Rob and Kristen spotted in Hollywood, the story

*in light of all that’s happened over the last 24hrs, make your own assumptions, look at the pics, and take everything with a grain of salt and decide if it really matters to you. We’re still fans of the books and movies and that’s what matters!*

kristinrobbobbylongLTTwmDear LTT-ers, gossip hounds, lookie loos, Robstens and Nonstens-

Here’s my story as it appears partially on Radar Online.

First you must know that we are mostly “don’t get a crapsten,” around here. We’ve presented both sides of the Robsten vs Nonsten side and have left it up to you to decide. And once again in light of what’s happened we take that stance again. So without further adieu here are the deets as it happened.

Last night fellow fan and pal Ashley and I went out to the Hotel Cafe to catch the Bobby Long show cause well he has amazing music and ya never know there’s always a chance! We roll up to the venue grab some prime standing location next to the front of the stage near the front door emergency exit. So we’re cooking along, beverages in hand, meet the lovely Emmelouwhoo and settle in to enjoy Bobby’s music. A few songs in around 10PM we hear someone pounding on that front exit and a few of us glance over there in time to see Marcus Foster walked in followed by Rob Pattinson in that unmistakable black beanie (and apparently Kristen who we didn’t see till later) and don’t catch anything else cause I turn around to confirm with Emmeloowhoo and Ashley that I was not in fact having Bella style visions of Rob flashing in my head. And they can confirm that it was indeed Rob in the flesh. We saw him for about all of a second as they made a quick step to the right of the door behind a very small curtain. At this point I was looking for my Comic Con preparedness kit because we all needed a paper bag for hyperventilating because I was standing one person away from this curtain.

A few songs pass and we notice that the crowd wasn’t freaking out, so we surmised that it was either because this is LA and most folks hardly get star struck after living here a few years or in fact they really did sneak in almost undetected. Now as much as I will rep for LA, judging by our own silent freak outs, I don’t think most of them would have stayed that nonchalant had they known Rob was maybe a foot or two away from them.

It was nearing the end of the set and a few songs at the end Bobby glances over to that little curtained off area and a little look of recognition passes and he smiles and give them the nod. At this point we knew Bobby was ending his set so we made the executive decision to divide and conquer and head for the front. It was pretty obvious he wouldn’t leave through the crowd of people and that he would head straight back out that front exit.

Ashley and I headed for the front and hung out against the wall. It was us, a valet dude, a hobo and two German chicks. No paparazzi, no nothing. Then things started happened. The door opened and Marcus rushed out right into the street and hailed a cab. At this point we knew he was headed out. Marcus gets the cab (about 1030) as close as he can which is probably about 20 feet or less from where we were standing and they would definitely have to walk in front of us. Then Marcus walks back to the door, and out comes Rob!! Yes, I saw Rob Pattinson and he walked in front of me. If I had reached out my hand I would have touched him. He walked half bent over (like in the photo) and booked it for the cab. NO bodyguards! We had a few seconds to look at him and then shocker of shockers right behind him by a few feet walks Kristen Stewart! At that point we are both shocked because we did not see her walk in. She walks fast by us doing that patented KStew hair thing and awkward walk to follow Rob and Marcus out to the cab. Marcus jumps into the cab first, followed by Rob who half flies in and then Kristen jumps in and they speed off crouching down. Because I am half shocked I get one pic of them jumping into the cab and one of the cab speeding away towards Sunset. Sorry for the shizzy quality but I didn’t want to use the flash and it is from my blackberry. As much as I would love to scoop it with a better picture, that’s really not my style and I thought a lot about even posting that one (ask the gals who went with me).

