Spotted: Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart!

Dear Bobby Long,

I went to your show last night and all I got was this lousy picture…


Who could that be getting into that cab? 🙂 I know you don’t care but I’ll let everyone else’s imaginations run wild. Suffice it to say you were awesome and everyone will have to check back here for the full scoop.

Only in Hwood,

PS Don’t freak out. Take a deep breath.

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548 Responses

  1. Seriously? Hm, could be. Could not be. I hope so for them. They deserve some fun too.

    • can’t tell who it is in that pic…and if so does not mean anything…

      Now, they are both in LA and going over lines/script, they will be going to TCA then on to Vancouver. per his sister…

      I hope they are not together as a couple though, he is so much more mature, intelligent and a wonderful actor with a brite future. She is a terrible role model, presents herself like she belongs to a gang, underage drinking in public, heavy smoker..and a terrible actress…basically a skank, she nearly ruined Twilight for me. If not for the other strong actors I would have walked out.

      • Moon saw them with her own two eyes. It’s them. she was closer- but isn’t crazy and would never take a pic right in their faces!

        • Soooo jealous right now! You’re right, Moon is way too cool to take a pic right
          in their face. Moon is her name and stealth is her game 😉
          PS Bobby is awesome and it’s not just because he talked guitars with my hubs and said “fucking Jonas Brothers” twice during our convo. True Story!

        • if moon saw them then is TRUE!! plus there is a PIC want more do u want!!!

        • It’s cracking me up how people are going nuts with the thumbs-down today. I always try to figure out what exactly they are thumbs-downing. Are they mad because they WOULD take a pic right in their faces and don’t like that you called them crazy? Are they mad that Moon saw them?

          Current count on T-D on BB’s original comment is 18. Do those people think Rob and KStew *don’t* deserve to have any fun? Is it because they don’t like that she’s undecided on if it really IS KStew?

          It’s a fun game. Whatever happened to Speculation.. uhh.. Friday?

      • uh Diane, Rob smokes, drinks and has been linked to many women as well. How is he better than Kristen?? Check yourself girlfriend because Kristen has had one long term boyfriend and you don’t hear about random hook-ups. You are exposing yourself as a delusional robsessed fangirl with your comments.

        • Hear, hear!
          Although i don’t believe in any of Rob’s hook up stories, i LOVE Kristen and she is a very talanted actress. Just the fact she doesn’t act like any of the Disney barbie dolls makes her even more awesome!

        • Yes but Rob IS old enough to do all of those things… Kristen is not… Drinking and smoking pot on her front doorstop isn’t very professional… And yeah granted Rob has been “linked” to women (like what 2 girls) But he was also in a 3 year relationship before all of that and hasn’t confirmed dating anyone since… So before you go on a Kristen is holier than tho spree here.. Check your facts…
          Kristen couldn’t act before Twilight and certainly still can’t act now… Rob however… CAN!

          So one question… Just because some of us don’t like her… That instantly makes us an obsessed fangirl…
          I’m 26… I’m beyond the years of freaking out for celebrities.. I did that as a teen… I’m a mother and a wife… And I’ve never liked Kristen… EVER…

          Anyways completely off the point here… If they are together great… Who cares… But seeing them out and about isn’t enough proof for me.. Sorry!

          • uhm, you say kristen couldn’t act. what movies did you see exactly to actually say something like that?

            also, I am pretty damn sure that rob did all those things (drinking, smoking, etc.) before he was legal as well. and really, I wonder about all the people who judge kristen on her smoking and drinking habits. are you all saints? what about your friends? are they? and do you judge them like that as well if they’re in fact doing or did those things before they were legal? why is everyone being so tough on kristen. it’s her on damn freaking life and she can do whatever she wants with it for god’s sake! smoking pot on her doorstep means she does it in private and it’s none, NONE of our business.

          • Please, the thinks one has to read…Kristen a bad actress, what movies did you see? She has been acting from an early age and Panic room was great , her acting was awesome , but like I said before, there are some people here that like her and her work, so why not respect others ? Kristen is a teenager and will make mistakes like smoking etc …who are we to judge? Hopefully your kids wont make mistakes.
            Go Kstew

          • Have you ever thought about how you would feel if people who didn’t know you were so critical about you and judged everything you did? Not one of us have any idea what she is really like personally. Therefore, we have no right to criticize her, regardless what she does. I think she is a very bright and talented woman. So what if she was smoking pot on her doorstep – so what if she was drinking a few Heinekins the other night. It’s never been reported that she is a big party girl. If her parents don’t care, why should we be so obsessed about it. Girls her age are doing far worse than Kristen. Just ask Rob – I’m sure he has a few horror stories to tell about what girls are capable of! And, don’t forget that Kristen was in a committed 3 year relationship – and I have never heard of any other hookups for her. There seems to be a bit of a double standard attitude going on here.

