Speculation Wednesday

Today is Speculation Wednesday which is just like Speculation Thursday but on a Wednesday. I know, I’m brilliant. We’re gonna speculate about a few things today. And all of these things will lead to one big speculation. It’s gonna rule:

Psst: Ryan Gosling called & he wants his look back

Psst: Ryan Gosling called & he wants his look back

Dear Michael Oregano,

I did some research about you. I found a fan site so I could be better informed. First off, you were in Almost Famous and on Will & Grace? Dude! I just thought you were a guy that dated Kristen- maybe her next door neighbor or something! Turns out you really are an actor- I thought you just said that so you could feel cooler next to Robert Pattinson.

Anyway, your fan site isn’t updated as much as some other sites out there (say, any one of the gazillion Rob sites!), but I found no evidence to suggest you are currently off filming a moving picture anywhere. I also checked out IMDB and it looks like from the 4 things you’ve done with your life since 2007, 2 are completed and 2 are in post-production. This evidence brings me to conclude that you are at home, in LA. So…

  • Why weren’t you at the MTV awards? Did you hear your girlfriend was up for a few things? In fact… she won.
  • Why didn’t you join Rob, Kristen & 3 others for dinner after the MTV awards if you were told to stay away by Summit and/or Kristen’s management?
  • Why did Kristen supposedly stay at a hotel the night of the MTV awards when she could’ve stayed at your place, instead of a hotel or driving home to the valley?

In fact…. where are you? Why has there been no sign of you since those pictures surfaced of you and Kristen happily skipping down the street, holding hands in Vancity?

I’m gonna speculate that the rumors are true and you and Kristen are no longer together.

Oh where, oh where has your fake-lesbian life partner gone?

Oh where, oh where has your fake-lesbian life partner gone?

Dear Nikki Reed,

I’m concerned. Where were you Sunday night? How in the world was Mike Newton  at the MTV awards to accept the award for best picture and Rosalie Hale wasn’t? Were you off pretending to be in college somewhere? I, too, preformed some research on you and found no evidence to suggest that you are off filming anywhere. Being the Los Angeles resident you are, you should have been there.

All this confusion over Sunday night is forcing me to admit something I haven’t wanted to… Because by admitting this, I might as well shoot Moon & myself in the feet. It discredits us. It truly does. You see, for so long we have shared with the world, no PROVED to the world that you and Kristen are fake lesbians. But I am now being forced to speculate that you and Kristen are not only no longer fake lesbians, but you’re no longer even friends. Moon & I might as well pack up our computers and call it quits right now.

The sudden appearance of your new bff from that band Sage and the Dills arosed my suspicions long ago. But the lack of hand-holding, “we’re just friends,” googly-eyed (possible nipple tweeking) photos emerging of you and Kristen has forced me to speculate that your friendship with Kristen has ended.

All this speculation must be leading to something, right? Of course. Find out after the jump!

Peek-a-boo. I see you

Peek-a-boo. I see you

Dear Rob & Kristen,

Okay. Fine. You win. I already said that Oregano is out of the picture. I broke the news about the broken fake-lesbian relationship between you & Nikki, Kristen. What more do you want? Do I actually have to say it? Outloud!? Fine.

I speculate, sadly, not-wilingly and broken-heartedly, that Rob & Kristen are together

And I’m not just talking like I did before when I was 93.7% sure you were banging. This time I’m 97.586% sure you’re in a full-blown relationship. Flowers and all Don’t brush your teeth before morning sex and all (let’s be honest- Rob isn’t a flowers kinda guy)

Those rumors about you at the same hotel really shook me this time. First of all, I saw the paps pictures the next morning. I spied a peek-a-boo Kristen through the car window. You were really there. Secondly, this wasn’t your $79/night Holiday Inn Express off the freeway. This was The Charlie Hotel which features 14 bungalows. BUNGALOWS. Not Rooms. Cute, little houses for making love. I bet you put that popcorn trophy from MTV to good use, didn’t you?

So this is it. This is me admitting that the Robsten-ers might actually be right. There is still 2.314% of me that thinks maybe you just rented a private bungalow because you’ve taken up Hinduism and you are wanting to feel closer to your faith by staying in a “bengal style home” (thanks to the Bungalow page on Wikipedia), or maybe you were both wanting to get in better shape for Eclipse so you rented out a place with enough space & your committment to your bodies is so great that you worked out all night. Perhaps you even invited Michael and Nikki over to “talk” and work out all the problems between the four of you. 2.314% of me believes one of these reasons. But the rest of me? The rest is sadly, irrevocably, unconditionally admitting you’re together. It’s over. Well, it’s over until you go Ryan Gosling-Rachel McAdams on us. Then I’ll find happiness again.


