Wanna Tapa Vampa

Dear members of Wanna Tapa Vampa,

We have a name! Our fake-sorority where we will do things like be fake-lesbians and start fake-fights with other Twilight Sororities is called Wanna Tapa Vampa. This name won 30% of the vote with The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pattinson Pants coming in at a close 2nd.  Thank you to JENA for this amazing name suggestion.

As our first order of business with our fake soririty, we have our PORN-OFF. Yes, quite similar to a bake-off, we have collected 5 of the best Twi-Porn entries from both The Twilight Sisterhood & Wanna Tapa Vampa.  In no particular order & in no way giving away WHICH sorority entered what, here are the 10 entries! Vote for your favorite at the end:


Rob: Hangover

Rob: Breakfast

Rob: Breakfast

See the rest and vote after the jump!


Kellan: Man Cave


Rob: Vampire

Jackson: Prayer

Jackson: Prayer

Rob: Pleasure

Rob: Pleasure

Peter: New Moon

Peter: New Moon

Rob: Fingers

Rob: Fingers

Rob: Tampons

Rob: Tampons

Kellan: Oven

Kellan: Oven

Time to vote! Have your favorite? The poll lists the entries in the order they appear above!

We’ll take the top 5 entries with the most votes by Crunk-Time Friday (8pm ET/5pm PT) & whatever sorority has the most porn in the top 5 wins! May the best sorority win! And by best we mean Wanna Tapa Vampa!

UnintendedChoice, theMoonisDown & our friends at The Twilight Sisterhood

So excited about the new name- Wanna Tapa Vampa? Wanna celebrate our impending win? Do it! At The Forum

All hot & bothered b/c we used so much RobPorn (poor other Twi Guys) just WAIT until you see what Moon has cooked up over on LTR

75 Responses

  1. Good god!!!! You guys just keep hittin’ it outta the ball park!!! 😀 A-M-A-Z-I-N-G pics!!!! Is it normal that I can’t stop staring at Kellan’s pork sword?!?!?! I’m just saying…the boy’s peen is just out there what am I supposed to do?!?!? 😉

  2. “Rob: Fingers” absolutely slayed me! I am slain. I nearly snorted my juice out my nose. That is some funny stuff. It obviously came from Wanna Tapa Vampa.

  3. I saw the picture of Jackson and thought, “who is that gorgeous woman?”

  4. Easy-bake oven?
    Rob’s fingers?


  5. These were amazing! I love how creative all of you ladies (and unicorns?) are! You all make my day everyday.

    I loved the “fingers” one with Rob. Simple and to the point. 😉

    I had a special place in the heart for the hangover one though… because my RL boyfriend actually says that to me… frequently. :/

  6. Oh man, I can’t believe we can only vote for one! So many good ones …how to choose, how to choose …

  7. Wanna Tapa Vampa! WOOT! Does that mean I get first dips at the Tapa?!
    I’m digging Rob’s fingers! However, the easy bake oven and the Walmart one made me lmao!

  8. Wanna Tapa Vampa…Love it! That and the Traveling Pants were my favs.

    Magnum…hello! And that last one of Kellan….ya, I had to look away. For all my bravado, I’m really a big prude. Ew…srsly! Ew!

  9. The Magnum one is awesome and the one of Jackson is literally the only picture of him that I have ever liked. He has a very Leo DiCaprio feel to it…and that dude is one of my FAVORITE actors (and he isn’t in my Get Out of Jail Top 5).

    Are we going to make T-shirts? Do I need to stock up on puff paint and a BeDazzler?

  10. HA HA HA! I don’t know which one is better the Rob: Fingers or the easy bake oven. Which, btw, I was staring at when my boss walked by. She told me to stop looking at Twilight porn. Sigh.

  11. It’s only 10:00 am but I’m going to start drinking now in anticipation of Rob’s hangover cure.

    Omg-the fingers….

  12. Oh god, why do you make me choose?!?!?

    I can’t decide between breakfast or the hangover cure.

  13. You know which one I had to vote for! Is it even a question?

  14. I was choosing from Fingers, Breakfast and Pleasure… and chose Pleasure – I see harmony in the picture and the slogan and.. it totally is porn 🙂

    p.s. gosh, I needed to do some job, but now I don’t see the possibility…

  15. fingers cracked me up – and then I sighed because it reminded me of some of the lemontastic fanfic I’ve been perusing and now it’s all down hill for the rest of the day!

  16. ok where do I send my DUES!!!! hahahaha

  17. Lady, do you know that the link for the Twilight Sisterhood you put up (both) don’t work?

    Or maybe it’s just me???

    • The one on the side worked but not the ones in today’s letter. Not sure if it matters. Theirs today isn’t even about this…the one from yesterday is.

      What is THAT about? Apparently they don’t think they brought it.

  18. Robs “pleasure” OMG you guys rock!! Im getting hot just looking at these! LOL

  19. I loved the tampons one… he seems so eager to help in the picture haha… but why would one need tampons if you thought you were preggers? (the logic side of me coming out here).
    All of these are great… but Im pretty sure I can tell which ones came from tapa vampa no one is as witty as the wtv girls …. NO ONE!

