Things that happen to me that make me think Twilight may be too big a part of my life

Dear Twilight,

It’s 12:18 am. I did approximately 4.5 hours of work today at my job although I was there for 8 hours and 15 minutes. The rest of the time I responded to blog emails, approved comments, responded to comments, lurked on the forum, played around on twitter, read through my google reader, sent a few emails to my pals: The Bitchin’ Bloggers, chatted with Moon on gchat about how Rob is clearly going to have a sexless summer- it was just another day at the office. I grabbed a quick bite to eat at my grandparent’s house where I kept my cell on vibrate. When I got out to my car I had a missed call and 2 texts from Moon. Plus a bajillion twitter updates. I called Moon immediately & from the moment she said hello until this very moment at 12:24 am, I have not stopped working on my “blog about vampires.” Just a normal Wednesday, or maybe today should go on the:

List of things that happen to me that make me think Twilight may be too big a part of my  life:

  • I got 6 birthday cards this year and 4 of them had Robert Pattinson’s face on them
  • My cousin, who is reading the books for the first time (yep- there are still virgins out there), texts me after she finishes every major section of a book and I call her immediately, making her rehash every feeling and emotion she is going through at that very moment, just so I can live vicariously through her first time. I miss my Twi-virginity so much
  • Someone gave me a book about Rob Pattinson and encouraged me “not to read it all in one sitting” (little do they know I read the entire thing in 30 minutes the day it was released at Barnes & Noble)
  • When I got my friendly monthly visitor in my white pajama pants, while going commando, instead of freaking out & looking around for the closest Tide detergent stick, I thought, “What was Stephanie Meyer’s answer for what Edward does when Bella gets her period again?”
  • I can’t even get my husband to respond to my e-mail, yet Ted C. from E!Online has written me 3 times in the last 2 days.
  • I write a blog about vampires that, for some reason, more people than I knew existed in the world read every day. Yesterday I only had 21 views on my personal blog.
  • When discussing plans for a Twilight DVD ‘girls-night-in’ night over e-mail with some real life friends, one of the RL friend’s coworkers walks into her cube. She invites her to join us for the movie and she says, “Wait, UnintendedChoice is going to be there?” Someone actually called me UnintendedChoice. In my real life.
  • My grandmother cuts out articles from the newspaper about Twilight and mails them to me
  • People I haven’t talked to for years who should have no idea that I run this blog write on my Facebook wall, “I just wanted to let you know I started Twilight and I love it!” (Do they think I wrote it!?)
    secret msg about buttcrack santa
  • I cropped a fannypack onto a man I never met (OH wait, that was Moon.. check it here)
    secret msg about buttcrack santa
  • If I haven’t seen a friend in a week or two, the first question out of their mouth is not, “How have you been,” but it’s, “How is living in the Twilight world?”
    secret msg about buttcrack santa
  • One of my best friends e-mailed me the other day and said “I feel like you have two lives. Real life UC & virtual life UC. I miss real life UC”
    secret msg about buttcrack santa
  • When I get a company e-mail reminding me the IT guy is coming around to everyone’s office & doing geeky crap to our computers & I go to clear my history, I notice that it’s full of phrases like:

“Rob Pattinson Bite Baby” and “Rob Pattinson lobster”

  • Because of that same IT guy I deleted my temporary files & download folder yesterday. It took 12 minutes. As I saw the file names zip past my eyes as they flew into the recycle bin, I realized not one was work-related.
  • I accidentally start everything, from emails, to facebook wall posts, to work coorespondance, to post-it notes with “To do’s” for my husband, to blogs on my personal blog, to my rent checks, with Dear ___________ and sign it Love, UnintendedChoice. I, alone, am keeping the “white out” product on the market.
I may also be obssessed with this fact that I found out there used to be a petition to have TomStu play Edward. TOMSTU

I may also be obssessed with this fact that I found out there used to be a petition to have TomStu play Edward. TOMSTU

What should I do? Pull back my involvement? Or do I just suck it up and say, “That’s Normal” I may or may not like Twilight


PS: Add to list “The fact that I know who the hell TomStu is”

Okay confession time… what has happened to you to make you say… allright.. maybe I’m not that normal. (But oh! You are! That’s Normal)

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A million thanks to Calliope because without her, today’s post would have been a poll entitled “Who is hotter? Rob or Buttcrack Santa?”

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  2. All totally normal.

