R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to Rob and Twilight!

Dear Twi-Hards and LTT-ers –

A lot’s been said since yesterday about “Cab-gate 09”… which is what I’m now refering to the Rob was tapped by a cab incident that turned into the biggest non newstory, newstory to rock the Twi-world in… well… days. In a matter of minutes rumors were swirling, petitions were being signing, kidneys being donated and Obama issuing a statement. Well maybe it didn’t go that far, but folks did start up various campaigns and trending topics to get the word out about everything from: “Respect Rob’s Space” to “Protect Rob” which is all fine and well because crazies need to keep their distance from Rob.

But what really got me thinking was what about the other folks in the Twi-dom? What about the other actors? Their family? Their friends? Can we ask people to respect Rob but leave them out? Must we be forced to worry that Solomon Trimble will get mobbed at an Oregon Walmart while he’s buying some Alberto VO5 hot oil treatments for his luscious locks?!

NO! I simply will not stand for it! I MUST know that ALL people associated with Twilight are also respected. So to jump on the bandwagon I’ve created our very own LTT “Respect” campaign with an LTT twist, of course!

Won’t you join us?


It’s easy to worry about Rob since he’s such a big celeb, but what about the “little people” in this scenario? What about the Cabbie? I say we need to respect the cabbie! Stop stepping out into the street with your big feet, umbrellas and security detail. This guy’s just trying to do his job ferrying people around the city and we’re getting in his way by hitting HIS cab with our hips. Respect the cabbie!

Though Buttcrack Santa isn’t a canon character from the Twilight series, HE DIED! Respect him! He died for our laughs. He died for those little bottles. He died to have momma say didn’t know how to make a kitty meow! RESPECT BUTTCRACK SANTA!

What about Marty the Bananager for 100 Monkeys? We give him cheesy shirts to wear, don’t include him on our 100 Monkeys canvas totes, and grind with him on the dance floor. He’s a person too! Give Marty his personal space and save your sexy moves for his bandmates. They signed up for this, Marty is just doing his job and can’t be distracted by our beauty. Respect The Bananager!

Taylor’s a level-headed 17 year old who seems to be enjoying the attention he’s getting by playing Jacob. My real concerns lie with Big Daddy Lautner. How’s he taking the fame? Is he still able to hit the McDee’s drive through at midnight for a late night Filet o Fish without getting mobbed? Respect Big Daddy!

We all spend a lot of time pining for Rob and swooning over Kellan’s wifebeaters but what about the supporting actors? Have we devoted as much time to Mike Newton? Will we ever love his “golden retriever” like qualities enough to finally open letterstomikenewton.com? Will we ever post about his quest to save ladies boobs? Respect Mike Welch!

Read about the best real life Rob stalker and see the Rob’s new security at LTR
RESPECT The Forum!

84 Responses

  1. “Is he still able to hit the McDee’s drive through at midnight for a late night Filet o Fish without getting mobbed? Respect Big Daddy!” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

  2. I completely agree. We gotta respect the little people who make it all happen 😀 Buttcrack Santa! Love him!

  3. these are some great little people!
    i´m laughing my ass off at how the “respect big daddy” pic is more of a “respect filet-o-fish” one. hahaha.

  4. So, the real question is…which one of you was grinding the Bananager on the dance floor?

  5. Poor Mike, he’s even getting overshadowed by Edward in his own RESPECT MIKE poster.

    I would shed a little tear for you mike, but I’m enjoying Rob’s jawline too much to spare you the time … sorry!

  6. Ohhh Moon…I am cramping and snorting and crying…it all started with buttcrack santa…

    “Though Buttcrack Santa isn’t a canon character from the Twilight series, HE DIED! Respect him!…He died to have momma say didn’t know how to make a kitty meow!”

    LMFAO I think I lit’rally pulled a muscle girl. Meow. Oh hell, I’m laughing again because I said Meow.

  7. OMG, i love you people!

  8. I would also like some respect for the ” the worker over at the pant”

  9. “he’s buying some Alberto VO5 hot oil treatments for his luscious locks?!”

    Holy hell!! LMAO

    And I don’t get why Mike Newton wants to save the boobies…I mean it’s a noble cause but I just don’t get the reference.


    • maybe he likes boobies?
      sorry about my randomness, i have no clue why he´s the boob-saviour.

    • Mike did some kind of beast cancer research a few months back…

      Yeah, he’s definitely a boob man. He raised money for boobs. All of our boobs. He deserves sincere respect for this. Amen.

    • mike welch is doing this thing for breast cancer fundraising, ive seen it around some other sites.

  10. “In a matter of minutes rumors were swirling, petitions were being signing, kidneys being donated and Obama issuing a statement.”

    LMAO! I ❤ U!

    • Yeah that was very very funny!!! I laughed my eyelashes off reading this

    • That was a ‘coffee over screen’ minute for me…..yes you’d think I’d know better by now and not drink whilst reading Letters to…….

    • donate your organs ladies! im having an organ drive to show our support!!

      sign up!

  11. Lol, great post Moon. We SHOULD give more respect to actors like “Butt Crack Santa” and definitely Twi-rents like “Big Daddy”. Way to spread the word.

  12. We also need one for respest for the Dick, The Silver Fox.

  13. […] R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to Rob and Twilight! « Letters to Twilight on June 19, 2009 at 8:01 […]

  14. Amen. Respect the poor cabbie–dude no clue what was gonna happen. We all know how nutso NYC cabbies are…it’s a high stress job, for sure.

    Now Rob has something in common with me…as I, too, have been tapped by a cabbie.

    And by “tapped,” I don’t mean in a special hug kind of way. I mean on my backside…when I tried to cross 5th and 34th and didn’t move fast enough. It happens. I lived. We’re all copasetic.


    sheer genious… 😀

    ❤ u guys!

