Kristen & Taylor: The real life Bella & Jacob?

Dear Jake & Bells,

I think you have competition for the cutest friends that have ever lived:

Yes. Kristen & Taylor- or… that’s at least what Moon & I think…


Friends? Or lovers....?

Moon: so now that we’ve seen this video….don’t you love how KStew acts like shes old and wise. PUH LEASE girl!
UC: right…. you’re 19!!!
Moon: I liked her at the beginning with the smile stuff and then she had to get all “old soul” on us and talk about cajones
Moon: WAiT TiLL YOU GROW UP A LiTTLE and shut it
UC: side note- I love in that interview at the TCAs when he’s asking about the teenage years and doesn’t realize she’s STiLL a teen, and she’s pretending she’s not… but also knows everyone knows she is..and it’s a big ol’ awkward turtle
Moon: it’s cause she acts like she’s 50. Be 19. Dude I wasnt that serious at 19
UC: seriously. do keg stands- leak naked pictures of yourself or SOMETHiNG
Moon: Kellan will hold your legs while you do a keg stand- he’s a pro I can tell
UC: he’s done a LOT of keg stands…and then spent a lot of time in prayer the following day
Moon: Taylor would 100% be headed in his footsteps if he was a normal kid going to college soon- he’s so that good times guy. Just laughing it up, joking around- he just seems like a good time
UC: I have a feeling Taylor’s read some- oh dang.. what’s it called? Oh yeah… Wild at Heart
Moon: Like Taylor’s the guy you want to run errands with you on Saturday cause even though it’s mundane, it’s gonna be a lot of fun
UC: he’s probably gone on the Wild at Heart conferences where they go into the wild & think about how to never masterbate again…. with Big Daddy, of course
Moon: well if Taylor’s read Wild at Heart than KStew most defs needs to read Captivating
UC: dude I don’t think it’s called Wild at Heart– I think that’s the movie about the horse & the blind girl
Moon: it is wild at heart and also the movie. and the girl’s version of the book is Captivating
UC: First off, I love that you know what movie i’m talking about. and #2, I recently sold Captivating on ebay, and I’m pretty sure the address I shipped it to was for “Bella Stewart” somewhere in Vancouver…
Moon: totally cried at that movie when she went blind! and he loved her anyway….
UC: so.. you’re right…. Kristen is reading Captivating
UC: TOTALLY cried- my fav movie when I was growin up
Moon: she needs to learn how to get captivating
UC: I haven’t seen it in years
Moon: maybe it’s wild hearts cant be broken??
Moon: whatever I get the two confused
UC: it’s often that I confuse men’s books on how not to lust vs. Disney films about blind chicks riding horses

Moon: I want to see Taylor & Kellan at a promise keepers event
UC: with Big Daddy and Kellan’s dad
Moon: And Big Daddy will wear a shirt that reads, “real mean sing real loud”
Moon: oh Promise keepers
UC: tens of thousands of men in the same room talking about how sometimes they jack off to thoughts of someone other than their wife.
Moon: while Phillips Craig and Dean lead the alter call. And then they all hug it out at the end and pile back into the church van
UC: church jokes are fun

What’s this site about again? Oh yeah, Twilight. We get back to it after the jump…



Moon: dude I wonder how many more years Taylor’s going to be able to do those back flips- he barely makes it over these days
UC: I know… his muscles weigh him down- I say… give him until he’s 20. Once you hit your 20’s… it’s all downhill from there
Moon: Or when he starts drinking
UC: so… his 18 birthday when kristen & nikki buy him his first shot
Moon: one drunk backflip off nikki reeds couch and he’ll stop doing that
Moon: February whatever might be a national holiday this year. It’s like when all those creepo’s were counting down to the Olsen twin’s 18 birthday- only this time we’re the creepo’s, and he doesn’t have a twin
UC: Unfortunately- if he did we could share
Moon: or a clothing line at target
UC: Or sparkly lipgloss at Wal-mart
Moon: but I’m sure he can say “how rude” with the best of them
UC: making Uncle Jesse proud- “Have Mercy” (I think we alone have talked about Full House more than the entire world has in the past 10 years)

