Stuff guys say about Twilight and about me meeting Rob

This unicorn needs to call me. I need new content

This unicorn needs to call me. I need new content

Dear LTTers,

I have a confession to make. After 6 and 1/2 months of blogging at least once a day about Twilight-related stuff, sometimes it’s difficult to come up with content. So occasionally….. I force it. I’ll check my favorite Twilight Saga blogs: NewMoonMovie or TwiCrackAddict and read a headline like “Solomon Trimble: coming to a K-mart near you” and run to my husband and say “Great news! Solomon Trimble, the guy who played Sam (we think) in Twilight but didn’t get rehired b/c he wasn’t studly enough, is gonna be folding sheets in the Martha Stewart section in the Kmart up in Qtown.” Then I wait. What used to happen is that my husband would say something funny. Then I’d say “YES!” and quickly run to draft up a post on my computer. But he’s caught on. He no longer responds to me whenever I mention anything Twilight-related (However, he does respond whenever I mention Rob. He says “He’s a tool”)

So me catching “stuff guys say about Twilight” hasn’t been happening as naturally as it once did. However, it’s been my lucky week because I’ve just captured 3 gems:

1. My friend Jen e-mailed me a little story about the guy who sits next to her at work. He heard on the radio that Rob’s abs were airbrushed on in the New Moon Volterra scene and was appalled. Then this conversation happened between Jen, a girlfriend & her guyfriend:

Girlfriend: (saying to Jen) Hey Arizona, how you likin’ the rain? (UC Note: I can’t even count the number of ‘arizona how you likin’ the rain’ and ‘forks-like weather’ references I’ve heard recently in Pennsylvania. It hasn’t stopped raining for a month)
: What are you girls talking about?
: Twilight
: Oh geez. Yeah, rain…I hope he gets caught in the rain and it washes his airbrushed abs off. Maybe I’ll airbrush 3 extra feet on myself (Jen note: Joe is 5’4″ tall)

See what else guys say after the jump!

2. Another confession. I, uh, and this might be an understatement, do a little blogging while at work. As a result, no one at work knows about my acute fondness for all things Twilight and Robert Pattinson. They just might wonder when I get all my blogging done. I haven’t even told the girl who I let leave work early back in November when Rob showed up at the mall by me (and I stayed at work- WHAT WAS I THINKING!?), and I especially haven’t told our very own ‘hot tub store unicorn.’ Yep, that’s right. Our recently divorced 40-year old hot-tub store manager has read all 4 books. And seen the movie multiple times (alone) and really, really likes it. Because I have to pretend I just ‘kinda’ like Twilight/Rob, I have only eavesdropped on the conversations he has about the series with our 17-year old retail counter worker. I’ll walk by them while they’re talking, multiple times, and smile. Saying nothing. I try not to smile, but how can I not? He’s a 40 year old recently divorced guy who sells hot tubs! And he has twilosophical-like conversations about Bella with a teenager!

Watch out! Wearing this could cause a divorce...

Watch out! Wearing this could cause a divorce...

Since Twi news has died down for a bit, I thought I was finally through with keeping my inner-fan-girl quiet and my head down whenever I heard the words “Edward” “New Moon” or “That little blubbering actress.” Turns out I was wrong. Just this past week I ran into the kitchenette to heat up a hot pocket when I overheard, “CGIs look great” and “Did you SEE the wolf!?” “That young kid has gotten big” and “I think they’re together in real life.” I wasn’t prepared with my ‘pretend you don’t like twilight” game-face, so I silently prayed they were discussing politics (maybe the Obamas got a pet wolf?) but when I heard him say “And that new book cover really makes me hate Team Jacob that much more,” I knew I was done for. How can I survive pretending I don’t like the series when there are 3 more movies still to come and I have a hot tub selling, 40 year old divorced Unicorn working with me every day? And I’m wondering if his ex-wife was Team Jacob and that’s why their marriage fell apart. It’s possible. That’s Normal.

