Twilight- Escape from reality

defining-twilight1Dear deep thinking LTTers,

I’ve been a bit down lately. There’s the looming reality that it looks like Rob might not actually be interested in being my on the side boyfriend and is shacked up with an 80s hairdo right now. And it doesn’t look like Summit got my letter begging them to cast me in a small role in Eclipse. And no matter how much I wish to be “17 Again,” I keep waking up way too old to become the girlfriend of Taylor Lautner. Yes, there’s all that, but what’s really gotten me down is the reality of the world we live in. There’s war, there’s typhoons, there’s terrorism & hunger. People with jobs & families are kidnapped, murdered and raped, and all the while I sit in my little comfy desk chair (that I actually have the audacity to complain about because there’s this little metal piece that sometimes pokes my butt) in my perfectly heated home with my cute little happy cats and my full belly, with food in the cupboard, clothes in my closest and money in my bank account. And I blog about vampires….. while the world around me is full of a pain and a hurt that I have no way of comprehending.

Yeah – I just went there – On LTT where we usually talk about Buttcrack Santa, Fake lesbians & ponder how many cheeseburgers Big Daddy Lautner can handle in one lunchtime sitting. I’d be lying if I said I’ve never experienced guilt for spending so much time talking and thinking about this blog about vampires while the world around me is crumbling. In the grand scheme of things, Twilight matters so very little. But then it occurred to me- maybe that’s why it’s so meaningful to everyone. Maybe we all love Twilight so much because it’s an escape from reality.  Stephenie Meyers built this world where we can experience first love all over again. We get to watch someone go through self-acceptance, see the bonds of family strengthen and old walls between enemies fall down. And the communities that have sprung up because of the Twilight world (ahem) give people the perfect place to go when they want to forget what’s going on in the outside world for just a little while…

Bella_and_EdwardI’m sure you’ve come across people in your life, just as I have, who don’t get it.  They mock your sudden interest in vampires and can’t understand how you’re so interested in a book series that is on the shelves back by the children’s section at Barnes & Noble. They think it’s something as simple as an obsession over a book. Sure- the story is captivating, and the movie happens to star a really handsome guy. And the drama that surrounds the cast & filming is pretty fun since it’s so high-profile now, but all that isn’t the point. The point is that it’s not famine and war and financial difficulties and a job hunt. It’s not real- it’s a world where we can forget what’s really going on. And I’m not sure it really matters what it is- it could have been a book about a pack of wolves falling in love with nursery school kids all over the globe, but it wasn’t- it was Twilight. (And for those that wish it weren’t, it includes a lil’ nursery school love story for you all…)

We’ve heard your stories. We’ve read your e-mails. We’ve gotten to know so many of you. Our hearts have broken and tears have spilled when we’ve read what you were going through when you picked up the first book. Every day we’re completely overwhelmed that a silly idea of writing a blog in December turned into a community where people have found friends that understand their pain and have the ability to make them laugh. We love that we get the chance to make you laugh and help you forget reality for a few paragraphs every day. Moon & I have stories of our own too. We promise to share them someday, but know that Twilight, LTT & LTR and YOU have truly changed our lives.

edandbellaTwilight doesn’t change the world. Twilight does very little for the world, but Twilight has brought us friendships & a community that allows us laughter in times of sorrow, excitement in times where we might otherwise be scared and a way to escape the daily realities of life, even for just a few moments….

Feeling a lil’ contemplative (you think?),

PS: If you’re wondering if I’ve gotten a visit from a monthly friend, the answer is “She’s coming today.” x

Have you had that moment when you read a news story, watched TV or just remembered that life isn’t our little bubble and felt guilty? How do you balance something that’s been so good & healthy for you (Twilight!) with remembering it’s not all of life? Do you feel like these are discussion questions from freshman year of college?

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Yeah.. sorry… Kinda deep today- LAUGH with Moon on LTR

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  1. UC,

    Awwe…*sniffle sniffle*…Group hug?

    that is all.


  2. Dear UC,

    Yeah, so this post may or may not have hit hard. Like a fucking baseball to the chest thrown by a major league baseball player. Yep. I am one of those girls that does feel guilty for spending so much time / energy obsessing over Twilight, but then again, I’m also the girl who revels in this. I have more bullshit going on in RL than one person should have to deal with…and this, you guys, my amazing friends that I have made, help me DEAL with it. This is my escape from the everyday insanity that is my life. Yes, I have a lot to be thankful for, but I have an overabundance of things that make me want to find a hole in the ground and take up camp forever. So, with that said, (and crying definitely going on) I want to say thank you. All of you…for everything that you have done. You may not ever know how much you really have done.

    ❤ Me

    • ((((((Hugs!)))))))

      • I ❤ you. True story.

  3. Wow, that was amazing 😦

    Love you girls ❤

  4. HAHA…I feel the same about this issue.

    Twilight is the life we want to have.
    We want to be Bella.
    Heck, I even channel Alice in my everyday life. How I walk, what I say, sometimes.
    Edward is the boyfriend we want to have…and we wish 2 SERIOUSLY hot boys would fight over us. Edward is immortal, and it would be really neat if our boyfriend could turn us immortal, too.

    In the end, everyone just wants to feel loved.

    🙂 Ash

  5. UC & Moon… thanks for what you do. Your words saved me from being a one of those crazed fan. Through your work I get to my Twilight doze with a grain of salt and a bucket of laughter (cue letter to Xavier). I too have felt guilty about the amount of time I’ve dedicated to the Twilight escape… and knew it was time to cool it when a friend told me she felt like I was pushing drugs on her, by repeatedly suggesting the books… she must have heard about the heroin.

