Comic Con 2009 – Moon’s mini story

Dear Ltt-ers, Twihards, and Comic Con attendees-

It’s officially 130 in the am west coast we’ve been up since 6, we’ve seen Rob in the flesh, we died a little, we saw exclusive clips, we swooned, we thought “he’s only 17,” Kristen passed the dutchie on the left hand side and then the night ended on the highest of highs. Oh you don’t know? You must not be following us on Twitter…

So in lieu of a full recap (which I will do tomorrow) I’ll leave you with a little teaser and say how much the LTT/LTR Comic Con constituency appreciated your support, your news and your enthusiasm. We had a blast and wish we could have shared it with ALL OF YOU!

So without further adieu and before I pass out I give you…
A video is worth a thousand words…

Kristen talks about being Bella in New Moon

Watch out for that contact high 

The many faces of Rob in his new plaid shirt
Try not to die too hard at 1:00

Oh and here’s a little gift from me to you…
You got it sister! 

So friends I’m off and I will be back very soon to give you the full scoop… until then don’t miss out on what we learned about Rob during Comic Con at Letters to Rob!


Discuss it all over at the forum!

40 Responses

  1. Dear Moonie,
    Loved your commentary over twitter from the day.

    Also a big eff you to you and the girls. I know what happened last night and i hate you and love you all at the same time.


  2. Did you say Kristen passed the dutchie on the left hand side?

    That’s even funnier than “she was nicer when the doobie wore off.”

    I love you.
    And that is all.

  3. Moon, you are such a tease!

    I’m consumed with this whole pride/jealousy thingy right now for you and all the LTT/LTR ladies who were there yesterday! Thanks for letting me get my vicarious squee fan girl on far away so I couldn’t do anything 2nd hand embarassing!

  4. What the eff is a “dutchie”???
    So jealous, Moon!

  5. Wait….

    Did he just put on a dirty Edward fanfic voice saying

    “…which is just the way I like it” question mark.

    Hunt him down girls! Scream at him until he’s deaf,
    rip apart his tee (he’s making it easy for ya), grab them pants, hide in them… ‘cuz he is begging for it! … Big Time!

    Don’t look at me…I don’t go for easy…sorry Rob…

  6. Oh, Moon, if it is possible to die of envy I will find out when you disclose your complete CC stories. Ugh!

    Is it possible that we will never see the exclusive clips before the movie comes out? This whole Robsession has really tested my patience. I’m finding out I don’t have any.

  7. I want to kill you. Do you know what it’s like to be your bloggy partner on the other side of the country when I get a text “sitting next to the cast @ the restaurant we’re at” and then have to go to BED without details? and then wake UP without details?

    ohhh mooonnnnnnnnnn… you’re KILLING ME 🙂

  8. also thank you for that gift. Seriously. That’s an amazing gift

  9. AAHHH!! I can’t see the vids at work! Did you have an encounter, Moon? What happened?! The suspense of not knowing is driving me bonkers!!!

  10. Let me speak for UC when I say, you beteer have a great reason for not sharing the deets… And the only good reason is that you’re still having wild sex with rob.

  11. Okay, what the hell is going on?!? I see these tweets about eating dinner near the cast?!? Moon, you best get on here and explain. Quickly.

  12. […] This post was Twitted by AmberRMW […]

  13. Moon, I have always said you are my kind of girl…you like Jerky, you like Champagne, you like heels, you may or maynot like Twilight subsequently liking Rob…but this new level, the TEASE level….makes you my new best friend.

    Work it, work it, own it…..

  14. All i can say is it was truly a great night. Moon gets to give out the details herself…. but it is worth the wait guys.

  15. OMG, OMG, I just…….OMG, Help…..
    I’ve no life……
    it’s on hold til Moon spills…..
    Hubby due home soon
    internet stalking will be over for TWO WHOLE WEEKS please, please, please… I can’t go away not knowing…
    crying here…. seriously crying……
    Now I know how all those boys felt when I was a young unmarried girl….yes I WAS that cock-teaser!

  16. Screw RPattz (yes, please)…I have a massive crush now on Chris Weitz!
    And I’m not sure it was a doobie. Smells like meth.

    • I was thinking the same thing!!! He’s quite hawt actually!
      I’m so incredibly jealous….I was getting my hair colored and my colorist thought I was crazy because I kept checking Twitter on my phone to live vicariously thru Moon!!!! Good God girl, give us the details! I’m dying!!!

  17. DIED.

    • Oops, sorry, I didnt’ mean to embed that second one! I was frantic. 😉

    • Okay, everything I said about not caring about NM after yesterday’s adolescent nightmare……… I TAKE BACK

    • Okay seriously…another wasted day. I’ve been watching this and doing the Cabbage Patch at my desk for the last hour. Lord, I need this job…make this obsession go away (or at least die down a little).

    • Anyone else have the song “Seventeen” from KOL running through their head? Nobody? Ok then.

      • No, but I’m prob waaayyy older than you, so I’ve had “Seventeen” by Winger going through my head.

      • Actually I have Benny Medina’s “Into the Night” stuck in my head.

        It’s the pedo’s lullaby and I’m ashamed that it’s on my Ipod.

        • Medina=Mardones.

          Who is Benny Medina? Perhaps the answer is at the bottom of the third glass of martini that I am nursing.

    • Feb. 11, 2010 ladies…he will officially be legal. Meow.

      • Feb 11, 2010 — My 20th Birthday. Know what the BEST birthday present would be?

        Um… A Legal Taylor showing up at my doorstep! 😀

    • The audience reactions to this scene are PRICELESS. I almost stroked out from the HILARITY at 1:43.

      @Bellasnemisis, same here with KOL/”Seventeen.” Hurry up and turn 18 Taylor so I can stop feeling like an uber-perv.

  18. Hey- it’s okay… i got NO work done yesterday either. I had like eight tabs open trying to keep up with all the comic con news. Best source on twitter though-? letter2twilight!!!

  19. Moon, you’re not the girl who


  20. i emailed them at like 5 am yesterday (ET) so i hope you got them.

    and moon i’m super jealous!

  21. Moooonnnn!!! let us know!!!! the suspense is killign meeeeeeee!!!! Come on!!! Mooonnn!!!
    Did you meet him??’ is that it??? do that means that that new years resolution is checked’?????

    Come on!!!!!!!!!!


    In the name of Love!!!!

  22. Moon, did the highest of highs brought you to clouds 9?
    Hope so!

    I really love the happy Rob on these pics and video but I have to admit Taylor gave me really bad thoughts…and he is only 2 years older than my niece, crap!

  23. Okay so I have been checking back here periodically this evening hoping that moon decided to not have a life outside of LTT/LTR for the evening and post the goings on from comic-con early. No such luck. She’s keeping us on our toes…ugh. I can’t wait til tomorrow *FAN GIRL SCREAMS*

    • PS. not to say that Moon or anyone else doesn’t have a life..LOL, that was probably a rude to say..

  24. I’m just happy that I sorta kinda know someone who went! Can’t wait til you break it down for us.

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