3. Saturday night I went to a midnight dance party in an “art space” in an old factory in the ‘hood in Philadelphia where my friend was DJing. It was awesome. Except when the hoodlums let off fireworks in the middle of street and I heard a car back-fire and both times I yelled “GUN SHOT” (I clearly live in the suburbs)

I was just hanging out, enjoying my all-you-can-drink-for-$5.00-beer when I started chatting with Donny- a nice dude who recently started a marketing company and hired a few of my guy pals. He said, out of nowhere, “Oh- you’re the girl who started LetterstoRob” Um, what? Me: “Uh- yeah! How did you know that…..?” Donny: “Oh, one day we all read it at the office!” then we had a long convo about our stats, our marketing strategy & future plans in which I impressed him with Moon & my professionalism with our shared Google document of “Twi-deas” that says things like “1. Have role play conversation between Buttcrack Santa & Waitress in Forks.”

THEN Donny asked if I ever met Rob. (Me: burst into tears NO!) Actually I told him, “I’m not sure I ever want to.  It is kinda embarrassing that I run a blog where I obsess over him.” To which he responded, “I just know you’re gonna meet him someday.” How do you think he knows that? Do you think he actually knows Rob? Dang…

I just realized that since Donny & his employees have read this blog previously, there is a good chance he will see this post. Whoops. Staying true to our LTT fashion, here is a letter to Donny.

Dear Donny,

Sorry I just talked about you on my blog and didn’t change your name. I liked the knee-high socks that you wore at the party Saturday night. Thanks for almost getting me lost in Kensington. That’s not the worst section of Philadelphia or anything. Not at all…


*I changed his name. And I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know Rob. Although. I should double check. I’m gonna run to his office right now. He’s probably not there, since it’s 9:03 pm, but … I’ll wait for him… Yeah.. I’ll wait…

Thanks to Jena & Tina for the great Unicorn pictures!

LTR is a great place to discuss the unicorn-maker Robert Pattinson*
We do actually have a few unicorns that hang out in The Forum

*different kind of Unicorn

What do your guys say about Twilight?

78 Responses

  1. It’s Ok UC at work I’m known as the ‘5th grade teacher who practically got the whole 5th grade student body and most of the teachers into Twilight/Rob related things!!’…Not to mention Stephanie Meyer is a little richer thanks to my students and co-workers running out to buy the books…and my class took it upon themselves to start a Twilight book club during lunch…so naturally for the last day of school I was gifted with MANY MANY Twilight/Rob goodies from both the students and the Teachers!! 😀 Of course only a few of my close co-workers know that I check LTT/LTR religiously in the morning before work and some of them even ‘lurk’ the blogs!! Is that NORMAL? LOL

  2. “Then I wait. What used to happen is that my husband would say something funny. Then I’d say “YES!” and quickly run to draft up a post on my computer. But he’s caught on. He no longer responds to me whenever I mention anything Twilight-related (However, he does respond whenever I mention Rob. He says “He’s a tool”” – ROTFLMAO. This is one of the best portion for me UC. Hope you don’t mind *James purring voice to Bella in Ballet Studio* What the..I am blurring my That’s normal thing, aren’t I?

  3. Donny is the coolest name ever. Not even kidding.

    Of course you’ll meet Rob one day. But not before Kellan. He will lead the “where two or more are gathered” prayer that sends Rob to you.


  4. Yes! The “Forks in Twilight” and “Arizona how you likin the rain” quotes do go a little overboard in PA. Especially, because it never stops raining, and even if it isn’t raining its cloudy!! I get a least two text messages every rainy day mentioning “Where’s Edward? If I have to deal with this weather I want me some hot vampy!”

    As for fabulous guy quotes…I have TONS of those. My fiance always manages to come up with good ones, the poor guy never gets a break from Twilight. I feel for him, really I do.