    Anywho, I tried to quit cold turkey and took a Caribbean vacation to help the process, only to run into some Brittish newlyweds who live in Mr. Pattinson’s freaking neighborhood. There must have been a SMeyer give-away at our resort because every other person was reading a book from the series. (I was reading The Host) Ugh… On the way back to from the airport our taxi driver was name effing JACOB….and he was Black… as we were driving, spotted, not one but TWO freaking Edward shiny SILVER Volvos. I’ve had never seen those cars before… but now they are everywhere! It’s a conspiracy to gaslight me and I know it.

    Bottom line is since there is no escaping it for me. I am not quitting, I giving in, only I am restricting my fix to LTT and LTR… aaannnd some occasional RobPorn of course!

    Thanks and keep up the good work…… Will be back for my next fix shortly.


  6. sigh, ❤ u, this was beautiful and double true…xo

  7. I totally 100% agree with this post. Thank you, UC.

  8. I seriously just stumbled upon this site yesterday and while yes, there are more important things going on in the world, I agree with everyone’s comments about the escape from reality that Twilight provides. I’m a relative newcomer to Twilight (read the books and saw the movie in March 09…I remember going to the movies in February and seeing the Twilight listing…thinking “what the hell is that?” Oh, if I only new the dimensions this would grow to for me), but it’s all consuming for me too. I come home everyday from a boring government job and check all the latest news (which now includes LTT/LTR!). It’s fun, I probably spend too much time doing it, my house is mess, but I don’t care!

    So don’t feel guilty, UC, appreciate that you do your part everyday to bring smiles to a lot of people…and at the end of the day, doing your part to be a positive contribution on this planet is what it’s all about.

  9. OK, so I just got done cleaning the house and came back to look at all of the comments and we are defs having a twi-love fest here! Maybe it’s a twi-orgy! Did anyone invite Rob?

    Love you guys! You make me smile even when we are being all seriousness today!

  10. I like to live in a bubble of no news and events but I thought it had more to do with being Australian, the island continent of isolation. Your blog is awesome and laughter serves a purpose as much as news reporting. And internet communities like LTT/LTR helps us that are geographically isolated to feel part of the world. So thanks.

  11. I always read these posts after work, so I’m a bit slow to respond. I’m normally really sarcastic. It is a actually a facade to hide a very soft heart! I have found that my sense of humor, which can be dark (to say the least) sometimes tanks. But I have had people tell me I’m funny, or whatever, on here more than once, and it has meant so much to me. I still think of myself, sometimes, as “the weird girl” that no one understands. Coming here has given me confidence and an odd sense of community, and it feels like a good place for my own abstract soul.

    That’s about as dear and philosophical as I will be this year. Thanks for a really, really nice post. Now I’m going to go dye my roots black and write poetry about pulling the wings of butterflies…I’m a little freaked out by how sincere I just was with people I’ve never met……………!

    And, I still want to put the hurt on RPattz.

    • @ Oedipal Art.
      I noticed that for the most part the comments from most of us here (no matter what walk of life we come from).. tend to be on the snarky/sarcastic side anyway.. So you’ve found a home here with us.

      Now go and drink your vodka tonic up and go write poetry about pulling hair out of kstews bad mullet instead of those pretty butterflies



      • “Mullet, be not proud, though some have called thee mighty and dreadful…..”

        PS: Vodka makes me act slutty. 😦

  12. thank you for describing almost perfectly why i read Twilight. and like Raven555 says, thanx for doing what you do

    • welcome ! X

  13. I read LTT everyday but never felt compelled to comment until today! I soooo related to these thoughts. A friend of mine turned me on to the books earlier this year. She was obsessed, and I quickly followed her! When I first read the books, I was going through a very rough time. I had lost my job, experienced a major health crisis and my cat of 16 years died – all within a 3 month period! The Twilight Saga was a welcome and needed break from reality for me. I became totally obsessed and greatly enjoyed my escape into the world of Forks! I’m not sure why it has resonated with me as strongly as it has, but I refuse to let myself feel guilty for loving it so! Instead, I choose to embrace my obsession – the fun and the strong emotions alike – and just enjoy it! I now have a new job, new cat, my health is good…and I still read and think about my Twilight world every day!

    • THANKS for coming out of lurkdom to share!!!! I’m so glad to hear you’re doing better!! MWAH x

  14. UC that was a great post. Well said.

  15. UC – that was seriously a beautiful and VERY well-written post. It’s good to get deep every now and then – and you did it so well here. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts — you guys are the best!

  16. You speak the truth…it’s an escape, Twilight. A world where I can be Bella, and I can be vulnerable, and needy and strong all at the same time. It’s not reality, but damn, it’s a good fantasy!

  17. I think about this all the time. I face ridicule in my daily life for being a Twilight fan but I also have made some incredible friendships that span actual fricking continents. I mailed a handmade tshirt to Australia a few weeks ago. Un-freakin-real and also absolutely wonderful.

    No matter what the escape is, there is always an escape. Movies, music, sports, sex, alcohol, food. We find ways to distract ourselves from the bad and stressful and there’s nothing wrong with that as long as we don’t completely lose touch with reality (oops, I fail).

    Anyway…love your blog, as always. “Thanks for the (future) laugh lines.”


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