Moon: as much as I hate to say this for him, he is SOOOO Jacob
UC: SOOO Jacob- poor kid
Moon: I get that he’s Taylor and Jacob is a character, but DUDE he SOOO has Jacob characteristics
UC: all that talk about thinking he’s smokin’ for 17.. and being excited for the great date in Feb 2010 when he turns 18…..when it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter. He’s just that guy- that friend that will buy you tampons, and bring you your heating pad.
Moon: he’ll be your wing dude at the bar and fend off any creepersons
UC: and hold your hand during the scary parts in the movie, but when he leans in… sorry Jakey.. Sorry Tay… you’re just not Edward.
Moon: sad- here’s a thought…
UC: Bring it
Moon: is Jacob ANYONES Edward??
UC: ooohh – deep
Moon: sometimes I wanna say yes, cause I’d much rather laugh and have a good time then brood and run around the forest
UC: “they” say there is someone out there for everyone
Moon: “they” say a lot of things
UC: So you’re saying you want HIM to be your Edward cuz of the laughing rather than brooding?
Moon: I’m saying sometimes I’d much rather have the “Jacob” than the “Edward” cause the Jacob seems more of a life companion
UC: Edward is the dream
Moon: and the Edward seems more like this all encompassing tidal wave that can’t sustain itself
UC: Jacob is the really amazing & awesome reality- Also- Edward kills animals and eats them without cooking them. Which is pretty gross.
Moon: This just got deep

Moon: ok so KStew totally ruins the video halfway through. UGH. Shut up
Moon: can we talk Taylor’s LAUGH? It’s hilarious!!! It goes all high-pitched
UC: I think he’s still going through puberty. I mean.. I’m sorta Team Taycob these days, we know that, but… when he talks. He kinda sounds 14 and like he’s doing a karate video again.
Moon: shall we talk how KStew is NOT Bella (besides that fact she looks smokin?)
UC: she doesn’t have to say “I’m so not Bella” um, we know.
Moon: we get it, and don’t lump all Twilight fans into the 13yr old category-  we like OTHER kinds of movies too
UC: right…. like…. I just saw the new Woody Allen movie, better-than-everyone, Kristen Stewart, and guess what? I declared it the best movie of the last 5 years… and did not find it sub-par and kinda pathetic like I did a movie you might be familiar with…because you were in it…
Moon: oh she is special some days

K & Tay: Bella & Jake's competition

K & Tay: Bella & Jake's competition

UC: however…. Kristen & Taylor together are all sorts of cute
Moon: omg SOOO cute
UC: and all sorts of exactly like Bella & Jacob
Moon: she needs him to calm her shiz down- I can handle her much more when theyre together
UC: and did you read the EW article when she says she can only smile around him and would kill for him?
UC: Do you think Tay’s into her at all?
Moon: in that older sister’s friend-crush sorta way
UC: yeah you’re right- the girls he’s with are bubble-gum cute (and sure to have a sex tape leak in a year or two) like Selena…Taylor swift… Wolfgirl
Moon: I think Kristen’s reaction is just everyone general reaction to Taylor- you can tell from that Rachelle (RIP) and Nikki Reed interview- they LOVE him and think he’s like the best thing since sliced bread- GOOD JOB Big Daddy!

Moon: theyre so stinkin cute
UC: he’s grazing the ass for a second thinking…. ‘my first butt grab!”
Moon: he’s like I gotta cop a feel when I can
UC: Also… it’s a safety hazard to fight wearing that necklace..she could get strangled. I’m concerned for her safety- And then she’s like “dude.. you just turned 13 with that laugh”
Moon: ew she’s probably into being strangled
UC: totes. she’s def. into dark & kinky stuff (or at least she was in The Sub)

Moon: dude I wish Forever Dawn would be published……….along with the rest of Midnight Sun……and the post Breaking Dawn Jacob/Renesmee story……….the pre Twilight Jasper/Alice story………..
UC: the Rob & my love story and the behind the scenes gossip story on who hooked up with who during Twilight filming- including the scoop on if Catherine did or did not take advantage of Kellan while he was sleeping..
Moon: I’m not sure he was sleeping……..
UC: I know. It’s a tough call. On the one hand, I’d hope he was asleep- keeping true to his Christian spirit, but… I have a feeling he…. fell
Moon: he probably goes down to the OC every other week for a little cougar lovin’

See? They’re just like you. Watch out- Next I predict that in 23 years Taylor will hook-up with Kristen & Rob’s love child.

