Is Twilight about real vampires?

Real Vampires. No Thank you

Real Vampires. No Thank you

Dear Twilight-lovers,

For today’s Tuesday Twilosophy, let me set the scene with a conversation I recently had with my husband:

Me: What movie are we watching?
Him: Interview with a Vampire since you’ve never seen it.
Me: No! I can’t! I didn’t finish the book
Him: You never will
Me: Well…. I don’t really like vampires….
Him: (gives me ‘the look.’ Let me define this look as one which says “are you f*cking kidding me? You’ve spent the last 7 months of OUR lives devoted to writing about them daily”)
Me: Well, I don’t like real vampires…

It’s true. I don’t. I never once read about a vampire or watched a movie with a vampire before Twilight. My only connection to the world of vampires before August of 2008 was Count Chocula cereal. And after Twilight was recommended to me and I bought the first book without knowing anything about it because I was desperate for a quick read for my beach vacation, I read those now infamous lines on the back of the cover:

About three things I was absolutely positive. First, Edward was a vampire.

And I stopped. “Vampire? What the hell was Jess thinking recommending this book to me?” And I continued:

Second, there was part of him — and I didn’t know how potent that part might be — that thirsted for my blood. And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

Okay the last line peaked my interest a little bit. But not enough to overlook the vampire part. So what did I do? Yep- you got it- I read Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book two instead.

Read on about how I don’t like Vampires after the jump

Fake, sexy vampires. Yes please

Fake, sexy vampire. Yes please

After growing extremely depressed over the realization that made-up girls in smelly, dirty old pants lead a more exotic, exciting life than I do, and I had nothing else to read, I gave in and read Twilight. And I fell in love with Edward. And then with Alice and finally with Harry Clearwater. (It was his fish fry that won my heart- I cannot resist a man with the ability to fry up his latest catch.) But I stand by what I said to my husband, I don’t like real vampires.

You cannot tell me that the sparkly Cullen family are real vamps. Again, I don’t have a lot of vampire knowledge since my only experience is with a chocolaty-delicious cereal, but I’ve heard and read enough to know what I believe. So this leads me to my next questions: Would we love Edward as much if he were a different mythical creature? What if he were an elf? Or a Hippogriff? Or a Unicorn? Or what if Edward was the werewolf and Jacob was the vampire? Would the story work in any other way?

And can real vampire fans actually like Twilight? I don’t mean fans of vampires like Bill Compton from True Blood/The Sookie Stackhouse series. To me, while he acts more on his evil ‘vampiristic’ qualities than Edward, he’s still just a mythical creature looking for a human lady to get freaky with. I mean fans of Vamps that kill without a second thought- tossing bodies out of the way and occasionally stopping to create a companion- Evil, sadistic creatures. People like them! And those people aren’t me.

So…Do you like vampires? Should the Cullen family be taken serious in the vampire-world? Do we only like Edward because he is a vampire? Would we like him as an elf? Or a, ugh, werewolf!? And is it blasphemous that I run a blog such as this but still confess that I don’t even like real vampires?

Hopeless addicted to fake vampires,

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  1. I too do not like vampires.

    I don’t even like the Sookie vampires either. First of all Bill is gross (well in True Blood), and their stupid pop-out fangs are comical. What’s with the metal “ching” noise when they appear?

    For me, Edward could probably have been any creature (or human for that matter), well maybe not a unicorn, cuz *that* would be weird. It’s about the love story baby, the LOVE! 😉 (as proven by my serious addiction to FF)

  2. UC, I am with you on this one. I like my fake sexy, good, polite, thoughtful, human-loving and vegetarian vampire Edward.

  3. I concur, I like the fake Stephenie Meyer vampire type, well at least the Edward type..

    .. And to add more proof that Twilight vampires aren’t the real scary sort, they don’t even score a mention on Wikipedia (
    Although I’m sure that could be arranged 😉

  4. I defs don’t care for the real vampires. I love me the sweet and fluffy human-loving vampires that are the Cullens. The Cullens are the bischon frishe vampires in a pit pull vampire world.

