Happy Birthday UC, Love the Cullens and the rest of the gang!

Dear UnintendedChoice (your FULL fake name, this is a formal situation!)-

These blogs are usually meant as a place for us to write letters to Twilight and Rob but since it’s you’re birthday and I’m going to hell, I’m breaking ALL the rules! See, I can’t even get through an opening line without quoting this blasted series/movie, can you believe what it’s done to us?! I can’t! But what I can believe is it’s your BIRTHDAY!!! And you’re 21! Forever 21, ya’ll. Ok, maybe not 21 but a lady never reveals such secrets. I’m struggling right now to straddle the line between bringing the  funny and gushing uncontrollably about how much I love you. In a fake lesbian, life partners, blog partners kind of way, OF COURSE.

I can’t image a better person to run a blog empire with! Whenever I’m feeling particularly uncreative I know I can ‘break it down’ with you and I’ll come up with the best post ever. It’s like we always say “we’re better together” cause no one can help bring out the funny like you. You are the yin to my yang, the Bella to my Edward, the Sage to my Dills.

Please always be my life partner!

PS The Cullens sent me this rad picture and birthday poem they wrote* just for you!

We dress like this for ALL special occasions

We dress like this for ALL special occasions

When you open your presents, try not to hurt your finger,
for the scent of blood, Jasper can’t stand to linger,
and if Edward throws you ON TOP the table,
you’d better be ready, willing and able
cause he’s 107**, and oh so pure,
but you my dear, are his only cure!
So have some cake, some ice cream too,
and know that us Cullens all love you !

Happy Birthday UC,
The Cullens (your future in-laws)

*major thanks to the lovely Kristin for helping a writers blocked Moon with this awesome poem!
** we debated if it was 107 or 108 so uh someone set us straight!

47 Responses

  1. Isn’t he 108 on 20 June?

    Happy Birthday UC!!



  2. Moon and Rob may share May as their birthday month, but UC shares hers with Edward himself. That rules.

    As does UC.


  3. Happy Birthday UC!!

    Hope it is Eddie-licious!!!!!!!!!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, UC! May we always celebrate your 21st in style at LTR and LTT! (Maybe, if you’re a real good girl today, someone will order you a Banana Hammock Rob for your party tonight!)

  5. For your birthday I say a round of body shots off of Robs lushious abs for you on your special day!!




    seriously though, i’m glad you were born. i would have looked rather odd yesterday eating lunch and talking about Rob with the air. 😉

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY UC….I am sooo happy that I’ve gotten the opportunity to know you cuz you’re such a FANTABULOUS person!!! 😀 Enjoy your day!!!


    Great Poem Moon! Good job, and the picture made me giggle. A lot.

  9. Loved the poem…I love to write poems. They used to be fluid and sweet until Rob. Now they are a tad raunchy, but well intended.

    Happy Birthday UC!

  10. (This is Rob singing to you UC. He’s singing it to you like Marilyn Monroe did to President Kennedy): Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear UC -the love of my life, Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

    I hope you have a great day!!! Great poem Moon!

  11. Happy Birthday, UC!!! Forever 21! Hope that means you don’t have to shop at that craptastic store.


    Wow. We have quite the cluster here on LTR. MsJBell had a bday the other day, and our own unicorn Jordan had one yesterday.


    I’ll be sure to give you a “special” prezzie when I see you. 😉

    P.S. U mind if I use the pic-y? Just inter-office. I have a co-worker bday, and someone already sent her a pic of RPattz as EC from Twilight. I think she’d appreciate the Cullens wishing her a happy one. 😀

  13. Dear UC,

    Happy Birthday and may you have many, many, more!


    Now repeat after me….

    “said to Rob”

    It’s my birthday, can I ask for something?

    I know UC that YOU would make sure both the upper and bottom lip would be involved and none of that top lip only jazz…girl you would school the boy! lol

  14. Happy birthday UC!! You should celebrate by watching the New Moon trailer about 341 times, watching Twilight another 18 times, drunk tweeting and then hopping on a plane (or driving, you are close enough to drive) and going to NYC to have Rob sign your official poster-sized picture of The Tuck!

    Have fun!

