Instead of a New Moon, Cam Gigandet has a Five Star Day

You ripped me apart and burned the pieces... I gotta say, I'm kinda hurt

You ripped me apart and burned the pieces... I gotta say, I'm kinda hurt

Dear Cam-

Since the MTV movie awards Sunday night I haven’t been able to get your out of my head. From the black peacoat slash waistcoat thing to the black ass kicking boots and the way you stared longingly at Robert Pattinson during the Best Fight Award acceptance speech, I knew I had to forgive you. I mean you are Kevin Volchok from The OC after all, the crazy cokey face creepo surfer who befriended Marissa only to later kill her by ramming your car into Ryan’s in an attempt to “convince her to talk to you!” Smart move dudes. I’ll never get how Ryan thought that would end well and decided to keep speeding up to lose you only to be pushed over the cliff. But alas it was The OC and you were Volchok and Ryan was Ryan Atwood and if he thought punching someone in the face at a mother/daughter fashion show or driving a car over a cliff was a good idea, than he did it.  But I guess that’s a letter for our fake site Instead, I’m going to call a truce with you Cam. That’s right, I no longer think you’re a crazed maniac who keyed the Cohen’s car or the awful vampire who steals a video camera from Bella’s house and fake kidnaps her mom. You’re Cam, sensitive muscles for hire.

Would Volchok wear a coat like this?! Heck would ROB?! He's looking like a waiter at TGIFridays and I stepped off the runway. Forgive me!

Would Volchok wear a coat like this?! Heck would ROB?! He's looking like a waiter at TGIFridays and I stepped off the runway. Forgive me!

Why the change of heart, you ask? Well I think there may be a softer gentler side of Cam that we haven’t seen yet but we’re about to. Recently I saw the trailer for a movie called Five Star Day which features you as Jake, the guy who after having the crappiest day in his life, sets out to disprove astrology and I quote:

Astrology: a propaganda campaign of bullshit

Real talk! But I guess somewhere along the way you meet people like Jena Malone (in a serious pixie hairdo) who change your outlook on life for the better and all to a killer soundtrack. Seriously, you know me and movie soundtracks.

So dear Cam can we call it a truce? Can we let bygones be bygones and murderous surfer dudes be murderous surfer dudes? Let’s move past all that trying to kill Bella and fight Edward stuff! I mean originally I heard you were supposed to play Emmett and if that’s the case than I would have been writing this a long time ago but I guess you won’t be around for anymore Twilight movies, so I’ll have to settle for seeing you elsewhere like in Five Star Day and on my DVD collection of The OC.

Welcome to the Olympic Peninsula, Bitch! (that’s the last OC reference I SWEAR!)

Check out the trailer for Five Star Day…

go to the Website:
subscribe on YouTube

Oh and PS if you didn’t get all those OC references where have you been living?! Go get the DVDs NOW! That show and our love of Adam Brody is one of the things that brought UC and I together.

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45 Responses

  1. Confession time…

    Never watched the OC (but I’ve read the Twi series 4x) 🙂

    Dont know who Adam Brody is (don’t throw anything, just being honest)

    I feelin the Cam vibe a wee bit…

    I LIVE for a good movie s/t…a compilation or song I’ve never head before that I would never had discovered otherwise! They have a university radio program up here in TO with all Indie music…I LUVRE undiscovered and obscure!

    I’ll click the Bella jacket just for you Moon.

    • rent the oc NOW!!!!! seriously used to be the best show on tv!!

      and thanks for clicking!

  2. O.K. just clicked the Bella jacket link and have ‘fallen in love’ with the swan clock necklace….Ohhhhh if only I had the style to pull it all off………
    Love the Cam praise although all the reference’s went over my head due I think to living in Eire and see those programs……..<3 as always

  3. OMG did someone steal Cam’s Fiero?!? Is that a Fiero? Holy hell I’d watch that movie for sure if the lead character drove a Fiero! (off to watch that trailer again!!) Actually I’d probably watch it anyway because it looks pretty good. The sound track does sound pretty kick ass… I heart a good movie soundtrack too. 🙂

    So I have never watched the OC, probably too old for that show… but I do love me some Adam Brody, that makes it ok, right?