UnintendedChoice & theMoonisDown

These two look HOT together- How many more days people!?

Watch out- Rob confirms our worst fears over on LTR
talk Tay/K or Bells/Jake over on The Forum

Thanks to TwiCrack for all the amazing Taycob Kristella pics

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  1. sometimes we make me laugh!

    “What’s this site about again? Oh yeah, Twilight. We get back to it after the jump…”


    • somedays i wish i could include the ENTIRE conversation we have- where we get SO off track & discuss important things like…. anna lynne mccord & kellan’s break-up

      • how many candles you think he lit in church to get over that one?

        more or less than the number of candles he lit for the loss of Rachelle (RIP) [that was hysterical btw]??

  2. Go to Nonsten thread for the Story of Taysten.

    Epic win and so funny!!!


    • P22

      and thansk to steel azalea who did it

      it is HILAR!!!!

    • I loved SA’s take on Taysten but it’s just not a ship I can get on, LOL.

      You know Kstew has NO romantic feelings towards taytay whatsoever, i love how she says “I love that kid”… that kid… if it was anthing other than brother-like love she would have at least said “i love that boy”

      • re: that “kid” as if stewie’s 19 yrs on tay tay’s 17 yrs is a big deal…
        on the other hand, she appears to be quite the tough girl. supprised she didnt wear her leathers.

        • OMG Did you, like, totally forget what it was like to be 19 (girl)?!?!? I mean, I wouldn’t date a guy a year younger then me back then let alone 2 years!
          Or, maybe you are not a girl???? Hmmmm Hermes was a male god If memory serves. What is this infiltrator doing in our estrogeny midsts??

          • Waahhh.. I’m a woman.. (last time I checked.)
            Seriously.. don’t give me shizzle over my name girl!

            True story:
            I got this awesome scarf at a tag sale, and it said “Hermes” on it, and I thought the name sounded I used it for my psudo internet name, only to find out later from a friend of mine who said that “Hermes” .. was a character in Greek mythology who was both male and female (a hermaphrodite).

            My lesson: Guess I shoulda stayed awake during that greek mythology class in college.

            Re: dating a 17 yr old boy while being 19, yeah, I did it! He was a hot guy AND I was always in control being the older one. He did what I told him to do. woohoo!


          • @Hermes
            Muahaha I made you come out.Srsly, Hermes was a hermaphrodite?
            I totally don’t remember that. See, it’s educational here and everything.

            can’t believe you dated a guy 2 yrs younger at 19!!! I would have DIED.
            To be fair, my youthful hotness was totally wasted on me.

            Sorry for replying to my own post but your post doesn’t have a Reply button for some reason.

  3. Oh – and forum has been seriously spammed too


  4. “I’m saying sometimes I’d much rather have the “Jacob” than the “Edward” cause the Jacob seems more of a life companion”

    I couldn’t agree more.

    • seriously

    • This is so true. Love Edward, but have to agree!

    • Yeah, Edward’s really only perfect to us because we see him through Bella’s eyes and she’s practically imprinted on him. I think most of us, in reality, would prefer Jacob’s warmth, both physical and emotional, to Edward’s stalking, glaring, and general over-protectiveness.

      • Speak for yourself. He’s a rude, nasty little prick and tremendously immature in the bargain.

        I’d rather go with the emolicious Edward any old day. I suppose it would get tedious having someone worship me, but I think I could get used to it.

  5. “He’s just that guy- that friend that will buy you tampons, and bring you your heating pad.”

    HAHAHAHA I can’t even get my bf to buy tampons for me let alone my best guy friend…

    And Jacob is so Taylor, er, I mean Taylor is so Jacob, see they are one in the same to me, can’t keep em straight. Definitely the friend type and not the lover. And no, I don’t think he’s ANYBODY’S Edward (sorry Taycob, I love you like a brother)

    So all the vids were of the EW shoot were cute but I have to say, I’m sooo missing Rob here, it’s nothing in comparison to the hour long vanity fair shoot video. Can’t wait to get back to Eclipse where Rob is front and center again.

