinks she’s that awesome or, possibly, she has a gambling addiction and just keeps losing her bets.

  23. Wow. She has no shame. I decided it was too much, but then the hair whipping started and I couldn’t turn away. The same way you can’t help but stare at a car accident. It’s horrible, and you know it, but you just can’t look away.

  24. OH MY CRAP, it really does get good around 2:00. The bookshelf is priceless, though without the cat, she is really missing something….. That hair dancing I plan to study further, so I can use that move next time I go to the club.

    Now I know I said it last time, but if you happen to visit her youtube profile, DO NOT click on the link to her friend Kimberly, “a really amazing dancer”‘s account. (happilymarried25) Don’t do it. Really.

  25. Can’t wait to see her on the American Idol rejects next season.

  26. Yes!!!! I can go to work happy today knowing that there is someone out there that’s a bigger nut case than me!!
    Funny thing I just had a whole Convo about teardrop tats last night at work amanduh should buy some liquid last eyeliner from mac that shiz stays on great and you can make a perfect tear tat with it. I know. I tried it. Last week. Oh not on me on my friends two year old son haha his dad came to me on Sunday morning and said can you take off my sons ganstar tat before church? It stayed on for two days perfectly.
    Back to the show.
    I love special eddie! I miss the cat! Amanduh can’t carry a tune in a bucket. My favorite part was the messy bookcase oh and when they were laying down in their “meadow/ backyard/ on what looks to be trashbags I totally thought they were doing pilates together.
    Core to the floor eddie. Aline your pelvis and roll down slowly breathing out.

  27. I cannot believe people encourage this.

  28. Dear Moon,

    I hate you….headed back to the shower with Alex.

    Peace out & ❤ your face!


  29. Like yesterday’s snail and dragon links on LTR, I can’t bring myself to click on that video. I climbed a freaking volcano last week but I’m still not brave enough for secondhand embarrassing songstresses and weird peni. Blerg.

  30. Worst thing I have ever seen in my life. Someone should shoot this woman

  31. there is a special place and the world takes all kinds… but wow… she is truly a special special spirit.

  32. WTF !!! I just about pissed my pants watching this it was so funny. is this for real? or a parody. its hard to tell with some of the hardcore twihards.. 😉

    If she’s sincere I apology profusely, but its still pretty damn funny. Thanks for making us laugh AmandDuh (albit unintentionally)

    Yes, I can see Robb and Kirsten Stewart lookin like this in about 15 yrs. With the way Robbie pulls at his hair, “bald ” Eddy should be a lesson to him.

    thanks Moon, for posting.

  33. I think it’s VERY mean of you to make fun of her, when she’s obviously spent a lot of time & effort, making a very special video homage to Hayley Williams…and Twilight. You are evil…and must be destroyed.


    p.s. She IS gonna sing karaoke with us in November, right?

  34. That poor man….being forced to suck on her arm suggestively. Oh, the horror!

  35. This is pathetic. I can’t think of anything else to say. Plus, the bitch scares me.

  36. she reminds me of mel from flight of the conchords.
    especially with the old edward hahaa 🙂
    she isnt serious right?

  37. WOW I have no words.
    I had to take a break in the middle, too much embarrassment for me.

    It took me a moment to understand they were reenacting the biting scene at the end.. just thought she had too much of hair whipping.

  38. Love the dance moves!!

  39. WTForks?!
    Thanks for the heads up about the sound. It was like a bad car accident. It was disturbing and grotesque, but I couldn’t seem to look away!
    And the dancing! Does she always do that? Because I serioulsy think all that head shaking probably caused brain damage.
    phew. I’m still a little shaken up after witnessing that.

  40. Hot damn. That broad is destined for stardom! I’m gonna use some of her sexy shimmies and dance moves for my husband later. I better practice because I don’t want to put an eye out or knock him unconscious while I whip my hair around.

  41. i can barely watch this video it hurts. like seriously does she not watch these videos after she makes them! they are ridiculous, and this poor guy who *stars* in the video, in a few months from now when some local new stations picks up these videos he going to want to die.

    p.s. do you think she knows that everytime she posts a video all the LTT people watch and laugh at it? Bc i swear they are getting worse.

  42. OMG…LMAO
    Thx for sharing that masterpiece! and i must admit AmanDUH has a great voice…lol

  43. Like a train wreck.. you don’t want to look, but you can’t help it… YOU HAVE to look and as always.. regret it.
    Umm at the 49 sec mark are they laying down in the meadow of pee pads? Just curious.

  44. Oh dear Sweet Baby Jesus….

  45. I have absolutely nothing to say.
    At least nothing that won’t send me straight to the burning gates of hell….

  46. WHAT thefuck was that? I think she got inspiration from playing Rock Band with her “Edward” and had to make a video…well thats what the music track sounded like any way.

  47. checking in to see what i missed yesterday, but it seems i didn’t miss anything—:)

  48. I think I saw a copy of “Ripping Off Music Videos for Dummies” on her shelf. I will soon be sending her its companion volume, “Singing on Tune for Dummies.”

    Behold, the power of the whippy hair.

  49. Favorite part ever: 1:15.

  50. It occurred to me a few seconds in that she was SERIOUS; I thought it was a scripted joke….
    American Idol auditions await her….

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