Letters to Twilight: Mid-year Progress report

LTT/LTR Mid year progress report

LTT/LTR Mid year progress report

Dear Faithful Readers and Newbies-

Before we break to celebrate this fair country’s independence day tomorrow, we must first look at where we’ve come from. And by we, of course I mean us here at Letters to Twilight, not the United States. It’s time to check in on the state of our of New Year’s Resolutions! Remember when we promised to do stuff back on January 1st in the name of this blog? For those of you who are new to these fair blogs, UC and I made resolutions that we’re striving to keep and now that we’re halfway through the year of 2009 we felt it was time to reassess our promises and goals. Cause like any good accountability partner we want to be fully transparent with our successes and our stumbling blocks.

So how did we do? Will we be rewarded with special hugs from Kellan, Jackson & Justin Chong? Let’s see…


Freaks coming to a town near you!

In 2009 we promised to…

1. Make a pilgrimage to Forks, WA and maybe drag along some pals to terrorize this lovely town.

Reality: We’re still waiting for the city of Forks to sent us a hand engraved invitation to visit them along with keys to the city, renaming First Beach after us (UC and Moon Memorial Beach or Letters to a Beach would work) and finally for the Quilieute tribe to name us honorary members and give us native names. Since this hasn’t happened yet we’re going to put this in the lose category and look for a new travel agent.

UC/Moon: 0          People who want us to fail: 1

2. Bring you coverage and live ‘Letters’ from the red carpet premiere of New Moon… are you listening Summit Entertainment marketing dept?! You need us, we’re professionals! Seriously, email us.

Reality: Well, since the premiere isn’t till November 20, 2009 we still have time to make this happen. Are you listening SUMMIT?! We’re ready, willing and able (that’s what she said) to provide our “services” on the red carpet! But to our credit, we have live tweeted/blogged or attended various events including the Oscars, the DVD release, AND live blogged the MTV Movie Awards with our pals for over 50,000 people!

UC/Moon: .5          People who want us to fail: 1.5


you call this music?! why yes, I'll torture myself for your reading pleasure!

3. Torture your eyes and ears with as many 100 Monkeys videos as we can find/take/make.

Reality: Not ONLY did we do this we even organized groups of people to see Jackson and the 100 Monkeys live! And while there, dirty-danced with the Bananager! To add to that we’ve also organized and seen Sam Bradley concerts as well and have Bobby Long shows coming up so BOOYAH! In fact, I think we deserve and extra point for this one and we’ll get it because we make the rules!

UC/Moon: 1.5          People who want us to fail: 1.5

(tie ball game!)

4. Convince Stephenie Meyers to finish Midnight Sun in a timely fashion (like by Feb. 1st or something)

Reality: Stephenie Meyer stopped talking our phone calls after we called her as Rob Pattinson’s assistants and asked her if he dazzled her. Frequently. Apparently, we do not. Much to her chagrin.

UC/Moon: 1.5          People who want us to fail: 2.5

5. Make Kristen Stewart aka Sour Puss smile at least 3-4 times by our hilarious commentaries.

As a matter of fact, I think Kristen Stewart has smiled more times in the last 7 months since we’ve been around then she has in her entire life.

We threw the best online Birthday Party a 19 yr old could ask for
The BFF James look alike fell in love with her and created Haiku’s in her honor
We uncovered her not so secret life partner
We role played her working relationships with both Emile Hirsch AND Rob Pattinson

UC/Moon: 2.5          People who want us to fail: 2.5

6. Bring you even more shirtless pictures of Kellan while making inappropriate comparisons between him and that hot guy from your youth group who was nice to everyone.

Reality: We provide the shirtless Kellan pictures like it’s our job! Case closed!

UC/Moon: 3.5          People who want us to fail: 2.5


Us, New Moon premiere!

7. Start to v-log occasionally (UnintendedChoice might even perform a hit like “All I want for Christmas is a Twilight Calendar” live on video)

Reality: Yes, indeed we have embarrassed ourselves via video in the name of this blog multiple times and plan to continue doing so, as long as cameras exist as well as our stupid ideas!

