Speculation Wednesday

Today is Speculation Wednesday which is just like Speculation Thursday but on a Wednesday. I know, I’m brilliant. We’re gonna speculate about a few things today. And all of these things will lead to one big speculation. It’s gonna rule:

Psst: Ryan Gosling called & he wants his look back

Psst: Ryan Gosling called & he wants his look back

Dear Michael Oregano,

I did some research about you. I found a fan site so I could be better informed. First off, you were in Almost Famous and on Will & Grace? Dude! I just thought you were a guy that dated Kristen- maybe her next door neighbor or something! Turns out you really are an actor- I thought you just said that so you could feel cooler next to Robert Pattinson.

Anyway, your fan site isn’t updated as much as some other sites out there (say, any one of the gazillion Rob sites!), but I found no evidence to suggest you are currently off filming a moving picture anywhere. I also checked out IMDB and it looks like from the 4 things you’ve done with your life since 2007, 2 are completed and 2 are in post-production. This evidence brings me to conclude that you are at home, in LA. So…

  • Why weren’t you at the MTV awards? Did you hear your girlfriend was up for a few things? In fact… she won.
  • Why didn’t you join Rob, Kristen & 3 others for dinner after the MTV awards if you were told to stay away by Summit and/or Kristen’s management?
  • Why did Kristen supposedly stay at a hotel the night of the MTV awards when she could’ve stayed at your place, instead of a hotel or driving home to the valley?

In fact…. where are you? Why has there been no sign of you since those pictures surfaced of you and Kristen happily skipping down the street, holding hands in Vancity?

I’m gonna speculate that the rumors are true and you and Kristen are no longer together.

Oh where, oh where has your fake-lesbian life partner gone?

Oh where, oh where has your fake-lesbian life partner gone?

Dear Nikki Reed,

I’m concerned. Where were you Sunday night? How in the world was Mike Newton  at the MTV awards to accept the award for best picture and Rosalie Hale wasn’t? Were you off pretending to be in college somewhere? I, too, preformed some research on you and found no evidence to suggest that you are off filming anywhere. Being the Los Angeles resident you are, you should have been there.

All this confusion over Sunday night is forcing me to admit something I haven’t wanted to… Because by admitting this, I might as well shoot Moon & myself in the feet. It discredits us. It truly does. You see, for so long we have shared with the world, no PROVED to the world that you and Kristen are fake lesbians. But I am now being forced to speculate that you and Kristen are not only no longer fake lesbians, but you’re no longer even friends. Moon & I might as well pack up our computers and call it quits right now.

The sudden appearance of your new bff from that band Sage and the Dills arosed my suspicions long ago. But the lack of hand-holding, “we’re just friends,” googly-eyed (possible nipple tweeking) photos emerging of you and Kristen has forced me to speculate that your friendship with Kristen has ended.

All this speculation must be leading to something, right? Of course. Find out after the jump!

Peek-a-boo. I see you

Peek-a-boo. I see you

Dear Rob & Kristen,

Okay. Fine. You win. I already said that Oregano is out of the picture. I broke the news about the broken fake-lesbian relationship between you & Nikki, Kristen. What more do you want? Do I actually have to say it? Outloud!? Fine.

I speculate, sadly, not-wilingly and broken-heartedly, that Rob & Kristen are together

And I’m not just talking like I did before when I was 93.7% sure you were banging. This time I’m 97.586% sure you’re in a full-blown relationship. Flowers and all Don’t brush your teeth before morning sex and all (let’s be honest- Rob isn’t a flowers kinda guy)

Those rumors about you at the same hotel really shook me this time. First of all, I saw the paps pictures the next morning. I spied a peek-a-boo Kristen through the car window. You were really there. Secondly, this wasn’t your $79/night Holiday Inn Express off the freeway. This was The Charlie Hotel which features 14 bungalows. BUNGALOWS. Not Rooms. Cute, little houses for making love. I bet you put that popcorn trophy from MTV to good use, didn’t you?

