Holy crap – 2nd hand embarrassing New Moon fanmade video

Dear LTT-ers,

It’s that time again, YUP time to be 2nd hand embarrassed by a fellow “fan” of Twilight. And today I bring you an extra ambitious fan who not only created a New Moon trailer, but wrote the script, acted in it (as Bella of course), SANG the music and enlisted her husband/some dude to play Edward. Oh yes, we have a live Edward in this one. And not to be mean but I think she might have found him at the group home around the corner, promised him a part time job and then told him his job was to “be Edward. Claw my face with your paw as if I’m a glazed doughnut and don’t take the grill on the way out”

watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YNclyinIGX8

Shhhh kids, mommy and daddy are trying to act like teenage vampires… go back to your room!

She actually had a few other Twilight related videos up and promised a video of her version of Twilight. Sadly, she’s taken them down but we still get this gem! She truly is a prolific video creator, songwriter AND author (of TWO books!)! Check it ALL out. Trust me.

Happy Saturday!

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78 Responses

  1. Oh Dear. *crying* (you know why.)

    • obviously because you are so touched.

    • (LPB hands Pro3 an hankie)

      It’s ok, dear, we’re here.

      • Thank you LPB *sniff sniff*…

        • Okay…I just watched this again after several hours, and I can honestly say,
          to anyone who is listening…that I WILL make a video of this caliber someday.
          Cross my heart…because there should not be just one…no…and I cannot deny the part of myself that must make this happen.

          I have to live up to my full potential. Especially the part where I’m writhing on the floor. I. Will. Be. Brave.

  2. That has to be the guy who writes Twilight Widowers Anonymous. And if not, I think we need to find him a safe house.

  3. OMG that was painful. 😦

  4. The sweatpants, THE SWEATPANTS!!! NOOO!!! *criiiinge*

  5. ah! I can’t do it! I can’t watch it all the way through!

    • I stopped after the first 15 seconds.

      • you HAVE to finish the ending alone is worth it!

        • I watched the first minute, and took a little break, and then went back and finished it. The ending is…..uh….erm….yeah, it’s worth it!!

          I got stuck in the beginning with the cake, because I couldn’t get over all the crap on the kitchen counter!!

  6. OMG, The Passion…. The Emotion…… What Can I Say………

    Was the cat meant to be Jacob in wolf form?

    Do all Americans have some sort of green blankets instead of grass in their gardens?

    Was it really necessary to kiss open-mouthed?

    Were those childrens voices in the background?

    Has anyone called the welfare people?

    Is this really the way to celebrate Edwards 108th Birthday?

    I’m going to the forum find me some Rob porn…you know why…….

    • Im american… nothing in that video should led you to believe that americans are in anyway like this weirdie…

      plus I have grass in my yard… not a green blanket.

    • she is CANADIAN!!!

      and YES those were childrens voices! how creepy!

      • No offence to any Americans intended {especially now I know she’s Canadian}
        So who’s phoning the welfare people?

        • On it! They said the children’s voices alone weren’t enough evidence that the kids ACTUALLY exist…lol

      • Canadian!!!!!! OMG! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I’m in Toronto, does this mean it’s in the drinking water??????! Dear Sweet Lord….save me from the madness!

        • Just tell yourself they’re Newfies. It will be OK.

          I can’t believe I watched the whole thing. I don’t know what’s the most disturbing part:

          –The singing.
          –Balding Edward in sweatpants.
          –The sloppy kissing.
          –The fact that there were children present.
          –Edward’s…um…defensive stance. Rawr?
          –The crazy marked up walls with random outlets.
          –That cat. I mean was she trying to say she never could make a kitty meow?
          –That this is how she chooses to advertise her clothing line.

