Quoting Twilight

Dear Twi-lovers,

Do you find yourself quoting Twilight occasionally or like me thinking it in my head and wishing someone was around who would “get” why me saying I needed a “human moment” was insanely funny? Yea, I think Twilight, both the book and movie, have some amazing quotes within them. Stephenie Meyer wrote some funny lines and some not so much while others extremely poignant. Watch this beautiful video by the always awesome PetiteBiel maker of that fantasmic Rob video we posted just a bit ago…

We’ve talked about it a lot but some of my favorite quotes from Twilight (book and movie) are:

“You’re worth it” – Jasper

“Animal Attack!” – Carlisle (in the movie)

“The kids loved those little bottles” – Buttcrack Santa (the movie)

“Do I dazzle you?” – Edward

So what’s your favorite quote from Twilight (just Twilight not the saga), book or movie?

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81 Responses

  1. “Hell-lo!” Buttcrack Santa

    “We’re making Italiano for you.” Esmee

    (stutter blink stammer) “.. any cold, wet thing..” Bella

    “Um yeah this is my room.” Edward

    “Isn’t it enough to have a long happy life with me?” Edward

    “I’m down with the kids.” Billy Black

    All from the movie.

  2. Lovely excuse for those gorgeous close ups of Edward Cullen….Yep, he had me at “Hello….My name is Edward Cullen” too…
    My favourite quote’s
    I loved Rennee on the phone “Are you using protection?” is that the mother in me? I always ask my boys if they have a condom in their wallet….
    Emmett in the movie “Her names Bella” in the tone of Duh, so she must like Italian food…….
    Dare I say I laughed when Kirsten was babbling in the hospital bed made that a very memorable scene…
    The Book…I’ll think about and post later…..bet you can’t wait…..
    Brill post ❤ all

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Where to start?
    ‘Animal Attack’ (best by far)
    ‘I know, right?’
    ‘Say it, OUT LOUD’
    ‘I just want to try one thing’

    These are the ones I quote all the time and wish that people got it. Or not…..

    I said my favorite book line here the other day, when Edward comes back and Bella has her epiphany, and says, “You love me!” and he says (my fave) “Truly, I do.”

    “Honey, do you want some more coffee?”
    “Truly, I do.”

    I works in many situations, try it!

    • Erm, that would be IT works in many situations.

      Truly, I want more coffee…….

      • LPB…”Say it, OUT LOUD….strong coffee.”
        PRO…”I know, right? It’s Saturday morning, geez.”
        LPB…”I just want to try one thing, sleeping in.”
        PRO…”Am I annoying you?”
        LPB…”As if I need another motive to kill you.”

        “Animal Attack!”

      • Actually, LPB, I don’t know if someone has said this yet, but your handle is one of my favorites:

        “La Push, baby… it’s…La Push”

        When Eric first walked onto the screen, my first thought was “why did they make him gay?” Not that I mind gay, but I really thought he’d be more like the book. And then he sealed it with his delivery of the La Push Baby line. Love it, love your handle even more 🙂

        Also? I always interpreted “it’s the flourescents” as “it’s the flourescENCE” as if there’s something chemically altered with his eyes or the atmosphere. I never thought of it in the most simple terms – flourescENTS – until I read everyone quoting it here. Which is surely correct, not mine. Was way overthinking that one!

  4. “Am I annoying you?”

    “As if I need another motive to kill you.”

    “Enough commentary about my driving”

    Just a few favs…I just find these specific quotes tend to work for me on a daily basis.


  5. “My truck is old enough to be your cars grandfather, show some respect”

  6. “Don’t move”

    How sad is it that I heard someone say that the other day in a completely non-romantic context and it still got my heart racing??

    • One of my favorites too. I think I’m going to write up a script for the next lucky bastard I sleep with and have “Don’t move” as one of the lines. I might need to borrow Moon’s Edward pillowcase to put over his head too.

      • butter face! only its a dude. yea use the pillow case that always helps with the romantical feelings

  7. There are too many.. so I will just pick what I thought was funny!

    ‘There’s money. Sex. Money. Sex. Cat…. (sigh)’. I think the cat part sigh is so funny!