    My kids fight over who gets to play with Pocket Eddie. My response, “neither of you gets to play with Pocket Eddie. He’s MINE.”
    My girls recognize RPattz and refer to him as Pocket Eddie when they see him on the computer screen, TV, etc. Sad, but that’s normal.

    • HAHAHA that amazing. im not sure the “real” PE would fit in our pockets though. but we could try!

      • I could say something really dirty here about the “real” PE and my pockets, but I will refrain.

  3. AND, reading LTT and LTR are the first things I do in the morning when I wake up.

  4. My son lost his top two teeth and when he smiled his two incisors stuck out and my first thought was ahhh….he looks like a cute little vampire!

  5. I totally read these two blogs first thing – before I eat breakfast, before I check my own e-mail, before facebook, even – BEFORE I FEED MY OWN CHILDREN. Yeah, that’s normal.

  6. awww man I wish I had a job that allowed me not to work and just browse rob jazz all day.instead I wake up a half hour early every morning just to catch the newest ltr/ltt post of the day before I go to work and make unattractive people pretty. so here I am laying in bed at 5:48 am with iPhone in hand laughing trying not to wake up roomates. I can honesty say that I keep my rob addiction so secret that sometimes I feel like an man with a porn addiction trying to keep it from his wife. But my “wife ” is the whole world excluding you fine folks. Don’t rat me out okay? Evenwhen people talk about twilight / rob I pretend to not want to talk about it until they give me enough information that leads me to believe they are as crazy as i am. I’m such a bad fan. But I have to protect my street cred.

  7. UC..that’s just so normal.

  8. Haha great title of the post.
    Confession time. One thing my friends usually make fun of me about is the fact that out of my 12 Top Sites in Safari, 7 of them are for Twilight sites (ps 2 are LTT and LTR 😉 ).
    Probably another key that Twilight takes up too much of my life is the fact that when I got back from a week of vacation, it took not hours but days to catch up on all the twilight blog posts, news, pictures, videos, tweets, etc that I missed. And I read them all.

    • seriously if youre out for even a weekend the twi world passes you by and its hard to catch up! AH! i know the feeling

  9. I think the confession for me was actually confessing to my friends that I really am a fan of Rob/Twilight. A fact that is due solely in part to you lovelies.

    You remind me daily to not take myself so seriously. You remind me that a woman can always be a girl but a girl can never be a woman. We ALL are girls inside. Something I hadn’t fully embraced.

    And all of this is totally normal because those friends I confessed to are OBSESSED with Real Housewives of *insert random city here*

    Thanks for sharing with me your Twilight Kool-aid.

    • “You remind me daily to not take myself so seriously. You remind me that a woman can always be a girl but a girl can never be a woman. We ALL are girls inside. Something I hadn’t fully embraced.”


      never take yourself or THIS too seriously!

  10. For me, I can tell because…..

    – I come home from the store with Bop and Tiger Beat magazines ALL THE TIME! (and I’m 30!)

    -I go on vacation and the first thing I want to do when I get home is check up on Rob/Twilight.

    -When Twilight was in theaters and I went and saw another film that was in the theater at the same time I felt guilty that I wasn’t actually seeing Twilight next door.

    – I took the day after the Oscars off of work b/c I stayed up too late watching all the coverage and post coverage on E! thinking maybe just maybe they’d talk to Rob at a party. True story but I really did plan to take the next day off because I do that every year after the Oscars ;-). I also realize this sounds a bit stalkerish and some may have me committed.

    – I’m about 5 months behind at work, yes that’s right, because the first thing I do when I get to work in the morning is I log onto LTR and LTT and then I check every single website that’s my fave….then after doing so I post all day long. However, I have a job where I work at my own pace, but right now my work ethics have gone down the toilet and it’s all Twilight’s fault! LOL!

    – I now use the words “Blasphemy” and “lit’rally” all the time.

    – I say things like “I irrevocably and unconditionally” before starting some sentences.

    – I don’t loan out my Twilight dvd for fear I won’t get it back (yet I own 4 copies).

    Uh…yeah, so I’m crazy! But THAT’S NORMAL!

    • Oh and I also tape every single media show everyday just incase there’s some kind of coverage (and let me tell you, here lately, every single night there has been).
      Then I spend a few hours every night after work going through it all! LOL! True story.