PS: Mike & Nik: now that you’re both “free,” ever think of becoming Nik-Regano?
PPS: It’s so fun to use “irrevocably” and “unconditionally” in places it doesn’t make sense. I can see why Stephanie Meyer did it so often!

185 Responses

  1. enjoyed today’s post immensely.

    just remember ladies, if this is true, he is pounding SPAM.

    that is all.

  2. Can I pretend like I never saw those pictures? I think it helps to close my eyes, cover my ears and chant “I see nothing” to myself over and over. I’d like to live in denial a little longer, please.

  3. yeah I agree with everyone else I refuse to believe it until there is proof. the end

  4. Oh my goodness.

  5. Don’t forget to mention that Nikki and Mike were last spotted together w/out Kristen and Rob!!! Things that make you go hmmmm…

  6. I bet you they ae together they have to be! did you see how they look at each other. I cant believe Summit is trying to keep them apart!

  7. my question:

    there was no inkling of this before, at least no concrete evidence and then all of a sudden pix EVERYWHERE of their walk of shame the next day. WTF?

  8. You know what made me sad for Nikki? That she wasn’t part of the “prayer circle” with the new BFF’s. Happenchance they were praying for her? Ah ha!

  9. My only issue is with the picking apart every.single.move. and spinning it into stories. To even imply they are married or engaged is ludicrous for me. He’s young, she’s even YOUNGER. They both have scripts flying in and just because they’re probably banging, this means they are married or getting married?
    The parents thing means jackshit to me. Kristen was a minor on the set of Twilight. That means a guardian was with her on set. Could that have been…I don’t know…her MOTHER? There’s how Rob could know her well, no? And those bungalows aren’t all one bedrooms. >shrug< There are no pics of them hooking up, coming out of the same room together, kissing, none of that…there are only 'accounts' from paparazzi. These ARE the same people that made NEWS STORIES out of Rob pitching hissy fits because Taylor was all buff and getting attention on set and that he never showered. Clearly those were spot on, right? The speculation can go both ways if people want to nitpick.

    As hypocritcal as this sounds, because hello I'm on a blog devoted to these people, it's becoming a sad game for the media. They are still people. That video from HollywoodTV yesterday sealed it for me. I felt so SAD watching that. So much so that I won't watch pap videos anymore. I'll watch interviews where he WANTS to talk and be filmed. All the people tweeting his whereabouts, following him and literally stalking him are treating him like a mouse in a lab. Where is the line? Some of the things that 'fans' are doing would be ILLEGAL if they were doing it to someone down the street from them. You can't just do ANYTHING you want, SAY anything you want and do it in the name of 'love' or 'being a fan'.
    I just think that maybe since they are so secretive there's a REASON? I'm not for or against "Robsten". It doesn't make or break my heart. I think people should RESPECT that they are keeping something on the DL and stop trying to get pictures, proof and INVADING his life to the point catcalling him when he checks in at the airport. People are going to hate it when he's rarely seen out in public…and when he IS he doesn't sign anything and he has a throng of bodyguards around him 24/7. This isn't propelling him into a good place. It's throwing him into the Hollywood machine and I hope he's grounded enough that it doesn't spit him out like it's done so many others.

  10. I think i in love with him!! because i feel so sad!! i feel this thing in my stomach, snif!!

  11. nobody could be for them what they are for each other through all this twiight madness..keep banging rob and stew, keep banging.

    • what does Rob always say…I couldn’t ask another girl to put up with all of this craziness and intense scrutiny…but alas Kstew is already in the middle of it…so it is perfecto!

  12. I’m joining team “LALALALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU…” My fingers are firmly stuck in my ears with my eyes squinched closed. Until you can prove it to me (and I’m not a KStew hater, I’m just a Robho), I’m going to live in a state of ignorant bliss, still believing that his dirty socks (see LTR today) are dedicated only to me.

  13. No words. The only one I want to say is one that begins with an “F” and ends in “ery”.

  14. dazzled to frazzled!!

    I can’t stop thinking about this! Don’t you think that if they were together SOMEONE would have sold them out. A driver, hotel worker, waitress……someone would have some scoop!