So this is it. This is me admitting that the Robsten-ers might actually be right. There is still 2.314% of me that thinks maybe you just rented a private bungalow because you’ve taken up Hinduism and you are wanting to feel closer to your faith by staying in a “bengal style home” (thanks to the Bungalow page on Wikipedia), or maybe you were both wanting to get in better shape for Eclipse so you rented out a place with enough space & your committment to your bodies is so great that you worked out all night. Perhaps you even invited Michael and Nikki over to “talk” and work out all the problems between the four of you. 2.314% of me believes one of these reasons. But the rest of me? The rest is sadly, irrevocably, unconditionally admitting you’re together. It’s over. Well, it’s over until you go Ryan Gosling-Rachel McAdams on us. Then I’ll find happiness again.


PS: Mike & Nik: now that you’re both “free,” ever think of becoming Nik-Regano?
PPS: It’s so fun to use “irrevocably” and “unconditionally” in places it doesn’t make sense. I can see why Stephanie Meyer did it so often!

185 Responses

  1. Oregano’s hanging out with “Just Jack!”

    Nikki’s honing her craft.

    Rob’s in NYC.

    Kristen’s sleeping with her cat.

    I’m going to awards/field day at my child’s school.

    Mouseketeer roll call, represent!!!!

  2. Love it! Hahah another great letter, chicas 🙂

  3. I refuse to believe it until they’re either married or there is photographic proof (ie, kissing, hand holding, and/or sextape with headboard banging).

    Yeah, I’m stubborn like that. lol

    • I have to agree.

      Need to see evidence. Please. (ahem)

      • Pics or nothing happened.

        • Deep inside I know it’s true, but my heart will not let me see clearly until explicit evidence is published.

          Anyway, I’ve always had that feeling that Kristen likes things to seem to be in a way that they are actually not, like she acts like she doesn’t care about Rob and that “all the fangirls want them too be together but she doesn’t like him” and stuff (I wonder of which fangirls she was talking about, probably weird, tranny fangirls), but we all know she’d LOVE to be envied and hated “if” she went out with rob.

          And as to me, I speculate that if they are not currently dating, they will do so, and soon.

    • yeah me too.
      I want some proof! stop hiding behind blacked out windows and show us some PDA damn it.
      i want it to be true tho, unlike a lot of people :s

    • I refuse too! I need real tangible proof… pictures, videos, K going to NYC and running in central park to hold on him like bella to edward… that’s what I need… until I see some of that… I will not believe it!
      I don’t like her for him 😦
      maybe im just jealous…

    • @Pange……….I’m totes with you…I REFUSE TO AGREE TO SUCH BLASPHEMY!!!! ‘outta sight, outta mind’!!! LOL

  4. June 1st was a sad sad day.
    6 years from now, Rob and Kristen will be irrevocably and unconditionally broken up. (or 6 months)

    We will find happiness again, we will.

    • Isn’t 6 months the same thing as 6 years in Hollywood years? I am pretty sure that they work like Dog years.

    • once the news officially ‘breaks’ i give it 6 weeks

      • more like 6 days people. once they’re not on the same movie 24/7 they will move on to their next hot costar.

        mark my words. IIIIFFF it’s even true! gotta stay strong for my non robsten lovers! (aka me and uc)

        • I am sooooo a NON Robsten lover too!!! 🙂

        • Ditto. Soooo, not into Robsten.
          I love them both, just not together.
          It’s too . . . cliche?
          I dunno.

        • Im thinking if Robert and Kristen are together there is obvesiouly a reason they aren’t telling anyone, they can’t even go to the bathroom without some one reporting the color of their pee do you know what would happen if they announced they were together? They would never have their own space or sex life and that is probably what would end their relationship not their fame. If they want us and the rest of the world to know they are together then it will come out, other then that. Leave them alone

  5. I’m with Pange. I can’t go there until there’s “irrevocable, unconditional” proof. (How’s that for usage that doesn’t make sense!) Although, I have to say that the almost kiss at the MTV awards was pretty hot. I don’t like admitting that.