Now that is the whole story. Take from it what you want, make your own assumptions but mine are as follows…

  • Rob, Kristen and Marcus came to see Marcus and Rob’s friend Bobby play a show
  • There was NO touchy-feel-y business happening from what we saw of them leaving or from behind the curtain. I feel as though if they had been doing anything behind that curtain the very immature girls next to us would have flipped out and we would have seen something through the flimsy curtain
  • That curtain area is less than the size of my arms outstretched. Any shenanigans could be because of that and if Rob and Kristen were touching than Rob was definitely SPOONING Marcus too as it is TINY!
  • They left somewhat separately. A known paparazzi trick is to walk far enough apart so they can’t be shot together, but there were no paparazzi
  • Rob practically ran from the door to the cab leaving Kristen to shuffle to the cab by herself
  • He gets in the cab first, doesn’t touch her or allow her to jump in first. If they were together I would think he’d wait for her and allow her to get in. Who knows though
  • Both of them being together in public at all could point to the fact either they’re together or just don’t care
  • A good portion of that small audience did not see this or know anything went down as evidenced by the fact no one was talking about it after the show minus a small group (us and the hobo!)

Our small group thinks they’re either JUST friends (meh) or totally friends with benefits but don’t lean towards any official couple status. Again proof = truth and this is just a picture of them getting into a cab with Marcus after seeing a friend play.

So there ya have it… are they together? Are they not? Does it make a difference to you? What say you?!

take the cut to see another picture and video from the show…

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The speeding cab of doom! Caught in a crappy picture! WHOOHOO TMZ here I come! HA!

Watch some awesome Bobby Long!

This was the song they walked in during… Thanks EmmelouWhoo for the video!


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  1. LMAO!!!!!! Nice written and why is the story on radaronline diffrent from this one? I don’t care if they are together or not.

  2. To your analysis, can I say… BOO? (Lol. Peace!) Thanks so much for the report and pics. I can come up with a number of counterarguments to your analysis, though.

    1. To the lack of public touchy-feely and leaving “somewhat separately” (but still ending up in the same cab), it may be that they are being extremely careful not to publicize their relationship. They’re having enough problems staving off the papz and fangirls already.

    2. To the absence of “chivalry” on the part of Rob in shuttling Kris to the cab, it may be that running for cover takes priority, lol. I know my bf doesn’t wait for me or open the door for me all the time.

    3. Why is it easier to believe that Rob and Kris are just f* buddies than in a real relationship? Why is that?

    In the end, there remain doubts, certainly. It can go either way, but to me the evidence seems to weigh more strongly towards a yes-they’re-on, than no-they’re-just-friends.

    • same question as #3. why is that? even if the idea is quite unimaginable/unbearable to some, why is it so hard to accept it as a possibility?

  3. Wow! Kudos on controlling the squealing and the urge to stretch out your hand and touch him! You make mature Twilight fans proud!

  4. I’m about 90% Nonsten.
    But in the end, who really gives a flying f*ck?
    Does it affect our lives and daily goings-on? No.
    So what if they are hooking up as friends with benefits?
    Basically they’re friends (maybe more) and they’re mature adults who can do what they want. (I think I’m just sick of the completely ridick gossip rags reporting absolute sh*t every week. Doesn’t help working in a newsagency :P)

    Thanks for the awesome story, Moon, you are an absolute legend!
    Jayde xox

    • I agree with you 100%
      I’m just so happy for Moon!!!She got to see Rob in the flesh!!

      When oh when did Twilight turn into a “Brangelina” sort of thing?

      Team Idon’tgiveaf*cksten!!FTW!!!!

      Now if only UC got to see him, too…I’m praying for you girl!!

  5. I’m with Jaydey17, I am totally in the “Idon’tgiveaf*cksten” camp. If they are together, good for them. If they aren’t good for them. It’s getting a little OTT now with the “Robsten” gossip coverage and yeah i could ignore it but when its EVERYWHERE it’s a little difficult. Let them be and let them be happy.Thats my little bit said 🙂

    Thanks for the awesome story Moon, once again you never fail to deliver.Glad you had an awesome night… can we have our boys back in the UK??

    Emma xxx

  6. So much for not taking a side and taking the “I don’t give a craptsten” stance. Your analysis/assumptions at the end prove otherwise.

    • we can still have an opinion but not give a crap, ya know?