  8. Hang on tight spider monkey….

    That’s my monkey man……

    And so the lion fell in love with the lamb…..

  9. “sure, sure” Jacob Black

    • can i talk about how much i hate when jacob says stuff like:

      ” it s’ok”


      STOP! AHHH!!!

  10. “The wasting of finite resources is everyone’s business.”
    “Do I dazzle you?”

    “Say it… out loud… say it.”
    “Where else am I going to go?”

    Yes, I have actually quoted these ones IRL before! The finite resources one is just so useful in general. Most people (alright, everyone but my sister) never pick up on its Twilight origins.

    • “It’s the flourescents.”

      “I hope you enjoy disappointment.”

      I could go on and on and on….

      • Oops. I meant to reply to this one saying that I just read the finite resources line last night. That one is fantastic and it makes me laugh. Just a light, funny moment in a fairly tense scene.


        Love the “its the fluorescents” which always MUST be followed with a…

        “Peace out ” when Edward just walks away.

  11. Chapter 13, page 272…
    “At the time, all I could think was ‘Not her…’ ”

    Because that’s one of the first times (the entire chapter, really) we catch a glimpse into his world–what he’s feeling, what he’s thinking. It’s the first time we see him opening his heart to her…being vunerable…and that makes me a pile of mush.

    And THAT is why I fell in love with these books. Not some movie. Not some actor(s), not some crazed fandom.

  12. we have been using chilax a lot. and every time someone says spider monkey we giggle a little or take a drink.

  13. My absolute favorite quote isn’t in Twilight but in Eclipse. After the night on the mountain, when Edward and Jacob are talking and Edward says, “But if I had been able to take your place last night, it would not have made the top ten of the BEST nights of my life. Dream about that.”


  14. Chillax. Oh, how I love to say Chillax.

    My favorite line (book and movie):
    “Since I’m going to hell, I may as well do it thoroughly.”
    Not only is that my fave line, it’s my fave look for Rob in the movie. The Raybans, the smirk, the arm throw. swwoooooonnn…

  15. Oh, and another from the movie,
    “You should put YOUR seatbelt on.”
    I don’t know why, but it cracks me up every time, and I use that phrase a lot. Someone tells me I should do something, and I say, “no, YOU should do xyz..” Of course noone gets it, but I crack myself up.

  16. I say “Chillax” all the time now!
    There are so many good lines from the movie and book I could go on forever. But ones that haven’t been mentioned yet,
    “Do you have a multiple personality disorder?”,
    “I feel very protective of you”,
    “Mostly I dream about being with you forever”,
    “I may not be a human, but I am man”
    “You’re intoxicated by my very presence”
    “How you likin da rain girl!”
    “You are a strong, independent woman”-we joke about this one all the time!

    • crap how could i forget my most favorite line EVER!??

      Arizona, how you likin’ da rain girl??

      • Oh my God! I forgot about that one too! I love it!

      • I just used “Arizona, how you likin’ the rain girl?”, after I posted!

        I’m from SoCal, and we get a minor invasion of Arizonans looking for some beach time and a break from the heat. I saw a couple AZ license plates in a row and next thing I know, I’m spouting off Twilight quotes *shakes head*

  17. I’ m pale and I don’t like to sunbathe very much. Sometimes people ask me about my skin colour and I tell them:

    “I’m pale and my skin is ice cold, I’m incredibly fast and I’m strong……”

    and they think I’m crazy, too.

    • You could also tell them your mother is half albino. Or that you used to live in Arizona, but they kicked you out because you were too pale.

  18. “You can Google it.” from the movie. I say this regularly, often to myself. It’s an all-purpose problem solver.

    Edward talking about Bella, from Midnight Sun [which I know isn’t actually a book yet but I love it, so there]: “Her existence alone was excuse enough to justify the creation of the entire world.” I loved a man that intensely. Still do. And it’s not even Rob.

  19. How could I forget?? My tattoo???!!!! I just remembered this when I was driving, and had to come back to say….


    • YOUR TATTOO????
      That might just beat some of the crazies we’ve seen ‘out there’………..<3 you LPB

      • Well, it’s my future “tattoo”, when I want to become a legend in the Twilight blogs, though I make get a fake one if I am ever so lucky to attend a LTT/LTR event……

    • hahahaha! Love it!