    Ok, no one has said anything yet about kstew’s snake skin leggings/pants. I think she looked hot. Wow, she really can pull off the sexy for photo shoots, it’s like night and day with her real life self.

  6. Okay, I’m 100% Team TayStew. But purely as friends.
    They are so. Effing. Cute!
    I can’t believe how . . . happy she is around him.
    It’s freakin’ adorable.

    Love yas.
    Jayde xlox

  7. omg I loved the Wild at Heart and Captivating references! I’m still smothering my laughter here in my office (side note: it’s FRIDAY!!) I went to Christian high school and dear goodness were those books shoved at us. I took one look at Wild at Heart, raised my fists and yelled “down with the patriarchy and the stereotyping!” and threw it back at the libararian. Or maybe something slightly less dramatic …

    so how come with all the Kristen/Taylor wrestling there’s no Taysten (Krislor?) rumors? If this was K-stew and Rob the gossip mags would be beside themselves!

    happy Friday!

    • glad that you got our references! we love church jokes SO much and know that not everyone had the PRIVILEGE of experiencing the craziness of evangelical conferences & books 🙂 (sarcastic)

      • Evangelical Christian Jokes FTW! Reminds me of … every time I see Carmen, PromiseKeepers, Friends are Friends Forever, True Love Waits and I Kissed Dating Goodbye references, my love for LTT/R quadruples. I actually feel sorry for folks who don’t have the pleasure of getting those jokes.

        • I love the church jokes and references too. I get them all too well! It is a shame that some people can’t appreciate that humor. Thanks to LLT, the visual I have in my mind of Kellan reading the Purpose Driven Life is priceless!

  8. This was sooo funny this morning! Thanks for getting my tired, almost hungover arse awake first thing at work today.

    What did I love most you ask (you didn’t but let me tell you anyway)…

    UC: yeah you’re right- the girls he’s with are bubble-gum cute (and sure to have a sex tape leak in a year or two)

    my first butt grab!

    Rachelle (RIP) – like she’s dead to us now she’s not in Eclipse

    Love it! Also? I just am so committed to Team Edward I can not see the Taycob. Maybe NMM will cure me of that? We’ll see.

    Happy weekend!

  9. I am loving the TayStew. They really are adorable together and I actually like seeig her have fun. It’s like she’s always holding a big bunch of balloons when she’s around him.

  10. DEAR GOD!! Full of Win and all my fav randomness. Papa Lautner, Kellan’s religion, and the description of the best kind of male friend. ❤ your faces!

    PS However did not appreciate the FF section….but you knew I wouldn't. GAHH!! FF= FAIL

  11. Kristen is actually likeable around Taylor*

    *until she told him to grow into his balls and I totally thought that he should have turned back to her and said, “maybe you need to grow into your Tatas oh wait, I mean you should grow some tatas”

    Completely think that Taylor has a crush on Kristen, i mean they are only two years apart, and I was maybe dating a 17-yr-old when I was 19…

    Then again, I may also think Taylor is bi as evident by this video

    He’s like one of those creepy broadway kids, you know the ones that I’m talking about. Well my fellow theatre nerds know what I’m talking about.

    • OMG! That video puts it all into perspective with Taylor.

      BTW, did you see big daddy (when he was young, thin daddy) Lautner hanging out on the sidelines of this vid? Guess the celebrity has gone to his gut!

      • THIN DADDY!!! I love that!! bwahaha!!


        • OMG! That’s exactly what he is — creepy Broadway kid! He missed his calling — should have registered with Disney. I’ll bet he could have even passed that test that Jonah Hill was talking about !

          And speaking of Disney, I hope y’all caught that shot of Selena Gomez when Tay-tay won his Teen Choice award. She was positively giddy with excitement! That shot coalesced for me that child’s appeal.

          I didn’t see “Twilight” 21 times in the theater for Tay-tay. If I see “NM” 1/2 as many times it will be for one person and one person only — Robert “Bitches Don’t Know ’bout my Sparklepeen” Pattinson.

