Spotted: Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart!

Dear Bobby Long,

I went to your show last night and all I got was this lousy picture…


Who could that be getting into that cab? 🙂 I know you don’t care but I’ll let everyone else’s imaginations run wild. Suffice it to say you were awesome and everyone will have to check back here for the full scoop.

Only in Hwood,

PS Don’t freak out. Take a deep breath.

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548 Responses

  1. DAMMIT ROB! Is this why you didn’t go see Bobby in NYC?? Because you couldn’t go out without your precious KStew?? I was waiting for you with carefully enhanced cleavage because I know how enjoy the breasts. I think only a large bouquet of roses and an hour or two of making out will make up for this terrible insult. Door is unlocked. Come on in, I’m putting on the lip gloss.

  2. Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE you Moon? Well, I do! Get the eff outta bed and give us the details we NEED to resume our daily activities!!


    ..please and thank you?!



    And I hate that Twitter is still a major FAIL today. I want to get on and get all the neeeewwwsss! And I miss chatting with my friends at a moment’s notice. I guess we’ll take it to the comments! 🙂

    P.S. Anyone watch SYTYCD last night? Don’t want to spoil if you didn’t, but I am SOOOO freakin’ happy! 😀

    • I watched it and I agree. I thought the entire top 4 was great and knew that the winner was going to be that one.

      Such an awesome show and GREAT dancing all season!

  4. what does the ‘ps’ mean (don’t freak out, take a deep breath)? No freaking out coz there’s nothing to freak out over, no proof whatsoever? No freaking out coz there’s proof there’s no robsten? No freaking out over somehting that silly, it’s not worth it? It doesn’t mean anything, I’m reading too much in this? Yes probably that one lol…

  5. UC wake UUUUUUUP and give us details! SQUEEE!!

    OK whatevs it’s ok if there are no details (honestly I guess I don’t really care a lick if they are or aren’t together… although I secretly hope they are – they’re young! And hot! They have chemistry and should be doing baaaad things to each other in private!) but it must have been fun to snap a pic of The Robsten up-close-and-personal!

    : )

    • “(honestly I guess I don’t really care a lick if they are or aren’t together… although I secretly hope they are – they’re young! And hot! They have chemistry and should be doing baaaad things to each other in private!)”

      My sentiments exactly! very baaaaaad things i hope.

  6. Moon, you are the most awesome thing in the entire world and I love you. Details, I beg you.

  7. GAH! I mean MOON!

    For the love of all things holy why am I physically incapable of leaving a comment here that isn’t fucked up in some way?! sheesh – I am going back to bed… Wake me when it’s get-up time on the west coast…


  9. Well, that’s just … EPIC, right? Effin epic, Moon. Can’t wait to hear the deets.

  10. you should be voted “Pap of the Year”!!!
    great shot!
    can’t wait to hear the scoop….

  11. WAKE UP WAKE UP! Finally a source I trust.

    me=edge of my seat!

  12. Darn it! Moon I trust you, if you say it’s them, it’s them. I just don’t understand why this is bothering me a little. Why Rob, why?

    • I’m with you, southernbelle. Clear your mind, take deep breaths and repeat:not true, not true, not true…

  13. Oh my gosh, I shouldn’t have gone to bed last night because Emme was emailing me from her blackberry and told me she found Moon and that’s when I went to bed because it was around midnight my time. GIRLS WAKE UP AND SPILL!!!!
    My opinion: just friends going to a concert together

    • I sounded lame in my post. They’re friends going to a concert. They deserve to have fun. OK girls wake up and spill! I know it’s 6:30 AM there where you’re at but still….

    • You mean that happened right as we were leaving the chat room? Oh, thats just….funny. In a non-funny kinda way.

    • Jena look all the die-hard robstens are giving us thumbs down 😦

  14. Please Moon – wake the hell up!! We want to know, we need to know – WAKE UP NOW WOMAN!!

  15. Were they running to the cab or did KStew lose her right calf and foot? LOL!

  16. Think if we all simultaneously scream “WAKE UP” she’ll telepathically hear it and wake up?

  17. jena you can laugh as you want but the truth is one ROBSTEN IS ON

  18. I’m seriously going to be sick. I should not have looked at this before breakfast. Say it ain’t so!

  19. I CANNOT wait for the details.

    This is THE one fan encounter/sighting I would ACTUALLY believe. *pleaslettherebenorobstenpleaselettherebenorobstenpleaseletherebenorobsten*

    Shit, it’s only 6:41 am over on the west coast. Gahhh.

  20. Wait, has Rob learned NOTHING from Edward?? He totally should have opened the door for KStew…

    Ha! I’m so kidding, I love him more because he didn’t.

