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Dear Twitter,

Twilight has taken over your world. Seriously. I’m a social networking whore and have had Twitter since the beginning of Twitter-time when it sucked and was wayyy boring, so seeing it BLOW UP in the last year has been insane. And I think it has a lot to do with the Twilight saga. Even when we first started tweeting for our blogs (Letter2Twilight) it was kinda boring. We’d tweet about a new post, check out tweets from other blogs & media sites we follow and occasionally have some interaction with a follower, but now? Full-blown conversations are had on Twitter (yeah, you thought having a 140 character limitation would prevent that!) People spend hours upon hours in the twitterverse- and trends can be manipulated and are… often. (FYI- it was not a natural occurrence that SamBradley became a trending topic!)

You can thank (or blame) the Twilight world for this.  I bet, in a months time, we see 5 Twilight-related words as ‘trends.’ The Twilight fanbase is p-o-w-e-r-f-u-l.

And now, almost the whole Twilight cast is on Twitter.  I love when celebs tweet because it makes them more “real,” and kinda approachable (even though most probably turn off the option of reading the @replies from people they don’t follow) I was perusing the twitter accounts of the cast, and I realized you can learn a lot about people based on what they tweet. Stuff like: Jamie Campbell Bower is on vaca, has a blackberry and clearly drunk tweets. And Anna Kendrick is apparently not only very new to Twitter, but also to the world wide web, because she tweeted that she just found out that Bon Iver was going to be on the New Moon soundtrack- old news! and Justin Chon I don’t really get. Last I checked he was an actor who has had some small roles here in there, but- is he famouser than I realize?  The kid goes EVERYWHERE- Some days it’s “In Hawaii.” Then “In Paris.” “In London” etc. etc. etc. Traveling like that costs a lot of money, and last I checked small roles pay shockingly little!

Billy Burke slays me. I dunno what the freak he’s talking about most of the time:

Went AWOL again for a couple days. Got lost in the woods and made really good friends with some toothless banjo players. Don’t worry…

my virginity is still in tact.

I wonder how long it will take for it to come out that RPatz and I are dating. Apparently I’m completely captivated by him.

hmm, i see the burning question is already up on the Lexicon. the little hairy monster does indeed have a life of its own. and yes its REAL

Seriously, read his tweets- he’s hilarious and I can only assume quite often drunk tweeting. Love that his publicist clearly has bigger clients that he/she’s worried about and hasn’t noticed yet that Billy sometimes says stuff any PR person would freak out about.

So I’m just writing to say ‘you’re welcome’ on behalf of all Twilight fans. I’ve checked- and I’m not sure there is another “fandom” that uses Twitter the way the Twilight world does. We’re so happy to help you by using your free app while you sit in an office with your millions in venture capitalist money and try to figure out how to make a profit!

You’re welcome,

Do you ‘tweet?’ Do you feel like following celebs makes them seem more ‘real?’ Who else do you follow besides Twi people? And seriously- have YOU seen other ‘fandom’ groups on Twitter to the extend the Twi-world is!?

All the Twilight twitterers after the jump

Anna Kendrick:
Justin Chon:
Christian Serratos
Jamie Campbell Bower:
Michael Sheen
Gil Birmingham
Peter Facinelli
Edi Gathegi
Jodelle Ferland
Charlie Bewley
Rachelle LeFevre

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67 Responses

  1. I Tweet. I’m a Twit.
    And it’s sooo much more fun now that I actually have people I KNOW who have added me and can reply to me/me to them.

    I follow all the Twilighty people, except for Jodelle. I also follow you guys, TCA, Lauren’s Bite . . . few people whose blogs I read/those who read mine. And just celebs/famous people who Tweet good things.

    Anyways, I’m off to bed. Glad I quickly checked in before heading off! Night! (Or morning, probably??)

    Jayde xox

  2. i have a twitter too. i only follow rachelle & Jamie.

  3. “my virginity is still in tact.” – LMAO

    “I wonder how long it will take for it to come out that RPatz and I are dating. Apparently I’m completely captivated by him” – No comment.

  4. Of course I tweet. Well, most of the time I read other people’s tweets, since I don’t think my life is interesting enough to tweet about it all the time. Plus I tweet from web only and when I come home, everything is old news, like: talked to Alex Turner backstage at Vienna concert – yesterday. Waaaay back in the past.
    Tweets about visiting my aunt and going grocery shopping – no, thank you.

