She’s at it again! AmanDAH the TwiMom video vixen!

Dear LTT/LTR-ers,

Remember last weekend when I brought you my newest favorite fan video creator? Well she’s at it again and we’ve decided to give her a nickname because she’s too amazing NOT to have one. This lovely gal shall now be called AmandDAH the Twimom Video Vixen, cause yes, this woman is a mom! And she’s not only creating vids of her version of the New Moon trailer with her special hubster but is writing, singing and recording her own songs inspired by Twilight! Oh yes, hang on to your butts cause this is gonna blow that trailer out of the water!

Let’s start out with her upbeat diddy titled “My Vampire”

I keep worrying that her shirt may fall off through this whole video… makes it hard to concentrate on the amazing lyrics…

Starting over
in a new school forks high
eyes on me
dont like the attention

then i spot him out
staring me down
looking mean
looking pale and handsome

hes not a man hes a vampire

Alrighty now let’s slow it down with her next smash hit titled “Beautiful Vampire”

Now if I was the director of a Twilight porno spoof: Bella Does Forks, this is the song I would pick for the soundtrack…

pale white skin
ice cold chill
sheild of mine
vampire eyes
blink of an eye

thirst of my wine

hes beautiful
beautiful vampire

Seriously guys, I really can’t wait to see what AmanDAH comes up with next cause I couldn’t write this stuff… she’s the biggest Twilight fan who’s never read Twilight!

Happy Saturday!

The Forum

Follow the cut for a very special announcement about the Porn-off between us and the Twi Sisterhood

Rob: Fingers

Rob: Fingers

Dear Twilight Sisterhood,

Us here at LTT and LTR would like to congratulate you on thoroughly beating our fake sorority in the Porn-Off. You took what we’re known for and beat us at our own game. You played dirty and we’d be lying if we didn’t say we LOVED it hardcore. Your “fingers” entry was sheer genius and I gotta give you props. Though in our defense I will say Wanna Tappa Vampa was really too busy getting trashed at the frat/sorority mixer doing keg stands and making out with “frat brother” Kellan to remember to vote. So it’s with a glad heart, a pounding head, and a serious hangover we call you the winners!

We’ll see you at the next Greek Row block party!


Your Sisters from Wanna Tappa Vampa

71 Responses

  1. We lost? Damn. We lost. Crap. Oh well, back to the case race.

  2. Seriously.. but that Rob Porn was pretty brilliant…

    and THOSE VIDEOS!? omg…. they’re better than porn!

  3. What a complete psycho.

  4. We lost?? Shiittttt…. that sucks!!!

    But in my defense, I voted. Once…. could you vote more than once? If so, ‘whoops’

    And those videos slightly scared me. I didn’t even watch them all the way through. They remind me of those cheesy art pictures people make of Edward and Bella. I get red and embarrassed FOR them!

    Happy Saturday everybody!

    • I never really watch these type of videos all the way through. I cover my eyes when I watch them and peek through my fingers, as if I can’t see the embarassment I have for them.

      And yeah I voted once too. =(

      Which rob-porn belongs to LTT/LTR?

  5. If only she would use her powers for good instead of evil.

    And congrats to the Twisisters!

  6. Wow. Bless her heart. She really thinks she’s smokin’, doesn’t she? Aww. All the swaying in that first one was making me nauseous. Or maybe it was other factors of the video….

    And the porno reference to the second? Spot on!!

  7. I can’t believe we lost. I thought that we never lose!?! Crap. Athough we may have lost the Porn-Off, we could easily ‘kick everyone’s ass in this room,’ and you know it!

    As for AmanDAHTTVV…..erm…that video may have been better if her shirt DID fall off.

    • nice mike dexter reference! it’s reasons like that that we’ll ALWAYS win in the end!

      • I hadn’t seen Can’t Hardly Wait since it first came out and totally didn’t get your reference. However, it just happened to be on tv today and I just happened to turn it on 3 seconds before he said AmanDUH. I get it now. I just thought you were calling her stupid before.

  8. Amazing…….just amazing……
    Do you think she puts the same amount of passion, time effort into crafts/time with her children?
    The video effects are know smoke, multi-images etc I wouldn’t know how to begin all that shizz…………
    Sooo sad that we lost and I didn’t vote for the fingers as I thought it to obvious and tacky and Robs not…..Next time we have to beat their as*** girls OK?

    • i think the ltt gals were TOO subtle perhaps? our downfall i guess.

      • Yeah, It’s the subtlety that keeps me here…love the Rob picking his nose post over on LTR today……..and I’m in the queue behind the dumpster {number 5 I think}….. Yeap subtlety’s my middle name……..

  9. First of all, we LOST the porn-off? Unbelievable. *sigh* At least all the Greeks like to party with WTV.

    Secondly, I was moved profoundly by AmanDAH’s contribution to the Twilight fan world. I found so many deep and meaningful things to these videos. Like in the second one, where she flaps her arms around like a bat, clearly evoking the stereotype of the vampire. And when she lip-synchs the wrong words, portraying Bella’s confusion and searching when she is overwhelmed by the discovery that Edward is a vampire. Beautifully done, AmanDAH. And her shirt falling off? A classic reference to Nosferatu’s powers with women.