    I am holding out for hard core proof!

  15. Listen people a couple of pictures at a hotel, the day after with parents there? Do you honestly believe what you are saying here? Many actors use hotels as a staging place to get ready for the award shows. After being in Canada and Italy for so long do you think Kristen was ready to have a staff come over and give you whatever you call that look she had that night? And Rob not having an apartment.

    Yes, they got them together in a picture standing and talking to each other. Oh my god she must be pregnant! If we would have seen a long winded make out session, then yes, they are going out. What we saw was two people friends saying good bye. You would think he would not wrap his arms around for a deep kiss if they are not going to see each other for awhile. No, this was just sweet and simple with her parents there.

    I want to chime in regarding the Nikki and Mike comments. Yes, it was very odd. I got the impression that Nikki and Kristen where girl friends and maybe all the spec over Rob and Kristen is truly to hide that she likes women now that she has had a taste of it. Maybe that is what Mike has been mad about. And Mike where the heck are you? Is it wronged to be dumped for a girl?

    But you know what! I could care less, keep the personal, personal and WTF everyone else because only you can be happy!

  16. U.C………Do you feel the power?
    I’ve read through most of these and have realised I am NOT the only one that will now believe the Robsten thing and why?….Because YOU said so!!!!!!!!
    Every other blog speculation, tabloid report and Twitheorist I happily ignored, but you? YOU HAVE THE POWER……………

  17. I refuse to believe it too. Please tell me Rob has better taste, and please tell me that he’s not going to be one of those actors that has a fling with every co-star. Come on…..PLEASE!!!! He’s ‘our’ Rob.

    Weren’t both sets of parents present? Leaning towards some much needed family time, a grounding in reality, before the madness amps up even more. Between the press junket that’s about to begin, the photo shoots, having 8 weeks off to do other films, then going in to filming Eclipse, then yet another press junket before New Moon comes out….this could have possibly been the best time for family.

    Not to mention that Rob is painfully, I mean PAINFULLY aware that his every move is being scrutinized by the media, I really doubt that he’d make any effort with any woman that’s not behind closed doors.

    I shall continue the ramblings in my head, cause I’m in complete denial, complete denial…nope it’s not happening…I’ll literally throw up in my mouth if it happens.

    • “nope it’s not happening…I’ll literally throw up in my mouth if it happens.”

      Oh my god, Katz! I really couldn’t have said it better myself! hahahahaha Hilarious!

  18. Wow, after reading these comments, it appears that my reaction, which honestly surprised me, isn’t all that unusual.

  19. I’m still holding to the fact that they are not together. I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel right! Although, I do agree the way she acts towards him (not kissing the most wanted man in hollywood on national television JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN) makes her WAY appealing to him. No one would’ve done this but her, making her unique and different. Untouchable to him (although I’m sure that’s not the case). Definitely an appeal there.

    I’m the kind of fan that doesn’t really care who Rob is with at the moment, he can be single to me! Is that bad? Hahaha. But I’m just sticking with they aren’t together. Maybe it’s because their chemistry in Twilight and the trailer for New Moon is lukewarm and bland? Maybe it’s that too…

  20. I just can’t decide if I want them to be together or not. There is definitely something there and it makes the whole thing that much more compelling, but I think I prefer him single, you know?

    I think you are right, though it breaks my heart to say it, that there is a better than 96% chance it’s on.

  21. dazzled to frazzled.

    Can’t stop thinking about this! If i was all true, wouldn’t someone step-up and rat them out. A waitrees, hotel worker, driver…someone!

    I can’t believe it until I have 100% proof!

  22. I leaning towards “need more proof”. I’ve never taken part in so much speculation or disection like this before. LOL! I’m usually a “if I don’t see the actual thing or hear it from their mouths I don’t believe it” kind of gal.” But the idea of it is fun to me. I’d actually like to see them get together. But if they’re happy as just friends or happy as more then whatever makes them happy makes me happy.

    Plus, I know this means nothing. But in watching those behind the scenes vids of the Italy shoot. As soon as “cut” was yelled she was off of him and arms were dropped faster than you can say “oh Edward!”
    Now if I were dating my co-star I think I’d linger a little longer around his neck, LOL! And like she said on ET “I’m not going to kiss you!” I took that as a “hell to the no” statement, LOL!

    I don’t know….time will tell I guess.

    Maybe he was just having a microwaving party in his bungalow and KStew was invited?