    • that’s perfect. steph would be proud.
      (it was so hot.. ugh i HATE it)

    • agreed. that almost kiss was hot. wait for it….wait for it…..nope. hilarious. and yet tense at the same time. loved it.
      guess i really dont care whether theyre together or not. i LOVE bella and edward together, so the thought of rob and kris bein together doesnt really bother me since i see them together on screen.
      wish he would come my way…. =)

  6. I still can’t bring myself to believe it is true. UC, I totally agree with the things you said, but I just can’t accept it. My heart breaks. TEAR!

  7. oregano was also in lords of dogtown along with nikki reed which was a good movie and almost famous is one of my favorite movies!

    fyi peter facinelli is a guest on the chelsey lately tonight.

    • SHUT UP!!! He is?? I complete love her!!

      She is brilliant and we couldn’t be friends cause I would end up in the Betty.

      • I watched her last night and she and her “round table” were pretty tough on Rob. Is it strange that my motherly instincts kicked in? Like, “only I (and LTT and LTR) can talk like that about him!”

        Anyway! She is pretty funny though. Should be an interesting show.

        p.s.- One of the comedians she had on the show referred to Jacob as the “Indian vampire” in the series. Wha??

    • i TOTALLY watch her every night… she’s like bff with peter and jennie and when she started talking about rob on the cover of the rag mag i like jumped out of bed!!

      LOVED the “indian vampire” reference and how they knew NOTHING reminded me that people are normal out there but that they NEED me as their twi-correspondant on chelsea lately.

      i love her so

  8. Oh…. U.C. did you really have too…..
    Here I was clinging to the fact that U.C. and Moon didn’t believe it SO IT COULDN’T POSSIBLY be true and then you go and do this…….<3 broken and in tears……

    Still, deep breath, isn't it good to know that SOMEONE ,even if it is Kirsten {who I quite like actually} is getting some of that!!!! Go Girl, Go Girl, Go Girl…..
    So whose got the videotape evidence? My e-mail address is…………………..

    • sorry to break your heart. mine is broken as well 😦

    • ill be the hard ass and hold out till i see hand holding/kissing/schtupping and THEN i’ll give in.

      though this makes me stance super shaky!!!

      who’s with me?!

      • In the words of Avril… Im with youuuuu….

        I must admit when I saw the pics of the morning after with Rob and Kristen’s mom canoodeling I may have written a letter to Rob myself… telling him Im over him… I was pretty ticked off but Ive calmed down and now I am back to my denial of Robsten…

        Oh dear God, please don’t let him be attracted to girls who smoke pot in public (or at all) and girls who don’t smile/ laugh at his jokes… dear sweet Jesus let it not be so….

        Am I the only person on earth who has never smoked pot? because for some reason I keep hearing about how many people do it on a regular basis… are
        you two tokers?

      • I’m with you.

        I will ride with you into the darkness on our steeds of fire to fight for the truth that is NOT Robsten.

        Hell hath no fury.

  9. Ok, I use to think that Josh Duhmel was hands down (after Marky Mark) the HOTTEST guy in Hollywood. Then he started dating Fergie who is just sicknast. Talented? Yes. Hot body? Yes. Everything else? Trainwreck.

    So, when that occured he completely lost ALL appeal to me. I see him and I just see this guy that you should wear a body bag when around so you don’t catch something. Just nasty.

    And honestly, if Rob and Kristen ARE a couple…he will be put in the same category as Josh.

    I know that Rob himself is traditionally dirty (hair, doesn’t shower, gots a stank) but I don’t think he has any sort of infectious something lurking on him. But if he does the deed with her (and we know for certain) then all I see is just nasty.

