Ready, set Bake-off!

Dear LTT darlings & unicorns,

On Friday we wrote a letter about the fake-sorority we’re starting. We had you suggest names for this sorta, kinda sorority, and DIED of laughter at the hilarious things you came up with.  We narrowed down our favs & want you to help us decide in a poll:

Thanks to ’86 rabbit, Jena, MegO and Proselyte3 for your suggestions! We both have a favorite, but we won’t say unless our choices win!

Oh, but there’s MORE. Much more. Another sorority THREATENED us! GASP. Check it after the cut

About midday on Friday, we got an email from the gals over at the Twilight Sisterhood (the ones who inspired our fake extremely real sorority) asking if we were baggin’ on them. Our friendly email banter back n’ forth turned hardcore & suddenly we forgot our adult ways & went all 8th grade cheerleader on each other. LTR gals were in varsity while The Twi sisterhood girls stayed in JV, of course. Then Billy & Joey lifted me into the air into a split-lift & saw my Edward Cullen underwear & told all the football players in the locker room. Good news is a couple of them asked me to the dance Friday night. Take that JV cheerleaders from the Twilight Sisterhood! How many offers for sweaty-hand 13 yr old boy dancing did you get today?

The Twilight Sisterhood gals penned a nice little post in our honor

Oh no they diiiiiiidddddddnnnnnttt!

Well, we have to respond. What do we do, members of LTT’s to-be-named-fake-sorority? How about we bring back that “good ol’ feeling” with a nice, old fashioned bake off Rob-Porn-off? Yep! That’s right! We challenge YOU: Twilight Sisterhood, to a Porn-off! It’ll be just like your grandmother used to do with her girlfriends, except that intead of baking with whipped cream and cherries we’ll be captioning pictures with things we’d like Rob to do with whipped cream & cherries (bake us a pie, duh!)

Unfamiliar with Rob Porn? Well, it’s a concept we came up with on 2/12/09 (yes, long before any of the other sites who have ripped it off & called it their own started it) where we show Rob doing or saying things that make us melt (like vacumming, feeding little kids & cleaning the litter box). Just like that “Porn for Women” book everyone has seen & loves.  But this is LTT- let’s not discriminate! Let’s extend this to ALL Twi-men. Have a hankerin’ to photoshop a rose into Buttcrack Santa’s teeth and stick him on a tango stage? Be our guest!

Rules: Each team (LTT vs. Twilight Sisterhood) will submit 5 photos of any of the Twi men saying/doing something that women just love. Final 5 choices will be due at the end of the day next Tuesday. We will then all vote for our favs- Twi sisterhood vs. US. Favorite Twi-Porn WINS! Thus declaring the LTT fake-sorority or The Twilight Sisterhood the best in all the land!

LTT gals & unicorns, EMAIL US with your ideas or entries! (

Your sisters UC & Moon



Tuesday Newsday

  • You’ve all heard about the bet Peter Facinelli made about getting 500,000 followers on twitter by Friday, right? Well, all you need to know is follow him here @peterfacinelli & he’ll be happy. Make him happy. He’s delicious
  • Hate the crazies who attacked Rob yesterday? Us too. Hate them with Moon over on LTR
  • Dude. There is no other reason I’m posting this Taylor picture other than to say DUDE!
  • Forum. You know the drill!
  • LOVES to Ted C @ E!online Thanks for the email xo

61 Responses

  1. “Wanna Tapa Vamp?”
    Frickin’ hilar!
    These are some seriously fab suggestions for Sorority names; I cracked up at all of them!
    Although, being a born and bred Aussie I don’t exactly understand exactly what a sorority is/does . . . but hell, sounds like fun!

    And a Rob Porn-Off?
    Looooooove iiiiitttttttt!


  2. i can´t decide, i can´t decide! all of the names are great.
    btw, i checked this twisorority site and do they seriously think it´s about baking? i don´t make pie, i eat pie. tss.

  3. wow, TAPROB is amazing, buut i like to have options.


    and…. dude!!!!!!! this is the best clothes on pic i have ever seen of him.

  4. “Then Billy & Joey lifted me into the air into a split-lift & saw my Edward Cullen underwear & told all the football players in the locker room. ”

    Epic, Loved this!

  5. Umm..a bake off?? Come on twisorority didn’t we learn that wasn’t such a good idea…last time…?

  6. Can I be the choreographer for our lipsynch that we will do in the quad? I suggest we do our own rendition of ‘Mickey’…you KNOW! ‘Oh Mickey your so fine, your so fine you blow my mind, Hey Mickey!’…except we change it to Robbie!!

    Brill, I know.

    Air kiss!!!

  7. “went all 8th grade cheerleader on each other” – I am SO going to say that to somebody today!! HA!!! Too funny!
    I love all the sorority names! I would join any of them as long as Rob was part of/included in the initiation process. Maybe some body shots off his 6-pack or a 6-pack lick-off off his 6-pack – just saying….