    Recently I unfollowed some celebrities, like wyclef, because I find them boring, as opposed to people from Twi-Universe I’ve never met and know about them from other people I’ve never met and they feel like friends.
    Basically, I follow Twitter because of Twilight and Rob, because it’s the best and fastest way to find out latest news and follow blog updates.

    • I am the same way.

      I”m mostly on twitter for the twilight news. I follow all the twi-cast and absolutely love Billy, Jamie, and Peter’s tweets! They’re hilarious.

  5. I only joined Twitter to feed my Twilight obsession. Thanks so much for giving me all these new peeps to follow (even though I don’t know who some of them are – Jodelle? Charlie?). I needed that like I need a hole in my head.
    Love Billy’s Tweets, too. He’s da bombdiggety.

  6. AND

    We’re getting a great group up and running in the TwiMilf Romper Room on the Forum. Join us!

  7. I am tempted to add some of these folks to my tweet… but it will just not help my nine-step program for twi-detox. I am cheating enough as it is by just being on your site. Uh-oh… I think I hear my sponsor coming….

  8. I love twitter. lol. Anyways I joined twitter to connect to other twi or rob fans like me and to keep tabs on the ‘latest’ in twi or rob world. The end. Oh and I love twitter.

    *Billy Burke in twitter = Hilar’*

  9. On my personal Twitter I follow: Imogen Heap, Ashton Kutcher (who has more followers than CNN but honestly I find him boring), some bands I love…. on and Rainn Wilson…. who also has been boring me lately!

    • Ashton used to be pretty funn, but I think he’s been boring lately, too. It amazes me that he and Demi have so much time to Tweet. Don’t they work ever?? Oh well. At least they tweet a lot of charity stuff (which is boring)

      • Which makes me think he is going to run for presidency in near future.
        Dear Ashton, look in the mirror, see your fantastic face, make more movies! Leave politics for older women and men.

        • I know right… he and Demi invented cougardom and now that its all the rage, they are not in any of the movies about them.

        • He just made a movie. I forget what it was called, but he was twittering about it. I know there is at least one shirtless scene and he looked pretty good. =) Don’t know what the hell Demi does all day. Other than twitter.

  10. I’m new-ish to Twitter and I will be the first to admit that I haven’t quite gotten the full gist of it yet, but I’m definitely having fun with all the Twilight-related tweeting! And I couldn’t agree more that seeing tweets from the cast makes them feel more like the real peeps that they are (and I hope nobody stops them from drunk tweeting anytime soon…and that RPatts suddenly starts tweeting – oh please please please…but in the meantime we have fakerpattz, right?).

    : )

  11. I only joined Twitter because JGro did and only followed him for a while. Then JGro/Twi fans and you guys (LTT) of course… though I must admit I only read JGro’s… but I come here EVERY single day…after visiting Josh’s site… 🙂

  12. My comment is out of place in more ways than one, but I recalled some of the sooning that went on about Jacob… I mean Taylor a few days ago and I thought some of you may be interested in 162 reason to feel happier about the age of consent in Georgia…. and Vancouver for that matter.

    After looking at these pics, all I have to say is… they sure don’t make teenagers like they used to. Enjoy!

  13. I follow LTT, LaurensBite, Fakerpattz (because I find this imposter quite hilarious), Ted C. from E! (because I love reading his gossip because it gets me all riled up-sometimes not in a good way), Peter F., Anna K., and maybe three or four LTT followers (but it makes me feel like kind of a creeper). As far as non-Twi biznas, I follow Imogen Heap, Rain Wilson, CNN, 100 Monkeys (ppbtt…I wonder why?? 🙂 and a few other bands.

    I haven’t really gotten that in to Twitter mostly because I don’t think people care that I’m doing the laundry or that I went on an exciting trip to Target. That, and honestly I still haven’t figured it all out yet. Like, how the hell to you upload a Tweet Pic? Or, wth is UberTwitter (or whatever it’s called)?? I dunno…I guess I just mostly like to read other people’s tweets because I find them entertaining. Maybe it’ll grow on me and I’ll figure it all out, or I’ll just continue being a creeper on checking out the tweets from others that seem to be a bit more exciting than me. 🙂

  14. I recently had a conversation with a friend who went on about how awesome Twitter is for keeping on top of breaking news and important situations and whatever. I said I like Twitter because it lets me pretend I’m friends with celebrities.

    I only follow a couple of the Twi-actors. Just Billy and Peter who are both pretty hilarious. I follow more people from the Harry Potter world, than the Twi-world. Tom Felton, Warwick Davis, and Matthew Lewis (who mainly just talks about sports, but it’s still kinda funny). I also follow Stephen Fry because not only is he pretty amusing and smart, but he travels all over the place and twitpics it all. I’m travelling vicariously through a celebrity I pretend to be friends with! Good thing I’m not a delusional type of person..