    Gosh, I didn’t realize I felt so strongly about this. HA!

    • SO strongly- and you’re right… rob w/ kristen is gonna change a LOT of people’s minds about him….
      i’m just holding out to ‘be there for him’ during the break up

    • ALSO, I have a feeling that she would just lay there like a dead fish. Or she would be all over the place and someone would get hurt…and not in the good kind of way.

      He moves like he KNOWS what he’s doing. He needs someone *coughmecough* who knows what to do with it.


      • ahem.
        Now I irrevocably have all kinds of weird weird images in my head.
        Even though I like Kristen Stewart.
        But something about your comment ….

        Maybe I suffer from sleep deprivation, but somehow that sentence about kristen lying there like a dead fish triggered that in me. I dunno why.

  10. surely the reedster is a non-fake lesbian?

  11. I’ve never been completely convinced, until the awards/the night after. I’ve always hoped, deep in my heart, that they were- but always fearing the repercussions of a bad break-up with two filmings to go!

    The fact that they DIDN’T kiss makes me feel like they’re just trying too hard to prove that something’s not there…

    • yep. a nother good piece of evidence

      • Exactly!

        Aren’t people who are doing SOMETHING in Hollywood always trying REALLY hard to disprove it somehow and then it comes out, and we all go, “See! They were trying to throw us off!”

        Don’t misunderstand me. I am non-Robsten. UNTIL it is proven. I honestly don’t hate KStew and wouldn’t care if Rob was with her. I just hate that it will be over in a flash b/c it is Hollywood. Don’t want it coming out or whatever now b/c they do have 1, maybe 2, more films to make together.

        Don’t hate me! *runs and hides*

        • Marta I agree with you. I think I would be more likely to accept their relationship if it was 5 or so years down the line when they are no longer bound to do more movies together.

          Also, I HATE the fact that Kristen has never really been “out there” KWIM? She’s been with MA since…well puberty pretty much. Then to hop right on to Rob? She needs to have some time alone, without a man and to discover who she really is. I just feel that right now this relationship is soooo not good.


          • HERE HERE… she needs to discover herself not another boy. wow we sound like my mom.

            and im more worried about THE MOVIES then them doing the dirty. DONT RUIN THE MOVIES, you idiots. ef when you’re off contract please.

  12. *sadface*

  13. my heart is ripping out right now..I so did not want this to be true..altho I was hoping SOMEONE was getting his action..too much of a waste -secretly hoping it was going to be me one day of course ..
    Well I saw the pics..early a.m. in front of a hotel..not 100% proof but close enuff…damn it.. if they are together she will have to fly to NYC to visit..won’t be able to live without that action for too long.. so that will totes prove it to me.. deep breaths..

  14. OK.

    I’m not gonna say you’re right about ANY of those speculations, BUT they aren’t TOO far fetched, right? I mean, the 3rd one, I OBVIOUSLY need better proof. But overall, your specs could actually have some truth to them.

    1) Oregano and KStew may have actually broken up.

    2) Nikki & KStew may still be friends, just not the BFFs they were. Or Nikki has been told to stay away for a bit.

    3) I still need better proof. That story was so slimey, I’m sad that I actually saw those photos and read the words that went along with them.

    That is all. 🙂

  15. I agree with you.. I am sad to know Rob & Kristen might actually be a couple. Although it looks to be true and 99% of me figured they were together that 1% was still holding strong saying they were just friends.

    *sigh* well, if they’re happy all is good. Its not like I was ever going to meet him anyways. eh

  16. UC, great post. I think the proof will come eventually but seriously isn’t it more fun guessing, speculating, refuting…

  17. Still skeptical. I’m with Pange and the others – need more proof.

    On a side note, I am now SO in LOVE with The Charlie!! W O W !

