I saw Rob Pattinson (and everything in the world was right…)

Dear LTT-ers, gossip hounds, lookie loos, Robstens and Nonstens-

As promised, my recap, all the juicy deets & the insane moment for which I should receive an Oscar since I kept my fangirl squees INSIDE:

RadarOnline.com is featuring my story of seeing Rob & Kristen at Bobby Long’s show exclusively! Why? Because we love to spread the LTT/LTR love around.

This is exactly the story I wrote this morning after I called UC & relayed my experience to her (we may or may not have fangirl squeed in unison)


And then come back and discuss it in the comments!


PS: Tomorrow we’ll have more thoughts- cuz today was too crazy to post them all- plus I’ve been sitting at the hairdresser’s, attempting to communicate with UC via text all day and I’m tired. Don’t hate! *Hugs

150 Responses

  1. Moon…you are my hero!

  2. So you sold your story to RADAR. Congrats, I hope you got a nice chunk of change for that and more hits to your site.

  3. o.m.g Moon! *fan girl squee* one person away from the curtain… you had a very memorable evening :o) not gonna comment on you confirming they went back to chateau marmont, or whether Radar added that in. doesnt matter. you had a great night and you acted like Rob wants fans to act. its great that he can have/ has had a night out with friends without being hounded by paps and/or mobbed by screaming fans.

  4. Who would of thunk it, huh? That when UC and Moon started this little blog it would make them ceweberties. That it would bring Moon within inches of HHH himself. That a major gossip blog would be coming to them for the scoop on Rob. Aww I feel like a proud mama right now. I ❤ you ladies. Keep up the amazing work. You deserve all the recognition you got today.

    PS. UC you really need to get out to L.A. you're letting Moon have all the fun!

  5. I am sooo jealous! I’m sure the self control you exerted to keep your ‘fangirl squees’ inside rivaled Edward’s that first day in biology!!! Good for you. Not sure I would’ve manged it!
    How hot did he look?!

  6. Recent Bobby Long interview here from ABC.com (great questions, no TwiGushing)


    re: Robsten.. meh…. I’ll take my chances and say its still a bromance with TomStu. With her puttoff reaction to him at ComCom, PR probably insists they needed to do something to repair the Robsten fauxMance


  7. i’m speechless!! so amazing – i’m glad you took your comic-con kit…

  8. Ted C will be calling you soon!!!! LOL

  9. Three awesomespice cheers for Moon!

    I think you missed the part where you shared Hot Pockets together behind that curtain while you were breakin’ it down “Full Moon Style”.

    But you are classy…I can understand why you left that out.

  10. Oh. My. God.

    Perez Hilton posted your picture.


  11. I can’t believe how famous Moon has just made LTR and LTT LOL

    Love you Moon!


  12. OH MOON…..this ruined my day. I was all proud of myself for not driving up to LA from San Diego on a work night to meet up with you and visit my new “friend” Bobby and then I wake up and see THIS!!! I wanted to puke, I wanted to cry, I wanted to die. LOL, happy for YOU though 🙂

  13. You guys got a link on perezhilton.com (bet you already knew this) but congrats:)
    Did you get like a cajillion hits today or what?

  14. I´m so sorry to find you did this, I had high image of you people at this place, I can’t believe you collaborated to gossip by giving your story to them; did you follow them to know they headed to the Chateau as you posted there?
    Rob and Kristen and all the people of that cast are under so much scrutiny and you collaborate to it like this, it was good you reported it here, but to get it into a gossip place?? I know the actors acknowledge this is part of the deal of becoming famous, but if they get this disrespect by the fans, what can us expect from the media?
    This makes me so sad, I always come here and read your posts, the same at Letter to Rob, but after this, I´m shocked and saddened by this.

    • Paola, I don’t see this as disrespect. This is truth-not gossip- and Moon acted totally respectful of Rob. She didn’t mob him or call attention to the fact that he was there at the time. I don’t know that all of us could say the same!

    • No one was complaining when they were waiting all day for the scoop. All of you sat there on batted breath and waited for her to post her findings. Now that it’s all said and done, people want to complain. Even if she hadn’t posted the info through Radar people would still find reason to complain. Give me a break. Moon handle your business, Girl!

  15. Yay for moon! I was at Bobby’s late show last night also but alas I did not see Rob/Kristen/Marcus…so I’m pretty jealous. Bobby’s show was great and it was nice of him to come out after and take pics and do autographs, wasn’t expecting it. So did everyone else see that photographer fall in the dumpster????! I almost lost it. Bobby said “She’s alright!” But then she couldn’t get out of the dumpster. It was hilarious.

    Just want to say that I have been lurking here for a long time and love, love, love your blogs! Wish I knew everyone as it seems there were so many LTTers there last night!