      • Exactly! I’ve thought since the old Twilight Tuesdays days that there was something between them. Whether they are together or not doesn’t really matter. It’s all just fun speculation.

        Man! I’m so excited for Moon. I was reading that piece thinking it was going to be something a reader sent in. I don’t know why other than maybe I had some unconscious belief that I would have heard the internal SQUEE telepathically or something if either Moon or UC had actually breathed the same air as Rob. Imagine how my head exploded when I saw it was signed by Moon. First Comic-Con, now this. I live vicariously, and I’m grateful to get even that close to the action. Thanks for the great write-up.

        • as you can tell from the analysis i can’t really figure out what they are they could be both, in the end does it matter?! they went out together with another friend to a show. THE END.

  7. i’m a robstener. sorry guys. haha. but i still can’t believe you got a picture moon! i think they’re either good friends or friends with benefits, like you said. but, their business, we’ll never know until theres legit proof. (sorry for using the word legit. i hate when people use it, but it fits. haha)

  8. hahaahahahahaah loved it!

    • wait, i have 2 questions:

      – how did rob’s hat smell?


      – does kristen still have both legs?


      • – how did rob’s hat smell like*?

        sorry.. hehe

      • Yes, Moon. Tell us, does kristen have both legs?

      • HAHAHA so good to see you around here!

        and we surmised she might be a pirate with a peg leg with a dead skunk on her hair.

        as for his smell? i was holding my breath couldnt remember after i came to from passing out

  9. I kinda don’t give a crapsten either, but will weigh in for shits and giggles (where did that charming saying come from?). Anyway, my opinion is that they are just friends and that they don’t give a crapsten. Clearly, just by the looks of her at Comic-con, Kstew couldn’t have given less than a crapsten. I have to say she gets a couple of grrl power points in my book for giving her middle finger to the hollywood stylist fashion industry and just showing up with matted hair, dirty clothes and a scary scowl. And we all know Rob doesn’t give a crapsten. But at least he smiles a little *swoon*.

    • “she gets a couple of grrl power points in my book for giving her middle finger to the hollywood stylist fashion industry and just showing up with matted hair, dirty clothes and a scary scowl.” – can i just say I totes agree. She really doesn’t care what she looks like, what other people say about her. She does her work and lives her life how she wants to and doesn’t give a crapsten for all the speculation. She will always be cool chicka for me.

      “And we all know Rob doesn’t give a crapsten. But at least he smiles a little *swoon*. ” – Agreed.

      • Absolutely! Why is it when Rob dresses like a smelly homeless guy, they label him ‘hobolicious’. But have Kristen come out without her glam on and they b!tch her out. Rob can ‘shy way’ from his fans, but Kristen must be ‘old b!tch face’. It’s all jealousy if you ask me. She’s always been sweet & real when they meet her. KStew rock! Love ’em both!

        • Girls are always so hard on each other… while we actually should stick together!
          Maybe if we would, Kstew would already have shared all the details on Rob’s lovemaking in a letter to Rob.

          @ KStew, you’re SO invited to join my little 2-member-twi-reading-group! HUGS!

    • HAHA, I love the use of “crapsten” if we all didn’t give a “crapsten” the world would be a better place 🙂

      • hehehe! Indeed!

        Could someone (anyone whose English is better than mine and who is wittier than me will do) please enter it in the Urban Dictionary ASAP!


        crapsten isn’t defined yet.

  10. Moon, you are awesome for sharing your pic and your story for the night. I’m sure when you decided to share you didn’t quite expect the backalsh. You and UC are so funny and I love reading your blogs so please keep bringing on the hilarity.

    In the end we’re all here because we’re fans of Twilight and Rob (not in that order)

    As for that other matter, I think that they are at least getting it on… on a regular basis. Two nights in a row (at the same place) with pictures at the chateau marmont yesterday morning… the evidence is mounting, for me at least.

    Anyway, thanks again for sharing! And a big thanks to Emmeloowhoo for all of her details too. Here’s another one of her videos from that night. Turn up your volume and listen very carefully around the 3:50 mark, you can hear the knock at the door.