    • seriously. me too. if i had that kind of dough i would have moved there yesterday. damn

  18. Ah, dang!

    • Srsly, whatevs. I do love the mystery, sooner or later the boys gotta get some with somebody. Might as well be KStew. I’m also still available. And by available, I mean married and lusting inappropriately about a boy I could have possibly conceived myself before I had my driver’s license.

      • You and me both, tho I would have been driving a few years….

      • I was only 12 at the time so THANKFULLY I couldn’t have given birth to him.

        But I am hitting the icky factor in an acceptible Harold and Maude relationship. The math goes 1/2 your age plus 7…which for me is 24.5. So I am trying to play the supportive big sister telling him to stay away from that ho. She will bring him down with her pot smoking, rude ways. He’s too sweet and gentle.

  19. bloody hell that hotel bungalow thing is gorgeous! there’s no way you go there just for a stop off, you go there for romantic sexy times!

  20. My heart is breaking, I can’t even comment on Rob and Kris speculation letter. UC, how am i supposed to go through this. Unless it’s all speculation but only Rob and Kris knows..ugh.

  21. i think you might need an ice cream after having admitted the things you just admitted. if though i love the idea, do you want me to spend lunch giving you all the reasons why they aren’t together? i’d do that for you. haha.

  22. Say it ain’t so sister!!!
    But, in all fairness, how could she resist? AND she gets to be with him for 2 more movies!!! Not fair at all!

  23. Tee hee…I am giddy like a school girl. Over the moon even (no pun intended)

    I hope and believe it is all true. I wish them all the best and hope they help each other through these next few years…!


  24. At least we have each other to get through this moment in time… painful as it is…
    I do have to agree I dont see them lasting… so rebound shacking up.. is a pure win…

  25. Yeah! UC has been converted! I’m still at 98%. The sex tape would be the only thing to put me at 100%. Actually, that would put me at 110%.

    Maybe they rented out the bungalow for the night cuz they wanted to celebrate, get drunk, and “be safe”. I’m always looking at things from the glass is half empty viewpoint.

    Extra took a poll (pole?) on their website and 88% of people thought they were in a relationship. Just saying..

  26. did anyone catch the music playing on the bangalow website? If nothing else, it should make you fall in love with Rob that much more. Like, the boy can pick a romantic local… sooo the kind of place rob would go. that probably isn’t helping is it. hmmm. maybe the soles on their sneakers had reached their maximum mileage for the day and they were forced to retire to the first place they found. better?

  27. Great post UC …you are definitely going to spark a debate today ..lol!!

    Anyhow, I mostly agree with your arguments, but considering how many times they have both denied it …I will give them the benefit of the doubt and wait till they confirm to believe it. In the meantime, it’s probable!

    I am sad to think that Nikki and KStew can’t still be friends if she and Rob are actually together 😦 Girls can be so cruel eh?


  29. I speculate, sadly, not-wilingly and broken-heartedly, that Rob & Kristen are together

    😦 Nooooo!!!! 😦 Girls, don’t do this to me!! not YOU!! You 2 are supposed to make me feel better. Every day, when I come to work and think of my miserable life, you 2 are the ones that make me laugh and cheer me up so I can go through my shitty day.

    But this theory coming from YOU is so, so incredible depressing that for the first time, you have made me feel even worse!!

    If I knew how to put those crying smilies in this reply box I would put them all over this post.


    Rob and Ashley… that wouldn’t be so bad.
    Rob and Elizabeth… will, that would be awesome! (It would give me hope, I’m younger than her!)
    Even Rob and Nikki isn’t that bad…
    But the true possibility than Rob and… Kkkkkkkk (no, I can’t even type it) are really together… IT’S DEVASTATING

    I never ever thought that it would be you, Moon and UC, the ones that would inflict me such a terrible pain 😦

