Our Crazy Twilight Life

Dear LTTers,

If you think Rob & Kristen have had a crazy time since Twilight made it big, you should see what happens to Moon & I in our lives. We were just two little twenty-somethings, minding our own business, breaking down that 1 hour long Vanity Fair vid that we love so much when BAM- we suddenly have a blog bigger than we ever expected where sometimes, when UC writes a post about Cougars & Robert Pattinson, it gets reposted on a blog who’s description is:

Catering to men leaving the country for a good time

(They also give re-post love to blogs about hot Asian girls with sexy legs)

And right before I got the good news about us being the new spokeswomen for prostitution in Thailand, I signed into wordpress.com (our blogging platform) to approve some comments and I noticed that wordpress thought our post about Cougars and Robert Pattinson deserved the term “Hawt.” And they decided to throw my face nice & big next to the post- ensuring that everyone will now think I am the cougar instead of the 26 year old I actually am, and solidifying the fact that my dad will find out I run this blog instead of do work at his company since he knows every single thing about every single cougar in the Tri-state area.

Daddy, I promise I work on the blog from 5:15pm-11:15pm. Not during office hours

Daddy, I promise I work on the blog from 5:15pm-11:15pm. Not during office hours

And then there was that time when Moon was in her office, minding her own beeswax, and her co-worker (the goddess who introduced her to the Twilight series) IMed her and said “You gotta check out this hilarious new blog I found: LetterstoTwilight.com” and Moon frantically tried to play it off like she was surprised to hear of this brand new blog until she finally gave up and confessed she runs the blog and moved on to trying to figure out how to explain to her coworker where she gets the time to run a blog (Coworker: blog running always happens from the hours of 5:15pm-11:15pm- don’t worry. I can vouch for Moon)

Smile Girls. Someone approves your fakelesbian-ship

Smile Girls. Someone approves your fakelesbian-ship

And sometimes, when I am drifting off to sleep while trying to clear our LTT e-mail inbox thinking “please let this be the last one. God I promise I will never let 3 weeks go by without replying to e-mails every again,” I come across a gem like this:

im deeply in luv with all characters from twilight saga. i hear tht ppl think nikki and kristen saposably are in an affair??? well who cares i luv them both and i will stick up for them as long as i live. both are best friends for each other and best friends are always close…extremely close. so they may have tap kisses here and there but those can be friend kisses or not. i mean look at nikki shes beautiful im a 15 y/o girl and if i had the chance to kiss her i would same for kristen. im not bi or les but hey i wouldnt and dont care what ppl would say.

And when all these things happen within a few days of each other, I think to myself, “Those Twilight kids have it easy- Moon & I are the ones with the crazy lives.”

And then at 12am Saturday morning when I’m in a video/audio/text chat room with 11 LTT/LTR pals, and everytime a new “guest” arrives I ask ‘Is that you, Rob?”, Moon and I end up having a side conversation and gushing how 6 months ago, we knew none of the girls (and one unicorn!) we were chatting with. And we will take the people who mistake us for cougars, the co-workers who find out our secrets, the jailtime in Thailand for soliciting prostitutes & the crazy e-mails, just because we love all of you. And we also believe it’s about time we share more of the crazy e-mails we receive, so this will become a more regular feature!


What in the world is going on in Rob’s world over on LTR?
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30 Responses

  1. “my dad will find out I run this blog instead of do work at his company ” remember UC Daddies little girl can get away with it……I ❤ Daddies…..
    Can't wait for 'other e-mails' I bet you've got some real goodies up your sleeve and not all from 15 yo CAS's either……….Now did I actually click send Friday whilst I was crunk?…….
    Thanks for all your hard work Moon and UC, I can't remember my life before LTT/LTR…..and really Do I want to?

    • hahah uc the line about your pops was hilar!

      and ruby i dont remember BLTT (before letters to twilight) very well either…

  2. Awwww, bless!
    Lovely post, I love coming here!
    It always gives me a good laugh; most of the time I just ogle the screen and think “OMG, I cannot believe she wrote that!” but I wouldn’t have it any other way! And I think I can speak for the rest of the LTT/LTR readers when I say we all appreciate the amount of time you two fab chicas put into this here blog.

    Here’s to many more posts!
    Jayde xox

  3. OMG!!! UC you are hawt wordpress celebrity!

  4. You know and we know you are running this blog just because of your love for everything Twilight , but one day it will pay off and you will be biiiiiiig celebrities and best friends with big movie stars and….. hope you will still love us.