    I took a friend with me that doesn’t care about “all this stuff” and rolls her eyes every time I get going about Twilight, Rob, LTT etc… and I really downplay what I say too. I try to explain to her that I am “normal” and that there are many others out there just like me! Last night it all became clear to her, she understands, a little. She hearts Bobby Long now too!

  16. I debated about whether to comment here, but after reading everyone’s squeeful comments, I think I need to say something. Rob’s expression here http://www.twitpic.com/d2spx/full pretty much sums up how I feel about your Radar deal. I know money talks, but you’ve compromised your credibility as fans.

    I’m grateful for all the laughs you’ve provided since I started reading LTR in January.

  17. oh wow. moon, you are my hero. even though you didn’t touch him. oh my gosh. i would have fainted, personally. ahh 😀

  18. […] only reason why I posted this story is because it’s a real account from our friends over at Letters To Twilight . I could basically envision the shock of seeing KStew right behind him. […]

  19. Is it true that you were paid to have your story posted on radar? Why else would you post to that gossip site and not have your story here? Why not just put it here on your site? You would get plenty of hits just by word of mouth alone; you didn’t have to go to Radar to spread the word. I have always enjoyed reading the posts on here. I hope it isn’t true.

  20. Congrats! Now that is how a true fans should behave. Quiet and respectful. Way to go. LA fans rule over NYC fans!

    • I’m not trying to stand up for all of those absolutely horrid and dreadful girls who mobbed Rob on the Remember Me set while in NYC or anything, but this is a very different situation. Rob’s whereabouts in NYC were common knowledge, so the craziest of crazies showed up to invade his space. I’m sure if he was just out at some small venue watching a show in NYC, it would have been a similar situation to this one. Not all fans in the NYC area are terrible people!

  21. Wow, this is really nice to hear. I also love the fun and funny perspective of your blog here. You ladies know how to make fun of yourselves, even while taking it seriously. Today’s a good day.

  22. Alrighty. Got home. Read the article.

    WOW MOON!!

    That was so close! The things you do/happen to you for the sake of the blog. We ❤ you both for it.

    Not diggin' that last line though. Did you write that? Or was that a Radar edit?

  23. You’re so lucky getting to see him irl.
    Nice not to disturb ’em though, not sure I could’ve controlled myself like that XD

  24. Real nice selling out Rob. Very sad. How the hell do you know where they were going? . Even though everything in Radars original story was wrong, you now backed it up with the last line about Chateau. Nice. Now all the vultures likd Ted C and Perez are eating it up. I’m sure Rob really appreciates fans like you.

  25. I thought I heard the squee heard round the world while I was at playgroup today. Must have been when this was posted. Kudos to you, Moon! I hate you. But I love you.

  26. […] **https://letterstotwilight.wordpress.com/2009/08/07/i-saw-rob-pattinson-and-everything-in-the-world-wa…   Leave a Comment […]

  27. i’m saddened you have to sell this story to radar 😦 😦

    though on the other hand you cleared somehow the earlier crappy report of radar.

    the last sentence of moon’s report though is kind of suspicious. looks like radar just added it there to redeem their preceeding sloppy report.

    i still wish u guys the best.

  28. […] the car) has been published to determine if he indeed came from his co-star’s home. However, a report from LetterstoTwilight.com co-founder Moon detailed her encounter with Kristen and Rob appearing at their friend Bobby […]

  29. wow… you totally got linked to from perez hilton for this picture. thats ridiculous.

  30. RADARonline? Really? Really, Moon?
    Why oh why!?

    How much did they pay you?

    Rob must love you now so much more!


    couldn’t find the one with Rob.

    • Please even Rob appreciates quick-witted fans. he knows people will make something out of him so why not his fans? I fully support moon in this – after all you have to think beyond the box – fans = fame and fame = bankability and money for actors. If Rob goes totally unspotted then his fame is reducing and that means everything else is slowing down and he should then start worrying about auditions *SHUDDERS* with the unknowns and even rejection *more SHUDDERS*
      To cut the long story short – Moon and UC have supported him through thick and thin, contributing to his fame, why can’t she get an ounce of it ? why should the big wigs like SUMMIT earn everything for doing nothing? ! look at it that way and ya’ll be alot more happier – you go Moon!

      • and just to add – Moon was a pretty classy fan – not like the airport girl or the NYC street ambush. pretty classy “just the way I like it”

  31. I don’t think you guys should be so judgemental of Moon…it’s not like she went all in Rob and K-Stew’s faces like the crazies…she took a pic from far away. That’s Normal. And she didn’t sell Rob out — she helped clear up some misleading rumors.

    Go Moon! 🙂

  32. a true fan would never go to a gossip provider to sell a story about the person he admires and respects. it doesn’t matter that u didn’t go all rabid and try to grab him or bug him for a photo… u did stalk and u did took a candid photo. which on its own isn’t nice. but selling the story to the press is just utter lack of respect for him as a human being.

  33. oh MOON, you’ve just gained a follower here! ive got ur back.