            Whether someone likes her in a movie or not is a matter of taste. But one should not judge her personally, unless, of course, they are perfect in every way!

          • I didnt realize she was working when she “smoked pot” on her front doorstep!
            All im saying is it has nothing to do with her “professionalism”
            There are cops that smoke…now thats not very professional!
            And Kristen has had more jobs than rob…obviously she is more accomplished. Im not knocking Rob, but kristen is def. more accomplished, infact her work in “Into the Wild” is what got Rob in for a reading of Twilight…obviously Rob felt she was worth working with…YOUR A JOKE!!! GET OVER URSELF….HATER!!!

        • Kristen has also been in ONE relationship for 3 years. And, she’s a hellava lot more reserved than many other female celebs in her generation. At least Kristen’s never been to rehab, and no one’s seen her out till all hours all boozed or drugged out. She’s a very real and grounded person. She has strong family ties. If the worst thing she ever does is smoke weed and dring a few beers now and then, then she’s OK by me – believe me, it could be so much worse! She doesn’t deserve all the shitty comments people are lobbing at her.

        • Thats right. All these girl who are obsessed with Robert Pattinson always have something bad to say about Kristen since he wants her. If it was somebody else, Diane would probably have something negative to say about that person. Grow up and stop being a HATER!!!!!

          • well said.
            also- im very confused about whose side i am backing up and who i am against because i think both Rob and Kristen are excellent actors and actresses and we should feel no prejudism toward either of them.
            the thing i wanted to say was that here in england we used to have different legal ages for smoking than you in america, until recently.
            thank you (:

      • for diane,

        why do you hate on Kristen so much? Jealous much? Rob isn’t exactly a role model either. In case you haven’t seen, he is ALSO a heavy smoker. If they want to keep their relationship a secret, let them be, be happy for them. I’m sure Kristen won’t mind if you don’t see New Moon.

        • Not choosing sides or anything, but everyone in London smokes. It doesn’t have the stigma it has here in the states. Not sure why anyone would start smoking now, knowing everything we know. It’s part of the culture on the other side of the pond.

          • wow cindi, that’s quite a statement… everyone in London smokes?

            It certainly isn’t part of my culture… or anyone in my family…. or close friends’ circle… and I am from the UK

            As for rob & kirsten I know its technically none of our business… but I would secretly love for them to be dating, secretly or otherwise :oP

          • Cindi is right. Things are different in Europe. A LOT of people smoke and drink in bars. It doesn’t mean they are alcoholics.
            Why are ppl so judgmental of Kristen?!

      • Ummm okay ……..I didn’t know someone could be considered a skank because they drink or smoke???????
        First of all a skank is someone who has sex or messes around with numerous amounts of guys! A skank isn’t someone who smokes or drinks ,it’s people like you who criticize what other people because you don’t have a life and seriously you need to get over yourself !

        • Oh lordy someone let ROBSTENS on the loose ….lol

          • its not about being a robsten shipper. but kristen is unnecessarily and undeservedly maligned by a lot of people for reasons which aren’t always valid. cut the girl some slack.

      • ughh totally. i feel like she’s litterally reatrded because she cant spit out what she has to say. takes her like 5 mintues to complete 2 sentances. As 4 rob, he’s a natural actor, it comes easy to him so i think he’s great.

        damn u kristen 4 ruining twilght. ive seen many of her other movies and she’s the same stutter in each one.


        • just like obama?

      • Diane , why Hate so much? Kristen is a bright, intelligent, funny, beautiful young women, so if you don’t have anything nice to say about her, don’t…. one more thing, she is an actress, not role model, I hope more Hollywood stars would be as normal as she is.
        Moon I envy ( in a good way) you lol

      • she although looks like kristen.. atleast her physic and stuff..

      • wow your really retarded hahaha!

    • […]Letters to Twilight has a real (albeit blurry) photo of Rob & Kristen […]

    • thanks for the opportunity given to comment, I visited another opportunity again

  2. Dude!

  3. Noooo! Moon, say it ain’t so. I need a hug. And some valium.

  4. […] от концерт на Боби Лонг в LA: Снимката можете да видите ТУК източник: Letters to Twilight via […]

  5. I don´t care one way or the other if they are together or not. I would be glad if he got any. One question though: did you take the pic, Moon?

  6. ‘PPS Don’t freak out. Take a deep breath.’

    As if this would be possible.
    Give us details!!!

  7. *taking deep breaths*, oh moon please give us details.

  8. […] pic is blurry, far and dark, I can’t say if it’s really them. Anyway, here’s the link to the […]

  9. OMG, thank you for sharing us the pictures. this is awesome.
    i hope summit will let them be.


  11. Why else would kristen be at bobby’s concert unless she was with rob. I mean she is probably tentative friends with them as she is wit rob, but probably not enough to go to their concerts without him. I believe that is her and rob could only be with her there!