    Also, one of my best friend’s dad read all the books and he seriously wanted a Team Edward shirt. His reasoning was “gotta support my main man!” Sometimes I think he’s more die hard than the Tweens.

  5. Yeah. None of my friends know that I am this invested into Twilight. My boyfriend just got a taste of it when he met me to have a drink with a friend from this blog. He is trying to relate but us watching True Blood together.

    It isn’t working. True Blood = Twi Lite

    I might break up with him if he doesn’t get with the program soon.

  6. Do not, under any circumstance, let people at work know how much you like Twilight. It is a line you cannot uncross.

    My cover was blown when my Cardboard Edward arrived with no name on it, so the receptionist opened it and the whole company got an e-mail asking whoever ordered the standup of the Twilight guy to come get it at the front desk. Very public Twi-outing.

    Since then nearly every work request has included, “Edward would really want you to do it.” Or when I have to travel, it’s, “You should definitely go–Edward might be there.” It’s brutal.

  7. “(However, he does respond whenever I mention Rob. He says “He’s a tool”)”
    Don’t we know it and don’t we know what we’d do with that tool if we ever got a chance……….

    “And I’m wondering if his ex-wife was Team Jacob and that’s why their marriage fell apart. ”
    If I ever get a divorce {can’t see it unless Rob asks but….} that’s exactly the sort of guy I’d need to meet…..Hhhmmmm ….team Edward…Hot tub sales man….understands Twilight/Robsession…….

  8. “Great news! Solomon Trimble, the guy who played Sam (we think) in Twilight but didn’t get rehired b/c he wasn’t studly enough, is gonna be folding sheets in the Martha Stewart section in the Kmart up in Qtown.”


  9. I already forgot what the first part of this letter was (something about guys and work and stuff…?) but

    YOU ARE SO GOING TO MEET ROB ONE DAY! And so am I. No doubt about it.
    And it’s not going to be a convention or an “organized mobbing” event, it’s gonna be a movie premiere or an interview, or a party…..
    And you will not write about it in a blog!

  10. I maintain my stealth Twi-status. It is a fine line I walk here ppl. The perfecting of the, ‘non-effected, aloof, I don’t live for Rob’s existence’ face has meet it’s match a few times. I will remain strong. I think they’re all on to me. I’m a paranoid wreck! Do we have a support group for this? Nevermind….it’s here. 😉

  11. ‘met’ it’s match! That’s what I meant to say. Guh.

  12. Donny, huh? Were u channeling some NKOTB?

    I’ve learned my lesson on letting my freak flag fly at work, but then I was going to the Paramore/no doubt concert with a coworker and also had my online bestie Marta coming to town. Had to inform coworker of said friend coming and oh, haven’t ever met her yet. hope its not awkward! (It wasn’t btw, we had a kickass time). However I had all sorts of anxiety about trying to explain the situation. No one understands the friendships we form here, the forum and twitter. No one, but us.

    • I immediately thought of NKOTB as soon as I heard the name Donny too!!

      BTW is it sad that I actually went to see NKOTB last september when they started their comeback tour?? It was amazing, not to mention that everyone there was well over 25 and there were at least 5 people around me that were pregnant (my friend included)

      • I met NKTOB in March. Donnie kissed me. When we took pictures, I had one arm around Jordan and one arm around Joe. We were in the front row during the show.

        How I wish I could remember any of it. I was so trashed that DrunkRob would have been proud.

        • NKTOB was my very first concert..
          at Candlestick Park in San Fransico
          I think it was 1990.
          I was 8.
          Even back then I was annoyed with fangirls who screamed through the entire thing.
          I can’t believe my mom and dad took us but I guess thats what you do when you have three daughters.
          Joey was my Fav!
          my older sis loved Jordan and my younger sis loved Donny! enough NKTOB to go around for my whole fam.

          • NKOTB was my first concert too!!, i was 5 and had my tonsels removed the day before, needless to say I was still pretty drugged up, i can’t belive my mom actually took me.