  5. all those extra hours (outside of work) working on these blogs will pay off for you two…just keep working at it – you’re going to be BIG STAHS!!

  6. UC, I believe you missed it when a couple hours later in the chat, Rob Pattinson did sign in. He was in LA, apparently hanging out with Moon. Since he’s adorkable, he wanted to come online and hang out with some of the coolest girls (and unicorn) around. Then Rob joined us for an extra nerdy conversation about recasting Twilight (still leaving him as Edward) then moving onto our favorite books in which order (mine goes Twilight, Eclipse, New Moon, Breaking Dawn – still say MS doesn’t count cause it isn’t published). Somewhere around 4am EST, Rob decides he should go service Moon and I decide maybe I should get some sleep. Yes, I was up to 4am, talking to my online besties and I didn’t mind one bit.

    Please do share more crazy emails!

    PS. I did take a really long nap Friday night from 8-1130, cause I was sleepy. This may account for me being up to 4AM. And for those worried about my social life, I did go out last night.

    • Oh forgot that I wanted to leave this funny for everyone today. Not twilight related, but it was the last thing I looked at before going to bed last night and it was still up on my screen.

      Moonie, you will enjoy this too…

    • MS COUNTS!!! 😉

  7. UC, 26 years old is no place to be called a ‘cougar’ so I’m glad you have a platform to let that be known! Maybe your dad won’t find out, or you can always deny. Does he really not know anything about your Twi-life? oh dear lol…

    My dad “knows” I read Twilight and that’s the extent of it (I hope, so long as my mother doesn’t give him details).

  8. Cheers to you, UC and Moon! I appreciate all you do here, and I will raise my glass to you during “DeCode” tonight when I take my daughter to her first concert…(Paramore and No Doubt)!

    Mwah!! (big fake lesbian kiss to ya!)

    • AWWWW!! what a great mom and what a great first concert!! rock out with your uh… drink out

  9. Yay! I love when you guys dip into the mailbag. It’s always amusing. I don’t know if I like these or the ‘This is How You Found Us?’ posts better.

  10. Dear Moon & UC,
    I think you guys rock. I visited this blog about 4 months before actually posting, then for some reason June drove me over the edge and had me register for the forum too… I know I’m not alone in showin’ some love. Very thankful for giving us a place to be normal.

    thanks for new friends, great times and all sorts of awesomeness!

  11. MY crazy Twilight life led to me chatting online early Saturday morning with some MAJOR bloggers/Thai prostitute dealers and Rob himself. I couldn’t have predicted that six months ago!

    Love the LTT/LTR girls, unicorns, and especially you who make it all possible, UC and Moon!

  12. I am alone in a hotel room in a foreign country on a boring business trip, while my luggage got lost. All I have is my laptop and purse. So what is girl to do other than visiting our lovely letters girls, order roomservice and watch twilight! (Tip: have twilight on your laptop. It can save your evening!)

    God bless you girls… and twilight. I would be totally pissed off otherwise…well I still kinda am…but at least I’m not a spokeswomen for prostitution in Thailand!hahahaha
    Yes… no better consolation than the misery of others…now they better find my luggage, otherwise I will become your consolation!

    • wah waaaah waaaahhh!! lost luggage sucks! more time to read fanfic i suppose!

      • Yeah, I was wearing ripped jeans. No way I could show up! It got me an extra half day off hahaha! Losing luggage on a business trip ain’t so bad after all… as long as you wear inappropriate clothing…

        Yeey to fanfic! …and ripped jeans and sneakers!

  13. You girls are the hardest working gals out of the whole Twilight cast of characters. Rob of course is #1. It takes a lot of energy standing around a movie set being that hot. Here is the rest of the list..

    #1 Rob
    #2 UC and Moon – Holding a job, then blogging from 5:15 – 11:15 pm….Impressive.
    #3 Kellan – wherever there is a microphone and a stage..He’ll be there.
    #4 Peter – Driving an RV is hard work
    #5 KStew – Let’s face it, it takes a lot of work to keep that sourpuss face on all day, and tripping every third step is hard to do too.

    Love you guys, Your dedication to the Twilight Universe is much appreciated!!

  14. Moon outted herself at work! LOL!!!

  15. I love twilight and rob,Taylor too and this website rocks

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