  11. Since I love your blog and do not want you to cut back I have to say that your obsession is totally NORMAL!

    When I bought my pocket Edward and Bella I had to make a deal with my 9 yr old daughter that she could have Bella but I was taking Edward. I also probably only spend about 2 hrs a day at work actually working.
    The rest of the time I read these awesome blogs and FF or I plot how I can go to NY since I live in PA. It would only be a hop, skip and a jump but then I see crazy fangirl videos and since I do not want to be lumped in with them I stay right where I am.

    • I thought about going to NY too but alas, didn’t want to come across as a crazy stalker bitch. Although I admit I did get directions to the shooting location “just in case”!

  12. I may or may not have 4 copies of Twilight. New Moon. Eclipse. And Breaking Dawn. My first copy of Twilight may or may not be underlined…highlighted (chapter 13!!!!!)…and water-logged, from reading it in Hilton Head in the summer of ’07. So sacred is this copy of Twilight that I never loan it out. To anyone. Ever.

    OK, I’d give it to Jesus if He asked, but He’s the only one.

    And I am definitely grateful that Twilight brings people together. Because it does. Ahem.

    • i definitel;y have a “reader set” and my “good set”

      and uh yea AHEM!

    • So glad to hear other people admitting to having multiple copies – I loaned out my copy of Twilight to the slowest reader on earth a little while ago and had to buy another copy b/c I finished Breaking Dawn and needed to “start over at the beginning” again.

      Last week I accidentally left my copy of Eclipse at the train station and didn’t realize it until hours later! I was probably should have been ashamed to find myself at my local Walmart the next day frantically going through the teen book section trying to get a replacement (there was only one copy of Eclipse, I don’t even want to think about where I would have driven if they hadn’t had that one copy). I’m 34, married, and have read that book 3 times already. I thought that was normal but I guess I could see how someone else would think otherwise. Perhaps it’s time I invest in a “good set”.

  13. I am constantly dropping names/phrases from Twilight just to see if it is “safe” to talk about. I was with a group of people the other day and they asked what I was naming my new baby (remember, I have a Twilight baby, wink!) I responded with “Either Rob or Cullen” A few of the people’s heads shot up quickly and we all gave each other the “I know what you are talking about” look. It was fantastic.

    I was chatting with a friend the other day and he said that he didn’t like the cold. I asked him if he liked “cold, wet things?” He was really confused and it was obvious he had no clue!

  14. btw, tonight’s ET (6/18/09) they are going to have another Twilight exclusive.

  15. At church on Sunday a cute guy noticed my Pocket Edward in my purse as I rummaged for gum. He asked, “Is that a little MAN in your purse?”

    It was the first time I saw myself the way others might see me. The worst part was that it got really quiet right at that moment and I couldn’t explain–I just nodded yes and looked away.

    • @ tiffanized – tears just welled in my eyes at “is that a little man in you purse”! I love it, so funny! I went to Babies R Us the other day to buy a baby shower gift for a friend and my husband actually went and found the doll and goes “look honey – you can get your own pocket Edward”. I had no intention of buying it before I went in the store but somehow he ended up in my cart and is now in my home office. Now he wants to know why I won’t take him out of the packaging and I really have no explanation of what I’m saving the pocket Edward for.

  16. OK…..LTR is my home page….I get up in the morning turn on my laptp, put the kettle on, have a ‘human moment’, make tea, sit down {due to time difference it’s yesterdays letter} check comments, go to forum, check Rob’s flat, check FF, look at clock, google Robert Pattinson, check new blogs, go back to LTR see what’s new, look at clock……rush to shower and dress etc to go do whatever RL has to be done, come back to LTR with afternoon coffee read latest letter spit coffee over screen…….are you trying to tell me that this behaviour is not normal for a 45 year old happily married mother of 3 {young adult} sons?

  17. confession Twilight/Rob junkie:
    – Rob’s face staring from my mobile phone (wallpaper mobile phone)
    – Rob laughing as my income textmessage on my mobile phone
    – Brouwsing 4 hours at work on the internet for fresh news of Rob (the other 4,5 I try to work)
    – When I talk to my my best (gay) friend Marco on the phone we only talk about Twilight/vampiere/Rob/wolfd etc

    I’m a crazy?