  5. I don’t like the real vampires either. I watched a movie with real vampires in it once and i couldn’t stand how evil they were. That just didn’t appeal to me. I kept thinking, “my vampires (The Cullens) are sooo not like this, plus they’re better they can go outside on a cloudy day!” I watch True Blood and although they are in between real vampires and the Cullens, they still aren’t the same human loving, golden-eyed, beautiful fake vamipres.

  6. Not so much on real vamps. I do like Bill and Sookie a lot, but it doesn’t go past them and the Cullens.
    Interestingly, my hubs is pretty knowledgable about vampire lore and thinks that I know a lot about it bc of Twilight. I’m all like do they all sparkle in the sun? and he’s all like wtf are you talking about? So most likely I won’t be turning him into a unicorn anytime soon.

  7. I find all the movie vamps pretty hot! I guess I’ve always been a sucker for a good blood sucker! They just ooze sex! Anne Rice’s vamps always captivated me. Queen of the Damned was on the other night, and I was def turned on. I love the strength and idea of complete domination- yeah, I’m a bit twisted like that!! But then I think that’s why I love Edward so much (besides the fact that he’s burst my panties f**ck hot)- he’s SOOOO powerful!! I love that SM’s vamps are almost completely indestructible, a wooden stake doesn’t stand a chance. Even though he’s obviously inherently good, he could still crush a person with a simple squeeze of his hands or have his way with them, however, whenever – yeah, its def the power factor for me! (I totally just admitted that I’m turned on by BDSM! What is this TwiWorld doing to me????)

    • hahaha! That’s Normal.

    • I’m totally with you on the ultimate power thing. That’s a panty-dropper for sure. Good thing I don’t know any men like that! Or is it a very bad thing? Hm.

      • It’s a VERY band thing! I NEED me a man like that!! But hopefully it’d be a panty *ripped from my body in a fit of passionate rage* dropper! HA! I def need to lay off the FanFic right now!!

        • Was that a reference to “The Office”??? Oh god, I just read her update. THAT was a panty dropper.

          • No, I’ve never watched The Office, which part were you referring to? I was completely serious acutally! I mispelled “bad” with “band”- sorry, I was a bit hot and bothered thinking of ripped panties, passionate angst-filled sex, Edward’s “I’m pissed off and I’ll tear your throat out with my razor sharp teeth” gaze, sparkly granite hard peens…. *thud*

          • *GASP!* You’ve never read “The Office”? Go here now and start reading:

            It an AU fanfic, which was never my thing, but this one is amazing. Read it tonight. Thank me later. 😉

            I think you have to register on to read it there. It might also be on Enjoy the panty-ripping scenes! 🙂

          • HA- I thought you were talking about the TV comedy show “The Office” !! I was wondering what the hellz you were comparing…. oy-vay, my brain is mush anymore I tell ya…. I’ll def read it though, thx for the tip! I’m reading “A Life Extraordinary” right now on, it’s super lemony, but I love the story line too, she really goes into a lot of neat ideas! It’s actually the sequel to “Let Your Light Shine”, read that first, the ending was fab!! Here ya go:

          • Thanks! I will definitely check both of those out. Let me know what you think of The Office (the FF, not the show 😉 ).

  8. This post made me laugh so hard. Ok so I have never liked vampires. And while all my friends were reading Twilight, I refused because it was about vampires. After finally breaking down and falling in LOVE with Edward, I’ve been happily living in my Twilight glow around my husband. So TWO NIGHTS AGO when we see a trailor for some aisian vampire move my husband say “so are you going to watch that with me now that you’re into vampires?” excuse me? I was like I am sooo not into vampires. Edward isnt a scary vampire, he sparkles!!! And then he politely began ignoring me like he does when I start to talk about Twilight, lol. Anyway, because that just happened the other night, I loved this post!

  9. And even Bill Compton’s world of vampires isn’t real. Mainstreaming? Really? Vampires don’t do that.

    They kill, seduce and basically don’t exist…

    Twilight was the first vampire movie I have ever watched…wait was Rocky Horror Picture Show sort of vampirish? No? Ok, then Twilight was my first vampire movie.

    And after watching True Blood…pretty sure I am with you on not really caring for REAL vampires.

