New Moon Music we’re freaking out about

f_MusicSavesMm_03e9391Dear Music-loving Twihards,

Moon & I are music freaks. We met at music school, we send each other mixes all the time (and by “we” I mean Moon sends me mixes). We both have music business degrees, and we have both worked in the music industry at one point in our lives.  So needless to say, music is really important to us- especially when it involves things we love, like the New Moon Soundtrack.

Add to the list of things we love about Chris Weitz, it sounds like he has kick-ass music taste.  We read that he’s confirmed Thom Yorke from Radiohead on the soundtrack as well as Bon Iver (my fav artist of 2008- please learn how to pronounce his name so I don’t get 2nd-hand embarrassed “BONE-EE-VAIR”). Moon & my friendship really blossomed in the days while we were obsessing over Adam Brody on the OC, and we can’t mention Adam Brody/Seth Cohen without mentioning Death Cab for Cutie who is rumored to have a track on the soundtrack as well.

We’re psyched.

Today, enjoy the music. Maybe you know it Or Maybe it’s new. This isn’t about the videos. You don’t even have to watch them- just push play and let the music fill your soul. This is about the amazing artists that we’re so exicted to hear in New Moon:

Bon Iver

Skinny Love

Actually watch this vid. I got goosebumps. So appropriate. Song is called Woods

This vid has a :34 sec intro- push through it. The song is called Bloodbank

Death Cab & Radiohead after the jump!


This song is really special to me, and “I will follow you into the Dark” (the title) is inscribed on my husband’s wedding band!

Sad! So Short, but it’s called We looked like Giants

Radiohead Thom Yorke is their lead singer & has only released 1 solo album and I found no songs of his linked with Twi vids!

Obvs, all Twi fans know this because it was during the very last scene of Twilight, and while I’ve heard it so many millions of times because when this album came out I played it for 3 months in a row (not kidding), it’s still so.damn.good: 15 Steps

An oldie but a goodie song of Radioheads that is about obsession with a girl: Creep

Can’t wait to hear what songs get on the soundtrack! Do you know these bands? What songs are your favs & what would be appropriate if they don’t put new tracks on the album?


The Forum is always a fine place for music discussions

LTR probably rocks today with Moon. Check it out!

56 Responses

  1. Anything…and I mean, ANYTHING, will be better than the Twi soundtrack.

    And y’all know how I feel about music, so rather than leave the longest comment ever I’ll just say that I love Thom, I love Bon Iver (“Blindsided” is my fave by him), and I still think “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” is as romantic as JEW’s “For Me This Is Heaven.”

    Just so you know.

    p.s. She didn’t ask me, but Alex Patsavas should most definitely put Bat For Lashes’ cover of Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire” on the soundtrack. Because it rocks. Because it’s perfectly moody and dark and sexy and dramatic and deep and awesome.

    That is all.

  2. I already love and am a huge fan of Thom Yorke and Radiohead. But I have only just head of Bon Iver in the recent days …is that weird?

    I really enjoyed the songs you posted and UC, that’s a super cute inscription on Hubs’ wedding band. That song was beautiful. Anyway, I am always looking for new music, so off I go to ITunes to familiarize myself with Bon Iver and Death Cab for Cutie. thanx

  3. I will follow you into the dark is such a beautiful song and so fitting!!
    Personally a song that i think perfectly fits New Moon is “Who Can Say” by the Horrors. Its a little weird and alternative but the lyrics are perfecttttt …theyll never make it on the soundtrack in a million years, im just glad there using Thom Yorke and not poeple like the Jonas Brothers …..

  4. I am a music snob. I admit it. I hate when bands I love are put on really popular stuff because then it all ends up overplayed…but because its my favorite books/movie series, I will overlook this. lol.

    So I am excited about Bon Iver, Thom Yorke and I swear to god if they put Justin Guarinni (orhoweverthefuckyouspellit) on that soundtrack I will cut a bitch. Just sayin’…there are lots people who want a piece of the twilight lovin’…but the only ones that deserve it are the ones who aren’t looking for it and just have great music that fits.