  18. I ask anyone I know if they know anything about Twilight. If they don’t they have usually heard about it. I try to convince them to read it or at least watch it. (I did this recently with a coworker, but she’s 17 so I don’t understand why she hasn’t read it yet) If they have read Twilight, I talk to them about it for as long as I can. I always ask them what did you think about this, what about this? Unfortunately, I don’t know many people who have read it or are as obsessed about it as me, that’s where you guys come in =)

  19. All Normal.

    And UC, we would all be very sad if you bailed from this little slice of subculture.

    I fear I am not quite as invested as some: only one downloaded photo (avatar), never seen any other movie Rob’s been in (though I would love to), never tape interviews (catch them on occasion on interweb), don’t own Rob’s music, only watched Twilight three times, have never attended a Sam/100 Monkeys shows, never plan to set stalk, no one in my RL knows my crazy except for a twenty-one year old MALE co worker who wants to borrow my books (unicorn anyone!) I could go on, but before I get kicked out of the sorority, here are my strong points…

    I keep LTT/LTR open most of the day (work from home…if you can actually call it that at this point…)

    Plan on going to visit Forks next year.

    Have READ Twi books….um, repeatedly.

    Am trading in my ride for a silver Volvo next year (ahem, normal.)

    And I’ve never been so proud to be: from AZ, nearly albino, vegetarian, bookish, married to a man who is 6’2″ with a thin build, and I could go on.

    Perhaps not exciting, but normal, nonetheless.

  20. My daughter rats me out when i sneak off to play on the computer. She of course knows who Rob is (she uses Rob/Edward interchangeably) and will yell”Dad, Mom’s reading about Rob/Edward again!!”

    At night when I hear my husband’s car pull in I guiltily logoff Twilighted and shut down the Rob stalking for the night, then slink out of my office to pretend I was making dinner for my husband.

    I canceled dinner with my in-laws to stay home and watch the Kids’ Choice Awards to catch a glimpse of Rob, who didn’t show up.

    The upside to all this is that when my husband complains that I’m too obsessed I can point out out Pattinson Pants girl and others like her to show how really normal I am.

  21. My confessions:

    Like everyone else, I have to check my Rob/Twilight sites everyday. Screw regular news, I only NEED to hear Rob news.

    I have 2 kids, but Rob’s pics are the only ones on my cell phone. And some sound bites too. Its the only place I know nobody else can see my craziness.

    I do NOT lend out my books or my movie! Blasphemy!

    Everytime I forward a pic of Rob to my BFF I title the email “since I’m goin’ to hell” (b/c of my uncontrollable lust for Rob)

    And finally, when my kids are afraid during a thunderstorm, I tell them its just Edward and the vamps playing a little baseball!

  22. Sorry i’m so lamespice and gave you a non-Rob birthday card. hehe.

  23. I’m getting a divorce and don’t want to keep my ex-husband’s last name, and don’t want to revert to my maiden either, so I’m seriously considering changing it to Cullen. If I still want it in a year, it’s happening.

  24. I love this! I am the exact same way. The first thing I do when I get to work is check all the blog emails, email STY about anything that might have come up in the ten hours I was sleeping/commuting and not glued to the computer. I also broke down and bought a Netbook so I can utilize my train time more efficiently – meaning work on twilight/blog stuff.

    I think I have more email conversations with all you other bloggers than I do with my actual friends.

    I’ve stopped checking my yahoo email account, which is the only email account NOT associated with Twilight. I actually missed a family gathering because someone sent an evite and didn’t call.

    My boyfriend has asked me to pay as much attention to him once in awhile as I do to Twilight. I said I didn’t have time. 🙂

    I’m glad I’m not alone in this.

  25. I think I have gone off the deep end every morning, first thing when I weigh myself, my scale is a brand called “Taylor”. This makes me think of Jacob, which makes me think of Twilight, which makes me think of Rob, etc, etc, etc. And I weigh myself every day, so that’s how it all starts. After I get my son off to school, the first thing I do is pour coffee and check LTR/LTT. Before email or anything else. And I’m SO GLAD that’s Normal!! UC, I can see your inner conflict, but if you pulled back now, I feel like I would be like a junkie going through withdrawls!!!

    Also, I know Twilight has seeped into my life, because I say little things from the book or the movie, just to see if someone ‘gets it’. They usually don’t. My favorites are: “Say it. Out loud.” and “I know, right?”

    @tiffany, sometimes i feel like I am hiding my porn addiction from my husband, too!! He will ask what am I reading, and I always say ’email’! lol.