  34. Jealous? Yes I am.

    Ok so other than so I could get my daily LTR/LTT dosage I came here to see if you have noticed on ITUNES the song….
    She wants to be Mrs. Robert Pattinson by Sarah Barry Williams????
    Because if that’s not second hand embrassing I don’t know what is.

  35. I think it’s cool that you got to see him… I kinda wish you had just posted the story here and let whomever pick it up.. but it’s cool.. it was your pic and your story to tell…

    No matter what I laughed my A$$ off today with the other posts… the comments kept me going all day and people at work knew I wasn’t getting ANYTHING done because I was laughing so hard!

    Thanks for a great Friday.. no matter the out come.. you kept it lively… and I needed the laugh

    I was just wondering… do you think Rob is a cover and Kristen is really in love with Marcus?.. I know, I know, don’t even start 🙂

    You guys are great! Thanks again!

  36. Loved the recap.

    Hate the bitch who commented on Radar that they lost respect for LTT for Moon giving the scoop to a gossip site. Is it just me or is she not also reading a gossip site for a scoop about Rob? Whatever VKP and VickieLee. Moon kicks ass and you suck!!


  37. Hmmm, not really sure how I feel about all of this…

    On one hand, I kind of feel like this should definitely have stayed an LTT/LTR thing, or at least been posted here first. On the other hand, even though I really don’t know her for beans, that article didn’t look completely Moon-like. It just seemed…strange. Moon-like, but not completely so.

    I don’t know. I’m not trying to judge at all, I am so completely ‘Don’t give an F-sten’ its not funny. But I hate to think that Moon sold her experience as a ‘scoop’ to RadarOnline (I don’t follow gossip sites and have no idea where they fall on the credibility scale, although from some of the reactions here I’m guessing pretty low). And apparently the picture even got linked to Perez Hilton, who I do know is kinda first class scum. And for the record, I do kinda hate that Perez referred to Moon as a Twi-Hard, cuz I’ve never really thought we here at LTT are (they evoke a much scarier picture in my head, CAS’s galore), yet now I’ll look like one by association, just because of that picture.

    And is Moon even pro-Robsten?? For some reason I thought she wasn’t. Yet they’re sure doing a good job making her look that way, if she’s not.

    I don’t know. I’m kinda confused. Guess I’ll just wait to find out what she has to say tomorrow.

    • Oh yeah, but I forgot to say, sounds like you had a great time and that’s completely awesome!

    • I get where you are coming from
      but you have to read that article again and compare with all the others Moon writes – there is a huge gap. It doesn’t quite seem like she ‘sold precious gossip’ what is written is quite unattached – a bit vague. its just saying ” i saw Rob, Marcus and Kristen” it doesn’t give any more details – which we are hopping to get here later on when Moon gets online. If someone is willing to pay for just ” I saw” story, then why not. Even if she put it here first – Rader Online would have reported it, Paris Hilton was already on it – so why not?

  38. Great experience. Too bad you shared it with Radaronline. I can see the temptation for the fifteen minutes of fame, but it so goes against what you have been expressing here up until now. Am a little disappointed now…
    Poor Rob when even his die-hard fans stop looking out for his best interests.

  39. I’m sitting on the indecisive fence too.

    There’s a very fine line to tread. The choice to be a fan, the choice to be fan with Rob’s best interests in mind, and then the choice to be a fan with *your* own best interests in mind.

    I’m not sure what influenced the decision to sell their story, but the whole situation gives me a bad vibe….

  40. I’m so totally in the “Stop ragging on Moon” camp right now – girl has a right to tell whoever she wants about what she *saw* (note past tense) – she didn’t twitter it at the time and it’s not like 10,000 twi-hards can now go to their handy time machines and go back and mob them, right?!
    I’m sure if the three celebs in question were asked and actually gave a shit, they’d probably say “thx dude for totally not ruining our night, it was ace. Oh and rumours happen and shit. Fer shizzle.” Or something like that 😉

    Anyway, she’s not this chick (who is now famous in Australia for lying to the police, and gets PAID to go on current affairs shows and continue to embarrass the rest of us), and that’s really all anyone needs to know:

    There is a super massive difference between stalking, and happening to see and celeb, take a picture and tell a gossip site. We all know which one Moon did, and we all read it (and enjoyed it!) and that is that!

    Props Moon 🙂 U go girl.

    • I agree completely. It’s not as though there isn’t a daily dish of gossip about RP and KS out there. Moon has earned her twiblog-cred which is why her grainy/blurry picture got the world to stop and read her account. I say it’s about time UC and Moon got some compensation for all of the joy and laughs they bring us daily. Sorry, but her story didn’t “hurt” Rob in the slightest.

  41. Great story Moon!

    I was just wondering why it was posted on RO ? And not here where it belongs.

  42. Nothing personal, but WHO CARES?

    (Besides the constantly screaming TWI fans.)

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