  10. I love me the Cullen vampires…..but must admit the original Dracula was always so romantic to me, not the blood and eating babies bit but the underlying love story……yep I’m truely a real romantic at heart…never been a one-night stand kind of a girl only the forever after….disney and mills & boon have a lot to answer for

    • Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula is one of my all-time favorite movies. The romance in the movie gets me every time… Le sigh…

  11. Do Buffy vampires count?
    Cause then I grew up with them ….

    though … it’s not so much “loving” them but rather recognizing them as something evil, which is pretty much the foundation of the show. The exceptions (Angel, Spike, DRacula, etc) were not so evil but still … they’re called exceptions.
    Buffy vampires can be enemies, sexual interests, love interests … yeah. that’s pretty much it. But I was never a fan of them in particular, rather just a fan of the series in general.

  12. he’s still just a mythical creature looking for a human lady to get freaky with

    hahahha! i ❤ true bloood!

    im all about the sparkly vamps. i think its bc its not so gory/blood and guts style sadistic vamps is what gets to me, they're veggie-vamps! haha

  13. Counterpoint!

    I’ve been madly in love with “real” vampires since I saw Interview with the Vampire in theaters when I was 11 (it came out in ’94?!?!?) Brad Pitt as that sexy, dark, brooding vamp was probably my first real crush. And I wanted to be Claudia more than anything (even though she gets fried. Sorry if I gave that away… it’s been out for over 10 years though, everyone should have seen it already!).

    When one of my good friends urged me to read the series I was hugely skeptical and waaaay too cool to read a young adult tale of angst and heartache. Turns out, that wasa lie. I’m not that cool and I love teen love dramas. True story.

    Even though Edward and the rest of the Cullens aren’t always that bad-ass brand of vampire, they completely won me over. You can’t deny that SM created a sexy as hell man-vamp. The fact that he’s a vampire made him 99.3% hotter to me. Plus, when Edward pulls that aggresive, possessive vampire routine? Delicious.

    He would not be nearly as hot as an elf or unicorn. Maybe a hippogriff, not an elf.

    • a hippogriff is a mixture between a bird and a horse.
      (was that just a mixup or did you not read harry potter? *gasp*)

      • I totally meant to say he’d make a hot bird-horse!

        Ok, fine. I have not read Harry Potter. *hides* I’m a bad Rob fan, I know. He likes BAD fans though… He told me so last night.

      • i googled mythical creatures b/c all i could think of was werewolf last night at 11:47pm, and hippogriff was an option, so i chose it:)

        • what about a mermaid?


          • eh … merman … ?

          • No don’t go there girls….what good are the fish folks to us……THEIR LOWER HALFS ARE FISH TAIL……….missing essential equipement DUH!!!!!

          • Maybe they have a secret little “pocket” where is just kinda comes out when they are…..excited?

            lol…..that’s a funny visual.

          • I am cracking up here, all I can see now is an “excited” merman…….. In real life I know we are all ‘Ladies’, what is it about LTT/LTR that brings this side of us out?

  14. My family, in a misguided effort to break my Twilight addiction, keeps giving me vampire movies and books. My friends teasingly check my neck for bite marks. I. Don’t. Like. Vampires. Okay, I watched “The Lost Boys” approximately seven thousand times when I was 12, but the fact that I like Twilight twenty years later is hardly indicative of a vampire fetish. (My predilection for tall, lanky British guys in their early twenties, however, continues unabated.)

  15. “My only connection to the world of vampires before August of 2008 was Count Chocula cereal.”

    An elf? Oh dear, I don’t wanna talk about it, LOL!

    This is a good question….I like sexy vampires who are on the human side, like Angel and Edward, but the ones like in “30 Days of Night” I don’t even call them vampires because they’re more like some kind of other evil creature. Now “The Lost Boys” has got to be my fave vampire flick…next to “Twilight” of course. There’s just something about it.

    I watch True Blood, but Bill Compton will never live up to Edward. Plus he’s not even that attractive, LOL!

    I’m totally gonna be watching The Vampire Diaries on the CW in the fall though….totally.

    • Isn’t The Vampire Diaries basically Twilight on the small screen?