            At least this time around I actually was coherent for most of it 🙂

          • Oh, I feel oooollllddddd. I danced at a pep rally to NKOTB when I was a junior in high school.

    • I’ll just tell my husband that we met in the feminine products aisle at the grocery store, and that should put an abrupt end to any and all, ‘where did you meet’ line of inquiry.

      And when I eventually do meet any of you in RL, I know it won’t be awkward. Cause who the heck else is gonna get me like a fellow WTV girl or uni? There is a bond. A sick, all kinds a messed up, randy for Rob, Twi-Ninja Psychopath, sharp witted, scheming, snarky, dumpster appreciating b*oitch, bond.

      • Pros, I’m super excited to one day meet you and ur fabulous sticky-boob wearing Bs **coughAscough**

        Dude, u coming to the LA/Vegas 2010 extravaganza?

        • Alas, no plans to attend as of yet (is it sad that I didn’t even know what this event was???) I’ll look into making that happen. This kind of escape requires an unsurpassed level of foresight and craftiness. If I do make it out of here alive…with my secret in tack, I will be the only blond, with a love for books, sporting KStews chest, in attendance.

          Oh, and Brooke…I can’t wait to meet you and ur, NPH stalking, chicken cutlet wearing ‘B’s.

          • Dear Pros, u must have glazed over by whatever rob porn that was floating around the web. Us twitters, decided on a Eclipse premier in LA (slumber party at Moon’s and UCs) and then drive out to Vegas to party it up. Its a year out so start crafting your escape. I promise not to make more than 5 jokes about ur Canadian accent or how u say “about” 🙂 if u venture into the forum there’s a thread started aboot it harharhar (that doesn’t count as one of my 5)

          • Dude, Robporn does that to a girl, amongst other things that shall go unmentioned.

            Oh, I want to go! Going to check out the forum.

            And that counts biotch! 😉 No doubt aboot it, eh! (Srsly, make me stop.)

      • My friend…………

  13. I too live in the northeast (Boston) and it hasn’t stopped raining here for the past month either. Last week I was talking with a coworker (single, straight male in his 40s) about the weather in our break area and he says “gee, you’d think with all this rain we were living in the pacific northwest, like in Twilight. You know, those vampire books” I immediately had to put my head down to hide the huge grin that spread across my face so I didn’t give away my total inner fangirl, when all I really wanted to do was talk for hours about my love for all things twilight

  14. you WILL pounce rob.. i mean.. meet rob one dayy! dont you worry! ahha ❤

  15. My hubby actually read Twilight before I did. I decided I’d check it out when I saw him re-read it when he was done the first time. (He NEVER re-reads books) He was loaned the books from a co-worker of his, and apparently the books made the round of his department, which is probably 95% male.

    He and his co-workers say they’re out to ‘change the image of the stereotypical Twi-fan. I love ’em!

    The hubby is also very indulgent of my Rob obsession. He knows what Robporn is, knows where I keep my stash. (Not sure he knows how insanely extensive it is) And he cracks up over the comments all us WTV sisters make.

    Total keeper.

  16. I have to say that my hubs has also caught on to my game. He barely says a word anymore about Rob/Twi. Makes is kind of boring when he walks in and I am talking to my life size door poster of Edward Cullen *crickets* He doesn’t respond to my comparisons of all things in my RL to Twi. I think he may be trying to psyche me out…I don’t care. I will continue to read LTT/LTR b/c I know you girls will always have the goods (and by goods I mean Rob Porn and Twilosophy lessons) 🙂

  17. I have ‘confessed’ to people that I am a Twi-Hard and I think that Rob guy is ‘kinda’ hot and they all think they know my deep dark secret. They have no idea. But it’s just enough to cover my ass should I ever slip up and say something Twi related.

    Stuff my guy friends say:

    Guy: Why do you women like that Rob guy? He looks like the love child of Marlon Brando and Fred Flintstone.

