You Belong to Me – Jasper and Alice

Dear Alice and Jasper-

It’s no secret I love your relationship the most out of the Cullen family and wish we could learn a little bit more backstory than what we’re given in the books and the 2 minutes of the movie that’s devoted to you. But I’m holding out hope that maybe someday SMeyer will have a change of heart and want to revisit the Twi characters and she’ll start with you guys. Or maybe I’ll just have to hope that someone writes a fan-damn-tabulous fanfic version of your story (so uh if you’ve found one email it to me). But until then I’ve got some sweet Jalice videos to tide me over…

This video uses one of my favorite songs “You Belong to Me” which was originally sung by a bunch of classic artists, my favorite being Dean Martin but this is a modern take on that classic and is quite awesome. I think the lyrics are timeless…

See the pyramids
Along the Nile
Watch the sun rise
On a tropic isle
Just remember darling all the while
You belong to me…

See the market place in old Algiers
Send me photographs
And souvenirs
Just remember ’til your dream appears
You belong to me….

I’ll be so alone
Without you
Maybe you’ll be lonesome, too
And blue

Fly the ocean
In a silver plane
See the jungle
When it’s wet with rain
Just remember
‘Til you’re home again
Or until I come home to you
You belong to me…

AWWWWWwwww… now go hug someone!

Happy Saturday!

Question: What is it about Jasper and Alice that makes them so special?

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14 Responses

  1. Aw. I love that song “You belong to me.” Where was that when we picked out our first dance for our wedding. Hehe, obviously I didn’t search that well.
    I am not sure why they are so special. All I know is I wouldn’t sleep until I had read through there story if she wrote and published it. It would defiantly be a favorite.

  2. I just love their backstory. It’s one of my favourite bits of the whole series, even though it’s such a tiny part.


  3. Alice and Jasper/Ashley and Jackson, those two are so freakin cute together they better show more of their interaction in the movies! They’re far more interesting couple than Rosalie/Emmett

  4. Seeing those quotes from the book in the video makes me want to go back and read everything again. Goodness, that would be my 5th time reading twilight, but it would be the 3rd for the others.

    Very cute Moonie Pie! I’ll let you know if I come across any good Alice and Jasper stories!

  5. I think it is that Alice is so cool, and Jasper is just completely devoted to her. Not obsessed, just devoted. Awwwww. What’s not to love?

  6. Ok, first off, “You Belong to Me” is one of my all time favorites! I sang it at a wedding a couple years ago. (The groom was in the Navy, and they asked me to pick the song and surprise them with it.)

    Next, Ms Meyer needs to get over her poutiness and FINISH MIDNIGHT SUN, AND write Alice’s story!!!

    NOW… since my identity is safely hidden on here, I will admit this, albeit with a great deal of shame. I am actually writing an Alice backstory fanfic. *hangs head* Now listen – I don’t judge people who write fanfic. And I’ve certainly been known to read it myself on occasion (after reading a book about vampires who go to high school.) BUT, I feel as though I’ve sunken to a new low (and all new levels of obsessivenes) in writing one. And that’s not all, people. This would not be my FIRST Twi-ff. No, indeed. It would actually be my THIRD. *hangs head again* AND I DON’T WRITE FANFIC!! I’VE NEVER WRITTEN FANFIC ABOUT ANYTHING IN MY LIFE!!!!!

    This is what I’ve been reduced to, Stephanie Meyer. YOU OWE ME. Now finish MS, and write Alice’s story, SO THAT I DON’T HAVE TO!!!!

  7. This is a great ff story:

    You’ve Kept me Waiting by Mandi1


  8. What makes them special?
    The are they-aren’t they did-they-didn’t-they Jackson/Ashley thing.
    Far more interesting then Robsten!

    As for the novel, Jasper can make you feel whatever he wants, Alice can see the future, can you imagine how HOT things are with them?!

    Besides, Alice is the best friend everyone wants – and she comes with a handy bank account for that killer wardrobe that she drops on your bed in random moments.

  9. I don’t so much care about Jackson/Ashley, or Robsten, for that matter. What was it one blogger said? If he’s not shagging me, then I don’t care who he’s shagging? 😉

    As for Alice and Jasper… I certainly CAN imagine how hot it is with them! Just think… Alice could never refuse Jasper – if she “wasn’t in the mood”, well, that wouldnt’ be much of a problem for Jasper, now would it? LOL!

  10. I never heard that version of You Belong To Me. How lovely, and how appropriate.

  11. I too felt completely screwed by the lack of time spent with Alice and Jasper and their backstory. Hell, I got bitter that her learning about her past before the change was relegated to less than a page.

    So I wrote my version of things during New Moon

    I do have flashes in there to past moments between them, but mostly it’s in the present. It was my first fanfic in a decade (I used to write for X-Files) and I love it. Apparently, others do too. Bless them.

    Bless you for this blog, that never fails to entertain me.

    Another story that has great characterizations of Alice and Jasper is Luniere by siDEADde.

  12. I totally knew I’d heard that song before – weirdly enough, it was in the first Shrek movie. Thank you for the lyrics too, I had always thought the line was “Watch the sunrise over traffic aisles”… o.0;

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