    • Dude! I say ‘Say it. Out loud’ ALL the time! Despite it being one of the scenes in the movie I despise the most. 😉

      • ‘Vampire.’

      • I also love it when Carlisle says ‘Animal attack’, but that one is hard to work into everyday convo….

      • i say “say it. out loud” all the the time as well! at first people thought i was a tad crazy when i said this and looked into their eyes intesely, but i´ve told them that this line is an insider-joke. just one friend shares my obsession and whispers “vampire” (or “mermaid” bcs of a certain parody) every time.
        i love using twi-quotes in my RL, because most people just don´t get it. *giggle*

        • I love saying, “Say it. Out loud,” just to see what random thing people will say. You get the funniest stuff. Mostly the people I say this in front of will get the reference and say something that rhymes or something. Umpire. Empire (for the Star Wars fans), Retire. Desire. Fire! But onces in a while you get ‘Peanut Butter and Jelly’.

  26. J9’s Twi-Confessions:

    -My work day consists of: Arriving at work and opening LTR, followed by LTT and then the forum. I spend all 8 hours of my work day on the forum, another forum I’m a member of, bouncing between the two in 4.5 minute increments all day. I check all my favorite blogs, and Twilight sites, while simultaneously refreshing various gossip sites for the latest on Rob and all things Twilight until it’s time to go home. Rinse and repeat the next day.
    -There are invoices sitting on my desk from March, due to above work day.
    -My boyfriend’s sister finally caved and asked for my copy of Twilight (after I made her watch the MTV movie awards with me and she had to resuscitate me after the NM trailer was released) and I made her swear on her unborn baby currently floating around in her belly, that she would be finished within a week and that no harm would come to my book. True story.
    -I took a day trip up to Philly (with strangers, people I’d only ‘met’ online discussing all things Twilight) to see 100Monkeys perform on Memorial Day weekend – because Jackson from Twilight is part of the band.
    -My boyfriend understands there is another man in my life and he has become my enabler. To the point where, last night as I was cooking him dinner, he yelled “Babe, hurry up and finish Robert Pattinson is on E! News In 10 minutes!”
    -My BFF whom I’ve never kept anything from – ever – is not aware of my Twilight/Rob obsession at all. She knows nothing and I plan on keeping it that way, because I’m selfish about Rob in that way.
    -I listen to Rob’s music all the time, especially when I’m having a bad day or when I’m drunk.
    I’ve added ‘Pattinson’ to my dictionary on Microsoft Word – but all that is normal.

    • I have also kept my BFF in the dark about my obsession. I thought she was going to get on board when she read the books and saw the movie twice, but her interest waned, and she NEVER READ MIDNIGHT SUN, because it was “too hard to read on the computer.” Ummm, what?

      So I gave up on having a RL partner in crime, although she will agree at any time that Rob is way hot. I cracked up when she called to tell me the other day that Rob was in a new movie called ‘How to Be’ that just came On Demand. I said, ‘Oh, really?’ hahahahahhhahahahahahah(ok the hysterical laughter was in my head.) She said it was “OK”. yeah, I’m on my own here…….

  27. I like to tell myself my actions are all normal!!!

    I always check this site and LTR first thing in the morning. Usually while I am putting on lotion after a shower.

    My friends have remarked that half of the blogs I check using google reader are twilight or Rob related blogs.

    Also my BF’s boyfriend has banned us from having twilight or Rob related conversions when he is around. She did not like the books as much as me. Or think Rob is as hot as I do. So we always have fun little arguments.

    Every time I see someone reading the book on the subway or carrying the book. I always want to go talk to them about their experience.

    I also drop little twilight hints into conversation to see if anyone else is a fan.

    • my bf´s boyfriend (whom she calls edward behind his back/ when we´re together) told us to not mention robert/edward/twilight when he´s around. one time we did it anyway and he just left not saying a word. my bf didn´t care that much because i was telling her some REALLY IMPORTANT NEWS bout something rob-related. haha. now we use a “code”: we do it smurf-style…

  28. this is the first thing that i check out when i get up in the mornings, and then go on to facebook, and twiitter. its completely normal! haha
    all of my friends know how much im into this that for my birthday, one sent the twi-game wrapped in the movie poster, another sent the twi-candies, and the 2010 calendar, and much more 😀 hahha.