  12. Moon are you awake yet? No? Ok I’ll wait here patiently…………… Now? Really, sleep is overrated. : )

    • i know.sleep is overated..u dont need sleep moon…u suppose to come at night remember your moon..

      are you awake yet!!!!!yes ..No..ok i shall wait here and try not to freak out

  13. Robert and Kristen? pshhh…

    This post needs more Bobby.

  14. Awww friends going to a concert and sharing a cab..what’s to freak out over? Atleast it was just a FAN spotting them, not some rabid pap. I’m happy to see that they hang out having fun. As for “proof” of Robsten? Nope this pic just prove they went to the concert together, left together in the same cab. Simple as that really, just like the pics we saw of Rob and Kristen in Vancouver, going to a concert..with friends…what’s to speculate over? LOL

    Thanks Moon for the pic, even if it is blurry lol

    • wow, the fan girls have hit our little oasis of calm on LTR big time!


      Agrees whole heartedly with you.

      Goodness for all the times I went out with my men BFF’s.. if wild speculation were to take place, we’d be doing the deed all over town.. come on now.. get a grip ya’all and calm down. 🙂

      As much as you’d like to think, this does not mean they are banging each other. Unless your in the room with them…

      Frankly, I’m more of a believer in the Rob+TomStu bromance as there’s more things pointing in that direction.


      they got into seperate transportation on the way home.

  15. What a wonderful day to start of my weekend!!!!

    “PPS Don’t freak out. Take a deep breath.”

    Breathing, breathing…

    On a date or chillin as friends, at least they’re getting some down time before filming.

    And Moon, can you believe you were in such a small space with ROB?!?! Can’t wait to hear all the details

    • Totally agree!!!!!!!!!!! Cant believe this, Moon your picture is going to be on E news or something tonight! lol!!!!!!

  16. Biatch! Totalllllly jealous if that’s them . . .
    Spill the deets!


  17. they were having fun and sharing room together.
    i agreed, what friend’s for, right ? just friend.

  18. I woke up to 5 texts from you, Moon

    All of which made me say “FML” yet again for living on the wrong coast…….

    can’t wait for more details. WAKE UP

  19. Nice! Want. Details! 🙂

    While this does not “prove Robsten”, it doesn’t disprove “Robsten” either. Nothing that either of them have done in the last several months has disproved the possibility.

  20. Yay! I’m glad they got to see one of Bobby Long’s shows…the man is a fabulous artist! I hope they get to see Marucs Foster play while he’s in Cali, too!

  21. All I can really make out from that picture is possibly a mullet and hideous Nikes. We need the dirt.

  22. omg… did she wear her LEATHER PANTS to the show?

  23. Okay. Now I’m beginning to get bothered by all this. Ugh! If it is so, then it is.

    The picture of him driving allegedly from her house drove me nuts yesterday. Then this? Oh dear…

    If it is so, it is the ultimate Rob hosedown, at least for me. UC? Where are you on this?

  24. i’m freaking out!! i swear to god that’s kstew! look at her black bracelets and that grey vest she was wearing the other day.
    if we could only have more pics!!!


  26. Okay can’t even see if it’s them first off. Second I go to concerts with my friends all the time. Sorry, sure it’s an interesting tale but with out some stronger proof, I still don’t buy this robsten thing yet. Next we should say they are together because they spend time together on the same movie set…..

    • I agree! The next time all these people who are so sure they’re together go out with a friend of the opposite sex, they need to think about how it will look to others and how people will jump to conclusions. I hope they ARE together, but speculating will not make it happen.

  27. […] Pass along this Birthday RobPorn to Kristin, will ya? Also I hate you for last night. […]

  28. I feel footloose & fancy-free because I am choosing to believe that Moon is speaking directly to me – “PS Don’t freak out. Take a deep breath.” Which obviously is saying, “It’s okay JBell, they’re nothing but friends because I wouldn’t lie to you and make up cockamamie stories to get the blog in the top 10 on WordPress today.” That is my safe-harbour right now; the place I am going to avoid the fuckery that today will inevitably bring.


    PS – Would it be wrong to send 1,000 one-word texts to Moon until I woke her up? lol Don’t answer that. 😉

    • I think that’s the only viable option. Start texting.

    • Umm, tell yourself whatever you need to, but pretty sure there was some bumping uglies going on here. Time to let jeebus take the wheel.

    • love the fact you got 17 thumbs down LOL!

      either people dont want you to wake her up or they are VERY unhappy with you not wanting the Robsten…

      mmh…I’d go for the second one 😀
      and just ftr…I’m TOTALLY with you…just SLIGHTLY freaking out here =P

      did you send texts yet? *snickers*

  29. Wake up MOON, wake uppppppppppppp!

  30. […] Moon from Letters to Twilight spotted Rob and Kristen leaving a Bobby Long concert last night. You can find the picture on their site here. […]

  31. personally I think everyone is speculating without knowing the facts. Until we see a picture of them kissing or holding hands or being intimate I don’t believe it.