    • whoops, didn’t mean to post it twice, sorry!!

    • The first time I saw this video I was listening if I could here the knock. But I couldn’t. Thanks for pointing it out LOL

    • Hi! Newbie here (and I like your site, by the way). I did hear the knock in the video — it’s very faint, though. Thanks for sharing!

    • mwah. and twice the bobby is quite alright! x

    • THANK YOU robsten4life! and i’d be lying if we didnt think we’d think have a few haters but some of it was surprising! oh well, can’t win em all!

      oh HELLOOOOO bobby. yes emmeloowho’s video captures the door knocking and then our OMG cause her camera like drops down and we lose bobby in the middle of the frame. bobby was amazeballs

  11. Thank you for the story Moon. It doesn’t matter to me what they do in their personal lives. This was a fan sighting rather than paps sighting, for that I am gald.

  12. Awesome scoop Moon!!! Thank you for sharing your Robert and Kristen encounter with the rest of us. I believe you were upmost respectful and unbias in stating the facts as you witnessed. Everyone has been screaming give me “pictures” and not just “a source says”…well everyone should be happy now. They got a picture and an awesome encounter story!!!

  13. Can somebody explain to me what “totally friends with benefits” means? Give an example plse.

  14. Not to be rude, but did you read what you wrote before you posted?

    A couple of things ..
    “Marcus jumps into the cab first, followed by Rob who half flies in and then Kristen jumps in and they speed off crouching down”

    Why do you think they are crouching down, to practice a new Yoga position? No it is to ensure that pictures are not taken of them. So why would you expect them to engage in touching, hand holding in front of you? Yup they are really going to give you and anyone else around an opportunity to take a picture.

    Why would Rob waste time to wait for Kristen to get into the cab, if they wanted to leave ASAP, before anyone could get a could picture of them?

    Big whoop she left after him, yesterday she left before him and made it to the Audi before him.

    The bottom line is that we all know now where they spent the night and if you still think that nothing is going on I take my hat off to you for allowing yourself to look like a delusional idiot

    • @ 1234
      Please Be nice.

      Moon and UC do this on their own free time, (no compensation). We play nice here, even if we disagree. This isnt the kiddy board. Folks here for the most part are adults. If you want to engage in a hard core Robsten crapsten stuff, please consider going back to one of the blog boards that you orginally habituate that feed into whatever thing your getting out of the Robsten releationship.

      Thank you.

      Guys; (UC Moon, etc.)
      Got to meet and hear Bobby Long up here in my beautiful City by the Bay, (San Francisco) last night. Small venue (about 150 ppl. ) over 21. He’s wonderful- Glad I went. He said it was his fav. place to play so far!! cuz he loved our city (MOON, HE SAID LA “was crazy, their nuts down their)… hahah. yep that Los Wankeles to a “T”..

      Bobby, said he tried to walk up one of our hills, and got all tuckered out. Bless ’em. a newbie to my town. fyi you’d better get into shape and put the tread mill on a 90 degree angle before you vist San Francisco, and cut down on the smokes.

      x H

      • yea we do try to keep it adult even when we disagree. it is an art we should all practice! thanks for the kudos and bobby is awesome as is SF.

      • Well put, Hermes. Too many people have been losing their shit over this alleged hookup-CALM DOWN. No one should be this overexcited unless you’re the one screwing Rob. Then you can say or do anything you want-even type your entire post in all caps.

        But really, if this is the case, don’t waste your time. Keep screwing Rob.

    • @1234…

      Remember that part….you know, in the beg. of your dissertation, where you said,’ not to be rude’????

      Just checking.

    • Agree to disagree, respectfully. Don’t be a rude-ass.

      @ Moon.. you are my hero, lucky girl.

  15. Dear Moon,
    Thanks for sharing your story. Are they together? Are they not together? Does it make a difference to you? No. No, it does not. Because I have a life of my own. Just. Like. You.