  20. fingers.



    However, I had to go with Rob Hangover… because while I loved the pic… the tag line took me by surprise! (breath hitch… gasp) Loved it! YOU LADIES ROCK… I am sooo not worthy to be in your company… but can i please pledge???

    And what kind of “hazing” can we expect?

    • Oh Rob runs his tongue on you- from your ear to your coller bone. and you’re not allowed to speak or move. that’s your hazing.


      • he looks like someone who’d do that.

        and from the pics of him and the chick who plays jess…he has a long tounge. just saying…

        Id survive. hardly. but still….Id force myself. haha!

        best hazing ever! never thought Id say that…

      • Oh my! I think I’m ready for my hazing.

        UC, it’s like you think in fanfiction mode.

        • i dunno if that’s a good thing… but it might be b/c i’ve been up way too late reading ‘the list’

          • I think it’s only appropriate that we have a list, too! LOL!! Woo Hoo!

            if that’s the induction ritual… SIGN ME UP!

          • Oh god, The List owns me. Good luck getting any sleep until you finish.

            Our own list? Maybe as a post on LTR? 😉

  22. OMG, these were amazing!!!! All of them. So tough to choose.

    Wanna Tapa Vampa….true dat!

  23. OMG!

    This is so HARD. 😉

    A couple made me LOL, but that Rob: Breakfast pic is one of my faves!

    Which to choose, which to choose…

  24. Any Rob porn is good porn. All of the above = WIN!

    But because you made me choose, I had to go with Rob:pleasure. You can’t take that picture and put words like magnum, extra large, and lubricated beside it, its just not fair to the other pics.

    Sorry, just lost my smut fan fic v card and can’t get my mind out of the gutter. Lord have mercy!

  25. They are all fuckawesome! So difficult to choose….

  26. Oh dear LORD!!! What a bunch of yummy pics! Any left over pics please feel free to email them to me!! hahaha

  27. It was hard (that’s what she said) to decide whether to vote for the actual picture or the caption. ALL (ok, not the freaky baking one) were worthy of a mouse-click.

  28. I love the first one! “in my pants!” lol long time. but I had to vote for breakfast in bed. that photo gets me everytime….

    and yes. I am coming back to stare/laugh at them all again. ;] Im also linking newbies the the site! 😀


  29. My eyes are getting all heavy and lusty…wait…too much FF, lol, but seriously. wow. You ladies blow me away!!! I had writers block big time and nothing sounded good that I came up with! I love them all, but the second one is pretty much what I want to see and hear every day of my life. for serious!

  30. I don’t drink but would considering downing me some Cuervo Gold so I could have that hangover cure. Hard to choose, but the photo and caption combo won me over.

  31. WOW! with a promise like that how could you not vote for “PLEASURE”

  32. Wanna Tapa Vampa!
    *Raise the roof* That’s the name I wanted!

  33. I personally like the “rob pattinson for trojan” ad….that’s great! lol

  34. oh god, that post is totes awesome.
    except the kellan-oven-pic, i so hope this wasn´t submitted by someone on our side, because i feel WAY isle-esme-fan-art-2nd-hand-embarrassed looking at its poor photoshopping.

  35. Congrats Jena! The odds were against you. You are the clear winner. What a great name you picked for us!

  36. Umm so I was just trolling the internet and came across this http://www.twilightsorority.com/

    I must say Wanna Tapa Vampa is a much better name (although I like the pun on OME)

  37. wanna tapa vampa! y-e-s!!

    i think this robporn decision was one of the more difficult i’ve ever had to make. right up there with that whole “pick-your-major-you’ve-been-here-3-years” situation at college.

  38. Major random post, but I’ve come to terms with my twilight obsession and am leaning on the edge of the fan fic pool. Any suggestions?

  39. […] forget to vote for your fav TwiPorn thru tomorrow night for our sorority: Wanna Tapa Vampa. He's watching […]

  40. […] Don’t forget! Tonight at crunk time 8pm ET/ 5pm PT, we will close the votes for our Porn-off poll! GO VOTE NOW! […]

  41. […] forget to vote in the Wanna Tappa Vampa (our fake sorority) and the Twi Sisterhood’s PORN OFF! EVERY VOTE COUNTS!! Yes we […]

  42. LOL….I’m laughing so hard right now!

  43. […] here at LTT and LTR would like to congratulate you on thoroughly beating our fake sorority in the Porn-Off. You took what we’re known for and beat us at our own game. You played dirty and we’d […]

  44. oh my god i about died when i saw that last one.

    “after this im gonna slide my goodies in your easy bake oven…”

    gosh that is just wayyy to funny!

    and all the rob ones about the cure for the hangovers and the vampire rides were pretty hilarious too.

    love them all!

  45. […] on “Things Guys Say About Twilight,” both of which were quite funny.  You should see the pics the sorority was voting on.  All I can say is, oh my…haha.  Go read and enjoy the […]

  46. That was hilarious xD hahahah
    I lvoe the oven bake one hahahahaha xD

    Well done to the people who made them!

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