    i also may or not be behind on my school work which i should be workin on right now. (june 24th deadline means nothin now)
    i may or may not be readin new moon again in place of my Employment Law textbook,
    and its safe to say that tho my friends know im obsessed w/ twilight, they dont know the extent of the addiction.. which i love to keep it that way. haha

    keep it goin UC, its totally normal!! ❤

  29. This is me minus the wildly popular blog…I recieved a gift in the mail and it was signed “Love Edward” it was actually from my mother…

    And I spend at least 3-4 hours a day reading blogs/twitters etc just to get my Robsession fill of the day…I have two children and a full time job…I really shouldn’t be this way

  30. The first thing I do every morning is check this site and about four others. I cant start my day without Twilight and my boyfriend freaks out when I tell him vampires are suppose to sparkle, not turn into dust. I think your Twilight habits are perfectly normal and I love your blog!

  31. OH yes! i forgot that one- thanks for reminding me, Sal, I get mail ALL THE TIME with the return address saying “Edward Cullen”

    and i’m overwhelmed with all the people saying they just us first thing in the morning. aww shucks guys


  32. OMG. I love you.

    And I can’t believe you confessed to this:

    “‘When I got my friendly monthly visitor in my white pajama pants, while going commando, instead of freaking out & looking around for the closest Tide detergent stick, I thought, “What was Stephanie Meyer’s answer for what Edward does when Bella gets her period again?'”


    You are TOTALLY normal chica.

    I have recently converted (another) RL friend and she texted me the other day saying “Thank you. Thanks to you I am now officially obsessed with Twilight. I don’t know what I’m going to do after I finish reading!” She got the depression after finishing BD.

    To which I gave her blog links, Midnight Sun and FF suggestions.

    And we’re meeting up this weekend to go shopping and talk things Twi (cuz we haven’t since she recently finished all the books) with her sister coming along. And I said, “won’t sis get annoyed and want to slap us when we inevitably talk about Twi & Rob THE WHOLE TIME?” And she sad, “Too bad for her!” 😛

    See? TOTALLY normal. 😀 (((HUG)))

    P.S. I’m thinking I should clear out my work comp stuff once in a while, huh? Haven’t worried bout it much cuz IT guy is friendly with me and we’re FB buddies! Bahahahahaha!
    P.P.S. I almost wanted to call you UC in RL. But I didn’t. Cuz I would get the crazy look and I didn’t want to scare you off. LOL!

  33. i was tempted to buy the ‘pocket edward and pocket bella’ duo at Border’s yesterday. yes, that’s right. i’m a 36 year old mother of two and i almost bought ANOTHER pocket edward…but only because he came w/ a PB! crazy.

    i also:
    – have read the series at least 6 times
    – hosted a twilght party
    – screamed like a fangirl at the NM clip during the MTV awards
    – check out all my twilight sites on a daily basis
    – buy any trashy mag that has Rob’s face/name on it

    yeah…it’s an illness. hahaha.

  34. I don’t tell anyone about my twilight/rob obsessions because I’m 31 and I have a real fear of being called a twimom… *shudder*

    • this is my fear too….Rob’s perfectly within our age range…half our age plus 7…so we are just fine…

    • I hear that!!!

      • Whew, glad to hear I’m not alone… 🙂

        • You are not. In fact, before I knew better, I called myself a Twi-mom, because after I read the first book and LOVED it so much, I thought I was one by definition. (love twilight/have children).

          I now know that that is a horse of a different color altogether…I’m just Normal. Or as I learned on this blog, possibly a Twi-milf.

  35. “My grandmother cuts out articles from the newspaper about Twilight and mails them to me” LOL

    My dad (he refers to Twilight as the movie with the Dracula guy) texted me the morning after the MTV Movie Awards: “Did you know that your vampire guy won for Best Kiss?”. Yeah he rocks, and so do you!
    It’s good to know that we are NORMAL!
    PS: LTT/LTR are at the top of my favorites in my browser.

  36. Um, what… That’s not normal???

    (When you figure out how to resolve this dilemma – or if it actually requires resolving – please let us all know… and p.s. I am thinking the latter. Would you really go back to pre-twi-UC if you could?)

    : )

  37. My favorite part was the twi-virginity part…my friend read the series recently and I did the same thing to her “TELL ME EVERYTHING”. I also wish I had my twi-virginity back lol.
    Also you’re normal to US, does that count??

  38. OMG, was I the only one laughing my ass off at

    “Someone actually called me UnintendedChoice. IN MY REAL LIFE.”