  21. Oh Moon, fan the flames why don’t you! 😉

    Now get your ass up and fill us in! And you best not wait till Monday to do it!!

  22. […] To view the picture, click here. […]


  24. They are just friends. I believe that.

    Then I want to be friends with Rob as well.

    I get to meet his ultra cool talented friends, Bobby, Marcus and Sam. Then you get to watch these friends shows backstage with Rob. I can get to make out with Rob at the backstage, with no care, and let a certain Alicia Bell tweet to the whole world that we are making out. Then I can get to ride in cars (limos) with Rob.

    Rob is really a great friend indeed!!!

  25. Wauw letters to Twilight is going International! way to go!

  26. Wasn’t that venue a 21+ club?

  27. I’m so happy for them. I bet they are both serious as a fcking heart attack about each other. Rob comes across as a guy looking for true love, one woman to share his life with, and looks like lil’ Stewie is it. I’m happy for them – hope the rest of the world let’s them live and love in peace. I truly think the only way some of this rabid speculative insane attention will die down is if they just get hitched.I even think Summit would be happy..after all, a ‘wedding’ would make box office for the last 2 movies..just fcking insane. LOL I believe it’s coming. These two aren’t the type to just ‘visit’ each other in between 3 month location shoots, then date for a couple weeks b4 their next film. I bet they’re engaged right now.

  28. Seriously people, just because they went to Bobby’s show together DOES. NOT. MEAN. THEY. ARE. DATING.

    Dang, shippers will grasp at anything to prove Robsten is real. What are you, 12? Adult boys and girls can hang out and not be dating you know…

  29. If that really was them, then I’m seriously disappointed in Rob. Shouldn’t his parents have taught him to let the lady in the car first?
    *shaking head* Young people these days. No manners.

  30. If it was a date night, he would have let her go in the cab first. The fact that he didn’t proves it was a friends-out-together night. Guys make an effort when its their girl. Just sayin’ 😉

  31. Oh Moon, you need to wakey, wakey!

    Yes Brooke, I’ve heard all about Moon stealth abilities with the taking of pics and so need to get lessons!

    I’m sure you heard from VickyB how much we were hoping that Rob showed up to one of their concerts this last weekend in Dallas.
    Man, I haven’t left a comment on here n forever. What a way to get me to do it! lol

    • You guys thought he’d show up in Dallas? I was going for no chance in hell. He’d get killed by the crazies. it would have been a suicide mission.

      You should come back and comment more often!

  32. OMG that is myself and my husband getting in a cab, I saw someone taking a picture. Whatever, I can assure you I am not Kristen and my DH is not Rob. LOL

  33. Together or not…we will still ‘ship Rob with everyone BUT Kstew on the forum. Why? Cause it’s funny to put him people like TomStu and Hugh Jackman and Stephanie Ritz.

    We are easily entertained.

    Moon! Wake your ass up!

  34. You know, Moon… I had told myself this morning that I’ve been spending too much time on LTT/LTR while at work, and convinced myself that today I was going to be responsible and ignore the blogs/comments short of just reading the posts once through in the morning. But then… YOU DO THIS?! My plan to be productive is completely ruined now!! I’ll be lucky if I get ANYTHING done at this rate.

    • hahaha I’m in the exact same boat. I’ve hardly done anything all week and told myself, alright, today’s Friday, I should do what I didn’t do all week, and BAM! This happens. Bye bye productivity (if I was even productive to begin with, lol).

  35. […] spotted Rob and Kristen leaving Bobby Longs show yesterday. For more fact (and a pic!), run over to Letters to Twilight, and wait for moon to wake […]

  36. ok. i’m not going to go into the “ew! gross!” feeling i had when i first saw the pic of them together. what i do want to point out is that HE’s getting into the cab before her. um… not very gentlemanly, is he? Also, where is her right leg?

    • i TOTES agree! jumping in before her!?

      • I think he was just sticking his head in the cab first to tell the driver where to go, and then probably let his woman have a seat first. At least, that’s what he does when he comes up to visit me in Maine. Look for a baseball hat with “Wicked Pissah” on it…that’s his code that he’s thinking of me, and I wear a bracelet made of duct tape and promises. (PS: I don’t mind sharing him at all. ROBJENSTEN IS ON!!! )

  37. I know for a fact that isn’t him…because he was with me last night.

  38. […] I have concrete proof or I hear it from the horse’s mouth! To see the picture click… HERE! Posted by Twilight Gossip Girl with No comments Filed under: Gossip, Kristen Stewart, Robert […]

  39. […] show. Maybe the theory that Rob was going to pick up Marcus was right? Anyway, my homegirl Moon has a quick pic on her site and will bring us more deets once she wakes up (damn west coasters!). Possibly related posts: […]

  40. stop it litlle girls .it dosent work anymore to try to deny robsten.THEY ARE ON

    • *cries*

      STOP IT! Rob is totally with TomStu!