    What I think is Kristen’s family considers him one of their own (remember Kristen’s mom being all mom to him after VMA’s?) and he’s probably staying with them while in L.A. since he no longer has a place to live anymore. They are friends, and until there is better proof (ie kissing, cuddling, being intimate) I think people are making more than there is…

    • i agree. i bet he’s staying w/ the stews

      • Oh UC take back your words!
        you know what that implies – i don’t want to think that far – please take me to my happy place *goes down on both knees and begs* I’ll do anything – just take back your words.

        that means he probably stays in one of their guest rooms – Oh no
        walks around in his room naked or half naked
        Kristen can knock on his RM door at anytime to invite him for dinner
        they might even be watching a movie together cosily on a sofa, Rob in his scooby doo PJ ( been reading too much FF), Kristen in …….oh no just take me to my happy place.

    • Honestly, I thing “kissing, cuddling, being intimate” is a little too much to ask from Kristen and Rob, lol. They are so not the type of people to do that.

    • Why would he stay with them???!!! Hotels are way too much expensive for Rob?? He is too cheap? There is no money left? There are no any other friends in LA that he can stay with?

      He will be in town just for a week!

      I say, if he is staying with The KStews, they ARE a couple.

  32. […] Letters to Twilight – who has asked others not to post the photo but just to link to it – believes they’ve caught Robsten getting in to a cab together. Check out the photo over at Letters to Twilight. […]

  33. on yes they were totally making out in front of everybody.get real even if they just behaved as friends we all know what the truth isROBSTEN IS ON

  34. […] Letters to Twilight sustine ca aseara, dupa concertul lui Bobby Long i-a zarit pe Rob si Kristen impreuna, luand in […]

  35. This is EPIC. Why? Well because I trust Moon’s opinion, and if she saw Rob and Kristen “up close and personal” I feel that she may be able to confirm or deny any shananigans between the two.

    How exciting!

    • Deny, Moon, deny.

    • Agreed!! I’m kinda freakin’ my freak over here, and I don’t know why. I feel totally pathetic for feeling like this haha. But… part of me thinks that if any shenanigans WERE going down, that Moon would’ve shared those detes IMMEDIATELY.

      Moon… you’re such a tease!!

      • True. I’m keeping expectations low. Moon will go on and say, “they were just talking, like good friends”. Agh!

      • Agrees with @hayybrother
        Besides, I’m waiting to hear if TomStu was anywhere nearthat Bobby Long concert last night. (ah-huh ah huh)

        The bromance lives on, cuz its: (bros before hoe’s)

  36. Moon, I can’t wait to hear about Bobby’s show!!!

  37. […] to LetterstoTwilight who nabbed this picture: .gallery { margin: auto; } .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; […]

  38. I just had a TWIGASM! Wake up Moon. We need you!

  39. can i post it on my site?
    im from Robert pattinson China Fansite
    i’ve already email u

    • yes! just credit us

      • @ UC;
        holy shit!!! Look how popular ya’all are getting!! WTF is going on!!!

        Your little site, is getting more popular than Ted Cassablanca’s! LMAO at the frenzy this is causing amonsts the fangirls, shippers and Twi-twits.

        All I can say is; with all the estrogen and Rob Karma/energy being pumped over that ONE pic . ..that’s a lot of women that need to get laid.

  40. […] Although the pic is from the back and quite blurred, those who are quite familiar with the rumored couple will most probably conclude that it is the pair. To view the pic and to form your own opinion, please click here. […]

  41. […] Das doch recht aktuelle Foto könnt ihr euch hier anschauen!!!! […]

  42. It`s great that picture. 😉

  43. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha..breathe will live I love Robsten!

  44. In general, am really quite skeptical about claims made by fans (lots of fakers/crazies out ther) but because it’s you Moon – I believe it. 🙂

    And all I can say is … OMG. Am not surprised tbh, I really think they’ve been “together” or at least “dating” since May.

  45. YEY!!!!!!! made my day thanks!!!!

  46. […] Robert Pattinson & Kristen were spotted leaving Bobby Long’s Show last night together. View the picture here. […]

  47. […] Excerpt from:  Spotted: Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart! « Letters to Twilight […]

  48. I totall agree 🙂
    I can’t wait for the details..

  49. Moonie, dear, love, GET UP!!! I’m sending wake up energy your way!

    Deets woman, Deets.

    And for anyone doubting. Moon is not the type of person to get up close and be obnoxious. She’d hang back and take pictures out of the way. If she saw, them, she saw them.

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