      That was my first thought when I saw the commercial.

    • We talked about this in the forum last week about The Lost Boys being one of out favorite vamp movies. Why? Those vamps were scary dude! But god I love that movie!

      Bill Compton on True Blood sucks….but now Eric.. Mm. 😉

    • “An elf? Oh dear, I don’t wanna talk about it, LOL!”

      Hee. I’ve always thought Rob had some pretty elfy ears. For real. Now I’m just trying to pickture him in Orlando Bloom’s long blond wig from LotR. What a sight that would be!

      I think the thing about the Lost Boys was that it was a good combination of scariness, comedy, and not taking itself too seriously. I can’t bring myself to watch the second one. Just. Can’t. Do it.

      • is there vamp sex in the lost boys? and i DO wanna watch the vamp diaries

      • The 2nd Lost Boys is AWFUL, totally insulting to the first one. Should have never been made. I spent a lot of time fast forwarding it and wondering why I rented it.

        • Did both Coreys end up being in it? Last I knew about it was when Haim was boo-hooing on Feldman’s shoulder because they didn’t want him.

  16. Always had a thang for vamps…they are the sex!

    Edward won me. S. Meyer hit the winning combo…the passionate killer nature at odds with the human remnant determined to feel and love. Yum. Oh, and RP…was he mentioned? Cause…damn!

  17. I’ve loved vampires for a while. I think it all started when I was younger, with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I love me some Jasper… but that doesn’t mean I take the Cullens seriously, haha. To me, Buffy and Angel will ALWAYS be “the” tragic human/vampire couple. Buffy’s not a whiner, and Angel doesn’t always beat himself up over stupid things. (Oh hey, can you tell that Bella and Edward really piss me off? Hehe.)

    • what happens to them? do they get it on? does she die? you can spoil it for me.. i’ll never watch it!

      • uh I wanna I wanna :):)

        (though it’s a shame you never will watch it … tss)

        I’ll ignore the first question.
        Ehm, yes, twice. But not because of him.

        anything else: Yes, the writers do focus on that “sacrifice for the human” part which was left out so unceremoniously in twilight.
        No, he never makes her a vampire (though he does bite her …)

        Oh, and there’s this other human/vampire relationship in the series, namely buffy/spike, which is a lot less tragicely OMGtheworldisgonnaendtomorrow-EMO and a lot more situated in the real gritty world. Less Edward, more … sid and nancy.

        • sounds So good! maybe i can just watch the getting it on parts.

          GOSH.. what has HAPPENED to me!? i used to be such a good lil’ girl

          ‘church girls gone wild’

  18. i just got all tingly from thinking about brad pitt in interview with the vampire. gah.

  19. No I don’t like real vampires either .. I only like the cullens .. I hate werewolves even though I liked werewolves in Harry Potter .. I actually had a thing for Remus .. LOL But Jacob is just a disgrace to the whole werewolves race .. I know he’s a teenager blah blah blah .. but he ..Well in short I hate Jacob ..Sorry to all of you Team Jacob out there but I can’t help it

  20. I have read all the books in The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice which is a series about “real vampires”, I also watched Buffy the vampire slayer and I still love Edward and everything about the Cullens.

    They aren’t your typical vampires, but that’s what makes them so damn sexy and appealing 😀 Vampires are a myth, therefore no one can know for sure what a vampire is, how they react in the sunlight if they would be able to feed on animals instead of humans (although if you have seen interview with a vampire, you know that Louis/Brad Pitt fed on rats in the beggining because he did not want to hurt humans ) etc.

    In my opinion, just because the majority of people agree or seem to believe the other legends, it does not mean that Stephenie Meyer’s vampires are not “plausible”.

  21. And there are Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman in Underworld,
    and I liked Hugh Jackman in Van Helsing,
    and Blade trilogy was pretty good,
    and Klaus Kinski or John Malkovich were two interesting although ugly vampires……

    yes, I like vampires / v. movies,

    but my favourite vamp is RP, even if he would be an elf (Orlando Bloom was a very sexy one in LoR)

  22. Ok, I’ll bite (haha). I’ve been a fan of the vampire genre for quite a while. I’ve read vampire books by Stephen King, Poppy Z. Brite, and countless others (although not Anne Rice, oddly enough). I like some vampire movies eventhough even the ‘good’ ones tend to be pretty corny. Shadow of a Vampire and the Lost Boys are the two least corny I can think of. People love to buy me books about the vampire genre and I’ve seen half a dozen documentaries about the history of the genre or Vlad the Impaler. I even adore that Annie Lennox song “Love Song for a Vampire”.

