Watching the New Moon trailer – It’s all in the reaction!

Dear Twi-hards-

I love you so because I am one of you… deep down in my screaming 14yr old heart of hearts. I shouldn’t have to convince you: the blogs, the live blogging the awards, the mini edwards pics for goodness sake, that should tell you all you need to know. The only place I have yet to venture into (besides crafting wearable twilight pants) in my fandom is the reaction video! And boy are there some amazing ones out there. Some awesomely funny, some totally 2nd hand embarrassing and some like looking in a mirror. Recently, these reaction videos have been getting some major play around the internet and one gal in particular. She is actually one of UC and my favorite vloggers… she is so wild and crazy we almost can’t believe she exists in real life. No one can be this whacky or this devoted and just downright entertaining, right?? A few nights ago I was writing my blog post and who should i see on tv? None of other than our favorite vlogger, the light of our lives, NuttyMadam herself! They showed her on Vh1’s Best Day Ever, so of course like a weirdo I sent UC a text at 2 in the morning her time yelling (cause you can do that over text) SHE’S ON TV!!! OUR GIRL IS ON TV!!!!

And actually the wild thing is her New Moon reaction video isn’t her best one, sure she cries and yells crap like THE BEACH! but it’s nothing like her other greatest hits like the Twilight trailer reaction video or better yet when she goes off on Breaking Dawn haters!

Watch her and other folks’s New Moon Reaction videos… adjust your speakers accordingly, let out any small animals and remove glass objects from the vicinity of the computer…

She’s “gonna fangirl SOOOO hard.” Uh… don’t break anything dear.

Also check out her reactions AFTER seeing Twilight, like directly outside the theater door, trust me!

Grab some popcorn and take the jump to watch some of our other favorite reaction videos from the New Moon trailer…

These are my newest favorite reaction girls… the difference between the one who cries and the one who swears and runs through the house, and then the collective crying and “I’ve just won Miss America” hand wavey thing. PRICELESS! They go on the whole rollercoaster from stunned silence, to screaming, to laughing uncontrollably which was what made this trailer so perfect you felt it all!

and bringing up the rear we’ve got some youngin’s including a unicorn!

Please excuse his use of the derogatory F word. But I love how they keep telling each other to shut up! Classic!

Ahhh reaction videos you are my new love! I can’t hate on anyone in these videos cause I’m pretty sure if there had been a camera on me during the MTV Movie Awards my reaction would have been quite similar including running to sit 2 inches from the tv screen! True story. Just ask my pal ‘his one and only’ we totally squeeed together!

What was your reaction? Did you scream? Did you jump out of a window?

Happy Saturday!

33 Responses

  1. MOON…last night details!!!!!! Please, I have no life…humor me.

    I kinda want to put a bag over the first girls head and drive her off to an undisclosed location to possibly beat some sense into her…or pray for her, you know.

    ‘I think I need to go watch some sports because I think I just lost some man points.’ Ha, cute.

    After watching the first two reactions, I feel like I need to spend more time in RL before whatever that was spreads, like the evil oil in the black spiderman suit, into my psyche.

  2. I think I like the last one with the unicorn best. The guys reaction was hilarious!!! I wish I had my webcam on when I watched it. I couldn’t scream though because my dad and brother were in bed. I was freaking out a few times before that and my mom literally told me that I needed to calm down. My reaction included me jumping up and down on the couch, trying not to drop my laptop, while doing some kind of victory wave/fist punch in the air. I mean my arms were over my head. When I think about it, I probably looked really stupid so I’m glad I didn’t record it.

    Has anyone noticed that most people when it gets to the part in the forest when Edward is leaving put their hand over their mouth. I did it, and most of the other one’s I’ve seen did it too.

  3. Thank you, Moon. After watching a couple of these I feel much more normal. Were I foolish enough to have filmed my reaction I’m sure it would have been outright borin compared to thes people. Phew!

  4. That Brit girl? I am so embarrased, we are not like that. At all.

    Ewww! She is a bit bonkers I think…….

    • Erm…yeah, the ‘Brit girl’. I met her at a convention back in Feb and she IS bonkers…scaringly bonkers….personally I was amazed the guests didn’t run screaming away from her!!
      It’s a worry…

  5. W-O-W. The screams..were expected. But honestly I didn’t scream when I first watched the trailer. This could be beacuse I had to get up at 6 am to see the awards show in live stream and also no one in my family has any idea about my twi-obsession.

    Thanks Moon for the reaction videos, it was really fun to watch. : )

  6. Whilst waiting for it to load, it felt like years!! And then when it was on I was so close to my laptop screen!! I’m in the UK so I watched it before college :D. Then I started running around my room telling my family they had to see it!!