  16. Great coverage! My second post here (obviously you’re getting high traffic now).

    I totally believe they are in a relationship. I don’t think f*ck buddies applies with them. I just don’t see that in Rob…or Kris, for that matter. For some reason he seems to not be that type. I could be wrong, but I guess we’ll see.

    I’m just enjoying the mystery of “are they or aren’t they”. I mean, what else is there until November, right? I guess we’ll get a better trailer soon, so that’s something to look forward to.

    Anyway, thanks for the deets. I’m way over in the Philly burbs and we don’t get the juicy stuff here…it’s fun living vicariously through others!

  17. I take everything with a grain of salt. Who knows? I’d prefer it to be NOT true, but in the big scheme of things it doesn’t affect me one way or another.

    How lucky you are, Moon, to have been so close to him-AGAIN. Twice in a month-that’s it, your life has reached it’s highest point. It just can’t get any better. It’s kind of sad in a way,lol. Seriously – I only want to see him in the flesh-it’s all I need (although I WILL take more-you have only to ask, Rob).

    Congratulations on the scoop.

    • im sad what next month holds! can it really top the last few weeks?!

      i may have to move to vancouver or a deserted island. i can’t decide

  18. Dammit, Moon!
    How can you call this the detailed version when you left out all the important facts? How hot did he look? What was he wearing? Was he all gimpy? Shiteous Nikes or boots? Quit holding out on us!

    “…no one was talking about it after the show minus a small group (us and the hobo!)”
    Also, is the hobo a Rob fan? Does he sleep with wads of GQ and Vanity Fair stuffed into whatever coat he wears that Rob will eventually own?

    Bobby is much too awesome. I love watching all the faces he makes when he plays.

    • “Also, is the hobo a Rob fan? Does he sleep with wads of GQ and Vanity Fair stuffed into whatever coat he wears that Rob will eventually own?” – yes, i want to know that too.


    • Yeah I was wondering who or what the Hobo was. Exsuse me but english is not my native language.
      What is a hobo? Something like a hobbit from LOTR? LMAO

      • a hobo, is like a bum, someone who is kinda of grungy, where’s tattered clothing, sometimes sleeps on the streets!!

      • Hobo used to mean someone who was homeless, but travelled around to find work.
        Now it just pretty much means any homeless or street person. And it’s not very nice of me to make a joke at his expense, but, well… I’m not very nice.

      • A hobo is someone Rob keeps on hand for fashion advice, like, “how many holes in your clothes is TOO many”, “can I successfully accessorize with cigarettes and shoelaces?”, and “skidmarks…a DO? or a DON’T?”
        (Just kidding, love ya Robbie. And how. *MWAH*)

        • Is it just me, or has Rob given the black shoelace bracelet back to Kristen??

          I’m really not obsessing, just acutely wondering….

    • HAHAHA – couldn’t have said it better myself. Please, Moon – give us the fangirly deets!

    • jodieo and others i saw rob for about a grand total of 10 seconds and half of that was taken up from gasping that kstew was with him!

      my thoughts on him: very skinny, looked short but was hunched over even in running, wore the shiteous nikes!! and then all i saw behind him was mullet.

      thats about the exciting extent of his fashion and hers!

      • That’s ten seconds more than most of us get with him. =) I’m being forced to live vicariously through you guys so I’m grasping at the meagerest (is that a word?) of details.

        If it wasn’t me I’m glad it was you, Em, and the hobo!

      • Moon, thanks for everything you did (and do). I just have to know, when you say “very skinny” does that mean he is as skinny as say, i don’t know, Russell Brand in those horrible leggings – ha??

        He does seem really skinny right now …

        Love you so much for getting the scoop. xo

  19. Moon,
    We both need to get iphones, cause my blackberry takes the same blurry ass pics. I have some really blurry, no flash, zoomed in photos from when I walked by the set of NPH’s new movie in Philly.

    • FOOLS! just upgrade. I got the new Tour and it takes the bombtastic pics… clear as a whistle. haha. do you like my cliche phrases?

