Jashley – The Jackson Rathbone and Ashley Greene Movement begins!

Hello there Robsten lovers... we're here to take over!

Hello there Robsten lovers... we're here to take over!

Dear LTT-ers,

It’s no secret that I love me some Jackson and Ashley, in fact I think they feel the love around here a lot and Jackson is definitely a hot topic over  on the forum. Maybe it’s the fact we’re BFF’s, or maybe it’s the fact they play Jasper and Alice, or maybe it’s just cause they’re so darn cute and REAL. But whatever the reason is I’m starting the Jashley movement here at LTT. I know it’s no uncommon desire that folks want to see them together but I’m gonna take it to the next level. I was talking to UC this afternoon while sifting through pictures for something we’re working on and of course we ended up on the Vanity Fair pics where Jackson and Ashley are sittin’ uh… pretty and we got to talking about them and I confided in UC about my deep deep love for them. Not that she didn’t already know but it needs to be said: I feel for Jackson and Ashley how the Robsten folks feel for Rob and Kristen. Only I care way less. Like waaaaay less.

And so she wanted to know what us Jackson/Ashley devotees called them… what was their celeb couple name? Jackash? Why no, it’s actually Jashley… at least that’s what they tell me. And by they I mean I made it up while scouring the interwebs trying to match pictures of shirts that they both wore. Does this hole line up to the hole on her shirt? Nope, damn. NEXT.

Excuse you, this is Jashleyan!

Excuse you, this isn't Jashleyan!

Then I told her I also have pictures of Jackson near a plane with some flight attendants and obviously it’s from when Jackson secretly came to LA for 3 hours to visit Ashley last weekend.  I sent it to all major news outlets and  no one cared. So then I emailed Ted C. telling him I had the scoop on Jashley and he should forget that whole Robsten thing. Sadly, he emailed back and asked: “Who the ef is that?!” Funny thing though, I checked back a day later and he had already started a Jashley catagory on the Awful Truth, complete with videos from LTT! See, the movement is catching!

Here's proof! It's the truth!

Here's proof! It's the truth!

So convinced was I of this coupling I started scouring old Jackson and Ashley interviews till I found this gem, in an interview with the Australian Herald Sun, which is I’m sure Australia’s MOST respected news outlet, Ashley said:

“He and I both don’t have time to date, but we do have amazing chemistry,” she says.

“We both have such big crushes on each other and it clearly shows. We got along instantly and the day we met, he was teaching me how to swing dance.

“He (Rathbone) does everything. He sings, he dances, and he’s so sweet. Even my mum has a crush on him and tells me, ‘You should date him’. So, who knows, maybe when we both stop running around the world.”

And even thought this quote is from back in April, if it helps my case obviously it’s true right? So yes, Jackson and Ashley please stop ‘running around the world’ so you can become Jashley and I can squee with happiness! Or just go on about my life like any other day.

Ok kids, off to start Jashley Lives!

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86 Responses

  1. Dear moon,
    I ❤ your passive aggressive face! Sadly, I'm sure the Robstens ans the Nonstens(loves) will not read the underlying message. Nevertheless, I'll just flat out say it here. Both groups need to simmer the heck down.

    PS jackson and Ash would make a very cute couple. However fights would ensue over who is prettier.


  2. Its only gonna happen when they both decide to stop running around the world at the same time otherwise back to square one. There is chemistry but nothing is gonna happen untill they really want it to happen.

  3. Again first comment. God must really love me. Twice in one day. Thanks LTT and LTR

  4. YESSS this movement should have began ages ago! Back when they had an interview together and Jackson kept calling Ashley his wifey and they kissed when the audience asked them to… bet Robsten wouldnt do that if they were asked!!!!!

    Actually no need to bet. they won an award for best kiss and they still didnt kiss!!

    • so i can count on you to join the movement?

      ps that was a good interview

      • I’ve been in since I first read that quote from Ashley months ago.

        The body language in that last picture says it all. She’s turning toward him but keeping her legs crossed. He’s ready whenever she is.

  5. Jashley! Alright, I can get on board with this. Anything for Ash, she had me consider switching teams for like 6 longs seconds once. Eh, Jackson is cute…but he doesn’t blow my skirt up like Rob. She can have him. 🙂

  6. But umm.. what if I don’t want a Jashley movement because I’m selfish and have a huge crush on Jackson myself? I mean, did you hear her? The guy “does everything”. And that’s totally what she said. How could a girl not crush on him. Tiny little thing he is.
    Am I a bad person for not wanting to see such awesome chemistry realized?

    • that’s totally what she said! HAHA

      and i love him too… so if ashley doesnt take the bait im all up in there with ya girl!

  7. I’m on board for the Jashley movement…..I’m sure there are a few interviews out there where they are really flirting and making eyes, in a way Rob and Kirsten never have. Soooo we have the ammunition to be bigger than Robsten, shame we won’t get the same fanatical support…….