    Horribly depressed,


  30. You know, last night, after seeing the X17 photos I thought….okay they just got back from Italy, we know Rob doesn’t have an apt. They had MTV Awards and then Rob left Monday so maybe that was his hotel of choice for the night and maybe just maybe Kristen had her own room there (doubt it), but then doesn’t she have a place in LA? Or maybe she just showed up to say goodbye to her bud, seems how they most likely won’t be seeing each other until August. Ok, so maybe…..nah…..maybe they really are together. Which I gotta say, I think I’d be okay with that. But I also think it’s cute in a way because it’d be like Bella and Edward togetherness for reals….kind of like how I wanted Neo and Trinity togetherness for reals. Am I making any sense? LOL! I don’t know….I guess I need more proof, but I’m about 2.779% away from saying “I think they’re tappin it!” I’m kind of hot and cold with Kristen….I guess I just haven’t figured her persona out yet. Is she just really laid back, kind of like a hippy, or does she just not give a shit? Can’t figure it out yet. Rob’s so animated and outgoing and she seems very chill, opposite….but then what the hell do I know? And opposites do attract. But if this ends up being true….I think I’m fine with that. But if it is true and they end up breaking up I hope that doesn’t totally fuck things up between them. Hmmmmm….
    And yeah, where is Mike and Nikki. I thought it rather odd she wasn’t at the awards. Maybe she was visiting rellies somewhere? No, doubt that to. Ah, the joys of speculation.

  31. I was on the Robsten fence too, although definitely for it and ok with it, just hadn’t seen anything to prove it to me yet. However, this past weekend pushed me right off the fence as it did you. Kristen lives in LA – there was no reason she needed to stay in a hotel. And her mom coming the next morning to say goodbye to Rob – that meant something to me too….
    I hope they find happiness together or with whomever. Even though I’ve been a Robsten fan from the start, I am actually for anyone who makes Rob happy and keeps that sexy smile going. If that’s Kristen, great. If not, then the girl just better not be a skank is all I ask (Like, PLEASE no Paris Hilton types…)

    I don’t know if we’ll ever get a confirmation bc they are both so private, but the hotel stuff seems pretty close to me. And yes, it was def. shady the way those pics were gotten, but R and K know the paps are out there. It’s a fine line – we all want pics of Rob, but we don’t want his privacy invaded. Hard to do both at the same time….

    • @chinamother: “I am actually for anyone who makes Rob happy and keeps that sexy smile going”

      Amen to that sister, she makes him happy!! YAY!!!!!

    • WHAT?! That was Kristen’s mom?! No freakin’ way! That just proves they are together. She met the parents in Vancouver, and now it is his turn to meet hers. Man! I do love me some Robsten! I’m no hater 🙂

  32. it’s amazing how sad that makes my silly little twiheart, hah. for all of the rabid robsteners who have been quite honestly pretty condescending to me about something SO silly, i want to make clear that it’s not like i would be *shocked* if they were together, it’s just that the specific bits of gossip they use as “evidence” aren’t convincing me. my main concern is that there could be a breakup that influences the movies in the future, and that would suck. otherwise, i could care less. it would not shock me if they were attracted to each other, but see that it’s not the best climate for a relationship right now (gee i wonder why).

    i never really thought these pictures proved much – for one, do we know they were in the *same* bungalow? why couldn’t they have rented two? other reports said rob went out that night (who knows, i never really believe any of these anyway).

    secondly, the “evidence” that her parents were there the next morning: why the hell would your parents be there to witness your ‘morning after’-ness? why would her parents be there post-hookup, unless they were also staying there, or something, which would be equally weird. (unless they were staying in a separate bungalow with kristen).

    i think it’s reasonable to assume that they are indeed close and after spending the past few months together almost all the time, wanted to say goodbye that morning before they wouldn’t see each other until august. *obviously* i do not deny that they are close and it would not shock me if they were hooking up. i’m just sayin, don’t believe the gossip rags, i rarely do (remember how they reported rob’s gq interview lunch as a ‘late night snack’ with friends, when it was during the daytime on a different day. even stupid stuff like that they make up).

    this is way too long of a comment to convince anyone that i don’t really care about this, haha but i will try anyways – this shockingly doesn’t really matter to me – the only reason i’ve been riled up is because of the RESPONSE to it. anyways. this is what happens when i’m bored at work. carry on.