    That being said, I fully recognize the cheeze balliness of the whole thing and consider sexy, sparkly teenage vampires to be just as embarassing as oversexed Underworld vampires and classic widow’s peak vampires.

    I think Interview wth a Vampire really paved the way for Twilight. A bunch of pretty bloodsuckers dressing in fancy clothes and spouting cringe-worthy dialogue? For real.

    So go on, UC, Get up and look around with your vampire eyes.

    • well, i’m glad you love twi yet still love ‘real’ vamps!

      • Did you end up watching Interview? It’s fairly comical for a vampire movie that’s trying to be SO earnest. And if it makes you feel better, Louis was trying awfully hard to be a ‘vegetarian’ and didn’t like killing any more than the Cullens. And Antonio Banderas made a pretty sexy vamp even if his wig rivals Jacob’s NM wig.

        • yes! i watched it. it’s cheesy since it was made forever ago.. but it was good. i thought the book did a better job of explaining the sexual nature of sucking the blood- seriously felt like the way she described it that it was sex….. i didn’t finish the book… i dind’t even get to where claudia burns…. i swear they go to bulgaria in the book.. is that not true?

          • It is cheezy goodness, just like Twilight. I did a lot of inappropriate laughing at both movies. And I only paid a dollar to see each one. Woot! The similarites keep on coming! Just like the Marilyn Monroe vs Lincoln thing. Spooooky.

            I have never read any of Anne Rice’s books. I’m not sure why. I just have an aversion to them. The blood drinking is usually described as being a kind of ecstasy in ‘real’ vampire stories, but it’s my understanding that Anne really sexed it up in the books. And that they really swept that under the rug for the movie because they didn’t think people would want to watch Brad and Tom having vampire sex.

            I love watching Claudia burn.

    • Poppy Z. Brite’s vampires freak me the hell out. Not so much because they’re scary, but because they are twisted. I’m having a hard time reading “Lost Souls”.

      • Poppy is one twisted broad. I’ve read a lot of horror books and her Exquisite Corpse freaked me out the most. The thing that stuck with me the most about Lost Souls was that they kept drinking chartreuse. I’d never heard of it, but the way they were constantly slugging it down somehow convinced me that it must be just delicious. Not so much.

    • Ha ha! I was wondering when anyone would start mentioning Vlad the Impaler :)) I am from Romania and of course when you mention my country the first thought that comes to mind is Dracula and Vlad the Impaler. You know what else I find funny? That Stephenie said that the Romanian name for a vampire is “varacolac” but actually that’s what we call werewolves :)) We call them “vampiri” It’s not her fault though, that is how you find them in every legend about Romanian vampires.

      • All I’ve ever seen of Romania is what they show in the Vlad documentaries, but it looks like a gorgeous country. I would so love to go there someday. =) I only brought up Vlad because he was credited as being the basis for Dracula.. err.. wasn’t he? And in Francis Ford Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula Gary Oldman was dressed to look an awful lot like Vlad. 😉

        • Yes he was the basis for Dracula. We call him Vlad Tepes (the impaler) or Vlad Dracul (the devil) which is where the “Dracula” part came in.

          It is a gorgeous country, thank you!

  23. I was deathly afraid of vampires as a kid. I watched a movie once, and it scarred me for a long time! I was convinced that vampires were going to climb through my window at night and suck my blood – so naturally I slept with a scarf wrapped around my neck. haha!

    Then when I was about 14 I watched a movie (the name escapes me -but I still have the VHS tape) and there was sex. Hot vamp sex. I was done. From that point on vamps = sexy.