    Okay, I’m going to head out to the lake for some fresh air and pavement pounding. Much needed, might I add 🙂

  5. I absolutely loooove Death Cab for Cutie and the song, “I will follow you into the dark”. It’s a song that always takes my breath away (Gah, that sounds so freaking cheesy, but it’s true…)
    And Radiohead=Win.

  6. I am out in the outbacks right now and enjoying lots of things except a good Internet connection, so I am sadly unable to listen to these songs til I get home again. Will do, though, they look exciting!

    I spend a lot of time thinking about New Moon and potential music that would be good with different scenes.. Have heard Fleet Foxes “Your protector” and wondered if that wouldn’t be a good song for Bella going home with Edward from Italy? Sad and wistful, still a lovesong.

    Btw, I had just slipped Twilight into the DVD yesterday when a family with three teenage boys came over to visit (14, 15 and 18). The guys ended up in the TV-room with me, while the parents went to have drinks with the other grown-ups, sceptical about the “chick flic” or “vampire flic”, but they were glued to the screen within 15 minutes. The 15-year old exclaimed “Oh noo, I don’t want it to be over!” at the end of the movie and then spent half an hour interviewing me about what the titles of the books were…since he were gonna get them as soon as possible to read before New Moon came out.
    Have I converted a fifteen-year-old BOY to Twilight??? Oh, my.

  7. I fell in love with Bon Iver, after seeing the second vid 🙂 and Death Cab for Cutie, I’ve just recently started to listen to all of their music-and i love it too. Of course, you have to love Radiohead. I can’t wait to know the official soundtrack list!!

  8. Radiohead is one of my FAVE bands….loved them for years! Deathcab for Cutio is also the shiz! I have been checking out Bon Iver lately as well…and I actually knew how to pronounce his name. No 2nd Hand Embarassment from me 🙂
    Since we’re talking music here…I went to see Neko Case last night (AMAZING) so if ya’ll haven’t checked her out go do so RIGHT NOW!

  9. ‘I Willl FollowYou into the Dark’ was right between the eyes, UC—please allow me to return the favor from my perspective by referring you to a poem by Emily Dickinson ‘The bustle in a house’—the context will then be clear to you—i’m in tears—there simply are no words—<3

  10. I stil think Breathe Me by Sia would be perfect for New Moon. Its so sad and painful, perfect for the months passing after Edward leaves…

  11. I vowed to stay away from here all weekend…ha! So glad I didn’t…Radiohead is my one of my favorite bands. I was so thrilled to hear of their inclusion on the NM soundtrack. If I had the “skills” to create one of these videos, I would use “The Mess We’re In” by Thom Yorke and PJ Harvey (another great). Thanks for this post. I can’t even be my sh*tty, sarcastic self after reading it. It’s really exciting to me that some of the older alternative bands are being recognized. Keep up the great work.

  12. Ah, hell as long as I’m on a roll, I’d like to see the following on a Twi-soundtrack:

    Magic Doors–Portishead, Third

    Opus 132–William Orbit, Pieces in a Modern Style (or anything really from this spectacular album)

    Dear God Please Help Me–Morrissey, Ringleader of the Tormentors

    I’m sure there will be more. But I’ll just keep them to myself, just like my Twilight obsession. For the most part, anyway.

  13. my breath hitched when i read that someone suggested “this mess we’re in” by thom and PJ. it simply doesn’t get any more heart wrenching and gorgeous than that song.

  14. Love love love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE Bon Iver. I remember right after I got the cd I had to drive for four hours and I listened to that and ONLY THAT the whole way. I must’ve heard it like 13 times just that day.

    LOVE IT.

  15. i was just telling my bff this morning how much i am in love with chris weitz now. besides the fact i think that he is gonna make new moon amazing and as accurate as possible to the book after i heard about who he wanted on the soundtrack i was just ecstatic. love radiohead, bon iver and death cab. creep is by far my favorite radiohead song and has been since the first time i heard it, and its so funny because my friends and i are always joking about how much of a creeper edward is. but its ok hes because hes hot. hahaha.

  16. ” “I will follow you into the Dark” (the title) is inscribed on my husband’s wedding band!”