  33. Thank you! I do feel for your loss! But I commend you for your humorous honesty and admitting what some of us have been seeing for months! Well put!

  34. i need more proof.
    also, i heard that kristen’s mom was in that video of the morning after.
    isn’t that a little disgusting? do you really think that they’d do it with mom in the next bedroom?

    *scrunchy face*

    i’m keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that the answer is “noooo.”

  35. oh dear god that is an essay! i’m so sorry, people. did not realize it was that long. please ignore me! ah so first-hand embarrassed. effin wednesdays.

  36. I gotta say though, after her award drop I kinda freakin fell in love with her! LOL!

    They have my blessing! LOL!

  37. Well, honestly it pissed me off that Kristen could be kissing and rubbing on Rob so much in the films and could somehow always resist him. Like, really it should have been considered a crime not to kiss him on the MTV movie Awards when his mouth was just all…RIGHT THERE AND WAITING! GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Don’t even get me started!!!

    As much as I hate them together, I must say it’s refreshing to know that Kristen is taking advantage of her time with Rob and not taking it for granted. They’ll break up once BD is done being filmed and they go off on their own merry ways to do other projects. Rob will realize he REALLY ACTUALLY is the hottest man to walk the earth and will look over at the woman lying next to him in his bed and think “REALLY? I could have any girl in the entire world and I’m with…THAT? OH HALE NO!”

    He’s too sexy to be exclusive…

    • thanks for saying what I’m thinkin! I don’t hate them together – whatev. I do hate that she hasn’t taken full advantage of the proxmity and allowed all of us to live vicariously! Que sera sera…

  38. Loved you post today!!! It covered so many things I have been wondering…..

    It does seem like they are together. I mean they were in LA of all places where both of them should have many places they could stay with friends, etc. They have had their own rooms in every other city, why have just one together now…especially there.

    Nikki Reed is SO jealous she can’t even stand to come to the awards…faking some kind of illness or something.

    just speculating….


    im hoping that she is def NOT gettin in on that special member of his and banging some headboards..!
    seriously, dating a girl who cant make up her mind about being a lesbian or taking the goods,,!?

    ugh. no sex tape.. no relationship!!

    *** ..::books tickets to nyc to take some headboard banging lessons and make him change his mind::.. ***

  40. So that woman Rob was hugging by the car was Kristen’s mom? I wondered who that was.

    • Yep, that was her mom. And the older guy is supposedly her grandfather, but there’s been no confirmation on that. In the X17 video that I am ashamed to say I watched, Kstews mom ran her fingers through Robs hair. I was super jealous 😉

  41. Yes, it was a sad day Monday morning when I logged on and saw those pictures of Rob and Kristen outside the hotel.
    Like I told my friend, it’s his penis! As bad as I would HATE it, and as sick as it makes me, I have no choice but to wish Rob luck with that one. If he wants to marry her and open a hemporium, go for it.

    I think he needs to play the field a bit. Come on Rob, be the community bicycle and give everyone a ride!

  42. P.S. Can someone please tell me how I can get a picture of me rather than that strange purple thinga majigger? I can’t figure it out for the life of me. Please forgive my internet illiteracy…

    • I’ve been wondering that too. I thought I couldn’t do it because I’m old….

      • Ohhh certainly not! I’m only 22 years old and I can’t figure anything out! I can’t even figure out how to work a Blogger account! I suck at life, it is official.

      • I keep wondering the same thing!

      • You have to create a WordPress account and upload an avatar… I think 😀

        • Yeah! It worked

        • I created a WordPress account a while ago, now when I try and sign into it, it says I don’t “own” that name. Sigh.

