True Love Waits for Ashley Greene

ashley-greene-low-vs-diamond-05Dear Ash,

When you were spotted by the paps at LAX arriving from Vancouver, I couldn’t help but notice you were wearing a ring on your left ring finger. While the left hand ring finger is usually reserved for a wedding ring, I have known a few instances where the norm is broken. In your case:

  • Is this your promise ring to Jackson? I know right now is not a practical time to date each other because Jax is too busy with Monkey girls in Monkey hats at his 100Monkey’s shows, and you’ve been quoted as saying your “boyfriend” is your “career” right now. But perhaps you two have promised to be together someday
    this is a secret message about saving yourself for Rob


    Wait for me baby...

  • Or is that the True Love Waits ring you picked up at your most recent abstinence conference? Don’t deny that you attended one. I know you try to trick us with your slutty photo shoots for Maxim mag, but we’re on to you.  We caught you in a time of prayer with your accountability partners, Dakota and Kristen, in Italy the other week, and we haven’t even had time to discuss Kellan and your plans for the fall- attending the “Flatline” conference in Texas where the mission is to “bridge the gaps between the generations [of women] by encouraging and taking an everyday interest by investing in everyday lives” Uh, What the hale I mean clearly Kellan has been rubbing off on you with all his Purpose Driven Life reading- or maybe it was you who bought him the book in the first place. truelovewaitsLet me guess, you guys have matching “True love Waits” necklaces (I’ve seen the necklace cord Kellan drives to hide under his purple tank tops)

While I’m a little shocked to find out you’re saving your v-card for that someone special, I’m also quite proud of you. You’re a smokin’ hot chick, and I’m glad to know you’re not giving it up to everyone random male ho who asks.

Save it for Jackson,

PS: Thom Yorke wants to sing you a song:

-Moon tricked me. She promised she’d recap her night with Sam Bradley, but instead wrote some other nonsense. I demand a story about Sam Bradley NOW, MOON! 🙂 LTR

31 Responses

  1. Oh Ash, I’m sure you’ll find the right one soon! Or maybe you can just get it over with one of our many husbands and/or significant others that think you are the shizz! I nominate my DH, just bring Rob with you to keep me “company”!

  2. Is it wrong that the Maxim photo makes me consider switching teams for about 6 seconds? Dang girl!

  3. It is nice to know in that whole group of craziness there are some good role models.

    – Peter as the family man that truly loves his wife and sets a positive example of how a love can last longer than 6 months in Hollywood.

    – Kellan and all of his accountability

    And NOW

    – Ashley with her purity that makes all men want to spend MILLIONS of dollars to obtain her V-card….she would smoke the chick selling hers on E-bay

    Happy that Rob has some positives on set and doesn’t just have Smokey the Bear Kristin to look up to.

    It helps him stay pure for me.

  4. Sorry to be a little off post but….why does there have to be a ‘flatline conference’ to ” bridge the gaps between the generations of women” surely Twilight/Robert Pattinson has already achieved this goal……
    ❤ Ashley she is the one cast member who actually makes me feel my true age as I'd love to mother her…..
    We won't mention what I'd like to do with the rest as most of that is covered at LTR and the forum………

  5. “smokey the bear kristen”
    i´m dead 😀

  6. She can be what I am in a second flat…but I can never again be what she is now.


    True love does wait, indeed.

  7. I like her.

    *Yes, that’s my comment.

    UC, *I’m busted.* How did about ‘most recent abstinence conference’? How would somebody know about that unless they attended it, huh? But, why would you attend it?

  8. How she does not have a line of dudes around the block is beyond me. She is so pretty, she even looks good in the candid at the airport!

    I don’t know what this “Flatline” thing is, (I was raised a heathen) but doesn’t that seem like a weird name? Isn’t ‘Flatline’ what happens on the heart monitor when you die? Doesn’t sound very uplifting….just sayin’.

  9. <— "fake lesbian" (not even fake now) because of her Maxim shoot.

    I got my boyfriend to promise to see New Moon with me. I'm pretty sure Ash has something to do with his relenting to go with me.

  10. That is most def a promise ring to ROB. You know…he did say he was going to stay away from girls born after ’88! haha!

  11. I think she is wearing her no FF Purity Ring that JBell and I wear!! That’s right, we are not alone!!

  12. She must be saving it for one of the jonas brothers. (they are creeptastic)
    I like to pretend that rob, ashley, and kellen still hold their v cards. Only rob and ashley truly are pure though. In my world kellen accidently went too far with a girl at church camp one year when he was in grade 9, but he repented to his 18 year old camp counselor ( who also snuck out and did it with one if the underage female campers )and is therefore a Virgin again PTL!! Girls are red boys are blue let’s not make purple people.
    This is the true story behind kellens need for such strict accountability.
    I do believe in waiting. Especially if you are smoking hot, no one should get to do Ashley without a commitment. If you like it you should of put a ring on it.

  13. from one fellow virgin to another….save it for someone you love Ashley…and when I say “someone you love” I mean Jackson Rathbone 😀

  14. maybe thats what peter facinelli was tweeting about when he said this:

    If you like it then you should’ve put a ring on it…Uh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!… Damn you Beyonce!
    about 16 hours ago from web

    yeah. it didnt make sense until now…

  15. so how does this affect MY promise ring to Jackson???
    (or my one to Ashley for that matter – lol – nothing wrong with being a little bit purple 😉

  16. wooo, Thom Yorke! Are you a Radiohead fan UC?

    and wow, Ashley, what a picture. Jackson is a lucky man.

  17. Props to Ashley for maintaing to keep her v-card. Good to see fame hasn’t gotten to you. You make your fellow v-card holders proud! haha.

  18. She’s engaged to her talent agent Ryan not Jackson.

  19. […] a symbol of me re-saving it for Jackson. And they just knew! Calliope: Your talking about your purity ring right Ashley? Ashley: Yes. Calliope: The purity ring you are noticeably not wearing right now. […]

  20. That’s the Alice and Jasper ring! she said it in an interview,besides its kinda a Jasper/alice thing but also Jackson/Ashley!
    GreeneBone 4 ever!

  21. I am all for waiting and all that but it makes me wonder if she has really saved her V-card? Remember the nude photo scandal she had?…

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