          Your nefarious plans to shove Tay-tay down my very unwilling throat won’t work with me Scummit! Peddle your Tay-tay wares with the Selena Gomezes of the world where they will actually do some good! As for me, I’m all about June 2010 when the Edwardian Age will begin again!

    • I know what you mean. That video was REALLY creepy. I expect him to break out in an overly dramatic version of New York New York.

    • Blasphemy… he’s no bi. He’s just young with an over eager manager.

    • I don’t know what this says about me but I thought that was adorable. Soo cute. Did you see him jumping and flipping about like a little froglet?

    • What scares me is that this video is probably only a few years old 🙂 5 years ago – the boy was 12. And I was…..old enough to very comfortably be his mother. I guess that means I still am….
      I should poke my eyes out myself for even THINKING that the newest NM shots of him are hot. But, they are kinda hot. But, at least I can say that my allegiance is to Rob – so that is slightly more age appropriate (I am only old enough to be Robs babysitter – not mother – and I’d still babysit him any day)

      • OK I am totally old enough to be Taytay’s mother, so maybe that’s why I think it’s cute. And I don’t find him hot in his newly buffed-just-underageness.

        On the other hand, if I was a slapper as a teen then I could also be considered old enough to be Rob’s parent. And THAT creeps me out daily. (not so much nightly)

        • well – yeah. TECHNICALLY, I am old enough to be Robs mom as I’m sure there are some 14 year old moms out there…but reasonably, I like to think I am just old enough to be his babysitter (where can I apply for that job?)

          But, I am 20 years older than Taylor. Definitely old enough to be his mom, technically and reasonably. And while I think he’s babyface cute in his interviews and doesn’t really do it for me in those – the still shots of him and the trailer of him as Jacob – well, I guess I do think those are kinda hot. And I know I cannot be alone in that, right?
          But Team Edward, Team Rob all the way for me. THAT man does it for me….In interviews, in stills, in video, even in Jorts (see LTR today for explanation)

    • “SMILE! Now Jazz hands! Sparkle! SPARKLE, DAMMIT!”

      Theater nerd, right here. ————>

  12. Moon: sometimes I wanna say yes, cause I’d much rather laugh and have a good time then brood and run around the forest

    THAT is the Team Jake mantra. Kudos. =D

  13. This post made my hungover head hurt…

    But I agree…they are stinking cute together. And I think I am going to finally join a team, Team Taycob. I love when he does flips his pants are hung low enough on his hips that the waistband of his undahphants shows. And I feel creepy cause I love that.

  14. I want Catherine Hardwicke to release those scenes she filmed when Kristen and Rob were auditioning at her house… should be sizzling

    • And Forever Dawn and Midnight Sun

    • If it belongs to Catherine, we’ll get to see it. That chick is nuts and from the looks of her at the TCA she is seriously missing the Twilight world and action. She’ll share it at just the right time…. They would be reported stolen from her house, of course.

      I bet he laid it on her given that he had such a big crush and the fact that he thought he would never get another chance. Gah, I wan to see that!

      • God, that’s hot. And whatever he did made Kristen say “IT HAS TO BE ROB!!”

        • LOLZ! And what else did Catherine say? Something about Kristen not wanting to do retakes with the other guys but with Rob saying, “I think we could really nail that kiss if we did it again” and again and again and again…

  15. UC: …. He’s just that guy- that friend that will buy you tampons, and bring you your heating pad.

    Dude, Jacob so makes the perfect heating pad!

    I just died in the whole Full House segment. How odd is it to think that if either of the twins developed an interest in Taylor, THEY would be the cougars. Time flies huh?

    That video of Taylor jumping (as 17yr jailbait – not as 10yr jailbait, after all even the likes of us need limits) is SO hot! I want him to jump over here… so that I can help him with his Math homework, of course, because anything else would be very very wrong… Happy Chris Henson?

    I am in awe of the parallel that exist between the love triangle actors in real life. Taycob is very stiff around Kstu when Robward is around… but when it’s just them this happens.

    I agree with the many of you who think he has a crush on her. Of course he does. He is a method actor and he just can’t wait to get to that fire and ice in Eclipse. I think he has had many dreams about the tent scene….. or as he calls it “the sleeping bag scene”.