      • apparently time to upgrade to a better blackberry apparently. i usually takes great pics but it wa slike trying to catch a couple of greyhounds running by

  20. Still no deets on how with each consecutive Heineken Rob got hotter and hotter? Pshaw. Some report.

    It’s ok. Still feel the love for ya.

  21. I fall into the don’t give a crapsten category, but I’m totally fascinated with people that do. My jaded little heart loves to hear about true love prevailing and the minute details of super secret flirting. You need a handbook and a decoder ring to sort through all the “clues”.

    • I’m with ya I don’t give a sh*** but it is fascinating to watch 😀
      I personally don’t see nothing more betwen those two than friendship and with all those paparazi and people analyzing their each move I would be paranoid and run too 😉

  22. xo xo

  23. Are you sure this alleged hobo on the street was not my future husband TomStu?

    THAT is the important question.
    🙂 xo

    • HAHA! I Bet it was TomStudly. He was keeping an eye for the paps for his Besties Rob.

      Go Team TomStudly!!!

    • defs possibility it was tomstu, he wanted to see bobby with us and had a plaid shirt on. poor guy should have jumped in the cab trunk

  24. Love Bobby Long. He was great in Dallas! Love that song, he sang it her too. I’m sad it’s not on either CDs I bought of his.

    I’m not Robsten, but I could really care less if they are together. My only concern is if they are and something happens to that relationship how will it affect the other movies. I would die if the onscreen chemistry isn’t there anymore. But I hope they are both happy, they are young and cute why not get benefits out of that!

  25. Thanks for your recap! SQUEE! And imo, I think they’re just good friends who went to support a friend of Rob’s. But if it’s more than that I can say it honestly wouldn’t bother me.

  26. So my theory was correct: There was someone else in the taxi.
    Either way no matter whether or not they are together… that’s not really that important… does it change anything? do we love Rob less? … I prefer to know that either way Rob is happy. The pictures of yesterday morning leaving the hotel are not happy pictures. I dont like that angry, sad Rob … and if the speculation puts him like this … I do not like it, the speculation of course … I love Rob and I just hope that all this ends once and for all and he continue doing what he want and what we like to watch: his movies.


  27. I’m mostly I don’t give a crapsten. If anything I want him to be single so I can ‘keep the dream alive’! I love that you guys just put it out there and let people decide.

    “that I was not in fact having Bella style visions of Rob flashing in my head.”
    ha! I’m sure I would’ve felt the same way! Still can’t believe you were so close to Rob! Lucky!

    And thanks for throwing in the Bobby Long video. I love him! Almost forgot why you were there! 🙂

  28. I’d have to say I’m Nonsten, but when it comes down to it… I really don’t give a crap, I’m just sick of all the annoying and totally unproven stories from the gossip rags. I don’t have any disillusions that he’s sitting at home at night alone drinking tea and praying for me to waltz into his life and “complete him,” it’s more that I just don’t really care for Kristen. But, hey, he knows her a lot better than I do so maybe she’s a better/more interesting person than I give her credit for. I’d say friends with benefits – they’re young, unattached, and horny (and LUCKY).

    So enough about this Robsten business… Can we have a post dedicated to how STEAMY Rob must’ve looked in his beanie!? What was he wearing? To what degree was his five o’clock shadow? Come on girl, the really important stuff!! 😉

    P.S. Happy for you that you got to have your moment, and I’m sorry for some of the backlash… You’re awesome though so keep it up.

  29. they are together but what I don’t understand is all the sneaky sneaky. Business. In the words of a famous poets also known as the backstreet boys. Quit playing game with my heart Ron. Yesterday I mourned today I’m over it and I don’t give a crapsten. Movin on movin up baby.


  31. Oh! btw! Moon!!!!!! you rule girl!!!! you saw Rob!!!! thanks 4 all the details!!! love you girl!

  32. Couple things…


    Tough decision regarding the pic posting, glad you did though, if I’m being honest.

    Everyone who has a problem with you, UC or this blog can bite me.