    My sister thinks Rob is ugly and doesn’t like twilight. I got a quite good reaction from her, when Taylor came on the screen she said “Ooh, hello” haha

    She thinks I’m crazy, I can deal with that 😀

  7. wow. the second one with the two gals fffreaking out. was the girl on the right laughing out loud or hysterically crying? she scared me…

  8. i was completely silent when i watched it. except for a gasp here and there im pretty sure i didnt even breathe or blink. the squeeing started immediately after and lasted through 30 minutes of phone coversations with my bff’s where we squeed together. being crazy with other crazy people makes you not feel so crazy.

  9. I couldn’t get past the first video. I thought I had it bad. GeezLouiz! All I could think was Ewwwww!
    Compared to these folks… I’m so normal it’s scary. Thanks for the reality check UC… I’m feelilng way better now.!

  10. i couldn’t make it through the first video – wow… love the unicorn and kinda wish I knew how i looked when i watched it. i don’t think i was that bad, no crying or anything but funny! thanks for that!

  11. that girl was on my favorite show last night “The Soup” please I ever make a video like this I beg of all of you do an intervention. Dr Drew y’all

  12. LOL – I am 3rd-hand embarrassment after watching your 2nd-hand embarrassment at these chicks!
    I am a grown woman and yes I did have a few tiny fangirl moments when discussing the trailer with my other fangirls, but OMG I just couldn’t put myself on youtube doing it,.
    I mostly just watched the bit where Jasper hit the piano on his back over and over……dammit if anyone is going to throw him on his back over Eddies’ piano it should have been me 😉

  13. Oh, you just made my freaking day with these! I’m on a mini-vacay and instead of getting out and actually doing touristy shit…I’m in this awesome womb of a hotel bed watching these vids on my laptop. TOTALLY worth it. I have to say that the 2nd one was my fave– those girls were crazy-nutty (hello man voice)– but I think that I kinda wish I was friends with the dude in the last vid. He kinda rocks.

    Thanks for the Saturday fun!

    PS– can’t wait for the Sam Bradley recap post, Moon! 🙂

  14. Now that I’ve pissed myself laughing…I’m kinda disappointed that I’m not that batshit crazy. Looks fun!

  15. I gasped and yelped when Jake poofed into a werewolf mid-jump.

    Before that, my body temp was at fever pitch, but I didn’t scream. I’m sure I didn’t blink once through the entire thing, though.

  16. I saw this clip on the Robsessed site. And I was seriously a bit freaked out, and slightly embarrassed after watching that; to even admit I am a Twilight Fan.

    Okay…. so maybe when I watched the New Moon clip, I gasped… and giggled… and bounced in my seat a little.

    Did I video tape it…. No.

    Was anyone else around to watch my embarrassingly giggly reaction to the NM trailer… No (which I am slightly grateful for… or my hubby would never let me live it down!)

    I can’t tell… is this girl… FOR REAL? Like, for REAL real?
    Like, remember when that guy went on youtube, and ‘cried’ for Britney Spears? You knew that was fake…

    But this right here… I don’t even know, cause I couldn’t even watch the full 10 minutes of it. Thirty seconds in… and I was done!

  17. Wow, I have never taken the time to go on YouTube and watch these “reaction videos”. They are sometimes funny, and sometimes kind of sad, if they are mad…which I don’t know who COULD be mad. You can tell this will be an amazing movie!

    My favorite video would be the first video. She was hilarious and seemed so nice! Great blog, here! It’s truly amazing. I just started my Twilight blog! Definitely voting for you on Top21 Twilight Blogs!

    Dazzling Leeches (…and the big bad wolf.)

  18. You girls have done it again–I had always thought I would never watch a reaction video, because although I’ve heard of them I always though “WTF is the point? Who films themselves overreacting?” (I mean, I can’t deny I totally react similarly, but I don’t film it for the world to see!).

    But you posted these. And I knew if you posted them they were quality. I think the third was my favorite, because like you said the shushing was so true to life. Ha!

    Hilarious. Thanks Moon!

  19. has anyone checked the mental stability of that chick. in her words wow just wow. i thought that she was going to cream her jeans.

  20. ahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahaahahahahahahahhahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha I FREAKIN LOVE THE INTERNTET hahah hahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahhahahahahah

  21. This is funny and because you and I love Twilight so much, I will be adding you to my blog roll. I can’t wait to see more as usual.

  22. The Truck,
    The Beach.

    This is not someone that you want to be at the cinema with when you watch New Moon in November.

    But hilarious in the comfort of your own home.

    Random and Bizarre, Moon, Random and Bizarre.

    Credos for holding the fort while UC is in NYC salivating at the thought of running in to Rob. She’ll probably have a coronary if it actually happens.

  23. Can somebody tell my when that EW issue with the New Moon pics is supposed to come out??

    • if im thinking about the same one it already did. memorial day weekend. i did a post about it… go back a few posts and see if we’re talking about the same one

  24. I had seen all of those already, but I think you missed a new one which is just amazing.
    Please give it a try:

    • ups I posted that wrong, it was suppossed to be in the next post (where someone else already pointed it out)
      well, ok

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