    I am glad Rob is getting a break. It wont last Summit will be sure to milk every once off his face to push this movie to a bil… which is well within their grasp.

    Moon…. that picture of Taycob jumping could use that Hyayoooo button.

  16. Kristen’s pants. All kinds of wrong. WTF? There is not one single positive thing I can say about them.

    That’s all I gotta say. Ew.

  17. I’m all about movie Jacob, but Taylor gets on my nerves with all his perfectly prepped soundbites. Let him say something about twelve year old virgins licking his hair and maybe I’ll be interested. He’s hot as hell though–I have no problem with seventeen. Edward is forever seventeen, after all.

    • “Edward is forever seventeen, after all.”

      hey now, that’s a good point.
      team taycob likes to hear this.

  18. Yeah for Taysten love! You know Rob is getting nervous about him stealing his lil Stewy away… 😉

  19. WOW. There were so many tangents in that convo, I was having trouble paying attention to the actualy topic! 😛

    Btw, Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken was one of my faves growing up, toooooo! Still great. And it has Jake from Sixteen Candles, and he’s so dreeeeamy. 😉

    • “He’s so dreeeeamy”–I ❤ you, Marta–big time! And Jake, too.

    • Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken was the first movie I saw with my friends in the theater, sans parents. I think I was 11. My two friends and I were the only ones in the theater besides this teenage couple who came in and started … you know … in the back. We giggled through the whole thing. Good times.

  20. I may or may not have a countdown on my iPhone for when TayLaut turns 18. ::cough:: 181 days ::cough::


    • Just read through all the comments and I love that I’m the ONLY one who actually answers UC & Moon’s question of how many days. I got your back girls. S’all good.


  21. Wow. So full of win. I should be packing and hitting the road, but no…

    I totally want Jacob to run errands with me on Saturday afternoon!!

    Kristen is so ridiculous, acting like she is so wise-beyond-her-years….one of you, I forget which, said it best–SHUT UP. She is so pretty, and I would kill for that hair color, but she should really plan out her sentences in her head before she opens up and speaks.

    I do love to laugh, and I also love being warm. …uh oh, I’m starting to sound Team Jacob….

  22. OH, and I started talking about Full House -out loud- the other day, and the other person looked at me like I was completely nuts and was all WTF? How do you know so much about that show? Ummmm, who doesn’t? HAVE MERCY! (still love Stamos)

  23. So we know Shark Boy can dance and Rob can’t . Tay’s got rhythm, Rob doesn’t…..get what i’m throwin down?????

    Maybe it’s time to switch teams. In 181 days (thanks myria101). imjustsayin….

  24. I think Taylor does for Kristen what Jacob did for Bella. Takes her out of her serious (and in kristen’s case whiney embarrassed-by-everything) attitude. Because jacob and taylor are both light-hearted people.

    There going to pick people to play characters who obviously have some essence of the character in them, I’m sure ButtCrack Santa really “loves those little bottles!” in real life too. And I have a feeling Rob has held on tight to a spidermonkey once or twice in his life, if the rumors arew true about Kristen – there’s at least once!

  25. can only praise a lady who confuses men’s books about how not to lust vs. Disney films about blind chicks riding horses—that’s real talent—beyond this i am at a serious disadvantage—

    what are keg stands? (with kegs i am acquainted, as in I Tappa Keg, & i gather we are here at thát level of development?)—then there are the promise keepers (?)—are these America’s male virgins until matrimony (a puzzlement with all the teen virgins how there are so many teen moms & daddies— seems not to be working)—

    then there is KStew’s comment to poor muscle-inflated Tayward that he has to grow into his cojones—ladies, is this language or is this language?—how the hell this kid is ever going to fit into them is an even bigger puzzlement—

    & finally totally off the subject (kind of) but perhaps conscience-balm for those of you who are lusting after Tayward:— when asked how he envisioned the ages of his Marschallin vs. Oktavian in ‘Der Rosenkavalier’ Richard Strauss is said to have replied that he envisioned his Marschallin as a beautiful 33-yr-old woman in her sexual prime (i.e. a full-blooded cougar) & Oktavian as a beautiful 17-yr-old novice—

    • Today is an impressive day. First someone mentions the Golden Mean over on LTR and now you’re talking about Der Rosenkavalier? LTT/LTR ladies got the BRAINS and the CULTURE! So much for the “stupid fan” stereotype!