    I melted when I read that.

  17. I love music and have varying and eclectic tastes I’ve heard of Bon Ivar but apparently not the right songs because now I think i’m hooked. My music collection has become ever more expanding thanks to LTT/LTR, the forums and fan fiction. for that I am grateful!

  18. Ohh I always love your music posts! Probably because I love music…and twilight. Perfect match.
    I’m absolutely thrilled to have Thom Yorke on the new moon soundtrack.

    Let me grasp this opportunity to propose my own favorite (Belgian) band for the new moon soundtrack: Absynthe Minded. I know…ain’t gonna happen…but anyway, you should just listen to this amazing band!

    Edward stepping out of the alley (Edward POV)
    Absynthe Minded – Silent Song (No image needed when there would be this song)

    Bella POV
    Absynthe Minded – There Is Nothing

    A little Eclipse chapter 20. Compromise
    Absynthe Minded-Heaven Knows (‘cuz I adore this song)

    Jacob POV (I guess the guy needs a song as well)
    Absynthe Minded – My Heroics, Part One

  19. Posts like this are why I love LTT so much! UC, do you also have a Death Cab lyric on your wedding band? What a great idea!
    I started listening to Radiohead years ago in high school — as a failed attempt to impress the guy I liked. Got over the guy pretty quickly, never got over my love of Radiohead! Now I always say that Thom Yorke ruined me for other music, cause nothing else I’ve found comes close to comparing with Radiohead music. I did like his solo album, but I didn’t think it was as good as his work with the whole group. I tend to like “old Radiohead” (Ok Computer album and before) better than “new,” but I did love In Rainbows. I think I shrieked a little in the movie theater when 15 Step started playing with the credits … anyways, if Chris Weitz goes with Thom’s solo stuff, Harrowdown Hill is a great one. Or if he picks a Radiohead song, Street Spirit is one of those soul-crushing songs that’d be perfect for when Edward leaves, or Exit Music For a Film, which they actually wrote for the Romeo + Juliet movie but it was only used in the credits. And how perfect is the line “Look into my eyes,
    I’m not coming back” from Knives Out?

    As far as Death Cab goes, Transatlanticism is beautiful — who can resist the repeated “I need you so much closer”?

    Hmm, other ideas … I’d love to hear the Bright Eyes song Devil in the Details in there somewhere. “There was love I meant, there were accidents, so tell me which is which, I have no way of knowing the truth … I am the first one I deceive, if I can make myself believe the rest is easy.”

    Sorry for the long post, but I can never shut up when it comes to music (especially Radiohead :)). Can’t wait to hear more soundtrack details and discuss!!

  20. I made this video – the song seems so perfect for NM to me:


  21. I love bon iver and death cab for cutie. love radiohead/thom yorke, they give good soundtrack. talk show host is a total fave, even though at the time I hated Romeo & Juliet. they’ll be mostly originals for new moon won’t they? isn’t that what they do?

    And my pick would be Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Runaway. It’s a bit soundtracky sounding when the strings come in.

    • i was running the other day (and by running i mean walking fast) and playing my ipod which i never listen to and is full of old school stuff- and ‘talk show host’ came on and made me want to watch romeo & juliet again (that was my ‘twilight’ in high school.. i was obsessed) and recalled how amazing that song it

      ‘i want to…. ” AH

      • It was on my sex-mixtape before I even contemplated having sex!

        I recently watched romeo & juliet and retracted my old feelings regarding the movie because it truly was a masterpiece. I would love to see Baz work with Rob, and not just karaoke in Japan.

        • Oh, I agree! I LOVE Baz! R&J and Australia were awesome…I also can’t wait till Rob and Hugh (jackman *swoon*) are shooting their movie 🙂

  22. Ever hear of William Fitzsimmons? I love his older album – Until When We Are Ghosts – especially Passion Play, Funeral Dress and Shattered. Mostly from Jake’s perspective – especially toward the end of Funeral Dress which might work for when Jake has to walk away at the end of the book.