    I firmly believe that Edward is that much hotter because he’s a vampire. A beautiful, sparkly, vampire that has become even sexier through some hot fanfiction. Something tells me, a fanfic starring Edward Cullen The Garden Gnome just won’t work. 😉

  24. Well UC its not so much whether the vamps are real or not…its the way SM presented them to us that made us fall in love with them…it was rare and unlike other ways vamps had been presented….the Cullens were presented as vamps with love/care for human life and therefore made them more human to us. They respect human lives and that is what made them different to me therefore their appeal…and I have never been one to like ‘real’ vamps cuz they honestly seemed cheesy and the only good thing about ‘Interview with a Vampire’ was the HOTNESS of Brad Pitt and Antonio Banderas…but other than that I think I’m with you 🙂

  25. Okay, I too am head over heels in love with Stephanie’s vampires, but I like other vamps too. Not the super evil ones, but the ones with hints of humanity. Like Bill (although I think Eric is much hotter) or even Brad in Interview with a Vampire. But the crazy psycho kill without a thought ones…nope.

  26. I am a “sucker” for gorgeous vampires. Bram Stoker’s Dracula with Gary Oldam as Dracula was hot. Lost Boys with Keifer Sutherland, again hot. Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire – hot, hot, hot. The one thing that they all have in common is the tortured soul. Think about Edward. He is a tortured soul because he has a hard time coming to grips with Bella seeing him differently than he sees himself. The same goes for the other vamps. In Interview with a Vampire, Brad Pitt’s character knows he has to feed but doesn’t want to hurt human life. If you remember he too fed on animals at times until Kirsten Dunst’s character was done away with then he let loose on all the vampires. Bram Stoker’s Dracula that was a kind of love story, a bit twisted but still a love story. In lost Boys, Michael didn’t want to become a vampire and wanted to save his lady love and laddy. I think most of the vampire movies have an element of a love story in them. I love Twilight because it takes a look at more of the human side of things and makes our vampires less scary so they seem more real. I love the sexy vampires and Rob just tops that list for me.

  27. Count Chocula kicks ass on Frankenberry!!

    I think I don’t really care about vampires one way or another, I just love the story itself. I have a thing for the whole “star-crossed lovers” genre.

  28. Hmm, I know what you mean. I was never into vampires before Twilight. I had seen Interview with a Vampire, but that was only for the eye candy! And I didn’t love it. The Twilight vamps are much different than the typical vampires and I think that’s part of what makes the books cool, it’s new and refreshing. Whatever you would classify them as…I love em!!!
    Oh, and yeah, not sure if it would work if Edward were any other mythical creature…his description is just too perfect.

  29. about the twilight/ buffy connection:
    there are some lines in … the first book I think which are simply less funny considering stephenie meyer said she never watched buffy (but then again, having watched buffy would’ve influenced her idea of a so-called “heroine” in a whole different way, wouldn’t it?)

    one of them is when edward and bella attend the prom and she makes a joke about how she could bolt the doors and he could massacre the unsuspecting townsfolk.
    And the rest I don’t remember because I lent my books, which are full of highlighted text-parts and notes, to a friend. A newbie. (yes, a newbie..)

  30. This is really crazy you did this post today. Just yesterday I made my coworker watch the Interview with a Vampire trailer b/c she’d never seen the movie. She did this sing song, “you LOOOOOVE vampires,” and I got SO annoyed. I was like I really don’t. I saw this movie in like junior high and I did read the book but that was the ONLY pre-Twilight vampire action I’ve had since then. Then she said it again! Then it just felt like I was doing that thing where when you argue something so frantically it just makes it seem more true. I asked, “do you know how much terrible vampire literature is out there that I’ve never even thought about pursuing? I don’t think you’re grasping this very well. Plus there were more books to this Anne Rice series which I did NOT read.” I also found myself arguing with some other Twilight fan this weekend about how Rob hates all of the fan and media attention. She didn’t agree. This is normal right? To get in arguments over such nonsense?

  31. I love vampires. Always have since I was about 7 or 8.

  32. Do I love vampires?

    Um, hi…duh.

    The Lost Boys.
    Spike. (The best vamp ever. Yes, he’d kick Edward’s ass.)
    Louis and Lestat.
    Eric, my current vamp love, from True Blood.
    Kate Beckinsale. (Selene is a HOT vamp. Just sayin’.)