      LOVE IT.

  26. just got off the phone long enought to read what i wrote—what is Taylor + Jacob? Taycob? Jalor? take your pick—it sure ain’t Tayward—sorry—

  27. Girls!!!
    I just read that the new new moon trailer is already in english, the new, the one from bandslam? Can somebody e-mail ir to me? ( please? please? please please please? I’m at work, I can not see any embed video or youtube, please!!!!!!!!!

    Have pity on this little salvadorean heart … jejeje

  28. you two are literally my soul mates and you guys don’t know it.
    First off john and stacy elridge books?! My (ex) finance made me read wild at heart which is funny considering my deal breaker tweet last night was about him ( he used to think he was gay) after reading WAH he decided he needed to tell me that. I decided I didn’t want to marry him soon after (that’s not the only reason tho)
    I’m sorry but you guys can’t talk about full I more than me and my friends do one of my friends is so obsessed she has all fifty seasons on dvd. She is 31. My friend who worked on the set of ER got john stamos to call me one day thevoicemail was saved for almost a year before it spontaniously deleted and broke my heart.
    Finally when I was like 6 I told my aunt asked me what my fav movie was and I said wild hearts can’t be broken. She asked if she could borrow it to watch it and I said yeah but it’s real sad at the end she goes blind. 20 years later I am still teased by my aunt about telling her the ending. Whenever I’m in the middle of a story at family dinner she stops everything and says “let me guess, she goes blind!?”o

  29. OK, when you say Philips, Craig, and Dean “hung it out” all I can think about is “hanging it out” with socks on them like the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Remember that!? Promise Keepers would never be the same!

    Sorry, but I have “snail” and “dragon” on the brain. Will it ever go away? Please, Please make it stop!

  30. Thank you for making my day! : this was funny – and adorable to watch. I think you should not underestimate the power of sweet, friendly guys like Taylor. You have fun, you kid around, you fake-wrestle, and then all of a sudden there is romantic tension when you least expect it. .They sneak up on you! (Oh , please come sneak up on me, Taylor baby!)

    The more I watch KStew relax with Taylor the more I wonder what Rob ever did to her to make her seem so tense, bitchy and defensive around him? Is it just his over-night fame and all the screaming fans that is pissing her off? Does she have an even harder time dealing with it than he does? Or is she secretly in love with him, and trying to conceal it? Or are they just completely incompatible as personalities? Where is that chemistry they are talking about? Water-and-oil-chemistry?

    RIght now I think I would totally go for Jacob, at least as long as Edward is staying abroad. Warm hugs, big hands, those eyes that disappear in wrinkles when he smiles and fun times: who is gonna say no to that, eh?

    • @ MariaCecelia;
      good Robstene
      these are some of the same questions that uc/moon have brought up in the past in their blog.

      ie. about the pics and vids that have been seen already. -Kstew’sTense, bitchy, defensive, turned off face.. also resentful.when she’s around rp..

      . she must miss her bf michael oregano a lot. and who wouldnt be resentful. i think that’s it.
      hope summit is paying her a lot of $$$ is all I can say.

      (no flames please)

    • very good observation @ MariaCecilia!
      nobody ever touches those questions. I generally feel uncomfortable near a man am attracted to ( sexually) or someone whose guts i hate. having said that, touchy, feely friendly situations can grow into something else….. and lets hope it grows on those two

    • I honestly don’t think that any of her “bitchiness” (your word not mine) is directly Rob’s fault. Second-hand, maybe, but not his. I get the feeling that she adores him and vice versa. All you have to do is see some of those videos where neither of them think that the camera is trained on them to see how much they adore each other (and, no, I’m not talking about romantic love although that is a distinct possibility).

      I think what pisses her off is fan reaction like yours. Honestly, I have seen so much disdain and out and out hatred for her on sites like this for what? She’s not Tay-tay enough? All perky and shiny and shit? She’s not a good enough actress? The opinions of other directors and actors don’t mean shit, right? The fact that Rob thinks that “she’s the greatest actor of her generation” doesn’t mean squat, right?