    • She DID. Very matter of factly, too. He looked a little burned. LOL

      And yeah, microwaving party…for the MUNCHIES they both had at 4am. ;o)

    • I was JUST telling a co-worker about her saying, “I’m NOT going to kiss you!” in her HELL FUCK NO tone. Would you say that to the press about your luv-ah?

  23. Ive been onto them since day one. im 97% sure theyve been together since day one.

    but hey, kristen might as well be the best girl for him [right now] if yout think about it. dont want to? ok ill think for you.
    she has money, so shes obviously not wanting him for that.
    shes gorgeous, so its not an ugly searching for their beauty.
    theyve been together filming for two years. so they know eachothers flaws and compliments.
    shes a stoner. hes a drinker. oh wait…thats not good.

    what evs. I mean, as much as I hate to say they ARE a good couple, Ill still protest the hell out of it until he finds some new girl. like..me. or something. who knows :]


    ps. wouldnt it suck if they were together and then broke up before filming was done? think of all the chemistry lost on set. ouch. thatd suck the big one.

  24. jena. Im so in on your microwaving party idea. and mad I wasnt invited. I have carrots and celery me and robstew couldve mic-ed up. wouldve been magical.

  25. this is so disheartening. if they’re together i’m fairly certain there’s a 97.889% chance that neither of them will wash their hair for months instead of weeks at a time and her awkwardshyblinking will rub off on him and we’ll never see another funny interview with rob ever again.

    the only semi-good part of this could be that possibly, just maaaaaybe, that his acting (which isn’t always five star but is always better than blinking) will rub off on her and i’ll see kristen stewart and not have to puke in my mouth or mute the television.

  26. OK – Thx for asking about Nikki. I have been googling all kinds of shit to find out. But Nobody seems to have reported on it! WTF? There must be some Hush Hush going on. IT’s disturbingly quiet as well as the oregano thing.
    And sorry I am a Robsten gal. Like it..want it…celebrate it!
    C’mon – it could make the next 2 movies very hot to watch. Hope, IF they are together, that nothing effs it up before BD.

  27. I just had lunch with Calliope. And we spent way too much time talking about how Robsten probably is. So i welcome EVERYONE who can tell me the reasons why Robsten probably isn’t!

  28. I “irrevocably” and “unconditionally” want them to just tell us all already if they are or aren’t. I know, they deserve privacy, I get that. But not knowing is like the sexual tension between the long ass pause before Edward and Bella’s heads came together for their first kiss! Just sayin…. 😉

    I think that we all need to use “irrevocably” and “unconditionally” at least once today in a sentence. I also dare you to say it so someone IRL and see what they do. LOL!

  29. Im so up for that irrevocably and unconditionally awesome dare.

    And reasons they ARENT robsten and are just robert and kristen are: they could just be friends.

    I have guy friends that I have rented hotel rooms with before. I mean, they are obv. close. why couldnt they just save the space and spend the night together as friends?
    maybe robs afraid of the dark and kstew had to pat him on the back telling him its ok while he rested on his blankies in the fetal position. who knows.

  30. “maybe robs afraid of the dark and kstew had to pat him on the back telling him its ok while he rested on his blankies in the fetal position.”

    —-Oh my gosh that image makes me curl my toes like you wouldn’t believe! LOL!

  31. i don’t really understand why you two girls are so upset the two “may” be together. i love the fact of it 🙂 but, of course, it’s always sad to think that rob is with someone other than you haha, but at least he isn’t poundin spam or bumpin some uglies.

    and i think nikki and oregano are bangin each other, just because. speculation wednesday is now my favorite day of the week, other than the pocket edward adventures at letterstorob.

  32. oke so if they are togethor it would really suck…

    You wanna know why? And it’s not the obvious reason!

    The chemistry they have right now is amazing, even in the movie, thats why i watched it in the first place.

    But what if they are a couple now and don’t break up? The hot and sexy chemistry will turn in to love….
    What if they are a couple and do break up, that would really be a big chemistry nono!

    So i wonder with Eclipse and breaking dawn still to come…. Will their “relationship” ruin the movies???

    And anyway, Moon and Rob should be together! 😉

  33. I called it yesterday :-p. There have been more occasions of Nikki and Oregano being seen together over the last few months than of Oregano and Kristen… and the only pics of Kristen and NIkki have been with other peoples. No duo pics. Nikki claims hes one of her best friends… and seriously, id be a little weirded out if one of my chick friends thought my bf was one of her closest friends and was spending more time than I was. Maybe they’re having 3 somes and it just… went amuck heh.