  15. Dude, am I the only one that loves manipulating Twitter?!? Nope, I got all my ladies to help!!

    Of course, I ❤ Twitter!! You'll find me there more then anywhere else. True story.

  16. Back in March, I was reading and the popwatch section said that they were excited about Rpattz following them, even though they were pretty sure it was a fake account (this was before the world confirmed that he did not have an account). A somewhat newbie to the fandom, I quickly signed up and started following random fake rpattz accounts and Tina Fey. I rolled with two followers for a good two weeks, before I found letter2twilight on twitter and started conversing I quickly found other ltt girls online and I’ve been a twitter addict ever since!

    People are welcome to follow me. I promise some wit and humor in between the groans about work or whines about life. It’s generally a 50/50 split.

    @UC, thanks you for pointing out Billy’s crazy tweets. His publicist must cringe ever single time he tweets. He even got upset with a fan about a comment about his hair! Dude needs some thicker skin.

  17. People that Twitter are Cool!

  18. People that Twitter ARE kewl! True story Janet, true story.

  19. Sometimes I feel like the only person in the world that doesn’t twitter… which is a little strange since the vast majority of my friends don’t do it either, but the handful that do talk about it incessantly. I always swore up and down that I’d never join – I can’t really fathom anyone finding me interesting enough to follow me. But Twilight/Rob has me reconsidering… I kind of want to join, but I’d feel like a hypocrite if I did. I’m also a little too lazy to try and figure it out!

    • “I’m also a little too lazy to try and figure it out!”

      hahaha I had exactly the same thought at exactly the same time.

    • I agree. I wish I could get excited about Twitter, a la UC’s sentence, “Seriously. I’m a social networking whore.”

      I’m too busy just being a whore.

      Wonder if Billy Burke is reading this. He’ll do.

      • Based on your comments on these blogs alone, I think you’d be a very interesting person to follow…

        I’ve had friends tell me that my brain is made for twitter, because I tend to text very random thoughts and observations to people throughout the day. My argument is that at least i know those people will enjoy that text, hence why I picked them to send it to. Chances are pretty good that I could “tweet” one of my weird thoughts out to the whole world only to find out that I’m even weirder than I thought I was initially…

        • Well, thanks…but I live in Maine and I’m actually quite boring! I think my twitter posts would be something like:

          *Got up
          *Work sucks
          *Ouch my toe
          *RPattz fantasy

          Even #4 wouldn’t be that interesting, sadly. I recently had a dream about Rob. He lived in a house with me and my cousins. The End. 😦

  20. If I would tweet, I’d be the first Belgian on Twitter. Srsly!
    Mmm no… second after my co-blogger Bella. She joined a few weeks ago, only to “play with the cool kids”…read “follow LTR and LTT”. LOVE her for that (since I’m way too lazy to start).

  21. Umm I have a Twitter… and only set one up to follow Peter while he was doing that contest and now I follow LTT.
    I srsly do not get it what so ever.. mostly because I am lame and lazy like that.

  22. I’m the only person I know in real life who Tweets! True story!

    I love Twitter, and realized last week when Twitterberry was down that I can’t bear to be without it. I read an article in Time that summed up my experience with Twitter. Everyone thinks it’s stupid and useless at first. 140 characters? What’s the point? Then you discover how useful it is to follow things you are interested in, follow events in real time, and of course, feel the unique joy of getting a response from FakeTomStu 🙂 I’m still amazed at the role it played in the Iran elections.

    My favorite tweeter is John Mayer. He’s far more entertaining than Ashton. His brother Carl Mayer was also hilarious, but he closed his account. I just started to follow @doctorfollowill Nathan Followill, the KOL drummer. His tweets are thoughtful, well-written, and reflect his positive attitude & love of life! He also may be drunk all day everyday, but he is one happy dude 🙂 I also love how he tweets about “his girl” @jessiebaylin. Wouldn’t we all die if we got tweets from Rob about hanging out and having some breakfast with his girl at the Chateau Marmont!? LOL!

  23. I love twitter I was a hard core hater for a long time but God changed my heart and I was converted (twetiffany) I follow you guys robsessed and a couple cast members. I can’t let it get out of control because my RL friends would torture me if they knew how much time I spend following twi/rob news. My friends are hard core twits I’m sure they have all rolled their eyes when they have seen one call “letterstotwilight” I’m not saying I’m ashamed of you guys but let’s just say I usually delete my tweets to any rob/ twi about an hour after I send them hoping you’ve got the message by then. Whoops….