    In short, AmanDAH puts the EH? in SEX-EH. And I can’t stop humming Beautiful Vampire. (No, seriously, I can’t. Someone make it stop. PLEASE.)

    • Well said, well said. Hahahaha!

    • @Freya, I love that you watched the video hard and long (thatwhatshesaid) to be able to truly appreciate its depth and subtlety, and provide us with this analysis.

      I also love the name Freya, so if that is your real name, I love it, I do!!

      • I wish it was my real name! Sadly, my parents were less creative, so I had to adopt it for my Nom de Twilight instead, so the RL peeps don’t catch me being a RobHo.

  10. When i saw that there were more videos from AmanDAH, as i turned on my speakers I asked myself, “should I really do this?” Alas, I did. I might have vomited a little in my mouth. I’m sorry, but the close up on her teeth ?!? Oh well. I think I might have to go to LTR again and look and smiling Rob. Thanks ladies!

  11. I couldn’t make it through those videos. My shoulders started to seize up from cringing so hard. I did make ML watch her other video and he thought she was a better actress than KStew, so there’s that.

    And I voted for you! But congrats Twisisters

  12. Wow, she was just so amazing! When is her album coming out?

    That is the biggest second hand embarrassment ever!

  13. I’m making one of these videos…I swear on all that is pure and good in this world. Cause… Oh. Mah. God. And I CANNOT wait! Now, who do I get to film me? I’ll have to shield my identity of course, and shop for a skankalicious top. And really work hard to craft my facial expressions just so, she has set the bar high. Better get to work!

    • I voted!!!! A lot!

      And Twi-Sisterhood girls…well-played, but watch your backs! WTV girls gonna bring the smack down next time ’round!

    • I’m no filmographer, but it has been often said that I missed my proper career, and I should have been a back-up singer…..I also have cats, if you need some for the shoot.

      • @LPB Def bring the cats…this is essential. And if you can channel and manifest the same anguish and longing, then you MUST take part in front of the camera.

        @Tiff I appreciate your perception. Why spend the extra money hiring professionals, when I have children in servitude! Brill!

        Need a song…..hmmmm? 😉

        • OK,
          Sheet and pins to tack onto wall behind you–Check
          Song? –Oh, you need to write one. I’ll help you if you get stuck on any words….

          By the way, Ladies, in case you lose your mind and take leave of your senses, like I apparently did, and go to her YouTube page, just to, you know, look around, and you see that her BFF (happilymarried25) has a YouTube account of awesome videos, too, and you read that AmandaH calls her a “Really Amazing Dancer,” so you decide to click on it to see her amazing moves, RESIST THAT URGE. I’m just sayin’……

          • Why! Why! Why couldn’t I resist that urge!!!! I know, I know, you warned us. But since I a glutton for punishment, after I “enjoyed” happilymarried25’s lovely dance moves, I had to check out some of Amandah’s other handy work, too. Like her version of Taylor Swift’s You belong with me and the Velciraptor thing? WTF????

          • SDT—I’m actually very glad to be alone anymore in the world where that exists….. We can help each other get over it!!

            It’s all mind-boggling.

    • Pros why would you look externally for a videographer… don’t you have kids? you know that amandah and speical edward have their offspring filming this stuff…
      poor kids having to be exposed to their “creative” processes… i swear it must be just as bad as walking in on their parents having sex.

      • HAHAHAH walking in on them!

        kids filming! LPB with her extra cats! we’ve got our own in-house video machine right here!

  14. nooo, i was sure a wanna tappa vampa sis made the fingers, because i thought we were having the best dirty stuff going on.

    amanDAH the twifreak weirdeo vixen is so killing me with her amazing clips. do you think there´s going to be a midnight sun version of hers as well? because i can´t wait to see more of her husband, who totes looks like edward…

  15. like others, i only voted once, could we have voted more times? if so wah… WTV still rocks!

    amanDAH freak is quite scary, i watched all of the first video because it was a trainwreck i couldn’t look away from. I gave myself 1 min each and couldn’t even do that. WOW! read a bit of her bio and shes 24 and she’s been married for 7 years and has 3 kids!!!

    the thing is she’s not just a Twifreak… she is an author, writes books that have been self -published – found through her youtube channel:

    Description of The Colony

    About a young woman striving for some adventure in her life. She feels she’s headed no where in life but on a road that only leads to a dead end. Her life suddenly turns around after meeting the most incredible man that she believes is the one. The closer she gets to the man of her dreams, the faster the ride and the harder the fall. When she realizes, her love for this man isn’t all rainbows and butterflies.

    Between kids, writing and videos she must lead a full life and I am therefore the sad one… 😉

    • did you go read the snipet of her book available ON LINE?! cause i sure did! AMAZING

    • Hold the phone, love for your Man isn’t all rainbows and butterflies? DAMN, someone lied to me……

      • WHAT!? It’s NOT! That’s it….Where is my copy of Twilight???? I need some Edward time to kill the pain.