  8. She is SOOOO much hotter than he is, however, I think they would be cute together.

    She’s like the classy city girl with all the right moves and he’s the hot country boy that comes to town and sweeps her up and rides off into the sunset on his banana, er, I mean, horse.

    Yeah, I can see it. I could get behind it…I mean in only a casual way cause I don’t really care THAT much.

    • “She’s like the classy city girl with all the right moves and he’s the hot country boy that comes to town and sweeps her up and rides off into the sunset on his banana, er, I mean, horse.”

      I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

    • LOVE the banana reference! haha I know I’m one of the few who is all for the monkey music but watch this vid someone took and even on mute to drown out the “woo” girls but look at :20 seconds in and ungh that smile! i could watch just for that….

      • Oh my gosh…..
        That smile is GORGEOUS!!!!
        I fell in love with him from this other vid though, because of how sweet he is…..its at the end of it though….
        its from youtube, called ‘The jasper and alice interview (kiss)’

  9. YES for Jashley love!
    Jackson for Ashley only and Rob for all the LTR girls. That’s fair.

  10. I’m showing what a horrible fangirl I am, but here’s my question: Is Ashley Austrailian or British? “Mum?” I don’t know that I have heard her speak but for in Twilight.

  11. darling girl – so pretty and so naive. ‘too busy to date’ is code for ‘too gay to admit it’. him, not her, natch. i love them as j and a but really, it’s never gonna happen, that boy has a weird thing goin’ on with the hair and the skin. while she’s just as pretty as a peach. call me old and cynical, but don’t hold your collective breath for jashley. .

    • I’m with you on this. I’d bet $5 he sings and dances and acts out A Chorus Line when he gets bored on set.

      • LOL! i bet he loves rob’s hair as much as we do and swaps make up tips with ashley and knows the original broadway recording of dreamgirls note for note.

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA i love it. you know this is also my secret comedy wish for rob too. cause that would be the saddest, most funniest thing to ever happen

      • I think that I would die of laughter. Picturing hords of fangirls sobbing, holding each other for comfort. Some of those girl may even read the site.

      • Well they have said that they do have “jam” sessions with everyone. This could also include renditions of Broadway shows a la acoustic.

      • I seriously think he and TomStu are totally lovers. That’s why he was able to handle that Dali role so easy.

        Yep. Rob’s gay.

  12. I think Jackson used to be hotter. He looks smokin’ in those pics w/ Ash.

    I’m a Jashley believer!

  13. Why do I read this post and feel it is really not about Jashley? There is something else, I just can’t put my finger on it…

    Best line! “I feel for Jackson and Ashley how the Robsten folks feel for Rob and Kristen. Only I care way less. Like waaaaay less.”

    • it really was about jasley and then well… those other kids snuck in

      • totally true and im all for jashly
        :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) i went to a new moon party yesterday we all made t-shirts and were all going to meet at school on friday and put on glitter and stuff that makes u pale. we are all wereing are t-shirts to and going to see the movie that afternoon.

  14. ROFL did you want us to help find the shirts where the holes line up? That seems like an awfully daunting task.

    I kind of like the Jashley idea. 🙂

  15. […] Then do mindless stuff in the forum And become a Jashley-shipper over on LTT […]

  16. did you catch last weekends interview with Ashley where she had a ring on her “wedding finger” – she said it was “Jasper’s” ring from New Moon and she had kept it on since the filming ended….

  17. This is a movement I can get behind (that’s what I said)! @RubyTuesday I believe the interview where they’re giving each other googly eyes was with MTV back when they were still filming Twilight….they may have still been in their Cullen costume too.

  18. I am more an Ashleyan than a Jashley…

  19. Moon, you’re silly and yes “Brooke”, I even got the message. Too bad, I’m a Rob whore, or I would feel for your Jashley coupling the same as I feel for the other one. BTW I have no idea what I am writing, am Robitussin commenting. Go Illness!

    • Jodi (btw, did u notice I spell it differently each time?) I know u still love me and that’s all that matters!

  20. Did you say “Jashleyan?”

    I love you.

    Will you marry me?
    We’ll ask Jackson and Ashley to be our attendants.

  21. i love jashley 🙂 alice and jasper are my second favorite twilight couple, cause you gotta love the bella and edward, but i think jackson and ashley are ADORABLE in reality.

    • i think i may like jasper/alice MORE than edward/bella

      I KNOW!!!

      • HALE YES they’re better than clumsy old Bella and “Oh Bella, I’m just a really sweaty guy!” Edward!

        They’re the SHIT so take a big whiff! LMAO I crack myself up.

      • oh wow, moon! i like their story a lot more than bella and edward’s. it’s more fascinating…maybe because Jasper didn’t just smell Alice and fall in love like Edward did to Bella 😛

  22. Uh, Moon. I’m your girl! You know I want Jackson and Ashley to hurry up and have a shotgun wedding so bad I can taste it!! They’re so cute and are SO into each other. The heat that radiates from them when they look at each other would give you 3rd degree burns!