    Robsten, Nonsten, Don’t give a Crapsten….it’s a book, then a movie, and two strangers ppl…if Rob turns out to be actually with Kristen, gay or a closet Neil Diamond lover I will still love these books, and him.

    Next, your girls need the low down. The finer points. You know.

    And as far as Rob goes, I remain besotted, regardless of who he’s shagging…
    Because to quote a line from one of my all time fav songs…
    ‘Oh let me see your beauty when the witnesses are gone…’

    Peace Out.

  33. OK, to me, THIS is proof as to why you can’t believe everything you read on a gossip site. No matter what you experience you give them they are going to “tweak” it to how they want it.
    I believe Moon with all of my heart because THIS is not a gossip blog.
    Moon I am sorry to hear about the backlash that has become of this. Great post.. and yet again.. I am living vicariously through what each of you experience. The more I am seeing videos of the Brit Pack… the more I am wanting to save my monies to fly and see them in person. Their music is hella good.
    Moon & UC… keep up the awesome-ness you always bring.

    • do it girl, bobby is amazing and i’ve heard only good things about marcus, will report back on him after tonight!

  34. Hopefully…we can have an even BETTER experience tonight. and hey, we should totally bring a boom box to play Claire de Lune when he walks by…maybe we can DAZZLE him. hahaha.


  35. OK, I don’t really care much about Robsten. I prefer they not be together because I’m not a big fan of Kristen’s and I think Rob can do better, but what do I know? Whatevah.

    What I want is a detailed description of ROB! How did he look. EXACTLY what was he wearing? How did he smell? What expression was on his face? Buttonfly or zipper? Flannel or cotton? Brown or green plaid? Were his buttons lined up properly? Did he run his hands through his hair? Why didn’t you lick him? Did you hear him speak at all? You know, the important stuff! Deets, please, deets!!

  36. so UC,aboout having the boys back….. what about a time share situation on the boys? if I can’t have them back full time then maybe on a part time basis? I’ll throw Rob in for good measure. We just won’t tell Kristen we are “borrowing” him.

    So what do you think? Brit Pack Rentals?

    Give me a call, we can work something out 😉

    Emma xx

  37. PS also as said previously I don’t give a crapsten about Robsten but I do need to know about Rob.Like the others what was he wearing? was he really wearing that damn NYC cap? and those awful Nikes?

    Rob- You’re one of my own, you’re hot but please for the love of god buy some new clothes…at least a new beanie and maybe shoes?:)

  38. hi moon. 🙂 hope you don’t mind if i raise some points too specifically on your bullet points 4,5 & 6. yes, there were no paps but there were people who could still possibly be able to take pictures of them together (and here are two photos from that scenario). there’s also possibility it’s part of their s.o.p. to walk far apart and prioritize getting cover thus the dash to the cab and cowering inside it for cover. if there were no paps, why did they still feel they have to crouch down? could it be possible they already have the feeling that someone has taken their photos by this time? i hope i’m not sounding accusatory. that’s not my objective, im merely raising my points as well. there’s always a different POV. 🙂

    • theres always two sides to a story and we welcome that here. i raise those points to ask questions that i dont know the answers to… so who knows?

  39. TwiMILF Romper Room started on the Forum. Yippeeeee!!! Come introduce yourself.

  40. Love the recap. Awesome video of my future DH. He’s so cute.


  41. […] This post was Twitted by I_luv_spunk […]

  42. That’s it, I made up my mind. I wasn’t sure for a long time, but the picture says it all. Sorry non-believers, but this is the final proof I’ve been waiting for….

    ….Rob, Kristen and Marcus are sleeping together.

    Phew, mystery solved!

    P.S: *Fangirl mode ON, continue at your own risk*
    *Fangirl mode OFF*

  43. I think whatever makes Rob happy, right? If he likes Kristen then I hope that she does give him a chance. They are both intelligent and talented and niether one of them can ever complete a sentence in an interview 🙂
    They’d be pretty cute together and you have to admit that it would be great to see Rob happy!