    Same guy different day makes some comment about Bella and Edward having dirty dirty sex in the back of her truck.
    Me: No they didn’t. Edward was saving his virtue for the wedding night.
    Guy: Please, please, by all that his holy please tell me you are kidding.
    Me: I wish I was.

    And to UC and Moon, I gotta say that I’m impressed with the work you do here. You run two blogs, post every day without fail, answer comments, and you’re always hilarious. I’m sure it’s not easy, but I’m glad you do it!

  18. Well, unlike my first kiss with my guy bestie in the back of the bus 8th grade year, your shit never feels “forced” to me! That’s why I come back day after day! 🙂

    And I agree with everyone else here….you can’t just let everyone know all willy-nilly about our level of love. People just won’t get it. The only one that knows about my level of robsession is my hubs. But that’s only cause you can’t hide this sort of stalkerlike behavior in a 1000 sq ft apartment. Believe me, I tried.

  19. The only things my guy says about Twilight: “oh, dear G*d.” and “are you watching/reading that AGAIN?!”

  20. And, btw, we are at our lake cabin for three weeks, and I fogot the movie at home (1000+ miles away). I’ve been here three days and am already going through withdrawal. I’m thinking about driving 40 minutes to the Wal-Mart in town and picking up a copy. Just not sure how I can sneak it past the hubs. I guess I could just tell him I need some shiz like diapers and yogurt that they don’t sell at the bait n tackle shop? hhhhmmmmm…

  21. Hi everyone. My name is Sharpie and I’m addicted to Twilight/Robporn.” *Hi Sharpie!* … It’s like my dirty little secret that only those who are a part of the LTT/LTR world know about. You’re like my AA. I can confess my dirty little obsession and no one here will judge because we’re all on the same train to crazy town. : ) I have a friend that “thinks” she’s a true Twi/Rob fan, but she so isn’t. And I have to bite my tongue every time she gives me news about something that I’ve already known about for weeks, because I know if I blurt out that I have indeed known for quite some time, she will paint a scarlet ‘R’ on my shirt because I will officially be outed as that “crazy obsessed girl”. So, thank you fellow crazies. Thank you for indulging me each day with the delicious man candy that is Rob. Because my fixation on said-fox is totally, and absolutely NORMAL. : )

    • Sharpie, is it possible your friend is trying to pretend she is a ‘casual’ Twilight/Robsessed person to?
      Perhaps she senses your level of commitment and is ‘reaching out’?
      Perhaps she is UC or Moon in real life?
      Perhaps she is here now sharing with the rest of us?
      She isn’t me though I’m in Ireland…….<3 cause THAT'S NORMAL….

      • Hmmm…something to ponder. : ) My Twidar hasn’t gone off though… I don’t want to reveal too much to any of my friends for fear of getting “the look”. You know, the “Aren’t-you-too-old-to-swoon-over-a-hot-piece-of-ass-I-mean-man” look. 🙂

        • I’m {cough, cough, cougar} 45 and have to admit the only person who knows the true depth of my obsession {well. 65%} is my 20 year old gay son, the other 2 sons and hubby have an inkling but that’s it…….well I’m happy………

          • Hehe 🙂 Good for you Ruby! My husband just ignores me now when
            I see a picture of Rob and say, “Hey! There’s my boyfriend!” But if he
            knew that I frequented sites like LTT and LTR, then I think he would
            have me committed! lol-oh well!

  22. YAY!! The Team Jacob picture I found made it! It is amazing what you come across when you are trying to find pictures for the Hipster Bingo in the Non-Robsten (now Nonsten) thread in the forum! (go there.. enjoy)

    So I think my obsession is slowly becoming known at work.. because 2 people sent the trailer to me last week with the email saying HAVE YOU SEEN THIS? (took all that I had to email back.. hello yes I’ve seen it I watched it and squee’d like a teenager almost a month ago) To which I respond.. wow, after viewing that (of course I watched it again.. and again) it looks like this will blow Twilight out of the water.