  4. Ok maybe that’s not a Fiero… they should totally change it to one….

  5. ok hilarious because I still cannot form a truce with Cam because he killed Marissa…petty and stupid perhaps but come on…he was evil…and I adored the OC

    • hey i felt the same way but sometimes you just gotta build a bridge and get over it! 😉

  6. Jena Malone would’ve made an excellent Bella! No flutter and stutter from her!!!

  7. I honestly never ever EVER heard of the OC. Is it like that stupid show called Languan’s beach or whatever that show is on MTV? I’m pretty sure I don’t want to see it… but you never know, I could be convinced!

    And Cam was supposed to be Emmett?? I think Kellan Lutz was the perfect actor for Emmett… I couldn’t picture it any other way.

    And I loved Cam as James… cause he had one hell of a smokin’ body!! 🙂 Just made me love this James character a whole lot more!

    A sight for sore eyes 😉

    • it’s WHY laguna beach was started…. but no, it’s a real show— ended in 2005, i think. from the same guy who did gossip girl

    • laguna beach WISHES it was the oc! the oc was a scripted show laguna was a reality.

      and dude cam totally brings james to life!!!!!!

      • haha moon you are the last person on earth that believes that laguna/the hills is reality…

  8. “Welcome to the Olympic Peninsula, Bitch! ”

    Oh, Moon. Moonie, Moon, Moon. Way to top that little gem off with some BRILLIANCE!

    And it’s not a Fiero, no…it’s a Porsche. Late 80’s maybe?

    He’s such a cutie and his girlfriend makes me ill with her body 3 weeks after she’s had a baby…but that is neither here nor there. That movie looks worth seeing. Off to google the soundtrack!

    • welcome to the OP if you will… 😉

      and dude his gf is sups cute and the soundtrack. heck yea!!!!

      • I said that for WEEKS after I heard it. LOL It’s just one of those lines that you say “Wait, wha? Did he just really say that? They wrote THAT IN THE SCRIPT?!”

        >sigh< I'm so glad I've watched so many awesome shows. ;o)

    • ’71 914 Porsche

  9. OK, I am going to see this movie based on how cute Cam is in it!! He looks adorable. And I lived with people who live by astrology in college…..

    Confession: I, too, have never watched the OC, which is weird because it looks like just the kind of show I would love! It must have been on at the same time as another show I watched or something. BUT I was just saying to myself YESTERDAY, that I think I will rent the DVDs and watch the whole thing like a marathon.

    And I will click all over that jacket and vote Top Twilight sites, cuz I love you so much. As you wish.


    • RENT NOW! and see the movie!!!!

    • After reading the comments I’m slightly less embarrassed that I’ve never seen the OC.

      One question – how do you vote on that Top Twilight blog site? I thought that was something automatically generated, I clicked on it but didn’t see anything.

      • I can’t click the jacket, so who knows?

        The top site/bog thing takes you to another place where you can rate this site for 1-5 stars. I mean, 5 stars.

  10. Um ‘welcome to the olympic peninsula bitch?’ moon.. you are brilliant. and i will forever be grateful for that one day back in ’04 when my roommate and I realized we missed the first season of this amazing show called The OC and watched season 1 on DVD in it’s entirety in one weekend then called you to fill us in on what we had missed on season 2 so far…. thank you, Moon.

    I also love running a blog about vampires with you

    • we love vampires and nerds from orange county. we rule.

    • Heh I missed the first season too. I was bored the night the second season debuted and happened to watch the first ep and then decided to go rent the first season… and finished it in a weekend.

  11. trailer for 5StarDay looks promising. If Jena Malone is the pixie haired chick in the trailer… I say yes… she would have been a good Bella… because guess what…. SHE CAN ACT!!!!! I recognized her face… and realized that she was the silly sister who eloped with Mr. Wickham in Pride and Prejudice!!

    I never watched the OC… so TL is my first look at Cam G. But I like the look of this film and will watch for it! Thanks for the tip.

    (That’s what she said!)

  12. So I laughed the whole way through this post, (even though I didn’t get any of the OC references ) I think it was the captions that did it.
    Cam’s new film looks cool too! (and not just bacause he was in it as I know my friends will accuse me of thinking so because of him ) I think it’s ’cause I love reading my horoscope unless it says you will die tomorrow or something ..
    Anyway, I ❤ your blog.