  44. Are you all 12? of course they wouldn’t be touchy-feely in a room full of strangers/crazy fangirls if they want to keep the potential relaysh on the DL. And how can you expect them to be all over each other after the show while they’re just concentrating on getting the hell out of there and as far away from nosy fangirls as possible? no paps were there,but there were still people who could take pics of them,it’s almost the same. this report is not impartial at all.

  45. I can’t buy the friends or only friends with benefits theories only because it seems like he went through a lot of trouble to spend time with her not one but two nights in a row. If they are just buddies it seems like they could wait for the award show Sunday to see eachother especially since they obviously didn’t want to have pictures taken out together. Just seems like too much trouble to me. Why hang out everyday now when they’ll get so much time the next few months?

  46. I’ve been enjoying a laugh with every post every morning for at least five months and don’t usually comment only because I’m not as witty as most of the women here. I hope to continue enjoying this positive site and board 🙂

    I am sorry that I didn’t tone down my frustration more yesterday and am sorry that your story got twisted by radar, although I’m not too surprised given the nature of their reporting. Don’t worry, I won’t bring it up again after this 🙂 This is just a bit of an explanation for where I was coming from. It is just that Rob presumably “practically ran… to the cab” for a reason and your story/picture and choice of posting location fueled a fresh burst of gossip about Rob’s personal life in mainstream gossip. Paparazzi were probably not outside the Hotel Café last night just by fluke. I also hope this doesn’t foreshadow a trend of fans helping to spread stories that follow his movements in his personal life in such detail; Rob gets that enough from the real paps, you know? Some people enjoy and respect those kinds of reports and some don’t. For those that don’t, it can sometimes be frustrating when it starts to feel like you can’t get away from it and follow other forms of robsession material at the same time. As messed up as it is to care so much about a man you don’t even know! Is that NORMAL? I know probably not, but hey, that’s why I’m here in the first place! So yes I was disappointed yesterday but my feelings had to do with respect for Rob, and what that means to me. People will probably always differ in their opinions on that subject, that’s all. Again I’m sorry for my frustrated tone yesterday and I appreciate you allowing people to share an opinion on your board.

    anyhoo, I understand we are on a site based on a story of a sparkly vampire, after all 🙂
    so back to important details like the fact that yes, your inner fangirl control was definitely superhuman while only a curtain away from HHH and kudos for that 🙂

  47. See now, this definitely sounds like All Moon. I thought there was something wonky about that Radar post. I’m glad we got to see the real deal, although I wish it had been posted here first, if for no other reason than your cred taking such a big hit : (

    As far as whether they’re hitting it, or how many times a day, I could care less. And even if I did, a picture like this certainly isnt enough of a smoking gun for me. Just sayin.

  48. am late getting to this post, but am glad that i took the plunge—checked out the replies to Moon’s original post early yesterday (also a few comments posted on radar) & was appalled by the tone of the discussion, if you can call it that—

    i hate finger pointing, but i guess i hate finger wagging even more—‘liberal’ in my world means trying to avoid either the one or the other but also being able to make allowances for those whose opinions not only differ from my own but which are also expressed in a way i wouldn’t/couldn’t/shouldn’t use—

    living in a country which has paid such a terrible price for enforced conformity has sharpened my antennae for anything that looks like Groupthink—let the sisters vent at will & chalk the excesses up to surplus passion is where i’m at—

    apologies for this diatribe but my buttons were really pushed—

    loved your scoop, Moon, think anyone lucky enough to have been in your shoes would have posted it & find all the criticism not only regrettable but also more than a bit hypocritical—once again love this site & the good work you & UC invest in it—<3

  49. Thanks so much for sharing, Moon! Part of the reason why I adore this blog is because you and UC are such classy ladies.

    Oh, and I hate* you and your Hwood life.

    *am jealous of

  50. that’s sound great, but why didn’t you get the taxi’s number or know the name of the company. than you can find out if that was rob and kristen in the cab. that would make it official.

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