  7. OMG, I just *died*.
    She is such a embarrasement for yourself.
    And the hubby?
    What kind of guy do THIS?
    Just lamme.
    Brazilian Girl

  8. The cat was the best part.

  9. was is just me or was edward’s shirt to small?? maybe she had to loan him some clothes…

  10. that was out of control…
    who are these people? is this chick pregnant? insane?
    I gotta say her vocals are tight tho… hahaha
    what kills me is the people who left comments saying
    Wow beautiful!
    this was so touching…
    she obviously deletes mean comments ( can you do that on youtube?)
    I think Im going to go leave an encouraging comment so she can make another video that I can laugh at…
    “edward” walking away was the best part… his waddle, his love handles, his receeding hairline…
    Kids voices in the background, the cat wondering around… I was praying that the cat would start licking its self… that would have made the video so much better..

  11. it was like a train wreck i couldn’t quit watching… oh my gosh! my eyes are full of tears *you know why* wow… the walking away the music, the cat, even the comments it’s all just to much but completely made my saturday morning! where do you find this stuff?

  12. I totally cannot finish watching that. 30 seconds was all I could take. I’m so 2nd-hand embarrassed I want to go hide in a corner. That was wretched.

  13. I don’t even know what to say…it was like watching this couple’s sex video or something…..that was just utterly horrifying and knowing that it was intended to be “serious”……I can’t even process it.

  14. okay, after my initial horror, it gets easier to watch the second time…and crack up. These poor, poor people don’t have a clue.

  15. All I can say is…the tongue…why oh why did we have to see the tongue!

  16. WTF? i couldn’t watch it. I saw only 15 sec and forwarded it so I could see in a rush what she was doing.
    Dude….WTF? Is this a joke? I have no words. I want to wash my brains with clorox and forget that I ever saw this crap

  17. i think a part of me just died….

  18. I want to talk to the set director of this short. Who the hell put the wardrobe together? The too tight tee on the middle aged Edward? The crop top with the belly hanging out on the couch? And Bella would never have worn a strapless top. No matter how big her rack was.
    Also, if you’re going to make a movie of yourself crying, maybe just make sure you’re not an ugly crier first. I am in that category, too, so I can totally relate. I’m just sayin…

    • yay! i’m not the only ugly cryer! my husband thinks i’m just heartless. no, i just can’t stand the way i look when i cry!

  19. omg… does she really think that shiz was good??? i’m drunk and i think that sucks.

    i mean, it’s not because you’re a girl and have brown hair and eyes you can play bella and it’ll be good.


  20. and i like everything when i’m drunk.

  21. Oh. My. God.

    Second hand embarrassment, for sure. Doesn’t she have any friends? Even if I lost my ever loving mind and thought about doing this, I have girlfriends who would stage an intervention. Holy Beejesus. This is where we should be doing outreach or something. Twilight fan to Twilight fan.

  22. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth. After alternating between dry heaving and laughing at “Edward’s” sweet receding hairline and seksi ensemble, I had to hit the STOP FOR THE LOVE OF GOD button so I wouldn’t end up crying in a corner after witnessing that. It brought “2-hand embarrassed” to a whole new level. No, no. THAT video IS the definition of 2-hand embarrassed. If you google ‘second hand embarrassed’ that video pops up. : )

  23. I thought I was going to barf during that kissing scene. Oh god. The bile just rose up my throat. Was it really necessary?

    I like when he jumps down to protect “Bella” or whatever and he’s snarling but he kind of just looks like a character from “Wrong Turn”. One of the cannibals. Has anyone seen that movie?

  24. It’s like some of those people that audition for
    X factor/American Idol …..Just Why?
    Perhaps it’s like, helping us get a sense of scale…
    1-10 and this all confirms ‘Thats Normal’ for us….

    • That was the worse vocal I’ve heard since William Hung on American Idol a few years back. She bangs, she bangs, baby!

      PS Since when does Edward have a spare tire (and a half)?

      PPS Is there something worse than 2nd hand embarassment?