Mini Edwards Meadow
DVD Release
Kiss Me!


More girls! More Alice!

UC/Moon: 4.5    People who want us to fail: 2.5

8. Actually start featuring more Twilight girls on this site! We love you Ashley Greene and Alice and Anna Kendrick and Angela and sometimes Kristen Stewart! Enough with these boys, girl power!

Reality: We’ve pledged our life long love, bff-ness and asked Ashley to be our lesbian life partner, as well as Christian Serratos, Anna Kendrick, Elizabeth Reaser, Rachelle Lafevre. Seriously girls, we LOVE you.

UC/Moon: 5.5    People who want us to fail: 2.5

Well, look at that! Our LTT mid-year review says UC/Moon are ahead of the people who want us to fail (you know like the hater that one time called us losers and asked how many bowls of ice cream we eat a day. ‘sniff) We always have some areas to work on, of course- the two main being the New Moon premiere & convincing Stephenie to finish Midnight Sun– but we have a plan. It’s simple. We’ll just go to the New Moon premiere & convince her to finish it. Done and done!

Justin Chong here we come,
UnintendedChoice & theMoonisdown

Since it’s a holiday weekend in the US, you won’t see us around much- we’ll check in from time to time to approve new comments, but don’t fret if your comment seems to have gotten lost- we’ll get it up there, it just might take a lil’ bit! Enjoy your holiday!

Play in The Forum (if UC remembers to start the new thread in Rob’s flat- she’s on her own this weekend- yikes!)

See how well we’ve kept our LTR resolutions over at LettersToRob

46 Responses

  1. “Are you listening SUMMIT?! ” This girls can get the job done and pronto!!!

  2. I’m just wondering why we didn’t plan a Twilight-themed picnic for the 4th.


  3. Clearly you guys are really working hard for the rest of us. Maybe you need a raise?
    Thanks for the morning hilarity! It always starts my day off with a smile.

  4. Dudes, I am attempting a Forks pilgrimage next summer. Hubby thinks he wants to go…really? No, he has no idea. Bless him.

    BTW, I’d say that hater rued the day she ever left that dim-witted comment. Did you see the response….whoa Nelly!

    People who want to see you succeed 10.0!

    • haha… HUGS. she was my favorite hater.

    • Your hubs is a gem. Does he really not know Twilight takes place in Forks, or is he feigning ignorance just for you? Either way, it’s adorable.

      • Well, hmmmm…he saw me read AND reread the books all last fall and winter, he saw the movie the with me, and he knows I want to trade in my ride for a volvo. So, I’d say he knows I ‘like’ the whole Twilight ‘thing.’ Does he know I am obsessed with said books, fanfic, Rob, and seeing Forks because it will enrich my literary fantasy life….um, no. I told him I wanted to hike in the Olympic Peninsula. 🙂 True, annnnnnd I’ll explain the rest to him later. And yes, he’s a keeper.

        The other night, we passed a silver volvo on the hwy. I said (without my brain’s permission), “Hey, that’s the car I want!” Hub says, “Why?” I say, “Um, it was really cool in the Twilight movie.” He says, “Um, don’t tell anyone that okay?” (swear to God.) I say, “why not!” Hub says, “Because that’s like me saying I want the car from the Matrix!”


      • Oh, and LPB…missed you girl!

  5. UC and Moon Rules! Are you listening SUMMIT?! And its only mid-year of their blog. Take that.

    Seriously girls, you rule our hearts and have a special place there because of our love for everything twilight and Rob. You never judge our obsession for all things twi and rob. Heck, you have even started a blog about it and unintentionally inspired others[including me] to do similar things, like expressing their thoughts and feelings to the world. And plus you got our back and we got yours. And all the crazy, fun and hillarious things we do, we say “That’s Normal”

    Thank you girls
    We love you

    • THANKS maygirl!!! XO

      • Maybe closer to the day we could start a LETTER WRITING (we like Letters) campaign to get you ladies on the red carpet. With microphones. And Heinekens.