  16. ROFL!!

    Moon, have I professed my undying love for you, recently. Nice to start the morning with a good laugh!

  17. I love the Buttcrack Santa one. “He died for those little bottles. He died to have momma say didn’t know how to make a kitty meow!” HAHA I laughed soo hard, which is difficult with my chipmunk cheeks (just got my wisdom teeth out 2 days ago) hahaha

    Love you guys and Respect!!!

  18. Thank GOD I don’t have to RESPECT Eric, cause that would have made me feel guilty again about dumping his ass for Demetri!

    As always, anytime Poppa Filet-o-Fish is added, I smile! Thanks for the reminders of RESPECT

  19. Respect all of them!!!


    I’m laughing so hard!!!!


  20. I think Papa Filet-o-Fish should be in charge of Rob’s security detail. He looks like he has some ‘business associates’ who can make sure da situation does not get outta hand.

    • seriously he looks like he knows some folks who can “whack” people who get out of hand.

      was big daddy on the sopranos?!

  21. omg, I am still cracking up over the RobMobile, and now this!!!

    Holy hell you ladies are on fire today with the funny!!

    Don’t forget, we also have to respect the ‘outside the restaurant window bow-chicka-wow-wow butt dance’ that Mike does, as well.

    And the ghosts in the photos are awesome, too. Not only is Rob distracting me in Mike’s Respect pic, the sharting blonde woman makes it into the corner of the pic of Big Daddy!!

    I have a serious case of The Giggles, now, thank you SO MUCH.

  22. Oh MY GOSH!
    This is the most ridiculous post ever… seriously how do you come up with these things? The picture of big daddy and the filet fish faded in the background… I can’t take it!
    I was laying in bed laughing so hard that I was kicking my legs in the air like the four year old in that video from the other day… no seriously I was..
    I not only respect all of those things (especially the boobs…don’t forget the boobs) but I respect you… for for your wit your charm and your photoshopping ablities…

    • the prince of beeeeelllaaa! KICK KICK!

      and im glad you got a laugh! oh and we sit around thinking about this shiz all day… we’re a little too obsessed.

  23. OMG I’m dying here. I read Buttcrack Santa’s song lyrics and started laughing and then my phone rang (I’m at work) and I had to try and compose myself to answer it. WTF kind of song WAS that he was singing? Yall are too funny. And I for sure thought you were gonna say “Respect the Pouch” from the Capri Sun commercials. LOL

  24. What ever happened in California a while back there was a guy trying to get some new laws in, at least for the paps? It was on Fox a few times.It was like the Britney Spears law or something, then I heard nothing.

  25. Like every other day I read a post here, I walk away laughing my ass off hysterically. But seriously, I’m glad you posted such a seriously serious post. : ) These are real people who dress up like bananas and keep Santa a little bit creepy. They need to be able to keep on keeping on, without interference from all the CAS’s in the world. And the Rob-mobile is totally inspired. I bow to you ladies; I don’t think I could ever be behind a blog like this. I’m just not that funny. *fist bump*

  26. Okay, I’m eating breakfast while reading this and I seriously almost spit my food onto the computer screen. You are too funny!

  27. So now I’m singing…what you want? Baby I got it…what you need? you know I got it….clearly, I’m no Aretha.

    “Stop stepping out into the street with your big feet, umbrellas and security detail. ”

    L.M.F.A.O man!

  28. So have the Aretha Franklin in my head whilst reading this. Win! Love it!

  29. We should remember the extra that played “Dead Guy on a Stretcher”. He scared Rob shitless when he realized it was a real person.

    Just because we could only see his feet, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings too.

    • What about the bus driver, for the totally irrevelant ‘green’ C.H. thinks we’re stupid gotta get your ‘global warming’ message in there anyway, field trip?!

      Be EQUAL Skeeter! Gah!

      • Sorry! You’re totally right. Equality for all! 😉

        Let us not forget the Bus Driver, who was an ACTUAL bus driver. She screamed at Rob for beating his fist against her bus door. It’s not her fault that she loves her cheese wagon and didn’t want it damage by a totally hawt, very STRONG vampire. I see her point. Well done you.

      • but what about the WORMS! hahaha bella WORMS!

      • ’cause Green is WHAT? GOOD!!!!


  30. K, I both love you and hate you for this post….

    LOVE respecting Buttcrack Santa – someone has to mourn him and who is looking after his kitty, hmm?

    HATE that every time I watch Twilight, I’ve got “make a kitty meow” in my head for DAYS. And now it’s back in there again, so thank you, thank you very much. LOL!

  31. OT: Why does my avi show up sometimes and not others?

  32. Ok…I’ve been hearing in my head, while reading this post and the comments, the Capri Sun commercials where that guys screams “RESPECT THE POUCH!! RESPECT IT!!!!” And now in my head the guys is screaming “RESPECT BUTTCRACK SANTA! RESPECT HIM!!” and “RESPECT THE BANAGER!!RESPECT HIM!!” and “RESPECT FILET O FISH! RESPECT IT!!!!”

    I am cracking myself up with this…”RESPECT THE BOOBIES!!! RESPECT THEM!!!!!”

  33. I pretty much want a RESPECT buttcrack santa as a poster in my house. just sayin.

    can you please make me a RESPECT daniel gale sign? I need one. for reals.


    and make a RESPECT the yellow guitar and sweats get-up in How To Be.


  35. RESPECT for Sister Moon!

  36. i love buttcrack santa so much (L)

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  38. […] by some fangirls from Long Island? What should we do? I know! Freak out on Twitter and start a Respect Campaign. […]

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