    And hello–have you SEEN “Let The Right One In?” Oh my head, that is brilliant stuff.

    Edward’s still my favorite…because he’s the real dope deal.

    So yes, I love vampires. The real ones. The faux ones. Even the super-gross ones, aka Gary Oldman in Dracula.

    • Oooh! Let the Right One In! That movie was all kinds of awesome. I can’t believe I forgot about it. It’s funny, though. That one didn’t feel so much like a vampire movie to me. Maybe because it was low on the cheeze factor.

      It took me a looong time to appreciate the Gary Oldman vampire. I hated that movie for years and years, but now I think he was kinda sexy in that movie. When he was dressed as the younger guy, not the creepy old guy.

  33. During the spring semester I took a Vampire literature class… and guess what we read. Yep, Twilight. This was the main reason I took that class. I was so excited that something I had actually read in my spare time (or more like the time I had to make to read it) could be applied to something ‘educational.’ We began class by reading such things as Dracula, I Am Legend, and other creepy vamp short stories. And I had a great time, as I got to learn more about where vampires come from and what their functions in society were. When we began reading Twilight I was mad! Every time the professor made comments about it, it seemed as though she hated the story and how vampires were too soft to the other vampires we had seen. She was a hard core vampire fan (I was shocked the first day of class as she came in all dressed in goth and to top it all off a batman lunchbox…). While I do believe the Cullens are vampires, the image of vampires has softened a bit, but so has everything else. Society today seems to want to humanize everything, and our literature reflects that! And they should be taken serious, I mean, the only way to kill ’em is to rip ’em apart and burn the pieces, meanwhile others just require a simple stake to the heart.
    Edward, while we would have loved him as a human, being a vampire it creates a whole different mystique about him that entices us to want more.
    While I love the Twilight series, I do wish Steph had added more danger, I felt having Edward being a vampire was just an excuse to add a bit more drama to the whole ‘forbidden fruit’ deal.

    Oh, and I’d love Edward as a werewolf… I’d like to have him warm up my bed 😉

    • you are the PERFECT person to comment on this post! You took a class!? and read TWILIGHT!? wow… how amazing!

    • I’m beyond jealous that you got to take a class about Vampire liturature. What school do you/did you attend?

      • Univ of Wisconsin-Green Bay.
        The class was great (except for the part where I wanted to shake the prof like a bad baby for making fun of Twilight)!
        There is a heck of a lot more vampires in literature than I thought, and a lot of different kinds too! There were some that sucked your energy, others just like sexual energy, etc, for example.
        Few guys in the class did complain that in Twilight we never got danger, and that’s what vampires represent. They didn’t see that Edward had to contain himself, and here the guys complained more… because he was a stalker, etc etc.
        All in all, I did enjoy the class, I got to write papers explaining what Edward’s sparkling had to do with society’s values, and other things like that.

  34. This is my first time commenting on your blog (which I love btw), and I am here to confess that I am a vampaholic.
    I have been reading Anne Rice for many years and Lestat rocks my world. Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the original movie and the tv series) fueled my addiction and introduced me to the first “human loving” vamp.
    My little sister kept talking about this new series that was out about vampires and that a movie was being made for it. One day I decided to pick up the Twilight book she had laying around and found another branch of the vampire tree to climb out onto.
    I love me some blood drinking vampires, even the vegi ones!
    P.S I love you guys!

    • THANKS for commenting! And I’m amazed.. b/c I figured the hard-core Anne Rice vamp-lovers just wouldn’t get behind Edward (that’s what she said) but I’m glad to know you’re a well-rounded vamp lover!

  35. Vampires, whether “real” or not are HOTTT. Somebody suckin on your neck (or wherever) is schmexxxxy, whether it’s Edward (I wish) or my stupid husband….

    • I just re-read that and it sounds as if my stupid husband is a vampire. Let me clarify. My stupid husband is not a vampire, although he did once accidently use my shimmer lotion and I got a little verklempt when I saw him sparkling. I was just saying that anytime there is neck suckin’ going on, it’s schmexxxy.