  20. “How long have you been seventeen?”
    “A while.”

    “Molto Bene!!!”

    “Clean this up! NOW!” (I just love Esme)

    “I’m the one with the wicked curveball” **
    “Oh, I think we can handle that!” (cue awkward laughter)

    Oh so many more great lines.. but most have been mentioned. It’d take me too long to get exact lines from the book.

    ** I used this one at work the other day. My boss had told me and a coworker to figure out which one of us would take hold of a project – I said “I’m the one with the wicked curveball” – AND SHE TOTALLY GAVE ME THE CORRECT RESPONSE.
    I think we are forever bonded.

  21. One of my favourite quotes from the movie is: E: “Well, I can always make you…” B: “I’m not scared of you.” E: “You really shouldn’t have said that” maybe it has something to do with the way Rob smiles after he delivers that last line…:P

    And the whole part in the forest after she tells him she knows he’s a vempire: “I’m the world’s most dangerous predator. Everything about me invites you in. My voice, my face, even my smell…as if I would need any of that…as if you could outrun me, as if you could fight me off…” this one is also in the book.

    I can’t choose one from the book. There are too many.

    And the line I use on a daily basis has to be: “you can google it” :)) and recently : “hey arizona, how’re you likin’ the rain?” it’s been raining A LOT lately…and we barely had rain the past years in the summer…

  22. But how do you come out in the day light?”
    “Burning in the sun?”
    “Sleeping in coffins?”

    “If someone dared you to eat dirt,would you do it?”

    “So the lion fall in love with the lamb”

  23. Mike Newton– “Bow chica bow bow”

    Charlie–“Guess it grew out again.” <~~I love Char and his mustache porn

    Charlie–"bring him in"

    Edward–"So you're worried, not because you'll be in a house full of vampires, but because you think they won't approve of you?" <~~i love his accent when he says "worried"

  24. My favorite line from the book is:

    Just because I’m resisting the wine doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the bouquet.

    Ummm…that’s fuckhawt!

    And my favorite line from the book/movie is:

    Distract me, please!

    Uh I know how I would have distracted him and it would have have been to tell him to put on his seatbelt…just saying.

  25. From the movie:
    “Zero weirdness”
    “I know, right?”
    “You can Google it”
    “Your mood swings are kinda giving me whiplash”
    “‘sup Arizona? How you likin’ the rain, girl?”
    “Money. Sex. Money. Sex. Cat”
    “You’re ALIVE!”
    “Say it, out loud”
    and “unconditionally and irrevocably” because you can use it for anything.
    and I think I want to watch Twilight again.

    • Hahah…my husband and I laugh about “You’re ALIVE!” all the time. Makes me laugh every single time!

  26. Aw, fuck … it’s all about:

    “Which beach?” said in the sexiest bedroom voice ever, like he’s asking her something entirely more sexual.

    Charlie: Always am.
    Charlie: You and I are gonna talk. You ok?
    Charlie: Bring him in. *cocks rifle*
    Charlie: Looks like the Newton boy has a big smile for ya.

    I Love Charlie.

  27. book:
    edward: I may not be a human, but I am a man.
    [makes him a lil bit more on the hottie side that he’s a dog like all of them out there.. :P]

    charlie: bring him in [loading the gun]

    ❤ it!

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  29. hey im new to the blog and i effin luv it!
    this is in eclipse when jacob says “let the best man win”
    and Edward goes “thats about right pup” that shit has me cracking up every time i read it..

  30. “I’m on a special diet.” Me 2 – the seafood diet, I see food, I eat it!.

  31. Just a few off the top of my head:

    Bella: Speedo padding on the swim team?
    Edward: You can Google it.
    Edward: I think I should make sure Bella gets something to eat. If you’d like
    Carlisle: Animal attack!
    Emmett: Her name’s “Bella!”
    Edward: Don’t move. (hot x infinity)

    Not a spoken line, but also fantastic delivery:
    Billy Black’s stinkeye at Edward.