    So I just want to clarify, did this person know that you were, in fact, UnintendedChoice? Because if they didn’t, it would only make me laugh harder.

  39. My confession –

    For my 10 year wedding anniversary trip to Italy, I put Volterra on the agenda. Yes. I did.

    @Marta : I also have a friend I’ve talked through “the depression” and given a stack of “getting you through it” books (aka: vampire books that are not Twilight)

    All normal.

    • Oh, and Montepulciano, but NOT during filming – that was a coincidence, while Volterra was completely planned. Swear.

  40. I walk around all day feeling like I’m keeping a secret life from everyone I know in real life. If someone yelled “Hey WastingTheMorning!”, I would definitely turn around and say “What?”.

    I find myself actually believing things (aka rumors) that I’ve read in this random interweb universe where anyone can say or do anything and you can find proof that anything exists. I’ve become very gullible.

    My kids have gotten so used to mommy being on the computer checking the sites that they climb up on chairs to get what they need to fix their own meals. And one of my kids is only 4.

    I DVR everything – Disney movies that KStew did when she was like 8, every gossip media show available, Jeopardy when Rob is one of the questions.

    I actually think I email my “imaginary” friends more than I email my RL friends at this point. My husband even knows some of their “imaginary” names.

    Every night I felt saturated with my obsession and tell myself that tomorrow I’m going to spend a lot less time checking the sites and obsessing. And then the new day starts and I obsess all over again.

  41. TOTALLY NORMAL… i hope.
    because i do the same thing. i’m currently in school; at lunch.
    and i check my twitter/ twi-sites in the morning (in media class), at lunch, and when i get home. all my friends are aware that i like twilight, but they are not aware of my obsession. i don’t think they’d understand unlike the people we meet on twi-sites. like right now, i’m supposed to be typing an essay but instead i’m here. lol. im so behind on school work, and im worried when i start working in 2 weeks tht i’ll be distracted then too.

    ps.. i’m also living vicariously through a newbie at the moment 🙂

  42. My embarrassments for your 2nd hand embarrassment pleasure:

    • On FB if anyone starts reading Twilight they send me messages about it, even though my FB is not crazy Twilighty
    • People I’ve met in real life I have referred to with their LTR screen name (Calli, that’s you)
    • Have made friends with large population of TMZ staff, because I and my TMZ fellow stalker Too_Far_Gone began harassing them for more HHH and less Efron
    • Going to Jacksonville, NC for vacation this summer to see a guy’s music who, while I def like, I probably wouldn’t have ever known about without HHH’s influence and PS my ex wasband, marine lives like an hour outside of Jacksonville and I am praying I don’t run into him while there
    • Have become known as the drunkity chick on twitter and the Forum, because have embraced my love of DRUNK ROB (and cause I like to drink and imagine getting smashed with him)
    • Have become obsessed with Twitter cause you get the fastest HHH/Twi news there and often forward the tweets to my cell to be in constant contact, plus your never lonely, cause there’s someone always there to chat to
    • Have learned new words & phrases, like: F*ckery, drunktweet, F*cking Balls of A Goat, That’s NORMAL, among many others, which I tend to use in RL conversations

    OKAY am beginning to think I’m soooo NOT NORMAL, but eff it. I’m happy with all you other crazy ass bitches. I’m owning my crazy!

    • I heart you drunkity chick!

      Yep – eff it! I’m happy, everyone else can suck it (kids, that means you!).

  43. Alright, I’ll admit, I have a small problem. But according to all the ladies here–It’s NORMAL 🙂
    –I haven’t been a vacation without kids in 8 years, so my hubs has a great idea to leave the kids with the grandparents and go on a week long trip. He made the mistake of letting me pick the destination. So yeah, we are going to Forks, WA. We are also staying at the View Point Inn Bed and Breakfast (where they filmed the Prom Scene in the movie). Don’t judge.
    –The night security guy at the hospital where I work doesn’t know my name, but he calls me “Twilight Junkie”.
    –I have Rob wallpaper on my cell phone. (Some Moms have pics of their kids—I have RobPorn!)
    –At Easter time while decorating easter eggs, my three year old asked if we should make an “Eggward” egg. I seriously thought about it for 2 seconds.
    –I have the entire Cullen family made as Mii characters on the Nintedo Wii. My kids ask permission before letting Edward bowl or golf!
    –My baby cries when he sees me at the computer, because he knows that he will be ignored while I look at all the Rob sites! Poor kid. He just can’t compete with LTR/LTT!!