          Maybe I will try and pursue it more, though I’ve gotten weirdly attached to my little freaky blue blob with green arms and pink rabbit ears. Oddly, it sort of looks like something I would draw.

          • Oh, that’s too much work for me. I’ll keep my little green dude. He’s green like Rob’s eyes and his hair looks about the same.

            Geez, I need a life.

        • Yay check that out! No more weird thingy! Thanks for the help!

    • i just created a wordpress account and im checkin to see if my “gravatar” shows up…

  43. i was sure since that very first mtv interview during twilight filming where they talked about “3 very productive nights” that rob was hittin that. i was hoping he would move along and not fall the way of ryan and rachel, but ill be honest, if he is gonna be banging someone in hollywood at least its not some super skank. i can respect i robsten relationship.

  44. Spot on girl!!!!! Yeah, did you check those little bungalows out? “Noice”. OK here’s my little 2 cents/pence:

    1) Oregano can finally stop being a wanna be Rob look a like and find his true self, maybe start calling himself Basil? (sad attempt at humor with only one cup of coffee in me)

    2). It’s a win/win for Nikki, working at being a bitch to Kristen/Bella in Eclipse will just come naturally!

    Oh yeah, one other thing…has anyone else noticed from the after award pics of Robsten that they are starting to look alike???? Seriously, check a few of those bad boys out…weird….

  45. I feel as if my heart has been ripped from my chest..I weep at the tragedy and senselessness of it all. I am beyond grief. My view of the world is now skewed to something resembling the view through the bottom of the eighth glass of wine. WHY WHY WHY????????? **temper tantrum**
    **wailing and gasping for breath**
    **muted sobs into my coffee**
    and my life returns to normal
    Good Day!

  46. While you were so busy looking a pics of Kristen in the car, did you notice that her MOTHER and her GRANDFATHER were also there? Her Mother was at the MTV Award show with her, and the two of them were still together when they said goodbye to Rob, on his way to the airport.

    It’s possible that Rob stayed with Kristen and her FAMILY in one of those bungalows. Or he stayed in his own bungalow and they came by to say bon voyage before he left for NY. There’s no real evidence that the two of them spent the whole night together, just that they were all in the parking lot when he left for the airport. Shippers need to get a grip.

  47. The main reason I don’t want them “together-together” (as opposed to just “doin’ it “–everyone needs lovin’) is that if they break up and ruin their chemistry like Tobey and Kirsten in Spiderman….. They had to make 2 more movies after they broke up and both of them talked about it like they were hating it!

    I’m holding out that this whole Kristen thing is a show for the cameras, because he is really doing Ashley in secret, because, well, who wouldn’t? He’s a man, and he has eyes, nuff said…..

  48. I like the idea of them together :]
    Maybe they can smoke weed and flip of the cameras together! Oh who am i kidding they already have!
    Since she is just the slightest bit cleaner than him, i bet she can temp him into the shower by saying she knows how to clean this dirttty boy up! i think it will be a very winwin thing until they break up then its all awkward and NReed will swoop down and blow those lovely smoke rings in his face while wearing her hair in a dirty bun eating sushi.

  49. wow you two really know how to break hearts! It seems so official that you two would confirm what we have feared for so long. You forgot to mention what Christian said to E! About kristen going through a tough time personally right now.
    I figured somthing was up with the two of them after the MTV awards. Gosh rob could you really be falling for a girl who smokes pot in public? I thought I knew you rob. Why God???? Why?!!!!!!

    • whoa. is there a clip of christian making a reference to kristen going thru a tough time?

      and… really, this gives me a little hope. cus that makes rob the rebound guy. and we all know what happens with rebounds…

      prepare yourselves to console him later.

  50. Oh girls, I feel like I just don’t know you anymore…

    *cries in the corner*

    You know, just saying it to say it, I’ve had guy friends and we’ve stayed in hotel rooms before together. You know, the ones that have 2 beds instead of 1.

    Just sayin’

    *goes back to corner to cry more*

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