  32. Oh so many of the ones everyone has listed are favs, and I do happen to use the “wasting of finite resources” line a lot. My son always says “Big Bird says not to waste water.” To which I reply “so does Edward….”

    Anyway, I was just on FB and one of my friends is moving, and people are commenting… One person wrote “we’ll miss you. Be safe.” And of course you know what I thought of!!!!

    LOVE your blog…read it all the time, came out of lurkdom tonight to comment (though I comment a fair bit over on Twitarded & Robsessed)

  33. “you never even say hi to me”
    “hi” (it’s always in the delivery)

    “I could always make you” (well, Rob, if you really want to, you’re not going to get much resistance here)

    “Yes, no, to get to the other side” (Chickens. You’re quoting chicken jokes, Rob?!? Have mercy!).

    “I’m down with the kids” (Totally down).

    “Where else would I go” (Umm… Australia, at a guess? It’s only a 14 hour flight from LA. Maybe a change of skank-ho pace, going from Forever 21 to Supre, might be good for you, Rob. Change of fashion and all that).

    “was that as weird for you as it was for me” (yes, Rob, looking at your plucked eyebrows is always weird for me).

    The fact that these all come from the crap-ish script and not the crap-ish novel is kinda revealing, really.

  34. One of my favorites from the book, I didn’t notice until like the 3rd or 4th time reading it. Its before Bella goes to school one day and she says something along the lines of “Its not like someone is going to bite me!”

  35. I absolutely love the line in eclipse where …actually, I am gonna quote a few of my faves ….

    “You are in trouble, enormous trouble. Angry grizzly bears are going to look tame next to what is waiting for you at home.”

    and …

    …Ok, so my mom has borrowed NM (I know, lending out the books is blasphemy …but she’s my mom) …but I love the line at the very end where Bella calls Edward on his beliefs re: the after life. Can you believe I have looked at a few different “quote” sites and no one has cited this quote …wtf is up with that??? Anyway …you’ll just have to use your imagination cuz I aint about to butcher it 😉

  36. I read one of my favs last night and can’t believe I forgot to list it here:

    “So, you and Cullen, huh? I don’t like it….He looks at you like your something to eat.”

    Die laughing every time.

  37. omg i love ittttt………..team robsten, edward and rob

  38. One more from the movie, can’t believe I forgot this:

    Angela: We’re talking “Olympic sized!”

  39. Another favorite from the movie:

    “We matriculate a lot.”

  40. I can’t believe no one has said this one yet…..

    You bought a snack!


    Here comes the human!


    Nice kitty – Carlisle to Rosalie at the baseball game

  41. I watched the movie again today, and I remembered about this one: “No bed?’ It cracks me up every time…

  42. From the movie:

    “You can google it”

    “Oh i think we can handle that”

    “Her name’s Bella”

    “Yes. No. To get to the other side.”

    From the books:(in no particular order)

    “Fall down again Bella?”

    “I’m really glad Edward didn’t kill you. Everything’s so much more fun with you around.”

    “I was just wondering why you stabbed him. Not that I object.”

    “This hostage stuff is fun.”

    “I bit a pillow…or two.”

    “Be safe”

    “You look so guilty—like you’ve committed a crime.”

    “You are in trouble, enormous trouble. Angry grizzly bears are going to look tame next to what is waiting for you at home.”

  43. I am new to this blog, and am totally loving it. I have never laughed so much.
    One of my favorite lines from the movie is
    “Not him…He just looked.”
    Rob looks so amazing in that scence, even though Edward should be sparkling, because the sun is shining.
    I also like the beginning of the kissing scence, when Bella says, “How did you get in here?”
    Edward says, “The window” The lighting in that scence, makes him look so human and warm. Rob has the best smile!!
    Billy Burke steals every scence he’s in…When he circles his head to make a halo, I laugh every time!!

    • I just realized that the line is actually,
      “Not that guy…He just looked.”

      Can’t wait to see Bella armwresle Emmett, in Breaking Dawn. Hope that makes the movie.

  44. It cracks me up when Billy calls Jacob out on wanting to see Bella and he says,”just keepin it real son.” lmao!!! I also love just about every line Charlie has, he really stole that movie!

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