  44. Coming out of lurkdom to say: you guys are *HIlarious*. This site is a “must” on a daily basis.

    My take on obsession with all things Rob/Twilight related: it’s our version of “sports”, is it not?

    Witness: men obsess over sports/sports stars on a regular basis, starting a very young age. They nuture the sports obsession in each other to the point where it almost becomes a universal language for the gender. Men can *always* talk sports and have something in common. They plan their lives around sporting events, both ‘live’ and TV.

    Not so very different from our activities here!

    I submit to you that studying all things Robward is no different than my brother memorizing all kinds of baseball stats that nobody but other sports fanatics care about.

    That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.

    (thank you UC & M for the personal and professional (ya right?) sacrifices made to bring us the humor/info/pics we need to feed our obsession)

  45. My Twilight obsession has actually seeped its way into my work. Luckily I teach film & television so it wasn’t too hard to do. When I was teaching a scriptwriting unit I used the Twilight script as my sample. We actually studied it for a few days. I also showed the behind the scenes footage from the Twilight DVD to my class to talk about pre and post production! Luckily most of my students love Twilight so it looks like I’m just keeping them entertained. They have no idea that it’s actually my obsession.
    (God I hope none of them read this – they would totally know it’s me!)

  46. It’s totally normal because:

    1. The first website I read at work is LTR/LTT
    2. I made my cousin in Canada buy me and send me a Pocket Edward all the way to El Salvador
    3. I made one of my best friends who was vacationing in Miami to brought me a “I love boys who sparkle” button, a copy of GQ with Rob on the cover (came out that week) and a Cullen Crest
    4. I use words like irrevocably and keep listen in wordreference the pronunciation so I don’t say it wrong
    5. My sister says: “Are you still reading about that guy… I need the PC you know”
    6. I don’t like KS
    7. I’m obsessed with Twitter cause is the best way to find out about Twilight/Rob
    8. Every time I think about something like this my mind answers: ITS TOTALLY NORMAL

    So… I guess is normal… totally normal that twilight is a really good % of my time… jejejejejejeejejejeje

  47. lol.
    you are totallyyyy normal, believe me.
    the first thing that i do when i wake up is check my favorite websites to get my fill of Robby news. lol.
    and i know this sounds crazyyyy but im not kidding after i read the twilight series and found out about Robert and his wonderfull-ness i have had about 7 or 8 dreams about him! Im not kidding…i’m staarting to get a bit worried. lol. but they are good dreams so i dont really mind. lol.

    great post! luv u guys!

  48. Robert got hit by a taxi cab?!?!!? did you read that??? radar online says that he just got hit by a taxi in the morning… because of screaming fans! anybody knows if it’s true????

  49. I adore you all for making me feel “normal”.

    Ok, confession time.
    *I read LTR and LTT first things when I get into work in the morning. My work e-mails can wait.
    *My co-workers know never to mention Twilight in my presence because I will begin to gush and ramble like a little girl.
    *My co-worker gave me a photo of KS, RP, and TL to hang in my office.
    *I wear my Twilight necklace frequently (it’s Bella’s bracelette in necklace form – A Christmas gift)
    *For my birthday I received two Twilight-related cards (one featured my face superimposed on a half-naked woman in bed with Rob, via Haunted Airman – Best. Card. Ever.)
    *I also received a handmade Edward doll for my birthday this year. Check it out –
    *For Christmas this year I received many Twilight-related items, including the poster of Edward’s face. I am not 15 years-old. I will still hang it on my door.
    *I can and do related ANYTHING to Twilight, as I’m sure most of you can. Those of you that can’t? Fail.
    *My little (yes, YOUNGER) sister gets annoyed with me when I won’t let her have to PC because I am doing one of the following: watching a Twilight/Edward/Rob videos, reading fanfiction, or checking blogs.
    *My boyfriend is now starting to see the benefits (ahem) of my obsession with fanfiction. This has only encouraged me further.
    *I did a photoshoot with a vampire theme. Yes, it had a little something to do with Twilight. No, I did not admit that to anyone else involved because they would not have agreed.
    *I squee now. Like a fan girl. I haven’t squeed since I was 12.


  50. Who is this guy. The things you write are a hoot. They are very funny. Bobby Gee Check out my blog.

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