  23. Without my sweet cop husbands knowledge I have had him grow a Charlie mustache. I told him I thought it was hot. He still hasn’t realized my deep love for all things Char….I mean dad…I mean Billy…’right (mumbling).
    Everytime I mention Rob…he says “you mean Diggory right?” or “He’ll only be known as Cedric around me please”.

    2nd hand? Maybe. Worth it? Definately!

    • I ❤ your level of commitment….
      I like Charlie too, he is really who I should be lusting after {age appropriate} but Rob's got me hook line and sinker {I'd sink anywhere he asked me too} sigh……..

      • I too would sink anywhere for Rob…as long as there is little to no clothing involved…..oh sigh…..I shall now stare of into nowhere and dream of that.

      • I’m secretly thrilled that my son is named Charlie because he is my fav character in the movie (Billy – amazing!). I hadn’t even read Twilight when we named the boy, and I would certainly never intentionally name a kid after a Twilight character (a pet, fo shizzle, but not a kid), but fun to have a Charlie nonetheless.

  24. So I just found out that the girls over at Lancome, Bare Minerals counter, and the Fragerance ladies are obsessed with Twilight… The other day, we were all standing around talking and we were talking about how I don’t drink (27 never had a sip of alcohol in my life, straight edge through and through) and they asked me what I did for fun.
    I was like uhh I hang out with friends, we play music and I like to read…
    they all were like have you read TWILIGHT??!!
    I was like uhh possibly..
    I did the whole switcharoo to them though and made them feel stupid for liking it so much… haha
    Im POSITIVE that Iam a billion times more obsessed but they think that they are the twihards of our group…
    how am I so sure ?
    they said and I quote
    “did you know that it was filmed in Washington!? that place Forks is in Washington!!!”
    I didn’t correct them… but its SO hard not to!!
    Im scared that I might slip and my all so important street cred will be destroyed.
    I just giggle and keep my head down when I hear them talking about it now…

    • you dont drink?!! me either!!!
      i know that wasn’t the point of this conversation but definately cool. i get asked what do i do for fun too. ALLLLL the time. geeze, its like some people’s life would be meaningless without alcohol.
      i guess kinda like us LTT/LTRers. guess i can’t blame em. since twlight has already altered me so completely. LOLOL. =D

      • yeah people totally don’t understand why I don’t. All my friends drink but they never get drunk. I just don’t find that appealing. I’m saving my first drink for my wedding day I figure i’ve gone this long if I drink something it’s goig to have to be a special occasion. I tell my friends that I’m waiting until I’m married to start drinking haha.

  25. Hmmm… my DH used to say funny things about Twilight that made me laugh. Now he is in full blown unicorn status, and is it sad to say that I kind of miss Twi being my own thing. I mean, he wants to come to the midnight showing of New Moon and I was like “NO, I declare that girl time!”

    • Oh Amber, you should look on the bright side….
      You could role play Bella and Edward….
      Share together time re-reading passages from the books to each other
      Make videos like Amandah……
      Sorry below the belt but just couldn’t resist the imagary that far I know you won’t go cause you’re here………

  26. me and my friends had the same convo about the weather of pa. we also thought we had moved to forks. glad we aren’t the only ones.

  27. My friends husband just told her he doesn’t like Twilight because he defies all of the rules of being a vampire. Huh? Has he met a vampire? I wonder which rules he is talking about….

    Obviously the sparkling part. That’s just silly, even to an obsessed fan like me. Maybe it’s the surviving on animal blood part. Even I think that’s kind of nasty, I’d much rather kill people than Bambi’s mom. Or it’s probably the eye color part. I think we would notice people who have ruby colored irises. Right?

  28. That picture…just…WOW. I would laugh my ass off if I saw that, and I’m planning on wearing sparklies for the New Moon premiere.