  23. I’m so a Jackson fan it’s kinda not even funny – i know i know this is mostly rob fans but still wow!

    Recently on dating and girls: http://jackson-rathbone.com/?p=1063#more-1063

    and this is my fav shot of him to date…

    basically I am on board w/ jashley!

  24. I am one for the Jashley movement. And I think it’s cute that Ashley was wearing her “Jasper” ring that she “forgot” to take off. They’re a cute couple, and I hope that they take some time off from the Twilight-crazed world and date.

  25. Dudes, I’ve been Team Jackley for months. Yes, I call them Jackley. It’s obvs they want to bone together; idk why they either A. don’t admit it, or B. don’t acknowledge it. Shit, if I was sexin up either of them I’d admit that shit proudly.

  26. Ah, Moon! I love this post! Jashley should get together and make gorgeous babies. The end.

  27. Jashleyan?
    ROTFL, I love this..a fair compromise I’d say haha
    I’m more into Kellash(Idontcarethatswhaticallthem) actually..but I can’t help but feel for Jackson, I mean the boy’s crushing so bad..He mentions her in like every single interview he never fails to put my shipper senses into full force!

    on a recent interview with FoForks.com :
    F: Please tell us the first thing that comes into your head. .. Ashley Greene.
    J: Jackson and Jasper’s Queen.


    Ashley Michelle Greene, you’re one lucky girl ..I mean with such a VARIETY to chose from..it’s just so unfair for the rest of the world lol

  28. Australia’s most respected newspaper.

    God, Ashley is gorgeous. And real.

    • I don’t want to sound sour, but the only reason why he says anything is because they ask. It’s publicity for the movie. Just you watch…They’ll both be in other big movies and they’ll have a big “crush” on whoever they’re supposed to be with in that movie.

    • @ Natalie you are the opposite of what you commeted

  29. Herald Sun is far from being the “MOST respected newspaper” in Australia!

  30. Of course the one day I have no internet access, we’ll discuss my fave topic…Jackson. Meh. So I’m late.

    I’m with whoever up there who wants Jackson for herself…oh what I wouldn’t give to be single and even near his radar. YUMMMMMM. That being said, since I have no chance to even get a little flirting out of him (damn his wonderful morals anyway), I guess I could surrender him to Ashley (kind of) gracefully. Although I really don’t want to. But I’m sure I could do it.

    And what Jackson fan doesn’t like the tattoo pic?? I know it graced the screen of my phone for months until I just changed it yesterday after my husband finally bitched a blue streak about Jackson everywhere and sat still long enough for me to take a picture of him to replace it.

  31. There is a new interview (July 2 2009) where Ashley says that she has a crush on Jackson Rathbone! YAYYY. Now they’ve both admitted it.
    I have faith in Jackley! I love them, they are waaaaaaaay better than Robsten or whateve.

  32. jashley = love!

  33. Awww….. I luv them to bits! They should totally get together – they’d be a awesome couple!

    Even though I fancy Jackson myself …..
    & Ashley is georgeous!

  34. omg finally! they really should get together ive veen waiting ages!! i love them both they would be so cute together

  35. Wow I love jashley!!! they are soooooo cute!! and it will be so great for the series!!

  36. ashley greene is darn ugly and fake! i hate her! she acts like she is the only girl lucky on this planet! but jackson,he is hot i took 10 quizzes for which twilight guy is right for you and picked jasper 10 times!

  37. i would totally do anything to see jackson i mean he is hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooootttttttttttttttttttt

  38. ashley greene is darn ugly and fake! but Jackson is HOT!! i love him he’s funny and a great singer i love his band also i would do anything to see him hey jackson if you ever read my comment i live in arizona in goodyear or phoenix please tell me when you are coming to phoenix!

  39. did you guys know that jackson has a band cause im his #1 FAN i can prove it i know what he looked like when he was a kid and how many movies he had been in and tv shows i even know where he lives!

  40. i sooo can’t wait for eclipse there’s gonna be jasper and alice moments. And all the promotion for the movie im sure we’re gonna get some Jackson and Ashley pics. They clearly like each other, they’r so awesome together. Both of them are beautiful inside and out and one of the realest persons in the show business. And i love how Jackson always praises Ashley and says nice things about her, he clearly has a huge crush on her. Gotta love Jackshley<3

  41. Jackson Rathbone adn Asley Greene together would be the best because they for one aready act like their going out even from the beginning because they act so loey dovey which Robert and Kristen didn’t even do. So I think Jashley could do better than Robsten because we all rock!

  42. I looked EVERY WERE for the ashley and jackson married video with the ring but i cant find it any were and i looked on radaronline.com i got nothing im SOOOO sad/mad
    (TOTAL jashley fan..even though i love jackson)

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