  34. and where are all these links you guys are talking about?!! k17? and where are you finding the pics of them after the awards show/the next morning??
    i only come here for my info so im clueless about all else….

  35. If they are bangin’/shipping, then they must have THE most boring sex life EVER!! If she is laying the lovin’ on him off screen like she does on screen… then I feel for the man. She kisses her doobies with more passion than she does Rob.

    Until I see photographic proof or they come out and say we’ve been humping for 213 days and luvin’ every minute, then I’m a non-Robsten believer.

    Seriously though, he has been photo’d with Ashley A LOT lately. I would feel bad for Jackson, but I would approve of Rashley.

  36. i’m still not quite believing it but if we soon get pics of Kristen in NYC the jig is up.

  37. I really didn’t want t read through the 153 replies here, sorry, lazy like that!

    So, I’m thinking i’m with moon and uc on this. i DON’T think there is a robsten happening. I reckon he’s playing big brother to her. Really.

    I just get the whole “big brother” vibe with him. (maybe i’m subconsciously hoping and praying but hey? we’ll call it a vibe!) This is why she didn’t kiss him at the awards.

    What do you reckon? Should i go pop another couple of pills or am i on to somthing here?

  38. Their relationship is vastly entertaining. You all are missing a lot with your attitude to this. The both have such weird personalities that this is bound to be hilarious.

    • hahahahaha good point two weirdies = trainwreak. This should be fun…. Muuuhhhahahaha…<—–evil laugh

  39. I have been thinking the same thing! Nikki hasn’t been around cause she is PISSED!!! Love speculation Wednesday!!!

  40. Better Kristen than Paris!

    (Or Sam!)

  41. I am still irrevocably and unconditionally in denial, it is such a happy place, I recommend it.

  42. You know, it’s not so much the hard evidence (that’s what she said) that convinces me; it’s all the little somethings.

    The picture of the shiteous Chuck Ts and the shiteous Nikes kind of mingling within inches of one another…the thigh grab…the many looks that passed between them Sunday night…Christian Serrato’s comments…the New York t-shirt she was wearing today (?) before an Allure photo shoot…Michael Crowley being all dickish like the real Mike Newton (Did I just say “real Mike Newton”?) and saying RobKris had so much chemistry and it was just gonna get much hotter. Whatev!

    As far as Mom and Grandpa being there for the blow-by-blow (that’s what she said — gonna try for trifecta), that kind of doesn’t surprise me. The Stewarts are notoriously “liberal” in their child-rearing theories — prolly wanted to congratulate KStew on bagging The Big One (trifecta!).

  43. OMG ! I LOVE Speculation Wednesdays ..
    But I Should start praying day and night that the 2.314% of you is right .. Because it’ll be the end of the world to me .. ROB ..Please ANYone but Kristen !
    LOL and Nik-Regano sounds kind of cute …Don’t you think?

  44. I really must agree on both counts. KStew is no longer with Oregano or NReed. I’ll go so far as to say she is still friends with Oregano, but maybe not with NReed.

    Oh, and you forgot Sky High! Love that movie, and loved Oregano in it!

  45. […] 2 – Please stop speculation Thursdays and Wednesdays because the speculation is OVER, he loves you and only you and not some girl who dumped her italian […]



  47. Your so right! ROBSTEN is so on really really ON!

  48. […] Speculation Wednesday Today is Speculation Wednesday which is just like Speculation Thursday but on a Wednesday. I know, I’m brilliant. […] […]

  49. OME! This is the THIRD place today that I have seen speculation that they may not be friends anymore.

    Considering that Kristen told MTV that Dakota Fanning is her new BFF, I’m not surprised.

  50. ok girls, is it really that bad (assuming it’s true)? i know we’d all love to have a robward of our very own, but that’s not likely to happen, so who better for him than bellsten? and while we’re speculating, if you are worried about ‘dirty slutty’ kristen defiling perfect innocent rob, take a minute to realize she has been with the same guy since she was like 12 while rob has been frolicking about, drunk every night. don’t get me wrong, i’m no kristen lover, but i think they’re cute together. UNLESS they break up and ruin the movies… in which case i will hate her forever. (i could never hate him)…. assuming its true of course 🙂 kthxbi

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