    • HEY! If Al Gore can claim to have invented the internet then by jeebus I can DENY Robsten all I want!!

      *stomps foot like the little girl Kate claims I am*

  41. i just woke up…. it may only be 7:15am here in LA but I’m so tired! but I will wait for Moon to wake up… it’s her story and her photo 🙂 so great to meet you last night 🙂 xo

    • so jealous i didn’t get to meet you! MWAH

      • I know! I’m going to a monkey’s show tomorrow night, wanna come 🙂 ha! I had a dream that I had to convince you callie and brooke lockhart (none of whom I’ve ever seen in person) that you had to come to a monkeys show cuz HHH would be there… it was funny you didn’t believe me and you weren’t going to sit through *that* again!

  42. Wow…. Lots of new ppl.

    Just an FYI to the regulars- this was posted EVERYWHERE bright t& early, so we’ll have some, ahem, guests today…

    welcome guests- mostly we’re ‘we don’t give a crapsten’ around here… some are robsten some are nonsten, most are we don’t a flying f-sten…. so enjoy the post, comment nicely and please remember that until Moon wakes up and tells us more (if there is more) this proves nothing except that Rob & Kristen went to their friend bobby’s show!

    • Nicely put, UC. Thank you.

      *We all respect each other here no matter which side you take. All lovin’, No hatin’ in LTT.*

    • Does that mean, I shouldn’t cuss?

    • I’m scared. Hold me.

    • Well alrighty then!

      How the FUCK are all you new Guest Bitches? We are the Who Gives a Flying Fuckstens, or the Nonsteins as I like to say, cause who understands what Nonsteins means really? Ok, that’s all…

      PS Dear God, please don’t let AH quote that on their show tonight.


    • I think Kristen would be terrified of you

      • Yes..she’s my kind of girl..but no I think she’s more terrified of his fans that refuse to accept her…sorry dont mean to come down so hard on you ladies..just wish people would give a little more credit to her..after all ..she is the one to insist Rob have the role of Edward..and yet she is suffering the backlash of his fame..but i give her props for still wanting to be with him ..even with all the sly insulting remarks thrown her way..I say you go girl.

        • I think she made the right call by insisting Robert be cast as Edward. Maybe Kristen should be a casting director instead of an actress?

          I accept her, It doesn’t mean I have to like her attitude, her acting, or anything else about her. Telling us how much we suck isn’t going to make us like her anymore, and I’d relax, I don’t think anyone here is going to send her hatemail or anything.

          As for Kristen being terrified, my point is I don’t think she likes shippers much…

          From USA Today interview:

          It doesn’t help that many Twilight-ers want her and Pattinson to be a real-life couple. She’s actually dating Michael Angarano, 21, whom she co-starred with in the 2004 drama Speak.

          “It doesn’t make my relationship harder. It’s not like, ‘Maybe I should be with (Pattinson) to make them happy and it’ll make me more popular!’ ” Stewart laughs, adding that her real boyfriend “is totally not a threatened guy. But, dude, IT SUCKS” <—(caps are MINE)

        • Maybe you could start “Letters to Kristen” and spend your time writing love letters to her, instead of wasting your time here, among the pathetic cougars and obsessed fangirls.

    • @tammoO, “Robsessed pathetic cougars”?!

      Ouch…and ouch, I prefer “Sparklepeenobsessed smokin’ hot boy-toy magnets, fyi…

      just sayin’ xoxo

      • To steelAzalia..wel i’m pretty sure MA is history..and i’m not trying to force my opinion onto anyone..everyone has the right to their own view on the subject…but you can not want them together and not be a fan of hers without insulting her in the process..and have you seen these..probably wont matter..tou all will still come up with an excuse…

        • It doesn’t matter if she is still with MA, the point is, I don’t think she likes the shipping. Or maybe she doesn’t care at all.

          Making fun of celebrities is a time honored tradition. The reason you’re defending Kristen is because you’re her fan, but most celebrities have a fan somewhere. So it doesn’t matter. Are you crusading for people to stop making fun of Spencer and Heidi?

    • Man, this b@tch is f@cking serious…w@tch out, I think that sm@ckdown made me piss in my big-azz, cougarific underpants…………@@@. Oh, yeah, and @.

      • Love you!