  23. I love it when you guys do a music post! I can really see that you have such a love of music! One of the best things that has come out of my complete obsession with all things Twilight is my exposure to so much music I have never heard before. My girls worship all things Jonas so….lets just say, I got out of the habit of listening to things that I like. You should do a post every now and then about new music you are listening to – I am sure that you could relate it back to Twilight or Rob somehow…right? I am now going to listen to everything that you and everyone else has talked about! Oh – I too had a big crush on Seth Cohen – I love your OC references!! I love you guys!!

  24. Wow, i haven’t really heard any of these songs before, except “I’ll Follow You Into the Dark”. But i liked them.

    One song that makes me think of New Moon is “A Feast For Me” by Elisa. It fits the whole Bella’s birthday party being the beginning of the end thing…

  25. Radiohead’s Let Down is the most amazing song ever. They should use that.

    And Sigur Ros’ Ny Batteri because it’s one of their darkest songs, and lonely, and just fucking perfect and eerie…… But I doubt they will play any Sigur Ros. And don’t movie studios need to ask permission of the bands? As much as I love SR they’re pretty snobby with shit like that and they may not go for it.. hahaha.

  26. Wow this looks cool Bobby gee Thanks

  27. I know Kings of Leon are huge and I have heard rumors of them beings asked by Weitz, but their song Revelry from the album Only By The Night. Just take a serious listen to the lyrics… Seems so spot on.

    But I love all the suggestions here too… 🙂

  28. I’m def a fan of the ones they’ve chosen so far. I jumped on the Hana Pestle wagon though and would LOVE to have “Need” on the soundtrack. If you haven’t downloaded it on iTunes you really should. Everytime I listen to it I think of Bella’s long depression time. I think it would be perfect.

  29. I really think the song Letters From the Sky by Civil Twilight would be great for the soundtrack, I just love the song so much and I can’t stop listening to it ever since I first heard it on HArper’s Island…

  30. Call me crazy, but I like Tokio Hotel. Most of their ‘Scream’ album could have been inspired by the Twilight books.
    Favorites include:
    “By Your Side” – Jacob to Bella as she’s ‘waking up’.
    “I don’t want to cause you trouble,don’t want to stay too long. I just came here to say to you: I am by your side, just for a little while.
    Turn around, I am here. If you want, it’s me you’ll see. Doesn’t count, far or near. I can hold you when you reach for me.”

    Also, Monsoon- Bella to Edward
    “A half-moon fading from my sight, I see your vision in its light, but now its gone and left me so alone. I know I have to find you now. Can’t hear your name. I don’t know how. Why can’t we make this darkness feel like dawn?
    Running through the monsoon, beyond the world, to the end of time, where the rain won’t hurt. Fighting the storm, into the blue & when I lose myself I think of you. Together we’ll be running somewhere new, and nothing can hold me back from you, through the monsoon, just me and you.”

    “Rescue Me” & “Don’t Jump” both work beautifully as well.

    “Final Day” is perfect for Breaking Dawn as Bella prepares for what may be Renesmee & Jake’s only option.

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  32. Great post UC! Thanks for including Creep. I know you did that just for me. 🙂

  33. Home again. Have computer again, have now listened, and yes, I like. DeathCab and Radiohead I have never listened to much, though I liked 15 steps on the soundtrack, obviously, so thanks for pointing me in that direction. Bon Iver was a complete non-entity for me, so that was interesting too.

    Right now I keep thinking of David Sandstroms solo debut “The dominant need of the needy soul is to be needed” and the song “Cocaine in your Cola”, he seems to fit in with the present suggested company. And I think he’s great!

  34. I actually loved almost all the songs on the Twilight soundtrack and for a while there was my favorite CD. I really hope I will follow you into the dark is on the New Moon soundtrack because that is one of my favorite songs. I thought Stephenie wanted the Blue October song on it – My Never? I really like that song 🙂 There are so many good songs I really hope they but their hearts into it because a song can change so many things to a sceen.

  35. […] she tweeted that she just found out that Bon Iver was going to be on the New Moon soundtrack- old news! and Justin Chon I don’t really get. Last I checked he was an actor who has had some small […]

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