        • LPB great, great comment,…..truely I can see UC and Moon now, chatting to Ashley, Kellan, Jackson and all… passing around the Heine’s but saying “NO, not that one {the one in the cool glove with hidden ice} that’s for Rob!!”..

    • awwww maygrl so sweet!

      @LPB and Ruby NOOOWW we’re tallking!!

      coozies and the red carpet!

  6. Oh one more..

    UC/Moon: Always more points than “People who want us to fail” have

    People who want UC/Moon to fail: Always less points than “UC/Moon” have

  7. That hated clearly has a thing against ice cream and puppies. Who hates puppies?

    PS, how many bowls of ice cream do u think Nikki Reed is consuming on a daily basis? Me thinks Rosalie may appear to be a bit bloated for Eclipse. Nikki Reed, if you are you there, don’t eat you feeling. Just remember the good screws from Rob and all the fake lesbian kisses from kstew.

    • ohhh POOR nikki 😦 i feel so sad. i saw a pic of kristen & her the other day and almost cried for their loss of friendship.. .then i didn’t cry.. cuz. well, i dunno.. That’s not Normal?

  8. just thank u guys for accomplishinng those things… u still got 6 months to go to Forks… 4 months to get things settled for NM red carpet and… whatev to get SM go and keep wirting MS keep writing, editing & pulishing it!

    thank u!!!

  9. Summit, please, please, please focus on the dialogue between the characters in Eclipse. There are so many wonderful conversations that are key to the love story. I realize the movie has to have action and adventure, but I think these novels translate best as “chick flicks” and trying to make them otherwise would be a mistake. Please, an intelligent script, with wonderful dialogue is going to entice me to see the movie as many times as I’ve read the book.

  10. Summit seriously has to get as intelligent as the MTV people were and GET LTT/LTR on the red carpet for New Moon……that will mean meeting Rob for sure….sigh…..I love living vacariously through these blogs and the forum….I’m off to see how nthe girls did at Sam’s concert last night squee in anticipation….

  11. Congrats on your 6 months progress report!! UC and Moon ALWAYS have more points that the ‘people who want them to fail’, is true.

    Enjoy your downtime, and eat as much ice cream as you like. It’s the effing fourth of July, for crying out loud, it is your right and duty as a patriot of this nation.

    ps, I’m glad to be back in the funny zone, though I had a great time in my internet-less mini-break, I only had one conversation about Twilight, and zero conversations about Rob in the last four days, and I think I can safely say that That’s Not Normal.

  12. If you get SM to finish MS, i’ll personally pay for y’all to fly to every Rob Red Carpet event for the next 5 years LOL

  13. Whoever said letter writing campaign I actually think might be onto something. marketing execs pay attention to things like this… while it didn’t exactly work when HP4 was being made we received tons of letters and a petition to stay “true to the book.” the highest of highest people saw it (ok maybe because I said hmm… you guys should look at this, to my boss but still) With the proper package (that’s what she said) your lobbying could seriously payoff… We can find info and gather data and even get “sponsors” from advertisers – not that Summit needs help advertising or creating hype for this film but there might be a way to get their attention and make this happen.

  14. When I worked for the phone company if you failed one point of your review then you failed the whole review. Thankfully I no longer work for those jokers and even if you haven’t taken Rob dumpster diving I think you ladies are doing an awesome job. You make us laugh every day and that’s all kinds of awesome. Thanks!


  16. Great post!

  17. You ladies are doing a fantastic job! I’m headed to Forks in September, if you’d like to come. I’ve got family up there and it’s a short drive from my house.

    If you can get SM to finish Midnight Sun, I’d be forever in debt to you!!!

  18. […] for LTT and LTR and ourselves and since we love accountability almost as much as Kellan does we audited out Resolutions in July and today we’re going to evaluate how we did and then make our 2010 […]

  19. […] for LTT and LTR and ourselves and since we love accountability almost as much as Kellan does we audited out Resolutions in July and today we’re going to evaluate how we did and then make our 2010 Resolutions!First up how […]

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