        Oh, sorry… L@ve Yo@!

      • oops, I’m new, did I post @ reply wrong?? help

        (loved the big-azz, cougarific underpants)

      • “Wink” inner b@tch is great..right?

      • SteelAzalea..I am a fan of Kristen and I would defend far as Spencer and Heidi goes..I really dont know that much about them..have never followed their I dont know if I would or not..just depends on the situation..I know I wouldnt just insult them for you all think its fun to insult Kristen? Thats why everyone all over the internet does it?..umm never knew having fun could be so cruel.

    • Well I wish I could call myself a cougar…sadly I’m not! LOL.

      FTR we don’t all hate Kristen…stop making all these ridiculous assumptions and dearie you really need to lighten up….I don’t know, smoke some weed or something.

      • Did i rub you all the wrong way?..So sorry wasnt my intention(smile)..cheers to you all..and oh yea dont forget to enjoy your pic..and southernbelle..not a cougar??..Well i didnt leave you out..i included obsessed fangirls..just saying..have a nice day ladies..i’m sure Robs all relaxed today..dont worry about him..that dang Stewie..i bet she wears that boy out!

        • I actu@lly couldn’t c@re less if they are together or not. They were hot in Twilight, so whatevs, if they’re happy, I’m happy. It’s just so much fun cr@cking on wound-up weirdos that say sh@t like: “suck it fangirls/cougars/mailman/gas station guy/girl with the weird eye I met at Hot Topic! KStew pulled Rob’s groin totally out today YESSSSSSSSSSSS I bet he’s so tired/can’t walk straight/has crabs OMG yesss.” Weird.

        • You know someone is brand new to LTT when they can’t figure out that none of the regular readers actually care if Rob and Kristen are an item or not. Good way to avoid desk work though, no?

    • KStew? Is that you? I knew you read this blog!!! Yay!

      • See..thats exactly what I’m referring to..keep bashing her ladies..not ever going to earn you any points as a fan.

        • Aw… My “points as a fan” are in danger of being taken away? Lame. I was trying so hard to earn them too.
          😦 But seriously… I wasn’t bashing Kristen. Rob reads this blog everyday too. Maybe they read it together? Then they drink some Heinies and read B&E fanfic? Cute!

    • Well damn…if Rob and Kristen are together it must be mighty uncomfortable with you so far up her a@@.

      Man…some people take this stuff far too seriously, but damn if it’s not fun to witness.

      • Gosh..could we say pot meet kettle..think so! Because if i’m up her azz….you are past being up Robs azz…more like delusional..just how many times a day do you fantasize about many times do you visit this site daily..humm? ladies even know what clothes he could probably name every article he owns ..hell you even obsess on his friends..all except one..which is my point..except all his choices..not just the ones that you feel are right for him..I am a Kristen and Rob fan..I can be that way if they are apart OR together..your insults are getting way past old..think about Rob and how he would feel if he read how most of you feel about might think amused..i can assure you he would not be.

        • Tammy- If we’re playing the “How must ___ feel when ____” game, how about how must have Michael Angarano have felt when people talked about his girlfriend being with another man nonstop? How about the internet was full of comments about how the woman he loves needs to dump him? Didn’t stop any shippers from saying it.

        • I don’t know why but I always think of a Tam O’shanter when I see your name.

        • Well, I personally only fantasize about Rob once a day, right as I’m going to sleep at 6 pm. We are playing cribbage and watching Lawrence Welk…then senile dementia sets in and he turns into a skunk, dagnabbit. Sucks being a “cougar”!! (ps: I’m not)

        • I thought the last time you flamed here you said you weren’t coming back! *crosses fingers, wishes on a star*. We need LOVE, not assumptions about who we are, what we think of Kristen, or about what Rob would think of us. If you can’t play nice, get out of the sandbox!

        • And everyone knows how concerned I am about Robert’s personal opinion of me. I cry at nights consumed with grief over it.

          And for the record, I’m a TWILIGHT fan. Not a Rob or Kristen fan. They are just actors.

        • Oh God make me stop….MAKE me stop
          I will not take the blame lol
          the blame lies entirely on Rob, he should buy more clothes or have more friends just get more stuff Rob to confuse us and please stop sharing with Kristen – she can’t act lol!

      • Katie S..he reads this blog everyday..okay now I’m lmao..what is it you all or it didnt happen..JFC…talk about delusional..I’m sure he has better things to occupy his time than reading a blog that more or less insults Kristen on a daily basis..but you might be right about the fan fic..although I’m sure they could get it somewhere other than here..but must say you gave me a good laugh.

        • To Feya..lmao..couldnt resist..just had to show my love to moon for the pic!