  36. I adore vampire stories, I’m a huge fan of real vampires and I prefer them over the Cullens. I really like the Cullens, but they don’t seem as… troubled, I guess, as the vampires in Anne Rice’s world, for example. I prefer my vampires with very strong and dark feelings, that’s all.

    Btw, to me Interview with the Vampire is probably the best vampire movie made in the last 20 years, so it’s good to watch it. Really good. (the character of Claudia is better shown in the book, it’s worthy to look at that).

  37. I’m with you UC, I could care less about vampires but I ❤ the sparkly Cullens. I just love the love story in the books. I will admit that I like True Blood but only because it is a really good tv show. Someone gave the first Sookie Stackhouse book b/c of my minor Twlight addition and I haven't even read it. I'd rather just watch True Blood on TV and read all of the Twilight books over and over–cause that's normal 🙂 I do read other books in between (just had to put that out there so I don't look crazy)

  38. I love the real kind of vampires. The ones that kill without a second thought. Yup. Thats me, love them. And Interview with a Vampire is one of my favorite movies and I still love Edward Cullen. But after my months of reading fanfic, I like my Edward human. So…

  39. I love you, UC.


  40. I am a fan of “real” vampires. I love Interview with the Vampire. I think Lestat is very hot. But even in a movie like that, there are ones who don’t always kill without a second thought. Louis, who Lestat sired, has a very hard time killing innocent people.

  41. OK I’m a horror movie freak. And I remember as a kid watching the super old black and white Dracula movie. Although he was a killer, he had the suave moves that would draw you in. Most movie vampires are like that. So if, say you ever met a *real* vampire, he would totally win you over and then you’d be dead. So yea vampires are cool in their vampirey rico suavey way. Or so I’ve heard.

  42. Remember the ’80s vampire flick “Fright Night”? Gosh, I loved that movie! LOL! It was total cheese, but it was funny and had some scary parts in it. But totally cheese vampire. Everytime I see Chris Sarandon in anything I think of “Fright Night”, LOL!

  43. What season of Buffy do Buffy and Spike get it on? Cause I heard that was hot and I haven’t seen it, LOL!

  44. I heart Sookie’s Vamps and Stephanie’s Vamps, but I must say I have watched Some Interview with a Vampire and Bram Stroker’s Dracula and found it interesting, and yet I hate the site of blood.

    How do I handle this? Why I close my eyes, of course.
    Try it, it works.

  45. The big tall blond Viking guy vamp from TrueBlood was on TMZ the other day and called the Twilight vamps “cute” . ha ha.. we gotta a WAR OF THE VAMPS going on between Twilight and True Blood vamps..

    Personally though, I like the fangs and the little “ca ching” noise that the fangs on True Blood make when they come out to play.. hmm. but I digress..
    I heard Tom Cruise wanted to make an appearance as a vamp in Twilight. (I wonder what as? ).
    oye veh!

  46. lol i guess i don’t like “real” vampires i like vampires in romance novels and that’s about it

  47. Has anyone read that creepy book “The Historian”?

    It was about ‘real’ vampires, and I read it RIGHT before I read Twilight. I just now remembered it, because the only vampires I have thought about for the last 6 months sparkle…..

    It was a really good book, now that I think about it.

  48. On the back of my Twilight book (with original cover) it doesn’t say, “and I didn’t know how potent that part might be” it says and I didn’t know how DOMINANT that part might be.” Does yours say something different? That’s weird!

  49. I must be the weird one out… But I LOVE True Blood, and Eric Compton and the vampires in the tv show/Sookie Stackhouse novels.

    I liked Twilight, but for me, the Cullens weren’t ‘REAL’ vampires, and if we mean ‘real’, I’m talking fangs, sensitivity to garlic and sleeping during the day. Sparkly and everything.

    Edward Cullen introduced me to the world of vampires, and now I’m actually spreading my so-called wings and watching some vampire movies and reading other vampire books.

  50. I used to like real vampires… I have some of the anne rice vampires books… I always thought they were sexy in there own evil… but they are really scary too… so…
    I dont know… the Cullens are the modern vampires, I guess…
    I like them both!!!!!!

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