  25. I feel like Phoebe off Friends.. MY EYES! MY EYES! (and ears).

    I couldn’t get past the lurky loo goo against the wall in the hallway. STOP!! (I think he was trying to scratch my eyes out when I screamed MY EYES!)

    Then in reading the comments I see I should watch until the end. Skip.. skip.. almost to the end.. GOO!

    Tres embarrassing.

  26. Holy sh*t balls Batman! I seriously have to get my drink on to finish watching this abomination. There should be a law that requires all Twilight fans that are a-holes to have a big X tattooed on their foreheads and need to display a pic of them sporting said X before posting any related visuals on the web.

    Just think of all the BS that could have been avoided this past week on set for Rob. Those Hot Topic hos would have been hauled away prior to the mauling.

  27. hahaha..Oh wow! That was definately second hand embarassing…I don’t even know what else to say!

  28. uhhh… *cricket, cricket, cricket* ahem.. uhhh yeah, 20 seconds was more than enough for me..

  29. Below is a link for a Twilight parody that I found quite hi-larious. It might help take away some of the pain from watching the above video. 🙂

  30. The only thing scarier than that vid…was the comments posted below it saying how good it was and how much they loved it……


  32. My wife is obsessed with Twilight. Her friends and her….Ok, and I get together and watch the movie A LOT. I have never heard, “He is so cute” more times in my life. Her obsession is more than the movie. She is in love with the books. She literally wouldn’t put them down.

    Anyways, great blog. I like it a lot.

  33. Oh God! I think I got maybe, 4 seconds in and I had to turn it off!

  34. epic fail. that is all.

  35. oh my. I am at a loss for words….ok, here are a few-scary,delusional,wtf??

    I ❤ Edward's receding hairline.

  36. This is cool and very funny Bobby Gee Thanks for reading my blog.. http://bobbygee.wordpress.com/

  37. […] on to a friend so they can become addicted (aka spreading the virus so you’re not alone!), creating your own New Moon trailer with your creepy husband while the cat wonders wtf is going on, or even getting a Twilight inspired tattoo. Now the Twi-tatt is by far the highest level of […]

  38. Ok, that was just fucking painful. I actually stopped it after 40 seconds because it was just too embarrassing to watch. then I put it on mute and fast forwarded through the whole thing, which was actually really funny because that lady makes some seriously weird facial expressions.

    She could have least slapped on some makeup, imo. Or not filmed that train wreck in the first place.

    And the ‘Edward NOOOOOOO!!!!!!’ at the end made me grit my teeth so hard I think I lost a filling.

  39. She has way more than Twilight skills. You HAVE to watch these two vids:

  40. And this is the BEST:

    (Update from UC: HOlly posted a vid that didn’t work in the comment- here is the link:

  41. wtf…the only films she should be in a cheap porns

  42. oh HALE no….that was painful…LMAO. How do you guys find this stuff….????? Love you!!!

  43. omgs. i would love to get my hands on one of her books. judging by the how well the descriptions were drafted i bet it would be a painful read.

  44. […] last weekend when I brought you my newest favorite fan video creator? Well she’s at it again and we’ve decided to give her a nickname because she’s […]

  45. […] the sexy french voice of edward cullen moon: thats his pick up line when in actuality he looks like amanDUH’s husband uc: YES!!!! he sooo does! it IS amanduh’s husabnd uc: she’s banking on his success to launch […]

  46. Oh my god. I’ve never been so embarrassed – the crouching face did it for me – and his hairline…

  47. I think my fave part was definitely the slow-sliding-down-a-wall-while-crying part.

    I have to wonder if it’s a joke how seriously this lady takes herself, because if it is, then she is genius and actually a talented actress.

  48. Coming soon from AmanDAH productions: Last Tango in Paris, the Musical.

    Ps: I love the top she made out of LoveHandle Edward’s abandoned truss

  49. I am catching this late…..but…

    I heart Baldward. ForEVAH.

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