        • I’m so thrilled that you addressed me person@lly!

          @everyonebutTammyO: My sarcasm must not be coming accross, huh? Oh well. At least I made someone laugh today.

          p.s. – I just now noticed that I have the same initials as KStew. I bet I could extra “fan points” for that!

          p.p.s. – That was me being sarcastic again.

    • TammyO, I love you. lmao

      • bellacullen…heart u to sweetie..actually think I know you”wink”

        • Katie S., you can have my fan points! I keep them in a special box under my bed, along with my bunny rabbit’s toenail clippings and a 1986 copy of Guns n’ Ammo.

        • Thank you, Oedipal Art! I will keep them forever! But are you sure those aren’t Rob’s toe nail clippings under your bed? Or better yet… KStews?! You lucky b@tch (of cookies).

    • Why do you come here? OMG,are you PattinsonPants
      , come to take revenge on those who would ridicule you?

      • Hahahahahah! WIN!

      • Oh my goodness….LOL. OK everyone, chill out for now. How about some drinks? It’s on me!!!!

        Katie S – you’re hilarious and yes I understand the sarcasm, I’m pretty sarcastic myself. 🙂

        TammyO yeah I don’t think I’m an obsessed fangirl either. I don’t know what he’s wearing or what he’s eating at the moment.

    • @ UC – Waahhh..
      I hate the new ppl.
      They’re ga-gizzing on my sizzle.. too many twi-farts/twi-hards or whatever the the hell their called.


      (ps. Moon/UC no more of this kind of fuckery please).

      I’m going to see Bobby Long tonight. I’ll report any Rob sightings (if) .. but I doubt it. Perhaps I should check the Castro district instead?

  43. can this please not be about Rob and Kristen, but rather Rob, Bobby, Marcus and Moon? Holy balls, I think I blacked out a little thinking about Moon being thisclose to The Trifecta.

    • uhh yes please. the whole nonsten and robsten thing comes secondary to the fact that Moon was up close and personal with HHH

  44. kristen en Rob nemen samen een taxi na een concert van Bobby Long via

  45. I believe in Moon. 🙂

  46. WOW I am so J of Moon right now and I’m BEYOND excited to hear her tale. Finally a reliable source we can trust.

    Moon please wake up soon and spill the deets!

  47. Moon, You Suck, but I still ❤ your face! But dear God, please tell me you got to see DRUNK ROB in the flesh…..I don't need pics, I can live vicariously through your story telling. Please DRUNK ROB, or TIPSY ROB?

  48. […] e Kristen foram vistos ontem à noite em um show do Bobby Long em L.A, e Letters to Twilight mostra uma foto dos dois saindo no final da apresentação e tomando um táxi juntos. Aposto que […]

  49. this dusn’t deffo mean tha robsten is on! i mean they cud just b really gwd m8s hanging out havin sum fun! just coz they’re in the same cab, dusn’t mean they’re sleepin 2getha! the pic isn’t really tha clear! so how can we really tell if that is rob?!

    • Cause Moon says it is and we trust her.

      • Dear Jessica,
        I’m sorry, please excuse me, so silly of me, but WHAT the F*CK did you say? Is there a Gobbledygook to English dictionary we all can consult?
        No offense meant, love.

        • Try Babelfish.

        • Your comments on today’s post alone have had me cracking up. You, my friend, are absolutely hilarious and made of win. The terrible thing is that I’m sitting in a cubicle and meant to be working… so you’re really doing me no favors here at my job.

          • Ha ha…I have today off from work and what better way to spend it……the sun is shining, the birds are chirping….and I’m waiting , pasty-white and glass-eyed, at the computer for a recap of Moon’s journey into the beer, angst, and cig-scented drama that is…..Rob and Kris. Sincerely, though, thanks!

        • mt. dew spraying forth from the nasal cavity….ouch!

          We should speak gobbledygook more often….

  50. That hair…that mullet. It’s like a darth vader helmet.


    • If Moon say it, I believe it. It’s them. Leaving a concert. Like two good friends. Perhaps there is someone else in the cab and they were the last to go? the last 2 to get in???… my Robsten mind says that.
      Anyway… MOON!!! Wake up and tell us all the details!!!

      • Ooo! Interesting idea… Someone was saying Marcus was at the show. Maybe he’s in the cab already and they’re just joining him. That’s what I’ll tell myself.

        And I bet Moon is totally awake by now, she’s just looooving all the squirming going on over here!

    • Twicrack Addict..a mullet you would gladly sport if you had the benefits Kstew your heart out sweetie..that mullet had good times.. good times last night..lmao!

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