  29. Ok UC – I pretty much begged my husband to travel to NYC with me from the Philly burbs – He asks me why I want him to go so bad. So I tell him – His bodyguards aren’t shielding him from men – just women – he can get closer AND have the balls to ask for an autograph – cause I am pretty sure I won’t be able to talk if Rob is 2 or 3 feet from me. So My DH tells me “No you don’t want me to meet Rob” Of course I should know to shut up – but ask “Why?” DH tells me “I will point you out and tell him you would lick toe jam out of his toes if he let you” – Yea – so I will watch Rob from afar and be speechless if I get so lucky

  30. I am glad that “Team Jacob” wolfboy has combined SIlver Bullet, Teen Wolf and Twilight for his wonderful costume! Kudos to YOU, you little budding teen designer! I’m sure all the girls(or boys because I *think* you may bat for the other team.) were stunned and basked in your glory….in front of Sunglasses Hut and Kay Jeweler’s.

    “Except when the hoodlums let off fireworks in the middle of street and I heard a car back-fire and both times I yelled “GUN SHOT” (I clearly live in the suburbs)”

    I laughed so hard, I hicupped.

  31. I was with a group of people over the weekend and they started bashing the movie/book and my one friend who knows that I’m a fan (doesn’t know I’m obsessed) was quietly nudging me and suggesting I say something. I quietly sat there and waited for them to move on. Out of the blue one of the guys spoke up and mentioned how much he liked the books. We were all floored and then proceeded onto another subject.
    I am the official go to person at work for any twilight information. I’ll email new pictures out to a select few out of the kindness of my heart to brighten their day.

  32. No problem on the post! I loved reading your stuff! Haha! Very funny. It’s great, and I love how I can totally relate to everything you talk about on this entry in particular. Yay for being a twi-nerd! I’m sure I’ll be stopping by again soon. 🙂

  33. This site is very witty. I love the humor. It is a hoot. Bobby Gee Thanks for stopping by

  34. laughed out loud!!!! lol! hahahahaha
    ok sorry that was a lapsus… no one knows that I am this crazy, well maybe my younger sis and an aunt cuz they are crazy too… but they do not know that I am this addicted.

    at work they know I like it but not this much either… they knew it when I won 4 tickets for premieres here in Chile and I couldnt go… common I totally have to talk to someone about my frustration!!!!
    despite that they do not know the reality and amount of it.

    • you couldn’t go!???????? ahh!

      • nope! got them the day prior the premiere (each one of them, different days, different premieres) & with me being a wife /mom, besides a worker… I just couldnt.
        so I gave them in a chilean forum 😉 made twilight fans totally happy! and I don regret it… I dont!

        I mean if they would have been real premieres… with the twilight guys I would have gone… but since they were chilean cosplayers I didnt care 😛

  35. i can’t stand it how cute your are!! “Thanks for almost getting me lost in Kensington. That’s not the worst section of Philadelphia or anything” ahhahaha!

    i wish my husband would call Rob a tool – i would like to hear him say that – instead he just calls him satan – he’s not a unicorn. sigh

  36. Can I ask what the hizzay a “Unicorn” is? I see it often now on this site and on LTT but am sadly misinformed. I tried googling it (@ work, big mistake) and it brought up someethin’ about a sexual position. HELP!

    • haha.. well, WE call a guy who likes twilight a unicorn- you know.. cuz that’s basically a mythical creature! but some twi fan fic (wide awake) calls an orgasm a unicorn!

  37. […] Stuff guys say about Twilight and about me meeting Rob Dear LTTers, I have a confession to make. After 6 and 1/2 months of blogging at least once a day about Twilight-related […] […]

  38. UC that was great! I can’t believe you have been able to keep your secret. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so just babbled on. I went the “create your own coven to look normal” route. Do the people in the office read your blog? They must! Are there Twilighters on the interwebs that don’t come here?

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