  16. I get the feeling that ( this is my personal nickname for her)feels as though her best features are her eyes and her mouth… he/she is wrong on both accounts. This girl is out of control. as if these videos didn’t inflict enough second hand embarassment I went to her youtube channel… my favorite has to be her and the hubs version of “no air” I havent seen such realistic lip syncing since milli vanilli.
    I also love how she deletes the mean comments on her youtube channel so the only ones you see are the few INSANE people who actually enjoyed it…
    I think Im going to make a few nice comments just to encourage her rare gift.
    thanks moon once again for burning my mind with images I can never be so lucky to forget..

    after your last post I had “what hurts the most ” stuck in my head all day… and I hate country.
    thanks again.

  17. Nothing is right in the world now that I know these videos are out there. I couldn’t even finish them. I just…and then…but…yep, this women has rendered me speechless.

  18. Couldn’t even finish the first video..what was that? like a combo of rock, rap & country? she had a “twang” on a few of the lyrics. so, so sad. all those facial expressions will come back to haunt me. I agree with RubyTuesday…where does she stash her kids to make all these videos?

  19. son-of-a…. I can’t believe we lost.. 😦 Oh well it was hard to chose one to vote on.. *le sigh*
    Now with AmanDAH singing again has made my Saturday complete… wait no it’s not.. the lurky loo goo of an Edward, kids & the cat in the background would have made my Saturday complete. WAIT!!! No, reading this and laughing about it has made my Saturday complete.

  20. I’m sorry, next time we have a Porn Off, I will try not to get everyone so trashed with my whiley ways. But I like the drink. Opps.

    PS I couldn’t even watch the videos. Maybe later, after some cocktails

  21. Yeah, I couldn’t even get through the first one. I felt wrong…and not in the good way either. I’m with @Janetrigs….maybe after some drinks I can finish viewing this “art”.

  22. I had tears in my eyes after those videos and all of your comments and remembering the last video and comments from Seriously the funniest part of my Saturday. thank you!

  23. I wonder if she even knows that we’re laughing at her.

  24. Dude.

    The positive comments? Either imalittlemidget and ikeaboy2006 are AmandDAH’s kids or she created the extra handles and wrote those herself. I think I might need to check out Rob’s booger pics on LTR again to cleanse my brain after enduring :26 of My Vampire.

    Or go to B&N to snag one of those Sexy Stars of Twilight mags. I hear it’s hot shit.

  25. P.S. Can’t believe WTV lost!

  26. @Moon – Just realized that AmanDAH is definitely channeling some Sarah Brightman. However, no one can go crazytown with the eyes like SB can, no one.

  27. Moon and UC: Is there any way we can find out which RobPorn was ours and which belonged to the TwiSisterhood? I’d be interested to know if my voting was accurate…

  28. I’m sad that I didn’t have a chance to check LTT until now (8:40 at night), but I think this is probably so much more enjoyable after 4 cocktails with the hubs. AmanDAH has provided a whole Saturday night’s worth of entertainment. Thanks, hun! BTW if you guys have not checked out her YouTube channel yet, do it NOW!

  29. Crap, we lost!!??

    I have to admit, I voted for the finger porn. It was a really tough decision with so many good entries. But that one was just brilliant.

    And AmanDAH…..OMG. I’m just….So….no words.

  30. Wow! I’m not sure what I liked best- the dizzying dancing or the come hither snarls.

    Bummer about the loss but it mustve been rigged 😉

  31. I don’t think anyone loses when Twiporn in involved.

    That woman. She might be the star of Rob Pattinson’s nightmares.

  32. Rematch!

    One day maybe I can bring myself to watch AmanDAH’s videos. Not tonight though.

  33. Sweet Lord, Velociraptor ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! (And again, because I’m upset, ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?)

    I have a new theory of why dinos became extinct…Tank A*s Syndrome. Thanks AmandDAH.

  34. Wow you girls bored much or what? found all this time to write up comments about something you hate.
    just for the record… I dont record in the day unless hubby is home because I have kids to take care of. and then when my sweethearts home he watches the kids while I make a video that takes 10 mins to film at the most.

    Hanging up sheets? well I dont have the nicest walls so I just hang up a nice sheet for bk ground.
    Cats in backgrounds? I have one and I dont mind her wondering in a video because Im not trying to be a pro.

    I never claimed to be perfect or good looking. I never claimed to be trying to look like bella, hell I aint that pretty like her I have crooked teeth and i have blueish eyes and cant act as well as she can. etc.

    I’m just an adverage person having fun creatively and many enjoy my work. I dont expect everyone to like my work… not at all.

    its just really sad how haters are so deturmind to waste their times on someone they believe to be a nightmare to watch.

    kinda makes u the nightmare doesnt it
    after all I am not the one writing evil things about you, I am more mature then that and wasnt raised like that.

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