  13. “Welcome to the Olympic Peninsula, Bitch!”
    LOL amazing. I used to watch OC religiously, I heart Seth Cohen/Adam Brody, Chrismukkah and Capt. Oats.

    “But I guess that’s a letter for our fake site”
    yes please can we make this happen?
    Brilliant as usual, love this site sooo much, it never fails to make my day better:)

  14. Oh, fuck no!!! Cam is driving my very first car, my toy roadster 914 porsche…..Oh the memories… evil ex-husband totaled it while I was off to desert storm…..must go dig up pictures of my first love and relive the carefree days of my youth, ciao

    • yeah I realized after the 2nd time I watched it that it was a porsche… still think it would have been better if it were a Fiero 🙂 hahaha!

  15. please NEVER stop making references from the oc. loved the show. im from orange county so i had to at least watch the first ep…little did i know, it would become the highlight of my week for 4 seasons (yes, even season 4).

    seth cohen was one of the greatest characters ever created…and the rainy day women is still one of the best episodes of tv…ever…=)

  16. Ahh yay! I love whenever ya’ll reference The O.C.! I own all the seasons myself. ❤

    Plus, it's just too easy to reference the O.C. when talking about Twilight what with Nikki, Jackson and Cam all appearing on it.

    That movie looks really good! Thanks for sharing!

  17. Hi, long time OC fan here. ( I even liked Laguna Beach)

    Of course I liked Seth the most but also thought that actor playing Volchok was hot. He still is and he is also very cute in the Five Star Day.

    I was really happy for him to win 2nd MTV Movie best fight award , later on i realized that Rob was also on stage, blasphemy, I know, because I loooove Rob, but that award was all about Cam for me.

  18. And Moon…since you mentioned that cutie pie Adam Brody…and the OC….I had “You think you can step into my ‘hood, slinging game at my girl, drinkin’ my boy’s brew, and expect not to be scrappin’ directly? ” from In the Land of Women in my head ALL DAY!
    Random? Sure. I never claim to be anything but!

  19. long live The OC!!!

    letterstotheoc needs to happen! it would be so great!

    i may or may not have taken an angry lifegaurd chair picture (courtesy of Coop) when i was visiting Newport Beach. all three times…

    Cam’s movie 5 star day actually looks kinda good! i think i might go see it when it comes out! 🙂

  20. i heart adam brody so hard…
    some years ago i convinced myself that I would marry that beauitful jew…
    but alas the glory that is rob has over shadowed adam… its nothing personal adam but I need a man with a little more meat on his bones…
    (thats what she said).

    its with sadness that I confess that i am no longer a MAC girl… 😦 I got a promotion at work and now I have to leave my counter … boo!!! hopefully after my time with Estee Lauder they will let me go back to mac in managment… so now I have THOUSANDS of dollars worth of MAC makeup that I can no longer wear to work…

  21. Heh every time cam came on screen the first two times I watched Twilight I’d go “You killed Marissa and f’ed up the OC you bastard!!!!” and my ex would laugh and put his hand over his mouth and go “shhhhh….” And once added, “its a good thing, she was a bitch”. God I miss the OC. I always giggled any time Captain Oats was on because I actually own that model horse hehe.

  22. Hahaha love it.
    And I miiiiiiissssss The OC!
    I loved that show. Those references were Hi-larious!

    P.S. Aren’t you totes glad that Marissa “checked out” and we got to see the awesomeness that is Ryan/Taylor? I do!

  23. Three things:

    Is it just me, or did Cam get 10 notches hotter when he lost that grubby ponytail.

    I must have been living under a rock all these years. I don’t think I’ve seen one episode of the OC. Please forgive me.

    I really don’t want Bella’s jacket, but you would like me to click it anyway? I guess I could do that.

  24. cam’s ponytail was a wig

  25. Well , I just wanted to say that whatever Cam acted in – weather its a bad or good guy , that’s what acting is all about. And if you don’t like it – then perhaps you shouldn’t comment. Cam is GREAT ! He’s an amazing actor and he got every role the way it was supposed to be. Even if he was a bad guy for a couple of time – think is AWESOME ! Everything about him is pefect from his personality until whatevr ! And he does have a HOWT body ;] ! I’d prously say out loud “No matter what you wear , what you act good or bad , I LOVE YOU CAM !” And I really deeply do.

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