  24. I’ve been Tweeting since February of 2008. Yes, I’m old school, like UC.

    But the BEST Twits, by far (other than letters2twilight…and my girls such as Brookie, Janet, Calli, Veddersgirl, Freya, etc.) are Texts From Last Night. They crack me up on a regular basis. (Well, before Twitter became all Fail Whale over the past few days…)

    Go follow them. They rule.

    p.s. Oh…I don’t follow any Twilight peeps on Twitter. Except Billy Burke. Because he’s cooler than cool.

    • TFLN is the best! I don’t twitter so I just visit Between LTT, LTR and TFLN, I probably spend a good 2 hrs/day (+/-) wasting time at work. The other day while waiting for Moon’s recap of her Rob sighting, I probably wasted more like 4 or 5 hours… Oops. My employers must loooove me.

  25. Have you seen that Rob and Kristen apparently have twitter. I follow them both they are RTP_ for Rob IAmKStewart for Kristen. I am very confused as to whether they are real or not. They have only recently been made and seeing as the whole cast are making one it would make sense but it just doesn’t seem like them to have one. They seem like people who value privacy and aren’t going to be tweeting their lives or constantly doing shout outs for Tweeters to follow other people/sites.
    Does anyone know if they are real???
    p.s Kellan Lutz also has one (KellanLutzz)

  26. Actually, New Kids on the Block are on Twitter and have used that brilliantly with their “comeback” this year. For quite awhile this year, Donnie Wahlberg and Jordan Knight were in the top of various twiiter stats. They have also caused several trending topics.

    I got on Twitter because of NKOTB, but my Twilight (more so Rob) addiction has me checking twitter every 5 minutes for the latest news.

    I have also been known to drunk twitter. Not proud to admit that.

  27. I think it is great that the Eclipse director, David Slade, tweets too!

    I love the instant news I get through twitter. That video someone posted in the comments was hilarious!

  28. […] This post was Twitted by RandallPieper […]

  29. i love the twi-twitters (joined twitter because of that)

    and yes… i´m a billy burke follower, but dont understand 99% of his tweets xD
    i used to follow Jamie 2, but his tweets where.. kinda boring and crazy 4 me, so i un-followed him.

  30. I am new to the Twitter world. After everyone started disappearing from Rob’s Flat in the forum to be over there, I got curious. Yep, I’m nosey like that. 😉

  31. I live tweet UFC fights. True Story.

  32. I don’t twitter and have often wondered if this was another thing my 90’s brain just can’t get around. But some of these comments above have made Twitter make sense to my 90’s brain. I signed up when Mogwai was in town because they review restaurants and they ate at the same Thai/Laos place I love and I just had to know what they thought but since then I haven’t checked it out. I haven’t read any twilight twitters until they are posted on blogs.

  33. wow.. thanks for this post .
    After reading it.. I, I think I’m in love with Billy Burke!!

    LMAO.. really he says those things on Twitter?
    yeah, sounds like the man’s feelin no pain when he’s ah.. twitterin’

    Lets have us some drunk pics of Billy Burke!!
    (@ Janetrigs.. got any stored up in your supply?)

    gotta find out about the “brown hairy thing” that man is talkin about.. anyone know let us know.


  34. i tweet too, but OMG off topic, pics of the teen choice awards are up!!!!!! SWOON!

  35. I’ve been actively using (that’s what she said) Twitter since January. I try not to tweet about boring things, and make it interesting. I also follow fellow fans of Twilight(If I can find them…..wait that sounds creepy), and other things, like this podcast I listen to. I like Jamie and Billy tweets the most. Oh and of course LTT!

  36. I’ve been tweeting for a couple months now, some friends on another forum finally cracked me (same people who I finally caved to RE: Twilight actually). I like tweeting my friends all over the world, and if I do it from home, its almost like texting with no cost, so thats kinda cool. Other than that I follow celebrities, bands, fan pages…always in the know about who’s playing where, new pics, etc., etc. And plus, getting alerts to my phone just makes me feel special. LOL Also, I think its fun to follow fictional characters (I follow the entire crew of Firefly and Richard Castle) just for shiggles.

    For Twi-tweets, it doesnt get any better than Peter Facinelli. Billy Burke is amusing too, but I only recently started following him and he hasn’t tweeted much recently.


    PIcs or it didn’t happen.

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