      No chemistry? You’re shittin’ me, right? Let me get this straight, “Twilight” made that fuckton of dinero from their lack of chemistry. Do I have that correctly? Their lack of chemistry is such that the studio, Scummit, has asked them to refrain from any sort of PDA. Oh, okay, I get it. It’s opposite day!

      Look at those ComicCon pix. It’s not Tay-tay she’s leaning into. You don’t see the white of her arm between her and Rob. And it’s not Tay-tay’s head whose head is hanging in awe and shy embarrassment when she talks about her character in relation to his.

      I’m just sayin’…

  31. Honestly, you guys make me laugh every single day! I love the Wild at Heart reference. I gave this turd to an ex-boyfriend at the behest of my former boss. Don’t ask!… and notice I said EX-boyfriend. I also have cousins who are Promise Keepers. One of them has a T-shirt that says “I love my wife”. That he actually wears.
    Taylor’s growing on me. Is that wrong?

    • ” a T-shirt that says ‘I love my wife'”

      Man, you gotta walk the talk first, you know..?

  32. “one drunk backflip off nikki reeds couch and he’ll stop doing that” hahahahhaa.

    i love you girls!! your breakdowns are pure genius.

  33. Did Kristen say to Taylor in one of the vids:
    ” you have a few years yet to grow into your cahones”… “don’t do it just yet”
    and then he looks really puzzled like..

    Didnt realize what a tough little nut Kirsten is. she’s a tough chicky poo. grrrr..

  34. Well, Kellan can come down to the OC anytime he needs some love…some Non-Cougar love.

    Thats all I’m sayin.

  35. Am I the only one who desperately wants to feed KStew a cheeseburger? I’m still trying to figure out when having the figure of a 10 year old boy became hot.

    • @noodlewolf-LOL feed her cheeseburgers!!! or something!! (perhaps that’s why she’s so crabby all the time) I would be too if I didnt eat.

      Seen a unoffical poll the other day on TV figure types that normal regular guys prefer and its been the same as the day marilyn monroe/liz taylor popped out..

      Rest assured; all guys like women with booty, boobs, and a pair of legs.. .. this has’ent changed since grand pa’s day.

    • She may be thin, but I’m confident enough in my own femininity to say that she has a magnificent ass or as Rob would say, “Robust!”

  36. Taylor is sooo much cooler than KSTEW. And BTW, where in the hell is Chris Hanson when you need him??? Speaking of Taylor only being 17, did you read on Fox News about the 40+ chick trying to take her undies (with Taylor’s name on them, no less) off so that he could sign them?????

    That is soooo beyond awful. It would have been more appropriate if I, at 34, did it…..just saying…

  37. SO CUTE! taysten’s cool.

    the “(RIP)” killed me (ha).

  38. I’m still Team Edward all the way…but I will admit that Tay is starting to make me at least warm a little to Jacob. The recent things I’ve seen with him and KStew are cute. But I won’t switch teams. New Moon isn’t even out and I’m already looking forward to Eclipse and the rise of Edward! Oh, and what a blast from my past – Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken AND Full House references in the same post!

  39. ummm, has anyone seen these pics of kellan running in vancouver? all i gots to say is, he shouldn’t have worn sweatpants. kinda makes me feel bad to think such dirty thoughts about a guy who probably would’ve been my youth group leader…or something.

  40. wow.
    i’m ready for all the bashing i’m about to get, so bring it on.
    moon and uc , you once again prove yourselves to be shallow and bithcy.
    you guys are just annoying fangirls who worship rob, and hate on kstew for like no reason.
    all the normal people in world saw nothing wrong with this interview.
    get a life, and stop being jealous and lame.

  41. it always suprises me that people would take the time to seek out, read and then comment on something they clearly don’t enjoy. what could be a more colossal waste of one’s time?

    maybe laura finds jon gosslin more virtuous. “” might be better fit for her entertainment.

  42. I almost choked at the Have Mercy part of the convo, but wasn’t it Stephanie that said “How rude?” MaryKate/Ashley’s catchphrase was “You got it, Dude.” Yeah, I am more than a little obsessed with Full House.

  43. mate your gay not even joking 😛 v

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