  15. Happiest Birthday Unintended Choice! (I’m going formal, too) Hope all your cupcake dreams come true! I am also Gemini, that must be just another reason I like you so much, your wit and humor slay me every day, thanks for sharing it with us.

    Have a ‘Normal’ Birthday, of course.

    Great poem, Moon!!


  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (squared)!!!

  17. Happy birthday UC!

    I basically live under a rock on this website, just lurking about and never posting comments, but this is a special occasion (that’s what she said). So happy birthday and hope it’s Rob/Edwardtastic.

    Maybe instead of Edward sparkling with “diamonds”, just for this one day his skin could have gleaming sprinkles?

    Because that would be hot.

    Okay, anywho, HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYY. *Throws colorful streamers at your head*

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY UC!!! You are one lucky girl to have a poem written in your honor. Enjoy your day and eat a slice of cake for me 😉

  19. Feliz cumpleaños UC!

    You and moon rule the twilight blog world!

    Thanks for making me laugh every single morning… that’s a precious gift…

    happy birthday kid…

    Hope this day is Robwardlicious!!!!


  21. Happy Birthday!!

    You always leave me laughing.

  22. SAY IT, SAY IT. OUT LOUD…………………HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO UC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you have an awesome one.

  23. Have a great ‘first’ 21st Birthday!!
    I’m sending you a pair of Pattinson Pants made special just for you ;]

  24. Happy Birthday, UC! Hope it’s an awesome one, and that you get everything you want! That said, after you are finished with R-Patts and that frown he’s been sporting lately has been wiped right off his face, please clean him up and send him my way, ok? Thx. You rock.

    P.S. Will someone please come out with a line of Twilight-themed party supplies so that we can celebrate moments like this in the style to which we’ve become accustomed???

  25. happy birthday UC! may all the dumpster divings in the world come ur way and heres to wishing that the age of consent gets lowered very soon 😉

  26. Yes, Yes, 108 on 20 June of this year!! Happy Birthday to you though Funny Girl!! As my “Mammy” (roll the eyes) always said “it’s better than the alternative. Have a great one.

    PS. I threw an awesome Twilight themed Bday party for my daughter at the beginning of May. Would be happy to forward the pics if someone was interested. Played some really cute games too.

  27. I love that I have about 5 or 6 different places to tell you Happy Birthday! 🙂

    Hope you have an amazing day! 🙂

  28. If you’re the one in Philly, I’ll let you share some of my birthday cake on Sunday. Or my birthday cookies. Or birthday pie. I might even make some birthday fudge. I might even make all of them. Everyone should get fat for my birthday!

  29. **filling up shot glass**

    (yes, I drink early even virtually)

    **lifting up shot glass**


    Hope your day is great and that the next dumpster you accidentally-on-purpose check behind, brings you the promise land! 🙂


  30. happy birthday. have a drink like you are 21!

  31. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, UC!!!! We all love you so so so much!!


  32. OMG …I totally love that poem …are you gonna trade mark it or something, cuz I’d love to borrow it???

    Happy Birthday UC!! I hope you get spoiled rotten today 😉

  33. Hey …my post is awaiting moderation??? I’ve posted before ..have I been booted out …no longer welcome???

  34. Happy Birthday!!!

  35. Happy Birthday from everyone over at the OC!

  36. Happpy Birthday UC!

    I hope you get lots of special *hugs* for your birthday!

  37. SHOT SHOT SHOT!!!!!!!!!

  38. Happy Birthday! and idk if anyone actually counted, but last night i was a little bored and watched a re-airing of the movie awards and the camera caught Kristen smiling 17 times.

  39. Happy Birthday UC! Hope it’s a great one…here’s wishing Rob surprises you today!

  40. Happy Birthday UC!
    I read this site every day but have never commented before — but I couldn’t resist wishing you a happy day! I too am a Philly-based vegetarian (see, I do read LTT/LTR every day!) and I’m sorry I missed the 100 monkeys meet-up. You should host another meet-up soon! In the meantime, hope you have a great birthday! (Perhaps a few drinks with Pocket Edward?)
    Fake-lesbian love ❤

  41. Happy Birthday, UC!!!
    Have a super-fab day 🙂



  43. champagne wishes and caviar dreams
    happy birthday UC!

  44. Happy birthday, UC! And Happy Birthday to all our other June birthday Twi-friends!

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