  8. Seriously though, great idea!! I think it will be fun. I won’t actually be able to participate because even though I do branding/marketing/advertising I am not funny or creative under this kind of pressure.

    I like to win and anything I could come up with won’t help us.

    So let’s go Calliope!!!

  9. Dude!!!!
    Banging pic.
    Love the idea for RobPorn! Can’t wait to see them. I’ll try to think of some ideas…

  10. Hey Twilight Sisterhood Girls,

    I WAS a ninth grade cheerleader…so watch your backs!

    Prepare to be served!

    • I was also a cheerleader for 4 years – I can herkie them to November if need be!!!

    • I was a cheerleader TOO!! Freshman and Sophomore year and then I went to dance team cause they were less skanky and didn’t drop me from the top of pyramids!

      @Melissa…herkie’s are AWESOME!! I could never do one. But I can throw a mean toetouch! Well, after I do extensive stretching and maybe have some massage therapy…but I’ll throw down with you!!

    • I was not cool(coordinated) enough to be a cheerleader, I ran on the cross-country team instead(nerd alert). BUT I can do some trash-talking, and then run really fast in the other direction, lol.

    • let’s say it together:


  11. Dude. That is all there is to SAY about that pic. Dude.

    Too bad it is not really a bake-off because I would RULE.

  12. I love the other Sorority names, they’re pretty great!

    I’m so going to try my hardest at this Rob Porn off. Might take me a few days, but I’ll try to think of something good. Bring it on!

  13. First reason we will kick some arse is that their followers are actually talking about baking on their site.

    Okay Sisterhood, after you put your knitting needles down (no offense to my rl friends who do knit) and finish your embroidery, maybe you’ll have time to practice your spirit fingers. Meanwhile, we’ve already found the ‘perfect cheer’ and maybe you haven’t visited the LTT/LTR forum but the rob/twi porn runs rampant. That’s like betting against Alice. You are going down!

    Btw, went to Penn State, I’m spirited as a mother effer. This is in the bag!


  14. I would just like to repeat your sentiment about the Taylor pic with a, “Duuuuuuuuuude….” and I’m so biting my lip looking at that hot piece of underage ass in a suit because suits are the sexiest thing a man can wear….ever. Yes, I called Taylor a man. That is all (I ever want in my bed forever).


  15. Can we do some sort of “bring it on” type show down..ala Kirsten Dunst? I’m thinking we have this one. Especially since we are all wearing Twilight Chucks while we dance.

  16. I can’t believe ANYONE wants to take LTT/LTR on….I mean seriously don’t they know who we are?
    We have U.C. AND MOON just for starters…..wait til they realise the power behind our leaders…lets go girls!!!
    Bagsie- I’m morale booster {since I lack a little in the imagination department}…I have water and oranges….

  17. DUUUUUUDDDDEEE!!! Um yeah.. dude has got it goin’ on!

    Oh and they are going to be taken down.. taken down to Chinatown!! Thinking cap on.

  18. I’m so angry! I probably can’t click these links here at work on a state owned laptop!

  19. OMG! This is hilarious! I am so in. Mostly b/c I wasn’t cool/lame(depending on how you look at it) to be on the cheer squad or a sorority. I actually made my own up in college and even had tshirts Apple Apple Pi and even then some girls got all upset b/c they thought we were teasing them Pffft! Anyhoo, I can’t believe they would even want to take on LTR/LTT. Srsly! They underestimate the power of our cewebrities. I mean HELLO our own Amber is the most recent and you know she is an ace with the PhotoShop.This is gonna be easy as pie…hahahaha!

  20. now you just need to come up with a brothering fraturnity so we can have a party. i will bring the party ball of cheep beer. (do they still make those?)

  21. I don’t care what we call ourselves, this is still the best fake sorority ever! I have to say, TAPROB makes me giggle every time, though.

  22. HOLY CRAP!! I thought it was real baking and I was going to have to kindly bow out, but Rob-porn making?!? I am SO there!!

    I’m gonna have to start going through the 2GB of pics I have. Just kidding (not really). One will inspire me, I just KNOW it!

    • Shoot, we should form a team. I kick ass at the baking part but have no Photoshop-fu skills, (I’m not even sure if that is what you use to make RobPorn, that’s how clueless I am)

  23. GAME ON!

  24. bring it on!
    im gonna start searchin right away! haha

  25. Whipped cream and cherries huh? I know something else I’d like Rob to do with my cherry…if …I still…had it….ya know. *sigh*

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  27. I found this blog juts days ago.. and am crackin’ out all the time 🙂
    I’m officially joining this sorority NOW ! whatever the name is 🙂

  28. Hope u can see this. its worth it if you can.

  29. Hope this makes your week ! My contribution for the month has ended! enjoy them both are pretty good.

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  32. A new tune for the new Sorority,
    ” Its a party in Robs pants, a party in Robs pants, although he can’t dance, we gonna party in his pants..”
    oh well , I tried.

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  35. I can’t decide! They’re all good!

  36. How about calling the sorority “The TWATS” .

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